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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time"
(Nintendo 64)

This game is also available on GameCube.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time (Nintendo 64)
Submitted By: Account1


First, get out of your house and talk to Saria. After exploring
the forest for a while, Navi should start calling you to go to the
Great Deku Tree. If you try going to the Deku Tree on the east, Mido will be blocking your way. He says that you need a sword and shield to go to the Deku Tree. He's right, let's go find the sword first.

The forest training center is in the south of the forest on a
small hill (check the map if you can't find it). Go there. You'll learn about Z targeting and some other stuff too. Crawl through the small passage on the wall. Be careful for the giant rolling boulders! A short exploration of this area and you should find the treasure chest with your sword inside it. Now to get that shield...

The shield isn't free, it's gonna cost you 40 rupees. Go to
Mido's house and steal his money in the treasure chests :) If you still need more, cut bushes and look around grasses until you have 40 rupees. When you have the money, go to the store (the one with the red roof) and buy the shield. We have the sword. We have the shield. Let's see what Mido has to say now!

When you're all equipped in the equipment subscreen. Mido will
let you in to see the great Deku Tree. Practice fighting with the Deku Babas on the way to the Deku Tree. Be sure to pick up the Deku sticks they leave behind. You'll need them for the Deku Tree dungeon. After your short chat with the Deku Tree, he'll let you inside him.


When you enter the Deku Tree dungeon, you will be in the room that I will refer to as the "tall circular room". Press the C-up button and look up to see why I call it that ;)

First, turn left and go up the ladder. Follow the circular path up the room until you get to a treasure chest. Open it to get the map. Continue on the path and enter the door at the end. The door will lock up behind you, trapping you in the room with a Deku scrub. Hold up the Deku Shield to bounce back the seeds he spits out at you. When he gets hit, he'll bounce around the room. Now chase and Z target him. He will give you a mildly useful tip and the door at the end of the room will be unlocked. Continue through the door.

Jump on the platform and to the treasure chest. The platform will fall behind you, destroying your exit. Get the Fairy Slingshot from the treasure chest. Use the new slingshot to shoot the ladder hanging on the wall above the door. The ladder will fall down to give you a new way out of here. Backtrack to the "tall circular room".

Go down the circular path until you reach the area with vines growing on the wall. Use the fairy slingshot to kill the all off those dangerous skulltulas on the wall. Climb the vines to get up to the top floor of the Deku Tree.

Look around the top floor until you find a door. Enter it. Step on the switch and jump across the platforms that rise up. Get the compass from the chest and go back to the "tall circular room" (use a Deku stick to light the torch and open the door).

Kill the skulltulas that drop down by slashing their "soft underside". See the spider web down there on the ground floor? Aim well and jump down to it. If you fall on the hard ground you'll get hurt, of course. Fall on the sides of the web and you'll bounce off. But hit it the middle and you'll fall through the web to a watery basement of the Deku Tree. Perhaps these can be called the Deku Tree's roots :)

Climb on to the platform with the switch (Note: Don't worry about getting to the highest platform. We can go there later). Step on the switch to turn on the light of the nearby torch. Take out one of your Deku Sticks and light it up. Now, walk across the part of the water that is shallow, and go to the other platform. Light up the spider web there (Burn baby burn!). Now you can go to the door! I don't think I even need to tell you to go through the door now...

Here's another Deku Shrub. Do the same thing you did to the last one. He says that the pattern for beating his brothers in another room is "2-3-1. Twenty-three is number one!". According to Nintendo's official Zelda site, he might be referring to Michael Jordan: #23 is number 1! Hahahahahaha! There's an eyeball switch above the door. Shoot it with a seed from your slingshot and the door will unlock. Now proceed...

A water! Dive down to the underwater switch. It's under the log if you can't find it. To dive, hold down the A button in the water. Pressing the switch will lower the water level. Hurry and jump on the platform...under the spinning spiky log... and jump to the other side. Enter the door, as usual... Kill the Skulltula like before and push the block right as far as it can go. Climb up and enter the door. Kill yet another Skulltula and use a Deku stick to light the two torches. Enter the newly unlocked door. Now burn more spiderwebs and go through the tunnel.

We are now on the highest platform in the flooded room! Push the big box over the edge of the platform to create a bridge between the platforms. Go down to the small platform. Light the Deku stick. And go back up to burn the spiderweb (you need to swing the stick). Now jump down.

Continue and you will find three Deku shrubs. Watch out, they're deadly! Kill them in the order that the other Deku shrub said: "2-3-1" (middle, right, left).

Now fight the boss in the next room: QUEEN GHOMA. See the boss section for further details about kicking his spidey arse. After the battle, remember to get the heart container and step into the light...

You will be transported outside of the Deku Tree. He will give you a story and movie of legends and other stuff. After which, he will give you the first spiritual stone: Kokiri's Emerald! Then...he will die. There's no way to save him so don't feel too bad. At least you get to see the beautiful cinema of the life being sucked out of him.

You can now leave the forest without anyone molesting you. Mido will think that YOU actually killed the Deku Tree. It's strange that he's not as mad as he should be.

Upon leaving the forest, Saria will stop you and give you the fairy ocarina. Use it with pride. This is quite a sad moment where you and Saria leave each other. Savor the moment. And run away...very predictable.


Right after you leave the forest, the mysterious owl (named Kaepora Gaebora) will stop you. He'll give you a map of Hyrule and tell some other things too. After the owl encounter, head north towards the market & Hyrule castle. When it becomes night time, Stalchildren appear and attack. You can easily outrun them... if you do decide to attack them, they leave behind rupees. If it's night when you get to the market, the drawbridge will be down and it will be raised in the morning. Be


The market is filled with people doing their own business. They all say something interesting (or not...) but talking to them is not required. Check out the stores and mini-games. There's also a little girl with red hair named Malon. She says that her dad is missing in the castle. Let's go find him.


Continue along the path to the castle. A guard will be blocking the path. He says that nobody can enter the castle. Now, follow the path to the market until you find the red-haired girl, Malon. She'll give you a strange egg to help find her dad. Climb the vines behind Malon and make your way to the gate. Climb down the ladder and step outside. Avoid the guards in the field. If one of them sees you they will bring you back outside. Fortunately, these guards are short-sighted and can't see anything more than a few feet in front of them. It should be no trouble to pass them in a few tries.

After crossing the guards, you will find a ladder of stones on the left side of the gate protected by guards. Climb it and swim inside the water until the stairs. Get out and find the sleeping man. This is Malon's father: Talon. When daytime comes, he strange egg would hatch to becomea cucco. Use the cucco on Talon to wake him up. He will then run off in a hurry, aid that Malon is angry with him. Notice the deformation of his arms as he runs :> Now that the fat man is out of the way, push the two crates to form a half bridge across the water. Now jump from the crates to the hole on the other side. Make sure that it is daytime because itsimpossible to get passed the guards inside there at night. So during the day,
climb into the narrow passage. Inside there, guards will be patrolling the area. Observe their pattern and make your move at the right time. This is really easy if you learn the pattern of the guard's movement. At the end of the guard avoiding
thing, you will at last reach the lovely Princess Zelda. Zelda tells you about a whole load of stuff while the camera
switches around the place with dramatic scenes. She will also show you Gannondorf, the future great king of evil (although no one realizes it yet). After the talk, she will give you Zelda's Letter.

Walk back towards the guards and you will find Impa, Zelda's caretaker and guardian. She will teach you Zelda's Lullaby: the most overused song in the game. She will then escort you outside the castle and you don't need to worry about the guards.
The next thing to do now is learn some songs for the ocarina. Go to Lon Lon Ranch at the center of Hyrule field.


When you enter Lon Lon Ranch, enter the first door you see on the left side. Talon will be sleeping with some chickens. Talk to him and play the "Super Cucco Finding Game" winning this game will give you a bottle of Lon Lon Milk. The bottle can be kept for other super-useful purposes. Now exit that room and go to the Malon in the horse place. Talk to her and show her the ocarina. She teaches you Epona's Song. Playing this song summons Epona, your horse. But you won't be able to ride her
now since you're just a kid... The next song is waiting in the Lost Woods on the hill of the northern side of Kokiri Forest.


As the owl said, follow your ears. So the path with the loudest music is the correct one. If there is something wrong with your ears, or you're just too lazy to use them, here is the correct way to go: Right, left, right, left, forward, left, and right. Now in the Sacred Forest Meadow, kill the wolf for a nice purple rupee. Continue to find a maze area. Kill the enemies if needed and Saria will be there playing a song on her ocarina. Talk to her and she will teach you Saria's Song. This song will be useful for various reasons. The next place to go is Kakariko Village, on the right of Hyrule Castle.


Explore the village! Talk to everyone! Buy everything! Or forget about buying everything, but seriously, there's a whole bunch of stuff to do here. At the right side of the windmill there is a lady looking for her chickens (ahem... cuccos). Find all seven of them and get another ultra-useful bottle.

Locations of the chickens:
1. Near the lady looking for her cuccos.
2. Near the entrance of the village.
3. Somewhere around the gate blocked by the guard.
4. Behind the fence near the Skulltula house. To get there, grab
a cucco and float down to there from a higher platform. Then throw down both cuccos. Jump down there and put them both in the
5. Roll into the box at the side of a house near the village entrance.
6. Grab a cucco and go to the place where the windmill is. See the two fences at the left side? Run at an angle and jump (with cucco in hand) towards the fence on the left that appears to be higher. Throw the original cucco back over the fence you jumped over...and get the one downstairs.
7. Follow the instructions of step 5. But after going down the stairs, climb up the ladder on the wall (avoid that hole in the
ground, falling in there will reset all cuccos to their original place!). Another cucco is waiting up there. The graveyard is near the lady looking for those chickens (*cough*... cuccos). Go there next to find the Hylian Shield and the Sun


Behold the graveyard in all its spooky glory! Actually, the graveyard is more of a relaxing quiet spot. There is a grave there wit yellow flowers in front of it. Pull the gravemarker back to reveal a hole. Did you buy the Hylian shield for 80 rupees in the market? I hope not because inside this hole is the Hylian shield...for free.

Make your way to the end of the graveyard. It starts to rain as you get further to the back. Stand on the triforce symbol and play Zelda's Lullaby. The stone in front of you will explode. Jump into the hole. In the first room, kill all the bats to open the door. In the next room, just avoid the zombie things and read the writing on the wall of the next room. You have just learned the sun's song! Playing it will turn night into day, and day into night. You can also freeze the zombies in the
other room with this song. Now go back to the main Kakariko Village.


Go to the gate with a guard beside it. He says you need the king's permission to enter Death Mountain. Give him the next best thing, a letter from Princess Zelda. He will open the gate and let you continue.


Scale the mountain and you will get to Dodongo's Cavern. However, it is blocked by a huge boulder. Continue up the mountain until you reach another cave. Go inside to Goron City. City of Gorons. If you didn't know, that THING you passed by going up the mountain... that was a Goron.


Carefully walk across the narrow rope to get to a Goron. He says that Darunia (a.k.a. Big Brother) locked himself up in his room with the second spiritual stone: Goron's Ruby. Now, climb down Goron City until you are at the bottom floor. Stand on that fuzzy welcome mat and play Zelda's Lullaby. The door opens! Inside is Darunia's room. He looks pretty angry. Play the bouncy tune of Saria's Song to cheer him up. Watch the cool cinema scene of him dancing around. He still looks mad but now he'll give you the Goron Bracelet. This will allow you to pick up bomb flowers! Exit Goron City...


Exiting the city, you will see a Goron and a bomb flower on your right side. Now that you have the Goron's Bracelet, you can pick up the bomb flower. Throw the bomb flower over the fence. It will blow up the rock that was blocking the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern. Now, prepare yourself to enter the second dungeon of the game...


[NOTE: It is a good idea to have the Hylian shield equipped in this place because the flaming bats can easily burn the Deku Shield. Only equip the Deku shield to fight lizalfos.] First, pick up a bomb flower at the side and set it down at the
brown piece of wall in front of you [NOTE: Walls that look like this can always be blown up with a bomb/bomb flower]. The huge room that you are in now is what I will refer to as "Big room" because it is in the center of the dungeon...and it's quite big too. There's an impressive dodongo statue in front of you. Very nice sculpting. Make's you think of how much work Miyamoto and his team put into this game.

Head now to the platform on the right side of this room. Pick up the bomb flower and blow up the laser eye thing. Now blow up the "bomb wall" on the right. Enter the part that you destroyed with the bomb flower. There are a bunch of fire breathing baby dodongos now. Killing them won't give you anything good so just go around them. If you step on the switch at the end of this hall, it will just pop back up when you get off. Use the armos statue on the left to hod it down. The door now stays unlocked.

In this next room, you have to fight lizalfos. Like Navi says, use your best Z targeting sword fighting techniques. And equip the Deku Shield! It helps a lot. After beating both Lizalfos dudes, the door unlocks.

This puzzle is simple enough: Use a Deku Stick to light all the torches. Now, for the third time in a row, the paragraph ends with a door unlocking... And by the way, if you ran out of Deku Sticks, blow up the "bomb wall" to find a Deku Scrub. He sells them at quite a high price but it's better than going back to the Deku Tree for some!

Behold the glory! You have made a complete circle and arrived back at the big room! But not to worry, your work has not been in you can step on this switch. It allows you to open the door at the left side of the big room. Go over there and into the door.

This room has the map. Its meaningless to even have the map if
you usethis guide but even then... get the map and continue. Use the bomb flower on the wall in this room and continue further. Now fight this armos statue: Wake him up by touching him... then stun him with a Deku nut. Now you can use the sword on him. It would be a good idea to get away from him now because he will blow up soon. Get the compass he was guarding and go back to the room with a lot of bomb flowers.

Pick up the bomb flower at the side of the door and set it at the
partin the line of bomb flowers where there is a missing piece. This sets of a chain reaction that causes all bomb flowers to blow up one by one. This huge explosion (and nice rumble pak effect) demolishes the pillar in the middle and it sinks down to form a stairway for you. Climb the stairs and enter the door at the top. Welcome to the second floor.

Move the armos statue blocking the ladder and climb up to step on
the switch. No need to fight the other statues... or even wake them up for that matter. Just advance to the next room.

The big room again! Cross the bridge and go to some maze room of
sorts. Please be careful with where you're stepping to avoid getting too hurt. You can see what's around the corner by holding Z and side-stepping. Doing this, it should be easier to avoid the spiky things that move around the room. Cross the room to the wall with the blue block and a ladder (you can pull that block to earn a recovery heart). Climb the ladder to get to the bomb- destroyable wall. Now turn around and jump to the tower with a bomb flower and a chest (the chest has a blue rupee). Pick up the bomb flower...wait until it is ready to explode... and throw
it in such a way that it will destroy the wall on the other side.
Be patient and try again if needed.

Shoot the eyeball switch above the door to turn of the flames
blocking your exit. Well, that was easy wasn't it? room please... Another pair of Lizalfos. Execute them like we did last time. Use the Deku shield a lot and attack when they drop their guard.

Now in this room, two platforms are being blocked by two flames.
Do what you did before. The second eyeball switch is on the left of the first platform. If you're all set, let us proceed to the next room... Its a big chest with a bomb bag! You can use bombs without getting one from a bomb flower! Great, now c'mon to the next room.

Step on the switch. This will make the up/down platform get more
upper. Not too useful but anyway...Go to the bridge and throw bombs down into the spaces and into the eyes of the huge dodongo statue. When both eyes are flaming red, the statue will open up its mouth to let you come in. Use the high elevator platform to get down to that statue and into the mouth.

Here in this room, a hole in the middle has a switch inside that
doesn't like to keep down. Since there is no heavy statue nearby, follow the other path that you can go to now. Climb the blocks and cross the room. You have made a complete circle and you are now back at the room with a stubborn switch. Push the block off the ledge and into the hole. Next room...

Bomb the center of the floor and drop down... Welcome to King
Dodongo's Room! Beating him shouldn't cause too much trouble for you. See the boss section for more detailed info about this.

Remember to get the heart container after defeating King Dodongo
and step into the blue light. Darunia will be waiting there to thank you and he gives you the second spiritual stone: Goron's Ruby! Two spiritual stones have been collected. The goal of reaching the three pendants...err... stones is in sight! Watch the cool cinema of Darunia and the "big Goron
hug". Let's proceed...


Like Darunia said, it is a good idea to go to see the great fairy
about now. Go to the path that is blocked by huge rocks. Use the bombs to destroy anything that gets in your way. When it starts raining rocks, use the Hylian Shield to protect yourself when necessary.

When you get to a climbable wall with skulltulas all around, kill
the skulltulas first before climbing up there. Now bomb the
breakable section of the wall (the one on the left side) and enter.

Stand on the triforce symbol and play Zelda's lullaby to make a
prostitute-looking great fairy appear. She'll give you the power
of the sword spin slash and a short magic meter. This information is also available in the Great Fairy section. Another great fairy is available in Hyrule Castle. Go there...


Follow the normal path until you get to the sign that says "Dead
end". Bomb the rock behind this sign to reveal a passage. Enter through here to get to the Great Fairy. Like before, play Zelda's lullaby to activate the Fairy. She gives the power of Din's Fire (one of the three magic powers named after the goddesses). The magic meter fairy and the Din's fire fairy are the only fairies required to beat the game. Next stop: Zora's River.


To get to Zora's River, follow the river in Hyrule Field upstream. That freakin' owl will be waiting for you there. He'll tell you a whole load of garbage. After his lecture, use bombs to destroy the rocks blocking your way. A fat man will be selling magic beans beside a fence. Magic beans can be planted in soft soil locations. In the future, a magic plant will have grown and it might bring you to a piece of heart or something special. These magic beans cost 10 rupees now...but next time
they cost 20...then 30...then 40... Buy some if you like.

Continue through the valley until you get to a waterfall. Step on the thing and play Zelda's Lullaby. The waterfall will stop flowing and you can jump into the passageway...of Zora's Domain.


Wow, what soothing music. Zoras (the creatures you see all around) were originally thought to be an alien enemy from early screenshots. Now we know better :)

Go up and up to find King Zora... who just happens to be the king of the Zoras! He says that her tomboy daughter, Princess Ruto (who happens to be very sexy), is missing. Yeah. Now turn left and talk to the Zora to play the diving game. If you win, come back up to get your prize: The Sliver Scale. This allows you to dive underwater for up to 6 meters!

Somewhere around the place where you played the diving game, there is a hole that happens to be exactly 6 meters underwater. Go dive down there to be transported to Lake Hylia...


Wow, we're in Lake Hylia. In front of you at the lake bottom, there is a bottle. Dive down there and receive "An empty bottle with something inside it". It's a letter from princess Ruto. She's inside Lord Jabu Jabu! Now go back to Zora's Domain the same way you got here. The warp thingy.


Okay... and we're back! Before showing that letter to King Zora, go to the shallow water and catch a fish in a bottle. Shallow water can be found beside the store. To catch a fish, use the bottle as a C button item, go behind a fish, and catch! There you have it... a fish in a bottle. The use of this will be explained to you later. But now let's go to King Zora.

Stand on the platform and show him the letter from Princess Ruto. King Zora will then move to the side (in a cinema scene that takes way too long). Go up the path on the right side and into Zora's fountain.


This is Zora's fountain. Do you see Lord Jabu Jabu there? Yeah. He's a super-huge fish thing. Not quite what I was expecting...but nice never the less. First, swim behind Jabu Jabu to the small island. Bomb the rocks and enter the third great fairy fountain. This time, she gives you the ultra-useless Farore's Wind.

Go back to the altar of Lord Jabu Jabu. He sure looks hungry. Show him the fish and he will eat both you and the fish. Welcome to the third dungeon.


[Note: It is a good idea to keep a good supply of Deku Nuts with you at all times. Many enemies here are electric and cannot be defeated without it]

Behind you, it looks like Lord Jabu Jabu's mouth is closed but you can actually exit the Jabu Jabu dungeon at any time. First, run forward, avoiding the octorocks, until you get to the other side. Use the fairy slingshot to hit the white switch on the ceiling. Now the door with unlock (the net will go away). Run through the next room (ignoring the elevator lift) and straight to the next room. Here you will find the beautiful Princess Ruto! She tells you that she's fine and
doesn't need your help. Then she falls through the hole. Now be a man and jump in after her!

Talk to Princess Ruto again... and again... until she lets you carry her. We will now have to complete most of the dungeon with her. Be careful not to drop her in deep water because she will disappear and you will have to come back to this room (or the room above) to get her back. You can also throw her to switches. So if I say use the slingshot to hit the switch, remember that throwing her to the switch can also be done.

Now proceed to the next room. Throw her to the platform on the other side, and hit the switch to let the water come up. Swim to the other side where Ruto is. Make sure not to drop her in the water! Now hit the switch (...) and proceed to the next room.

This is the bottom of the elevator room we ignored earlier. Wait for the elevator to come down, and go up with Princess Ruto. Remember this place? Now continue to the room where you first met Princess Ruto... the one with holes in the ground. Avoid those holes and cross the room to the door on the other side. Now take the path on the right and put Ruto down on the switch. The door will stay open and you can enter...

Now, kill all of the stingers hiding in the room. The easiest way is to use Z targeting to find them and using the slingshot to finish them when they fly out of the ground. After they are all dead, a big treasure chest will appear...and the boomerang inside it! This will help you in beating all those dumb bubbles, jellyfish, and all monsters in the dungeon! Exit the room and pick up Ruto.

Go to the left side of this hellish place and set Ruto down on the switch. Inside the room is a big... thing... hanging from the top of the room. You need to kill this now: Use Z targeting to target the part of him that you need to hit. Hit it with the boomerang. Get close to him to make him come back down, and attack again! Continue until he collapses to the floor and dies. Take the map and exit the room.

Looking left, you will see that the electric thing that was previously blocking the path is now gone. Pick up Ruto and go to the room there. You now have 40 seconds to defeat all the bubbles in the room! Quickly use Z targeting on each one and finish them off with the boomerang. The prize for your bubble busting is the compass... Now exit the room and go down another hall and into the door.

Defeat the tentacle thing hanging from the top. After killing him, one of those electric blocking things will disappear. Now go back tot the room with the holes and drop down the one closest to the door so that you fall down on the highest platform in the room below.

Now enter the door and... the third spiritual stone is there! Throw Ruto up to get it (...but why Princess Ruto?). The platform will bring her up and a boss will come down. This isn't the main boss of the dungeon but it's included in the boss section anyway. Go there for details about Big Octo.

After killing Big Octo, climb up on the platform and it will bring you up to the higher level. Now freeze the electrified jello with the boomerang and cross the room by jumping on the stunned jello thing.

Jump onto the platform and it will lower down to the elevator room. Now you can step on the switch and... What? It won't stay down? Go to the other side of the room and bring the boxes back to the switch. They don't seem that heavy but it works. Put the box down on the switch and enter the door.

Now climb the vines at the side of the wall up to the top. See the switch behind the semi-transparent wall? With really good aim,throw the boomerang to the side of the wall in such a way that it will move to the switch as it comes back to you. This might take some time. Now go through the door that just unlocked.

This is Brinade, the final boss of Jabu Jabu's Belly. Go to the boss section for explicit... err...detailed information about
killing Brinade. After the battle, collect the heart container and step into the blue light with Princess Ruto. She really look scary in the light. Well... you'll be transported out to Zora's Fountain and Ruto will give you Zora's Sapphire, the third and final spiritual stone! It's also her "most precious possession" given by her mother. We have all 3 Spiritual Stones! Let's head to the Temple of Time, and open the Door of Time.


As you approach the drawbridge to Hyrule Town Market, you will see a cinema of Zelda, escaping Gannondorf on horseback. She throws something into the water. After the Gannondorf encounter, dive into the water to get... The Ocarina of Time! Great, now go to the temple of time. It's on the right of the Happy Mask Shop. [Before going there, it's a good idea to find as much stuff as possible in the past: Gold skulltulas, pieces of heart, etc. You won't be able to go back to the past for a


Silence please, this is a sacred moment. Zelda will teach you the song of time telepathically. Now stand in front of the altar and play...the song of time. The three spiritual stone will spin around and the door will open. Enter to get the master sword. I'm too lazy to type out the terrific cinema that is presented to you now. You won't notice it, but after the Gannondorf thing, seven years will have passed.


You are now at the Chamber of Sages with a fat guy: Rauru (I still don't know who he is). He will explain your goal in the future and give you the Light Medallion, the first of the six medallions to collect. Luckily, you'll need to EARN the rest of them. This "first medallion" section was really short. I bet Miyamoto wanted to make another dungeon for this but ran out of time.

You will also see Shiek, a mysterious survivor of the Shiekahs. At the end of the game, you will find out his (her?) TRUE identity. Get out of the temple of time and-- whoa! This place is scary! Pass by the Market (...) avoiding the zombies all around. Now head for Lon Lon Ranch to get the horse, Epona.


I shouldn't really include this in the walkthrough since its not required to finish the game. Oh well... Lon Lon Ranch is now run by the tyrant Ingo. He kicked out Talon. Malon says he will treat the horses badly if she disobeys him. What a pity...

First, go to Ingo and pay him 10 rupees to ride the horses. Instead of riding to horse prepared for you, play Epona's Song (you DID get Epona's Song in the past, right?) to summon Epona. Get on and practice riding around the place until the time runs out.

Now pay another 10 rupees to Ingo and get back on Epona. This time, Z target Ingo and he will offer you to race him (with a tiny 50 rupee bet...). Race him and win [see the mini-game section for details]. After beating him, race again. This time, the prize is THE HORSE! Beat him again and get Epona.

Now you have Epona but can't leave Lon Lon Ranch. Could you? Build up speed and jump over the gate blocking the way out.
Congratulations, you just got the horse! Go now to the Kakariko Village graveyard.

Submitted By: Account1
PART 2 of the Zelda 64 WALKTHROUGH....


Go to the tombstone on the left side with flowers in front of it.
It's Dampe's grave. He's dead. Pull back on the tombstone and jump
into the hole. It's the spirit of Dampe...and he wants you to race him [also in the mini-game section]. At the end of the race is the hookshot.

The is a blue block blocking the exit of this grave. And guess
what? It has the symbol on the door of time on it. Play the song of time to make the block disappear. Now we are in the windmill (a piece of heart is there). Go down and talk to the crazy windmill guy. He says something about an ocarina kid that played that song in the windmill a long time ago. I don't know who he's talking about, but he teaches you the song of storms. Next stop: Kokiri Village's Lost Woods.


Go to the sacred forest meadow where you learned Saria's Song.
The path is: Right, left, right, left, straight, left, right. Somewhere along the path, Mido will block your progress. Play Saria's Song to prove that you know Saria. He'll be surprised and let you through to go to the forest temple.

In the maze area, giant monsters will charge at you as soon as
they realize you're there. To kill them without hassle, use the
hookshot to kill them. In the long corridor, a monster with some kind of ax will be hitting the ground. To kill him, move to the left and right to avoid the red shockwaves on the ground. Use the sword when you're close enough to hit him.

Continue to Saria's "normal spot" and Shiek will be there, waiting for you. He will teach you the Minuet of the Forest. Playing this song warps Link to the triforce symbol in front of the Forest Temple. Now use the hookshot on the tree branch to get to the Forest Temple entrance...


Kill the wolves in this room and climb up the vines on the left. At the top, jump across the tree branch and onto the other tree branch on the left side. Open the chest to find the first small key (K:1)! Old Zelda players should have noticed there was something missing in the dungeons of the past :) Now kill the giant Skulltula in the next room

Go through the door to see the "Torch room". The four multi-colored Poes stole the fire and the elevator in the center goes down. Find and kill the four Poes to restore the light and reactivate the elevator! Ahem... let's first go strait ahead to the room in front of you. Kill the fire skull and continue to the next room. Now you'll have to fight two Stalfoses. Use the shield (and Z targeting) to defend yourself. Right after he swipes at you with his sword, attack him with your own sword.
After killing them, get the small key (K:2) and go back to the "Torch room".

Go to the blue block with the symbol of time, and make it disappear by playing the song of time. Enter the door. Go to the right side wall with the vines growing all over it. Use the hookshot to kill the skulltulas that you *can* kill before climbing. The highest one is too far up to reach with the hookshot so just carefully avoid it. Climb up the vines
(cautious of the Skulltula) to the door at the top.

Now kill the Fire Skull to receive the map. Next room... use the hookshot to hit the white diamond on the right side wall. You
will be pulled toward the diamond and fall on the platform. Now step on the switch to drain the water out of the well. Now jump down to the ground and go down the well. Beside the stairs at the well bottom is another small key (K:3). Backtrack to the torch room.

Enter the locked door at the side of the room (K:2). Kill yet another giant Skulltula and enter the door. Now climb the ladder to get to some kind of maze. This is going to be hard for me to explain but I'll do my best: Push the blue block to the little hole in the floor. Just follow the arrows on the floor and it should be easy. When the block gets to a place where you cant push it anymore, go around to the other side of the block. Now just slide it into place and climb up to the next

This time, *pull* the red block until you are squished between the block and the wall. Now jump back to the lower floor and look around for a ladder. Go up the ladder and push the red block against the wall. Mmmmkay... go back down the ladder and climb back up the blue block. Push the red block all the way. Climb up the red block and enter the locked door (K:1).

This room is all twisted! Go through it normally and enter the locked door on the other side (K:0). Fight the Stalfos like before [NOTE: You can't walk on the hole like he can]. After killing him, a platform will come down with two more Stalfoses. When one is defeated, his remains will lie on the floor and come to life in about a minute. They must both be dead at the same time! When they're both gone, get the Fairy Bow from the chest. Go to the next room.

There are three paintings of Poes in this area. Use the bow to shoot them quickly. If you take too long or you get too close, they will notice you and transfer to another painting. Shoot all three of them to make a real Poe fight you. Defeat him with either the bow, hookshot, or sword and get the compass from the chest that appears. Go back to the room that you passed by before with the three Poe paintings. Shoot the Poes in the paintings just like you did in the other room. Fight the red
Poe that appears and get the small key from the chest (K:1).

Okay, now go to the room behind the twisted one. Shoot the eyeball switch above the door to untwist the twisted room. Now it's a normal hallway! Pass through it and fall to the ground. Open up the ever-so-nicely-decorated treasure chest and get your first Boss Key. The Boss Key functions just like the big key/nightmare key in other Zelda games: To open the door leading to the boss. Now drop down the hole in the floor of that room.

Kill the blue fire skulls in the room and enter the door. Kill a big Deku Baba and enter the first door you see on the *right* side. There is a hand on the floor. Ohhhh...scary. Be quick and slash it until it breaks up into three smaller hands. You have to kill the small hands super-quick so they don't grow back into big hands. Kill all three small hands and get the small key from the resulting treasure chest (K:2). Exit the room and enter the door on the right-hand side.

Make the journey to the room before the hallway that we untwisted. Now shoot the eyeball switch to make it all twisted again. Go through that room. Make your way to the room that is jumbled up (after the second Poe painting room). Then enter the door. Run through the straight hallway and into the next room. This is an interesting puzzle...a switch is frozen in ice. There are two ways to solve this: (1) Stand on the turning platforms and wait until the fire is directly between you and the switch. Then fire an arrow through the fire to melt the ice around the switch. (2) The other solution is to simply stand next to the
switch and use Din's Fire. After hitting the switch, exit the room and pass through the twisted hallway.

Drop down into the hole in the jumbled room to find a chess board room. Observe the holes in the ceiling very carefully and step on the block below the hole. You will not get damaged when the ceiling falls down! Make your way to the switch to unlock the door...and enter that door, of course :)

See that picture of the green Poe on the wall? Shoot it and arrange the blocks that fall down to match the picture on the wall. Five blocks come down but you'll only need four to complete the picture. The other block is only a decoy. Only 60 seconds are allowed to arrange the blocks so there's no time to waste! If time runs out, the blocks will flip onto the side and you'll need to start over again. When the blocks are in place, the green Poe will fight her like the other Poes. Enter the unlocked door and jump down to the center of the torch room, where the last Poe is waiting...

No picture shooting this time. Just fight the purple Poe! He multiplies into four pieces but only one is the real Poe. Just use the bow and shoot the true Poe spinning around you (take a wild guess at which one it is). After the destruction of the final of the four Poes, the fire will return to the torch. Now that all four torches have all four fires, the elevator will come up. Get in there and let it bring you down to the bottom floor.

Alright, push the "handles" on the wall to the side to make the entire wall turn. The holes in the wall will also change position, allowing you to access the different rooms and hallways behind the wall. Sounds confusing, no? Here's a simpler explanation: Just push the handles of the wall and go to the small rooms that you can go to. Then, hit any switch you may find there. Continue turning the wall and hitting switches until you get to the door with a lock on it. The boss key is
used for this door, so open it and fight the boss... Enter the room and go up the stairs to the platform. There are
paintings all over the room. Nothing interesting here, so exit the platform and-- the gate closes. See the boss section for details about fighting Phantom Ganon. Kill him, get the heat container, and step into the blue light.

After Phantom Ganon is dead, you will go to the Chamber of Sages. Saria awakens as a sage and adds her power to your own. You have the forest medallion! Only four medallions left! Now you are transported outside, and a plant pops out of the ground! He's a Deku sprout and he knows a lot about you. For example, he tells you that you are actually.... NOT A KOKIRI! Disappointed? Me too, but it's a fact of life. Just accept your Hylian self.


Go to the temple of time. Run to the place where you got the master sword and Sheik will appear. Now he will teach you the all-useful Prelude of Light. Another warp song to add to your collection. The next medallion is found in the Fire Temple. But
first, stop by Goron City on Death Mountain.


If you're looking for Gorons in this city, you're out of luck. But fortunately, one Goron is still remaining. Find him on the third floor. Use a bomb or bomb flower to stop his rolling and talk to him. Guess what-- he has the same name as you! Darunia thought you were so brave that he named his son after you (how cute...). Talk to him and he will give you the fire-resistant Goron Tunic.

Go down to Darunia's room and pull on the statue where Darunia used to be. Enter the passage behind the statue to find Death Mountain Crater. This place is hot-- so put on the Goron Tunic!


Go left and use the hookshot to cross the broken bridge. Say hello to Mr. Shiek and he will teach you the Bolero of Fire: A song that reflects the power of the heart. Continue to the left and down the ladder to get to the next temple of the future: The Temple of Fire.


Watch out for the fire bats and go up the stairs to the *unlocked* door on the left side. Darunia is there, waiting for you! He says some story things and enters the door behind him. Go now to the left side wall and step on the switch to free the Goron in there. Talk to him and get the small key (K:1). Now that we have the key, exit the room the way you came in and go straight forward into the locked door (K:0).

Cross to the other side of the bridge and cross the narrow wooden plank at the right. Go to the right side of the room (corresponding to the map). You may observe the bombable section of the wall... Bomb it! It's another Goron. Talk to him and get the small key from the chest (K:1). Alrighty, go back to the LEFT side of the big lava room. Enter the door
there. It is yet *another* Goron. Talk to him and get the key in the chest (K:2). Now we have two keys. Enter the locked door at the other side of the bridge (K:1).

From here, jump across the river of lava and climb the fence on the other side. Climb up to the top and push the block down on top of the hole with fire erupting from it. When the block goes down, jump on it and it will bring you to the second floor. Enter the locked door (K:0).

Ignore the trapped Goron for now and climb the ledges on the side. Watch out for the torch slugs and jump to the other side where the diamond switch is. Push the block down, jump down and pull it as far as possible. Make your way around to the top of the block and jump to the fence. Climb up there. The fire is preventing you from climbing the fence! Go to the level just above that diamond switch and toss a bomb down to it. Run over to the fire. When the bomb explodes and hits the
switch, the flames will go away. Quickly go up the fence because the fire will come back soon. Enter the door at the top.

Now, turn left and go along the wall until you get to a Goron. Talk to him and get a small key from the chest (K:1). Go to the wall on the opposite side of the room. Another Goron is waiting there. Talk to him and get the key from the chest (K:2). Search the room for a locked door and enter it (K:1).

Use the C-up button to look what's down there-- it's that big lava room on the first floor! Try not to fall down, mmmkay? Take out the fairy bow and search the walls for an eyeball switch. Shoot it and enter the door that unlocks. Take the map from the big chest and go back to the room before. Enter the locked door (K:0).

Cross the grate to get to the other side of the room. Oh yeah, watch out for the wall of fire that gets activated as soon as you step on the grate. Enter the door on the other side. Remember this place? It's the maze room. But this time-- we're on top! First, go to the platform with a big crack in the floor. Well? Blow it up! Go down there, talk to Mr. Goron, and get the key (K:1). Climb the fence all the way back up. Jump to the platform with the switch and step on it. Now go to the gate that
just opened. Talk to him, and get another small key (K:2). There was a locked door at the fire wall, right? Go back there.

Now, we're back in the firewall room. There IS a locked door on the wall... but how do you get there? The answer is simple: jump. It doesn't seem like you can jump up there, but its very easy from the floor beside it. Enter the locked door (K:1). This place may SEEM very spacious, but there are invisible firewalls that only appear when you get close to move carefully. Walk along the wall on your right side, go around the firewall, and get to the door. Enter that door and get the compass in the chest. Go back to the big room.

Turn left and carefully go to the locked door on the opposite side on your left. Use the last key and enter it (K:0). Ignore the trapped Goron and cross to the other side of the corridor. And..... we're back in the opposite side of the fire room! Look around for a switch and step on it. This will cause the big flame on the side to disappear for 5 seconds. Hurry up and get up on the platform that used to be blocked by the flame. You'll need to go around some firewalls. The door you first see
up there is an enemy. Bomb it and enter the door behind it. Now we have arrived at the half-boss of the fire temple. You
know... boss? Get over to the boss section for details about defeating the fire- dancer. After finishing off the fire-dancer, climb on to the platform and it will raise you up you the upper floor.

Enter the door and climb the fence. Stand on the part above the diamond switch and throw a bomb down there. This will cause the flames surrounding the fence to disappear. Climb up and enter the room. Step on the switch. This causes the fire to go away from the chest way up there at the top of the stairs. Run up there... just be fast and don't fall. If you made it in time, open the chest to receive the megaton hammer! Yeah baby! Go down to where the switch was (be careful about the
bats). There is a small flat block with a picture of a face on it. Use the hammer and fall down.

Use the hammer on the statue and enter the door that was behind it. Watch out for the bats and hit the little block with the hammer. This causes the floor to collapse into a stairway. Get one of the nearby boxes and use it to hold down a switch at the bottom of the stairway. Enter the door please.

Hammer the block and ride it down to get to the fire room. There's a switch there for you to step on, but it seems a bit rusted (thank you Navi). The obvious answer is to smash it down with your new megaton hammer. Enter the door that unlocks. Now, play the song of time to the blue block to use it as a platform. Get over to the another rusted switch and hammer it. This causes the release of the Goron. Jump down to him and get from the chest... a key (K:1)! Go back out through the way you
came in. Hammer the block and fall down. It's a pretty big fall!

So now, we're back in Darunia's room. The boss door is right there... but we don't have the boss key! Exit this room to go back to the entrance room of the fire temple. There's another statue waiting for you at the right side of the stairs. Smash it and enter the locked door that was hidden behind it (K:0). That was the statue the Goron said "couldn't be destroyed with the Goron special crop".

Kill all of the enemies in this room to make the door open. You can get the bombs from the chest. Enter the door that unlocked. Here's yet another fire-dancer. Go see the boss section if you really need to. You might not since this is your second encounter with him. After the fight, enter the door. Another rusted switch? Hammer time! The final Goron is
free and there's a chest waiting for you. Open it for... the boss key!

Now go through the next door to get back at the entrance room. Go up the stairs through the left door. Jump across the platforms and enter the boss door to fight the boss of the fire temple: Volvagia. See the boss section for lessons on beating him. When he's all done, get the heart container and step into the blue light. You are now transported
to the Chamber of Sages.


Now that you're here and you have the megaton hammer, you might as well go get the great fairy. Somewhere around the place where you entered the Death Mountain Crater, there is a group of red rocks all hunched up together blocking a cave. Use the megaton hammer to destroy the rocks and enter the cave. Inside the cave is a great fairy. Play Zelda's Lullaby on the triforce symbol to activate the great fairy. She gives you a longer magic meter. Now you can use a lot of magic. Cool, huh!

Navi said that she feels an arctic wind blowing in from Zora's Domain... *arctic* wind? Get your butt over to Zora's Domain and investigate!


So we're entering Zora's Domain and... Everything has turned into solid ice! Everything! The King is frozen, the shop is frozen. Try playing the diving game :) Get over to Zora's Fountain behind King Zora. Lord Jabu Jabu is gone. Jump across the ice platforms to reach the ice cavern on the left side of the water.


This isn't actually a temple. We're just going here to get the blue fire and iron boots. First, go forward and destroy the all three ice-blowing statues. Enter the door that opens up. Now you're a room with a giant helicopter-type blade spinning around in the middle of the room. Watch out for the blade and collect the silver rupees in the room. One of the rupees is in the air. You need to jump of the platform to get that one. After collecting all of the silver rupees, enter the door that
opens up.

Continue and you will soon reach a big room. Kill the enemies in the room so they won't disturb you (like killing you). Now, climb up to the torch with the blue fire coming out of it. It doesn't seem natural... empty all of your bottles and fill them up with blue fire. The blue fire will be used for melting the red ice found all over the place. For example: The red ice that is surrounding the chest up there. Walk up to the red ice and use a bottle of blue fire. The ice will melt and you
can now open the chest to receive the map. Fill up the used bottle with more blue fire and exit the room and return to the room with the helicopter blade.

Two areas of the wall in this room are covered with red ice. First, melt the one at your left (exiting the previous room). Watch out for the icicles. Melt the red ice and get the compass and heart piece. Also get the nearby gold Skulltula if you want. Fill up all the bottles with more blue fire and exit the room. Enter the other passageway covered with red ice directly in front of you.

Pass through the tunnel to reach a room with bats and a blue block in the middle. Kill the bats. Push the block all over to reach the silver rupees in the room. One of the rupees is trapped in red ice. If the block gets into a bad position, push it into the holes at the corners of the room. Another block will appear to replace the old one! After collecting the silver rupees, move to block towards the left side and climb to the door.

Use more blue fire to melt the ice blocking your way. Fight the snow wolfos and... receive the Iron Boots! These boots will allow you to sink into deep water. Now, Sheik will appear and teach you the song that will warp you to the water temple in Lake Hylia: The Serenade of Water. After that beautiful cinema, equip the new iron boots and sink down into the water. Make sure you have at least one bottle of blue fire. Follow the path and exit to Zora's Domain.


King Zora was frozen in red ice, right? Use the blue fire to melt it. Talk to King Zora and he will give you the Zora Tunic! This will allow you to stay underwater without drowning. Play the Serenade of Water to warp to Lake Hylia.


In case you haven't noticed, the water level of Lake Hylia is way lower than it was in the past... and it's raining too! Before diving into the water temple, go first to the scarecrow that you met in the past. Did you play a song to him in the past? If so, play the exact same song back to him. You will have learned the scarecrow's song. Remember it because it doesn't appear in the subscreen! Playing this song at some places causes a scarecrow to appear as a hookshot target. Not really required to beat the game, but I just thought I should include it here.

Swim over to the hill in the center of the lake. Equip both the Iron Boots and the Zora Tunic to sink down to the bottom of the lake.Look around for the entrance of the water temple blocked by a gate. Just above the entrance to the water temple is a diamond. Equip the hookshot and shoot the diamond. It will float out of its place and up to the surface. The gate will open and you can enter into the water temple...


[NOTE: For many puzzles of this temple, the hookshot will be used. Just keep in mind that this is the *only* weapon that can be used underwater. Another thing, there are different places in this temple where you can play Zelda's Lullaby to change the water level.]

Once you are inside, unequip the iron boots to float up to the surface. Climb up and you are now in the main room of the water temple. Equip the iron boots again and sink down to the very bottom floor. Enter the door on the right side. Waiting there for no apparent reason... is Princess Ruto! Boy, she's grown a lot. She says a few embarrassing things and floats up. Unequip the iron boots and follow her up to the surface. At the top you will find a triforce symbol on the wall. Play Zelda's
Lullaby there and the water level will go down to the bottom.

Enter the door and defeat all enemies in the room. Open the treasure chest to get the map! Go back to the previous room and fall down the hole. It's a big drop but strangely you don't get hurt. Hmmm... There are two torches at the bottom of your fall. Use din's fire to light them both at once. If you don't have the magic to spare, shoot arrows through the torch at the center of the room. Now enter the door. To kill the clams on the floor, Z target them and use the hookshot when they open up
to reveal the "soft underbelly". When they're all gone, get the key from the chest (K:1) and backtrack to the main room (the one with the tall pillar in the middle).

Go to the wall on the opposite side of the pillar. Climb up the little block and push the block until it drops down. Drop down the hole and sink down with the iron boots. Go through the passage and float up at the end (unequip the iron boots). Hit the diamond switch with whatever to make a water platform spout up in the middle. Jump onto the water and to the other side. Enter the door.

This room may be a bit confusing and frustrating. First, use the iron boots and sink to the bottom of the water. The water is actually moving in a cyclone manner. Hit the diamond switch in the dragon mouth to open the gate. Quickly get up to where the gate is. Forget about beating the clams. Just unequip the iron boots and float up above the clams. Take the small key (K:2) and hit the diamond switch to open the gate again. Go all the way back to the main room.

Look around the center pillar for a locked door and enter it (K:1). Look around for a hookshot target (look UP). Well? Take out the hookshot and get up there (You need to hit the upper part of the target). Play Zelda's Lullaby beside the triforce picture to raise the water a bit. Put on your iron boots and sink down into the place where the brown block used to be covering. Go through the tunnel until you reach a wide underwater room. Hit the diamond switch with the hookshot to open
the gate above and bring down the enemies. Kill the enemies and the other gate in the ceiling will open. Go up there and get the key (K:2). Now go all the way back to the pillar room.

Get out of the pillar and put on the iron boots to sink down. Go to the room where you met Princess Ruto (...just look around for it...). Take off the iron boots and float up to the surface. This time, the water is lower so you will be brought to a room with a big crack in the wall. I'm sure you know what to do next........... BOMB! Get the key and go back to the main room (K:3).

Float up to the surface. Look around for a passage with a hookshot target over it and WITHOUT A DOOR. Go into that passage and
through the tunnel. Hookshot to the target. And hookshot again to another target. Now you will find a chest covered by water, and a diamond switch. Get close to the chest and *shoot* the diamond switch from there. The water will disappear for a very, very, very short time so be quick and open the chest. Inside is the compass. Now, as usual, go back to the main room.

Swim around the pillar to find a locked door. Enter it (K:2). Stand on the spurting water and shoot the diamond switch from there. The water will raise up, bringing you to the upper level. Play Zelda's Lullaby to the triforce picture and the water shall raise to the top level. Enter the door . Go to the passage directly across from where you are right now. Go through the tunnel. There is a big red block there. Pull it back until it clicks into place. Now return to the main room.

Enter the locked door at the opposite side of where you are now (K:1). This room has some sort of waterfall and block platforms going down it. Jump down to the bottom-most platform (the one moving up and down). Get the hookshot ready and fire at the moving hookshot targets when they get into range. Hookshot your way up, and up, and up until you reach the top. Enter the locked door at the top (K:0)

The diamond switch in the middle controls the water level: Hit it once to make the water level rise...and hit again to make the water go down. For now, hit the switch to make the water level rise. As the water rises, the dragon statue on the other side will also. Hookshot to the target on the dragon statue. Shoot the diamond switch again to lower the water. Go to the platform on the side by using the hookshot on the target on the wall left of the dragon statue. Climb to the other side
of the dragon statue and shoot the diamond switch (again...). Hit the hookshot target on the dragon statue to get to that platform. Hit the diamond switch (yet again...) to lower the water. Climb up onto the dragon statue and raise the water by hitting the diamond switch (...). You will be carried up by the dragon statue as it rises along with the water.

Use the hookshot on the ceiling to cross the spikes. But maybe you should lure the Like Like to the side first... Enter the door to reach what seems like the outside! Actually there are invisible walls blocking your escape. There is a door on the other side but it's barred shut! Well, go to the tiny island in the middle to start your fight with the mini-boss of the water temple: Dark Link. He's Also known as Shadow Link from Zelda 2 on the NES. Check out the boss section for details
about him. After defeating Dark Link (or whatever he's called), enter the door on the other side.

Open up the big treasure chest to get the longshot! Now your hookshot has a much longer range! Play the song of time to the blue block behind the chest. Fall into the hole to reach a river with a whole bunch of "vortexes" in it. Swim through the river avoiding the vortexes until you reach a dry platform. Whip out the fairy bow and shoot the eyeball switch on the wall. If there's no eyeball switch then you're on the wrong platform...go look for another one. Longshot over to the
chest behind the gate. Inside is a small key (K:1). Fall into the hole behind the chest. Now we're back in charted territory. Make your way back to the main room of the temple.

Put on the iron boots and sink down to the bottom floor. Enter the room on the right (check the mini-map) and float up. Play Zelda's Lullaby to the triforce picture to lower the water level to the bottom. Fall back down the hole and enter the middle pillar. Longshot yourself to the higher platform and play Zelda's Lullaby to raise the water to midway. Get out of the pillar.

Look around for the passage with a gate covering it, a longshot target inside it, and an eyeball switch below it. Shoot the switch with an arrow to make the gate open. Quickly use the longshot on the target to pull yourself there. Inside the water is a large block. Push it as far as it goes and enter the passage to find a chest with a small key (K:2). Go back to the main room.

Sink to the bottom and enter the passage on the northern side (check the map). Float up and use the longshot to get over the spikes. Enter the locked door on the other side (K:1). Whoa... there's a whole bunch of Tektites in the room. Kill them with the bow clear the way for yourself. Now watch out for the vortexes and swim across to the other side. Enter the door.

Kill the stingers in the water before they cause any trouble. Bomb the two walls that look out of place near the corners. They willboth collapse revealing a tunnel with a big block in it. Also note that there is a switch underwater that doesn't keep down. Push/Pull the block so that is falls onto the switch. The water will rise and you can now exit.

Kill the two Tektites on the opposite side with arrows. Step on the switch and use the water spouts as platforms to cross the gap. Enter the door. Now you are beside a tunnel with boulders passing through it. Right after a boulder passes by you, run to the right side where the boulders are coming from and sink to the bottom of the water. Go through the tunnel, up to the surface, and enter the locked door (K:0). Open the decorated chest and get the boss key! Go to the main room.

Enter the door on the right and float to the top. Play Zelda's Lullaby to raise the water. Get out to the main room. At the top floor there is a hookshot target on a platform. Longshot over there and enter the door. Now there is a slippery titled path with three spiky things moving left and right. Run up the slope avoiding the spikes without stopping! If you stop, you will slide all the way back down. This might be hard to do but be patient and try again. Enter the boss door at the top.

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