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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons"

This game is also available on GBA.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (Gameboy)
Submitted By: gollum
Walkthrough for Heart Locations in the Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons- For the Gameboy Colour/Advance.

The game of Zelda, being Zelda produces many of todays gaming delights.
And with this title, like any other Zelda's I tend to find absolutely everthing and I enjoy doing it too.
As with every Zelda, this game requires you to go on quests that can get a little tricky for the most part. And being a Zelda game, the game can be a little difficult for some if you haven't got a healthy supply of Heart containers- The essence of staying alive, possibly the most important items in the game!!.
So then below, I have included every location that I know of, that will fill your meter, just to make the game a little easier!. Want to know? Then read on...

1. First off, you will have come across a Gasha nut on your travels. So take advantage of it and plant it somewhere in soft soil (Resembling a little square patch) If your lucky, you will come across a Heart Piece, but be aware there are countless Soil patches scattered throughout the land and not every patch will produce a Piece, so just keep planting with every patch you come across, as a Heart Piece will eventually appear when the Tree has grown.

2. Spool Swamp Try to get to the tree stump just below the entrance of Poison Moths lair when you are there, Change the Season with your Rod to spring. The head to your right, go down then use the water to swim on down, keep on going-then move to the right this time and enter the Rapids which should be on your right. Just follow the Rapids and if your successful you will come near a piece of Heart which requires a bit of a swim against the current to get.

3. Now go to the Snowy Forest, now head to the southern edge of the woods and make your way to the right, you should come across a rock, if you use your power bracelet move it out of the way and swim across the water to claim your prize.

4. Go to the Far South East of the map, now find the Stump that should be near by, use the Rod of Seasons to change the season to Winter. Once that is done, head up the stairs and over the hill of Snow that has been created, now move downwards, then left and enter the cave then move up to collect the Piece of Heart.

5. If you are familiar with the locale of Subrosia, head to Subrosia's shop, there you can purchase a heart container for a price of 20 ore chunks!

6. Make your way to Horon village, head to the village centre and use your fire seed satchel to burn the sapling blocking your way, now you can get the heart piece.

7. Go to the Western side of the Sea Side, go through the house and make your way to the other side, using the tree stump that is there change the season to Autumn. Then move through to the Cave, go right from where the climbing vine is in Summer, leading you to the Graveyard. Hop over the gap, move the right stone up, then move the stone in the middle left and from there go up the stairs. Now keep heading up, go left and pick up the Mushrooms leaving you to collect a piece of heart.

8. Now go to Mount Cucco, drop down from the entrance of Dancing Dragon dungeon to were you can collect the prized heart piece.

9. After you have flooded the temple remains with lava, make your way up and Bomb the cluster of Rocks that will open up the entrance to a cave. Once inside, jump across the Lava to claim the Heart Piece.

10. Go to Eye glass lake, make your way to the Tree stump. And change the season to Summer. Go right from where you are standing, then down, down again and then down to the steps, then make your way up, up again then use your power bracelet to pick up the Rock, go down the steps. Try to avoid the Monsters that are here, in particular the Keese Bats, head down to the stairs to your left, make past the enemies and go to the stairs on your right. Avoid the spears, to collect the piece of heart.

11. You will have come across Maybel the Witch, who appears randomly, don't avoid her, but rather take a swipe at her with your sword or bump into her. She will always have items belonging to yourself and her own scattered around the screen.
If you meet her more than once (Which you will do) keep an eye out for a piece of heart that she will drop, when you see it-make sure you collect it before she does. When you do she will no longer drop another, so don't expect a second piece from her.

12. Swim to the Entrance west of the Moblin Fort. When there, move up the ways, then up again to enter the Fort. Kill the Moblins when inside, then go upstairs to fight the King Moblin. Equip the Power Bracelet and pick up the Bombs he throws at you making sure to time them to detonate as the reach him. After a couple of times exploding the bombs, watch for his change of colour, again time your explosions when you throw a Bomb. Having done that, his Fort will reveal a nice little surprise in the chest.

So then, the Most important of Items in this game has been put to your heart meter. It will make the game easier, all the better for some as the bosses can be a little hard.

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