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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2"
(Game Boy Advance)

This game is also available on PS1, DC, GBC, PC, N64, PS2 and Xbox.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2 (Game Boy Advance)
Submitted By: Unknown
Hi, this is Bluez here and this is my walkthrough on Tony Hawks
2. I have put everything you need to know about this game on this
walkthrough. Want to know how to race through every level with
ease? Then read on, I hope you will enjoy it because I have spent
ages on it...

Level 1...Hanger

This is a relatively easy level to help you get to grips with the
controls. There are many long grinds possible as well as some
great ramps, quarter pipes and half-pipes. For the 3 required
scores, i found the best places to go were the half-pipe straight
forward from the start or if you're a grinding person, grinding
round the top of the quarter pipes that go round the level. Be
sure to use the left and right arrows to keep your balance.
To collect S-K-A-T-E here is where you need to go. From the start
go straight forward and grind the rail that you come to that goes
over the half pipe, you will get the -S- about half way across
the rail, the as you come off the other side of the half pipe
dart left a bit and ollie off the quarter pipe, that is where the
K is. You should see it first time if you don't get it. Remember
look for shadows to locate objects off the ground. For the A,
find the small plane with a ramp on either side and ollie over
it, you will get the A if you ollie right in the middle of the
ramp. For the T, Find the dividing wall of the level and ollie
off the quarter pipe over it getting the chopper hop gap. If you
ollie on the same side as your start point you will get the T.
Finally for the E, you have to go to the other side of the level,
past the helicopter and you will see a door with a rail in front
of it at the height of the quarter pipe. Go up the quarter pipe
and grind across the door, when you see the E, ollie and get it,
SKATE will be completed.
Next is barrel hunt, a pretty simple task, all you have to do is
run into the five barrels around the park. The first is after you
have gone down the start ramp, dart left and you will see the
barrel, run into it and you will have your first barrel. Then go
into the half pipe (forward from the start) and there is the
second barrel. The third is on the other side of the half pipe
from the start position and the fourth is on the other side of
the level, just over the dividing wall on the side of the start
ramp. The final barrel is under the door past the helicopter on a
little ledge. Hold down up as you go over the ledge to get on
Next are the 5 pilot wings. The first is over the start ramp as
you go down it. To get it, get up some pace and ollie off the
quarter pipe over where the start ramp comes out onto the other
side. You should get the pilot wing at the height of your jump.
The second pilot wing is over the door with the propellers on at
the end of the half pipe. To get it, ollie over the half pipe
right by the wall with a good bit of speed. The third pilot wing
is again over the dividing wall but on the other side of the
level from the T. The fourth pilot wing is along the long black
little ramp thing which you can either grind along to get it or
jump off it to get it. The final pilot wing is on the rim of the
quarter pipe that has got its back to the dividing wall on the
other side from where you start.
To nosegrind over the pipe, go straight from the start and you
will get to a rail over the halfpipe, press up and A to nosegrind
over, you don’t need to ollie at any point.
Hitting three hangtime gaps is quite hard until you have put your
stats up a bit. The first hangtime gap is to ollie over the
halfpipe straight from the start. If that is the first thing you
do, you will easily have enough speed. The second gap is jumping
over the small aeroplane from ramp to ramp which is quite easy
and the hardest hangtime gap is to ollie off the ramp by the
helicopter (over the dividing wall), over the helicopter and land
on the other ramp on the other side.
Your next task is to find the secret tape. To do this, you need
to open the wind tunnel, which is done by grinding the propeller
blades that are in the halfpipe on the door. Do this by jumping
half over the half pipe and landing in a grind on the blades. It
will say on screen “wind tunnel open”. When you have done this,
go to the other side of the level and to the other door. You will
see an arrow. Run into this arrow and you will go into the wind
tunnel, a huge half pipe. The secret tape is over the gap where
you came in. You need quite a bit of air.
The final item is to get all goals and cash. Well you have done
all the goals so you only need cash. This is littered around the
level in these places. 1: Over the propeller blades, 2: on the
long small black ramp, 3:over the chopper hop (dividing wall) on
the far side of the level, 4: on the ramp leading up to the
helicopter on the far side, 5: on the rail that runs by the
helicopter joining the 2 ramps up, 6: on the nearest rounded
corner of the level, 7:on the high rail which you can get to by
going straight on from the start, over the half pipe and up the
quarter pipe and finally 8: on the highest rail of the level
which is on the other side of the dividing line and up the
quarter pipe on the far side again (you may need to up your stats
to get this.). The hanger is now complete!!

Level 2….School

This is a harder level, with loads of fun hidden in every corner.
The three scores are harder this time as there are not as many
long grinds and not as many easy scoring areas. I found that the
best way to get these scores were to use the quarter pipes
scattered round the level and also I found that grinding round
bendys curb (on the far corner of the level) many times racked me
up loads of points. The 100,000 point mark is hard without higher
stats because you can’t link up grinds as easily due to there
being large gaps between items meaning you need a larger ollie.
Collect S-K-A-T-E is next and this is how it is done. Turn to the
(skaters) right from the start and grind down the rail, you
should hit the S on the way. When you reach the bottom, you find
yourself in an open area. Go onto the raised platform via the
ramps and ollie off the quarter pipe. That is where the K is.
Once you have done that, leave the raised part by the other side
that you came on and travel off round a building. On the other
side of that building is a tiny raised bit with its back to the
building. Grind that and get the A. The T is at the far side of
the level. You go past TC’s buildings and there is a quite long
quarter pipe backed against a wall, ollie off that to get the T.
Finally to get the E find the ramp that is the entrance to TC’s
building on the side of the buildings where the T is. Grind up
the rail and jump off, you should then see the E and get it.
Skate is complete!
Your next task is to wallride 5 bells. To wall ride go parallel
to a wall then jump into it holding A. The 5 bells are as
follows. To get the first bell, go forward from the start and
before you got down the stairs of over the rail, turn left and go
straight on. You will see the red bell. Wallride through the bell
to get is. This may take some practise. The next bell is down the
big stairs and straight on; you go past the 2 tables and just
past the entrance to a building. Just before that building ends,
there is the next bell on the wall. The third bell is straight on
from the second bell in between the 2 buildings (TCs) It is on
the far wall from your view. The fourth bell is on bendys curb,
which is in the far corner of the level, near where you have just
got your last bell. The final bell is on the same building that
the A was on the near side if you are looking from your view. You
have done it!
The next task is to collect 5 hall passes. These are keys. The
first is on the rail that leads down the stairs from the start
(next to the ramp). It is on the rail in the middle of the three
rails and you will need to ollie to get it. The second hall pass
is in the middle of the 2 tables at the bottom of the stairs. You
will need to ollie over in the right place to get it though. I
advise you go up the seats of the table rather that the top table
part. The third hall pass is on the entrance to the main building
near the tables. Go about half way up the ramp and ollie to get
the pass. The fourth pass is on bendys curb (see earlier) and the
final pass is in between the 2 large quarter pipes that are
opposite bendys curb.
Next you need to kickflip TC’s roof gap. To do this you need to
do a kickflip, which is, left arrow then the L button. Once you
have mastered that, go to TC’s buildings, which are 2 portacabin
type things with a small gap between their ends. They are roughly
straight ahead from the start on the other end of the level. To
get on the roof, use the small kicker that leads up to the roof.
You will need a lot of speed. When you get up there you to the
end of the roof, ollie and kickflip and land on the other roof
and you will have done it.
Your nest task is to grind three roll call rails. The first is
straight from the start and it is the rail leading down the big
stairs. The second is on TC’s second roof (the one with a rail
on) Grind along that and you will also open the swimming pool
secret area where there are 2 cash notes in the pool. The final
one is off the roof and in front of you is a rail leading down
some smaller steps. Grind down that to complete the task.
To find the secret tape, you need to make your stats better
before trying. Go right from the start and down into the area
with the raised bit again. Trick off the quarter pipe and then
follow down the raised part until you get to a wooden ramp at the
end. Jump off there and land on the building roof. Keep going and
you will get to a kicker. Ollie off that and you will land on
another roof. Keep going into another secret area. There is an
$100 note on a quarter pipe in there and also you will see a
kicker on the higher part of the secret area. Jump off that to
get the secret tape.
Finally is “all goals and cash” again. I have explained where
some of the cash is but here is the rest. 1: go left from the
start to where there are 2 quarter pipes, the one with its back
to the building has a note on if you ollie it, 2: straight from
the start there is a flower bed, ollie off that over the fence
onto a tiny roof with two kickers. There is a note in the middle
of them, 3: The notes in the pool, 4: The note where the secret
tape is, 5: there is a note in the raised area down by the K on a
rail, 5: if you go on the 1st roof you get 2 when going for the
secret tape, go off the far corner and there is a note there and
the final note is it you go straight from the start then over to
where the 1st bell was, you will see that over the fence is a
little ledge. Jump onto that and go forward. Ollie off the kicker
onto the next ledge and travel along there until you get to the
corner. Go round the corner and ollie off the next kicker. There
is your last note! The school has been completed.

Level 3….Marseille

This is your first competition and your going to have to skate
like mad if you’re going to impress these judges. The gold mark
is around 55,000 with no bails which is quite a mean feat. The
level is full of point scoring places and it is quite easy to
rack up some good scores. Using manuals to link grinds is a great
help. The main places I use are the huge bowls and the long
grinds round them. Once you have got to know this park you should
find it reasonably easy to get a medal winning score. You only
need a medal to open the next level. To 100% this level you need
a gold plus all cash. Here is where the cash is. 1: you start on
a quarter pipe, over that quarter pipe is a rail, grind that rail
to find the note, 2: go down into the main area and you will find
a box to do lip tricks on, opposite that is a tiny quarter pip,
jump off that for a note, 3: As you go into the bowls, there is a
crossbar overhead, on either end of that crossbar is a note. You
have to jump off the quarter pipes underneath the crossbar to get
the notes, 4: Go out of the bowls and there are rails around the
edge. Grind along all those rails and you will find a note along
them, 5: next go along next to the grass on a little raised bit
and go down into the other half of the park, at the bottom of the
4 stairs, you will find a note, 6: your next note is along the
rail that is between the two halves of the park and your final
note is: from the start, go left and you will see a box next to a
building, go up the box and wallride the building finishing with
a grind along the top of the building. At the end of the building
is your last note.

Level 4….Warehouse

This is a great level from Tony Hawks 1 and it is virtually the
same as the original. As you would expect, things are now getting
harder, the three scores are now much harder to achieve and
massive combos are needed. You do though get much more money for
each task completed. To get the scores, I personally found that
grinding was the best way. If you go to the far end of the level,
there is a really long grind round the top of the quarter pipes
which you can easily get huge scores on if you have increased
your stats in the relavent area. The other good place to get
points is in the massive half pipe, slightly to the right of the
To collect S-K-A-T-E follow these guidelines: The S is forward
from the start until you get to 2 kickers facing each other near
the oil spill. The S is directly in the middle if you jump over
them. From the S, the K is round the sticking out quarter pipes
and you have to ollie off the quarter pipe with its back against
the wall to get it. Remember to look for the shadow underneath
the K to locate it. The A is over the Taxi that is half buried
under ramps, you need to jump over the ramps to get it. The T is
over the large half pipe at the end that is not against the wall,
you need quite a large ollie to reach it. Finally, the E is
immediately left from the start. You fall onto a little platform
with a quarter pipe on. Ollie off the quarter pipe to get the
Next you need to destroy 5 crates. This is much like the barrels
in Level 1. The first crate is on the same platform as the E was
on. For the second crate you need to dart right from the start on
the raised part of the level and then just keep going until you
see the crate. For the third crate, you need to go to the oil
spill in the far left hand corner of the level, it is right in
the middle of the oil. The fourth crate is on the platform of the
sticking out bit of quarter pipes along the back wall, press up
as you go up the ramp to get on there. The final crate is right
between the taxi and the big half pipe, it is very easy to
Next you need to collect 5 spray cans, this is quite hard but not
if I show you where to go! The first can is right behind from the
start, ollie off the quarter pipe to get it. The second can is:
if you go off the high bit of the level using the ramp that you
didn’t start on, there is one more quarter pipe before the wall,
get some speed up and if you go high enough, you will get the
can. The third can that you can get is if you jump over the half
pipe and keep going until you reach the rounded corner, ollie up
there and that is where the spray can is. When you have got that
can, grind the quarter pipe back along towards the halfpipe. The
quarter pipe ends but the rail continues, you will see the spray
can on that rail. Ollie to get the fourth can. The fifth and
final can is: you need to go to the oil spill and ollie the
quarter pipe really near it, when you come down, go through the
oil spill again and keep going until you get to another quarter
pipe. Ollie off that to complete the goal.
Next you need to 5-0 the big rail. The big rail is straight ahead
from the start and you need to get on right at the beginning and
grind all along it. You do a 5-0 grind by pressing up, down, A.
That is the easiest goal on this level.
Your next task is to hit three oldskool gaps. You need quite a
large ollie to do this. The first gap is go down the ramp from
the start and then using the quarter pipes either side of it,
ollie over the ramp you have just come down. The second gap is
jumping from kicker to kicker where the S was and the final
oldskool gap is you have to jump over the sticking out bit or
quarter pipes. Do this by going up the quarter pipe and jumping
while holding up. In this way you will jump right over the
sticking out bit and complete the goal.
The penultimate goal is to find the secret tape. First max your
stats and then go for it! Ollie off the quarter pipe where the K
was (a bit further on from the Taxi) and you will see a high
rail. When you have seen the rail, get up some mega speed and
ollie onto the rail with a grind. Grind along the rail to the
left and when the end of the rail comes, ollie onto another
smaller rail, that is where the secret rail is. It does take some
practice though.
The last goal is to collect all the cash. Here is where it is: 1:
from the start jump off the ramp you are going down to get a
note, there is also a note on the parallel ramp (only a quarter
pipe away), 2: get some huge speed and jump over the half pipe
near the wall, there is a note very high up there, 3: there is a
note on the rail that you grinded on your way to the secret tape,
4: There is a note on the big rail, 5: There is a note over the
oil spill which you need to wallride the wall to get, 6: The
final note is on the rail where the fourth spray can was.

Level 5…. New York

This level is tremendously hard in places and is more of a
grinders world that a trick world. I will take you through how to
get past this final level that is not a competition. The three
scores are very hard especially the 250,000 one. You have to know
what to do to have any chance of getting these scores. If you are
good with tricks rather than grinds then you can go down to the
low part of the park where there are some good quarter pipes
however, if you are a grinding person, here’s what I do. From the
start, wallride up the wall and grind along the top, keep going
and when you get to a gap in the wall ollie over it and you will
receive a bonus for it, keep grinding round the corner of the
wall and all the way to the end. You have to be really good with
your balance though. If you land the grind, you will get about
30,000-90,000 points. On your way back, grind along the kerbs
until you get back to the start. Keep repeating this until the go
ends. You should have a huge score.
Your next task is to collect S-K-A-T-E. The S is on the wall to
the left of the start. Wallride onto it and you should get the S
in the progress. The K is if you go into the park and down into
where the blue cow is, there is a huge brick quarter pipe at one
end, ollie up that to get the K. To get the A, follow the path
out of wher the blue cow is and if you keep going until you find
a bench at the top of the hill you can grind the bench and get
the A. The T is if you go to the furthest park entrance right
round to the far corner of the park, go in that entrance and
there is a rail either side. Grind the rail nearest the hill to
get the T. Finally the E is if you go back out of the furthest
park entrance, there are 2 quarter pipes ahead of you. Ollie from
one to the other and if you have enough speed and height you will
complete the goal.
Your next task is to ollie the hydrants. You so this by jumping
directly over them just clipping their tops to make them burst.
They are red and not easily missed. To get the first one (out of
three) you just go straight from the start until you see it. Once
you have done that, turn left down the road and keep going until
you see it on the far pavement. The final one is parallel to the
second one but on the other side of the level. Turn 180 degrees
from the hydrant you have just done and go straight ahead until
you get to the final hydrant. Job done.
Next you need to collect 5 subway tokens. These are as follows.
The first one is in between the two kickers right near you when
you start. It is higher up than you think! Get the second token
by entering the park by the entrance that leads to the broken
bridge. Grind over the complete side of the bridge and ollie when
you see the token. The third token is right along the back wall
of the level and it in the middle of 2 more kickers. This is
easier to get than the first one. The fourth token is near the
furthest entrance to the park where there is a wooden ramp
leading over the wall. Ollie off that to get the token. The final
token is in the way down to the lower area of the park. Choose
the entrance that had 2 paths down with a rail in the middle. If
you grind down the rail, you will get the token and complete the
This next task is reasonably hard, and it is much easier if you
have maxed your stats. From the place where you start, dart off
to the right just after the first kicker. When you see a handrail
next to a huge drop, ollie over it. The next part is the hardest.
You need to aim to land on the thin pole that you can see ahead
of you (that is Joeys sculpture). Press A as you land on it for a
50-50 grind. Grind to the bottom to complete the task. You will
get $100 note on the way down.
Wrangling the Blue Cow is also hard. Go down to where the blue
cow is. To complete the task you need to get three gaps. The
first is Moo Cow. Ollie off the base of the cow statue and
attempt to go right over the cow to the other side. It is easier
if you no comply or boneless. The next gap is Blue Cow and this
again involves no complying or doing a boneless off the statues
plinth but this time ollie the other way across the cows body to
get the gap. Finally, you have to get the steer clear gap and
this is probably the hardest part of it. Pick up speed to ollie
off the cow statues base and grind along its back. If you jump to
high you will miss, so don’t go over the top. You will now have
completed the task.
The final task is to find the secret tape and in my view it is
the hardest task of the entire game, it really separates the men
from the boys. Go to the far end of the level and turn left. Go
round the hydrant that you come to and you will get to a kicker.
Ollie off that kicker and wallride up to a pipe. Grind the pipe
and when you get to the end of it, hold left and wallride onto
the top of the electric sign. Grind that watching your balance
and get the note on the way. When you see the end of the sign,
wallride again and land in a grind up the fire escape. Just pray
you have enough speed and balance to get to the tape! You will
then fall to your death once you have got it.
The final task of this level is all cash and goals again. Here is
where the cash is..1: Enter the park at the 1st entrance, grind
along the bench you see and ollie off the end towards the water,
you will get a note there, 2: Keep going round the park and just
before you leave out the furthest entrance, there is a note just
before the rail, 3: The note on the electric sign, 4: Grind the
high pipe and then ollie off the end, you should land on a $50
note, 5: Go down to the lower level, and there is a note on a
rail that is parallel to another rail and a bench, 6: Trick off
the quarter pipe in the lower part of the level that is furthest
away from the start, there is a note high up there, 7: The note
on Joeys sculpture and finally 8: if you go to the far right
corner of the level, there is a little raised area. Grind up the
hand rail and when you get to the end of it, ollie off and you
will see a note, or even get it first time. New York will be

Level 6…Skatestreet

The last and final level on the game and it’s another
competition. There is also some pretty harsh judging. You need
around 70,000 with no bails to win, however this park is full of
trick-filled objects. I usually use the bowl which is left from
the start to get my points. Grind round it lots of time and you
get loads of “circle the bowl” bonus’. However there are loads of
quarter pipes and 2 massive half pipes where you can get huge
scores. Get a gold and there will only be the cash to get to
complete the game and unlock some stuff. Here is where the cash
is, 1: in the bowl, 2: go left from the start and round into and
area with a vending machine. Ollie off the quarter pipe at an
angle to get the note. 3: come out of that area and you see a
mini quarter pipe. Go in there to get a $50 note. 4: Come out of
the mini half pipe and go onto the area straight ahead with a
curved quarter pipe and four wide stairs. There is a note on the
corner of the quarter pipe. 5: Come off that area and you will
see a hump, ollie over that to get a note. 6: Find the huge
quarter pipe known as the wave and then go right a bit to the
corner of the level, ollie up the quarter pipe to get the note.
7: straight from the start, there is a small rail, on a little
platform, grind the rail for a note and finally 8: go right from
the start, past the bowl and then right again onto a platform
with 2 rails on. Grind them until you get to a quarter pipe with
a gap in the middle. Ollie over the gap to get your final note.

GREAT!! You have now completed the game with your first skater
and you will unlock a cheat for doing that. You only have 12 more
skaters to do all that stuff with, good luck! You will unlock a
cheat every time and once you have completed everything with
every skater you will unlock rooftops, a bonus level with no
goals, which is really fun to skate in. Have Fun! I hope this
guide has helped you.

This is all my own work

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