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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind"

This game is also available on PC and Xbox.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (Xbox)
Submitted By: Hannard
The Elder Scrolls: Two Steps Forward One Step Back - moving from Oblivion to Morrowind.

If you enjoyed playing The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion you might be tempted, as I was, to visit or revisit the previous game in the series, Morrowind. It's available for the PC and X-Box as both regular and 'game of the year' editions. The latter is the version to go for as it contains far few bugs than the first version, and also sports the Tribuneral and Bloodmoon expansion packs. However, there are a lot of significant differences between Morrowind and Oblivion, other than just the storyline. While Oblivion is in my opinion a more enjoyable game, Morrowind is a much more complex offering that's more likely to please hardcore RPG fans? So if you've finished with Oblivion and you're planning on playing Morrowind, you would do well to read this mini-guide, which details some of the differences you should be aware of.


You'll run into a wide range of monsters in Morrowind, some which attack with their clars, others which hurl spells at you, and some who can do both these things - just like in Oblivion, in fact. But in Oblivion, as your character becomes more powerful and levels up, the monsters do to. Which means that monsters should always be challenging, but defeatable. Whether this is a good thing or not is open to debate, but there's no such system in Morrowind. Which means that you may well encounter enemies who can annihilate you in two seconds flat. So if you wander into a dungeon and find yourself getting your backside kicked, it's a good idea to get the hell out and try again when your character is a higher level. Certainly, you shouldn't tackle the Bloodmoon or Tribuneral expansion pack areas till you're at least level ten. On the plus side, unlike Oblivion, Morrowind monsters and enemies can't follow you out of buildings or caverns so just leaving a dungeon will give you the chance to rest.


Morrowind's weapons skill system is much more complex than Oblivion's. Instead of having just a few weapon skills such as blunt and blade, Morrowind has short blade skills, long blade skills and more. Which means that you can't just specialize in using a pointy metal thing. You have to specialize in either using a dagger, sword, or two-handed sword, and being good at using a dagger doesn't mean you'll be any good with a sword. So make sure all the weapons you're carrying are appropriate for your specialisation, otherwise you could end up left with a weapon that you're rubbish at using.


Contracting vampirism in Morrowind gives you a bunch of stat bonuses, as in Oblivion. But whereas in Oblviion feeding makes the surface signs of vampirism go away, in Morrowind every knows you're a vampire. So not only does sunlight kill you, most people will refused to trade with you and guards will usually attack you on sight. There are a few vampire quests to complete, but none of them really go anywhere or give you any kind of big rewards, so vampirism is less useful than in Oblivion.


Unlike Oblivion, you can't fast travel between locations, nor can you buy a horse, which is a shame as the landscapes much much bigger than Oblivion's play area. If you're in a city, you can go to a Silt Strider platform and get transported to another city, but not to another location. And if you're a vampire, the Silt Strider owners won't even speak to you. On the plus side, you can buy spells to let you levitate and you can float over towards your destination. Though if you're thinking of picking up and using the scrolls you find of the wizard that falls from the sky near the beginning of the game, don't. There's a pretty good reason that he landed on his head - he's a rubbish wizard, and you should leave his stuff well alone.


Morrowind has a far greater number of factions and quests than Oblivion does, although whereas in Oblivion you can join all the factions, you'll find that some of the factions in Morrowind won't let you join if you're already members of others. And while Morrowind does have more quests, the ones in Oblivion tend to be more interesting.


While Oblivion does have the odd bug, Morrowind has quite a lot. While it's not so heavily bugged as to be unplayable, unlike its predecessor Daggerfall, even the Game of the Year edition has several quests that are sometimes break. The Spriggan quest in the Bloodmoon expansion pack, for example, is often uncompletable because the creatures you're supposed to kill don't all turn up. So remember to save often and you should be able to backstep.


As an RPG, Morrowind will take much longer to complete than Oblivion and there's much more to do. However, it's not as much fun as Oblivion, with its roving non-player characters and well written quests. It's worth trying both, especially now you can pick up Morrowind and the expansion packs for about a tenner. Just don't complain when you're sacked from your job for taking a six week long sickie to finish them both.
Submitted By: codename: 47
The East Empire Company Quests
The East Empire Company Quests, which are generally linear and time sequenced. Be sure to ask frequently about promotion. These quests once started, are generally triggered by a Journal entry telling you to check in with the company/colony.

You start these by visiting the Factor [Carnius] who has an office upstairs in the Shrine at Ft. Frostmoth. In this series, all quests are from either Carnius (at the Fort) or Falco (at the colony site). You do a good deal of running back and forth, so use the boat, or a combination of Mark and Recall plus Divine Intervention)

Establish the Mine:

Your first job is to bring the three miners near the docks of Fort Frostmoth to Raven Rock. Speak to the miners(Gidar, Gamin, and Sabinus) and they will be very happy to go with you to Raven Rock. Save often! You must make sure that the miners do not die!! If they die you should reload. When you arrive at Raven Rock, you will see a man named Falco Galenus. Speak to him and he will be glad the miners arrived safely.
Falco then gives you a quest and 1 piece of Raw Ebony. You must get 4 more pieces and bring them to Carnius. Look around the rocks behind him, there is a plentiful amount! Bring the five pieces to Carnius, and he will tell you to return to him in a day.

Journal Console commands for this quest:

Journal CO_1 10
”Carnius has instructed me to escort several men to the mining site. I should find Gidar Verothan by the dock south of the fort.”
Journal CO_50
”I have delivered the ebony to Carnius and completed my assignment. I should return in three days' time for my next assignment. ”

A Blocked Door:

When you return next day, Carnius then directs you to go to Falco for your next assignment. Falco wants you to tell Hroldar the Strange to leave the Raven Rock Site. Hroldar is located at the entrance to the mine. Speak to Hroldar the Strange, and says he will not leave, tell Falco this. Falco wants you to make Hroldar the Strange leave by punching him, not by killing. Once you punch Hroldar enough, he will leave the colony alone. Falco then Rewards you, then you must tell Carnius, and he will be satisfied.

Journal Console commands for this quest:

Journal CO_2 10
”Carnius has asked me to check on Falco at the site, since there is apparently some sort of problem. ”
Journal CO_2 100
”Carnius was thrilled to find out that Hroldar the Strange was dead, and thanked me for a job well done. ”

Missing Supply Ship:

Carnius then wants you to look for a missing Supply ship. Go see Falco, who wants you to talk to the people around the Village and ask them about the missing Supply ship. Gamin Girith claims to have a seen a light off the coast to the northwest, Tell Falco and he then wants you to look for it. The ship is on the coast, northwest of the earth stone. Bring the only surviver, Apronia Alfena (Be sure to get her back to the colony OK, since you will need her later) back, and then tell Falco, and he wants you to tell Carnius. Carnius is furious and sends for another ship.

Journal Console commands for this quest:

Journal CO_3a 10
”Falco has said that he will pay for any pick axes I can salvage from the shipwreck. ”
Journal CO_3a 20
”I've turned in several pick axes from the shipwreck; Falco doesn't need anymore. He thanked me for salvaging them. ”

Setting up Shop:

You are then asked whether you want to have a Smith or a Trader in your Colony, this is easy, all you have to do is ask around the Colony what the people prefer, then choose what you want and it will be built. Then you have to speak to Falco, and he wants you to tell Carnius of your Decision.

Journal Console commands for this quest:

Journal CO_4 20
”I've been asked my opinion on whether a smith or a trader should be brought into the colony. I should ask the colonists what they think, then report my decision. ”
Journal CO_4 30
”It was my decision that a smithy should be built in the colony. Construction should begin shortly, but I need to inform Carnius of the decision. ”
Journal CO_4 40
”It was my decision that a trader's outpost should be built. Construction should begin shortly, but I need to inform Carnius of the decision. ”

Supply Route Problems:

Carnius then wants you to talk to Falco about the problem with the supply ship. Falco tells you of a guy named Baro Egnatius, the ship’s captain, who wants to get an Extra Payment, and Falco does not want him to have it. Baro Egnatius will not budge and still demands the Payment when you confront him. Falco then suggests you to speak with Apronia, the survivor of the other supply ship. Speak to her, and she gives you Elberoth's saber. Falco wants you to equip it and pull it out, and talk to Baro Egnatius. Talk to Baro with the saber equipped and he says sorry and thinks you killed Elberoth, and he leaves. Falco is pleased as well as Carnius about the situation.

Journal Console commands for this quest:

Journal CO_5 10
”There's some sort of problem with the new supply ship at the colony. Carnius has asked me to check in with Falco and deal with it. ”
Journal CO_5 70
”Carnius was grateful that the situation with the supply ship had been resolved, and thanked me for dealing with it. ”
Journal CO_5 80
”Falco thanked me for straightening out the situation with Baro. ”

Making a Choice:

At this point you must choose whether to be with Carnius or Falco, Falco is the better choice unless you are entirely evil (you also get an estate of your own with Falco). Falco wants this colony to work out and succeed, but Carnius wants the whole colony dead. Both paths are shown here, Falco first:

Journal Console commands for this quest:

Journal CO_Choice 22
”Falco has asked me to help him keep Carnius in check as the colony grows. I should be careful in taking sides, but he wants me to consider aiding him”.
Journal CO_Choice 40
”I have agreed to help Falco. I should report to him for assignments from now on. ”
Journal CO_Choice 25
”Carnius has offered me power and wealth if I help him achieve his goals for the colony. I should be careful in taking sides. ”
Journal CO_Choice 50
”I have agreed to help Carnius. I should report to him for assignments from now on. ”

The “Working for Falco” Quest Path

To Catch a Thief:

Falco tells you of a man, Uryn Maren, who is supposily stealing Raw Ebony from the mine. Falco gives you the key to Uryn Maren’s house; you are to look in his chest to see if there is ebony in his chest. The chest is EMPTY. Tell Falco, and he wants you to follow Uryn Maren, in the mine to see if he is stealing. You will meet him close to the mine entry, follow him, MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT COUGHT!!!, and he goes into the supply room where he shouldn't be. Tell Falco, he wants you to confront Carnius. Carnius denies the theft, and when you return, Uryn Maren is found dead in the store room. At this point, Falco becomes suspicius of Carnuis.

Journal Console commands for this quest:

Journal CO_6 10
”Falco believes that Uryn Maren is stealing ore from the colony mine, and wants me to bring him proof of the theft. ”
Journal CO_6 65
”I informed Falco that I caught Uryn Maren in the mines. I now need to take the news to Carnius. ”

Journal CO_6 70
”Carnius denies having any involvement with Uryn's theft, and says Uryn Maren will be dealt with.”
Journal CO_6 80
”Uryn Maren was found dead in the store room where he was being held. With no evidence, and no witness, we'll have to find some other way to get Carnius. ”

Bar Brawl:

This quest is only in the “Falco path”. You must calm Seler Favelnim, inside the bar. He has apparently gone crazy and needs to settle, so the bar is safe. Dralora Favelnim, begs you not to hurt her husband, outside the bar. Seler Favelnim wants you to try and kill him, do not fight back and Seler Favelnim will eventually tire out. Seler Favelnim agrees to live in his home and live the rest of his years with his family. Falco is happy in what you have done, as is Dralora..

Journal Console commands for this quest:

Journal CO_7 10
”Falco needs me to deal with Seler Favelnim, who's on some sort of rampage at the Raven Rock bar. ”
Journal CO_7 80
”Falco was satisfied that Seler Favelnim had been taken care of. ”
Journal CO_7 110
”Carnius didn't mind that I'd killed Seler Favelnim, and thanked me for dealing with him. ”

Discovery in the Mine:

Falco says that he workers in the mine have discovered a strange block of Ice in the mines. You are to speak with Graring who is southwest of Skaal Village, about the ice. When you arrive, they will be under attack. Defeat the assassin, (actually, just be careful not to whack Graring or his people while helping defeat the assassin) and Graring tells you the ice is called "Stalhrim" and is very valuable and gives you an Ancient Nordic Pick Axe, which you must use to chip off a piece of ice. You will find this ice deep in the mine at the colony, in a very dark area. Bring the Ice back and Graring tells you his two friends can sculpt Weapons and Armor out of the Ice, tell Falco and he is happy that the Nords have helped.

Journal Console commands for this quest:

Journal CO_8 10
”Falco informed me of a strange block of ice found in a burial cavern discovered in the mine. He's asked me to go speak to Graring, one of the local Nords about it. He and his companions can be found at the junction of the Harstrad and Islid rivers to the northeast of here. ”
Journal CO_8 60
”Falco is glad the Nords are willing to work with us, and has instructed me to bring Graring all the Stalhrim I can find. ”

Race Against the Clock:

The quest is time critical, so make as separate save at the start. This one is a mess. You can’t just kill Carnius, much as he may deserve it by this time. Save. Each try, you have to go see Constans Atrius to find out where Carnius is, and so, you go through the trap. As far as I can see, you do this once and get trapped, so you know what happens and then you just work our a way to deliver the report to Carnius on time. (don’t forget, one can get healed at a shrine alter)
Carnius will be one of three random places, on the shore, East of the huge stone arch you find on your right, as you go up the right bank of the Iggnir River, or at the shipwreck you discovered, or at the Brodir Grove. (remember, Divine intervention, and mark and recall both work here.)(Also, shield or reflect is nice) When you bring the report to carnius on time, Falco is happy, if you don't make it, you are fired from EEC and may not be Re-hired.

Razing the Forest and Problem With Roots:

This quest set is also unique to the “Falco thread”. You are to eliminate the Spriggans from Raven Rock. You are told they are in the grove to the East, but they are actually in the town area. There are 4 of them, 2 behind the Vacant house, 1 behind the bar, and 1 near the bar. Keep killing Spriggans until you get a journal update and then tell Falco.
Then speak to Unel Lloran, who tells you of trees that must be cut down to build more of the Colony, but they won't get destroyed. Speak to the miners, and they tell you of a passage they found that had roots in it. Look in the Abandoned Passage, and tell Unel Lloran of the Roots. Show Unel Lloran the roots, and he wants you to get 5 portions of bittergreen petals. Bring the bittergreen petals to him and then tell Falco, and he is happy the trees are being dealt with.

Journal Console commands for this quest:

Journal CO_9 10
”Falco has told me I must deliver a report to Carnius at the fort within the next five hours. ”
Journal CO_9 60
”Falco thanked me for being able to deliver the report on time. ”

Hiring Guards:

Another unique Falco Quest: The Colony needs some guards, and Falco wants you to hire as many as you can. There are three potential guards: 1) Afer Flaccus-located in the Bar 2) Gratian Caerellius-located in the mine near the Stalhrim and 3) Garnas Uvalen-located near the Vacant house. Tell Falco that you have hired guards, and wait 3-5 days...OUSIDE OF RAVEN ROCK, to get your next quest.

Protect Falco:

Falco is concerned that someone is trying to assassinate him. 3 assassins try to kill Falco and run off, your 3 guards try and help you also. (try not to kill any of your own guards) Kill the attackers, and tell Falco, and he is pleased.

The Unmasking (and end) of Carnius :

Falco then asks you to get Silver longswords from Constans Atrius at Fort Frostmoth. Go there and take the Silver Longswords back to Falco.
Falco then tells you that the Skaal have come and tried to kill the Colony, the people of the colony have brought the Skaal into the Mine. Go in the Mine and kill all the "Skaal", one has an important note, and take the note to Falco. Falco wants you to take the note to Carnius. Confront Carnius with the note, and he will attack you, kill Carnius, and Falco will be very happy that you have killed him and names you Factor!!

Journal Console commands for this quest:

Journal CO_13 10
“Falco has asked me to travel to Fort Frostmoth and collect several silver longswords from Constans Atrius.”
Journal CO_13 70
“Falco has named me as the new Factor of the Raven Rock division of the East Empire Company.”
The Factor's Estate:

You may only get your own Estate if you side with Falco, since the colony will not exist if you side with Carnius:

Talk again to Falco about "assignment" and Falco tells you that the Colony needs an Estate for the Factor. He wants you to speak with Aldam Berendus, at Raven Rock. Aldam Berendus tells you to choose between the 3 sites he has marked with a Torch. Bring Aldam Berendus to the site you want and it will take 3-5 days to build the estate...YOU MUST BE OUTSIDE OF RAVEN ROCK!!!.. The stronghold sites are all in the colony area. Save and try all three if you want to. When you wait, go away (take the boat to Ft. Frostmoth and sleep in the Factor's bed if you want(it is yours now) for about 3 days) You will get a journal update. If you stay around or just wait, it will take a very long time. When it is finished you own Raven Rock (in effect, it becomes another stronghold for you) and you get your own Private Estate!!
This ends the “Working for Falco” thread and the Colony quests, unless you have chosen the alternate path as shown below.
The “Working for Carnius” (evil) Path
This starts after “Making a Choice, if you choose at that point, to work for Carnius.

Aiding and Abetting:

Carnius wants you to clear Uryn Maren (a miner at the colony, who works for Carnius) of his thefts, and take the ebony out of his chest. Take out the ore and return to Carnius, Carnius then wants you to tell Uryn Maren to steal more ore, you are to distract the guard and let Uryn Maren steal the ore from the supply room. When the task is complete, speak to carnius and he will be pleased.

Journal Console commands for this quest:

Journal CO_6a 10
”Carnius has asked me to help cover up Uryn Maren's theft of ore from the mines. I need to find the locked chest in his house and get the ore out. ”
Journal CO_6a 50
”Uryn Maren has completed his task. I should report back to Carnius. ”
Journal CO_6a 60
”Carnius was pleased that Uryn Maren was able to get the job done. ”

Discovery in the Mine: :

Carnius wants you to go and kill the three Nords southwest of Skaal Village and retrieve the Ancient Nordic Pick Axe. Then you are to go to the colony mine and take a piece of the “Ice” they have found deep in the mine and give it to him. Carnius then offers you Weapons and Armor for any more Ice you bring him.

Journal Console commands for this quest:

Journal CO_8a 10
”Carnius has ordered me to find three Nords living just south of the fork between the Harstrad and Isild rivers. I'm to kill all of them, and retrieve the pick axe they should have. ”
Journal CO_8a 50
”Carnius thanked me for bringing him the Stalhrim. He has offered to give me weapons and armor in exchange for any more Stalhrim I bring him. ”

Stop the Messenger:

Carnius wants you to kill a messenger, but make it look like the wolves have done it. Hroldar takes you to a spot where the messenger will arrive. You have to look for the messenger, agree to help him to get to Fort Frostmoth, but bring him to Hroldar’s wolves instead and let them kill the messenger. Hroldar gives you a package from Carnius, and then, you tell Carnius the messenger is dead.

Journal Console commands for this quest:

Journal CO_9a 10
”I've been tasked with eliminating a messenger sent from the colony, but I must make it appear that wolves overtook the man. I'm to follow Hroldar out into the wilderness, then lure the man to the location. ”
Journal CO_9a 50
”The messenger has met with an "unfortunate accident". I should report to Carnius. ”
Journal CO_9a 90
”Carnius was happy to hear that both Hroldar and the messenger had been eliminated. ”

The Assassin:

Carnius wants you to go on the top of the mining tower and shoot a bolt. When Falco is killed return to Carnius and he is very pleased.

Journal Console commands for this quest:

Journal CO_12a 10
Carnius has instructed me to assassinate Falco. There will be someone waiting for me to be ready; I should go to the top of the mining office tower and draw the bow that has been left for me. That will signal to Baslod that he should proceed.
Journal CO_12a 40
I have killed Falco.
Journal CO_12a 50
Carnius congratulated me on a job well done.

Drastic Measures:

Carnius wants you to deliver some equipment to a bunch of Nords, who have arrived to Solstheim, who are assigned to slaughter the colonists of Raven Rock, and make it look like the natives have done it. You give the equipment to everyone except for Toralf. Toralf tells you that Carnius wants him to kill you, and they attack you. When they are dead, confront Carnius, and he is angry and attacks you. When you kill Carnius, Constans Atrius then makes you Factor of Raven Rock.
This ends the “Working for Carnius” thread.

Journal Console commands for this quest:

Journal CO_13a 10
Carnius has asked me to deliver equipment to a group of Nords arriving on Solstheim. He's hired them to slaughter the colonists at Raven Rock, making it appear as if the natives did it.
Journal CO_13a 50
Carnius attacked me when I confronted him with what Toralf told me. I was forced to kill him.
Journal CO_13a 60
Constans Atrius named me Factor of the Raven Rock division of the East Empire Company.

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