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Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex Walkthroughs
(PlayStation 2)

This game is also available on Xbox, GameCube, PS2.
Submitted By: jimbo543
Characters, Gems, Items! Oh my! Crystals, Crates, Special Powers! Oh my!

I have been playing Crash Bandicoot games since I first learned about video games. They have always been a family favorite between my brothers and me. When I heard that a fifth Crash game was coming out I knew I had to get it. Well, I did get it, and it's the best Crash game so far. In this walkthrough I�ll explain every item, character and power you need to know about to win this game!

First I'll start off with Items:

WUMPA FRUIT: A little fruit that looks like a peach. Collect 100 of them and you earn a free life. (They are scattered all over the levels)
AKU AKU: A mask that protects crash from dying once but then goes away. Can be captured by breaking an Aku Aku crate.
CRYSTALS: Can be collected at the end of every level. Find all 25 crystals to complete the game (one in every level except boss levels)
GEMS: There are 2 types of gems. Breaking all the boxes in one level can collect a clear gem. Colors gems can be found in levels and can transport you to new secret levels. (You must complete all secret levels to complete game)
RELICS: If you go back to a level where you have already collected the crystal you can get a relic by completing a challenge. For example, you must complete the Time Trial (beating a level in less then a certain time) to receive a relic. 5 relics open a secret level (you must complete all secret levels to have 100% completion of the game.)

Now I�ll explain the Crates:

REGULAR CRATE: has X's on all sides. Contains delicious Wumpa fruit
BOUNCY CRATE: Vertical lines on all sides. Bounce on them to get to unreachable places or just to get some Wumpa Fruit. (Spinning them will give you nothing!)
SURPRISE CRATE: question mark on all sides. You never know what will be inside
AKU AKU CRATE: Contains an AKU AKU shield. Spin them to receive an AKU mask.
CHECKPOINT CRATE: Has a yellow C on all sides. Spinning them will allow you to start from that point if you happen to lose a life later in the level
CRASH CRATE: has a picture of Crash on it. Contains a free life
TNT CRATE: Jump on top of them to set off a 3-second timer. Don't spin or you'll blow to little tiny pieces!
SLOT CRATE: Contains a random item but spin them fast or they will turn into unbreakable steel crates.
OUTLINE CRATE: Invisible box. Can be turned into crate by spinning Switch Box
SWITCH BOX: Hit these green boxes to activate outline crates
NITRO CRATES: watch out for them! One wrong step will blow you down below.
NITRO SWITCH BOX: Spinning them will destroy all Nitro Crates in the Level.
STEEL CRATES: These crates are tough to break but you can break them by using one of Crash's special powers, which you receive, after every boss level.
TIME BOX: can be used in time trial mode. Freezes clock to help beat Time Trial levels
INVISIBILITY CRATE: Spinning these blue boxes will cause Crash to become invisible, protecting you from sight of enemies.

I'll now explain the special powers you can receive from bosses after each stage:

TIPTOE: hold L2 button to tip toe during a level
SUPER DOUBLE JUMP: press X to jump and at the top of your first jump press X again. Allows you to jump twice as high as a regular jump.
DEATH TORNADO: repeatedly press the square button to do a death tornado. This can break steel boxes as I mentioned previously in the walkthrough.
CRASH DASH: Press directionals button and hold R2 to sprint during a level
BAZOOKA: (my personal favorite) hold L1 to aim and press O to fire. Can be used to hit enemies from a distance by shooting Wumpa Fruit.

I'll now explain the good guys of the game:

CRASH BANDICOOT: Crash lived in the jungle by himself like a normal bandicoot when one day Dr.Cortex found him and tried to make him evil by using powers on him. No matter what he tries Crash is just too much of a nice guy and Cortex gets mad. Cortex gets rid of Crash and everytime Cortex tried to take over the world from then on, Crash was there to stop him. Now Cortex is out to destroy Crash so he can finally take over the world!
COCO BANDICOOT: Crash's little sister. She isn't afraid to fight on her big brothers side from time to time or try to handle a level by herself. She too, was captured but then released but Cortex and now is a super smart computer girl.
AKU AKU MASK: helps Crash and Coco to defeat Cortex time and time again. He protects them in time of danger and is a big help in the game.

I will now talk about all of the bad guys in the game:

DR.CORTEX: ever since releasing crash and coco back into the world he has been trying to destroy them with all of his inventions because they always stop him from taking over the world.
TINY THE TIGER: Don't let the name fool you! Tiny is a big ferocious beast out to kill Crash by any means possible.
DINGODILE: another freak creation by Cortex out to get Crash. Half Dingo half Crocodile. Weapon: flame
DR. N. TROPY: Once again a freak of nature trying to kill Crash for Cortex. Weapon: time control
DR. N. GIN: Half-human half robot. Cortex's right hand man also is trying to stop Crash.
UKA UKA: Evil twin mask of AKU AKU. Protects Cortex and helps him to get Crash.
ROK-KO: Elemental mask of earth. Controls earthquakes and mudslides.
WA-WA: Elemental evil mask of water
LO-LO: Elemental evil mask of air
PY-RO: Elemental evil mask of fire. Strongest and most evil mask of them all.

Well there you have it folks. A full walkthrough of everything you need to know about Crash Bandicoot 5: The Wrath of Cortex. Hey! Don't forget to check back soon for my walkthrough on all of the levels in the game and how to beat them! Until next time!

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