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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2"

This game is also available on PS2, PC, GameCube and GBA.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX 2 (Xbox)
Submitted By: The Scribbler
Here's a list of all the gaps for for woodward, the trainyard,
and greenville lvls:

1. Over The Titanic Channel
Go down the ramp from the start and up the other side. Jump all
the way over to the other side of the titanic channel to snag the
gap. You can also get this gap by transferring from one side of
the center channel opening to the other.

2. Over The Roll-In
Just like it says. Transfer from one side of the roll-in ramp to
the other.

3. Dish Dog’s Gap
Go down the ramp from the start and take a left through the
channel. See the four railed pyramid? Just to the right of it are
two kicker ramps facing each other. Jump from one to the other to
score this gap.

4. Across The Titanic Deck
Go up the ramp at the end of the titanic channel. Don’t
mind the banner that gets in your way. There are two wide kickers
facing each other. Transfer from one to the other to get the

5. Egypt Step-Up
Go to the Egypt Building. Inside there is a pool structure with
two kicker ramps on either side. Transfer from one of the kickers
on the side to the pool to get the gap. You can also score this
gap by going from the pool to either kicker.

6. Cabin To Cabin
Get on top of the first cabin using the dirt ramp behind The
Cage. Transfer from this cabin to the next using the black

7. Another Cabin To Cabin
Transfer from this cabin to the next using the black ramp.

8. Cloud 9 Step-Up
Go to the Cloud 9 Building. In the back right corner there are
two quarter-pipes that are separated by a higher quarter-pipe
with rails on each side. Transfer from of the lower quarter-pipes
to the higher one to get the gap.

9. Crazy Vert to Vert


1. Pretty Sneaky Sis Gap
Go upstairs and take a right. Ride until you see the guy waiting
to talk to you. As you approach him the ground will crumble away.
You have to jump over this hole in the floor to score the gap.

2. Stinky Sewer Gap
Over by the Rampage building (the one with Luc-E on top) there is
a sewer gap with a ramp leaning on the railing. Jump the ramp
over the sewer to score this gap.

3. Down to First Floor!
Go upstairs and jump from the quarterpipe in front of you down to
either side to the quarterpipe below. Easy as that.

4. Up to Second Floor!
Below the uppermost level there are two quarterpipes that are at
90 degree angles to one another. Gain some speed by manualing
between these and jump up to the quarterpipe on the first floor.
This one may be tough if your air is not good enough!

5. Westside Trackpipe Transfer
Over by the two bulldozers, there is a halfpipe with two train
tracks above it. Transfer over the west side track to get this

6. Eastside Trackpipe Transfer
This one is just like the Westside Trackpipe Transfer, but on the
east side track.

7. Over the Water
Out by the ships, there is a wooden dock. There are arrows
painted between the two sides of the gap on the ground. Just get
a little speed and jump any of these gaps.

8. Over the Sea
Over by the ships, in the far back corner of the level, there are
two quarter pipes. Transfer between them to score the gap.

9. Warehouse Gap
There are two ways to get this one. Just transfer from one side
of the quarterpipe in the warehouse to the other. You can do this
on either side of the warehouse.

10. Platform to Platform
Just jump from one side of the downstairs platform over the
tracks to the other platform. Easy as that.

11. Stair-rific!
Jump over the stairs underneath the upper level to get the gap.

12. Shovel-iscious Gap
You had to get this one for a hardcore challenge. It’s the
jump between the two bulldozers.

13. Bench-To-Bench Gap
Just grind one bench, hop the gap and land in a grind on the next
bench go score this gap. You should have already have done this
one from the other hardcore challenge.

14. Bridge Crossover
Turn around from the starting point and follow the train tracks
down. To your left, there is a tunnel above you. Transfer from
one quarter pipe to another going over tracks that lead into this

15. Dirt Don’t Hurt Gap
Just to your right when you start are some train cars. Jump from
one to the other to get the gap.

16. Seasick Gap
Transfer over the “roll in” between the two quarter
pipes on either of the two ships.

17. Ahoy Matey Gap
Transfer from ship to ship.

18. Yikes!
Transfer from the ship to the dock using the “Ahoy
Matey” quarter pipes.

19. Roundhouse Drop
Get up to the paved road that runs along the back side of the
level. Next, jump to the building that has the picket fences
along it. Below, in the middle of the cutaway of the roof, there
is a train car. Jump from the roof down to the train car to get
this gap.

20. Roof-To-Roof Goodness
You probably scored this gap already if you went to go talk to
the guy on the roof of the rampage building. Just grind from one
light extension to the next to get it.

21. Warehouse-To-Repair Station
Get up to the top of the warehouse by going up the quarterpipe
and grinding the ledge with the window. Now, jump from the
warehouse to the next building, which is the repair station

22. New York Style
Jump out the window of the upper level to an awning to get this

23. Awning-To-Awning
Go up the steps to the upper level. Jump out to the awnings that
are above the benches. (scoring the ‘new your style’
gap) Simply jump from one to the next.


1.Pole My Finger Gap: Immediately when you start, turn around and
from the ramp to the streetlight for the gap.

2.Ride The Snake Gap: Immediately when you start, turn directly
to your
left. It is the red rail that is connecting the two big quarter
pipes. Grind
it all the way across to get the gap.

3.Pool Slide Gap: Jump from the wooden ramp by the treehouse over
the slide
(in the backyards where the pools are).

4.Pool This! Gap: Jump from the circle pool (not the one with the
slide) over
the wooden fence towards the little park with the yellow lining
going around
the top of the fence by Dave's Half-pipe.

5.The Schloopy Latte Gap: Jump the ramp up onto the boarded
"rideway" by the
big coffee cup on top of the building (the same way you would get
into the cup).

6.Electric Madness Gap: Get on top of the roof with the big
coffee cup. Next,
jump the ramp over the first set of power lines and grind onto
the ones that
are going the same way that you are jumping.

7.Tiltin' The Chandelier Gap: Do the "Electric Madness Gap".
Immediately at
the end of the grind, jump the ramp into the chandelier directly
in front of you.

8.Doin' The Foxy Gap: Transfer from roof to roof from the other
set of ramps to
the left of the "Electric Madness Gap".

9.Telephone Madness Gap: After you clear the "Doin' The Foxy
Gap", go up the
boards to the right. Grind the telephone wire at the end.

10.The Pigeon Perch Gap: After the "Doin' The Foxy Gap", go
straight ahead and
grind the telephone line at the end.

Good Luck

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