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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons "
(Game Boy Advance)

This game is also available on GBC.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons (Game Boy Advance)
Submitted By: Unknown
This walkthrough is just for the 'Room of Rites' dungeon which you access after having completed seasons, linked the two games together using a password or link cable, and then completing Ages. However, you can also complete Ages and then link it to Seasons.

When you first enter the 'Room of Rites' via the portal next to the large tree, you begin standing on a raised platform. Jump down and immediately walk forward. You then enter the second room, similar to the 'Lost Woods' in Seasons, each time you move up, left or right the room repeats itself. To conquer this room you must first take notice of where the 'Eye Statues' in the middle of the room, and you must remember in which direction that they are looking. You must then go through the exit where none of them are looking. After doing this 6 or 7 times you then reach an empty room followed by the room where Zelda lies. As you approach her, you are transported into the lower levels of the dungeon, where you must face Koume and Kotake, a.k.a Twinrova.

To defeat them while they are Koume and Kotake, you must begin by reflecting the energy balls they shoot back at them, do this several times and they will become Twinrova.
This time their attacks differ. When the room changes to a fire setting, dodge the attacks...
a) Fire bats.
b) Large energy ball.
c) Multiple energyu balls.
If it changes to an Ice room, you only need to dodge the spiked ice blocks that move around on the ice.
For either room you must attack Twinrova with your sword 6 times, she then falls to the ground and you should shoot mystery seeds at her. After repeating this process several times she will be defeated and you will then face Ganondorf.

To defeat Ganondorf you must dodge his attacks...
a) Large energy balls.
b) Pitch-fork attack.
c) Lots of energy balls.
d) Altenate controls, when he uses this the screen goes
blue and your controls will be reversed,
e.g. left is right, right is left, etc.
After dodging his multiple attacks, you must then charge up your sword and use the magical spin attack. This will injure him, so continue using this attack and dodging his attacks and you will defeat him.

To make it easier to defeat Ganondorf, you should use the Power level 3 ring, as this triples your attcak. However, it also triples your damage show you should put it on when you go to attack him, attack him and dodge his attacks, then take it off until you want to attack again.

You'll then see the final ending, which afterwards you'll recieve yet another password, which you can either link to Seasons or Ages respectively, or you can just continue as you wish. If you do use the new password you'll start off with 4 hearts, and a little triforce by your name. You''l also recieve a ring that says you defeated Ganondorf.
Submitted By: death_from_above

ii)Special Items
i)Passwords (Secrets)
ii)Link Cable
i)Hacked Passwords
ii)GameShark Codes

See bottom of document.

1) P R E L U D E

One day in Hyrule, a strange force drew Link deep within Hyrule castle,where he found the Triforce resting, glittering brilliantly as it awaited him. "Link... Link... Accept the quest of the Triforce!"
Suddenly, Link was enveloped in a circle of light, and the next moment,
he vanished.
When Link awoke, he found himself in a forest he had never seen.
Confused, he looked around blankly at the unfamiliar surroundings. He heard
pleasant music and laughing voices echoing from deep within the woods. Link
followed the inviting voices until he came upon a traveling troupe of actors.
He was immediately struck by the beauty of a young woman who was dancing about
in circles. When the girl noticed Link, she smiled brightly and called to
"Welcome to Holodrum. I am Din, the dancer," she said with glee. "Would
you like to dance with me? Don't be shy. It will be more fun if we dance
together." She took him by the hand, and he reluctantly began to dance.
Unfortunately, this blissful moment did not last long. The sky suddenly
went dark, and there was a loud crash of thunder, followed by a resounding,
thunderous voice.
"I've found you, Din! You can't deceive me by disguising yourself as a
dancer. I am Onox, General of Darkness! Now reveal yourself, Oracle of
Then a great tornado dropped from the sky and drew near Din, as if to
engulf her.
"Help me, Link!" she cried.
Link was blown back by the tornado as he struggled against its awesome
force, and Din was swept away in the wind...
And then strange things began to happen throughout the land.
When Onox carried off the Oracle of Seasons from the land of Holodrum,
the seasons fell into chaos and the land was deprived of the bountiful gifts
of nature. Life was slowly being drained from the land, and all living things
began to wither.
And so Onox set in motion his plan to gather the power from the withering
land and create a world of total darkness. Will Link be able to rescue Din
from the hand of evil, the General of Darkness?
Such is the quest Link must undertake.

/\ /\
/\ /\ 2) C O N T R O L S /\ /\

Control Pad - • Move Link around.
• Move cursor in Menus.
A Button - • Use item assigned to A Button.
• Assign item to the A Button in the Sub-Screen.
• Talk / Read / Look
• Scroll through text
• Stroke faster while swimming.
• End Cutscene

B Button - • Use item assigned to B Button.
• Assign item to the B Button in the Sub-Screen.
• Cancel
• Scroll through text
• Dismount off Ricky & Moosh. And off Dimitri while he is not in the
• Dive while swimming.
Start - • Pause / Sub-Screen
• Hold with Select to open Save Menu.
Select - • View Map
• Change screen in Sub-Screen.
• Hold with Start to open Save Menu.

/\ /\
/\ /\ 3) C H A R A C T E R S /\ /\
The Triforce's quest sends Link to the strange land of Holodrum. His journey
begins after he meets the travelling troupe of actors. Soon Din, Oracle of
Seasons is taken by the General Of Darkness Onox, so Link must embark on a new
adventure to save Din and nature itself. His power may be enough to save Nature
Disguised as a dancer, the strong-willed Oracle of Seasons quietly assures
peace in Holodrum, but an hour of evil draws near...
Maple is an apprentice witch to her grandmother. She often sneaks away from
training and flies around on the magic broom she recently learned to ride.
Occasionally, she unexpectedly flies down and crashes into Link. Curse as she
knocks away your hard-earned hearts and rupees, but rejoice as you "borrow"
her Rings and Magic Potions ;) Perhaps one day she'll trade in her broom for
something a little more hi-tech.
|Bipin & Blossom|
Bipin is a famed tree planter who grows Gasha Seeds, and freely offers
information about them to curious travellers. Blossom is his wife. Together
they have a young child who is full of promise. What kind of man will this
child grow up to be? This lovely couple inhabits houses in both Labrynna and
Holodrum. They have a newborn baby, which, for some strange reason, you can
name for them. Talk about lazy parenting :) If you help them raise their
child, they'll give you tips on Gasha gardening.
The Royal Princess of Hyrule is a symbol of the people's hope. Her vivid
dreams allow her to predict when something evil is about to happen in the
world. Her crest of wisdom and symbol of hope free the world from despair.
As royal nurse, Impa has cared for Hyrule's Princess Zelda since her birth.
Zelda has ordered Impa to lead the Oracle of Seasons to Hyrule, and she meets
Link on the way. (Note: As D3ADRAV3N has pointed out, they colored in
Impa's... "chest." That's censorship for ya.)
Farore is the third Oracle who links Holodrum, the world of the sorceress
Din, with Labrynna, the world of the sorceress Nayru. Unlike the other two
goddesses, she's stuck with desk work in both worlds, residing inside the Maku
Trees. The Oracle of Secrets, she will help your Secrets come to life.
The General of Darkness is behind the chaos caused by the disruption of
Holodrum's seasons. Onox has great power and uses his mighty flail to crush all
who oppose him. He has cast a barrier of shadow around his castle and plans to
gather the powers of destruction from the dying lands of Holodrum.
Ricky is a Boxing Kangaroo that you find in Holodrum Plain. Link can hop
in his pouch and he will carry Link around. You can jump over holes one square
wide & jump up on to ledges with Ricky. Ricky attacks with swift punches by
the A Button, hold the A button and release when charged to use his Hurricane
|Shop Keeper|
Unfortunately, you can no longer steal from the shops. Still the Shop Keeper
offers a variety of items, including Hearts, Shield, Bombs, and... a Flute?
The only jeweller in the world of Holodrum, he appraises the secret powers of
rings made from magical seeds. Vasu also has two pet snakes.
Moosh is a Blue Polar Bear with wings that you find in either Spool Swap or
Mt. Cucco. While riding on his back Link can fly for short distances by
tapping the A Button rapidly. Moosh's only attack is too crush baddies with his
large rear end, to do this hold down the A Button.
|Maku Tree|
The gigantic tree is the guardian spirit of all Holodrum, and it now awaits a
visit from a brave young man. It is said one can meet the Maku Tree only after
showing great courage.
Ingo's lives in the Sunken City. His favorite pastime is to collect vases.
Beware do not touch any of the vases in his house.
|Mayor Ruul|
The mayor of a Horon Village. He is completely crazy about Gasha Fruit
& the treasures which you get from them.
|Grandfather & Mittens|
Grandfather's cat Mittens will not come down from the top of the tree in North
Horon Village. How will he get her down?
|Tick Tock|
The Clock Maker of Horon Village. He has been searching for a Wooden Bird
for some time now, but no one has ever seen it.
|Subrosian Race|
Subrosians are the strange dwellers of a hidden world Link visits during his
quest. They are a mysterious people who always wrap themselves in robes. Many
suprises await Link in Subrosia.
|Syrup the Witch|
She is Maple's magic teacher and grandmother. This resourceful witch sells a
variety of rare (and expensive!) items, including Gasha Seeds and the always
useful Magic Medicine. Her inventory may increase under certain conditions...
|The Great Moblin|
Commanding Forts in both Holodrum and Labrynna, this Moblin's work is never
done. Bombs are his specialty, as well as his downfall?
|Skull Pirates|
They sail the seas (well, maybe they don't...) in both Labrynna and Holodrum.
They're very willing to help you on your journey.
Dimitri is a Dodongo that you find in either Spool Swamp or in the Sunken
City. He can carry Link through water or up water falls while Link is riding
on his back. Dimitri attacks with a bite when you press the A Button. You can
also carry him around using the Power Bracelet.
|Malon & Talon|
These two raise the Cucco's in Holodrum. Also the LonLon Eggs which the
Cucco lay are good for cosmetics, and are popular with young ladies.
|Mrs. Ruul|
The arrogant wife of the Mayor Ruul.
|Professor. Left|
The only professor of Holodrum, he loves books. With the knowledge acquired
from the books he read, he can tell Link various things about the Animals,
Plants & Monsters of Holodrum. All he needs is some light....
|Mr. Guru Guru|
Mr. Guru Guru manages the Windmill on a cliff. "Go around, go around! If
I could just oil it, it would go around more quickly..." he says.
The prophet of Horon Village. He strangely seems to know quite a lot about the
Temple of Seasons and Subrosia. When he is not singing while playing his
lute his is always sleeping...
|Goron Race|
They used to live in peace on Goron Mountain, but because of the disorder in
the seasons, their peaceful lives are threatened. The Gorons all took shelter
in a cave to escape the bitter cold and now wait for Springs return-patiently.
The demon which serves Onox and Veran. Link must challenge it with various

/\ /\
/\ /\ 4) F A Q s /\ /\
1) Q. Can I e-mail you guys a question about the games?
A. Yes, you may, but ONLY if you've read through the entire FAQ already and
have not found the answer to your question. If you have a question, try
asking someone at the GameFAQs Zelda message boards first! The people
there (including myself and Astroblue who visit frequently) are very
nice and will be willing to help.
NOTE: I'd hate to waste space with this, but we must address this
problem. We are here to help you, and that's what this FAQ is for.
However, please note that this is just a hobby for us, and we don't get
paid regularly for writing our FAQs (thanks to CJayC for COTM, though!).
We also are VERY busy with school and real life. I'm generally a nice
person, and I'm always willing to answer e-mails. However, Zelda has
brought on a massive glut of e-mail from shall we say, "annoying"
people, and that doesn't help my mood at all. As such, you must follow
some rules before e-mailing us:
I. READ THE FAQ! If we receive questions that are already answered in the
FAQ, we will DELETE your e-mail! There is nothing more annoying than someone
who can't spend a few moments looking through a FAQ that we worked countless
hours on!
II. We don't want to be your friends! I'm sorry if this sounds mean or rude,
but it's not like we have a lack of friends. We don't expect to make friends
out of FAQ-writing, and we're not looking to. You can e-mail us asking a
question about ZELDA:Oracles of Ages/Seasons, but ask about anything else and
we'll delete your e-mail and block you. My pet peeve is people who ask too
many questions, so don't even try asking how old I am or whatnot. Questions
about other video games are also very annoying! Repeated questions from the
same person will also get you blocked, so try to figure stuff on your own or
look at the FAQ before e-mailing us.
III. Use proper grammar and language. A bit of Internet lingo is expected,
but if we have no idea what you're saying, we will delete your e-mail.
IV. Be courteous. Don't expect an answer if you tell us to "Help me now!!!"
Remember the magic word and ask please.
Well, that's all (for now). Follow these rules and you can e-mail us.
If you don't, we'll delete your e-mail without feeling bad becaue you
obviously didn't follow our rules.
Now, I don't want you to feel bad about e-mailing us if you have a
question. However, if you didn't follow the rules, you can bet I'll
make you feel bad :)
2) Q. Can I use information from your FAQ? Can I use the ASCII art or dungeon
A. Perhaps... but ask permission first! Also, if you're even remotely
thinking about doing a FAQ for these games, DO NOT READ OUR FAQs! You
may read them to get yourself out of a few difficult parts, but try to
do the work yourself! Astroblue and I have worked countless hours on
this FAQ, and it isn't nice for either of us or the countless people who
have helped us to have our work stolen from.
circumstances will we allow anyone to use the ASCII art at the top of
the FAQ or any of our formatting (including headers, dungeon maps,
walkthrough formatting, etc.) Sorry, but we believe all FAQ writers
should try to find a style of their own.
3) Q. Which game should I buy? Ages or Seasons?
A. If you have enough money we strongly suggest that you get both, as
Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons are both brilliant games. Lots of
people say that if you like action get Seasons as it has lots of action
and if you like puzzles get Ages as it has many puzzles. This argument,
while being flawed (as Ages still has quite a lot of action and Seasons
does have quite a few puzzles), is also a good way of deciding which
game to buy. So if you like slashing Moblins get Seasons, and if you
like pushing statues to solve a puzzle get Ages. Also, if you are more
inclined to the pre-N64 Zelda's you will like Seasons more as it is more
old skool. If you like Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask get Ages as it
borrows heavily from the style of those games (lots of character
interaction). If you still can't decide ask the kind chaps at your
local store for a test run of both, since they may let you if it means
selling a/some cart(s) :) .
4) Q. Can I get more then one Animal Flute?
A. No, You can only get one. Which one you get is determined by the
following. If you don't have an Strange Flute by the time you head
up into the section of North Horon that is always Spring, when you meet
Ricky he will give you Ricky's Flute. If you do have the Strange Flute
by then he won't but instead later you will get a different Flute. You'll
eventually get Dimitri's Flute if you got it from the Subrosia Dancing
game and you will eventually get Moosh's Flute if you got it from the
Horon Village Shop.
5) Q. How do I stop Maple stealing my Rings, Potions & Hearts?
A. Maple only makes you drop unimportant stuff like Seeds, Bombs & Rupees.
The good stuff that appears after you collide include: Gasha Seeds,
Magic Potions, Rings & a Piece of Heart, so try to meet her as often as
possible. She appears once for every 30 enemies you kill (15 with
Maple's Ring).
6) Q. A Like Like ate my Shield, how do I get it back?
A. Go to the Horon Village Shop and buy a new one, the prices are 30 Rupees
for a Wooden Shield, 50 Rupees for an Iron Shield & 80 Rupees for a
Mirror Shield. You can also buy them from a Deku Scrub in Spool Swamp but
his prices are higher. You can only buy the current Shield level you have
upgraded to.
7) Q. I found a empty room behind the Clock Shop after I dug around it with the
Shovel, what is it for?

A. It's used to get the Master Sword, after you get the ClockShop Secret in
an Ages Linked Game.
8) Q. In Level 5 - Unicorn's Cave, you say to put the Magnetic Ball on the
button, but there is no ball. What am I supposed to do?
A. Well you didn't read the walkthrough for the Unicorn's Cave from the
start. From the entrance to the level go up, right and then hop on
the mine car closest to you (make sure you hit the switch so you
head directly up). Climb the steps and go right, climb down the
stairs and then head right to the next room. Kill the DarkNut then
move the lone block to the right and the Magnetic Ball needed will
fall down, now head back to the other side of the room and move the
ball onto the button.
9) Q. Where is the Square Jewel? I followed the directions in your guide and
all I got was 100 Rupees.
A. You are playing a Seasons Linked Game so therefore the location of some
jewels change. This info could have been found in the LINKED GAME CHANGES
section but I will duplicate it here: To get the Square Jewel go to the
stump in North Horon (where you met Din), and by using it with the Rod
of Seasons change the season to Summer, then head down, left and bomb the
pile of rocks. Enter the cave and open the chest for the Square Jewel.
10) Q. What path do I take in the Lost Woods?
A. There are two paths, one takes you to the Noble Sword the other sets you
on the path to Level 6 - Ancient Ruins. The path to the Noble Sword is:
Change the season to Winter, go left, change the season to Autumn, go
left, change the season to Spring, go left, change the season to Summer
then go left to collect the Noble Sword. The to path to Level Six is:
Change the season to Winter, go left, change the season to Autumn, go
down, change the season to Spring, go right, change the season to Summer
then go up to continue on your way to Level 6.

11) Q. Farore asks me "Do you know the secret to moving through time? and I do
not know of such a Secret, what is it?
A. This is another bad translation on NOA's part, what she should have said
was "Do you know *A* secret to move through time?" what she means is
all of the Memory Secrets. Memory Secrets are the secrets given to you
after giving the passwords acquired in a Linked Game to a character in
the first game you played. Memory Secrets once given to Farore let you
have the upgrades you have received in your other game.
12) Q. Vasu just told me Rings lose their power over time! Is that true?!
A. Your precious Red Ring is safe. Nintendo of America once again used a
poor choice of words. What Vasu means is that if Rings are not kept in
a Ring Box, they will lose their power, so that's why Vasu must keep the
rest of your Rings for you. Your Ring Box only holds 1 Ring at first,
so it's a cheap way of having you only carry 1 Ring at a time (or up to
5 later). If your Rings weren't in a Ring Box, they would lose their
power! But you do have a Ring Box and Vasu has a safe place for your
Rings, so they will never lose power!

/\ /\
/\ /\ 5) W A L K T H R O U G H /\ /\
NOTE: This Walkthrough is written to take you through Oracle of Seasons if it
is the first one of the two Oracle games that you're playing. If your
continuing Link's Quest from Oracle of Ages look at the Section entitled
"LINKED GAME CHANGES" after this walkthough.
North Horon
After appearing being taken away by a girl in red walk right & talk to her (she
is dancing) she will introduce herself as Din. Now talk to everyone else in the
Performance Troupe, once that's done talk to Din again. After enjoying a dance
with Link she will notice the Triangle mark on his left hand. Suddenly the
campsite goes dark and lighting begins to strike rapidly destroying most of the
camp. A voice resounds introducing itself as Onox and proclaiming that Din is
the Oracle of Seasons, to which suddenly a tornado appears and Din is swept
away in it while Link is tossed violently away by it. Onox then proceeds to
trap Din the Oracle of Seasons into a crystal sealing her powers, he also sinks
the Temple of Seasons into the underworld thus further weakening the power of
Once Link wakes up Impa will be by his side, after explaining the whole
situation to Link she will tell him to give her message to the Maku Tree.
Quest for the Fertile Soil
Horon Village & Western Coast
^^^^^^^^^^^^^ `````````````
So now head down into Holon Village. Holon Village contains most of the people
of Holodrum in it, at the moment the only places that will be of interest to
you are: The Know-It-All Bird's Hut in the top left corner of the village where
you can learn about the basics of this game and Vasu Jewelers in the lower
right of the village where you can get the L-1 Ring Box and the Friendship
Ring. Anyway once your finished exit the village via the western exit. Now jump
down off the cliff from the gap below then head left, down around the wall & to
the right then enter the doorway with the roots on either side of it, this
leads to the Hero's Cave.
Hero's Cave
1 2 3 Places of Interest
_ _ Entrance- B-1
A _|_|_| Small Key- A-3
B |_|_|_| Wooden Sword- B-3
C |_|_|
B-1 Avoid the Keese and head right, move the block to open the doors then
head up to A-2.
A-2 Move the block up out of the way an follow the path to the next set of
blocks. Move the left block down and the right block right then follow
the path to A-3.
A-3 Stand on the button in the far right then collect the Small Key from the
chest, then exit this room to A-2
A-2 Head back left follow the path to the blocks move the left one up and the
right one right then follow the path to the next block and move it out of
the way, the head down to B-2.
B-2 Move the block again to open the doors then head down, now use the key to
go through the door on the right to C-3.
C-3 Now step on the switch then go around the pit and up to the next room,
then open the chest to get the Wooden Sword.
Western Coast & Hero's Cave
````````````` ***********
Once you appear outside of the cave go left up around the wall & to the right,
slash the bush then drop down into a hole. You will find yourself inside the
Hero's Cave again, open the chest for 30 Rupees, now drop down move the block
then exit the cave. Now head back to Horon Village, that you passed through on
the way to get the Wooden Sword.
Horon Village
In the far eastern part of the village is a large wooden door, break it down
with your Sword to get to the Maku Tree. Hit the snot bubble coming from the
Maku Tree's nose to wake it up. After telling him about Din, he tells you that
he fells a dark presence in the Northern Peaks where the Temple of Seasons
once rested. He tells you to collect the Essences of Nature to break the dark
seal that Onox has cast on the Northern Peaks. He will now give you the Gnarled
Now go to the Shop and buy a Wooden Shield for 30 Rupees. Walk out through the
northern exit of Horon Village to where Impa is.
North Horon
Then head up, right and hit the bushes then head up more, hit the bushes to go
left over the bridge then use the Gnarled Key on the lock to make the Gnarled
Root Dungeon rise! Now enter it!
Level 1 - Gnarled Root Dungeon
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Places of Interest
_ _ Entrance- F-4
A |_|_| Boss- C-6 Mini-Boss- A-4
B _ _ _|_|_ _ _ Small Key- E-5, C-5
C |_|_|_|_|_|_|_| Dungeon Map- E-3
D |_|_|_|_|_| Compass- C-3
E |_|_|_| Boss Key- D-2
F |_| Seed Satchel- A-3
Fertile Soil- C-7
F-4 Head up past the eye blocks to E-4.
E-4 Move the top right block to open the doors then go right.
E-5 Kill all the Stalfos then collect the Small key then go left two screens
to E-3 using a Small Key in the process.
E-3 Kill all the Stalfos then collect the Dungeon Map from the Chest, then go
D-3 Kill the Zol (Blobs) then jump on the mine cart which takes you to C-2.
C-2 Kill the Moblins then move the middle block to open the door so you can
go left to C-1.
C-1 To get through this maze walk left till you hit the block, now push the
block below down, the block on your left to the left, walk up, left,
down and move the block below down, then the block on your left to the
left, now head up and collect the Gasha Seed from the Chest then jump
down and exit the room.
C-2 Head up the steps on the right then go right. Hit the switch then
collect the Compass from the chest on your right. Now go back left & down
the steps and jump in the mine cart it will take you to C-4.
C-5 Now go left and collect the Bombs from the chest. Go back right, up the
steps then go down the steps on the right and follow the path to a
switch, step on it to reveal a chest with a Small Key. Head back and go
up the steps now go left and Bomb the weak section of wall. Then head up
to B-4.
B-4 Make your way up through the maze hiding in the alcove to prevent getting
hit by the spikes. Then head up using a Small Key to unlock the door.
A-4 This has the Mini-Boss(es) they are the Twin-Minotaurs's (see the
Bestiary section for strategies. Once you defeat them go left.
A-3 Move the far left block up then go down the stairs. Collect the Seed
Satchel with some Ember Seeds, use Ember Seeds to light Torches.
Now go back up the stairs, move the block below the far left one down
then go right & jump on the warp to D-3.
D-3 Use the Ember Seeds on the torches on the left to open the door. Then
go through it.
D-2 Now kill all the Moblins then open the chest to get a Boss Key. Then go
right, down, right, push the top right block, then go right, light the
torches then go up to D-5.
D-5 Avoid the Wall Masters and open the chest in the room to get a
Magic Ring. Go right via the top path and use the Boss Key on the
Boss Door to get to C-6 and Aquamentus.
C-6 Now you will fight Aquamentus the Unicorn Dragon.
Once you kill him collect the Heart Container then head right to collect
the Fertile Soil.
Quest for the Gift of Time
North Horon
After exiting the Gnarled Root Dungeon a witch named Maple will fly around and
bump into Link causing some of your supplies and her hopefully some of her
supplies to fly everywhere, so quickly collect as much as you can, especially
anything she drops. She will randomly pop up every now and then. Now go south
to Horon Village.
Horon Village
Head to the far south-east where there are two saplings, Sokra the prophet
will awaken and will tell you that the four spirits of the seasons are calling
you. After he goes back asleep, use the Ember Seeds to burn down the saplings
and continue on to the Woods of Winter.
Eastern Suburbs
Head up twice the go right and you will see Rosa who is from the mysterious
race of Subrosians, she wants to get to get back to the Subrosia Village
because a "temple" has fallen into her world nearby. But she cannot let anyone
follow her, so you will have to follow her while keeping out of sight (Watch
out she goes off screen for a second to trick you on the third screen). Anyhow
follow her through all three screens to the bushes then hack them down to
uncover a vortex to Subrosia where the mysterious race of Subrosians live.
Subrosian Volcanoes
Now go

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It appears you are using an old browser, as such, some parts of the Freeola and Getdotted site will not work as intended. Using the latest version of your browser, or another browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Opera will provide a better, safer browsing experience for you.