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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Soul Calibur 2"

This game is also available on PS2 and GameCube.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Soul Calibur 2 (Xbox)
Submitted By: gamingmad
**Soul Calibur 2 Unlockables Part One** (Weapons In Part Two)

Sub chapter 1 - Complete the Diphda Temple challenge in chapter 3

Sub chapter 2 - Complete Merope Monastery challenge in chapter 4 and have over 300,000 experience points.

Sub chapter 3 - Complete the Crystal Mine in chapter 8

Sub chapter 4 - Complete Hero's Trail in sub chapter 3

Extra chapter 1 - Complete Extra Mission in Northern Algol (chapter 9)

Extra chapter 2 - Complete Lynx Arbor in sub chapter 4


Lakeside Colosseum - Complete Warriors Trial Grounds (chapter 1)

Money Pit/Top Tier - Complete Al Gieba Ruins (chapter 4)


Charade - Complete Carnival (chapter 3)

Cervantes - Complete Benetnasch Harbour (chapter 3)

Lizardman - Complete Temple In The Clouds (subchapter 2)

Seung Mina - Complete Seginus Temple In Chapter 6

Assassin - Complete Castle Of The Damned (subchapter 3)

*Game Modes*

Extra Practice Mode - Complete Proving Grounds (chapter 1)

Extra Team Battle Mode - Complete Stone Temple (subchaper 1)

Extra Time Attack Mode - Complete Nereid Gorge (chapter 5)

Extra Survival Mode - Complete Siam ruins (chapter 6)

Extra Survival Mode (Deathmatch) - Complete Mount Procyon (subchapter 4)

Extra Time Attack Mode (Alternative) - Complete Northern Algol (chapter 9)
Extra Time Attack Mode (Extreme) - Complete Castors Eye (extra chapter 1)

Extra Survival Mode (No Recovery) - Complete Er Rai (extra chapter 2)


New Costume (Nightmare) - Complete Grand Shrine Of Merak (chapter 6)

New Costume (Raphael) - 19,600 in chapter 8 shop

New Costume (Talim) - 23,600 in subchapter 4 shop

New Costume (Cassandra) - 76,500 in subchapter 4 shop

New Costume (Mitsurugi) - 18,000 in chapter 1 shop

New Costume (Taki) - 42,000 in chapter 1 shop

New Costume (Voldo) - 22,000 in chapter 2 shop

New Costume (Nightmare) - 22,800 in chapter 4 shop

New Costume (Astaroth) - 17,000 in chapter 5 shop

New Costume (Ivy) - 22,500 in chapter 6 shop

New Costume (Xianghua) - 24,000 chapter 7 shop

New Costume (Sophita) - 51,000 subchapter 2 shop

New Costume (Seung Mina) - 21,000 subchapter 2 shop

Weapon Master Opening - Complete Tataros (chapter 10)

Weapon Master Ending - Complete Extra Mission In Tartaros (chapter 10)

Weapon Gallery - 2,000 in chapter 1 shop

Battle Theatre - 4,000 in chapter 2 shop

Art Gallery (hi-res) - 8,500 in chapter 5 shop

Art Gallery (Illustrations) - 5,500 in chapter 6 shop

Art Gallery (Special) - 4,700 in chapter 7 shop

Ending (Arcade Version) - 5,000 in extra chapter 2 shop

Extra Arcade Mode - Beat Extra Arcade with any character

Extra Vs Mode - Beat Extra Arcade with any character

Extra Survival Mode - Beat Survival Mode with at least 10 wins

Extra Practice Mode - Beat Weapon Master with any character

Exhibitiom Theater/Character Profiles - Beat Arcade/Extra Arcade Mode with any character

Submitted By: GenYLun
| Soul Calibur II. Quit now if you wanna live |
| X-box Version |
| Walkthroughs by GenYLun |

I only play it on X-Box but its still good

Forward - Directional Button Right
Backward - Directional Button Left
Sidestep In - Up, Up
Sidestep Out - Down, Down
Jump Up - Up, Y
Hop Back - Hold A, Tap Diagonal Up, Left
Hop Toward - Hold A, Tap Diagonal Up, Right
Crouch - Tap A, Down
Block – left button (behind control)
Power up weapon – right button (behind control)
Kick – White button
Throw - X, A
(cant do throw when they attacking you but can when they block)
Quick attack – Hold Y, A and joystick backwards (do it fast)

To learn different moves go to Practice mode

Arcade mode only take 20 min or 30 mins

Team Battles choose three different characters
When one die the nxt character you pick will come up I did it in 6min 47 sec

Master Weapon Mode takes approximately 4 hours. Complete it and you unlock the secret characters… you can change character between as well to make thing much easier

Battle One Fight:
Start kicking and using your weapon until someone win
Reply. quotes
Battle two Fight:
using your weapon until someone win. If you win both round you win and fight the next charter if you won once and lose in this battle. There an another battle with them

Final Battle:
Last chance to kill them or you get a choice continue press start.
Easy huh?? It Get harder

Ring Out:
If you punch them out you win. Try not to jump out

Final Battle
Inferno Boss is quite easy but you need do it fast he just copy people moves and weapon if you know all the people you defeat weakness will be no prob . Just keep attacking at him or throwing him. He will just change weapon but just keep back and forward killing him. watch cut scene ending.

If they using a short sword try hitting them far a away. If they using a long sword walking backward when they finish attack quickly attack them. Guard attack and throw work quite well.

COPYRIGHT © GenYLun 2003

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