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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Onimusha 2"
(PlayStation 2)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Onimusha 2 (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: Drazen
Act 1: Jubei's Village

Go past the save point towards the village. When you reach the
pond, skip over the stones and into the cave. Eventually you'll
meet a strange lady and receive your first Oni stone. Leave via
the cave, head back to where the game began and enter the broken
Scour the house to find the abacus, fork, tea set, kaleidoscope
and both halves of the Four Gods dragon map (Hint: Slash a
hanging map to get one and search the box in the pagoda near the
garden to get another).
Return to the dragon shine and claim the lightning sword. After
a short cut-scene you'll arrive in the village. After the Oyu
event, explore the village and talk to everyone; the man next to
the kimono lady yields some confetti, the bloke with the
backpack a scroll.
Head up the steps to the stables to find the tengu mask (Hint:
Hidden in a barely-visible box by the log pile). Head to the
ironsmith, smash the wooden barrels and pull the lever to
activate the lift. Run quickly past the smashed barrels to
claim the bow and arrows in a chest.

Head to the North of the town, onto the mountain road, killing
all the enemies to claim their money. Talk to the man guarding
the entrance of the cave, then return to the town and the Wine
House. After Magoichi and Ekei fight, you get the item trading
scroll. Buy the Mountain Entrance Permit for 100 gold from the
man at the back end of the Wine House. Then talk to the two men
in front of the ironsmith shop to meet Kotarou at the second
floor of the Wine House. Go to the man guarding the entrance to
the cave and show him the Permit.

At this point, save the game in the mine - approximately one
hour should be elapsed.


Act 2: The Mine

Once the cut-scene has finished proceed down the left shaft.
Solve the puzzle at the altar (right bottom, bottom left). Get
the half scroll and gem.
Return to the main room and proceed to the right. Meet Ekei,
get the map and enjoy the cut-scene. Fight the beasts in the
tunnels to get the money for trading. Take the right fork where
the paths branches like a T-Junction. Depending on who've
you've traded with, Ekei or Magoichi will help you fight.
Clear the screen of lizards and advance to the Dragon Shrine to
get the ice pike. Return to the T-Junction and go left. Break
the magical seal (looks like a wheel) with the ice pike.
Now is a good time to save; approximately one hour fifteen

Put the first Oni stone into the hole on the left of the wall at
the deep end. Fight Gingafatsu; watch out for when the spider
tries to suck you in, retreat at this point... Once the spider
is finished exit through the back of the room. Before talking
to the injured man, solve the puzzle box behind him, located
further down the corridor (bottom right, right top, bottom left,
right bottom).
You'll need the scroll for a puzzle later on...

Now talk to the injured man and return to the village, where
you'll receive the Portal Key.
Do some trading now...


Act 3: Onimusha Castle

Return to the mine and advance to help your allies. If you're
on friendly terms with Kotarou, there's a brief cut-scene where
you rescue him. Head to the room where you defeated the spider
ogre boss. Defeat the foes, advance some more and then use the
portal key on the lid (Hint: You'll need to enter the item menu
to retrieve the key). Warp to the new area where you must
defeat the two ogres. Enter the door with the broken seal and
collect the crystal orb from the treasure chest on the bottom
floor by the winding stairs. Ascend the stairs to reach the
Upon entering the castle, make your way to the top left room in
the Hall area. Open both chests to collect the map and urn.
Solve the Puzzle Chest of 15. Get skeleton finger (one of two).
Return to the Hall and advance through the middle door to help
your allies. Next proceed to the inner hall and solve the
Puzzle Treasure Chest (right bottom, top right, left top). Get
the Life Pearl. A good time to save now.
Advance through the door at the end into the Staircase Hallway.
Enter the slightly hidden door at the bottom of the stairs into
the Well Room to meet the trapped soul. Get the yellow book
from the shelf in the back. Return to the Staircase Hallway and
ascend the stairs to the second floor Connection Hallway.

There's a cut-scene here with a crying baby; Ekei goes mental.
Advance into the stone room by following the gantry above the
main hall. Get the purify pendant from the shelf. Return to
the Well Room and use the purify pendant to get the skeletal
finger. Now save again here.
Return to the Inner Hallway and use both skeletal fingers on the
sealed door that looks like a ribcage. Enter the door to
trigger an event. Battle the two enemies and advance for your
first battle with Gogandantess. Finally, advance through the
narrow passageway and up the ladders. Once outside, talk to Oyu
to receive the blue orb (Faith). Use the orb on the steel ball
for a surprise.


Act 4: Village End

This is the last village section and your final time to trade.
You have to make sure you have all three claw pieces and have
made friends with the character you wish to control later on.
Being mates with Ekei means you can't play as Magoichi, so plan
carefully. Leave the stables and talk to Oyu on the second
floor of the Wine House. Go to the Market Place and talk to the
woman holding the umbrella, triggering this event means you will
not be able to return to the village, so make sure your ready
and save just to be sure...

After the cut-scene, head for the pond where Jubei started his
adventure. Advance into the cave to trigger a shock event. Get
the red ring and leave the cave. If you were friendly with
Magoichi, he'll appear outside the cave and give you the Saiga
Bomb. Use the Saiga Bomb on the breakable rocks to the side of
the Dragon Shrine to get a soul necklace. Head back to the
Jagyuu house (where you collected the tea set and the Four Gods
map). Solve the puzzle treasure chest in the left corridor (top
right, right bottom). Go into the garden and enter the room
with the dresser. Sit through the optional Oyu event, and then
use the red ring on the dresser. Solve the puzzle using the
Four Gods Dragon map (look in your special items menu to view
the map and match the symbols). Go down the ladder and jump the
pit. Cut the rope and a razor will head your way. Run back to
the pit, leap and hang until the razor passes. Pull yourself up
and continue to the exit.
Save at the mountains edge.
Submitted By: Killer Nightmare
Onimusha 2: Boss & Necklace Guide:

This review goes over how to beat each of the bosses in turn and then, the complete necklace guide, which where they are found and their use. This review is written by me Killer NIghtmare (Ruchir Gupta). Being a magic wielding Samurai may not be easy at times, especially when you've got demons after you, so this walkthrough will help, and let's get started. (PLESE NOTE THAT THIS WALKTHROUGH MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS, YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED)

1) Introduction
2) Ginghamphatts
3) Gogandantess
4) Ginghamphatts II
5) Jujudormah
6) Gogandantess II
7) Gogandantess III
8) Soul Absorber
9) Ginghamphatts III
10) Nobunaga
11) Nobunaga's Golden Statue
12) The Eight Secret Necklaces
13) Credits

1. Introduction:
Once you've made your way through Imasho Town at the start of the game, grabbed the ice spear in the mines and used the charity orb on the boss door it's time to face Ginghamphatts.

2. Ginghamphatts:
First off, get your Buraitou out and unleash as much lightning magic as you can. Ging will lose a few souls as you do this, and with any luck a few of them will be blue so you can hit him with some more lightning. Once your magic is used up, switch to your ice spear and attack. Beware his dash attack and jump attack as both are unblockable. His axe is blockable, but if he lifts it above his head get out of the! Keep absorbing souls as you fight and don't worry if you get low on health - your story character will come to your aid.

Once you've taken out Ging you need to help out the dying man for entrance to Gifu Castle. Here you'll need to complete a numbers puzzle before facing Gogandantess.

3. Gogandantess:
This boss fight is impossible to win, so just hold him back using your magic and evade as much as possible. try and get through the fight without using up too many cure items, using your ice spear to force Gogan to block your attacks and after a while Oyu will come to your rescue.

Next you claim the orb of faith and set off to Yagyu to save Takajo. Solve the puzzle in Jubei's house (black on top, blue right, red bottom, and white left) and make your way through the fog valley and phantom realms. Soon you'll find yourself confronted by Ginghamphatts again.

4. Ginghamphatts II:
This battle isn't much different to the first one, but space is much tighter here. use your Buraitou and lightning combo to attack Ging. Grab any yellow and blue souls that come out of him and keep going until you run out of magic. now switch to your ice spear. After a while Ging will start to use the ocover of trees against you. Look for the moving and get out of the way. He'll get faster and faster as you hurt him more, so use Senpumaru's magic to slow him down. Your story character will come to aid later on, giving you a nice diversion while you attack from behind with your power attacks.

Once you've obtained Nobunga's Reign and Nobunga's Knowledge, head through the rocky caverns to face Jujudormah.

5. Jujudormah:
The hey to beating Juju is to just keep on moving. Things get much easier once your stroy character is involved, so don't worry about taking a few hits. All her atttacks are blockable and it's quite easy to attack her from both sides with a partner. At first she will use ice shots out of her umbrella, but after you've caused her some damage she'll turn red and become much more aggressive. Watch out for her umbrella attack, which hits twice. Just stick to whichever weapon is your most powerful and she shouldn't take too long to finish off.

A short and straightforward sequence follows before it's straight into another battle with Gogandantess!

6. Gogandantess II:
This is another battle you can't actually win yourself, so just do your best. Hold Gogan back with magic as much as possible and block and evade his attacks. If you keep up a steady onslaught he struggles to hurt you too much. After a couple of minutes Oyu will come and finish the fight off for you, so try not to use cure items.

Now you'll have to use the key plate in the in the dragon altar to proceed. A sealed fight with a yellow and then red bull follows (use dappars) beofre it's on to Oni PLace. Here you need to complete the maths puzzle for a gold key to enter the Star Tower. A story character should help you on your way to facing Gogandantess again.

7. Gogandantess III:
As soon as the battle starts use your sacred flute to lower his magic shield. Now blast away with wind and earth to start, and thunder and ice to finish. Try alternating between Dokoutsui and Buraitou to cause major damage. The Buraitou combo makes you invulnerable, so you can keep hacking away with it until you score some hits.

Find Oyu and use the orb on the statue. Next you need to use your analogue sticks to open the window. You'll soon be on the battle ship before ending up in Gifu again, where you'll face the giant soul absorber.

8. Soul Absorber:
Get underneath the soul absorber and use the Senpumaru magic on it. You won't have enough magic to kill it completely and it'll realease small soul absorbers to annoy you. Keep killing them for more blue souls to fling back at you. Once the soul absorber starts to chase you, switch to your Buraitou and use the magic combo. As a last resort your bow and fire arrows can be used, or the Tanegashima or Tri-Barrel. Keep plugging away and it'll die eventually.

Once you've gotten rid of the fog, make your way through the new demon area to claim the Rekka Ken. Ginghamphatts will be waiting for you on the way back; time to take him out once and for all!

9. Ginghamphatts III:
Old Gingham hasn't changed too much since your last bout with him so just whip your Buraitou out first and make him give up as many souls as you can. Grab all the blue souls you can and keep going with your Buraitou combo, switching to your Dokoustai for level 3 charge attacks once you've run out of magic power. After you've beaten him up quite a bit, he will split in half, with his top half flying around you and his botom half trying to stomp you into the dirt. Try to catch both halves together with the Rekka Ken fire magic, or Senpumaru's wind magic. If you catch both halves together you'll get a glut of souls that'll refresh your life and magic and keep you going until Ginghamphats is history.

Once Ging is defeated you'll have the strength orb. Head down and use the orb on the elevator and you'll soon find yourslelf fighting Nobunaga...

10. Nobunaga:
OK, now this is where it gets pretty tough. Nobunaga has 2 types of attack; one along the ground and one from the air. As you do him damage he will fly higher and use magical attacks more. Use Buraitou on him while he's on the ground, switching to Dokoutsui when you run out of magic. Once you've beaten him up a bit he'll skulk off to his altar to recover. Grab the opportunity to get a few more hits in before his shield prevents you from doing so. Once it disappears, be sure to get a few more hits in beofre he takes off again. Now get under him and use Senpumaru. The Rekka Ken special attack (down, up square) also works well here. Try and grab any blue or yellow souls he releases, whilst watching his magical attack patterns and staying out of the way. His 2 rush attacks are where he is most vulnerable; just side step him and get some hits in. With a bit of practice you should be able to take him out quite easily this way. But the battle isn't over yet...

11. Nobunaga's Golden Statue:
This final boss is a bit of a slog, so you're going to need to be a real twiddle fingers. The main tip for beating the statue is to always keep R1 held down. This way Nobunaga is much easier to strafe around and keep your distance from, whilst still facing in his direction.

To start with, avoid his fireballs, blocking them if neccessary and watch for red circles on the floor that form before his pillar attack. Make dashing attacks in and then out again, hacking at his legs until both are destroyed. Now he'll switch to a flame-thrower attack, so keep double tapping backwards to avoid it, getting the odd attack in where you acn. Once he starts to lose pieces of armour (he has five you need to destroy) he will use other attacks, namely laser and mask attacks. There are 2 tpes of each; his first laser attack is easy to dodge as it moves in a specific pattern, so you can work out safe places to stand. His second laser attack is a bit trickier and he often uses the 2 together. This second laser aimed directly at you, so strafe out of the way to avoid it. The first of his 2 mask attacks are white masks; these fly around him like a protective barrier and turn brown after a while, at which point they fly out after you one at a time. Just move across the arena as they fly out and you should be able to avoid them all. His second mask attack is much more annoying as it obscures your view. These brown masks will vent a yellow gas that will knock you off your strafing pattern and into other masks, so you need to be really on your toes here and keep whacking them when you get the opportunity.

When all his armour falls, he, quite simply, dies. Congratulations, you've completed the game, but before you rejoice, I urge you to take a look at the secret necklances section, to see what you may have missed.

12. The Eight Secret Necklaces:
Eight necklaces are hiddden throughout the game. Here's a list of what each one does and where to find them;

White Necklace: Use - Your health slowly climbs if you stand still
wearing this necklace.
Where - The general store owner will sell it to you if you keep buying out his stock.

Orange Necklace: Use - Reveals hidden soul clusters.
Where - Give the meon to the father and he will return with the necklace after Castle Gifu.

Purple Necklace: Use - Halves the agic point cost of all magical attacks.
Where - This necklace is to be found on the last level of the phantom realm.

Blue Necklace: Use - Doubles the speed at which you can absorb souls.
Where - You can find this in the demon caves - Kotaro will show you where if you're his best ally at the time.

Yelow Necklace: Use - Draws yellow souls from living enemies.
Where - You can find this necklace in Oni Sacred PLace - Ekei will find it if you're his best ally at the time.

Green Necklace: Where - Behind a wall near the thunder dragon shrine - Magoichi will blast through it for you.

Red Necklace: Use - Makes enemies drop double the amount of red souls, but they will ONLY drop red souls.
Where - Found in the Oni Sacred PLace - Oyu will find it for you if you're her best ally at the time.

Black Necklace: Use - Makes you always score critical hits, at the cost of some health.
Where - Have all 3 fossilized bones when you enter the subterranean corridor of the Oni Sacred Palace and solve the tresure box to claim this necklace

13. Credits:
This review was written by me, Ruchir Gupta (Killer Nightmare). I hoped this proved useful to you if you are stuck at any particualr place. Thanks for reading it and please let's not have any "but that was a spoiler"'s. I did warn you right at the beginning. Thank you again, Killer Nightmare.

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