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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Sonic Advance"
(Game Boy Advance)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Sonic Advance (Game Boy Advance)
Submitted By: Unknown
Guide for the tiny Chao garden.

There cute, they’re cool and they need a little loving. Their Sonics Chao’s. Now you can bring raise your own Chao up and make it the best. Here is my guide to help you through that.

When you first enter the Tiny Chao garden, you will find a plain egg. That’s the start of your Chao- to make it hatch, give it a few pats or leave it a while.


Your Chao will now be born and ready to take on the world. First you may want to name your pet. Highlight the name on the top right of the screen and tap 'A' to choose a new name. You will notice that on the right hand side of the screen is a list of statistics. Well each one of these means something for your Chao. The first bar is Mood, or how your Chao is feeling. To keep this full there are numerous things you are able to do. You can pat it on the head by tapping 'A' over the Chao. You can feed it food and you can also buy it toys to play with. Keep it entertained and it will stay happy.

The second bar is Belly, or how hungry the Chao is. This needs to be kept full as well. The only way to do this is to buy and feed it food. You can bring up a food menu by pressing 'L'. Each food has a price, but not a very expensive one!

The rest of the bars are its statistics. Swim, Fly, Run, Power, Stamina. Each one of these will mean more when you trade it across to Sonic Adventure 2 on the Gamecube. In the mean time you can feed it certain foods that will increase some of its statistics. Each time the bar is filled up- the Chao’s Swim, Fly, Run, Power or Stamina level will increase by one.

To buy the food and toys, and even another egg- you need money. The currency used in this game is rings. The famous rings. In previous Sonic titles these had no significant meaning, but now they do. When you go through the adventure mode collect as many rings as possible. When you complete one stage, the amount of rings from that stage will be sent to the Chao garden and ready to be spent. Keep doing levels over and over to collect more rings. The more items you buy, the better and happier your Chao will be.

You can only have one Chao in the garden at any one time, but that doesn't mean you cannot have another egg. You can buy one egg from the menu, brought up by pressing 'L'. Different eggs are different colours, and they vary in price. In the garden you can have one Chao and one egg. This egg will not hatch unless the Chao you are currently raising runs away. You can be cruel and make it run away by mistreating it. i.e. giving it no food, ignoring it. It will run away and your egg will hatch and you can start all over again.

Different foods will give you different results. This is what each will do:
Orange (costs)30 (mood)+1 (belly)+2 (swim) +3 (fly)-2 (run)0 (power)+3 (stamina) +1
Blue blob(costs)60 (mood)0 (belly)+1 (swim) +2 (fly)+5 (run)0 (power)-1 (stamina) +3
Strawberry (costs)55 (mood)+2 (belly)+2 (swim) +4 (fly)-3 (run)4 (power)-3 (stamina) +2
Apple (costs)50 (mood)-1 (belly)+1 (swim)0 (fly)0 (run)+3 (power)+4 (stamina) +2
Plum (costs)30 (mood)+1 (belly)+2 (swim) -2 (fly)+3 (run)+3 (power)-1 (stamina) +1
Pear (costs)55 (mood)+2 (belly)+2 (swim) -3 (fly)+4 (run)-3 (power)+4 (stamina) +2
Square (costs)70 (mood)-3 (belly)0 (swim) +3 (fly)+2 (run)+3 (power)+2 (stamina) -5
A '+' will increase the bar by that many points and a '-' will decrease the bar by that many points.

By now you Chao should be looking good. Keep him happy, buy him plenty of food, keep him satisfied by buying him toys. Eventually, if you purchase Sonic adventure 2- you can trade your creatures across to see them battle in full 3-D. May 3rd is to far away, to see them in 3-d will be worth the wait though! Good luck in your Chao training.

I rule!!

Submitted By: PinkPig

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Welcome to this Walkthrough and Guide to Sonic Advance (GBA)!

Everything here is written by PinkPig
([email protected])
and has been posted at This has
been written especially for this site - everything here is my own
work. That includes the "Sonic Advance" logo above. I'm very proud of that ;-)

Unlike many of the annoying FAQs to be found on the net, I'm not
going to bother with a long introduction or contents. If you're
looking for something in particularly, each section is labelled with the name of the particular Zone and Act - it shouldn't be too difficult to find. I have given a lot of detail to some levels - particularly Zone 6 Act 1 Most are quite straightforward - but I've given all the hints that you'll need.

Sonic is Back!

The storyline in Sonic Advance is, frankly, irrelevant. OK,
there's an evil scientist who wants to destroy the world. That'll do. I'm assuming you have a copy of the Sonic Advance box and manual, and if you're crazy enough to want more information, then it's all there.

Without further ado, Sonic, Knuckles, Tails, and Amy Rose go into
action across a rollercoaster of levels to thwart the Evil Doctor
Eggman's plans. Isn't that nice?

Vitally, in each level there is a Bonus Sprinboard, taking you
to the bonus level, in which you must grab rings while falling down a drainpipe. It needs a bit of practice, but I'll point out the location of the Springboards as we do along.


As you would expect, Sonic Advance has some of the easiest controls to understand on any system.

L, R and Select : Not used within standard gameplay
Start : Pause
A : Jump - Also used in special attacks
B : Used in special attacks

The attacks for each character are shown in the manual, but you can pretty easily pick this up on your own. Sonic, Tails and
Knuckles can do a vital "Spin Dash", by holding down and A, then releasing A.Another thing not to miss is Sonic's "Spin Attack". If you press A while jumping, his little attack is the most useful thing in the game.

Getting Started

Sonic is probably one of the easiest games to get going with ever. Choose "Game Start" from the Menu, choose a charecter, and you're away. Also on the menu is "Time Attack", where you must complete each level as quickly as possible, and "VS-Mode", which is great against friends with a GBA. Finally, "Tiny Chao Garden" is detailed towards the end of this
guide. The first time you play Sonic Advance, I recommend choosing Knuckles as the easiest charecter. His climbing and gliding make him easy to control - just press A while you jump. He can even glide in water - particularly useful when combined with climbing to get out of just about any water. The other charecters aren't much harder, but I'd avoid Amy Rose, particularly the first time you play. She is slow, and much less fun than the other charecters. You also need to press B to kill enemies with the hammer - other charecters can just bounce on them.


Sonic is not the most strategic of games in the world, and general strategy is pretty easy. Move up, and move right. OK, there are times, particularly at the end of the game where you need a bit of leftward movement, but if you want to get to the end easily, and get all of the Chaos Emeralds, keep HIGH!!

Zone 1 : Green Hill Zone


This is the easiest zone in the game, and you'll have no trouble getting to the end. Just move to the right, and use all of the boosts and loops. There is an extra life in the level which can come in useful later, and it's also very easy to get hold of 100 rings. This gives you another extra life. BUT - If you want to get to the bonus level and the Chaos Emerald,
you'll need a bit more work. This is easy with Tails - just fly upwards for the whole level, and you'll come to it easily.

With the other characters, wait until you see a springboard point Up and Right from a wall on the left. Follow the path up this way, and along the top of the loop sections. You'll end up at a continue post near to a bar to grind on. Go down the bar, but jump off part way down so that you see a normal springboard. Go up this, and then jump onto the moving platform. You'll see the Bonus Springboard on a platform above.


This is just as easy as the level before it. Just follow it to the end, but this time, there's a boss. Again, this is a very easy boss. Walk towards Dr Eggman as he appears, but make sure that you avoid the hammer. As Sonic, Tails or Knuckles, just jump onto the main part of him to do damage. As Amy, use your hammer. Make sure that you always have at least one ring, and
he's easy.

Zone 2 : Secret Base Zone


Again, this zone is incredibly easy. At the beginning, follow the ropes, and then just move onwards. You'll want to be careful of the lava at the bottom - so again, keep high. This isn't much harder than the first zone. There isn't even a bonus springboard - that comes in Act 2


There are a few more enemies in this level. Again keep high - this is the best way to avoid problems. At the very beginning, you'll want to jump on the steam platforms to move upwards - just be careful that you don't touch the side, or you'll take damage. There is a Bonus Springboard in this level, but I can't remember where it is. Sorry! You'll have to look for yourself. There. You've got some work to do.

Finally, the boss here is as easy as ever. If this pogo-stick monster jumps very high, jump out the way quickly, but otherwise, he's very easy. As Tails, make sure you don't get stuck flying around as he falls. Just hit him quickly on the head, and within a few hits, he'll run away, yet again.

Zone 3 - Casino Paradise Zone


This was my favourite level from the earlier Sonic Games. Unfortunately, it's not so fun here, but it's still the best, and
most open level so far. Yet again, go HIGH!!! There's a lot here to help you move high as well. The flippers, platforms and bouncers all get you higher, but there are also a lot of spikes that will see you falling down. Also use the SONIC and SEGA words, which flash on and off. These are needed if you want to get to the Bonus Springboard, hidden at the top of the zone. Time it carefully!


This is almost identical to the first Act - there are just more things to do, and more traps. Keep going until you reach the end of the level, and the Boss. This Boss is pretty easy. The obvious method is to stand on the platform, but that will almost certainly get you killed a few times unless you're very careful or lucky. A slightly easier way is just to stand at the bottom of the area, and duck or avoid the spiked thing. Either way, hit Eggman a few times until he dies, and it's onto
zone 4!

Zone 4 - Ice Mountain Zone

OOOOHHHHH. I hate this level. OK, both Acts are very annoying. You need to be very careful of dying underwater (use Tails or
Knuckles) Also, makes sure you use every springboard.

The Boss, at the end of ACT 2 is the most difficult so far. You need to jump out of the water, onto the platforms and hit him, making sure that you also remember to breathe. This is easiest with Knuckles, but you'll get there eventually with any of them.

Zone 5 - Angel Island Zone

After the last zone, this is nice and easy. Just keep going ;-) OK, there's more detail in Zone 6. In Zone 5, though, you'll
want to be careful to keep high, and keep moving left. Otherwise, all is easy. This boss is also crazy. You need to defeat "EVIL" Knuckles and Sonic. Just stand around and attack them - make sure you always have one ring. Finally, be careful of Sonic's big gun. It can get nasty ;-)

Zone 6 - Egg Rocket Zone --> Leading to Cosmic Angel Zone


Yippee! This is just about the only level in the game that really offers a good challenge. You'll soon cross a barrier, and you'll see your timer move to 5 minutes, and start counting down. You need to get to the next of these "timer points" in that time, or you'll lose a life. Since this is quite tricky, I'll go through it one step at a time. Bear in mind that the "timer points" are the only continue points in the level, so you must do a lot in one life. From the beginning, follow the path to the right, being careful of the little thing that will try to shoot you. You will then reach a barrier, and the first 5 minutes will begin. There are rings above so use the springboard to get them. Then, follow the slope down, but
don't jump off the end - there are some spikes high up to be careful of.

Follow the path around to the right, getting some more rings, and then back to the left, but be careful of the spikes and the diamond enemy. Make sure you use the springboard to move to the right at the bottom. You'll now move a long way to the right -use the sloping springboards until you get to a bellow-type springboard. Be careful not to fall down the gaps here.

From the springboard, you'll get some rings. Then jump off to the left, and hang onto the bar at the top. Go all the way to the left, then jump up on the springboard. Follow the path to the left, again being careful of the diamond. Use the springboards to get yourself up again, and then go up the slope. Go to the right and get the shield, and then to the left, being careful of the mole. Continue to the left, and get on the ledge to the left of the spikes. The platform will fall quickly, so make sure you're either on the permaent ledge just next to the spikes, or that you jump up very quickly.

Use the moving platforms to get up, and then follow the slope down to the left. Go around the slope, but NOT into the pipe here. Instead, use the springboard to go up and to the right. Keep going right, and around the slope. Get onto the moving platforms, and then use the springboard to get some rings. Continue to the right on the moving springboard to find
another slope leading downwards. Go down the slope and onto another sloping spring. Follow the path around the loops to the right, and then jump up the flashy thing that will move you to the top. Keep moving to the left and onto the bar. Again, to the left all the way until you enter the pipe. Just keep going at the end of this, and the floor breaks away, and the 5 minutes is reset. This also acts as a continue point.

In this new area, follow the path to the right, and up the slopes. Follow this around to the left, and you'll get 6 rings. Go up the moving springboard, and get the shield from the left. Keep moving to the right, and then suddenly a long way down. You'll be immediately boosted to the right BUT STOP YOURSELF QUICKLY. Otherwise, you'll probably fall into the abyss. Jump up, and use the loop to get onto the bar, and go all the way to the right and into another pipe.

At the end, jump onto the bellow on the right, and move left and down the slope. You'll see a 5 ring box, followed by two sets of spikes. Go up the moving platforms, but be careful to to be hurt by the spikes above them. Use the springboard to move to the right.

Go up the slope, and over the spikey platforms. Make sure you jump as they turn to avoid getting hurt. Get the "fast" box from the right, and use this to jump over the platforms on the left to a higher ledge.

Jump up here, and use the springboard to get to the right. You'll see a boost to the right, but DON'T use this. Instead, go to the left and use the boost there. You'll go up and across some more spiked moving platforms. Go down and around the slope, before jumping up onto the springboard here. There are 10 rings on the left. Get these, then go to the right, and
down, then left and down. Use the springboard to go to the far left, and open the gap in the wall. Jump up another flashy thing, and follow the boosts and path to the right. Again, your 5 minutes resets, and you're really in space now!

This is the last area, but, surprisingly enough, the easiest part of Act 1. Follow the path to the left, then jump up the
springboard to the right. Just leave it alone for a minute now - the boosts will get you around the whole area, until you're left at a wall, walking to the left in the center. Jump up quickly or the platforms will fall, and then use the springboard. Keep moving to the right, but be careful of the big spike. You'll now begin to move into reverse gravity. This can be tricky - just remember that your controls have NOT changed. Get the invincible shield, and then just walk through the big spikes to the left. Go up and follow the ledge to the right. Keep going to the right, then to the left, and use a spring to move up. Go to the right using the boost, and follow the slope. This can be tricky - you need to jump away to the platforms on the left before the springboard pushes you down again. Go onto the ledges on the left, and you'll be sucked up as in previous levels. Move to the right at the top, and jump up into the pipe. That's the end of the best level in Sonic Advance!


After all that, Act 2 is very easy to get through. Just follow it along, being careful of the reverse gravity and pits. Eventually, you'll end up at the hardest boss of the game. To defeat this boss, you need to jump quickly on the balls near to
wherever he is, which exposes Dr. Eggman. Then, just jump quickly on his head before he turns over again. It sounds easy, but it can be quite tricky. Just keep working - you'll get there eventually. When you've hit him enough, you're onto the Final Zone!

Final Zone : X-Zone

This zone is too easy, in my opinion. This is just a series of easy bosses, and you shouldn't have too much trouble finishing
it easily. Make sure you get some rings quickly, then just follow the level through.


This is VERY easy. Be careful of the pendulum, and get on the platforms to hit Dr. Eggman. Done? Good.


Tiny Chao Garden

This is the area where you have to look after your little pet Chao. Isn't that nice? Well, maybe not. Anyway, just buy lots of items and give them to him. You'll quickly get bored unless you have Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for Gamecube to transfer with. The mini-games are the only fun things here. You can access them using the little GBA symbols on the top left of the screen. The first is a Rock-Paper-Scissors affair. It's pretty easy, but you can make it even easier by pausing the game very regularly. I've managed to get more than 50 rings in this way. The second is "match the shapes". You don't get long to look at them, but you'll get there with a bit of practice. It helps to concentrate on remembering just 2 or 3 pairs to begin with.


The End. Voila. J'ai fini. I've finished. That's it. Bye.

OK, maybe there's more. If you complete the game with all four charecters, then get all of the Chaos emeralds, you'll unlock
Super Sonic, and an extra boss level. It can be tricky, but you can work that out for yourself. Now that's really the end.

I hope most of it made sense ;-)

Any questions or contributions? Mail me at [email protected]

Please, don't copy this guide anywhere without my permission.

Once again, this was all my own work!

Happy Unbirthday to the world,

See Ya ;-)


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