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Submitted By: Ninja_Reborn
Runescape, Beginners guide to Money

To Make Money, you need Money

This guide will give you a good insight into Runescape money and at the same time will also stop you from stampeding at rubbish that goblins drop. It's not only for newbies, but I'd say some people who have played for reasonably long time.

When I started doing this, it changed my view of GPs (Gold Pieces). I thought that having 100gp was a lot, but its rubbish, even at nooby level of 10. Before we start the guide, I just have to go through one rule; don't be afraid to spend money, because you will end up getting it back, in an increased form, or in the same or slightly less form. But if you do end up wasting some money, you'd find that it taught you not to do that mistake before. I'll stop with the small talk, and begin the guide.

In one of the guides I read before, it told me "To make money, you need money". Well I find that to be very true. Because you can't just start off a millionaire, a famous example of this is Bill Gates. He never somehow go so far without earning a bit of dough. So we are going to do exactly that.


The easiest way for you to make lots of GP is by collecting feathers. Yes, you heard correct. You get feathers from killing chickens; you also get raw chicken and bones. You can find chickens at the chicken farm near Lumbridge. Now, this would be not only a got opportunity to raise your money, but your prayer and cooking level too. Bury the bones, cook the chicken and collect the feathers.

Feathers are a gold mine. There are lots of people out there willing to give away at least 5gp each. Chickens drop at least around 5-10 feathers. As I said before, people are willing to 5gp each, do not sell it for any less. Members will buy them for 10-12gp each. Once you get a reasonable amount of feathers, letís say 500 then sell. You'd make 2500gp in a second. Do this a few more times, until you think you got a good amount of money.

Now that you've got around 12500gp, from doing the above five times; you can buy them yourself! In the chicken farm, there are a lot of people selling them for 1gp each. This is because they don't know the true value of feathers, and you can take advantage of that. Keep buy their feathers, they'd think you're giving them a grand deal.

You need to do this process quite a few times, until you make around 50k. Now that you probably have made around 50k, (congratulations, and good job keeping to the guide) I think you're just about ready to move on to the next step.


Lobsters. Yes Lobsters, not to fish, but to buy. People sell lobsters for 200gp each, which is like a fixed price; no one will buy it for more or less. But we are not going to buy for 200gp and sell for 200gp. We are going to buy it for a lot less, 45gp. WTF, is probably running through your mind, but you can buy it for that price.

Whilst exploring through a few places in Runescape, I stumbled upon Karamja. I heard it was a great place were none members fish Lobsters, so I went to see if I could buy some from them. The first time I went there, I was lost. But then I came across a general store. Since it was close to the fishing area, they sold Lobsters. They had quite a few, mostly a hundred at a time, which sold at 45gp each.

This brings me to another important point. Raw and cooked Lobsters. The difference is that people, who are looking for cooked lobsters, probably want it for eating. People, who want raw lobsters, want to cook it to raise their cooking level. They usually cost the same price. I'd buy them both.

[Quick Explanation: A general store is a store which will buy and sell anything from/to you.
You can get to Karamja buy heading to Port Sarim, where the dock is. Go to the docks, where the boats are, and ask the captain to travel to Karamja. The only catch is that you have to pay 30gp, it's a good investment. But all your travel fees are minute when you have your first 100k.]

I figured that people, who'd been fishing Lobsters there, had sold them to the shop. And now, again to take advantage of this opportunity.

Before you travel to Kamraja, visit the bank in Port Sarim, and drop off all your stuff, except your money. Now go to Kamraja. Once youíre their going forward until you past the first shop, then the second shop is the general store. Go into it, and trade him. Now with buying lobsters at the store there is one catch, the less number of items they have of something, the more they sell it for. If thatís the case, right click the lobsters and click on value item, if it's anything over 45gp, don't bother. All is not lost, go onto other non member world and check the prices again (different servers have different players, thus the shop will sell different things), you'll spawn in the same place so don't worry about going to Karamja again.

You'll probably get the Lobsters with ease, because the rarely sell in low stock. Once you get them, you'll probably want to put them in the bank. Don't try going to Karamja's bank, because 1) its too far, and 2) Itís only for members. You can now either go back by talking to the captain, from where you got to Karamja which will cost you 30gp again, or you can teleport home. I'd personally spend the small amount of 30gp, and it's quicker. So once you get back to Port Sarim, go to the bank, and unload all the Lobsters.

Again, do this till you have your first 100 (raw and cooked), then you can sell. There are few ways to find buyers. You could go to Lumbridge's bank, and just say that youíre selling Lobsters. Someone will eventually come to you, just don't give up. And if someone does, they will want to buy in bulk, so ready youíre 100 Lobsters! The other way is to go to the Official Runescape Forum, and search "Lobster". Lots of topics will appear, now you won't be able to post, but you can look. Click on the ones that say "buying lobsters" (obviously), and add the topic creator to your friends list. Youíre going to have to add a few people to your list, as some may not be online.

Once you get a buyer, ask them if they want more if they don't ask. They'll usually always want more; get the most out of them. You'll get the hang of this, eventually. But you'll find it's an easy way, but only fast if your an attentive player. I hope this will come in handy to you, as it did to me. Thanks for reading, and sorry for any mistakes.
Submitted By: Sonic Chris
Runescape can become an extremely addictive game, but at the start, you'll find yourself with few items and terrible skills. But don't be put off by this, Runescape is an investment, you have to spend time on it to reap the rewards of gold, expensive items and great skills. Make sure you don't spend hours on end everyday playing though. I myself have stopped playing Runescape, after inputting many hours, days, weeks and even years, but by the end, I felt as though I had suceeded in making my ideal character, despite not finishing all the quests.

You should also think about membership. Without becoming a member, this game becomes extremely bland after completing the main game, due to the lack of updates in the free world. Since joining Runescape about 5 years, not one free quest was added to the list of existing quests. A few have been added now though. The membership is what drew me off Runescape in the end, due to the ridiculous charges every month. But you should still consider membership if you're going to join this game.

Anyway, that's just abit of background info to assure you I know what I'm talking about. Now to the walkthrough. No, I'm not going to take you through every quest in the game, in fact I'm not going to take you through any quest, because it's part of the experience. I will assist in the hardest part of the game though, which is starting off.

So, you've just made a character, and find yourself on Tutorial island. Everybody starts here, even the legendary players, so don't feel down when you find yourself with just a shirt and some pants on, with no weapons in sight. Tutorial island is extremely easy, I don't think I need to take you through the entire island as it's self explanatory. Once you've left Tutorial island, you'll find yourself in Lumbridge, the newbie town. This is also the town that free members get teleported to when they die, so frequent visits might not necessarily be rememorable visits.

The best way to start on mainland Runescape is to talk to every computer character you can find, as Jagex have spent alot of time ensuring tutorials are easy to find and to follow. A little tip is to talk to the people wearing light blue, as from them you will recieve numerous weapons and runes to start you off. Don't try any quests yet, because you won't be prepared, so stray away from quest givers for now (look for blue stars on the minimap). I'd recommend making some money for a start. I remember starting off, and my ideal armour set being full iron armour with a longsword. You'll probably have similar aspirations at this point. In my opinion, the best way to make money is at first becoming a lapdog for higher level players. Just up the road from Lumbridge is a farm. Find the chickens by the farmhouse. Now chickens aren't particularly valuable, but their feathers are an ideal way to get some money. Chickens are relatively easy to kill, only have 30 hitpoints (used to be 3 when I did it, until the 10X multiplier was released). The feathers from the chickens are thankfully stackable. A stackable item is one which takes up one inventory slot, but can hold multiple numbers of the item, meaning you can stay and collect feathers as long as you want. The more feathers you collect, the more money you'll recieve.

Try and collect around 100 feathers (each bird drops around 3 feathers, so it shouldn't take too long). Once you have your feathers, visit the Grand Exchange in Varrock (use your map and find your way there - you'll need the experience of using the map to get around, and eventually you won't need the map). Sell your feathers. They should be bought extremely quick, due to their use in fly-fishing by high level players. You should have around 1600 gp, enough to buy a decent bronze or iron armour set with a weapon. If you need more money, just go and collect more feathers. Once you're done kitting yourself out, go back to Lumbridge. Start to fight the goblins near the river to get your Strength, Attack, Defence and Hitpoint levels up.

Training is something I can't assist you with. You just have to spent time doing it, it's that simple. I advise changing combat types every so often, to gain experience in each skill, and also watch those hitpoints! If you find yourself down to 2 hitpoints, retreat and regain your health.

So you've got a bit stronger since leaving Tutorial Island. Now to start doing some quests. As I said, I won't help with the completion of the quests, but I will give the locations of the easiest quests to get you started.

-Cook's Assistant - Cook in Lumbridge Castle
-Romeo and Juliet - Juliet in her house (Western Varrock)
-Sheep Shearer - Fred the Shearer (Northwest Lumbridge)

These are the basic steps to start Runscape, in terms of setting up financially and growing your character. There are of course other skills, such as cooking, mining, and many others, but alot of quests teach you how to use these skills

Why shouldn't I start my Runescape life as an Archer or Mage?

You should only consider Ranging and Maging once you've got abit of money. Unlike Melee combat, Ranging and Maging cost money as you use them, via buying arrows and runes for combat. At the start, you will not be able to upkeep the cost.

Are there any cheats to speed up the process?

Runescape has absolutely no cheats. The closest thing to cheats are macros, which play the game for you, but these are against the rules, and if caught, you will be banned. Do not use macros.

Why shouldn't I begin any quests from the very start?

It's not that you shouldn't, but the majority of quests have requirements for you to meet, which you will not have at the start of the game.

I've just been teleported away from what I was doing. Why?

You've probably just experienced your first random event. These events usually require you to complete some sort of challenge, and by completing the challenge, you will be rewarded. But by failing the challenge, you may be punished, so be careful

If I log out before I die in combat, will I be fine when I log back in?

No, you will lose everything but your 3 most valuable items and will have spawned in Lumbridge. Never log out during combat.

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