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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Warcraft 3"
(PC Games)

This game is also available on PS2.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Warcraft 3 (PC Games)
Submitted By: froots
The Human Campaign

Chapter 1: The Defence of Strahnbrad:

"Recent Orc uprisings in south Lordaeron has forced the Alliance
to take decisive measure to contain the Orcish threat. King Terenas has
sent two of the realm's greatest Paladins - his son, Prince Arthas, and
the legendary Uther the Lightbringer to deal with the Orcs once and for all.

Mission Objectives:

Defend Strahnbrad
- Travel to Strahnbrad
- Arthas must survive

Kill Slavemaster
- Kill Slavemaster

Optional Quests:

Bandit Lord:
- Slay Menad the Bandit Lord
- Return ledger to Gerard

Save Timmy
- Slay the Gnolls who have kidnapped Timmy

Follow the path to the highlighted area to the northeast. You
will encounter some bandits attacking some villagers. Gerard will tell you about his situation. To help him, travel near the south east edge of the map and slay the bandit there. In return he will give you a Tome of Strength.

To the direct south of the map, (middle of bottom) you will find
a woman
whose son has been kidnapped. Head to the clearing in the
forest to the west
and slay the Gnolls to rescue Timmy. She will offer you a ring
of Protection
as a reward.

At the direct west of the map, there are two villagers that will
take up
arms to help you as footmen. When done, return to the gates of
and enter.

The town is under attack from Slavemaster. He will be too fast
to follow,
so you will have to search for him. Head up to the northwest
corner of the
map and slay him. The rest of the villagers will plead to
Arthas to save
the rest, in which he vows to do so.

With that, a knight from Uther's battalion summons Arthas to
Uther's camp.

Chapter 2: Blackrock n Roll:

"Twenty Minutes later, at Uther's Encampment near the Blackrock

Mission Objectives:

Establish a Base:
- Construct a Barracks
- Construct 2 Farms
- Train 6 footmen

- Defeat Blademaster

Optional Quests:

Dragon Hunters:
- Slay Searinox, the Black Dragon.
- Bring Heart of Searinox to Feanor Steeltoe

To start off, Uther will be partolling around. Gather more
resources and
upgrade the scout towers to guard towers. Send Arthas to the
entrance, as the Orcs will attack there first. The next attack
will come
from the right.

Construct what is needed and Blademaster will confront Uther.
Uther will
try to attack it but it is revealed to be a mirror image. Send
the units
you have north and you will encounter some Dwarves.

Feanor Steeltoe will mention Searinox, the black Dragon. Kill
Searinox and
return to him for the optional reward. You will also have some
riflemen available.

To the North west, pond there is a group of Murlocks, with a
level 2 hero.
To find Searinx, head to the south east and follow the paths,
using the riflemen
to kill the Dragon whelps. Searinox will be at Level 8 and is
pretty powerful,
so watch out. When you kill him bring his heart back to
Steeltoe and imbue
Arthas's weapon with fire damage (does splash damage too.)

Sid Oak sent in a tip for that area. Refer to the addendum.

Head north when you are done. To the left, there is an
encampment. I
destroyed it first, so I suppose you would have to sooner or
later, but it
could be optional. To the right, in a small path, is
Blademaster, slaying
the captured townsfolk. He is at level 2, but he shouldn't be
too much

Uther and Arthas discuss what Blademaster was up to. The arcane
and artefacts lead them to believe that the Orcs were trying to
summon Demons
with their sacrifices, but Uther disregards them as
anachronistic nonsense.

Intermission: Jaina's Meeting:

"Two weeks later, in the violet gardens of Dalaran."

The Prophet is seen pleading to Antonidas, lord of Dalaran.
Like all others,
he rejects the prophet and sends him off.

Jaina and Antonidas discuss the plague wreaking havoc in the
Antonidas mentions that a special envoy will be awaiting Jaina,
of whom is
sent to investigate...

Chapter 3: Ravages of the Plague:

"Three days later in Alterac, Artha and his men wait near a
crossroad along
Kings road"

Mission Objectives:

Investigate Villages:
- Explore the Countryside.
- Arthas must survive
- Jaina must survive

Grain Warehouse:
- Destroy Grain warehouse.

Arthias and his men are waiting for Jaina, in which Arthas
reminds his men
of Jaina's tardiness. Jaina arrives but is followed by Two
ogres. Yet, with
a summoned Water Elemental, she defeats them with ease.

Follow the path around until you reach a village close by. You
will eventually
reach the site of a bridge, which as been broken from the other
side. The
villagers mention another path, but it is dangerous now.

Follow the minimap ping, and slay the bandits harassing the
villagers. They
mention a Fountain of life, which is located in the north west.
The only
purpose though is to heal faster, so only head there if you need

Along the river crossing, you will run across some Murlocks, but
they should
pose no problem at all. You will enter a village and spot some
defending against a barrage of arrows. Send in your units to
help them.

It appears that the undead have been terrorizing the village.
The ground
itself appears rotten. Follow the path and slay the undead
warriors that
you come across. You will see a granary that appears to be
infected. Jaina
concludes from the crates that the grain is being used as the
vector for
the plague.

Continue along the path south. You will run across a priest,
who talks about
a grain warehouse nearby. As such they must destroy the grain
nearby. Follow the path and slay the undead. Arthas's Holy
Light against
them for an easy fight.

The heros then spot a robed figure, Kel'Thuzad, who talks about
"a plan."
He hastily leave, but send an abdomination as well as undead
warriors at
you. Slay them and the warehouse to finish the Mission.

Arthas and Jaina discuss the undead presence. They feel that
there is more
to this that it seems...

Chapter 4: Cult of the Damned:

"The next day, on the outskirts of Andorhal."

Mission Objectives:

Investigate Andorhal
- Explore Andorhal

Confront Kel'Thuzad
- Find Kel'Thuzad

Arthas and Jaina spot some Acolytes near a mine. Soon after the
mine becomes
warped the heros chase after the Acolytes, of whom they get

There is a Goblin merchant at the middle of the map, but
Murlocks are guarding
the way. There is another one at the top left corner of the

Head northwest along the path. You will come across an Undead
town. There
is a necromancer as well as some ghouls, but nothing you cannot
handle. Raze
the town and follow the path into another partially ruined human

You will run into Kel'Thuzd again, who leaves once again,
leaving some ghouls
for you to fight. Fight your way out and knock down the cage.
Timmy will
come out, but not do anything. When finished, head north and
follow the path
into another clearing.

There are four or five Abominations guarding the entrance. Slay
them and
confront Kel'thuzad. Cast holy light and summon the Water
Elemental for the
best results. Kill him to finish the Mission.

Note: Timmy can be killed for a reward. Thanks to "Chrisdude"
for this tip.
Refer to Addendum .

Chapter 5: March of the Scourge

"Early the next morning, Arthas and Jaina approached the village

Mission Objectives:

Defend Hearthglen
- Survive for thirty minutes.

Optional Quests:

The Grain Caravan
- Destroy the Grain Caravan before it gets to the last village

At the start of the mission, Arthas and Jaina find some troops
training at
the village. Upon inquiring, the townsfolk reveal that they
were under attack
the previous night, and are now preparing for an incoming
onslaught. Arthas
asks about the grain, but it is too late... the townsfolk have
already eaten...

Help out the villagers immediately. You can build sorceresses
now, but before
you do, put down some farms and churn out riflemen and footmen.
When your
economy is stable enough, build an Arcane Sanctum and build a
few sorceresses.

There is little reason to leave the village. There is an
optional quest at
about 20 minutes left, but there is little point.

To the bottom left, is the teal undead encampment. The other
undead base
is at the direct center. Venimiceblade (level 6 Lich) is at the
center of
the map and Calis Wraithson (what kinda name is that? Level 10
Lich) is at
the other encampment.

The general concept is to let the towers distract the enemy,
then rush in
fast and kill the attackers. Watch out for the Meat wagons
though, since
your towers cannot reach the.

Basically, this is a map based on patience. Towards the end,
the enemies
will swarm in, although you do not need to fully defend against
Nonetheless, it still means you should prevent them from doing
too much

The mission finishes when the time ends.

The villagers are overwhelmed but Uther comes just in time to
save them.
Arthas' pride seems to be bruised at this encounter, and
resolves to go after
Mal'Ganis on his own, much to the chagrin of the others.

Interlude: The Prince and the Prophet.

"Later that Afternoon, on the road to Stratholme..."

Arthas meets the Prophet, and like all other humans, shuns and
ignores the
prophecy. He insists that he will never leave his homeland.

Chapter 6: The Culling

"Early in the Morning, on the outskirts of Stratholme..."

Mission Objectives:

The Culling:
- Destroy Plagued Villager houses
- Kill 100 Zombies
- Stop Mal'ganis from claiming 100 zombies.

Upon arriving, the heroes realize that the town has already been
thus, they must be purged...

However, Uther and Jaina are flabbergasted at the mere thought
of this idea.
Yet Arthas stands adamant behind his resolve. Uther refuses
once more and
is released from his duties, returning to Lordaeron to report to
King Terenas
about Arthas' insanity.

With Arthas, you start at the top right corner of the map. Your
aim is to
head to the south west, razing any house you come across and
slaying all
the inhabitants. Although this may sound like a simple take
Mal'Ganis is
near the south west area of the map, also doing the same task.

Take your peons and immediately start training footmen or
riflemen. Take
the two knights and have them follow Arthas in his task. Have
the remaining
footmen search and destroy the other houses.

Mal'Ganis has his own escort of units, but he can be killed
(level 7 Dreadlord.)
Every time you kill him there will be a counter displaying how
long until
he is revived. Usually this is around two and a half minutes.

You could try to destroy the undead base, but that is a waste of
time. The
altar is darkness is invulnerable, so you cannot prevent
Mal'Ganis from

The map is pretty straight forward and simple. The only
difficulty is
focusing at the task at hand.

When you have slain 100 of the villagers, the mission is

Uther and Jaina return, shocked at the massacre at has taken
place. To them,
Arthas is no longer sane...

Interlude: Divergent Courses:

"Three days later, amongst the ruins of Stratholme..."

Jaina is approached by the Prophet. She too does not listen to
the prophet.

Chapter 7: The Shores of Northrend

"One month later, along the icy coast of Daggercap Bay."

Mission Objectives:

Establish Base Camp:
- Find a Gold mine
- Arthas must survive

- Destroy Mal'Ganis'Base.

Optional Quest

Rescue Muradin's Base
- Rescue Dwarves Base

Arthas has finally arrived at Northrend, and is setting up camp.
He searches
for a gold mine.

Head to the East, following the path. Along the way you will
meet frost wolves.
Towards the middle there will be a Dire Frost wolf (level 7) and
Giant Frost
Wolf (level 4.) Killing them yields the 'Scroll of the Beast.'
There are
also Ice trolls lurking around.

Following the path east and north will lead to a gold mine.
Upon further
inspection though, it seems that the village is under attack by
the undead.
There is Muradin Bronzebeard, old friend of Arthas.

Muradin speaks of his comrades trapped, directly to the north.
The Undead
encampment is mostly guarded by Crypt fiends and Abominations,
with the
occasional Gargoyle. Rescuing the Dwarves will give you some
riflemen, steam
tank, and two gyrocopters. Train some more riflemen and
gyrocopters (with
gyrobomb) and the occasional steam tanks and head to the west
when you are
ready. Calis Wraithson (level 6) will be there. After the base
is razed,
the mission is finished.

Much to Arthas' chagrin, Mal'Ganis is nowhere to be found.
Arthas orders
a encampment to be built over the old undead base.

Chapter 8: Dissension:

"Early the next morning at Artha' new base camp..."

Mission Objectives:

Burn the Boats
- Destroy the 5 Ships before time runs out.
- Arthas must survive.
- Muradin must survive.

A Goblin Zepplin flies past the base and unloads an envoy from
The Envoy tells the captain that King Terenas has ordered Arthas
and his
men back, for their mission is now finished.

The Captain informs Arthas of this, enraging Arthas. As such,
he plans to
burn the boats down so stop his men from leaving...

At the start you have little units. Fortunately, there are
several mercenary
camps around. One of them is directly to your left, so hire a
few trolls.
You will need a ranged attacker to bring down the boats. Head
south and
destroy the boat you reach. To the east, there is a Goblin
Laboratory and
mercenary camp. Take what you need, then destroy the trees
blocking the boat
with either a goblin sapper from the camp or bombard with the
Dwarf cannon.

To the south there is an undead encampment, mostly made of
Spirit towers
guarded by Crypt Fiends. Use the Mortars to blast the towers,
then take care
of the boats. To reach the last boat on the eastern side you
have to take
a detour around the southern tip of the base.

There is adequate time, so try not to rush or make any hasty
mistakes. Some
units have a tendency to get stuck, so watch for that.

After all 5 boats are destroyed, the stage is over.

Arthas' men arrive, shocked to see their boats destroyed.
Arthas turns the
blame onto the hired mercenaries and slays them...

Chapter 9: Frostmourne

"The Next day, at Arthas' base camp."

Mission Objectives:

- Locate Frostmourne
- Arthas must survive
- Muradin must survive

- Destroy Mal'Ganis's base.

Arthas' base is under severe enemy attack. Arthas has no choice
other than
to retrieve Frostmourne and unleash its power.

The path is actually linear, so you cannot get lost. Along the
way, you will
encounter Frost wolves. There is a mana fountain but I ignored
Eventually you will reach the blade, but it is guarded by The
Guardian (level
10.) Use Muradin to nail him from afar, whilst Arthas distracts
him. When
you win, he warns Arthas of the blade.

Arthas goes and claims the blade, but Muradin discovers that it
is indeed
cursed. Yet, Arthas ignores his warning and takes hold of the
blade; the
resultant blast in energy kills Muradin, but Arthas hardly seems

Arthas then seeks Mal'Ganis. Head to the east and raze the
base. It shouldn't
be too much trouble with the Frostmourne. Most of the forces
within area
are abominations and the occasional Crypt feinds. You can kill
in the process, but the mission won't end until the base is
totally razed.
Once that happens, you win.

Arthas faces off against Mal'Ganis. Mal'Ganis reveals that the
Dark lord
speaks to Arthas through the blade, slowly consuming his sanity.
Yet, as
Arthas move to kill Mal'Ganis, he realizes the true intentions
of the Dark
Lord, moments before his soul is claimed by the Frostmourne.

"After taking his venegence upon Mal'Ganis, Prince Artas
wandered off into
the frozen wastelands of Northrend.

Tormented by Frostmorne's maddening voice, Arthas has lost the
last vestiges
of his sanity.

Now, driven by the sword's dark will, Arthas plans to return
home to Lordaeron
and claim his just reward"

Arthas enters the royal throne room. He then lunges towards the
king and
stabs him with the Frostmorne. Lordaeron has fallen.

The Undead Campaign

Chapter 1: Trudging through the Ashes

"The Lich King's plague of undeath has spread through the
capital city and
into the outskirts of Lordaeron City. Shocked and disheartened
by the loss
of their beloved king, the forces of Lordaeron were scattered by
the ravenous
undead warriors. Now, Lordaeron is but a shadow of its former
glory - and
Prince Arthas has yet to be seen..."

Mission Objectives:

Rescue Acolytes
- Rescue 20 Acolytes
- Arthas must survive.

Optional Quests:

Find the Graveyard:
- Bring Arthas to the graveyard.
- Arthas must survive.

The scene starts with a pale looking warrior entering the
screen, greeted
by a Dreadlord. Upon closer inspection, the new Death Knight is
none other
than Prince Arthas, now part of the Undead scourge. Thinking
that it is
Mal'Ganis,, the Dreadlord Tichardrius informs Arthas of his new

You start of near the south east of the map. The mission itself
is pretty
simple, you just need to look closely at the hidden spots.

Head south, following the path and enter the town that is close
by. The Acolytes
are pretty easy to spot, since they are in red. The most
important thing
is to use Arthas to approach the Acolytes or else they won't
Furthermore if the normal villagers (in blue) spot you they will
run off,
calling forth Horsemen and knights. Oddly enough your units
won't kill the
running villager. Go Figure.

Right in the middle of the path is an Acolyte (1), with an
exclamation mark
about its head. The next one is in the middle of town, next to
the guy chopping
word (2) so use a death coil on him from afar. Follow the path
west and south
through the town. There will be another Acolyte (3) near the
houses with
an exclamation mark above its head telling you of the

Follow south across the river. When you reach a crossroads,
head up into
a clearing by the forest. There will be an Acolyte near the
shore fishing
(4.) Head back south into a house in the middle of the woods,
with some
villagers chopping trees. There will be another Acolyte (5)
there. Watch
out for the guard post there in the middle. Head up over the
fenced Keep
then travel back down to the bottom left hand corner of the
small outpost.
There will be two villagers there, so death coil both and find
the last Acolyte
(6) there. When you are done head north through the gates. Be
warned that
there are four guards there, so use the Dead coil, as usual.

Head into town. To your left, there is an Acolyte (7.) You can
just walk
up to him since you can probably kill the villager near him
before he gets
away. Head up and look to your left in the group of houses,
where there is
a lone Acolyte (8.) Head over to the right, over the bar and
villagers. There will be another Acolyte (9) hiding between the
houses and
trees. Directly above you is the Grave yard, where you can get
some extra

Head up and you will spot a gate; don't enter it yet. Head to
the path on
the left, following the fenced area. There will be another keep
there. Some
bandits will enter, so wait till they are done before mopping up
the rest.
There is an Acolyte (10) in the bottom left corner. Return to
the center
and head left. You will come across two paths; the bottom one
has another
Acolyte (11) and the top one leads to another Acolyte (12) bur
be warned;
an Assassin will ambush you when you rescue it. Head back to
the center of
Town and up into the fields. There is another Acolyte (13) near
the houses.

Barge through the gate. Immediately under the gate near the
bottom houses
is an Acolyte (14.) Kill the two villagers, since the Acolyte
is somewhat
hidden. Head up to the top of the town, where there is a small
fenced area
with some sheep. No, I don't know what the hell he is doing
with those sheep
wither, but walk near him (15.)

To the far right near some houses is another Acolyte (16) but
the town is
heavily guarded. Go back down to the bottom of the town, where
there is
another Acolyte (17.) There will be some Acolytes at the far
right of the
town, but they are being guarded by a Captain and several
footmen, with some
knights in the area. Under it is another small clearing with a
hidden Acolytes
(18.) You will have to storm the heavily guarded area, so try
to make it
fast. Use Death coil whilst the Ghouls distract them. There
will be 4
Acolytes to save.

Once you have saved 20 Acolytes the Mission will finish.

Tichondrius appears and notes that there are now enough
Cultists. Kel'Thuzar
is all that is needed, and they need to travel to Andorhal to
gather his

Chapter 2: Digging up the Dead

"the next morning, on the outskirts of Andorhal."

Mission Objectives:

Recover Remains:
- Kill the Paladins guarding the graveyard.
- Bring Arthas to Kel'thuzad's tomb
- Arthas must survive

Claim the Urn:
- Kill the Paladins
- Recover the Urn

Establish a Base:
- Summon a Haunted goldmine
- Build a Necropolis
- Build a crypt
- Build a graveyard
- Build 3 Ziggurats

Arthas enters Andorhal and inquire about the Meat Wagons. You
must first
defeat a Paladin guarding a graveyard.

The first task is simple enough. Head directly East with your
meat wagons.
Use them to take out the Guard towers, then send in Arthas to
take care of
the rest. The grave is guarded by Gavinrad the Dire, level 2.
Nothing a
death coil won't take care of.

When you are done, Tichondrius informs you that Kel'Thuzad's
corpse is too
decomposed to 'survive' the trip to Quel'thalas. As such they
will need a
particular urn, guarded by more Paladins. Your next mission will
be to
establish a base. Head south, where you will meet an
encampment. Once again,
take out the towers with the meat wagons, and send in the troops
to take
care of the rest. When it is clear, establish your base and
muster up some
more units.

Head to the north west, where you will encounter Ballor Bright,
Paladin level
4. He has an encampment, but nothing serious.

To the south there are two Paladin camps. The southwestern one
has the Urn
you need, but he is at level 10. Paladin Sage Truthbearer is to
the direct

Head to the south-west area of the map with as many units as you
can muster.
Uther the Lightbearer will be waiting for you, but he is no
cakewalk. Chances
are Level 2 or 3 Arthas will need all the help he can get
against Uther.

Tip from Sacco: In the chapter 2 of Undead, below where Uther
is, there are
4 sheeps. Kill them all will leave an item : Goblin Night

Uther will reveal that the urn holds King Terenas' ashes.
Arthas care not
and takes it to transport Kel'thuzar.

Once With that cutscene over, the mission is completed.

Special note: there is a secret area in this game. Refer to
Addendum 2 for
more info. Thanks to Aaron Hainley for this tip.

Kel'thuzar's specter appears and warns Arthas to be wary of the
They have more in mind than Arthas thinks.

Interlude: the Dreadlords Convene:

"Meanwhile, at the Dreadlord's citadel, somewhere in the
twisting nether.

The Dreadlord triumvirate gather and discuss their progress.
They mention
Achimonde and his plan; and worry about potential failure. They
Arthas' performance.

Chapter 3: Into Realm Eternal

"Six days later, near the forested Netherlands of Quel'thalas"

Mission Objectives:

The Elf Gate:
- Destroy the High Elf base (blue) guarding the Elf gate.

Arthas overlooks Quel'thalas, reminiscing back to his youth when
he first
and last came. They burst through the gates with their meat
wagons and raze
the nearby outpost, setting up base.

This is a relatively straightforward map. There isn't much
variation in which
path to take, but there is quite a lot of opposition. You will
also need
to use the meat wagons often to clear the trees in you way.

You start at the Northwestern corner of the map, so your general
will be southeasterly. There is an elf base directly to the
east of you (North
East corner) but they are non-related to the flow of the
mission. There is
another one at 3 o'clock position. There is a fountain in the
middle of the
map, guarded by several Elven archers. The other two outposts
to the east
have nothing in particular worth destroying. Sylvanas
Windrunner (level 4)
will attack your base constantly, so watch out for her. At the
start of the
mission she will attack in a minute or so, so watch for her.

Head south and you will see a tip about clearing trees. Use the
Meat wagon
and tell it to 'Attack ground' at the trees. Be sure to clear a
path wide
enough and to stop attacking when you move your units through.
Continue down
southwards until you see an encampment near the bottom right of
the map (teal.)
Send in your reinforcements and raze the base. The only trouble
should be
from the high elves and their guard towers. Guard your Meat
Wagons though,
since they have ballistae. Flank those and let the melee units
take care
of them.

There is a goblin merchant directly to the north east of the
bottom left
base, and a fountain of mana to the bottom. They are both
guarded by Gnolls

Head to the east when you are done razing the base to reach the
objectives. There a lot of towers around, so send for some new
Meat wagons
as well as the new Necromancers to back Arthas up. Keep your
units in
formation and protect the meat wagons. Blue should fall soon
and lead you
to the inner sanctum of Quel'thalas.

Arthas gives chases to Sylvanas. They exchange fighting words,
and Sylvanas
teleports away to Silvermoon.

Chapter 4: Key of the Three Moons:

"Moments later, just beyond the shattered Elf gate..."

Mission Objectives:

Three Moons:
- Destroy the three high elf altars
- Collect all 3 Mooncrystals

Arthas and his troops burst through the gate and slay the
defenders behind.
Svlvanas gives the order to fall back, and destroys the bridge
crossing the
river. She mentions a 'special key'...

As you have noticed, you will need to find a way across the
river. Take your
crypt fiends and head to the right. Take care of the two dragon
hawks lurking
about and raze the buildings. Note that now you can build crypt
fiends, but
you will also be under attack from the flying Dragon Hawks.
Establish a base
and train some crypt fiends (important) and whatever units you
comfortable with using. Word of warning though, Sylvanas
Windrunner (level
5) will be hanging around so keep your guard up.

To the top right corner of the map, you will see a Goblin
Laboratory. Bring
Arthas to it and take the Goblin Zeppelins. Each Zeppelin can
carry eight
units, so ferry units if you need to.

The first zeppelin load should have a mixture of crypt fiends,
Meat wagons,
and melee attackers. Land your forces to clear the area then
send in the
remainder of your attack force. Your first destination will be
to the East. Land and wipe out the units there. The forces
there mainly
consist of Dragon Hawks, Fury towers priests and assorted
archers. The target
altar is immediately to the right of your landing zone, so just
zoom in there
can destroy it.

Next, head up and clear the base. Notice the teleportation
gate. Send your
units into it. You will now be at the middle island of the map.
There are
Three teleporters here; from Right to left, Light blue, Red, and
blue at
the far left. The area will be guarded by Dragon Hawks and
numerous towers.
The target teleporter is the blue one at the far left. Go
through it.

You will now appear at the far left island. The bulk of the
forces here are
archers, with the occasional footman, and a couple of Dragon
Hawks. The altar
is right next to the teleporter to the left, so if you are
daring, you could
make a rush for it as opposed to trying to raze the island

Back in the middle island, head through the middle red
teleporter. You will
now appear at the northern most island. You will be immediately
greeted by
several Dragon hawks as well as high elven units, so go
prepared. The Altar
you are looking for is right next to the trees near the
teleportation gate.
Raze it and return to the light blue gate.

You will start back at the Eastern most island. Send a few meat
wagons to
the northern most tip of the island and blast the Fury tower
there. Send
in the landing force and clear the Dragon Hawks that lurk there.
Send Arthas
to the circle of power to finish the mission.

Chapter 5: The Fall of Silvermoon:

"Moments later, on the outskirts of the elves capital of

Mission Objectives:

The Sunwell:
- Defeat Sunwell's Guardians

Optional Quests:

Sylvanas Windrunner:
- Destroy Sylvanas base

Silvermoon Runners
- Destroy every runner she sends
- Do not alert Silvermoon to your presence

Arthas has established an encampment near the outskirts of
Tichondrius appears to congratulate Arthas on his progress, but
is still
cautious of him. Kel'Thuzar appears and says the Dreadlords do

Immediately at the start of your mission, Sylvanas Windrunner
(level 7) will
attack your base. This will trigger the two optional quests,
which maybe
difficult but recommended. The runners are dressed in yellow
and appear when
ever the timer says. They disappear when Sylvanas' base is
razed. Do not
attack Silvermoon (teal) until Sylvanas' base (blue) is

Build up your defenses and level up to a crypt. The gargoyles
are good for
completing the final objective. Send a few meat wagons and an
army to the
west. Guard the bridge and have the meat wagons destroy the
nearby towers.
By now Sylvanas will be running at you, pretty miffed. Death
coil her when
your melee units are keeping her busy.

Syvlanas will officially be "defeated" when her base is razed.
A cut scene
will takeover. Arthas somehow hits her with his horse and she
'defeated.' Arthas then turns her into a banshee, damned to
serve the Scourge

The only thing left to do is take out the Sunwell guardians.
The city itself
is too big to destroy, so you will need to cut a path in and
take them out
in a quick but hard strike.

The best way to do this would be to hit them from afar with
units whilst occupying them up close. First, have four to six
meat wagons.
Cover them with gargoyles and Crypt fiends. Build as many
Abominations and
Ghouls as you can. Necromancers should be there to raise the
corpses of the

Head west and follow the path south. Use the wagons to take out
the nearby
towers from the bridge. Use the other attack units to hit the
archers. Be
warned that they can net your Gargoyles and the Golems (level 9)
that you
need to kill can hit air. Slowly make your way to the center.
When you near
the center, have the wagons first aim at the towers. Use your
melee units
to nail the golems, with Arthas helping. The trick is to lure
them to you,
since there are three other towers in the area. By the time the
towers are
destroyed, The ghouls and abominations will be slaughtered by
the dozens,
so use your necromancers to raise them as fodder. Aim your
wagons at the
Golems. Have a constant flow of reinforcements ready.

When the four granite golems fall, the mission ends.

Arthas walks up to the Sunwell and resurrects Kel"Thuzad.
Arthas has kept
his end of the dea. Now it is Kel'Thuzad's turn...

Interlude: The Revelation:

"Three Days later, somewhere in the wintry peaks of the Alterac

Kel'Thuzad and Arthas walk up a slope, with hordes of undead
assembling around
the encampment. Kel'Thuzad speaks of the Legion under the Dark
Lords control,
and how Arthas as a bigger role than anyone thinks, all courtesy
of the Lich
King. The Dreadlords in control of Lich King are only there to
ensure the
plan to summon the demonic lord Archimode goes as planned. The
scourge was
engineered to wipe out any resistance to the Legions...

Chapter 6: Blackrock & Roll, Too!:

"The next morning, on the outskirts of the Blackrock clan

Mission Objectives:

Demonic Gate:
- Destroy the Orc base protecting the Demon Gate

Optional Quests:

Kill Orc Heroes:
- Throk'Feroth
- Mazrigos
- Khanzo
- Genjuros
- Jubei'thos
(all named after Samurais, probably from Samurai Spirits)

Kel'Thuzad tells Arthas that it is time for the second phase of
the plan;
to communicate with the Demon lord for instructions. There is a
Demonic Gate
nearby, but there is also an encampment of Orcs...

You start right at the center of the map. There are encampments
all around
you, but the one you need to complete the mission is on the top
right corner.
You have access to Frost Wyrms though. Directly above you,
following the
two paths, will lead you to two Level 10 Red Dragons (!) To the
top left
conrer is a Goblin Merchant, but it is guarded by several ice
trolls (level
5, 2 level 3's, 2 level 2's)

Right when you start, there will be an attack force aimed right
at you. There
will be an Orc blademaster named Haohmarush (let's not be
obvious here...)
at level 5. Send in all you got, which isn't a lot to spare.
After the
blademaster dies, he will drop a Manual of Health as well as
trigger the
optional sidequest. Each of the target are in their own

Throk'Feroth- Level 6 Far Seer at 12'o clock position
Mazrigos- Level 6 Far Seer at 3'o clock position
Khanzo- Level 4 Blademaster at 7'o clock position
Genjuros- Level 4 Blademaster at 5'o clock position
Jubei'thos- Level 8 Blademaster at 1'o clock position (Red

They each drop some pretty nifty stuff though, so it is up to
you. I will
cover the optional quests, but if you wish to skip these, jump
right to the
last bit.

Firstly you will need a combination of Crypt fiends, Meat
wagons, Abominations
and Frost Wyrms. Follow the path north and you will run into
the roost of
Red Dragons. Tangle them down to earth and give it all you got.
Head to
the right and repeat. Head back to base and regroup your
forces. When you
are done, Head north into Orange's encampment. The best way to
enter is from
the bottom left. Take out the watchtower, but they have a
catapult to so
head from the air; they can take down your air units, so you
need to lure
the catapult away from the Raiders. The base isn't really well
so brute force is the way to go here. Throk'Feroth is pretty
strong, so mix
up your Frost Wyrms with your Meat Wagons and Abominations.
Head back to
base and regroup when he is dead.

Your next target will be blue, at the bottom right corner. Head
down can
wait at the bridge. There is a single watchtower, so that is
easy to take
care of. Two grunts are nearby, with a catapult as well.
Chances are by
now Khanzo will be rushing forth, so you could try an air attack
on him.
His base does not need to be destroyed, but feel free to destroy
it for
experience. There are one or two guard towers inside, but
nothing serious.

If you follow the river down south, there will be an Ice Troll
warlord (level
6.) Killing him will yield the Sobi Mask, which increase Mana
rate. It is particularly useful for Kek'thuzad.

The next target is brown, at 5'o clock position. The entrance
is virtually
unguarded, so head in with a meat wagon and bring down the
tower. The main
threat is from the five or so Ogre-Magi (level 5) and the
catapult. Aside
from that, there is nothing of note aside from Genjuros himself.
He drops
a tome of strength, which is useful. Another strategy is to
approach from
the bottom of the map and just fly in to kill him. The downside
is that you
will miss the reward, which is particularly valuable.

The next target will be light blue, at 3'o clock. There are two
guard towers
at both entrances, as well as quite a large army of Grunts and
Trolls. There
is an Ogre-magi or two as well. The easiest but more
complicated method would
be to split your forces in two; one at the top entrance that
will distract
the defenders. And the other at the bottom, which will run in
and take out
You will need to have meat wagons for both teams. For the top
team, bring
in several Meat wagons, Frost Wyrms and lots of Ghouls. Their
job will be
to take care of virtually every unit in the base that will rush
at them.
The other team will have meat wagons to take out the towers,
weaken Mazrigos
and potential defenders. Meanwhile, Gargoyles and Arthas will
Mazrigos as well. He drops the tome of intelligence. Take note
of the path
at the top that leads to red's base.

Red's main base is pretty well fortified. There are three (or
more) Level
10 red dragons that are a pain in the ass to take out, as well
as numerous
defenders and catapults. Your best bet would be to use the Meat
wagons to
take out the towers, then enter from both sides with everything
you got.
Jubei'thos himself is no cake walk, so be forewarned. He has
the ability
to mirror himself and confuse your units. The Orc warlocks will
also cast
slow on your units.

Killing Juebi'thos will grant you the Tome of Knowledge, which
raises your
Strength, Agility, and Intelligence. Raze the Base to finish
the scenario.

Kel'Thuzad summons forth Archimonde, who orders the retrieval of
the last
book of Medivh, only tome powerful enough to bring him into this

Chapter 7: The Siege of Dalaran.

"The next morning, at the gates of Dalaran..."

Arthas and his minions have reached the gates of Dalaran city.
greets Arthas and warns that their "erected auras" will destroy
all undead
that pass through. Kel'thuad notes that by destroying the three
magi, they
can stop the barrier.

Mission Objectives:

Three Archmagi:
- Slay First Magi
- Slay Second Magi
- Slay Antonidas

This level is probably the hardest yet. You have to rush in
through the
barrier, which saps health from your units rather quickly. As
the tip said,
you will have to rush in to slay them, and the distance is
rather far. There
is a Goblin Merchant to your right, so buy some town portal
scrolls. To the
left there is a lone level 6 Archmage, Dalar Dawnweaver.
Killing him will
yield a Health stone.

The magi are position in a triangle. Midway through the map is
a moat;
slightly to the north there are two magi on both sides. Peril
(archmage level 7) is on the right, where as Shal lightbringer
level 3) is on the left. Antonidas is the top of the triangle.

The easiest way (but also the costliest) would be to go all air.
Mass up
on Frost wyrms and gargoyles. Head left until you see a burning
town hall;
that will be your first alignment point. From there, travel
directly north
(in a straight line.) 3/5ths of the way up you should see a
crystal and an
archmage. That is the first one. With his death, the aura
falls. Return
back to base to regroup.

The next landmark is the goblin merchant. Directly to the north
will be the
second arch mage you need to kill, at roughly the same distance.
Be warned
that he has a base with towers, two sorceresses, and two
knights. Pair that
with the aura and the level 5 archmage and you get difficulty.

The last target will be Antonidas. He is directly to the north
of the entrance,
in a straight line. Travel to the cleared areas then try to
align it so you
reach to him. He is near the very top, and has several towers,
priests, and gyrocopters protecting him. Send in a mass swarm,
and eventually
you should win. Send in Arthas to claim the book of Medivh
(watch out for
the defenders though) and the mission is over.

Addendum: after asking for tips and strategies for this map,
many people
gave some very, very good strategies to beat this map. Refer to
3 for a full list of user submitted tips.

With a single strike, Antonidas is dead. With the book of
Medivh in their
possession, the only thing left is to summon Archimonde

Chapter 8: Under the Burning Sky:

"An hour later, a hill overlooking Dalaran..."

Mission Objectives:

- Kel'Thuzad must survive for 30 minutes.

Optional Quests:
- Recover Goblin land mines.

Basically this is a defense map type scenario. Firstly develop
the already
existing areas with more Spirit towers as well as units. Aside
from that
there is little you can do. About five or six minutes in game,
you will be
given 3 felhounds. Every interval you will be given more
Burning Legion units.
The last ones will be Infernals

There are some mines, so break the crates to get a hold of them.
Save them
for the final rush though. Try to focus on defense, upgrading
your units
as far as possible. Upgrading the Ziggurat towers is important.
Meat Wagons
around them are a must though to counter the siege weapons.
Aside from that,
upgrade the shields AND attack, as well as any other abilities
that might
be useful. Have Acolytes repair the towers often as well.

There are three enemies on this map, each with their own hero.
Lightbringer (level 3) is in top left, Dalar Dawnweaver is at
3'o clock,
Fondred Alan is at top right corner.

There is an optional fight with Manath Magesrge, level 8 at the
middle top
of the map, but that is hardly worth the trouble. There is a
magical vault
at the top right corner of the map, which yields a Medallion of
Chances are though, if you managed to get that item, you might
as well raze
the other bases. The map can also be completed by razing all
opposing bases.

Note that near the end, there will be a massive rush. Have all
your Legion
units around Kel'thuzad and the rest supporting the towers. The
Death coil
will heal Kel'thuzad, so it is a good way to heal him.

Archimonde is summoned into the world. As a gesture of his
power, he razes
Dalaran into the ground with ease. What will become of Arthas?

The Orc Campaign

Chapter 1: Landfall:

"Following the mysterious prophet's instructions, Thrall led the
Horde across
the Great Sea. Now, after weeks of traversing the raging seas,
the Orcish
Horde has landed upon the savage shores of Kalimdor. With their
stolen ships
broken and drowned, the Orcs cautiously venture inland, wary of
the unseen
dangers lurking within the crags of the desolate land."

Mission Objectives:

Rally the Horde:
- Discover where the other ships landed.
- Thrall must survive.

Protect Cairne
- Follow Cairne to the Tauren village
- Protect Cairne from his enemies
- Cairne Bloodhoof must survive
- Thrall must survive.

After landing on the new land, broken and tired, Grom and the
others are
missing. Thrall therefore must search for his brother and the
rest of the

After two full campaigns with that Moron Arthas, it is
refreshing to have
a change in character. Immediately to the left of where you
start, there
is a Mana Potion hidden in the crates after you attack it. Head
following the path. There will be some Murlocs; two level 1
tiderunners and
1 level 3 flesheaster. Zap them with a chain lighning and
continue until
you see a cutscene about the boats. To the left, there is
another trio of
Murlocs that will drop a Healing ward. Continue right until you
see a raided

Head up then turn left; you will see a tauren getting killed;
return back
to the village and go south east. You will see a campfire with
quillboars and a qullboar hero. Kill them to get a healing
ward. Check out
the shipwreck on the shores directly south. Head south-east and
kill the
other Quillboards. Rescue the two stranded orcs. Voila, two
new trolls to
your party.

Go back to the main path and turn right at the only turn. You
will see some
centaurs killing more Taurens. Continue east to find more
stranded orcs.
To the south-east near the shore, You will come across a burning
ship wreck
as well as 4 Murlocs (2X level 1, 2X level 2.)

Head north. The right path leads to Harpy Scout (level 1 X2)
and Harpy
Windblower (level 3) that drops Scroll of the beast. The left
path splits;
far left path gives another Tauren dying. There are Quillboar
(level 1 X2)
and Razormane Medicine man (level 5, Quillboar) Middle left path
Thunderlizard (level 6 X2) that gives potion of mana.

Continue on the path. You will spot an army of Centaurs running
off to war.
Follow the path. There is a Fountain of Health just past the
curve guarded
by Quillboar (level 1 X2,) Razormane Scout (level 2) and
Razormane Medicine
Man (level 5.).

There will be an intersection; heading up will bring Harpy
(level 1) which
is out of melee range with no reward. Head south to continue,
until you reach
the shore. To the left, there is a small hidden path leading to
a small hill
with Quillboar (level 1) and Razorman Brute (level 3;) note that
they cannot
see you going up the hill.

Head a few steps to the right: there will be a three way
intersection; the
up path leads to Murloc tiderunner (level 1 X 3) and Murloc
flesheater (level
3) that drops a manual of health, so it is recommended. The
other two lead
to the south to meet up with three more orcs.

Immediately three Centaurs charge at you; kill them and the
cutscene will
take over. Carine Bloodhoof will enter, speaking of an Oracle
to the north.
Thrall mentions the horsemen are also heading north, where
Cairne realizes
his village is in danger. Thus you must escort and follow him.
But don't
worry too much (but still a bit) since Cairne is a strong guy

If you continue south from there and turn right, you will run
across a MASSIVE
Murloc encampment: Murlock Tiderunner (Level 1 X 20,) Murloc
Huntsman (level
2 X 8) and Murloc Nightcrawler (level 3 X 2.) Killing them will
yield a Periapt
of Vitality and Mana Potion. To be frank I had to send everyone
I had to
accomplish this one.

Follow the path to their village; floods of Centaurs will rush
in. Protect
Cairne at all costs; the waves will end with the death of the
Centaur champion.
With this, the mission ends.

Cairne talks of the Tauren Migration to Mulgore to the north.
They fear that
they will be attacked by the Centaurs though. Thrall volunteers
to escort
them in exchange for bringing them to the Oracle.

Chapter 2: The Long March:

"Two days later, upon the desolate plains of the Barrens."

Mission Objectives:

Three Oases:
- Lead the Caravan to the first Oasis.
- Lead the Caravan to the second Oasis.
- Lead the Caravan to the third Oasis.
- Thrall, Cairne, and the caravan must survive.

The Caravan:
- Protect the Caravans
- At least two Kodo beasts must survive.
- Cairne must survive.

To start off with, you must protect Cairne and the units
following him; note
that you cannot control Cairne. He will just follow your lead.
To start
off with, three Centaurs will rush at you. Follow the path. At
the T
intersection, the path left leads to several Centaurs with the
reward of
the scroll of healing. Continue along the path, killing any
marauders. Word
of warning though; some maruders will pop out from nowhere, so
send only
one unit to scout ahead. A good tactic to use would be to have
Thrall take
the lead, and right click the Taurens with the other units; that
way they
will escort them step by step.

One problem though is that you must help the majority of your
units ahead,
or else the caravan will sit there like idiots. What I did was
stick three
or four grunts with Thrall ahead, and the rest escorting the
caravan. I had
another one or two escorting the Taurens themselves, since they
would head
off and fight on their own, stopping the whole caravan. Another
note is that
the caravan will only move if the Kodos are in single file.
Sometimes I

There will be a fountain of healing, which is the first
checkpoint and
objective. When you reach it, you will meet up with three more
Grunts. Use
them to escort the very last unit of the caravan. Right when
you leave, some
marauders will come from behind. Continue along the path,
taking care of
the marauders that come your way.

When you reach the arches, head to the right. There will be a
Goblin merchant
as well as three Orc Raiders to support you. The area past the
arches leads
to a group of centaurs. Continue on the path. And you will
reach the second
oasis. Some catapults will join you, so stick them near the
middle of the
caravan. But for now, bring them ahead; there are several watch
towers ahead.

Up ahead, there will be a path to the right that leads to a
small Centaur
Camp. There are Centaur Archer (Level 2,) Centaur Impaler
(level 4,) Centaur
Sorceror (level 5) and Centaur Khan (level 8.) Centaur Khan
will revive
though, so watch out. He drops the pendant of energy. The best
would be to hit him with ranged attacks.

Head back to the left to the final oasis when you are done
there. With that
the mission is Finished.

Interlude: The Wreckage of Lordaeron:

"Meanwhile, back in Lordaeron, the Burning Legion commences its

Tichondrius appears to oversee the attack on Lordaeron. A
(Mannoroth) is wreaking havoc. Tichondrius comments that the
Scourge has
done well in removing any resistance, unlike the Orcs.
Mannoroth vows he
will punish the Orcs.

Chapter 3: Cry of the Warsong:

"Five Days later, near the foothills of the Stonetalon

Mission Objectives:

Establish Base:
- Build a Great Hall.
- Thrall must survive.

Secure Zepplins
- Destroy all hostile units at Lab.
- Return two Goblin Zepplins to your Base.

Optional Quest:

Pacify Humans
- Destroy the human bases (ed. some pacifism!)

The Orcs have been wandering for a long time. A scout reports
that the Warsong
clan is battling the humans. Grom is indeed there, and he
mentions a woman
by the name of "Proudmoore..."

To start off you have to build a base. Grom and his forces are
right next
to yours, so they will defend you for the time being. There are
four human
bases; White at 3 o' clock, Light Blue at 8, Blue at 10, and
Green at 12.
The Zepplin is blocked by Blue, meaning you will have to raze
the base.
Furthermore, there is a large group of Harpies guarding the Lab:
Harpy Scout
(level 1 X2,) Harpy Windwitch (level 3,) Harpy Rogue (level 3
X2,) Harpy
Storm-Hag (level 5) and Harpy Queen (level 6.) Not an easy
force to deal

It is best to go for the main objective, but the bases aren't
that well defended
so it is your choice. At the start, Purple will decide to
attack; ignore
them for now.

Go for white first, at 3 'o clock position. There are Lighting
lizards (level
2 x 2) near the entrance, and a cannon tower in the middle of
the base with
two guard towers at the entrance. The main force in the base
are the riflemen,
and a hero (Aggronnar the Mighty, Level 4 Mountain King.) Just
send in a
catapult or two, some grunts and raiders and it should be easy.
Having the
Kodo around also helps, but it is optional. The most important
part is to
coincide your attack with Purples, since they will attack white
for their
second raid. Try to destroy the base in that go.

The next target will be light blue. They are virtually
undefended, aside
from Buzan the Fearless (level 3 Paladin.) Once again, stick
with purple.
There were less than 5 units defending when I attacked.

Blue is the next target. Since it is the main objective, it is
better defended.
Try entering through the arches in the south of the base. There
are four
towers to watch for, as well as riflemen and sorceresses. Kelen
the Seeker,
Level 2 archmage, is also there, but chance are he is probably
dead from
his latest attack on your base.

Green will be the last target. There is only one entrance,
guarded by two
towers. By now taking care of towers should be second nature to
you. There
is one more in the middle of the base. Aside from that, expect
a couple of
footmen, priests and sorceress (I saw a pair of each.) Nothing
major here.
The last base will be destroyed, but I didn't seem to get a
Nonetheless, return to base and gather up some troll headhunters
as well
as raider. It is Harpy time. (not herpes.)

Note that you will have to pass through a lot of centaurs
including the level
8 resurrecting Centaur Khan (drops Gauntlets of Ogre Strength.)
Aside from
that, the Raiders should net the harpies to the ground for your
troops to
slaughter. Be warned that they have some pretty nasty spells,
including a
sleep spell and a tornado spell that occupies your units for a
while, out
of your control. Killing the harpies will give you the circlet
of nobility,
as well as mission objective. Hire two Zeppelins (costs 280
gold, 60 lumber)
and send them back to base for the victory.

Thrall rails Grom for his actions. Is it just me or do they
sound way too
sophisticated and intelligent? Grom will construct a base up
north whilst
Thrall goes to Stonetalon with his new zeppelins.

Chapter 4: The Spirits of Ashenvale:

"Two days later, along the borderlands of Ashenvale forest."

Mission Objectives:

Slash and Burn:
- Amass 15,000 Lumber

Optional Quests:

Furbolg chieftain
- Slay the Furbolg Cheiftain.

To start off, Grom is already build a base. You will need to
gather 15,000
lumber. However, they notice that the forest is a bit strange.
A group of
Nightelves with attack, but they are easy to defeat.

Start chopping right away; but a word of warning. The Peons
cutting lumber
at the bottom left will eventually clear a path to a Nightelf
base, so move
them away if you wish to avoid confrontation. Note that there
are wisps lying
about everywhere, including your base, so kill those if you

Basically there are three bases: blue at the bottom right, teal
at top left,
and light blue at top right. Blue has a small outpost right
next to your
bases as well as units scattered along the map. Right above
your base there
is a Goblin Laboratory; send Grom in and it will trigger the
optional quest.
It is up to you though, since the target is at the 9 o' clock
position, right
across the map. There are Furblog (level 4 X4,) Furbolg Elder
Shaman (level
7) and the Furbolg Chieftain (level 8.) However, if you do
decide to go,
it is a pretty clear cut path. Mid way, there is an indentation
to the top
where you can pick up a tome of agility. Killing him will yield
a lot of
experience as well as a Health stone. Return to Necloc for your
reward, the
Shredders, which literally tear trees down in secnds. You can
also hire two
more from the lab for 450 gold, 100 lumber and 4 food. The
downside is that
they use a lot of food, so it is up to you.

It may seem like an easy objective, but 15,000 lumber is a lot.
Your base
will provide less and 5000 lumber, so you will need to
eventually cover the
map and take over bases to do so.

The best first target would be blue, since they are the closest.
The outpost
is relatively weak, with a few archers and a ballista. Knocking
down the
Tree of life will give you 3000 lumber as well as an optional
quest. To the
left, there is a troll encampment, with Dark Troll (level 2 x2,)
Dark Troll
Shadow Priest (level 2 X2) and a Dark Troll warlord (level 6.)
Killing them
will bring a Greater Healing potion as well as a gold mine with
40,000 Gold.
Note that at nighttime, the Nightelves will start attacking with
as well as Shadowmeld, so keep an eye out.

You should be close to the target with the area you cleared just
now, but
if you wish to complete the optional quests, read on.
Otherwise, skip the
next sections. One difficulty with this quest is that since it
gives you
3000 each you would have hit the quota (usually) before you
finish the mission.
If you want, try spending your lumber.

The bases are actually pretty well defended with units. The
Ancient of
Protector serves as guard towers, so you know how to deal with
those. There
are about 5 or 6 of Archers, Huntresses and Dryads. Watch out
for the
Ballistae too. The best way to deal with the bases is to have
mostly Grunts
and Raiders, with a couple of catapults and Kodos. If you are
fast enough
with the keys and mouse, use the Shamans as in battle support
for good support.

Teal at the north-west has Hippogryphs in the mix. Since you
will have raiders
anyways, it hardly makes a difference. There are less
huntresses, but more
dryads and archers in proportion. Basically, with raiders
knocking the air
units down, it is much easier.

Light Blue has several ballistae, but without the air units. It
also has
little static defense, so the main threat is from the
Shadowmelded units
hiding around.

When you have gathered 15,000 lumber, the Mission is

Interlude: The blood of Mannoroth:

"Later that Evening, near the Moonglades of Cenarius."

A group of big ugly things gather around a Fountain of Health.
appears with Mannoroth and slay them off. They discuss
Cenarius, and how
he must be killed before Archimonde can start his invasion of

Tichondrius suggests that they use the Orcs. Since Mannoroth
had a blood
pact with the orcs, all he needs to do is spill some blood to
recharge the
Orcish bloodlust....

Chapter 5: The Hunter of Shadows:

:"The next morning, in the shadowed woods of Ashendale..."

Mission Objectives:

The Chaos Well:
- Discover the Source of Power

- Slay Cenarius

To start of with, you have a pretty big base but it is divided
by a river.
Cenarius appears and turns trees against the orcs. Right at the
start you
have to defend against a massive onslaught. The base across the
river being
attacked from the start cannot be saved; instead focus on
building up your
defenses as fast as possible. This means researching ensnare
and other
abilities including Beserker, since they have both Hippogryphs
as well as
Chimeras in the mix. Since you start with the previous lumber
(at 15,000)
you will only need gold for now. Stick Catapults around your
base and near
your watch towers, and have raiders and Grunts defending.
Research the war
drums as quickly as possible and have a Kodo or two at each
entrance, beating
the drums. Grom may die, but since you have an Altar, it should
be okay.

A troll witch doctor will detect a source of power; thus, you
must find it.
There is only one path north, so head north with Grom; send in a
or two as well as some strong units, since there are some very
strong creep
ahead. Notice the cave; some Wolves will come out and attack,
Timber wolf
(level 2 x 2,) Giant Wolf (level 4 x 2) and Dire Frost Wolf
(level 6.)

When you reach some glowing orbs in a cross formation, mow the
trees down
with your catapult. Head up, where there will be a Merchant;
but there are
also Furbolg (level 4 X4,) Furbolg Shaman (level 4 X 2,) Furbolg
(level 6 x2,) Furbolg Elder Shaman (level 7) and Furbolg Ursa
(level 8.)
Note that you can kill three of them with the catapult before
you knock down
the trees. Use a witch doctor to scout head of the trees, when
move the
catapult next to the rocks. Kill the first one then knock down
the middle
section of the trees. When done, there should be a gap where
you knocked
down the trees. Move in the catapult and kill the other two.
Continue north
and kill them all. It will drop the Claws of Attack, which adds
+9 to attack.
Before you progress, remember to stock up on healing and
defensive items

Continue to the left and you will see some Satyrs (level 1 X2,)
Shadowdancer (level 3 X2) and Satyr Soulstealer (level 5 X2.) Be
warned that
they can cast 'Curse' on you, so watch your units and dispel if
Head through the way gate.

You are now slightly to the south of the way gate. There are
two Satyr
tricksters (level 1 X 2) and two Shadow dancers hidden. They
drop a potion
of Greater healing. Head north across the river and through the
arches. The
next fight is pretty difficult, so I suggest you heal up and get
more potions
and healing items if necessary.

There will be a Satyr Pyromancer (level 9) with invulnerable
amour at 1200
Hp. Supporting him are Fire Archers (Level 3 X 4.) Killing
them will yield
an Orb of fire.

Continue up north and there should be a few skeleton warriors
and archers,
but they are nothing compared to what you just fought. Head to
the right
for a much needed fountain of health. The end of the path leads
to your
objective, but it is guarded by Satyr Tricksters (level 1 X2,)
Shadowdancer (level 3 X2) Satyr Soulstealer (level 5 X 2,) and
Hellcaller (level 8.) Thus, bring as much there as you can.
When you reach
it, Grom will drink it and turn into Christmas Grom. Actually
he turns bright
red. You will now build Chaos units, so stock up on those.
Don't forget
the warlocs. There is a ring to pick up too.

Now, you have to slay Cenarius. Yipee.

There are three encampments: Light blue at the bottom, with
mostly huntresses
and ballistae, Blue at top with mostly Dyrads and huntresses,
and Green in
the middle with the air units. When you destroy a base,
Cenarius will come
down and attack you. Blue is the easiest target, in my

Cenarius, as you can see, is hard. Use your Warlock and Kodo
drums to even
it up a bit, and rush in with as many units as you can. You
deal full damage
against his armor, but he still has an ass-load of HP and does
lots of damage.

When he dies, the mission is over.

Grom sees Mannoroth, who comments on their now renewed Orcish
Grom is angry at the demonic influence, saying that he will pave
his own

Chapter 6: Where Wyverns Dare:

"At that same moment, near the base of Stonetalon peak..."

Mission Objectives:

Stone Talon Peak:
- Destroy the Human base that guards the peak.

Optional Quests

- Find the Wyverns

Defiled Fountain:
- Kill Centaur Khan
- Return the Glyph of Purification to restore the Fountain.

To start, a Zeppelin flies around and is attacked by Griffins.
Luckily, it
crash lands at Thralls encampment. It brings news of Humans
guarding the
mountain all the way to the summit. Some Cairne and some
Taurens then appear,
ready to help.

To start off, train some Raiders as well as what other units you
are comfortable
with, mainly grunts. Leave some units behind that can attack
air and ground,
since blue will attack with Zeppelins carrying troops or with
Griffins. Head
to the left, where you will find the first Optional quest.
There are Lightning
Lizard (Level 2 X 3) and Thunder Lizards (Level 6 X 2.) Find
the defiled

Head back to base. You should see a path leading up that splits
into two.
The left path leads to the Wyverns, where as the right hand path
leads to
Centaur Khan. I suggest that you go for Khan first, since it is
However, the Wyverns can make Khan killing easier, but you won't
have the
fountain to heal with.

Head up and you will find that the Harpies have captured the
Wyverns. Four
Harpies (Level 2 X2, Level 4x2) will attack you, but with your
raiders and
two heroes, they are nothing. Continue upwards until you come
across a dozen
or so level 4 Centaurs. Kill them and visit the Laboratory. If
you are daring
you could use the zeppelins to fly directly to the wyverns, but
there are
a lot of harpies around there so I wouldn't recommend it.
Continue and head
right, following the path until you reach a small area with Khan
and some
centaurs (level 4 X4, level 5 X2.) Khan is still at level 8,
but still has
his resurrecting ability. Just smack him as hard as you can,
and claim the
glyph. Remember this intersection when you return back to the

This time, head to the left when you reach the first
intersection. There
are a lot of Harpies in this area, so bring raiders and ranged

Right along the path, you will spot some Quillboar hunters
(level 3 X5)
near a Goblin merchant. Buy some healing items if you feel you
need it.
To the left, you will see some Razormane brutes (level 3 x 3)
and a Razormane
Medicine Man (level 5) for a health stone. Slay them too. A
few steps upwards
you will spot even more (I didn't count) and a chieftain (level
7.) Killing
them gives you a periapt of Vitality.

Now it is Harpy time. The next group are Harpy Rogue (level 3 X
4) with a
Harpy Stormhag (level 5.) Just ensnare them and tear them apart
and pick
up the scroll of protection. The spell she uses won't do much
against large
numbers. Continue left for Harpy windwitch (level 3 X 3) and
Harpy Rogue
(level 3.) Right up ahead are the wyverns.

There are Harpy Scout (level 1 X 2,) Harpy Windwitch (level 3 x
2,) Harpy
Storm Hag (level 5 X 2) and Harpy queen (level 6.) This is
quite difficult,
since they have a wide range of spells. Try to dispel or use
the protection
scrolls, since they use a lot of magic attacks. When they are
dead, you can
now build wyverns.

It is now time to raze the Human bases. Return back to where
Centaur Khan
was; the intersection I mentioned. The left path leads to Light
blue's Base.,
your first target. Meanwhile, train up some wyverns and anti
air units.

Light blue's base consists of mainly riflemen, with a priest and
There is also a Hero Arhcmae, Nilas Arcanister (level 6
Archmage.) and two
more guard towers inside the base. To start off there are two
guard towers
with two footmen. A catapult should take care of them. When
the defenders
start rushing towards you, spread out, since they will try to
cast Blizzard
on you. Nilas will also be rushing, so the main battle really
starts early.
He should be easy though, with two heroes on your side. Try to
save the wyverns
since the Riflemen are plentiful.

The rest of the base should fall easily. Return to the Goblin
You will notice that you cannot find blue's base, or at least
find a path
to it. You must land there with zeppelins. The only problem is
that there
are about 9 to 10 Griffins patrolling the perimeters.

This is where your wyverns come in. Their job is to fight the
Griffins and
clear a zone for your Zeppelins to land at the south end of the
base. They
won't attack you when you land, unless you venture too far
inwards. Their
base is mainly guarded by Griffins and riflemen, with an
occasional knight
and gyrocopter. The hero here is Bandis Forgefire, level 7
mountain king.
There are some guard towers scattered around the base but you
should try
to use only one catapult or rushing them with your ground

The attack should be in the direction of a combined arms attack.
Use your
wyverns to get the ground units, and the ground units to get the
air units.
Note that any Griffins patrolling the perimeters that you didn't
kill will
now come and defend the base. The towers are congregated in the
part of the base, where as most of the threat is near the
south-middle. Try
to send a kodo if possible for their wardrums. The Pulverize
ability really
isn't used here unless aiming at a grouped target.

When the base is razed, the mission is finally over.

Thrall spots a human woman entering the caves. It turns out to
be Jaina
Produmoore, also seeking the oracle? Could it be a trap?
Thrall's experience
with humans says so, so they proceed...

Chapter 7: The Oracle:

"Twenty Minutes later, inside the caverns of Stonetalon

Mission Objectives:

The Oracle:
- Seek out the Oracle
- Thrall must survive.

The Heart of Aszune:
- Find the Heart of Aszune
- Return the Heart to Aszune.

Enchanted Gemstone:
- Find the Enchanted Gemstone
- Bring the Enchanted Gemstone to the Spectral bridge.
- Cairne Bloodhoof must survive.

Thrall and Cairne wander the caverns, reaching a fork in the
road. They decide
to spilt up.

You start off in a caged area. There is a box just below you
which has a
potion when you attack it. There is a gate to your left that
you have to
attack. Outside are a few skeletons and ancient undead units.
This map
resembles a Diablo 2 level, so I won't go and label every creep
you will
encounter, although I will list the major and higher level

Follow the path until you come at a T section. To the top there
is an attackable
gate with a Mantle of Intelligence inside. Head downwards to
There will be a small gate at the next room at the bottom. It
leads to a
Sludge Monstrosity (level 5) and two sludge monsters that drop a
Ring of
Regeneration. Head to the right when you are done here.

There are crates along this diagonal path that drop items, but
the second
one you come across will unleash a wraith. There is another
gate in the next
room that leads to a Fire Revenant and a scroll of Animate dead
and Tome
of Agility. Head up when you are done.

There will be a small intersection up next. The left path leads
to a tome
of intelligence and two fallen Priests (acolytes, level 1.) The
Right path
leads to a Level 9 Death Revenant and some minions that drop an
orb of fire.
Break the crates and take the potions. Head right over the
bridge for another
Death Revenant. Heal up and get prepared for another tough boss

The Skeleton King (hmmm) has about 1000 HP and does a good deal
of damage
(100) so fight wisely. The minions are easy to take care of.
Notice there
is a gate to the left of his throne. To enter it, head to the
bottom of the
throne room and bust the gate open. There is a Level 7
Salamander Vizer that
guards the Blood key. Note that it is asleep and blocked by
another gate,
so nail it with ranged attacks. Head back up and smash the
other crates to
get the Crown of Kings.

Head out of the throne room and into the Way Gate. Head to the
right and
bust through the gate. The peasants will arm themselves when
they reach the
wall, so kill them quickly. Continue right and a Kobold
Taskmaster will burst
out and attack you... and die. The next cell has 3 Troll head
hunters so free
them and they will join you. The next room has a fire
Salamander that drops
the Sobi Mask. Continue the path until you see some sheep
scrolling about...

And now you see why. Kill the sorceresses first before dealing
with the
footmen that come from the back. In the next room, break the
gate on the
left and follow it to two more Troll head hunters that will join
you. There
is a much needed Scroll of Resurrection. Return to the main
room and heal
up, as well as cast any status improving magic that you have.

Up ahead you see a Level 10 Red Dragon fighting 2 Harpy Queens
and 2 Harpy
Rogues. Run away and let them fight each other of. Return to
kill them all
and pick up the Heart of Aszune. Head up through the Way Gate.

You now start back at the second way gate. Bust through the
bottom door and
head near the statue. Now head to the right. Control will now
shift to Cairne,
who must find the gemstone.

To the north there is a stone token that can be reached by
attacking the
rocks around it. There are two paths to the south. The one on
the left leads
to a few Kolbolds and Potions, which are recommended. The right
path leads
to three humans that get gored by the traps. Continue on that
path the
rifleman was on, downwards.

There will be some humans and crates at the bottom of the path.
Some Kobolds
will burst through the rocks and drop a Tailisman. Continue and
go down the
path. You will see a "Hungry Hungry Lizard" in the corner,

Don't attack it. It will clear a path for you by
knocking/eating those giant
mushrooms. It can take a while, but you will be the Lions horn
of Protection,
which gives the Hero a protective aura. Continue to the right;
there will
be a three way split. Cairne notices that the Boars are
protecting a gemstone.

The gate appears to be invulnerable, so you will need to find
another way.
First head straight forward into the middle path. There will be
a circle
of power. Stepping on it will trigger the trap that kills all
the boars down
there. Head back and take the upwards path. Step on that
circle and the
Gate will open. Collect the Gemstone. There are some kobold on
the bottom
right path there, that drop Claws of attack. There is also a
Salamander Lord
walking around on the lava. Kill it and head back to the
fountain to heal.
When you are done, head right by walking across the lava.

When you reach the other side, the Two war Golems (level 6) will
attack you.
Head to the right and the Siege golem (level 9) will attack.
Kill it to get
the Ghost key and open the door to Thrall. Move Cairne to the
statue and
the Bridge will appear, ending the Scenario.

Thrall enters to see Jaina there. They prepare for battle but
the Prophet
angrily tells them to stop. He reveals to Thrall that Lordaeron
has fallen
to the Legion, and so has Grom. As such Thrall must join forces
with the
humans to save the Orcs and everything else from the Burning

Chapter 8: By Demons be Driven:

"Three days later, near the edge of the Barrens..."

Mission Objectives:

- Capture Grom in the Soul Gem
- Bring Grom to Jaina's Ritual Circle

There is an uneasy feeling as the humans team up with the Orcs.
Yet, with
so much at stake, they rely on each other.

From the start, build up your defenses, since you will be under
attack from
the Infernals. My Recommendation is to keep exploration to a
minimum, since
it is mostly creeps in the middle section of the map.

The Ritual Circle is to the left of your base. Pretty easy to
find. To your
right there is a Goblin lab, but it is guarded. The Shredders
are extremely
useful though, since you will need a lot of resources.

To the north, there is a Fountain of health guarded by Centaur
Khan and other
Centaurs. Further north, there are some Orcs being held

The top left corner has an Orc Base, whereas the top left has
another base
as well as Grom. But unlike the other maps, he is sitting on a
throne literally
at the corner of the map. He has about 6 or 8 Doomguards as
well as half
a dozen Felhounds around him. There are also a few Chaos Orcs
near by.

This map is pretty damn hard. The Chaos Orcs boast about a 10+
damage bonus
as well as more HP. Furthermore, at random intervals, a pair of
will land anywhere on the map and rush towards you. At times,
if you are
unlucky enough, they may even land directly in your base...

The top left base can be ignored, since have nothing other than
Be warned that the buildings look pointier than usual; they have
the spike
barricades, so you will have to attack buildings with ranged

The top right base is slightly easier, although longer.
Firstly, defend your
base so that it can defend against Infernals without too much
damage. Next,
build up a large force of Catapults, Taurens, and Raiders.
Support units
should be Shamans or Kodos, with the occasional witch doctor for
Wyverns will help later on, but only a few. You really have to
max upon units
first. When fill up the queue. This is more of a battle of

When you are ready, head to the right and follow the path
upwards. Keep an
eye on your units, since there are enemy encampments along the
Eventually you will reach the outskirts of the base. The
general concept
is to attack the buildings and towers with your catapults,
escorting them
with the Taurens. The Raiders and the heros should be attacking
stray units.
Be patient as well; don't rush forward. Try to lure them into
your already
in position catapults.

When you reach a flaming crater, you will know that you are at
the entrance
of the base. Prepare your Catapults in formation and lure the
enemies to
you. Micromanagement is important here. It is best if you save
the spells
up, since you will need them later on.

The humans will attack from time to time, but it is utterly
pathetic and
futile. However, you can use it to your advantage by attacking
as the same
time they do, so they enemy will be distracted as well as you
having a helping

Note that just below the main base, there is a smaller outpost.
You can rescue
some Orc units there if you wish. Also not that the Creeps here
drop some
pretty good items, but they are hard to beat. The Storm Wyrm at
the top of
the map for example, drops a Medallion of Courage,

When the base is destroyed, heal up. This is a good time to
send in those
wyverns. The units up next are the Burning Legions with a few
Chaos Ors:


4 Felhounds,
2 Doom guards


2 Doomguards
2 Chaos Warlocs
2 Chaos Grunts
2 Chaos Raiders.

And Finally

2 Doomguards
Grom Hellscream, Level 10 Blademaster.

Try to take the fight away from the other sections. A good
place is to stay
in the area between the craters and the pillars with glyphs on
top. They
will rush at you to get slaughtered. Next, move your Catapults
etc between
the pillars and the main arch. You can hit the Doomguards, but
for some reason
the Chaos Orcs won't come forward. Lure them with a spear from
the troll.

Eventually there will be only the Two Doomguards and Grom. You
must not kill
Grom though, but instead, use the Soul gem on him. When you
approach, a
cutscene plays, revealing that the Orcs willingly took on the

Note that there is a more direct alternative. Thanks to Mr.
Kincaid Kids
for this tip. Find it in the Addendum.

Oddly enough, after the cutscene, nobody attacks. Use the Gem
as fast as
you can, then get the hell out of there. Send in the rest of
your units to
cover Thrall's escape. Head back to the ritual circle with a
few escorts
just in case.

When you reach the circle, the scenario ends.

Grom is filled with energy in the circle, returning to his
normal self. He
apologizes for his mistake, and mentions that Mannoroth is
waiting for them,
at the Canyon.

Thrall and Grom walk, looking for the beast. From behind,
Mannoroth gives
a roar and taunts the Orcs. Thrall launches his Doomhammer at
but he blocks it easily. In a single move, Mannoroth charges
and blasts Thrall

Mannoroth speaks of the bloodpact to Grom, and how he will never
Filled with rage, Grom rushes forward with a mighty roar and
Mannoroth's blade in half, burying his battle axe deep on the
chest of the
hulking beast. With a roar, Mannoroth explodes in a tempest of

Thrall recovers and finds Grom. Thrall thanks his old friend
for saving the
orc race, and Grom dies.

The Night Elf Campaign

Chapter 1: Enemies at the Gate

"With the heroic sacrifice of Grom Hellscream, the pit lord
Mannoroth was
slain and the Demon curse that had plagued the Orcs was put to
an end. However,
the combined Human and Orc forces have moved deeper into
Ashenvale forest
to ascertain whether a demonic threat still lingers in the

Tyrande Whisperwind, the leader of the Night Elf Sentinels,
believes that
the oulanders will bring only doom to the enchanted homeland."

Mission Objectives:

Night elf base:
- Entangle a gold mine
- Construct a moon well
- Construct an Ancient of War
- Train 5 Archers

- Slay the Paladin.

Optional Quests:

Furbolg Village:
- Locate 10 missing Furbolg.

Tyrande Whisperwind stares off in the distance. Shandris
Feathermoon finds
the leader of the elves and inquires what she is doing. The Orc
and Human
base is worrying her, and she decides to teach them a lesson.

Firstly, select the Tree of life and select "Entangle goldmine."
Select a
wisp and build a moon well and Ancient of war.

Take Tyrande and head south, to a nearby Furbolg village. The
chieftain says
that they need to find the 10 missing villagers before they can
head off
to another land.

From the Elven base, take the path north-west. There will be
two Furbolgs
(2.) Go east, so you are north of your base. You can find 3
more archers
there. Head back down to the Furbolg village, and go around it
to the south.
Cross the river to find 2 more. You can head to the west from
there to find
a small human camp. Note that if you attack at night, 2 more
will come out
from the tents. Raze the encampment to receive a potion and
scroll of healing.

Return to base. When your base has finished building, it is
time to kill
the paladin. The main base is at the south west corner. There
are two
encampments at the center of the map and at the far left, but
they are small.
Duke Lionheart (paladin level 6) is at the main camp.

Head to the west following the only path. Heal at the fountain
if you need
to, then head up to destroy the orc outpost. Continue west
wards; there is
another encampment if you head up when you first enter the
river. This time
they have griffins, although since your attacks are ranged, it
makes little
difference. From there, head north and take care of the three
raiders that
appear on your right. Rescue the three Furbolgs and cross the
river directly
to the west. There will be another set of Furbolgs there.
However, there
are also enemy wyverns, although you could time it so you can
sneak past
them. There is little point though, since there is another
outpost directly
south of you. From there. Cross the river to the south to find
the final
Furbolg. Return to the shaman for your reward, three Furbolg

Note that you can travel freely on the rivers. The only thing
left to do
now is to destroy the paladin. Wait until it is night though.
Rush in and
nail the Paladin with all you got. Use the Furbolgs to distract
him. There
are two other Furbolgs in the south-east of the base that also
count towards
the optional quest.

When the paladin dies, the Mission is accomplished.

< Mission Accomplished>

The Undead legions are now attacking the settlement. The vast
overwhelm the base.

Chapter 2: Daughters of the Moon:

"Three hours later, somewhere in the foothills of Mount

Mission Objectives:

Escape into shadow:
- Bring Tyrande to the Night Elf Town.
- Hide from the Patrolling Doomguard
- Tyrande must survive.

To start off, you have to reach the town at the south east of
the map. This
is a semi-fun mission. The most important thing to remember is
that "i" will
cause Tyrande to hide. Enemies pursuing her will magically
forget about her.
You can also kill the Doomguards.

To start off, head to the north west. There will be a DG
patrolling back and forth, so time it so you can run past. Kill
the DG standing
near the Slippers of Agility and head south on the river. Head
down until
you see a cage. Free the Furbolg and follow it. It will engage
the DG, so
you can hit them from afar. After the curve, hug the right tree
wall and
you will find some crates that contain a druid pouch. At this
point the
furbolg will walk off, so you can ignore it.

Continue south, across the bridge. There will be a single
footman setting
camp. Kill him and five more archers will join you. Cross the
river; the
fix footmen will fight some ghouls. Either way you will have to
kill both,
so let them take each other down first.

Head upwards to the Goblin Merchant. Stock up on what you need.
At the same
time, some undead are attacking the orc encampment. They are
actually pretty
even handed, so let them duke it out and take out the survivors.
Pick up
the mantle of intelligence too. Head through the way gate.

Heal at the fountain. Suddenly a shade will get killed by some
(three of them.) Break down the gate and kill the shade and DG.
Three stone
gargoyles guard a gloves of haste, so smash them down. Right
about now another
DG will arrive from the left, so hide for now then take him

Head to the left. There is a spike trap with a ring of
protection in the
middle. Attack the trap to shrink it, then take the ring. Head
north. Kill
the shade on the left and the humans will head north to fight a
DG. Let them
duke it out and head north through the gate. The DG drops a
tome of strength
though, so it is up to you. When you reach the fountain on the
other side,
4 huntresses and 2 archers will join to reinforce you. Right
ahead is a major
undead base, so you will need them. Continue right when you are

The first turn has a Mana stone and manual of health, but it is
guarded by
2 DGs and a Spirit tower. The next turn leads to your target
but there is an Undead encampment there. When you reach that
area, you will
gain some ballistae as well as more huntresses. At the same
time, dawn is
starting to break, so you will have to hurry.

Note that there is an Easter egg; Right where you get the
Ballistae, aim
north and bring your hero north. Thanks to Ryan Palarca,

Use the ballistae to target the numerous Spirit towers. Have
the other units
cover the ballistae. The rest is pretty simple. Head south
through the gate
to finish the mission.

Shandris reveals that they have been attacked by the undead. As
such, Tyrande
feels the only option left is to summon the Druids...

Chapter 3: The Awakening of Stormrage:

"The next day, near the outskirts of the sacred Moonglades..."

Mission Objectives:

Furion Stormrage:
- Reach Moonglade isle behind he Orc base.
- Slay the Primal Guardians.
- Bring Tyrande to the Horn of Cenarius
- Slumbering Furion Stormrage must survive

The Undead are infringing upon the land, and to deal with them,
they must
be stopped before they reach the Sleeping Druid. There is
nothing much you
can do against them, nor should you. They are to the left of
the map, as
indicated by the minimap. Tichondrius (Level 10) is there, with
lots of
towers, and a few abominations and crypt fiends. Their Ghouls
are constantly
harvesting lumber that will lower the tree count, but you cannot
reach them
(corrected: see credits.)

The main Orc base is to the right, and it is actually pretty
poorly defended,
at the start anyways. They have about 3 towers spread out, a
few raiders
in an outpost outside the base, and some witchdoctors and
shamans. There
is a level 5 blademaster, Kigami. Behind the base, the path
leads to an isle
where your objectives lie.

Firstly, you have 100 trees; about 20 to 30 minutes to wrap
things up. All
you need are a few ballistae, some huntreses and archers, and
maybe a Dryad
for support. Wait until dark to attack. Note that they will
send some units at you, but nothing major.

The longer you wait, the more units the orcs will have. When I
launched my
actual attack they had a few more grunts as well as wyverns. So
prepare for
a larger force. You will need it. Try to have Tyrande learn
trueshot aura

When you are done with the Orc base, you now must face the
Guardians. The
first one you will see will be the fire guardian. The dryads
are extremely
useful here, so take advantage of their spells. Some level 4
Owlbears will
rush out from the cave. Follow the path and heal at the

The next target is the Ice guardian. It will case curse and
slow, so use
the Dryards well. Owlbears will rush out once again. The next
target is
the Lightning Guardian, which can cast slow. Same tactic
applies here.

Send Tyrande to the Clarion.

Furion awakens and summons Treants to decimate the undead.

Chapter 4: The Druids Arise:

"Two days later, deep in the winter spring valley..."

Mission Objectives:

Awaken Druids:
- Reach the Barrow Dens.
- Destroy the Corrupted Night Elf base.
- Bring Furion to Barrow Dens.

Optional Quests

Crazed Furbolgs:
- Kill the Furbolg Warlord.

Cursed Glade:
- Kill the Death Revenant to restore the forest.

You start of at the bottom right corner, with a small base.
Your target is
near the top right corner. There are five bases in your way.

This is a very air orientated map. To the north lies the Orcs,
of which you
cannot reach by land. Their main force consists of Wyverns,
which they will
attack your base with. Purple is directly to the east, also
They have a huge fleet of Frost Wyrms and Gargoyles, a base I
think the Elves
cannot raze at this point. Be warned that they will attack you
as well, so
have extreme anti-air defenses around.

To the north there is a fountain of health, guarded by three
Trolls. To the
left there are a few Furbolgs; they are the same ones from
Ashenvale, but
they have become corrupted. Thus, you must head out and destroy
the Furbolg

Head north and follow the path; it will be a large Furbolg
encampment. The
first area has Furbolg (level 4 X 5,) Furbolg tracker (level 6)
and Furbolg
Elder Shaman (level 7.) Head up and you will face Furbolg
(level 4 X 2,)
Furbolg Tracker (level 6,) Furbolg elder Shaman (level 7 X 3)
and the Warlord
(level 9.) Kill him to get Claws of Power.

Head back down to the south, then east. Two huntresses will
appear to warn
of danger. You must now destroy a human base (light blue) to
the southeast.

There is a paladin, Aurrius the Pure (level 4) there, as well as
a few footmen,
and the odd sorceress, priest and rifleman lying around. There
are two towers,
but they are at the exit of the base near the gate. To the
north there is
another light blue base, but it is all Griffins and Gyrocopter

The base is pretty easy to raze, and you should be used to it by
now. Head
through the south gate when you are done, and you will be
greeted by some
more reinforcements. Head south and take care of the ambush.
To the bottom
left corner there is a Level 10 Storm Wyrm behind some trees.
Use Furion
to summon Treants from the trees blocking your way to help out.
The Storm
Wyrm drops a Sobi mask. Follow the path to the right.

If you continue to the right to the bottm right corner of the
screen, the
Death Revenant will be there (level 8) with an assortment of
Wraiths and
Ghosts. The Death Revenant has the Vampric aura, which allows
units around
it to leech life (thanks to Adam Hewitt for clarifying this.)
Kill him to
restore the forest and complete the optional quest.

Head to the north when you are done. You will run into a
corrupted Night
Elf base. A new objective will be given, and Ballistae are the
way to go.
There are plenty of static defenders, as well as Satyr and
Corrupted Treants.
The Dryads and Huntresses should take good care of them. Use
archers if you
need to. There is a Satyr hero (Satyr Hellcaller, level 8.)

With that done, head up.

Furion will summon forth the Druids of the Talon. All three of
them. Yipee.
Now for the Druids of the Claw. Maybe there will be more than
two this time.

Chapter 5: Brothers in Blood:

"The next morning, within the subterranean Barrow Deeps of Mount

Mission Objectives:

Awaken Druids:
- Discover the location of the Barrow Deeps
- Tyrande Whisperwind must survive.
- Furion Stormrage must survive.

Free Illidan
- Locate Illidan's Prison.
- Defeat the Watchers.
- Tyrande Whisperwind must survive.

Optional Quests:

Bear Necessities:
- Get water from the Fountain of life.
- Return the filled vial to the Furbolgs.

Another maze map, so I will list only boss or strong enemies.
Head south.
There will be an upper route to the top left; take it and kill
the kobolds.
There is another one on the right, but with wendigoes.

Head south and kill the Giant spiders (Blood Mother, level 8.)
There is
actually little, if any variation in the path you can take.
Head south and
you will see a defiled fountain. Giant spiders will be popping
out everywhere,
and Tyrande will comment on Demons bile causing this.

Continue the path to find some Furbolgs and the optional quest.
the path. The first path upwards leads to some wraiths and
archers. The
next niche leads to Lightning Lizard (level 2 x 3) and Thunder
Lizard (level
6) as well as the fountain you need. Bring the vial holder near
it and return
to the Furbolgs. You will get the Talisman of the wild as a

Head back to the path and continue. After a cut scene, Tyrande
will run off.
Follow the path until you reach the circle of power. At the top
of that bit
though, you will find some giant mushrooms.

Mr. Scott Benoit has a tip for this section:

"About half way down between the start and the defiled fountain
of life,
on the right side of the map is a rather large patch of
mushrooms. A couple
casting's worth of treants later reveals a path strewn with
bones and a short
cutscene, leading to the World's Biggest Panda (Level 10 of
course). Kill
it to get a Necklace of Spell Immunity."

Summon some treants from the far top bit to use the Treants to
kill the Sludge
monster. It will drop a wand of negation. To the bottom, there
are more
mushrooms. The left turn leads to lots of skeletons. The
bottom mushroom
leads to a small, hidden circle of power. Head through it and
you will be
warped to a small area. Ahead is a level 8 Ice Revenant and 4
Level 3 Skeleton
archers that will drop the Robe of Magic. Head through the
gateway to return
and head to the circle when you are done.

Continue right along the bridge and kill the Watchers. They
will drop a claw
of attack. The south path leads to a fountain of mana. Head
north to proceed.
Notice that there are Black dragon whelps (level 3.)

A cut scene will play, where the Druids of the Claw have lost to
the feral
side. They will attack you, but at any time if you kill any,
the mission
will end. Use cyclone or entangle like the game suggests. Run
like hell
through the maze. It is a single path way, but there are gates
in the way.
Just run to the end and enter the circle. Control will shift to

Right off the bat, the Watchers will rush you. The south path
leads to a
few gates, and a Tome of knowledge. Find the end of this route
and attack
the pedestal to get the item. Head back out when you are done
(back to bottom
path.). Head to the left; the bottom cage has three huntresses,
and a circle
of power is to the north; activate it and return to where you

The Top path is next, and it is quite simple. When you activate
the second
circle of power, return to where you started and go through the
newly opened

The path is pretty simple here too. Turn downwards when you
reach the bottom,
where there are some asleep watchers. Break open the gate to
get new weapons,
boosting your stats considerably. Return to the main corridor
and follow
it to the end. There are a few prisoners to save here. The
first one on
the left, you need to destroy the green egg pods; each one
destroyed will
release one prisoner. Thanks to Victoria Vanderson for this

Head north through the way gate.

Follow the path downwards. Continue down at the T intersection.
Inside you
will get some useful land mines. Head back out and follow the

You will notice that the Enemies here are traveling in a circle.
This is
where the mines come in. Quickly place a mine when there aren't
enemies around
to damage them. When they are used up, slay them.

Head up. There are more units, with Califax (keeper of the
grove level 3)
guarding the prison cell, along with two watchers. This is a
good time to
use Tyrande's new Starfall spell...

Defeat them and the scenario ends.

Furion is angry that Illian is free. Tyrande pleads for them to
put aside
their sibling rivalry for now to deal with the burning legions.

Chapter 6: A Destiny of Flame and Sorrow

"The following evening, deep in the corrupted forest of

Mission Objectives:

The Skull of Gul'Dan
- Destroy the Demon Gate guarding the Skull
- Bring Illidan to the Skull
Destroy Tichondrius
- Destroy Tichondrius with your newfound powers.

This map doesn't have that much opposition. Instead, it is in
the form of
Burning Legion units. To the northeast of your base lies a
Corrupted Ancient
(orange) base. They aren't actually that well defended, and the
is pretty small. There is a Skeleton king Hero (level 9) and a
few undead.
To the northwest lies Green, another Corrupted Ancient base.
They are much
better defended, with lots of Corrupted Ancient of Protections
lying about.
Most of the forces there are Stayrs. Directly west lies a
Goblin Merchant,
guarded by spiders.

Build up your defenses quickly, sine Green will attack right off

the bat.
Build up a sizeable force and raze orange (for the experience.)
You could
do the same to Green too, but bring some Ballistae and Dryads
along for the
Satyrs and Protectors.

Your first target is to the North West. There are six
Doomguards, three
Felhounds, and two Infernals guarding the base. Bring what you
think will
be the most useful.

When you are ready head there. To the northeast corner lies
but he is too strong (level 10) for the time being.

Take care of the burning legions and destroy the gate. Illidan
will claim
the skull for his own, transforming into a Demonic being. Only
Illidan can
damage Tichondrius, so be sure not to waste your units. You
could probably
win by just sending him and a few Druids. With his death the
mission ends.

Tyrande and Furion find Illidan, shocked at what he has become.
banishes his brother from the forests forever.

Interlude: The Last Guardian:

"Two days later, in a tranquil glade of Mount Hyjal..."

Furion and Tyrande are waiting in a glade, discussing the dream
that summoned
Furion there. Furion speaks of a mystical raven that came to
his dream.

Thrall and Jaina appear, also summoned by the mysterious Raven.
Tyrande is
obviously unhappy with the intruders, and the Prophet shows up
just in time.

He tells of the purpose for the Legion; the prophet himself.
Many years ago
the wizard Medivh open the gate that allowed the Orcs into this
world, the
same pathway that allowed Demons to cross.

Now it is time for Medivh, the prophet, to unite the forces to
defeat that
which threatens all life itself...

Chapter 7: Twilight of the Gods

"The next morning, near Hyjal Sumit.
The NightElven, Orcs, and Humans gather to plan their defense of

Mission Objectives:

Delay Archimonde:
- Delay Archimonde for 45 minutes.
- Archimonde must not reach the mountain summit.

Archimonde is after the Life Tree, the source of the Elven's
The combined forces plan their defense of the mountain to slow
down Archimonde
so Furion's plan will work.

The summit is the Circle of power to the top right of your base,
near the
gates. The undead base is at the bottom left corner, and their
path will
first reach the human settlement (Light blue) then the Orcs
(red) then finally
the Elven base (white.)

This is a purely defense map. It is near impossible to destroy
the Undead
base, as it can spawn infinite Burning Legion units (almost
actually.) Not
to mention that Archimonde is posing near the entrance, it is
pretty difficult
to gain entry.

Your first immediate task is to have a defense ready. Plug
Ancient of
Protector around strategic locations of the map, mainly the
entrance of the
bases. Next, mass up a large army, preferably balanced since
the undead will
mix up their units, hurling about mixed groups of 20 or so

The first task will be to hold the human settlement for as long
as possible.
The human base has a certain indentation that you could use as a
funnel to
flank the enemies, but be sure to have wisps on hand to repair
the Ancients.
Note that Shandria and Tyrande are there, so it helps a lot

Note that your heroes can die, since you can resurrect them at
the altar
(costly though.) Your general plan should be to have Furion
join the other
heroes. The Dryards make good support units, but keep your main
focus on
defense. Ballistae with the impalement upgrade are great, as
well as mounted
Hippogryphs. The gold mine will run out, but there is another
one to the
west. Don't forget you have two other allies to distract the
undead. If
you want, you could use some Hippogryphs to battle against the
Frost Wyrms
that they send. Usually they won't send more than 4 or 5.
Gargoyles on the
other hand number about 8-10 per attack.

There are several mercenary camps around your base. There are
two just south,
and another one to the north. You can hire some Furbolgs and
Trolls if you
wish, but they still take up resources.

The first half of the map isn't really that difficult. Mostly a
mix of normal
units. Try to make good use of your spells. Tranquility is a
good spell
to use, as well as the Druid's Roar.

However, near the 20 minute mark, Undead heroes will start
appearing. There
are three heroes that they use; Anktheron (level 10 Dreadlord,)
Azgala (level
10 Pit Lord) and Rage Winterchill (level 10 Lich.) Also notice
that wisps
will start gathering at the Life Tree.

Towards the 10 minute mark, multiple undead heroes will start
attacking you.
The Druid of the Talon's Cyclone ability is useful here,
allowing you to
focus on the fodder before concentrating on the Hero. By now
the human
settlement should be razed, or at least badly damaged. Move to
the orc base
if you need to, since you pretty much will need to.

Towards the last few minutes, the pace will pick up so there
will be a wave
every 30 seconds or less. In the final Minute, Archimonde
himself will start
the ascent to the summit. This is more of a stalling game.
Just flood the
hell out of him, slamming every spell and attack you have on
him. You should
be able to wait out the full last minute here. Once you do, you
have finished
the Scenario, as well as the Nightelf Sentinel campaign and
Warcraft 3.

Furion's plan has worked. Playing on Archimonde's
overconfidence, he is
lured to the Tree of Life, where the Ancestral Spirits from all
over the
forest gather to the call of the Clarion. They disintegrate
Archimonde, and
in a massive blast, the conflagration razes the Tree of Life and
miles of
forest around the tree of life. Yet, almost immediately, the
roots of the
Tree start growing back.

Now that the Elvenkind have lost their immortality, how will
they live their

And thats it, I hope this walkthrough has been of some help to
Submitted By: Unknown
This is more for Skirmish missions than for the actual

To Train up your Hero(es), unite them with a small group of
footmen, no less than 5. Then look for mines or special
buildings. Monsters normally stay around them. Go and attack them
and your Hero will grow in experience. I normally start by giving
a hero physical powers or duplicate powers rather than spells.
Close combat is the best!

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