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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Super Monkey Ball 2"

This game is also available on N64.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Super Monkey Ball 2 (Gamecube)
Submitted By: phi11ip
Pro Skaters

Easy level, just hit the pause switch when the first skater (finish post) is in an accessible place on the map. Drop down and go through the finish.

Giant Comb

Quite difficult if you can't get a good rythm going. Just go up to the comb and every time the comb goes past you, move into the space between the pink lines in front of you. If you're feeling lucky, just go striaght through, it is possible.


Fairly easy if you take it slowly. Just roll down the slopes staying to the side of the level, but keep your speed down. On the upwards part, just take it slowly and be careful of the thin stretch just before the finish.

Dynamic Maze

Very easy. Once the maze parts lift up, just move as fast as you can towards the finish and wait for the last bits to move up. All bits move, just some have a longer wait than other.

Triangle Holes

Looks hard, but is fairly easy! Just go as fast as you can towards the finish but slow down as soon as you cross the half way point. You'll bounce a lot but if you slow down towards the end you'll easily be able to direct yourself into the finish.


Yes, this level is a complete sod! You've got to use the launchers to launch yourself to the top of the tree trunk. Use the map to judge where you are located and try to land on the top of the top. If you miss you will die because the ball will just bounce off of the stage or just fly off! Once you make it to the top, just use the map to see where the finish is, (it rotates around the top) and fall off through it.


Easy level, just go straight forward but don't go too fast or you'll bounce off! Take it slowly and it's easy.

Coin Slots

Go to the furthest slot as it moves the slowest. Then just wait for it to go through the slot (really slowly!) and go forwards through the finish as it falls through. They go through upside-down so watch out.

Seesaw Bridges

Go fast over the bridges as they tilt left and right. Stay to the middle, go as fast as you can and when you need to, alternate between going left and right. If the bridge starts to tilt go to the opposite side to level it out.


A level of luck. Just wait for the goal to come around and then shoot across to the other side. If you fail, just try again, there's just luck to this level.
Submitted By: Blow stuff up,
World One

Jungle Island

1-5 conveyers-
This course consists lots of small conveyer belts and one big
one blocking your path to the goal. To cross it, simply dash
full pelt towards the goal form the start and your momentum will
carry you over.

1-10 Curve Bridge

Keep your pace up on the long the winding path or you�ll run out
of time, but make sure you stop at the end and wait for the
bridge to rise so that you can roll upwards and reach the goal.

World two

Volcanic magma

2-3 hoppers

Land on the fast forward button roll back and activate the play
button to slow the huge hoppers down.

2-8 inch worms

Activate play to give you a fighting chance. Only move when you
know you wont be flipped in the air.

2-9 Totalitarianism

Roll back and press play again. Now you can move between the
hoops before they come crashing down and knock you off the
platform. Aim for the bananas as they tend to be in safe areas,
meaning you have less to fear.

World Three

Under the ocean

3-2 reversible gear

Roll down and wait at the left side of the gear. Watch carefully
until you see a gap leading to the goal. Wait till the gear
stops momentarily, then roll quickly into the centre and towards
the goal. Nice and Easy!

3-4 dribbles

Press the play button behind your starting position. This will
slow down the huge bouncing blobs and make it easier to pass
underneath. Move carefully, checking the blobs� shadows to see
when they fall.

3-5 U.R.L

Your main challenge here is to avoid the huge U.R.L that smashes
across from the left to the right. Go a head start by dashing as
fast as possible and dodging to the safety on the right when the
U.R.L starts to move.

3-8 twister

When the tunnel flattens out dash halfway across. When the
tunnel starts moving again stop dead and rest on one of the flat
struts. Hold still then roll to the end once the floor in

World four

Inside a whale

4-2 giant comb

You can roll through this as quickly as possible, but you might
get knocked of the edge by the metal teeth. A safer bet is to
advance slowly, following the comb and rest between the pink

4-6 launchers

From the start, drop down and wait in front of the launcher on
the left, facing the central spine. When it shoots you in the
air land on the tower. Then drop down into the goal.

4-9 seesaw bridges

Stay as close to the centre of the boards as possible and weave
in and out of the obstacles in he centre to prevent the
platforms tilting to far either way.

4-10 arthropod

Simply wait for the goal to rotate into view in the centre of
the revolving cylinder, then dash as quickly as possible in a
straight line, avoiding the insect legs and the gaps in the

World five

5-2 free fall

Move just a couple of inches forward on the thin rail, then drop
off to the left. Try and twist as you fall so that you land on
one of the green platforms, then roll across and through the

5-4 mad shuffle
Press the play button and then go through the warp. Watch the
patterns of the platforms, then roll across the lower platform,
changing quickly between the two as you roll along.

5-5-bead screen
Press pause when the fronds stop flapping about so that they
form a platform. You�ll then be able to roll across towards the
goal before the start moving again. Easy when you know how.

sorry that this walkthrough is not yet finished but still it
should help you to about half way there.

hope you like it Grand theft ali

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