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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker"

This game is also available on DS.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for The Legend Of Zelda: The Wind Waker (Gamecube)
Submitted By: ChELseA 4 Evr
This walkthrough is not mine. I found it at: A AAA AAAAA =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= A A The Legend of Zelda: Takt of the Wind guide Version 3.2 AAA AAA =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= AAAAA AAAAA -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Table of Contents -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 01. Table of Contents (Version 3.2 02. Updates (Version 3.2 03. Epilogue (Complete until American version is released) 04. Story (Complete, Japanese) 05. Characters (Complete, Japanese) 06. Races of Wind Waker (Version 1.0, Japanese) 07. Overworld Guide (Complete, Japanese) 08. Moves and Attack Moves (Complete) 09. Dungeon Guide (Version 1.1 3 Dungeons done and one done by a fan) 10. Boss Guide (Complete) 11. Item Guide (Version 1.2) 12. Bottle Guide (Complete, Japanese) 13. Wind Baton Songs (Complete, Japanese) 14. Great Fairy Guide (Complete) 15. Triforce Map Guide (Complete, Japanese) 16. Heart Piece Guide (Version 1.4, lacking 04 pieces of heart) 17. Treasure Map Location (Version 1.5) 18: Treasure Map Contents (Version 1.0, Near Complete) 19: Secrets (Version 1.0) 20: Trading Quest (Complete, Japanese) 21. Enemies (Version 1.1) 22. FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions Version 1.1) 23. Tingle GBA link up FAQ (Version 1.0) 24. Mini Games (Version 1.0) 25. Camera Missions (Version 1.0) 26. Useable Enemy Weapons (Complete) 27. World Map Locations (Version 1.0) 28. The History of Zelda Games *All Nintendo and Capcom Games* (Complete) 29. Rumors and Hoax's (Version 1.0) 30. Legal Info (Complete) 31. Credits (Complete for Now) 32. Thanks (Complete) 33. Contacting me

*Tip: Hold Ctrl and F to get a search box. Copy and past the name of the section you want to go to and you will be taken there

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Updates -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Version 3.1 February 23, 2003: As you can see...I deleted some of the other log enteries to make room for the newer ones. Many of the Treasure map locaitons have been added. I'm going to start on a God's tower walkthrough and hopefully the other dungeons by tomorrow

Version 3.2 February 24, 2003: Completed God's Tower dungeon guide.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Epilogue -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- About 5 years has passed since Ocarina of Time was released on the N64 and was dubbed the "Best game of all time." Since then, people have been waiting for a sequel to the hit game. The only other 3D game since then was Majora's Mask, unfortunately, it was too short and didn't have the impact Ocarina did. That has changed. On December 13, 2002, the Japanese Zelda game "Takt of the Wind" was released on the Gamecube. I have picked up Japanese copy and might I say it is one of the best games I have ever played in 5 years. This guide is for the Japanese version of Takt of the Wind (AKA Wind Waker in America and Europe.) All the islands names are from the Japanese version and will be changed once I get the American version. Everything in the Japanese version is subject to change in the American version, so do not blame me for any changes that may affect game play when the American version is released.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Story -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- *NOTE: This will give EVERYTHING away. Don't read if you don't want to know the ending*

This is the sequel to the Adult Link time line. Ok, here's how it goes. Since Link had already returned to the present, he was not in the future. Ganondorf used the Triforce to break out of the sacred realm and claim hyrule as his own. Before he could do this, though, Hyrule was flooded. The Triforce of Wisdom from Adult Zelda went to the king minus one piece which the king still had, the Triforce of power was still with Ganondorf, and the Triforce of Courage was broken up into 8 pieces and scattered across new hyrule. 100 years Later, Ganondorf sent a phoenix out to find Zelda. Since he thought she would be in disguise, he made the bird get any girl with Blonde hair. Somehow, the bird got tetra(really Zelda, but she didn't know it), tetra was dropped, and the bird got Aryll instead. Link set out to get her, but needed the master sword. He got the 3 orbs of the elements and went under the sea and got the Master sword. He then rescued his sister, but then found out about Ganondorf and tetra, lost against Ganondorf, and took tetra to hyrule where she turned into Zelda and got the Triforce of Wisdom. Link then needed to power up the Master sword to full power (The same as it was in ocarina) to face Ganondorf. After he powered it up to max, he needed the Triforce of Courage to get passed the barrier surrounding Ganons Tower. He got that, got passed the barrier and made it to Ganondorf. Ganondorf either killed or knocked out Link and Zelda (I don't know, it was in Japanese) and took the other 2 pieces and completed the Triforce. Then the king stepped in and made some wish on the Triforce to either bring back Zelda/Link, or something else, and then they both woke up. Link then battled Ganondorf and stabbed the master sword in Ganondorf's head, turning him to stone. Hyrule then completely flooded, the king and the Triforce stayed under the sea, while Zelda without the Triforce turned back to tetra and then they both sailed off on there own boats into the sunset. That is the COMPLETE story

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Characters -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Note: Major Spoilers. Don't read if you don't want to know!!!

Link: 100 years after the Future Hyrule, A fresh, new link wakes up to his sister. Link is the Main character and the one you play 95% of the time. His journey is to Rescue his sister, Completely power-up the master sword, Resurrect the Triforce of Courage, and Defeat Ganondorf once and for all

Aryll: Links sister. She is Kidnapped in the Beginning and you don't see her until a bit later. You eventually save her, but you don't see her until the ending. She really doesn't play much of a roll in the game

Zeetlock: The Phoenix bird that kidnapped Aril in the Beginning. Ganondorf order it to capture all the Blonde haired girls to find out which one is Zelda. You eventually kill him as the 4th boss.

Tetra: The pirate from the beginning. At first, she really Doesn't have much of a roll besides helping link get to Monster Island, but she l ater finds out that will change her and link forever

Zelda: This is the true identity to Tetra. She can only be Zelda when she has the Triforce of Wisdom and goes back to Tetra if she loses it. You don't see her much until the end.

Ganondorf: The only actual character from Ocarina. 100 years ago, he was sealed in the Sacred Realm by Zelda and the 6 Sages of Hyrule, along with the Master Sword from Adult Link. Since he still had the Triforce, he used it to break out later on and took control of Hyrule. Since Link had already went back to the present, no one could stop him. Then, a great flood flooded hyrule and forced Ganondorf to go to the surface to look for the Triforce. He thought that the descendant of Zelda would have the Triforce, so he ordered Zeetlock to capture every Blonde Haired girl. Little did he know that the King of Hyrule had the Triforce of Wisdom.

King of Hyrule: Little is known about him besides he has the Triforce of Wisdom and was the king of hyrule. At the end, he wished that Hyrule would flood and no one would know about him.

Medli: The Girl bird from Dragon island. She was given a harp from the soul of a Girl Zora that had mystic powers. Her fate would soon be learned when she saw a image of the Triforce and the Master Sword, and knew she needed to help link in his Quest.

Girl Zora: Almost nothing is known besides she was the last Zora and she gave Melody the harp. She is also dead. *Note- she is NOT Ruto*

Makar: He also plays a part with his Violin given to him by a Mysterious Boy

Mysterious Boy: Little is known besides he gave the Deku Sprout the Violin and looks ALOT like link. He's also dead

Links Grandma: A mysterious old woman. Very little is known about her past

Tingle: Yes....he returns...a new incarnation of Tingle has arosen from the ashes....

Orca: Swordsman of Outset island and brother to Sturgeon. He gives link his first sword and hopes link to surpass him someday

Sturgeon: Orca's Brother and scholar of Outset island. He lives above the outset dojo and always has his books and pots fall off the shelvs because of Orca

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The Races of Wind Waker -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Hylian: The main race of most of the Zelda games. Hylians are nothing more than people that live in the area of hyrule. Weather it is flooded or not, they are still concidered Hylians. Hylian class are normal people, but have pointed ears. The Hylian class included the Royal Family of Hyrule and Link and his decendants (Uncle, Sister, Grandmother, etc)

Goron: Was once a main race of hyrule, but lost there home in the flood and was force to settle on dry land. The Goron numbers have dropped dramaticly since Ocarina and have changed a bit. They now are scattered thoughout the flooded hyrule and are now traders. The gorons now dress in shirts and have hats on that cover there face

Zora: The zora population dramaticly declined in Ocarina, and now is extinct in Wind Waker. The only survivor is the spirit of a woman zora from long ago.

Gerudo: The Gerudo race has all, but died out in Wind Waker. The only remaining Gerudo is the Great King of Evil, Ganondorf.

Rito Tribe: The tribe that is somewhat of a conbination of the zoras and the gorons. They live on Dragons island and protect the dragon Vall. These are bird-like people that have beaks and can fly. Some of the key members of the tribe is the Chief of the Rito Tribe, Medori, and Komori, the chiefs son

Krog Tribe: These are the Deku sprouts I was talking about. I have next to no info on them besides the look like small pieces of twigs glued together with a leaf covering there face

Gods: There are 4 gods. One is Fuchin, the frog that sits on a cloud and is master of the wind the second is the Storm god (Forgot his name). He controls the Tornados and the Storms. The third is Vall, the Dragon. I realy dont know what the hell he is the god of. Finally, there is good old Lord Jabu Jabu. He is the one from Ocarina that dissapeared. Now he speaks, but only in the classic Hylian language

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Controls -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- L button-L targeting (same with ura Zelda) R Button-Shield when sword is out, crawl when not Z, Y, X Buttons-Item Buttons A Button-Action Button(Go against a wall, pick up a jar, etc) B Button-Sword D-Pad: Map control, up for area map, and right and left to control which small map you have C-Pad: W/O baton: Up for First Person, and all others for free camera. When in free camera, you must use the L button to go back to fixed. With Baton: C button actions(Like Ocarina) Start: Item Screen

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Moves and Attack Moves -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Basic Moves:

Move character-Move the analog stick

Roll-Press A while running

L Targeting-If enemy or person near, it lock on to that enemy or person If no one is near, it goes into zoom mode

Side Step-While in zoom mode and going sideways, press A

Backflip-While in zoom move, press the analog stick back and press A

Pick up-Press A near item

Talk-Press A near item

Jump-Automatic when going forward on a gap

Press against wall-Lean near wall and press A

Corner View-While against the wall, go near the end of the wall. Its automatic

Sword Moves:

Basic swipe-Press B

Forward Swipe-Press up on Analog stick and press B

L Target strike-Press B while locked on

Charged Strike-Press B when sword turns green

Hold strike-Hold B and let go

Dizzy Strike-Hold B after you get this from the Master. You use some magic, and it goes on for about 10 seconds, but there is a 3 second delay once your done

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Overworld Guide -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- *Note, this is a guide to everything that happens on the Overworld. The dungeons will be discussed later in a later section.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Outset Island: When you begin, you watch a long beginning talking about the ganon, link, the Triforce, and hyrule. Your sister then wakes you up and that is where your journey begins.

Go down the ladder and swim across until you get to the last house. That is your grandmas house, and that is where you need to go. Go upstairs and talk to her to get the green tunic. Exit and head back to where your sister was.

talk to her and get the Pirate Telescope. Use it to look at the mailbox to start a event. Point it up and you will see a large bird with a young girl. The bird then drops the girl into the forest. The only way to get to the forest area is to get a sword, but you don't have one yet. Go to old warriors house which is the next to last house near your grandmothers and the bottom one and go in. Choose the top option and your training will begin.

The training is easy for the most part. The only thing you will have trouble with is the new A button move. When your sword starts to turn green, press the A button and you will roll behind your opponent and strike them in the back. Complete this to get the sword.

Go north and chop down the sapling trees and continue forward. Go pass the bridge to get to the forest area. Here, you need to defeat 3 enemies to rescue the pirate girl, tetra. After that, a cut scene will start and you will go back to the bridge area.

Aryll will then be kidnapped by the same bird that captured tetra and will take her off. Tetra then offerers to take you where the bird went, monster island, but you need to speak to your grandmother first.

Go upstairs first to find that the Hyland Shield is missing. Go downstairs to find your grandmother with the shield. After a conversation, you will finally get the Hylian shield. When your ready to leave, go talk to tetra. You will then get on the pirate ship and leave.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Pirates Ship: This is a VERY short part where you need to get the Enemy Drop bag to go further.This is pretty easy for the most part, though. Go through the door in the back of the ship and go down the stairs to get to a puzzle. This is a pretty simple one, jump from platform to light and swing to the next and get to the end. You can stop the swinging light by pressing the L shoulder button and up and down on the analog stick to go...well..up and down!!! Get to the end to get the Enemy Drop bag, which is used to keep the special drop items from enemies. After that, go back to the main deck. You will then be blasted onto Monster Island, but in the process, you will lose your sword, so you'll have to use some stealth on this one.... -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The Forsaken Fortress: You will need to use some stealth on this one, and some of the enemies weapons. Your goal is to get to the top where your sister is being held, but before you can do that, you need to take care of the three moblins at the lights. The path for the most part is straight forward, but you will need to go on the top part of the halls to get anywhere. Once your done with the guards, look for a circular room with two moblins and a stairway to a door. That is the path you need to go. Once on the outside, avoid the moblin and go to a partly blown off area. This part is where you need to push against the wall and move the analog stick in the direction you want to go. Make sure you've taken out the lights man that does the walls and you will be fine. Make is across to get your sword, and your first Mini Boss.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Mini Boss: Warrior Moblin -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Difficulty: *

This is pretty much the Moblins you've seen, only with a sword and a shield. You cannot run from this battle, so you need to defeat him, though I'm not saying he's hard in the first place. Several hits and he's gone. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

After that,enter the prison area where your sister is being held. The reunion is cut short from the same bird that got Aril, and it gets link! You are then carried to a area with....a strange green skinned man!?!?!?! Is that who you think it is? Only time will tell. You'll then be thrown into the sea, and to be awoken by a...Talking ship? Yup, its your partner for Wind Waker, and he's not annoying this time. Before you can do anything, you need to get a sail first, but where, and speaking of where, where are you? Why, your on Taura Island!!!

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Windfall Island: You'll be going here a lot. Taura island is pretty much the only village in Wind Waker, and a pretty small one at that. Its about the size of Karito in Ocarina was. Anyway, to cut this short, you need a sail, and for the sail, you need 80 rupees. Your pretty much on your own to get rupees, there's really nothing to do at this point to get the big rupees, so you need to use the bushes for your income. Once you got 80 rupees, go find the Eskimo salesman and but the sail from him. Before you leave, I recommend you let Tingle go from his prison at the side of the windmill. Go near the gravestone and look for a door in the wall. To free tingle, you need to press the switch on the left side. After freeing him, he will give you a GBA remote and a very poorly done map about directions to his island. It isn't important right now, so don't bother with him. After he's gone, look in the cell for a hole in the wall that you can crawl in. Go through a maze(don't go on the wooden parts, its a trap) and at the end is a Black and White camera. You'll need it later, so don't worry about it now. You will finally be able to leave!!! Go back to the ship and press A to enter and assign the sail to one of the buttons and press it to cast it. You will now be able to go to your first island, Dragon island, home to the bird type people.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Dragon Island: After landing on the island, the Dragon Boat will give you a Wind Baton. This is pretty much the ocarina of Wind Waker. Practice and go to the back of the island and look for a slab. On it is your first song, the Wind Song. You wont need it now, but you will be using it pretty much ALWAYS in traveling in the game. Use the bomb plants or pay tingle 10 rupees a bomb to clear the path of boulders blocking your path. You'll have a small cut scene with the bird man from the beginning of the game. After the short conversation, go inside the volcano. You'll have another conversation with there king this time, and after that you will get the Mail Pouch. Its similar to the Enemy Item Drop bag, but instead holds trade items and important items that has to do with the main game. Go upstairs and go into the room with the girl bird named Melody. Remember her, she plays a big part in the upcoming dungeon and a VERY big role much later in the game. After meeting her, she willgive you a letter to her brother, boyfriend, whatever, I dunno, a young boy bird. Go downstairs and look for a path that goes down a short hallway that leads to a door. That's his room. Give him the letter and leave. Now go to the door opposite from where you entered when you first got here.

You'll find some shriveled up bomb plants, a broken bridge, a big rock, some water, and melody. After talking to her, pick her up with A and go to the levitated rock near the back. Wait until the dust starts blowing north of where your standing and throw her. It may take a couple of tries, but be patient. After successfully getting her across, she will give you your first bottle of the game. Use it to get some water and go back to where the Shriveled bomb plants are. Use the water on them to revive them and pick one up and throw it toward the rock. After it explodes, water will start shooting out and fill the area. Climb up the bridge and you will find a easy puzzle. The temple is on the other side, but there is no bridge, and there is two statues with pots. Use the nearby bomb plants and throw them into the pots to bring the statues down. Once you do that, you can access the first temple. I'll post a walk through for the dungeons in another section.

After defeating the temple, the boy bird you gave the letter to will finally give you one of the three Element Orbs (Yes, the beginning is similar to ocarina.) the Fire Orb. you have nothing else to do here. Time to go to the next dungeon location, Deku Tree Island.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Deku Tree Island F7: The F7 is the location of the Deku Tree Island on the grid. It should be marked anyway, but I'll start listing the grid location to make it easier. You will need to use the Grappling Hook to go from rock to rock and to the end. Its straightforward for the most part, though you will need some quick timing with the Octorocks. Once your in, you will see a giant tree covered in those blobs from the first dungeon. Roll into the tree to get them down, and defeat all of them to start a cut scene. The tree will tell you that one of the Deku Spouts. is missing in the Deku Dungeon, but you will need something before you can enter. The cut scene will then go to a location on the tree where a Deku Leaf is located. You then have to use the flowers at the side of the tree to bounce up, one flower at a time, until you get to the Deku Leaf. Equip it and float down to the exit in front of you. You will be in a area where you need to float to the lone island and use the mini tornado to get a boost. Once boosted, float to the Second Dungeon, the Deku Tree Dungeon.

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Overworld: After the Deku dungeon, you will be told to go to a certain island. Waiting there is the same bird man from the beginning. He'll tell you some stuff and leave. Once he's gone, go to Taura Island -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Windfall Island: This can be pretty tough for some people, so listen and listen good. Go to the back of the bomb shop for a cut scene with the pirates stealing from the Bomb Shop. After the scene with Tetra, one of the pirates will say something in red. WRITE THAT DOWN!!! That is a password you will need. Since it is in Japanese, you will need to be careful with how you write it. If you forget, ask the boat. After the first 2 lines, he will say a sentence in red. Only the part in red is the password, and can vary in characters, and doesn't have to fill the max number of characters that the password allows. Go to thepirate ship near the gravestone and talk to the door. That is where you need to enter the password. Once inside, go down where you got the Enemy Bag and you will find the same pirate, but a different puzzle. You need to use L to change the direction of the swinging lights. Once done, you will get the Bombs -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Outset Island Revisited: You can do a few things here before you begin. If you go to Grandma's house, she will be mumbling something. Use a fairy near her to get her to give you a infinity amount of her special soup. It increases your strength until you get hit. Like the milk, it can be used twice, and you can refill anytime you want from her. Go to the top of the island and use the Deku leaf on the giant rock to float across to the Woods you were in earlier. Go to the back and find a giant stone, bomb it to reveal a Fairy Fountain. The great fairy will give you a Rupee wallet that holds 1000 rupees now. Assign the bombs to a button and go to the back of the island. A cut scene will play and you will be in a giant whirlpool. This is timed, so you need to hurry. There is a bomb able wall in front of the whirlpool, hit it nine times to bring it down,3 hits a section. Inside, you will find Jabu Jabu. Even if you do know Japanese, he speaks in Hylian, so the boat will translate. After that, he will give you the last element orb, the Water Orb. You now need to go to 3 shrines on the Overworld and put the orbs in, sort of like the Elemental stones in Ocarina. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Overworld (Various): There are 3 places on your map that is marked, and those are the places you need to go. Each one has a shrine where you need to put one of the element orbs in. Once all 3 are in, the pathway to Gods Tower Dungeon will open up. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Gods Tower (Top): You'll be at the very top of gods tower, and you will see a bell. Use your Grappling Hook to swing on it to ring it. After that, you will be transported outside where you will then be transported to Hyrule castle!!! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Hyrule Castle: Finally, you get to see what happened to Hyrule. Remember that this takes place 100 years after the Adult Link story, so this is a new hyrule castle. Go down where the 3 triangle pieces are and try to fit them into the holes. I cant give you much help here. After that the statue of Link will move and show a pathway. Look familiar? Its the master sword!!! Pull it out!!! Notice how it looks...different. After you leave, everything will turn real, including the enemies. Defeat all of them to get back to your boat, which then you will need to sail intothe light to get back. Note that once you leave, you cannot come back until later. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- The Forsaken Fortress Revisited: When you first enter, you will have a small fight with the shadow boss (Go to the Boss section for tips.) After you defeat him, you will get the hammer. The direction to the top is the same, but the puzzles are all different. Its a bit easier now since you don't need stealth. Get tothe top and defeat Zeetlock. After that, go up where the Mysterious Man wasstanding in the beginning. Go through the door to meet....GANONDORF!!! Aftera long cut scene, it will be time to take Tetra to Hyrule to find her Destiny!! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Hyrule Revisited: You need to use the stepping stones for Tetra to go across. After across, go to the place where the master sword was to meet...the king!?!?! He will then give tetra the Triforce of Wisdom and she will become ...ZELDA!!! After ALOT of the story is told, he tells you that you need to restore the Master Sword to its maximum power, and to do that, you need to get through 2 dungeons. This is the Beginning of the end, or in other words, your at the 1/2 way point. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Overworld: Before we go even further, I would like to say this is the part of the game where you have two possible directions to go, but need some help. Lets let this over with. You need to find one of those giant tornado's that sucks you up and puts you in a random place, first of all. Once you do, you will see one of the Gods inside. You need to shoot him 3 times before its over. Once you do, he will give you the Warp Song. The Warp Song is a very useful song and needed to complete the game. Play it and warp to the most northern square on the 2nt grid. Once there, the Fairy Queen will give you the Fire/Ice Arrows. Now that that's over, lets continue. There are two possible dungeons you can go to at this point, and they both can be accessed with the required items from the Ice/Fire island, and a assistant. To get a assistant, go to the dungeon you desire to go to. You must have the item from the Fire/Ice island to get past the obstacle. Go inside and get either the shadow song(For the Shadow dungeon) or the Song of wind (Wind Dungeon).If you want to go to the Shadow dungeon, go to Dragon island and get Medli, which is on a balcony near a top lever exit. If you want to go to the Wind Dungeon,go to Deku Island and go to the first Grappling Hook place. After attaching, go down and swing into the cave with the notes coming out of it. You need to play the song based on what dungeon you want to go to, to the person mention above. They are necessary to progress. Medli's transport ability is to fly, which takes her own magic, and her special ability is to use the harp she has to reflect light. The Deku Sprout's transport is the same as melody's, and its special is to plant seeds which make hookshotable trees grow. Remember that you need to play the soul possession song to go to these characters. The first dungeon to beat will makes your master sword x2, and release the wings of it. After the second, it makes the blade glow and the jewel glow yellow. After doing this, its time to revive the Triforce of Courage -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Overworld: To revive the Triforce, you first need to get the Triforce maps. The Triforce maps locations are in the Triforce Map section of this guide. After getting one, take it to tingle and get the map decoded for 398 rupees. Once you have it decoded, you need to find it by looking at the regular map and the Triforce map and look for a square that is identical to it. Obviously, you need to complete the map first to get the pieces easily. Once you get all 8, you will complete the Triforce and open the gateway to Hyrule, where the final battle awaits. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Hyrule Castle: You find that the statue of adult link was smashed. go down to meet Zelda...or is it? Its really a trap. You then battle 2 of the Nights, defeat them for the flames to go down. Once that's done, go to the exit on the other side when you entered. Break the barrier and go down the pathway to get to Ganons castle, the final battle awaits!!! -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Ganons Castle: Just like Ocarina, you need to beat each section based on old dungeons. The only catch this time is you only do four sections, Fire, Plant, Darkness, and wind. Another catch is you need to face the bosses again, only thistime you have more health and magic, but any item gotten from other dungeons cannot be used.

Fire: Use the Ice Arrows to make temporary Magma platforms. Make one platform on the Fire Blast to make it go up. Get to the end and face the Scorpion boss again.

Deku: This is a frustrating one. Use the Deku Leaf to get the platform over, and jump into it. Flap backward to go forward. Go on the levitating platform and use the wind switch to bring the 2nt one over. Do the same thing and use the Deku leaf to get to the 2nt levitating platform. Make sure you take out the enemies so they wont attack you and fall. Face the Deku boss again

Darkness: This is easy. Run past the dropping coffins until you get to those switches that need something to be hold down. Use the light on the Dark Blobs toturn them to stone, and put them on the switches to bring the steps down. If they start to go down, roll. You'll face the King Poe boss.

Wind: I honestly remember VERY little about this one, but its easy. You can figure it out without much effort. You face the 2nt scorpion boss again.

After you do all those, the seal on the door will open. -=-=-=-=-=
Submitted By: aztec12345


The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker Walkthrough Copyright 2003 Jim Avery [email protected]


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1 - Introduction 2 - Version History 3 - Basic Info 3.1 - Characters 3.2 - Controls 3.3 - Your Screen 3.4 - Subscreens 3.5 - Battle System 3.6 - Items 3.7 - The Grid System 4 - Walkthrough 4.1 - The Beginning 4.11 - The Coming Of Age 4.12 - Forsaken Fortress 4.2 - Dragon Roost Island 4.21 - The Rito People 4.22 - Dragon Roost Cavern 4.3 - Forest Haven 4.31 - The Deku Tree 4.32 - Forbidden Woods 4.4 - The Next Part Of The Walkthrough 4.41 - Jabun's Treasure 4.42 - Tower of the Gods 4.5 - The Confusing Middle Part 4.51 - The Castle 4.52 - Return To Forsaken Fortress 4.53 - Return To The Castle 4.6 - The Sage Of Earth 4.61 - Seven Fairies 4.62 - Entering The Temple 4.63 - Earth Temple 4.7 - The Sage Of Wind 4.71 - Entering The Temple 4.72 - Wind Temple 4.8 - The Final Trials 4.81 - The Eight Triforce Pieces 4.82 - Ganon's Tower 5 - Miscellaneous 5.1 - Heart Pieces (Very incomplete) 5.2 - Bottles 5.3 - Song Of Passing 5.4 - Hurricane Spin 6 - Frequently Asked Questions 7 - Thanks To... 8 - Legal Info 9 - Other FAQs By ME!


1 - Introduction

This is my second Walkthrough and my third FAQ, but the first FAQ written while following my New Year's resolution, which is to write strategy guides instead of using them, so this will probably take longer to write, but it probably will be better in the long run for me. Hopefully for you as well.

Take note: I do not leave out spoilers.


2 - Version History

Version 1.0 (5:15 PM 4/7/2003) - I do believe I was the first in my city to get this game...anyway. The walkthrough is complete, and not much else, so this is strictly a walkthrough for right now (with a few Heart Pieces and the bottles). I'm playing through the game again, and I'll put in more stuff as I go along.

Version 1.01 (10:22 PM 4/9/2003) - There's lots of small updates, mainly the introduction of the grid system and one more Heart piece. Tomorrow I'll be going to my friend's house, and he's got a ton of stuff, so expect a lot more soon.

Version 1.02 (3:37 PM 4/11/2003) - Wear seatbelts kids, they saved my life today. Anyway, I never played WW at my friends' house, so there's not much new. I've answered a question that apparently is the cause of great confusion amongst people. *UPDATE* I fixed the grid so it doesn't look screwed up on some PCs (like this one).


3 - Basic Info

The stuff you need to know.

3.1 - Characters

Link - The main character of our story. This is not the Link of Ocarina of Time, however, as this game takes place 100 years after; he still contains the courage and strength of the original. His adventure begins after his little sister is kidnapped.

Grandma - Link's grandmother is a well-meaning person who takes an unusual delight in seeing her grandson set off on an adventure. She will be of help early on in the game, and later provides Link with the ultimate soup.

Aryll - Link's little sister cares very much for her brother. She gets kidnapped early on in the game, and Link sets out to save her.

Tetra - The leader of a group of pirates, Tetra is a rather arrogant young woman. Even after being rescued by Link, she is reluctant to return the favor. Her true identity is a mystery to all, even herself.

The Pirates - About as arrogant as Tetra. They show loyalty to their boss and not much else.

King of Red Lions - Link's talking boat. Once you give him a sail, he'll take you all over the world to stop Ganon.

Medli - A young Rito girl who is next in line to be attendant to the dragon Valoo. She'll help Link out early on, but later she'll take on a more important role.

Makar - The first you hear of this Korok is that he's lost. Later, after you find him, he'll help you out as well.

Tingle - He wants to be a fairy. When you first see this guy, he's trapped in a prison cell on Windfall Island. Once you free him, he'll prove invaluable with his Tingle Tuner when you hook up a Game Boy Advance, and also later with a different service.

3.2 - Controls

Start - Pauses the game and brings up the game subscreens.

Control stick - Move Link around.

D-pad - View maps.

C-stick - Move the camera. Left or right rotates it, and up and down zooms it in and out.

A - The action button.

B - Use your sword, or swing a dropped weapon.

X, Y, Z - Use items.

L - Press lightly and press C-stick up to switch to first-person view. Push to click to L-target an enemy.

R - Also an action button.

3.3 - Your Screen

Life gauge - Upper-left corner. Displays how much health you have left.

Magic meter - Right below the life gauge. Displays how much magic power you have left.

Area map - Bottom-left corner. Displays the area map.

Item and action buttons - Upper-right corner. Displays the items assigned to X, Y, or Z, and shows which actions can be performed with A or R.

Rupee counter - Bottom-right corner. Displays the number of Rupees you have.

3.4 - Subscreens

The Items subscreen displays which items you currently have and allows you to assign them to either X, Y, or Z.

The Quest Status subscreen shows how far you have proceeded in your quest by displaying key items obtained, songs learned, etc.

3.5 - Battle System

The battle system focuses almost solely on Link's sword. There are a number of different moves performable with the sword. They are presented here; the buttons are displayed as well.

B (or L:Left/Right+B) - Horizontal slice. Hold L, then B - Vertical slice. Hold L, then Up+B (or Direction+B) - Thrust. Briefly hold B, then release (or rotate the Control stick once counterclockwise, then press B) - Spin attack Hold L, then A - Jump attack. Hold L, then A when displayed - Parry.

You can also use R to defend yourself when you have a shield.

3.6 - Items

Link comes across many items during his quest. Here are the key ones, in order of appearance:

Equipped Items:

Sword - Link's preferred method of dealing pain. He'll come across more than one during his travels.

Shield - Link's preferred method of avoiding pain. It'll deflect simple attacks.

Pirate's Charm - This stone lets you converse with Tetra or the King of Red Lions.

Power Bracelet - About halfway through the game, Link will come across the Power Bracelets, which give him incredible strength.

Key Items:

Telescope - The first item you'll come across. Use it to examine things far away.

Sail - Your boat needs a sail in order to travel on the water. You can manipulate the wind to make it more effective.

Wind Waker - This baton lets you control the direction of the wind, the time of day, and other things.

Empty Bottle: Used to store things you couldn't hold otherwise, such as fairies, water, and soup. You can gain up to four.

Grappling Hook - Medli gives this to you. Use it to hook onto branches and then swing to ledges.

Deku Leaf - This lets you blow gusts of wind and float from ledge to ledge.

Boomerang - Throw this at enemies, or cut ropes with it. You can target up to five objects at a time.

Bombs - Pretty self-explanatory. Use them to blow things up.

Skull Hammer - An immensely heavy hammer. Use it to smash things into the ground.

Bow - This bow lets you shoot arrows. Later you'll get Fire, Ice and Light arrows as well.

Iron Boots - These weighty pieces of footwear weigh you down, which is more useful than it sounds.

Hookshot - A spring-loaded hook. Lets you latch onto faraway things.

Tingle Tuner: After getting this device from Tingle, you can hook up a Game Boy Advance to your Gamecube and get Tingle's assistance.

Picto Box: This lets you take pictographs of various things.

Magic Armor: A magic spell that gives you a temporary defensive shield. Costs magic (like magic spells should).


Spoils Bag - This bag contains anything that the enemies drops, unless it's a weapon. Examples are Joy Pendants, Golden Feathers, and Chu Jelly.

Bait Bag - This bag holds all of your bait, which is useful for attracting animals.

Delivery Bag - This holds all your parcels that need delivering. Useful for sidequests.

3.7 - The Grid System

Almost everyone uses the grid system (FAQ writers and readers alike), but for some reason, I just found out about it, so I'm implementing it now. Here it is:

| | | | | | | | A | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | | B | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | | C | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | | D | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | | E | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | | F | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |
| | | | | | | | G | | | | | | | | | | | | | | |

Right now, this is just here for reference. Soon I'll add all the islands.


4 - Walkthrough

Finally, Soundboy has stopped ranting and gives you what you want. Enjoy.

4.1 - The Beginning

Quoted from the instruction manual:

"Long ago, there existed a kingdom where a golden power lay hidden. One day, a man of great evil found this power and took it for himself, and with it at his command, he spread darkness across the kingdom. But then...just as all hope had died, a young boy clothed in green appeared as if from nowhere. Wielding a blade that repelled evil, he sealed the dark one away and gave the land light. This boy, who traveled through time to save the land, was known as the Hero of Time. The boy's tale was passed down through generations until it became legend.

And then a day came when a fell wind began to blow across the kingdom, and the great evil once again crept forth from the depths of the earth. The people believed that the Hero of Time would again come to save them. But the hero did not appear...

What became of that kingdom...? None remain who know. The memory of that kingdom vanished, but its legend survived on the wind's breath.

On a certain island, it became customary to garb young boys in green when they come of age. Clothed in the green of fields, they aspire to find heroic blades and cast evil down. The elders wish only for the youths to know courage like the hero of legend..."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 4.11 - The Coming Of Age

- Happy Birthday! -

You'll start out asleep on top of the watchtower. Your sister, Aryll, will wake you up, remind you that it's your birthday (how could you forget?), and tell you that your grandmother wants to see you. Climb down the ladder, then go left and across the bridge, and go into the second house you see. In here, climb the ladder, then approach your grandmother. She'll give you the Hero's Clothes, and then talk a bit about tradition, and then tell you to get Aryll. Go back to the watchtower and approach Aryll, who will loan you her Telescope. She'll tell you to check out the house, so equip it and look at your mailbox. You'll see a weird bird thing at your mailbox, who will then go crazy. Then, look at the sky, and you'll witness a scene in which some pirates attack a gigantic bird holding a girl, who will then fall into the forest.

- S-Words -

Aryll will ask you to help the girl, but will hint that you don't have anything to fight enemies off with. Leave the tower, then cross the bridge and enter the first house. Talk to Orca, then roll against the wall when he says so. If you do it correctly, he'll offer to give you some sword training; if you complete it, he'll give you the Hero's Sword. Go along the path opposite the watchtower, then cut down the trees and go through. When you reach the bridge, cross it, then go into the hole in the rock. You'll see the girl hanging from the tree.

- Save Tetra -

Go forward and slightly to the right, across the rock. Defeat the enemy with your sword, then climb up onto the rock and jump to the higher ground. Go forward and across the log, then defeat the two bad guys. The girl will fall out of the tree. After a short cutscene (in which you discover her name is Tetra), you'll see your sister get captured by the same bird that took Tetra. After some more scenes, Tetra will agree to let you on her ship, but you'll need to get a shield first. There was a shield on your coat of arms, so go back home and climb the ladder to see it - it's gone! Somehow or another, your grandmother has it. She'll give you the Hero's Shield. Go back to Tetra and tell her you're ready.

- Out To Sea -

Talk to Tetra, and she'll tell you to go below deck to Niko. Go into the door of the ship and down the stairs, where you'll see Niko. He'll tell you that you have to take the test. He'll show you the ropes of switches and rope swinging (I don't intend to make such bad puns). Step on the switch, then swing on the ropes to get to the next room. He'll then let you have what's in the treasure chest, which turns out to be the Spoils Bag. You'll then be summoned above deck. Tetra will have you climb the ladder to the lookout post, where you'll discuss the Forsaken Fortress. You'll end up being launched over in a barrel. Once you collide with the wall, you'll lose your sword and drop into some water.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 4.12 - Forsaken Fortress

Tetra will contact you mysteriously, and reveal that she slipped a stone into your pocket that allows her to communicate with you; she'll tell you that if you see A on the screen, press it. Go up the stairs and pick up a barrel to put it over your head; this way, if a light comes across and you stop moving, you won't get in trouble. Go across and through the right set of large doors. If you are caught, you'll get thrown in a jail cell; to get out, jump from the table to the shelf, move the jar, and crawl out the hole. Follow the path, then grab the dungeon map. Swing across, then go through the door and back outside.

Once you're through the doors, go to the left into the passageway. Pick up the barrel and put it on, then proceed past the guard. Be careful; if you are in the lantern's light at all, you'll be thrown in the cell. Go through the next room, then sneak past another guard. In this next room, an iron thing from above will attack you with lasers. As soon as he stops firing, climb up the ladder, then go to the left and up another ladder and out the door. In this area, go into the area on the right, and Tetra will tell you something about the searchlight. Climb up the ladder. Up there, a monster will attack you. Deflect its bat with your shield, then when he drops it, pick it up, and hit him with it; hit him enough times to defeat him. Then, go towards the next searchlight and do the same.

Once that one is defeated, go back down towards the first searchlight, then follow the path back to the room with the laser thing

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