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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind"
(PC Games)

This game is also available on Xbox and Xbox.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (PC Games)
Submitted By: Dadio500
Section 4: Blades Quest

The Blades quests are the quests for the main story line of the game. There are many more quests throughout the game, but these are the quests that you need to complete to beat the game. There is no time limit, and you may complete other quests while doing these quests.

Note: the areas that say you should be promoted in rank are assuming you meet the skill requirements for the promotion.

4.1: Deliver a Package

After finishing your character, Socuelus Ergalla in the Census and Excise Office in Seyda Neen will ask you to deliver a package to a man named Caius Cosades in a town named Balmora.

Go to the Silt Strider (the giant tick) and pay the operator to take you to Balmora. Caius is located in a house in the northeast corner of town on the east side of the river that divides the town.

Upon delivering the package, Caius will induct you into the Blades and give you 200 gold to equip yourself before giving you your orders.

4.2: Dwemer Puzzle Box

After getting equipped, return to Caius and ask about your "orders". Caius will mention that he needs information from a man named Hasphat Antabolis in the Balmora Fighters Guild. Caius will also mention that you will most likely need to do a favor for Hasphat before he will tell you anything. Before you go, Caius will give you access to any books in his house.

To get to the Fighters Guild, cross the northernmost bridge to the west side of town, go up the first flight of stairs and turn south before you get to the second flight. The Fighters Guild is on the left, and Hasphat is downstairs in the lower level. Once you speak with Hasphat you will find out that he will be happy to give up the information.... For a price. He requests you to retrieve a Dwemer Puzzle Box from a ruin named Arkngthand.

To get to Arkngthand, head south out of town past the Silt Strider port, then cross the bridges east over the Odai River. At the signpost, head north towards Caldera. Immediately on the right you will see a signpost for Molag Mar, turn right and head uphill on an old road to cross an ancient Dwemer Bridge over Foyada Mamaca (note that a wizard will attack you the first time you cross this bridge, he will summon a skeleton, defeat the wizard and both will disappear). The entrance is on the east side of the foyada, south of the bridge. Turn a crank on a pipe nearby to open the door.

To find the cube, follow the rocks on the side of the wall all the way to the bottom floor of the room. There will be rocks in front of you, climb them until you are on the second floor on the west side of the cavern. Go through the door into the "Cells of Hollow Hand" (If you follow the above directions you should end up in the Cells of Hollow Hand near the beginning of the dungeon, not deep within the dungeon). Defeat the guy inside, his name is Boss Citra (if he is not in the room, then you are in the wrong room.), the Puzzle Box is on the bottom shelf to the left of the door (as you enter, right if you are facing the door. I assure you that the box is in this room on one of the shelves, It is the size of a rubics cube. If you can't find it, check every shelf). Grab the box and backtrack out of the dungeon. Return the box to Hasphat in Balmora.

Note: Please read and follow the directions above before writing me asking where the box is. Thank you.

Hasphat will take the box and give you some notes to take back to Caius.

4.3: The Skull of Llewle

Caius will ask you to speak with Sharn gra-Muzgb in the Balmora Mages Guild and get some additional information. Again you will need to do a favor before the info will be given. The Mages Guild is one door south of the Fighters Guild. Sharn Gra-Muzgob is the Orc Wizard downstairs and to the left in the lower level of the Mage Guild.

Sharn will ask you to retrieve the skull of Llewle Andrano from the Andrano Ancestral Tomb. If you ask about the tomb, Sharn will give you a Fireblade, 2 scrolls of Taldam's Scorcher, and 2 scrolls of Vitality.

The tomb is south of Pelagiad, just off the road, just before you reach the fork in the road that goes southwest towards Seyda Neen and southeast to Vivec.

To find the skull, go down the stairs, and then follow the hallway on the left until you come to a room with 2 skeletons. There is a door in the hallway on the other side of the room. Go through the door and follow the hallway down. The skull is in a room on the right side behind the door. Grab the skull and return to Sharn in Balmora. Give him the skull and ask about "Nerevarine" and Sharn will give you some notes to take back to Caius.

Upon returning the notes to Caius you will be promoted to Blades Apprentice and you will be given a few scrolls.

4.4: Vivec Interviews

Sleep on night, and you will have a strange dream. Go back and talk with Caius and get your next orders. There are 3 more people that he wants you to interview. Addhiranirr - a khajiit Thieves Guild member in the St. Olms section in Vivec, Huleeya - an argonian in the Morag Tong member in the Black Shalk Bar located in the lower waistworks of the Foreign Quarter section of Vivec, and Mehra Milo - a temple priestace in the library of the Hall of wisdom and Justice in Vivec (she has copper hair and eyes). Caius will give you a parchment with this info and 200 gold to aid you in your journey.

Take the Silt Strider to Vivec. When you get there you will be near the Foreign Quarter, so the first person to interview will be Huleeya.

Huleeya - To get to the lower waistworks, take one of the four ramps up to the next level of the canton, and enter one of the doors labeled Lower Waistworks. The Black Shalk is in the middle hallway on the east side. Huleeya is the only Argonian in the place. When you speak with him, he will mention that he wants to go to his friends' bookstore, but some troublesome fools are preventing him. Ask him about each topic and you will learn that his friend's bookstore is Jobasha's Rare Books, but you need to persuade the troublesome fools to let him go. Talk to one of the fools and use bribes (or admiration if you are the opposite sex) to get a good rep with them, then ask about the filthy lizard. If they say, "they don't care" then you have done your job. Talk once again to Huleeya. He wants you to escort him to the bookstore. Jobasha's Bookstore is in the middle hallway on the west side of the Lower Waistworks. Once inside, talk to him about the Nerevarine Cult, and he will give you some notes to take to Caius.

Next we look for Addhirnirr. Leave the Lower Waistworks and go back downstairs and cross the bridge to the south to get to the Redoran canton. Now walk across the east bridge to the Arena canton, once again cross the south bridge to the St. Olms canton. Once there you will need to go to either the east or west side of the canton to go up to the Waistwork level and enter. Next go downstairs and into the Canal Works. Go down the stairs and you will see a trap door to the St. Olms Underworks and enter. Addhiranirr is on the northeast side of the canals. Talk to her and she will mention that she is in a little spot of trouble. Ask her about the Census and Excise Agent. She wants you to make this person go away before she will give up any info. The taxman is upstairs in the St. Olms Waistworks near where you came in. His name is Duvianus Platorius and he is on the north side. Talk to him and lie to him, saying, "she went to the mainland". Now go back and talk to Addhiranirr. Ask Addhiranirr about the Sixth House Cult. She will give you all the information that she knows. Since you are done with Addhiranirr you should leave and return to the outside of the St. Olms canton.

Now for the last interview.... Mehra Milo. Head to the southwest corner and cross the bridge to the Temple canton. Enter the Hall of Wisdom straight ahead. Go down the hallway about half way (next to an Ordinator), there are two ramps to your left and right that lead to the Library. Mehra is the woman with copper hair and eyes, talk with her and she will want to talk to you at the back of the Library. Follow her and talk with her again. Ask her about the Nerevarine Cult and the book "Progress of Truth". She tells you to get a copy of "Progress of Truth" for Caius. There is a copy on the top shelf in the southwest corner of the library, if you can steal it. If your thieving skills are not up to par, you can buy (or steal) a copy from Jobasha's Rare Bookstore in the Foreign Quarter.

Return to Caius. Upon talking with him you will be promoted to Journeyman of the Blades. You will also get 200 gold.

4.5: Ashlander Informant

Caius will tell you that you are in need of an Ashlander Informant, and someone by the name of Hassour Zainsubani fits the bill. Caius tells you that Hassour likes gifts, so Caius gives you 100 gold to get him a little something.

Take the Silt Strider to Ald-Ruhn. Hassour Zainsubani is in the Ald Kkar Inn. The inn is in the northwest corner of the city next to the Council Club. To find Hassour, go up the stairs to the bar, on the right side of the bar is a staircase down. Go downstairs and Hassour is in the back of the room.

Talk to Hassour about business. Ask about "Gift giving customs" (the other two options will offend him and lower your Rep), next ask about a "thoughtful gift" and if your speechcraft skill is good enough will take your earnest thought and effort as an acceptable gift. If your skill is not high enough, he will ask you to find him a book of poetry, if this is the case you can go to the local bookstore in the market district of Ald'Ruhn. You'll find several, there is Ashlander Hymns and some other books with 'Songs' in the title of it, if you've got the money buy all three if you want but you can just buy Ashlander Hymns. Return to Hassour and give him the book. Ask about the "Ashlanders", and he will give you some notes to take back to Caius.

Return to Caius and show him the notes. You will be promoted to Blades Finder, and told what was in the package that you delivered to Caius. He says that the Emperor feels that you might be the one to fulfill the Nerevarine prophecies. He will give you a decoded copy of the package and 200 gold.

4.6: Urshilaku Camp

Caius now wants you to go to the Urshilaku Camp to speak with some Ashlanders named Sul-Matuul and Nibani Maesa.

To get to the Urshilaku Camp, take the Silt Strider to Ald-Rhun, and then take a Silt Strider to Maar Gan. Leave Maar Gan due east, then take a trail north to the Foyada Bani-Dad. Follow the Foyada northwest to the sea. A shipwreck at the sea mouth of the ravine is a landmark. Swim east through the ruins of Assurnabitashpi Shrine. Avoid the Daedra here, as they are powerful and aggressive. Urshilaku Camp lies east of the ruins, inland in a low hollow.

When you get to the Urshilaku Camp you must speak with any of the wandering Ashlanders. Choose to "talk" with one then discuss the "Nerevarine Prophecies" Tell them that "you fulfill the prophecies, and wish to speak with Sul-Matuul and Nibani Maesa". They will send you to Zabamund to decide if there is truth to what you say. Zabamund's Yurt is the second Yurt from the right in the Large tent containing multiple Yurts to the south. Speak with Zabamund about the "Nerevarine Prophecies" and offer to pay a 200 gold tribute, and he will direct you to the Ashkhan's Yurt to speak with Sul- Matuul.

Note: Reader Digisciple sent in the following: I own Morrowind for the Xbox and I noticed a difference from your walkthrough. When you first get to the Urshilaku camp, I had to bribe the snot out of one of them (any will work) before they would even talk to me. I think I spent around 300 or so before they would talk about the Nereveraine

The Ashkhan's Yurt is next door to the south. Speak with Sul-Matuul about the prophecies, next ask about the initiation rite. Sul-Matuul wants you to retrieve a family heirloom.... Sul-Senipul's Bonebiter Bow from the Urshilaku Burial Caverns, before he will let you speak with the wisewoman, Nibani Maesa.

The burial ground lies south- southeast of the camp, a north-facing door in a little hill halfway between the camp and the slopes of the Red Mountains. The easiest way to find the Burialground id to go north to the water, then turn east. At a rock carin (a little pile of rocks that looks like a pile of dog crap) on the beach, turn and walk directly south until you find the door to the cavern.

To find the bow once you are in the burialgrounds keep moving south and go through the door. Follow the cave until you come to a large chamber filled with water, then turn south and go through the door into the Laterus Burial Chamber. Navigate your way up the stone spiral to the top and through the door into the Juno Burial Chamber. At the end of this chamber is a ghost, which you must kill. After you kill the ghost, search it's remains to find the bow. Now backtrack out of the Cavern and return to Sul-Matuul. Upon returning and showing the bow to Sul-matuul, you will be initiated into the tribe, be named "Clanfriend of the Ashlanders", you will also be allowed to keep the bow. Since you are now part of the tribe, you will be allowed to see Nibani Maesa.

Nibani Maesa is located in the northernmost Yurt, called the Wise Woman's Yurt. Speak with her about the prophecies, you may then ask many questions to find out much history about the prophecies, but all you have to ask is if "you pass the test". She will tell you that you are not the Nerevarine, but you could be. She asks you to find a book called "The Lost Prophecies" and return it to her. She will give you to books to read, "The Seven Visions" and "The Stranger".

For the time being, you have done enough to please Caius, so return and speak with him. Caius will send word to Mehra Milo to look for the "Lost Prophecies", and will give you a task to keep you busy until he gets an answer.

4.7: SixthHouse Base

Caius wants you to go to Fort Buckmoth and speak with Champion Raesa Pullia and find out about a SixthHouse Base. Once she tells you where it is, Caius wants you to go there and kill Dagoth Gares and return a full report. Before you go, Caius will give you 400 gold to get equipped. Fort Buckmoth is a short walk south from the southern gate of Ald-Rhun. Once you are at the fort, enter the door to the interior and Raesa Pullia is straight ahead. Raesa tells you that a trooper came back from the SixthHouse Base with Corprus disease and died, but not before he talked about a cavern near Gnaar Mok called "Ilunibi", that is the SixthHouse Base. Gnaar Mok locals might have a better idea of where the cavern is. To get to Gnaar Mok from Ald-Rhun, take the Balmora Road west, At the Gnisis- Balmora-Ald-Rhun signpost go south, then immediately west on a side road to Drulene Falen's Cottage. Then head cross-country west to the coast, with the Dunmer stronghold at Andasreth as a landmark. When you hit the coast, turn south. Gnaar Mok is an island off the coast with a plank bridge connecting it to the mainland. Ilunibi is a little island on the north side of Gnaar Mok.

Once inside Ilunibi, walk straight ahead until the fork in the road; turn left and go through the door into Tainted Marrow. Continue straight past the crossroads until you reach the door into Marowak's Spine. Walk to the crossroad and turn right and go through the door into Blackened Heart. Follow the cavern and turn Left at the crossroad, and left again at the next crossroad, continue straight until you reach a door to Souls Rattle. Go through the door and continue to the second set of crossroads, and Dagoth Gares will comeout to meet you. After you kill him, you will get corprus (there is nothing you can do about this, it will happen no matter what). Loot his body. Now that you have killed Dagoth, you are finished here. Return to Balmora.

Once you talk with Caius, you will be promoted to Blades Traveler.

4.8: Corprus Cure

Caius tells you that he has a lead on a Corprus cure. Divayth Fyr, an ancient Telvanni wizard, runs a Corprusarium. Caius will give you a Dwemer Artifact, 1000 gold, and a few levitation potions before he sends you on your way.

To get to Tel Fyr, go to the Balmora Mage Guild and use the Guild Guide to travel to Sadrith Mora (actually Wolverine Hall), walk outside of the building, swim southwest until you see a large tower. You will need levitation potions or spells in the tower, because there are no stairs. The entrance to the tower is on the north side at water level. Enter the tower via the door marked Onynx Hall, turn to the right before you enter the room ahead of you, and follow the hall upstairs and through the door into the Hall of Fyr. Walk forward a few steps and look up. Use one of the levitation spells or potions to get up to the next level and go north to find Divayth Fyr. Talk with Divayth and offer the Dwemer piece as a gift. Ask about the "divine disease" and "corprus disease". He will mention that corprus makes you immune to disease...Just like the Nerevarine. Tell him "you may fulfill the prophecy", and he will send you to the Corprusarium to retrieve some boots from Yagrum Bagarn, and return them to him, before he will give you a potion that might cure you of your corprus disease.

To get to the Corprusarium you must go back to the Onynx Hall, follow the hallway downstairs until you come to a crossroad, turn right and the door to the Corprusarium is in the back of that room. DO NOT attack anyone in the corprusarium. Enter the Corprusarium and turn left at the crossroad, follow the hall and turn right at the next crossroad and go through to door into the Corprusairum Bowles. Turn left at the next crossroads and follow the path. Yagrum Bagarn will be the guy with the spider legs. Talk with him to get the boots.

Return the boots and Divayth Fyr will give you the potion on one condition, that you take the potion in front of him. Do so and you will no longer have any symptoms of Corprus, but retain all of the immunities that corprus provided.

Return to Caius in Balmora via the mage guide in Wolverine Hall near Sadrith Mora. Upon returning you will be promoted to Blades Operative and receive 750 gold, magic black pants, magic black shirt, and Caius' Ring. Caius is giving you all of this stuff because he has been recalled to the Imperial City. He is leaving you in charge, and with full access to his house. He will give you one more set of instructions before he leaves.

4.9: Lost Prophecies

Now that you no longer have corprus, you need to finis finding the Lost Prophecies. Caius tells you to go and talk with Mehra Miro back in Vivec City. She is being watched, so you might have to find her private quarters. She will leave you a message under the codeword "Amaya". Once you have the prophecies, take them back to Nibani Maesa. From that point on you will be following Nibani's direction in fulfilling the prophecy.

Take the Silt Strider back to Vivec, then go to the Hall of Wisdom. Go midway down the hall, and then take a few steps south and go down the hall to the right. Make a U-turn and go up the stairs, turn right, and Mehra's door is the last door on the right. Pick the 20th level lock on the door and enter. The note is on the dresser. The note tells you that she went to see the Inquisitor in the Ministry of Truth. Meet her there and bring a couple of Divine Intervention Scrolls. (If you don't have 2, you can get them from Janad Maulinie at the Mage Guild in the northwest corner of the very top of the Foreign Quarter). Before you go to the Ministry of Truth, grab the levitation potions on the dresser.

The Ministry of Truth is the floating rock above the Temple Canton. Use a levitation potion and fly up to it. Speak with Alvela Saram, and tell him that you are going to visit someone, and he will give you his key and tell you where Mehra is. Go all the way around and in the back door into The Ministry of Truth. Once in you will have to sneak around, because if you are spotted the sentries will sound the alarm and you will be attacked. At the first crossroad turn left or right and follow the path up and around, the door to the prison keep is directly ahead. Go through the door, you will be spotted right away (I don't know what the penalty for killing the guard is, so I just avoided them), run past the guards and unlock the southern most holding cell. Mehra is inside. Talk with her and tell her you brought the scrolls. She will take one. She wants you to meet her in Holamayan. She tells you talk to a woman named Blatta Hatera on the east docks of Ebonheart and tell her "you want to go fishing" and you will be taken to Holamayn. She will meet you when you get there. When you get there you will be able to get the "Lost Prophecies" from Master Gilvas Barelo. Speak with Vevrana Aryon, a monk at the dock to find the entrance to Holamayn.

Use the Divine Intervention scroll to take you to Ebonheart. Go to the east docks, Blatta Hatera is on the northern dock. Tell her you want to go fishing, then travel to the Azura's Coast Region. Vevrana Aryon will be straight ahead. Vevrana will tell you how to get to the monastery and tell you that she can send you back to Vivec when you are ready. To get to the monastery follow the path uphill until you come to the foot of the monastery. Wait until 6 am or 6 pm, and the monastery will open up for you. Once inside, take the stairs to the right down, you will find Mhera and Master Barelo in the room. Speak with master Barelo about the "Lost Prophecies" and he will give them to you. He will also give you "The Seven Curses" and "Kagrenae's Tools".

Return to Nibani Maesa in the Urshilaku Camp. Speak with her, and she will tell you to return in a while, so she can think about what you have told her.

4.10: Third Trial

Talk with Nibani again and ask her about "her judgment". She will tell you that you have passed the first and second trials. She sends you to Sul-Matuul to learn of the third trial, and return to her after it has been completed.

Speak with Sul-Matuul and ask about the third trial. Before he will tell you what the third trial is he wants you to prove yourself and bring back three tokens from Kogoruhn: some corprus weepings, a cup with the mark of the house of Dagoth, and the shadow shield.

To get to Kogoruhn, walk south out of camp until you come to a path going east-west to the foot of the mountains, follow this path east. Walk past Falasmaryon (it will be on your right), follow the path around the bend until the path forms a T, take the east path and Kogoruhn will be on your left. Enter the Dome of Pollock's Eye on the south east corner of Kogoruhn. Defeat the Dagoth Girer inside. You will find a Dagoth cup on one of the tables, along with some Corprus Weepings under an urn directly across from the door. Exit and go to the door marked Hall of Phisto and enter. Turn left and follow the hall until you see stairs leading to the door to the Hall of Maki. Go through the door and walk straight, through the wooden door and into the large chamber, take the left walkway down and through the wooden door. Turn north and go through the door, go down to the lower level and continue north to the locked door into Nabith Waterway. Take the left side walkway around until you come to the tube on the left, and go into the tunnel and follow it until you come to the room, go around the room and through the door into Charma's Breath (in this chamber is a Vampire named Dagoth Uthol. You will have to kill him later in the quest, or you can kill him now if you want to. If you decide to kill him, loot his body and take the Belt of Heartfire). Follow the path around until the crossroads, turn right and go through the door marked Bleading Heart. Go forward and turn right at the crossroads, continue forward until you come to the next cros
Submitted By: Unknown
The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind Walkthrough

Seyda Neen: Starting Out
The game starts out, as all games, with you learning the basics.
How to move, how to talk to people, how to look around. You're
on a ship with Jiub. All you have to do is choose a name, and
then when the guard comes along, follow him up the stairs. Don't
steal anything, just follow him up to the main deck. Use the
space bar to open the hatch.
On deck, you then walk to the dock. You're greeted by another

Seyda Neen: Choosing a Race
Your first real choice comes when you get on the dock. The guard
there asks about you. You need to choose your sex, skin color,
hair style, appearance and race. Your choices are
The Argonians are fishy folk that enjoy magic.

The Bretons are sort of like the medieval English.

Dark Elf
Dark Elf are dark skinned red eyed elves.

High Elf
High Elf are the traditional elves.

Imperial are the Roman-like soldiers.

Khajiit are feline hunters.

Nord are Celtic Warrior types from Scandanavia.

Orc�s are what saurman uses for his army in middle earth (lord
of the rings setting)

Similar to the race of men.

Wood Elf
Wood Elf is the forest elf from middle earth (lord of the rings

Each race has its strengths and weaknesses. Choose the one that
appeals to you the most, and then walk into the building.

Seyda Neen: Choosing a Class
Once you've chosen a race, you go in to meet Socucius Ergalla.
You need to choose a class. You can choose one, answer
questions, or create your own. I highly recommend choosing a
class from the listing. This lets you control what area you're
in, but doesn't get you stressed out about choosing the right
combination of skills to grow your character well.

Specialty: Stealth

Specialty: Stealthey

Specialty: Combat

Specialty: Stealth

Specialty: Combat

Specialty: Stealth

Specialty: Magic

Specialty: Combat

Specialty: Magic

Specialty: Combat

Specialty: magic

Specialty: stealth

Specialty: Magic

Specialty: Stealth

Specialty: Combat

Specialty: Combat

Specialty: Magic

Specialty: Magic

Specialty: Stealth

Specialty: Combat

Specialty: Magic

Then you choose a sign. Click on each choice to see its
abilities and the image associated with it. I like choosing the
Steed so I can move around quickly, which means I can therefore
gain experience in everything else much more quickly. But choose
one that suits your own tastes

The Apprentice
The Atronach
The Lady
The Lord
The Lover
The Mage
The Ritual
The serpent
the shadow
the steed
the thief
the tower
the warrior

He verifies it all and then you're set.
Grab the paper from the desk. Note that he can train on sneak
(315gp) acrobatics (126gp) and light armor (505gp) but you of
course have 0 GP right now.
Go through the door and into the area on the right with the
table. Take everything except the book - including looking in
the baskets. Put the lockpick in your hand (by right-clicking to
get the menu open and then moving the lockpick onto your image).
Go down the stairs and grab stuff from the storeroom. Then head
Take the items from the barrel including the ring of healing.

Seyda Neen: Finishing with Sellus Gravius
Now you meet Sellus Gravius. If you ask him about your duties,
he gives you a package to take to Caius Cosades in Balmora.
Caius is at the South Wall Cornerclub. You get 87gp as well.
Don't try to bribe him or any of the others you meet, until you
get practice. If you want to. I tend to play this game as a
"good person" - not stealing except in this first area where I
feel they deserve it after hijacking me.
Now you're loose, with one quest, and lots of people to talk to.
Time to have some fun!

Seyda Neen: The People in Town
Note that you can sleep and heal on the bedroll in the building
that you set yourself up in.
Fargoth: A short dude who wants his ring. Give it back to him -
he says he'll tell Arrille, who runs the tradehouse. Always a
nice thing. He also tells you that Proccessus Vitellius, the tax
collector, is missing.
Eldafire: A tall elf that is regal. She tells you about the
smuggler's cave near the silt strider. It's called the
Addamasartus cave. She also tells you about Proccessus
Arrille: Right by the bridge, in a building on the left. You
have to go up the stairs to go in. He also tells you about the
Addamarsartus cave. He says too that Hrisskar upstairs is in
financial trouble.
Tolvise Othralen: She's in the shop to chat. Doesn't say much.
Hrisskar Flat-Foot: Upstairs in the shop. He wants your help in
getting protection money out of Fargoth. I ignore him :)
Raflod the Braggart: Upstairs in the shop. He says this is Seyda
Neen, Swamp Fever Capital of the World. Tells you about the
Tandram Andalen: Upstairs in the shop. He is a bard. He tells
you that Processus Vitellius is missing. He says to stay away
from Daedra cults.
Albecius Colollius: Upstairs in the shop. He is a battlemage. He
tells you a Mentor's Ring is in a tomb on the Bitter Coast.
Elone: Upstairs in the shop. She is the barkeep. She's a scout.
She'll give you directions to Balmora. She tells you that
Daedric shrines have long funny names and have big, dark
grey-green stone ruins.
Darvame Hleran: Silt Strider operator. Cross the bridge and head
right to find her.
travel on the Silt Strider:
Balmora: 15gp
Vivee: 11gp
Suran: 18gp
Gnisis: 51gp
Vodunius Nuccius: Random in town. He says to tell Darvame Hleran
that he sent you. You tell her, she says poor guy. Prices don't
change down, in fact Suran now 19 GP and Gnisis now 52 gp.
Indrele Rathryon: Random in town. Woman elf. Nothing much to
Teruise Girvayne: House to left of shop. nothing much.
Draren Thirala: House by bridge on right. nothing much.
Foryn Gilnith: Shack behind shop. He has a book - a dance in
fire - +6 mercantile.
Teleri Helvi: Down by shacks. Nothing much.
Nels Llendo: Out walking in wilderness to right. give kiss -
he's happy. Will meet at halfway tavern in Pelagiad.

Seyda Neen: The Cave of Addamarsartus
This cave is right outside of town, near the silt strider.
Be sure to use F to ready weapon If it's a bow be sure to drag
the arrows onto your picture as well! Now point at the guard in
the cave and mouse-click to fire.
Hit caps lock to always run. Take stuff go back to town. Save
key sell rest.
T - to rest. Go back in. To the left - slaves - let them free.
Baadargo, Okaw and Banalz.
Now go hard left from platform into nook. Find a rat to kill
plus a skeleton with coins and a thief ring (right below first 2
mushrooms on left). +5 agility, +5 speed, +5 personality. Jump
in water, swim under tunnel and come out at gate. On other side
is guard with missiles plus a stash of stuff.
The final guy in cave - mage. Kill and get all stuff from
chests. Jump on them to get the stuff on top too. In the next
room, pilfer the crates on the dock. Then swim under water by
crates to get stuff off skeleton (under the water) and money in
chest in next area.
Note that when have moonsugar and skooma (refined moon sugar)
Arrille won't trade so drop them on floor before trading. Skooma
makes you fast and strong, but clumsy and stupid.
Now by selling all of this you have around 750 gold and are
pretty set with Seyda Neen.

Pelagiad (on way to Balmora)

Pelagiad: Walking There
I strongly recommend walking to Balmora instead of just riding
the silt strider. You get lots of good information along the
way, and the roads really aren't that dangerous. Those little
monsters you do encounter help to build your character up.
Leaving Seyda Neen, you take a right at the first signpost
across the bridge. You can practically see each next signpost
from the previous one. So just follow the road to the next
signpost. You'll be in with giant mushrooms now. The signpost
will say to go to the left.
Note that to the left of here is Andrano Ancestral Tomb. The
ancestral ghosts aren't hurt by normal weapons. Also other
ickies and the body of a tomb robber. I personally leave this
alone, I don't feel quite right about killing off ancestral
ghosts and robbing a tomb.
In short time you should reach the small town of Pelagiad.

Pelagiad: The People of Pelagiad
Dralas Gilu - grey pointy ears. basic town info.
Kunthar - human. barbarian. Says Briring is a barbarian at the
Skyrim mission in Ebonhart. He knows of and doesn't like Nels
Llendo. Says he's at the Halfway. Angoril of Vulkhel Guard is
the boss. Drelasa Ramothran is the publican of the Halfway
guard captain (inside fort) - says can join imperial legion at
fort darius in village of gnisis, to talk to general darius.
shadbak gra-burbug - merchant, tells about fines.
Ygfa - healer, back left of castle. She asks about you joining
the Imperial Cult for 50gp. You must be noble and fight with
blunt weapons and unarmored. Avoid bloodshed. I didn't join. She
doesn't like drugs, so if you want to barter, drop first. Note
that the room on the back right has an with Ordo Legionis book.

Uulernil - shopkeep on left when leaving castle. good armor and
Mebestian Ence - Shopkeep in next building on left. Tells about
Nerevarine prophecy, Lord Nerevar is coming back to save
Morrowind. Has clothes. Note that upstairs he has two GREAT
books - one is the Alchemists and one is The Pilgrims Path. READ
BOTH. The Pilgrims Path in particular updates your journal with
locations of the plgrim stops. I wouldn't take them.
Murberius Harmevus - next house on left. He's a warrior with not
much to say.
Imperial archer - on street says corprus is from fighting with
diseased creatures and he thinks there's no cure.
Yakum Hairshashishi - Halfway Tavern. Dunmer. tells about
thief's guild.
Samia - Halfway Tavern.fancy lady. sorcere. Not much
Ahnassi - Halfway Tavern. cat. monk. talks about thieves guild.
Will train thieves.
nelos onmar - Halfway Tavern. dunmer. talks about thieves guild.

drelasa romothran - Halfway Tavern. barkeep. offers food and
beds. won't talk about thieve's guild right now. says indoril
and dres are two great houses with no holidngs on Vvardenfell.
Tells of food items:
flin - boost strength willpower.
cryrodiilic brandy - willpower and endurance no side effects
greef strong but clumsy
mazte strong dull wit and judgement
shein - endurance lose intelligence
sujamma - elevated spirits diminised mental facilities
doesn't like skooma
ladia flarugrius - upstairs in Halfway Tavern. Ask about joining
thieves guild - visit south wall cornerclub in balmora.
Hrordis - upstairs in Halfway Tavern in room. Doesn't want to
nels llendo - Halfway Tavern. Doesn't talk much but does
short blade 48gp
security 48gp
sneak 244gp
Madres Navur - house by tavern. Says tribunal temple is at war
with dissident priests. she's an acrobat. She has book - the
black arrow part 1. get acrobatics skill for reading.
Adanja - cat in house away to right of town. nothing much to
say. pilgrim
Farusca Salas - elf to left.
junal-lei - Argon. acrobat. Says dunmer waiting on Lord Nerevar
for centuries. "The Incarnate". The temples strike them down and
call them fakes. says Llevana Salaren at temple in Molag Mar is
great acrobat.

Pelagiad: Maurrie Aurmine
Time to leave Pelagiad. Head on following sign to Balmora. On
the way you see a cavern door to Ulummusa on left. Bandits
inside, I left alone.
At next signpost, Balmora right. You meet Maurrie Aurmine who
needs help with a bandit. Journal entry. He took her jewels. She
loves him, his name is Nelos Onmar.
She gives you a glove. Go back to the inn at Pelmar and find
him. He takes the glove and gives you a note for her. Very
romantic :)
Now bring it back to her. She's happy and says you should visit
Barnand Erelie in Tel Branora.
On to your walk. Head past her - a door to Adanumuran on left.
Ignore it for now. You'll see another sign - Balmora to left.
Now you're up in mountains, Balmora sign to left. You'll next
find the Moonmoth legion fort.

Moonmoth (next on way to Balmora)

Moonmoth: The People of Moonmoth
Moonmoth is a mountain guard location, very small. Just one main
building really. The prison tower for example is a tall spiral
up to an outlook spot.
guard captain - outside courtyard. says dunmer believe in
erla - inside. smith. Says Garothmuk gro-muzgub is very good
urfing - trader. has clothes. book to sell - the anticipations.
daedra info. also has the annotated anuad. a universe creation
radd hard-heart - a human there. master at arms says legion
wants heavy armor people
larrius varro - downstairs. legion champion of fort moonmoth.
has work for me. He wants to kill off those who are bribing a
local magistrate. They're the Camonna Tong. The Thieves Guild
hates them. They're a scout, pawnbroker, savant, thief and smith
in Balmora. updates journal.
Solea Nuccusius - downstairs from larrius. He's a battlemage.
Says Albeccius Colollius is veteran in Arrille's tradehouse.
cells empty.
naspis apinia - side room. lay member of Imperial Cult. 50gp
only. talk to Ygfa at Fort Pelagiad, Syloria Siruliulus at Fort
Buckmoth, Somutis Vunnis at Fort Moonmoth, Ruccia Conician at
Ebonheart or Lalatia Varian in Ebonheart. He gives you For my
Gods and Emperor.
Crulius Pontanian - side room. imperial cult. He's an enchnater.
Talk to Galar Rothan at Telvanni about it. He has book
"Frontier, Conquest and Accomodation". A history.
Peragon - alchemist. Says to talk to Tendris Vedran about it.
Amarie Charien - healer. For healing talk to Ygfa.
Somutis Vunnis - in back room. Says Vala Catraso in Ald'ruhn
guild is in vvardenfell and trains priests. gets grumpy if you
ask about it and don't join (down to 40) Balmora

Balmora: General Notes
Balmora is a huge down with a river running through it. In
essence there are three areas: the area east of the river that
you first get to from walking or the silt strider, the area west
of the river with the CornerClub with the thieves, and the area
up the hill with the fancy buildings.
Wander around first without talking, to get all of the location
set on your map. That'll make it easier to find people later on.
Also, choose one shopkeeper and stick with him or her. That way
your rating will go up greatly with that one person.
The two right by the entrance are:
clagius clanler - outfitter to left on way in. He has the book
of dawn and dusk on his table. no bonus for reading it.
dralasa nithryon - pawnbroker near entrance

Balmora: General Notes
Balmora is a huge down with a river running through it. In
essence there are three areas: the area east of the river that
you first get to from walking or the silt strider, the area west
of the river with the CornerClub with the thieves, and the area
up the hill with the fancy buildings.
Wander around first without talking, to get all of the location
set on your map. That'll make it easier to find people later on.
Also, choose one shopkeeper and stick with him or her. That way
your rating will go up greatly with that one person.
The two right by the entrance are:
clagius clanler - outfitter to left on way in. He has the book
of dawn and dusk on his table. no bonus for reading it.
dralasa nithryon - pawnbroker near entrance.

Balmora: West/Left: Council Club & People
hul - lizard. ask about bad people - he says stays out of
council club. rumors - tells about Larrius Varro at Moonmoth.
add to journal. Bribe 10gp, says thieves guild is at south wall
cornerclub and might talk.
Council Club to right of entrance. Banner by door.
Thanelen Velas - smith inside. Says the Dunmer hate imperials.
Orvas Dren runs the House Hlaalu and is the Camonna Tong
kingpin. Brother of Duke Vedam Dren.
sovor Trandel - downstairs. savant. training - mercantile 77gp,
speechcraft 64gp athletics 480gp
banor scran - barkeep and leader. . Says Telvanni bug mask is an
expensive perfume, helps charisma for everyone.
vadusa sathryon - scout. training: long gblade 371, athletics
393 block 371
marasa aren - pawnbroker. not much.
madrale thirith - thief. train - short bladde 53, light armor
449, security 53.
Back outside ...
selvil sareloth - siltrider person. for fighters go to Eydis
Fire-Eye. For Mages go to Ranis Athrys.
travel fees:
ald-ruhn 21gp
seyda neen 15gp
suran 23gp
vivee 22gp

Balmora: East/Right: South Wall CornerClub
If you head across the river on right, you'll find the south
wall cornerclub.
Sottilde - says caius cosades is a sugar tooth. This means Caius
is addicted to drugs. The owner, bacola closcius knows where he
is. Says Camonna Tong hangs out at council club. Duh. join the
thieves guild- talk to sugar lips. she's a pawnbroker.
arathor - gives names of the 5 'bad people'. Says Balmora
magistrate Nolus Atrius is on the take. journal note. training:
sneak 259gp, block 363gp, med arm 207gp.
sugar-lips habasi - thieves guild - just says don't attack a
brother thief. anything else is fine. down to 35 if refuse to
join. will only train or barter with members.
chirranirr - downstairs. cat. not much.
only-he-stands-there - fishhead. Says Tyisa is a user. Says
Ordinators burned out camp of Nerevarine cult worshippers in
Foyada Ashur-Dan. He's a healer. will teach if happier.
Tappius esdrecus - warrior. Not much
Pane Rielle - barkeep. sells a guide to balmora and a few other
bacola closcius. offers beds. tells where caius cosades is -
front dor, rightr up stairs, left, end of street. Says Larrius
Varro at Moonmoth was looking for me. Doesn't want skoona.

If you tell Sugar-Lips Habasi you want to join, you still won't
be trained. He only trains the higher ranks. Your first job with
them is that a good friend of Habasi's wants a diamond.
Apparently Nalcarya the Alchemist has some.

Balmora: East/Right: People you Meet
caius up stairs and left from CornerClub. He has book - the war
of the first council under bed. Give him package, agree to join
the Blades. Can restin this bed. Can train on Blades Trainers.
Rithleen, Tyermaillin, and Nine-Toes in Blamora. Caldera: Surane
Leoriane. Ald'ruhn, Gildan and Sjorvar Horse-Mouth. Elone in
Arrille's tradehouse. Gives journal about Elone too. and each
other trainer. Training: Speechcraft (76) unarmored (142) hand
to hand (47).
Orders - get 200 gold to buy things. Says to join fighters
guilt, mages guilt, imperial cult or imperaial legion to build
up a cover. Blades are spies. Journal update. GO do that then
come back for work.
Nine toes - has book A Dance in Fire, Chapter 3. Gain in
acrobatics knowledge by reading. Gives you moon sugar - says
Ajira at Balmora Mages Guild willb y it as will Ra'Virr in
Balmora. Journal update. Rules - don't attack a blade, don't
steal from a blade. Period or you're out. You can rest here.
training - athletics 330gp, illusion 43gp, sneak 217gp. Has
lives of the saints on a shelf.
rithleen - up on 2nd floor. book the mirror on bed - block skill
increase. She gives you steel cuirass and steel helm. training -
long blade 305gp, block 313gp, medium armor 174gp.
Tyermaillin - altmer. healer. she's right below rithleen. She
gives you alembic. traiing - can't have moon sugar on you.
enchant 44, mysticism 33, restoration 133.
Dralsea Arethi - on road. female elf. Tells you dagoth ur is
immortal enemy of tribulnal temple cult. Livesin red mountain.
Balyn Omavel - on road. Talks about Morag tons and gives rules.

Balmora: West/Left: Shop/Guild Area
The guilds and shops all west of river, up one level.

Meldor - armorer. not much to say. Down on bed is The Affairs of
Wizards book. No bonus.

Ra'Viir - trader. Has cool weapons. Will buy narcotics.

Dorisa Darvel - bookseller. Lots of books. You can read them for
free, just don't take them.
For my gods and emperor - no bonus.
mixed unit tactics vol1 - no bonus
Vivec and Mephala (upstairs on bed) (nb)
true nature of orcs (nb)
The Changed Ones (nb)
aedra and daedra (gods) (nb)
the wild elves (nb) on oblivion (about demons) (nb)
abcs for barbarians (nb)
the pig children (story) (nb)

The Fighter's Guild

Fasile Charascel - Scout. Tells rules - don't fight or thieve
from guild members. Be honor and valorous. training: block,
medium armor, long blade.

Wayn - Merchant. training - armorer 109, heavy armor 99, blunt
weapon 99

Flacnia Amiulusus - downstairs. drillmaster. training: block,
spear, athletics.

Hasphat Antabolis - drillmaster. training: block, athletics,
hand to hand.

book on shelf - fighter's guild charter (nb).

Eydis Fire-Eye - top floor. If you join up, you're now XXXXX the

Upper Area, Up Hill
in south tower lower level - long blade skill increases when
read lady benoch's words and philosophy, found on bed.

on shelf - unormored skill increase with charwich-koniinge
letters book 1

Caldera (east of Balmora, north of Moonmoth)Caldera:
The People of Caldera
Nedhelas - Bosmer, says this is a business town. The House
Redoran hates Caldera. They are noble warriors who support the
Tribunal Temple.

Keel-Ranior - Argonian, not much to say.

Falanaamo - clothier. Says V'riel Septimis is sick. His heir,
Geldall Septim plus the younger Enman and Ebal are
dopplegangers. There's a note on the table from Shenk, asking
about the Summerset Isle.

Claros Nuayn - Dunmer. In the governor's Hall. Talks randomly
about Irgola, pawn broker.

Foves Arenium - Assassin Dunmer. Trains on short blade, light
armor, marksman.

Cunius Pelelius - charter holder. Trains in speechcraft, light
armor, sneak.

Odral Helvi - upstairs. Dunmer. Only does house training. Is
monk and Hlealu. He gives House H Rules - don't get caught
stealing money from the house. In essence this house is

Irgola - pawnbroker. Has the True Nobles Code (of House
Redoran). Says secret cult of Sixth House is killing the
Imperial Citizens.

Medila Indaren - Dunmer in Mage's Giuld. Gives training on
destruction, alteration and mysticism. Says blight is ash from
volcano cloud that gives diseases.

Ernan d Thierry - alchemist, not much.

Eraamion - Altmer upstairs who teaches "Recall"

Folms Mirel - Join mage's guild? Can join no hard requirements,
just don't attack/steal frommembers. Advance - learn mark and
recall for travel, levitation and open for caves.

Hoodlismod - armorer, no real info

Verick Gemain - trader, tons of books. Special Flora of Tamriel.
Poppies & goat milk = levitation. More books upstairs.

Dro'shauer - cat in house right of entry tower. Book - Mystery
of Princess Talora - acrobatics + 1

Fighter Guild Jobs
Fighter Job 1 - Cave Rats
You get your orders at the Fighter's Guild in Balmora. You have
to clean out the Cave Rats at Drarayne Thelas' house. Ask where
rats are - you're told to kill them and get payment.

She's straight across the river. Go talk to her. Has one
upstairs and 2 in storage. Open the door there to kill the first

Now go out and up the outer stairs. Kill the 2 behind the door.
Now go back to her house. Chat with her about vampires. She
gives you 100 gold when you mention the cave rats.

Go rest to gain the level you're at now. Don't forget to choose
special upgrades to certain skills.

Back to the Fighter's Guild. Tell Eydis, she says good. New

Fighter Job 2 - Egg Mine
Local egg mine has egg poaching problem. Dram Bero, owner of
Shulk Egg Mine wants you to get Sevilo Othan and Daynila Valas.
Shulk Egg Mine is southwest of town, swim over. By suspension

ok leave town and follow river south. Mine is on right side of
river just by bridge. Dinok and Findulain are there, good
miners. Learn about Kwama from them.

come back - clagius clanler - outfitter to left on way in. He
has the book of dawn and dusk on his table. nb.

dralasa nithryon - pawnbroker near entrance.

ok through egg mine, staying left. down through open doorway
finally to closed door - queen's lair.

To right through door is stairs, Miner Juillen to talk to. Miner
Kari asks you not to kil the workers - they won't bother you.
Miner Lisaa. This is another way into the queen lair.

Either way, go in and kill the 2 thieves in there. Don't harm
any extra workers or such - you'd be harming the livelihood of
the miners!

Go back to Eydis to get 100 gp and 4 quality restore fatigue

Your journal updates, and now, if you ask, you can advance to
the Apprentice level.

Fighter Job 3 - Telvanni Agents at Caldera Mining Company
You're ready for Job 3. You now get a contract from the Caldera
Mining Company to kill four Telvanni agents responsible for
trouble at the Caldera Mine. These are Ebony mines.

The thieves are Alynu Aralen, Sathasas Nerothren, Fothyna
Herothran and Alveleg. Ask about each to get more details. The
thieves are in the hills north of Caldera Mine. The mine is
southwest of the town of Caldera. Eydis says the quickest way is
to have a guild guide at Mages Guild transport you. Journal

Of course, it's just as easy to walk, and that gains you more
experience too!

Caius Jobs
Caius Job 1 - Dwemer Puzzle Box
After handling 2 jobs in your chosen profession, head back to
Caius Cosades. He says you're now ready for orders.

Go to Hasphat Antabolis at the fighter's guild and ask about the
Nerevarine cult and Sixth House cult. He warns that you'll have
to do an ugly favor first, but do it and get info and report

He says to be sure to learn about Morrowind history, and also to
read his books.

Your journal is updated.

Ask Caius about Morrowind histroy, get "A Short History of

Go to Hasphat in the basement of the fighters guild. He says he
wants a Dwemer puzzle box in Arkngthand, at the Dwemer Ruins.
His directions are to go south past silt strider port, then
cross bridges. Head north towards Caldera. Turn right at
signpost for Molag Mar. Up hill over bridge. Entrance is on east
side, south of the bridge. Turn crank on pipe to open doors.

Ask him about Morrowind history, gives you On Morrowind book.
Updates journal.

Head out. Note that a guy on the bridge makes skeletons and zaps
you! Be prepared for this battle.

Other Notes
Alchemy Mixes
Buy a mortar & pestle to start mixing things. You pick it up in
your inventory and drop it on the paper doll to mix potions.

marshmallow + saltrice = restore health
large egg + small egg = restore fatigue
willow anther + heather = drain personality
spore pod + wickwheat = paralyze

this is all the things i have found to do they might be more,
please e-mail me at [email protected] if you
have found more. this may seem a short game but its great to
just explore and set your own quests and adventures.

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