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This game is also available on N64.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (Gamecube)
Submitted By: Sibs
====== The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ======

Ocarina of Time? On GameCube? If you're thinking "this is an N64 game!" then you'd be completely right. However, you can also play it on your GameCube!
If you have either The Legend of Zelda: Collectors Edition compilation for the GameCube, or the limited edition version of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker, then you have Ocarina of Time on your GameCube! On the Collectors Edition disc it comes along with the original two NES Zelda games, and the other N64 Zelda game, 'Majoras Mask'. If you have the limited edition of Wind Waker, you have Ocarina of Time as well as the previously unreleased 'Master Quest' (essentially a 'remixed' version of OoT).

This is a mini-guide to some of the 'extras' in Ocarina of Time. Included is a guide to the locations of all those elusive heart pieces, how to sell on each of the masks in the Happy Mask Shop, where to find each and every bed for planting your Magic Beans in, how to find all four bottles for keeping fairies, potions or various other goodies in, and finally how to find all of the 'Great Poes'!

====== CONTENTS ======
1 - Heart Pieces Guide
2 - Mask Selling Guide
3 - Magic Beans Guide
4 - Bottles Guide
5 - Great Poes Guide

====== Section 1 - HEART PIECES GUIDE ======

You start the game with a measly three heart containers. In order to expand this number, you must collect whole hearts (found by beating each of the eight bosses at the end of each dungeon) and also collect heart pieces, found strewn all over Hyrule. Four heart pieces give you a whole heart, and thus an extra heart container. Below are the locations of all 36 Heart Pieces, allowing you to obtain the maximum of 20 heart containers!

LOCATION: Death Mountain Crater
-- As Adult Link, climb down the crater with the Goron Tunic. The Heart Piece is hidden in an archway in the wall.
-- Plant a Magic Bean in the crater as young Link and visit it as Adult Link for a ride up to this Heart Piece.

LOCATION: Death Mountain Trail
-- Plant a Magic Bean at the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern as Young Link, and hop on as Adult Link to ride up to the ledge above the Caverns entrance, and find a Heart Piece.

LOCATION: Desert Colossus
-- As Young Link, plant a Magic Bean left of the Temple Entrance, and revisit it as an Adult to ride to the Heart Piece.

LOCATION: Gerudo Valley
-- Plant a Magic Bean on the lowest ledge of the valley, go back as an Adult, and ride up to the top of the waterfall for the Heart Piece.
-- Either as an Adult using the Longshot to latch onto the crates, or as a Child using a chicken to slow your descent, get over to the far ledge with crates on, and bust them open to find a Heart Piece.

LOCATION: Gerudo Fortress
-- As an Adult, win the Horseback Archery minigame.
-- As an Adult, climb to the very top of the fortress, using the Hookshot to latch onto the chest at the top, where the Heart Piece is hidden.

LOCATION: Goron City
-- As a Child, use Deku Sticks to light all the torches, and then throw bombs into the spinning vase.

LOCATION: Greaveyard
-- Win the Gravedigging Tour as Child Link.
-- Plant a Magic Bean in the patch by the graves on the left. Return as an Adult, ride the Magic Bean Plant, and break open the crate for your Heart Piece.
-- Find the unmarked grave in the Graveyard and play the Sun Song to it.
-- Return to Dampe's race with the Longshot, and beat it in under a minute for a Heart Piece.

LOCATION: Hyrule Castle Market
-- Visit the market as Child Link and win the Bombchu Game.
-- As CHild Link, visit the market as night, and complete the mini-quest to find the Lady's Dog.
-- As Child Link, win the Treasure Box game (use the Lens of Truth to cheat!).

LOCATION: Hyrule Field
-- Find the hidden hole between the fences at the entrance to Lake Hylia, go down, and buy the Heart Piece.
-- As an Adult, find the hidden hole near a tree between Gerudo Valley and Hyrule Castle. Go down and use the Iron Boots or Gold Scale to dive into the pond and find the Heart Piece.

LOCATION: Ice Cavern
-- Use a Bottle of Blue Fire to melt the Red Ice trapping the Heart Piece in the Ice Cavern.

LOCATION: Kakariko Village
-- Kill 50 Gold Skulltulas and collect the tokens. Once you have done so, visit the Skulltula family for a Heart Piece as a reward.
-- In the Windmill, get onto the ledge near the top to get the Piece of Heart.
-- Go into the Cow Stall to find this Heart Piece.
-- As an Adult, use the Longshot to get onto the roof of the Potion Shop, and talk to the man there. He'll give you the Heart Piece.

LOCATION: Lake Hylia
-- As a Child, catch a 10 pound fish in the fishing minigame.
-- As an Adult, with the Gold Scale, dive to the very bottom of the Scientist's water tank, and he'll give you a Heart Piece as a reward.
-- As Child Link, plant a Magic Bean by the Lab, visit it as an Adult to ride up to the top of the lab and find the Heart Piece.

LOCATION: Lon Lon Ranch
-- As a Child, go to the Storage Shed and find the tunnel within, and crawl through to get the Heart Piece.

LOCATION: Lost Woods
-- Find the lone Skull Kid in the Woods and play him Saria's Song.
-- Beat the two Skull Kids Ocarine song minigame to win this Heart Piece.

LOCATION: Zora's Domain
-- As a Child, use Deku Sticks to light all four torches, then go behind the waterfall for the Heart Piece.

LOCATION: Zora's Fountain
-- As an Adult, you can find this Heart Piece on one of the iceburgs here.
-- As an Adult, use the Iron Boots and Zora Tunic to explore the lake's bottom and find the Heart Piece.

LOCATION: Zora's River
-- Find this Heart Piece on a high platform in the central area of the river (it's easist to get there using the Magic Bean Plant next to the Magic Bean Merchant).
-- Play the Song of Storms to the Frog Chorus and they'll give you a Heart Piece.
-- As a Child, use a chicken to float to the platform near the waterfall and get the Heart Piece.
-- As a Child, play the frogs songs to make them big and win the bug-catching game to obtain this Heart Piece.

====== Section 2 - MASK SELLING GUIDE ======

The Mask Shop, in Hyrule Castle Market, allows you to take masks, then sell them on. Once you've sold them, you pay the Shop owner what the masks were worth. You might end up getting more or less than each mask is worth when you sell them, but it's worth it as you'll unlock something useful when you've completed this side-quest!

Mask 1 - Keaton Mask
When you first go to the shop, this is the only mask available. Sell it to the Guard in Kakariko Village, at the gate to Death Mountain.

Mask 2 - Skull Mask
Go to the Lost Woods, and take the first left. Wear the mask, and stamd on the stump opposite the Skull Kid, then play Saria's Song. The Skull Kid will offer to buy the mask. He won't pay you as much as it's worth, but you'll need to make the monetary sacrifice to further your quest.

Mask 3 - Spooky Mask
Head to the Graveyard in Kakariko Village during the day, and talk to the small kid while wearing the mask, and he'll buy it.

Mask 4 - Bunny Hood
Here's where you make your money! Go to Hyrule Field and find the running man. Follow him until he gets tired and then talk to him, and he'll buy the mask from you.

Now you're done! Visit the Mask Shop again, and the Shop owner will let you take out the Mask of Truth. It cannot be sold to anyone, but you can use it to read people's minds (just talk to them wearing the mask) and even find out what those Gossip Stones think (often revealing handy, if cryptic, hints)! You can also borrow the Zora, Goron and Gerudo Masks.

====== Section 3 - MAGIC BEANS GUIDE ======

You can buy Magic Beans off a guy in Zora's River, and plant them as a child. Water them, and the return as an Adult and they're magic plants that will move around when you hop onto them, taking you to out of reach areas! Note that the price of these magic beans increases the more you buy (as, rather bizarrely, they're becoming more and more popular based on your custom alone). There are ten Magic Beans to buy and plant, and here's where to plant them, and what you can do once you've gained access to the new area. (Areas you can plant Magic Beans are small patches of dirt/mud).

LOCATION: Death Mountain Crater
-- At the bottom of the crater is where you can plant this bean, and once it's grown, Adult Link can ride up to get a Piece of Heart!

LOCATION: Desert Colossus
-- Plant the Bean left of the Temple entrance, and return as an Adult to ride to a Heart Piece. You can also use it to reach a Gold Skulltula on the dunes, but you'll have to make sure it's at night.

LOCATION: Dodongo's Cavern
-- Just at the entrance to the cavern is where to do the planting as Child Link, and when the plant has grown, Adult Link can get a ride up Death Mountain and claim a Heart Piece on the way!

LOCATION: Gerudo Valley
-- Plant your Bean on the lowest ledge on the far side of the river. Return as an Adult and ride the plant to the Heart Piece on top of the waterfall.

LOCATION: Kakariko Graveyard
-- Near the row of graves on the left of the Graveyard is where you'll find the planting patch, and as Adult Link you can get a ride to a Heart Piece (hidden inside a crate).

LOCATION: Kokiri Forest
-- Next to the shop in Kokiri Forest, you can plant a Bean, and as an Adult it gives you access to a ledge with some Rupees on it.

LOCATION: Lake Hylia
-- Plant a Bean next to the Laboratory, and return as an Adult to ride to the top of the Lab for a Heart Piece.

LOCATION: Lost Woods
-- West from the single skull kid, you'll find a patch for planting a Bean. This one simply gives you a shortcut as Adult Link.
-- South-East of the Sacred Forest Meadow entrance, you'll find an area where you can plant your Bean. Return as an Adult at night and find a Gold Skulltula.

LOCATION: Zora's River
-- Right next to the Magic Bean Merchant is a patch to plant Beans in. As an Adult the plant will take you on a ride around Zora's River, ending at the entrance to the area. En Route you can jump off to a platoform with a Heart Piece on it.

====== Section 4 - BOTTLES GUIDE ======

Bottles are extremely useful in Zelda:OoT. They can be used to keep potions and fairies, useful for restoring health, but also other items you'll find useful (and in some cases essential) for your quest. These include water, magical fire, fish, bugs... Even ghosts! You can find four bottles throughout the game, and here's how to nab all of them!

As Child Link, go to Lon Lon Ranch. Go see Talon and complete his challenge to find his three Super Cuccos in under 30 seconds. Succeed and you'll be rewarded with a bottle of milk (you can use the milk to restore some health).

Go to Kakariko Village as Child Link and talk to the woman next to the chicken pen (near the Graveyard entrance). Find and return all seven of her chickens and she'll give you a bottle. To get all of them you'll need to explore Kakariko Village thoroughly, and to reach some you'll need to make use of the chickens to 'glide'. Simply hold one above your head and leap off a platform and the flapping chicken slows your descent. You'll also need to roll into a crate in order to break it open to find one of the chickens!

Once you have the Silver Scale from Zora's Domain, head to Lake Hylia to find a message in a bottle by the ruins on the lake's bed. When you take the message out, you can keep the bottle!

This final bottle is obtained by completing the Great Poe Hunting side-quest. See Section 5 for details.

====== Section 5 - Great Poes Guide ======

As an Adult, visit the Guard House in Hyrule Castle and talk to the guy inside. He collects Poes (ghosts) and will pay you if you defeat them and bring him their essence (caught in a bottle). If you bring him ten Great Poes, he will also give you a bottle for your troubles! Great Poes can only be found in Hyrule Field as Adult Link riding Epona. They will appear in certain areas, and circle you. They can be defeated by hitting them with your bow and arrow twice, and then you can capture their essence in a spare bottle. Below are the locations of all 10 Great Poes:

In front of the gate to Hyrule Castle, near the sign that points to Lon Lon Ranch.

Near the centre of Hyrule Field, by the tree next to the entrance to Lon Lon Ranch.

Near a large boulder South of the entrance to Kokiri Forest.

On the overhang by the lake that's next to Zora's Domain.

Near the corner of the brick wall on the East side of Lon Lon Ranch.

Near the tree next to the paths that lead to Gerudo Valley.

Just South-West of where the two paths to Gerudo Valley meet, close to the outer wall of Hyrule Field.

Near a green tree and a group of bushes in the bottom right of Hyrule Field.

At the bottom right of Hyrule Field, there's a 'grove' of brown trees with a boulder in the middle of them. This Poe can be found near a tree just South East of this grove.

Near a bush along the bank of the small river running out of the West side of Hyrule Castle.

This concludes the mini-guide to Zelda:OoT! This mini-guide is my own work.

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