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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire"
(Game Boy Advance)

This game is also available on DS.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire (Game Boy Advance)
Submitted By: 121212
Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire - for GBA

1 Introduction
2 Starters
3 Gym Leader strategies
4 Key Items
5 Legendaries

Welcome to my walkthrough guide for Ruby and Sapphire on the GBA! Pokemon may be one of the best GameBoy adventures of all time but however it is extremely hard and won't be an easy task to complete the game so this guide features some hints to help you through the game.

As in every Pokemon game, at the beginning, you have to chose one of three starting Pokemon before you set off on your quest. This section describes what the advantages and disadvantages of the three starters.

#252 Treecko
Type: Grass
Ability: Overgrow - boosts grass attacks

Advantages: Treecko is a great Pokemon to have at the beginning of the game as he is good against the first few Gym Leaders. He is useful when you are surfing long distances too.

Disadvantages: Halfway through the game, Treecko becomes weak compared to the trainers and Gyms that lie ahead. His two other evolutions aren't as powerful as the other 2 starters.

#255 Torchic
Type: Fire
Ability: Blaze – boosts fire attacks

Advantages: He may not be powerful at the beginning of the game, but his other 2 evolutions; Combusken and Blaziken are mighty powerful and are superior to Gym Leaders. He can even be helpful against the Elite Four at the end of the game.

Disadvantages: Like I said before, Torchic is not very strong at the beginning. He also struggles when you face against water types when you get to face them.
#258 Mudkip
Type: Water
Ability: Torrent – boosts water attacks

Advantages: Mudkip is an all-rounder through the whole game. He can learn lots of HM’s, and his other evolutions are Dual Type Ground so it gives you a type advantage during battles, I say Mudkip is a Pokemon that will lead you through the whole game

Disadvantages: Again, like Treecko, he struggles against some Gym Leaders later in the game.

The Gym Leaders are some of the biggest challenges in the game and with this section in the guide will describe strategies on defeating them

Gym Leader #1

Name: Roxanne
Found: Rustboro City
Type of Pokemon used: Rock
Pokemon: LV14 Geodude
LV15 Nosepass

Tactics: You’ll be better off with strong water or grass Pokemon (Treecko or Mudkip) in this battle with a strong water/grass attack. However if you started with Torchic at the beginning of the game, this may be a difficult fight. But, if you can evolve him into his next form, Combusken at level 16, he learns the move Double kick. It’s a fighting attack, which is strong against rock. If you can’t evolve it, you can just catch a Shroomish from the forest. The Geodude she uses are pretty easy to defeat but Nosepass is a bit more difficult as it has high defence and has the Rock Tomb technique.

Gym Leader #2

Name: Brawly
Found: Dewford Town
Type of Pokemon used: Fighting
Pokemon: LV17 Machop
LV18 Makuhita

Tactics: You can beat Machop easy without my advice but watch out for Makuhita! Make sure doesn’t use Bulk Up a lot or it’ll be unstoppable. Use a strong psychic or a flying type like Taillow or Wingull. Actually, any type that isn’t weak to fighting would do well in this fight.

Gym Leader #3
Name: Wattson
Found: Mauville City
Type of Pokemon used: Electric
Pokemon: LV22 Magnemite
LV20 Voltorb
LV23 Magneton

Tactics: Use ground a type, that’s what I suggest, at least. Remember that Magnemite is part electric, part steel so normal attacks such as Tackle won’t work. Use a powerful ground attack like Mud Shot; its double effective against it. Up next; Voltorb. Pretty easy, but watch out for its high speed. Now Finally, Magneton. It’s basically a harder version of Magnemite so use ground moves. Watch out for its powerful electric move; Shock Wave. Buy lots of Paralyze Heals to cure you of parylis.

Gym Leader #4

Name: Flannery
Found: Lavaridge Town
Type of Pokemon used: Fire
Pokemon: LV26 Slugma
LV26 Slugma
LV28 Torkoal

Tactics: My advice is just send out your best or strongest water Pokemon (Marshtomp will be especially useful in this fight as its both water/ground which are both strong against fire). The Slugmas that she uses are simple but make sure they don’t poison you with their Smog attack. Once they’re dealt with, you come up against her Torkoal. This is an incredibly strong fire type with strong attacks. One attack that is particularly nasty is Overheat. It’s very strong fire attacks which will most of the time make weaker Pokemon faint. Fortunately, its downfall is that after it uses it, its special attack will drop a lot. Just use a strong water type like I mentioned before for this brute.

Gym Leader #5

Name: Norman
Found: Petalburg City
Type of Pokemon used: Normal
Pokemon: LV28 Slaking
LV30 Vigoroth
LV31 Slaking

Tactics: Don’t use rock, ghost or steel types; they are useless against Norman’s team and also do not use any status altering attacks (e.g. paralyse, poison) because each of his team have the move Façade, which attack power is doubled when it has a status effect so watch out. Use any types to fight but a fighting type should be used (Combusken/Hariyama). Also, his Pokemon, Slaking has an ability that he can only attack every 2 turns. Be careful that he doesn’t use Focus Punch either.

Gym Leader #6

Name: Winona
Found: Fortree City
Type of Pokemon used: Flying
Pokemon: LV31 Swellow
LV30 Pelipper
LV32 Skarmory
LV33 Altaria

Type: Lead the fight with rock, electric, or ice type Pokemon. They’ll work like a treat against Winona’s flying beasts. Have a Pokemon like Sealeo or Manetric around level 30; they’ll whip Winona’s team. If you don’t have any of those types, attack their dual types e.g. Skarmory’s steel so use fire. An ice Pokemon or a Pokemon with an ice attack will be double effective against Altaria since its dragon/flying. You’ll beat her easily, just keep grass, fighting, ground, and bug Pokemon well out of the picture. She’ll squash them.

Gym Leader #7

Names: Tate and Liza
Found: Mossdeep City
Type of Pokemon used: Psychic
Pokemon: LV42 Lunatone
LV42 Solrock

Tactics: This is a 2 V 2 battle and because of this, you’ll need two strong beasts to win together or one ultra strong Pokemon to win for you. Use ghost, dark and water types. Don’t use ground, as both of their Pokemon have the ability Levitate, which makes them immune to ground attacks. Take out Solrock first, it is stronger and has powerful techniques like Solarbeam. The most annoying thing is when you get one of their HPs low; they’ll use Hyper Potions to heal themselves. Kill them before they have a chance to do this. Use moves like Surf to hit both opponents at once.

Gym Leader #8

Name: Wallace
Found: Sootopolis City
Type of Pokemon used: Water
Pokemon: LV40 Luvdisc LV42 Seaking
LV42 Whiscash LV43 Milotic
LV40 Sealeo

Tactics: It’s the final Gym Leader, and it’s not an easy one. A Strong Grass Pokemon like Sceptile, will dominate this battle, especially against Whiscash. Every one of Wallace’s team-mates have the move Water Pulse, which has a 30% chance of confusing you. The hardest opponent you will face in the battle will be Wallace’s Milotic. It is a very strong water type which won’t go down easily. Use a powerful move like Thunder to get it down. It may use Recover a bit to annoy you some more. Before you start this battle, take out any rock or ground types; they will be useless here.

Elite Four guide:

Recommended types: Fire (Blaziken/Camerupt)
Dark (Mightyena)
Fighting (Hariyama/Machamp/Blaziken)
Ice (Walrein)
Electric (Manetric/Raichu)

Elite Four #1

Name: Sidney
Type of Pokemon used: Dark
Pokemon: LV46 Mightyena LV49 Absol
LV48 Sharpedo LV48 Shiftry
LV46 Cacturne

Tactics: Take along any powerful fighting Pokemon that you have against these ferocious Dark beasts. Also have a strong Fire type to deal with the grass types. If you are playing Ruby, use Groudon as he will be very useful here. Electric’s good on Sharpedo.

Elite Four #2

Name: Phoebe
Type of Pokemon used: Ghost
Pokemon: LV48 Dusclops LV51 Dusclops
LV49 Banette LV50 Sableye
LV49 Banette

Tactics: Ghost types can be a right pain to beat so use any Dark types to beat Phoebe’s crew. If you don’t have any dark type, bring along Pokemon with powerful attacks like Earthquake and Surf. Make up the rest of squad with a mixture of types like dark and ghost and you’ll soon have Phoebe licked.

Elite Four #3

Name: Glacia
Type of Pokemon used: Ice
Pokemon: LV50 Glalie LV52 Seleo
LV50 Sealeo LV53 Walrein
LV52 Glalie

Tactics: This might sound a bit too obvious, but you’ll want your Pokemon to generally have higher levels than Glacia’s. Having a strong electric type is also essential here. Use the electric type to deal with the Sealeos and use fire types to quickly whip both of her Glalies. Walrein however, is a tough opponent with powerful attacks like Blizzard and Surf. It also has Sheer Cold which will kill your Pokemon instantly in one shot. Make sure it doesn’t it use this so use electric to finish it off.

Elite Four #4

Name: Drake
Type of Pokemon used: Dragon
Pokemon: LV52 Shelgon LV53 Flygon
LV54 Altaria LV55 Salamence
LV53 Flygon

Tactics: If you are playing Sapphire, having Kyogre in this fight will improve your chances of winning against Drake and his dragon types. If not, lead this fight with an ice type like Walrein since four out of five members of his team are double weak to ice attacks. Also, fight fire with fire or use dragon types to fight for you but, it will take a lot longer and won’t be as easy.

The Champion

Name: Steven
Type of Pokemon used: Steel
Pokemon: LV57 Skarmory LV56 Cradily
LV56 Aggron LV56 Armaldo
LV55 Claydol LV58 Metagross

Tactics: The final battle, and its not easy since he has a varied team and you should too. To start off, use a fire type with a strong move like Flamethrower against Skarmory. Skarmory may use Spikes to hurt your Pokemon when swiched out and Toxic, which is evil. Aggron will be easily taken down by ground moves like Earthquake. Claydol can be a pain to defeat as soon as it comes out, it’ll use Reflect and Light Screen which boosts both defence and special defence. Hit it with water or ice. Cradily is rock/grass so a powerful ice type will take it down but watch out for Confuse Ray. Armaldo is easy, just use water. Finally is Steven’s most powerful Pokemon; Metagross. This is an ultra tough steel and psychic type with moves like Earthquake and Hyper Beam. Use fire and ground to finish off the fight. Congratulations, you’re now the new champion!

Are you wondering where all those all-important items are? Where’s the Mystery Egg? Where’s S.S Ticket? Here’s all of the key items and where they are……

How to use this guide:

What it does
Where to find it (Got that? Good, read on)

Acro Bike
For travelling around and performing tricks
Rydel’s Cycles in Mauville City

Basement Key
Unlocks the door to New Mauville
Mauville City

Blue Orb
Used to awaken Kyogre in Pokemon Sapphire only
Mt. Pyre

Claw Fossil
Fossil of an ancient Pokemon – can be transformed into Anorith
Desert on Route 111

Coin Case
Allows you to carry coins for Game Corner. Holds 9999 coins
Trade harbour mail with a lady in Mauville City

Contest Pass
Allows you to enter your Pokemon into many contests
Contest hall in Vendenturf Town

Devon Goods
A parcel that must be delivered to Capt. Stern in Slateport City
Devon corp. in Rustboro City

Devon Scope
Will enable you to encounter invisible Pokemon
From Steven on Route 120

They allow you to see in – and pass through in – sandstorms
From Brendan or May in Lavaridge Town

Good Rod
Capable of catching higher level Pokemon than the Old Rod
Route 118

Makes an alarm sound to alert you to secret items nearby
From Brendan or May on Route 110

Written by the president of Devon corp. for Steven
Devon corp. in Rustboro City

Mach Bike
This bike is faster than the Acro bike, but cannot perform tricks
Rydel’s Cycles in Mauville City

Exchange it with Prof. Cosmos for TM27 Return
Meteor Falls

Mystery Egg
Hatch it to get Wynaut, which is a baby Wobbuffet
Lavaridge Town

Old Rod
The standard rod for catching Pokemon in the water
Dewford Town

Pokeblock Case
Used to carry Pokeblocks (obviously)
Contest hall in Slateport City

Will record statistics on every Pokemon you encounter
Prof. Birch in Littleroot Town

Records trainers fought, reports conditions and it’s a map of Hoenn
Devon Corp. in Rustboro City

Red Orb
Used to awaken Groudon in Pokemon Ruby only
Mt. Pyre

Rm. 1 Key
Unlocks a door on the Abandoned Ship
Abandoned Ship

Rm. 2 Key
Unlocks a door on the Abandoned Ship
Abandoned Ship

Rm. 4 Key
Unlocks a door on the Abandoned Ship
Abandoned Ship

Rm. 6 Key
Unlocks a door on the Abandoned Ship
Abandoned Ship

Root Fossil
Fossil of an ancient Pokemon – can be transformed into Lileep
Desert on Route 111

Running Shoes
Makes you run faster than normal when holding B
From Mum in Littleroot Town

S.S. Ticket
Your Ticket to board the S.S. Tidal for a ride to the Battle Tower
From Dad in Petalburg City

This belongs to Capt. Stern – you just have to rescue it
Abandoned Ship

Soot Sack
Holds the ash in Route113 that can be processed at the Glass Workshop
Glass Workshop on Route 113

Storage Key
Unlocks the door to the storage room on the Abandoned Ship
Abandoned Ship

Super Rod
Capable of catching higher level Pokemon than the Good Rod
Mossdeep City

Wailmer Pail
Used to water planted berries in soil to make them grow
Pretty Petal Flower Shop on Route 104

There are many Legendaries in this game including: Kyogre and Groudon. They are the most difficult Pokemon to catch in the game so here is a guide to catch the best of the best.

1. Groudon/Kyogre

Here’s what you must do before you can actually attempt to catch them:
. You must beat Team Magma/Aqua’s Hideout
. You must have defeated Team Magma/Aqua at Seafloor Cavern

Once you have beaten the Seafloor Cavern, head back to Sootopolis City. You’ll notice that the sun is shining brightly/it is raining down heavily. Head north of the city and then east and you will se Steven and Wallace. Next, go to the Cave of Origin. Before you do this buy at least 50 Ultra Balls cos you’ll need them! Use Flash to light the place up and head down into the cave to meet the legendary Pokemon! SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE YOU BATTLE IT, because if you don’t and you accidentally kill it, you won’t meet it again. Walk towards it and enter the battle

Groudon LV45 Kyogre LV45
Earthquake Ice Beam
Bulk Up Calm Mind
Slash Body Slam
Fire Blast Hydro Pump

First off, you’ll need to paralyze the beast or put it to sleep. Thunder Wave works best. Next, you’ll need to put its HP low so use water on Groudon and electric on Kyogre but don’t kill it! If it’s HP is still in the orange, use a non-effective move to chip it down into the red. Now capture the beast. It may take at least 20-30 Ultra Balls. Don’t use the Master Ball, save it for later.
If you kill it by mistake, reset the game and try again.

2. The Regis (Regirock, Regice, Registeel)

Once again you must do these things before finding them
. You must have 7 badges
. You must have Relicanth and Wailord in your team
. Pokemon that know Fly, Dig, Surf and Dive

First, head to Pacifidlog Town and Surf west to a load of ocean currents. Keep going around the middle section of the currents and you see a dive spot. Use dive and enter the cave. You’ll see a rock with Braille on it. It says ‘go up here’. Dive to the surface. On the far rock of the room, the Braille inscription says ‘Dig here’. Use Dig.
You will enter a room with Braille inscriptions each one says:
‘Those with courage, those with hope’
‘Open a door, an eternal Pokemon awakes’
‘But, we sealed the Pokemon away’
‘We feared it’
‘In this cave we have lived’
‘We all it all to the Pokemon’
The last inscription says, ‘First comes Relicanth. Last comes Wailord’. If you haven’t already, put Relicanth the first Pokemon in your list and Wailord last in your list. If done correctly, an earthquake will occur and the door to the Regis will be open!

Here is where to find the Regis:

Go to Dewford Town and Surf north. Then surf west to a little island with a man on it. Go left from this island and then head north. Enter Island Cave and you’ll see another Braille inscription reading ‘Stop and wait. Wait for time to pass twice.’ Wait for two minutes and the door to Regice will be open.

Fly to Mauville City. Head north to Route 111 and into the desert, this is when you need to head to the bottom and you’ll see the Desert Ruins. Another Braille inscription will say inside, ‘Right, right, down, down. Then use strength’. From the rock, go 2 steps right, 2 steps down and use a Pokemon with Strength. Another door will open leading to a chamber with Regirock inside!

Go to Lilycove City and go west all the way to Route 120. Go up the steps that you’ll discover, through the thick grass, into the Ancient Tomb. The Braille in here says, ‘With new time, hope and love, aim for the sky in the middle.’ Use Fly in the middle of the room to open yet another door. Enter to battle Registeel.

Tactics for battling the Regis:
. Save before battling, so you can reset the game if you fail to catch them.
. Get their HP into the red using type advantage moves e.g. Regirock is rock so use water.
. Use a sleep or paralysing move when their HP is low
. Throw Ultra Balls until you catch them.
Submitted By: PKMN S/R
Legendry Pokemon -------------------

Rayquaza: [You must beat the Elite Four] To catch Rayquaza: you have to take a pokemon that knows surf; you must have [Mach] Bike; and also about 40-50 Ultra Balls or just your master ball [I don't reccomend using it].Then go to Mossdeep City and surf south all the way untill you can't go anymore.After that turn left and go up 5 spaces, then keep on going left untill you reach a place that has a path through and eventually you will get to sky pillar.Pass that and keep travelling upwards with mach bike.If you keep on going up with the Mach Bike you will get to Rayquaza.

Latios/Latias: Heres what you have to save the Master Ball for. You will randomly run into one of these when you beat the elite four.When you beat the Elite Four go downstairs at your house and the television will say a mysterious pokemon has been around.Then the easeist way to catch it is if you get a acro bike and do the bunny hop on the grass.To do the bunny hop press [b] for some time and use Max Repel when your doing that and thats easier to run into them.

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