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Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Walkthroughs

This game is also available on PC.
Submitted By: Da Bomb
*** [5.01] - Endar Spire ***
NOTE #1: Because of the over simplistic nature of Endar Spire, the walkthrough for this area is relatively brief.

You'll start out in your room, hop out of bed, and a soldier (Trask Ulgo) will enter the room and tell you the ship is under attack. He will give you some general advice and tell you to get your clothes from the footlocker in the room.

After that, battle through the ship and eventually you'll run into a Sith member. Trask will take him on, leaving you to find the escape pods alone. When you do find them, Carth Onasi will be waiting for you there and it's time to leave the Endar Spire.

On your way to the pods, you can activate the battle droid if you wish to help kill the Sith soldiers.

*** [5.02] - Taris ***

You'll have a strange vision before waking up and talking to Carth. However you talk to him, you'll have to add him to your party, then head out of the room and into the hall. You'll see sith officers assaulting some aliens.

After helping them out, you can walk around opening apartment doors. Some of them are locked, however, so unless you have the right skill or another party member, you can't open them.

SIDE QUEST: Head out to the cantina and you can fight in duels after talking to the Hutt. Once you beat all the basic opponents, you can fight a special soldier and collect a bounty on his head, but it is a fight to the death. Killing him will cause a Dark side point penalty, so it's up to you. Use stimulants to help win the basic fights.

While still in the cantina, you can talk to a girl in the circular room, closest to the exit. She's a Sith trooper out of uniform. Treat her nicely and you can go to her apartment for a party and steal Sith uniforms. Or if you decide to be harsh to her, you can still go to the same room and kill some Sith soldiers there for the same result. This will give you access to the Lower City.

SIDE QUEST: In the Lower City cantina there's a girl there looking for a dance partner. This is sort of trial and error, since I can't remember the choices.

SIDE QUEST: In the Lower City cantina, you can get bounty missions and look for the people to either kill them (dark side) or help them out (light side).

To gain access to the Undercity, you need to get papers from the leader of the 'good' gang in the Lower City. He'll ask you to get a special swoop engine from the other gang.

SIDE QUEST: For the Undercity, when you see the sick quarentined people, do not help them YET. Go out and look for serum first on a dead Sith Soldier, then go back up to hospital to get the doctor to make more. You'll also encounter an escape pod survivor, who you can give the serum to, but he'll die like a complete moron regardless - I think you get light side points if you do give it to him though.

SIDE QUEST: A man in the Undercity village will ask to you to find his apprentice. Her body is somewhere in the wild area, go left of the gates as you leave them and find a broken wall. You'll also be asked to find two other books. Both are located in the sewers.

Make sure when you're in the enemy base that you do not overload the conduit you are using, or else your party will instantly die. This goes for ANY computer in the whole game, so if you see the option to overload the unit you're using, or if you see yourself on the camera and get the choice to overload it there, don't.

After finding Bastila, you'll need to purchase T3-M4 from a lady in the south area of the Upper City. You can get the money out of the 'bad' gang base, 2000 credits. It's in a box near the droid area. You can persuade her to cut the price down to 1500, or you can scare her to get it for free. Scaring her gives dark side points, however.

*** [5.03] - Dantooine ***

NOTE #1: Whether it's a bug or something, when you become a Jedi, you lose skill points when leveling. My scoundrel went from getting 4 or 5 points a level to only getting 2 when he became a Jedi.

NOTE #2 (SIDE QUEST): If you bring Mission with you, you'll come across Lena, a woman who was close to Mission's brother Griff. She can give you some info on his whereabouts for later.

Go into the Jedi council and you can start your Jedi training. To pass the trials, talk to the woman in courtyard-tree area who asked about the Jedi robes. She will tell you the Jedi code.

When making a lightsaber, do not worry about the color you want, but rather pick what job you want, you can change the saber's color later.

Go out of the Jedi area and into the wild to look for the problem area of the grove. On the way, you'll encounter some people worried about Mandalorians, and a woman who is looking for her droid.

Out in the wild area somewhere is a spider cave. It's relatively easy, and you can find several crystals for your lightsaber, including colored ones.

SIDE QUEST: Also out in the wild is the missing droid. Convince him not to suicide and he will go back to the woman.

SIDE QUEST: Kill any Mandalorians you meet to fulfill the requirements of the other side quest.

SIDE QUEST: After becoming a Jedi, but before investigating the mysterious temple, you'll hear of another quest about a missing person. Go out of the Jedi area into the wild, and you should find a zone close by for someone's property. Go there and to the large house to speak with the owner. His daughter will tell you where the missing man has gone. You can free him by finding and speaking to him, and making sure he and the daughter leave the manor. Then try to persuade the two families to thinking rationally so they work things out.

In the temple, you'll find a strange droid who tells you about how to get inside. Go to the side rooms, make sure you ONLY go to one at a time, since both have attack droids. Each is a somewhat difficult fight on their own, so don't trigger both at once. Kill the droids and access the computers in each room. Depending on which room you went to first, the computer will ask you to identify live and dead worlds. I don't remember the answers, but for worlds of life you want to focus on anything that sounds like water or jungle. The dead worlds are barren, desert, and volcanic types. If you get one of the computers right, the other computer is the left over answers.

The strange thing you find in the temple will reveal 4 worlds that you have to visit. Go back to the Jedi Council, then take off on the Ebon Hawk.

*** [5.04] - Tatooine ***

NOTE #1 (SIDE QUEST): As you leave the port area, an alien will stop you and tell you he's loaded some trouble creatures on your ship. You can buy poison from the vendor at the port, however if you go to Manaan (which I didn't do until late in the game so I missed the chance), there's a guy not far from the docks there that tells you he's looking for creatures. My only option was that I had none, but if you leave them alive and tell him, he'll buy them.

NOTE #2: At some point during your stay in town, you'll meet three Sith apprentices who will try to kill you. They shouldn't be too hard, and you can get purple crystals for your lightsaber, as well as short- bladed lightsabers for your offhand, and I think another double-bladed lightsaber.

SIDE QUEST: Talk to a named Jawa in town about his missing friends.

Go to Czerka office to get pass from the woman there in order to leave town. If you have Mission with you and saw Lena on Dantooine (though you may not have to see her to do this), talk to the officer and ask about Griff.

SIDE QUEST: You can do swoop racing here and win racing bonds 3 times. Each bond is worth 60 credits, and if you do all three runs you can get about 70-100 bonds as I recall. My advice is, as in the instruction book, don't rapidly press the A-button, it'll actually slow you down if you press it too soon and such.

Go to droid shop to find HK-47, buy him with Swoop Race money if need to.

SIDE QUEST: Tell the Hutt in Swoop Race place that you'll spread rumors if he doesn't give Nico a fair deal in order to satisfy that side- quest.

SIDE QUEST: When you first leave the city and head into the desert, you'll meet a woman who tells you about her foolish husband. In the desert you'll find a guy trapped by four droids, and you'll have to disarm each of them by decoding their programs. I don't remember the answers, you shouldn't have too tough a time though. Just save and load if needed.

Head to the giant transporter to find miners, after you talk to the lead miner, you'll be attacked by two waves of sand people. After killing the sand people, take their clothes.

There's also a small area in the desert that appears to have run down speeders. If you inspect something there, a bomb will go off and you'll be ambushed. To get out of this without harm, just tell them you'll spread their reputation and they'll leave.

Take the clothes of any dead sand people and outfit your whole party. Sometimes one or two will see through it at the zone, you should be able to kill them without attracting others. If you don't have the clothes, there will be what I believe are endless waves of them. HK-47 does not need to be wearing the clothes (since he can't. If they give you problems, take him out of the group and re-add him in the next area).

Go to the sand people village. You MUST have HK-47 with you or else you'll end up leaving the village. Once you meet with the chief, he'll ask you to prove yourself by getting humidifiers. You can find these in the Czerka office, from the guy at the desk.

Submitted by Baron Zemo (I wasn't sure where this fitted in since I couldn't quite remember it, but it's related to Tatooine.) "Dragon pearl: One thing that ticked me off when playing a light side character was that you were asked to trade in your Krayyt dragon pearl to the sandpeople in order to learn their history. Since the pearl is unique in the game (unless you kill Komad, in which case you get another), it seemed an awful waste to give it up just for some boring story elements. But here's the catch - once you've given the pearl to the chief and spoken to the historian, giving you experience points, you can then trigger an attack by the sandpeople by questioning their history (I think I asked if they had any pictures of what their ancestors might look like). You get NO dark side points for this so you can go around and slaughter all the sandpeople, raid their stores and get your pearl back from the Chief's corpse. In addition, once you return to Anchorhead, you can go to the Czerka office and trade in all your gaffi sticks for quite a bit of cash."

NOTE #3: Do NOT open any of the boxes or baskets in the sand people village. This will anger them and they will attack you.

Go back to the sand people and give them the humidifiers. You can ask them to lessen their attacks, that's the best you can do, and you'll also get the chief's gaffi stick.

SIDE QUEST: Explore the village and you'll find the missing Jawas, as well as Griff's brother. Go back to the chief and ask them to be released, then tell each of them the good news.

To get to the Star Map, you can ask for a desert map from the named Jawa back in town after freeing his companions, or you can ask the sand people chief. Go into the final area of the desert (it's connected to the main one, not the sand people area) and learn about a dragon in the cave from a hunter in front of it.

You MUST follow the plan to lure the banthas to the dragon's lair. If you go in otherwise, you will automatically be eaten. Game over. Just get some fodder from the vendor at the port, or find it. Then go up to the banthas and they'll follow you in a cinematic sequence. A small group of sand people will also attack, but just kill them and go back to the banthas.

The dragon will die thanks to the hunter, and you have access to the Star Map. On your way out, however, Calo Nord and a group of his lackies will attack you. Head back to the Ebon Hawk after and on to the next Star Map.

NOTE #4 (SIDE QUEST): After Kashyyyk, return to the port and leave the Ebon Hawk with Carth. Someone will approach you and tell Carth that he's spotted his son Dustil in the Korriban Sith academy.

*** [5.05] - Kashyyyk ***

NOTE #1: You must take Zaalbar with you. You could try not to, but for me, Carth told me we should, and then I think you're forced to anyway, or else you can't enter the village. He'll leave as soon as you get to the village if you dislike him, anyway.

NOTE #2: At some point on your way to the village, you'll meet another set of three Sith apprentices who will try to kill you like on Dantooine. Oddly enough, and this is obviously a bug, if two of your hero and someone else dies, you can have the remaining party member run back to a Wookie on another path. Since only your hero can visually have conversations, you will automatically come back to life with 1 health.

When you get to the village, you will meet Zaalbar's brother, Chuundar. You get permission to go into the Shadowlands. To get there, go back out of the village and down a different path from the

Go down to Shadowlands and you'll come across Jolee. He'll ask you to get rid of the Czerka people in the area. Find them, and persuade two workers to shut field off. Then go back and Jolee will join your party. You must have him with you, because if you go further from where you meet the Czerka group, you'll find an unpassable force field. Jolee can shut it down though.

NOTE #3: The rest of the guide for this area is rather vague since I don't have maps of the game in front of me. Just go everywhere you can and you'll find what you need.

SIDE QUEST: Look for a body with bow and datapad on it. The datapad concerns slaving. This is for a quest in the village concerning the disappearance of a Wookie. The house of interest has two Wookies in it and is next to Chuundar's place. You'll also need to find the judge in the village, which is just a little farther ahead.

SIDE QUEST: You'll come across a single Wookie under attack by Mandalorians in the Shadowlands. He'll tell you he wants you to kill them. You can only find them by unequipping your weapons in areas where there are Wookie bodies (walk around those areas a little and they'll show up). The final area to find them will have three swoopbikes. Put a datapad in one of them (you'll find the pad on one of the Mandalorian bodies as I recall) to make them appear. You do NOT need to unequip your weapons for that part.

SIDE QUEST: As you search through things down in the Shadowlands, you'll come across an item that Griff requested in order to make Tarisian ale. Take it back to him on Tatooine and later talk to the alien behind the desk of the Czerka office, and inquire about Griff to finish the quest.

SIDE QUEST: Submitted by Stephen Allerti "In Korriban, there is a item seller with a man that owes him money. Later, when you go down to the Shadow Lands, you'll find 3 or 4 bodies and a broken down droid. Take the droid's head, and the stuff you get from the bodies and bring it to the item trader. You MUST DO THIS BEFORE THE WOOKIE'S TAKE OVER or the seller will be gone (not sure what happens when you bring him the items)."

While exploring the forest, you'll find a group of three spider-type monsters. Kill them and loot them, and use their one of the corpses on an unusual vine that you'll also come across in the Shadowlands. This will spawn a creature that has a blade in it's body when you loot it.

Look for a Wookie in the Shadowlands. This will be Zaalbar's father. To get him to go back to the village, give him the blade that you found on the creature in the last step.

Before going back to the village, continue to look for the Star Map. You'll come across a strange computer that questions you before granting you access to the map. If you answer the just and defensive answers, you get light side points after, but you will be attacked by two battle droids. If you answer tyrant/selfish kind of answers, you SHOULD be given the Star Map with no hassle.

Go back to the elevator and you'll have to fight Wookies there for siding with Zaalbar's father. They should be no problem. Once you're up, on your way to the village you'll run into a Wookie who will ask you to go to Zaalbar's side. Doing so sends you there instantly. You'll have to fight once you get there.

After this has been done, make sure to complete the rest of the quests you have, then head to the Ebon Hawk and on to the next planet.

*** [5.06] - Korriban ***

NOTE #1: Bastila is automatically out of party when you come to this planet.

NOTE #2 (SIDE QUEST): If you bring Jolee with you when you first leave the Ebon Hawk, he'll meet someone who tells you that their friend Sunry is on trial on Manaan. You can go there now or later, I chose to wait and it doesn't change anything.

IMPORTANT NOTE #3 (SIDE QUEST): You MUST do this quest BEFORE completing Korriban, or else you can't do it ever. If you head back to Dantooine with Bastila in the party when you leave the Ebon Hawk, you'll come across a woman that recognizes her. She'll tell you Bastila's mother, Helena, is looking for her on Tatooine. Go to Tatooine and find her in the cantina, then you'll be given the quest to find a holocron. Go out to the dragon's cave where you found the Star Map and in the corner next to it is the holocron. As you go out, however, be careful, as Malak's current apprentice and two Sith attack you as you try to leave. Take the holocron back and try to resolve things between Bastila and her mother.

When you first reach the planet, you'll be bothered by some Sith in various places. Just ignore their threats as always. Later you can also tell a decent joke to one of them to get out of fighting.

SIDE QUEST: On your way to the academy, you'll meet an alien outside the cantina in Dreshdae that asks about some spices that are on the Ebon Hawk. You can retrieve these for him from the storage room of the ship, and get another delivery quest, explained below.

SIDE QUEST: If you take the other delivery quest, you're probably as curious as I was to what's in the mystery package. Watch out, because inside you'll meet an alien that will give you riddles. If you get one wrong, I assume you lose the game. The riddles aren't so terribly hard. I remember the answer to one was 'Tomorrow'. Otherwise, the riddle you give back to him that he'll lose on (which appears after you've answered two riddles) is a question that involves numbers. I don't remember it correctly, it's mostly about how many passengers are on the ship. Then you'll leave after that and can complete the quest.

Leave Dreshdae and head outside, and talk to guard at academy gates about how to get in. He'll tell you to meet a woman, who I will refer to as Yuri because I can't remember her name.

Go back to Cantina where Yuri is in Dreshdae and lie to her about wanting to join the Sith. After getting inside, you'll be left with the task of earning prestige to get into the tomb that contains the Star Map. There's no way around this.

To gain prestige: * Talk to Yuri and learn the Sith code. Make sure to ask in detail, because the head guy (who I will refer to as Uthar for the same reason) will give you a pop question.
* Torture a man in the cage in the academy about information of weapons. You can set him free and still get prestige. Be warned that if you put him out to save him, you get both dark side and light points, the dark more than light, but it's very minor.
* Talk to Ashelowe about a Jedi Holocron and agree to help her.
* Go to any of the 2 ruins and get an artifact.
* Find renegades outside of the academy, in the cave outside the academy in the valley.
* Do the backstab operation for Yuri and Uthar, and go through it all the way, making sure to poison Uthar in the end.

While you can do all of them, you don't HAVE to. I only did the code, the tortured prisoner, the renegade Siths, and one of the tombs. If you do more, you're doing them for yourself.

NOTE #4: If you kill any of the Sith (with exception to the one in front of the Ajunta tomb maybe), you will not lose Dark Jedi points. By this time my light side points were also pretty maxed out as well.

SIDE QUEST: Whether or not you talked to the man on Tatooine with Carth, you should find his son Dustil in the area. After you do the backstabbing operation with Yuri and Uther, you will get the key to Uthar's room, and in there you can find a datapad that will turn Dustil away from the dark side. The following are descriptive methods of getting prestige.

As mentioned earlier, you can find the renegades in cave near the academy. To help them escape, you must also kill a beast in the cave, one which the alien on Dantooine warned you about before leaving. This monster was pretty darn easy. After killing the beast, make sure to look around. There are some helpful Jedi robes called 'Quel... something Robes', and they give the same defense and dex as Jedi Knight robes, as well as a +2 wisdom bonus. After freeing the renegades, you can still tell Uthar you killed them to get prestige.

Go on to Ajunta Pall's tomb. Inside you'll find bodies, and eventually a large pit room with two bridges. The right one is totally blocked and has 4 droids on it. The left has a pillar in the center. Place a sonic grenade in it (press X while inspecting the pillar to put the grenade in). If you need a grenade you can get one from a nearby body.

The explosion will activate the droids. You can use Throw Lightsaber to attack them, or blasters, but there's no way to get close to them otherwise. Before you exit the room after crossing the bridge, there's a lever. I pulled it and nothing happened, but maybe something would have if I had opened the door first, so pull the lever.

Inside, if memory serves me, you'll see a tomb, which you can loot for three swords. Then you'll see the ghost of Ajunta Pall. He'll tell you to place his sword (which is the double bladed one - you can tell by inspecting it and from the hint Ajunta gives you) in the statue in the back. Do so, and you get to take all three swords back with you. You can turn Ajunta's in for prestige, although Carth says "you could've used it for..." and then stops. I saved it, never used it or sold it, so it didn't matter.

The other tomb has a robot sensative to sound. If you walk in too far without a Sound Dampening Stealth Device, you will upset them all and you'll get a minor alert on the top left of the screen, but ignore it. You can kill the first three or so droids with a blaster or Throw Lightsaber, then stealth and walk in past them, however to open the door at the end you have to kill everything, so just go in full force. Ignore anyone who tells you they should've been saved.

If you go into the far back area of the tombs (outside, where all the archeologists are), you should find Ashelowe who told you about the holocron, if you agreed to help her. Help her kill the monsters, then after she'll tell you she's taking it back. Question her trust, and eventually she'll just get angry and attack you. Kill her for the holocron.

NOTE #5 (SIDE QUEST WARNING): If you did not do the Bastila quest as mentioned in Note #3, this is your last chance to do so.

After you get accepted for the test, you'll go on to the tomb with the Star Map. You must go in alone, and you'll have to pass three trials. First start by going through the left door to a strange room with three pillars. Use the computer and it will tell you to move all the rings to the left pillar. If you want to do this yourself, but don't understand what the instructions mean, here's the run down:

You can only move the top ring of any pillar, and only one ring can move at a time per turn. Red can move without worry of losing. The higher blue can move ONLY as long as it doesn't move underneath a red (you can move red ABOVE it, but you can't move blue BELOW it). Yellow can be moved onto a pillar that has ONLY the lower blue ring (I call this the BASE-ring) on it. And the BASE-blue can ONLY move on an empty pillar.

So here's the solution (keep in mind throughout the entire process, you only move the bottom blue ring once, and again it's labeled 'BASE- blue'):

Move red to middle, blue to right, red to right, yellow to middle, red to left, blue to middle, red to middle, BASE-blue to right, red to right, blue to left, red to left, yellow to right, red to middle, blue to right, red to right.

Now grab whatever you need in that room, then head back to the center and to the room across from it (the room on the right, as you're coming in). There are two tough monsters here, but killing them is quite easy thanks to what may be a bug. When you first see them, run to lever that's next to them. This will open the door nearby (and I think the exit as well). Run into the room and they can't follow you, but you can still attack them with blasters or Throw Lightsaber. After they're dead, take the bombs from the pillars in the room and go back to the center and in the final direction.

Use the freeze bomb on the acid river (fire kills you), then cross and claim the lightsaber. If you come back out, you'll find Uthar and Yuri waiting for you. You can choose to betray one or both of them. I did both first, and had a heck of a time. Yuri is fairly easy to kill, but Uthar was a pain in the butt for me, even with the poison. On top of that, Yuri dropped junk, so it wasn't worth it going against her. If you choose to side with her, she'll fight you and kill Uthar, then you have to fight her anyway, but when she's near death she'll yield. I chose to let her go, though I suppose you can kill her. That more than likely gives Dark points though. Otherwise I got no Light points for turning on both of them.

Head out and back toward the academy. You'll see a Sith officer ask you where Uthar and Yuri are. I told them I killed them for the fun of screwing with the Sith's minds. Doing this gets all the Sith in the academy as well as in the archeology area to attack you. Be careful though! As you go in, pause and switch through all your members. I found Carth was in an entirely different room on his own inside the academy, surrounded by 8 or so Sith soldiers that would kill him if he didn't run. If this happens to you, have the stray member run to the exit where the others are while they're still fighting, and you should be able to zone out back into the tomb area safely so that you can heal and regroup. After this, head to the Ebon Hawk and take off.

*** [5.07] - Leviathan ***

Select a person who you want to save the group. You can't use yourself, Carth, or Bastila. I used Mission here for her stealth abilities.

While you're getting tortured, you can choose to tell or not tell about the mission you're on. If you tell, Bastila gets angry. If you don't tell, Bastila says she wishes you had said something, but in the end it doesn't matter.

After the interrogation, you'll switch to whomever you chose. I chose Mission, so I only know about her experiences. She'll start by unlocking herself from her cell. Talk to the guy in the cell across from hers and ask about his trade to get a computer card in exchange for releasing him. Do NOT release the prisoners in the cell next to his, or else they will attack you and without weapons you'll lose.

Go down the hall and watch out for the guard. When he's going in the other direction, you should be able to go across and open some boxes. One should include a Stealth Field Generator. You can use this to sneak past the guard in the hallway. As you go down the hall, open the door on the left and you should see a room with guards and a computer. You can access the computer and use the card you received before to slice it. You should have an infinite number of spikes to use with the card, and it can only be used once, so go crazy.

Continue down the hall and go left. Down a ways you should find a door on the right with a deactivated robot in it. Try to activate the robot (you should not need to use shields, I didn't and it barely took damage), and then you can unstealth fairly safely. The robot can kill just about everything on it's own. Use this to your advantage by attacking enemies and pulling them down the hall toward it on the robot's patrol route.

Go on again until you get to an area with a computer console, surrounded by closed doors.

NOTE: MAKE SURE MISSION IS UNCLOAKED BEFORE ACTIVATING THE COMPUTER. Some say there's a bug that occurs if Mission is invisible and can't speak otherwise. Then you'll have control of you, Carth, and Bastila again. I don't think it matters what you choose, you have to go with them instead of with the other party members to the Ebon Hawk.

You'll automatically go to a room with your belongings after being released from the cell. Check all the boxes and lockers and re-equip your things. Then go back down the hall, and instead of turning right to go back to where you came from, go straight and you should reach the elevator.

Once you use the elevator, you'll have to go to the Bridge. Run around through all the rooms until you get to the Armory, and check for the space suits. You can use these in the Air Locker to go outside, which you'll have to do since the main door to the Bridge is sealed. Go out the Air Lock and eventually you'll end up on the bridge, where you'll fight Saul and several Sith soldiers.

After you beat the soldiers, you can use the computer in the room to open the docking bay doors. There's also an option to change the destination of the Leviathan, but my skill was either not high enough (gave a failure message, though that might happen for everyone). I don't think it matters if you do or don't.

Head for the Docking Bay and on the way you'll run into Darth Malak. After a long conversation, you'll have to fight him alone down to about half his health, then he'll flee. Go around until you get to the back door of the room he fled into, and you'll fight him one more time. Beat him again and afterward you'll have to continue on to the docking bay. Then you'll escape from the Leviathan and move on to the final Star Map. If you've been following this guide so far, that leaves Manaan.
Submitted By: Da Bomb
*** [5.08] - Manaan ***
NOTE #1A (SIDE QUEST): If you've been through Tatooine lately, you'll come across a guy somewhere in town who says you dropped a datapad. If you take it, it will tell you to go see a guy alone on Manaan. If you follow these directions (just dump your party members when you find him), he'll tell you about an assassin guild. If you've waited this long to go to Manaan, the first task he gives you is to kill a guy on Dantooine, which you can no longer go to, and so you get another quest to kill a guy in the Republic Embassy. Doing so will give you Dark Jedi points, and the tasks he gives later just get even harder, so if you're a Light Jedi, don't even bother with this quest.

NOTE #1B: Because I chose to be a good Jedi, I did not opt to go through with any of the assassination quests except for the first, and loaded up another game immediately after since it gave dark side points, so I can't go into detail with any of those quests.

When you first reach Manaan, you'll notice there's no docking fee. The reason is that when you go to the city area later, you'll have to pay 100 credits to get in, and if you leave you have to pay it again. This is even worse than the one-time docking fee, so be careful. Exit the dock and you'll see a Republic and Sith soldier arguing, and learn how fighting on Manaan is forbidden.

SIDE QUEST: There are 3 more rounds of swoop racing you can participate in on Manaan. After completing the first two rounds, you'll be threatened by the top pilot. If you win, he'll tell you you're going to get hassled, but I never actually came across any trouble, so just ignore him.

SIDE QUEST: In one area of the city, you should see Sunry's wife, who will tell you about what's happened to her husband. Head to the courtroom in the same area and talk to the judges. Then you need to go investigate. You only need to do the following things:
* Go to the hotel, bribe the hotel owner to say that the shooting occurred after Sunry left, and talk to the two other witnesses to hear a confession from one of them.
* Talk to Sunry's wife to clarify about the affair Sunry and Elassa were having.
* I also talked to the Republic Embassy, and the Sith. The Sith were just angry, I don't think you need to talk to them regardless of the recommendation someone makes.

SIDE QUEST: After the trial, there are two other quests you should take up before advancing. One is for finding information about why the Republic is hiring mercenaries. The other is to find out if the Sith are kidnapping the Selkath.

Go to the Republic Embassy and tell Roland you're searching for the Star Map. He'll tell you about how you need to do a favor for him first, that's breaking into the Sith base. You can do this in one of three ways.
1) Make the prisoner talk about how to get in.
2) Decode one of the Sith cards
3) Get a key from the hangar of the docking port (details below)
I opted for option 2, it seemed less complicated just hearing about it than playing with the drugs. The method for option 3 follows.

As far as I remember, here's how you get past option 2. Use the computer in the room:
* There are 6 codes you need to break. The first one you get by following the adding pattern, which should be to add 6 to the last number and get the answer 22.
* The next pattern, you're subtracting 1 each time until you get to 15, then you subtract 0, next is 16 (subtract -1 from 15 is adding 1 to 15, so 16), then subtract -2 from 16 to get the answer 18.
* The next set of numbers is multiples. I think for this one you just multiply the last number by 2, giving the answer 128. Check the pattern to make sure.
* The next set of numbers you divide them by 2 to get the answer of 2.
* The formula for the exponents is to add 1 for the base and subtract 1 from the exponent each time. Eventually you'll end up with 6 to the power of 1, which gives the answer 6.
* Last is a set of three pairs of numbers. I didn't quite get the pattern of the second pair of numbers. I recall that the answer came out to be strange to me, I think the answer was 7.

Info submitted by Ray Samol for the third method of getting into the Sith embassy:
"the third way of entry is probably the easiest and most straight-forward, and that is to get the key to the locked hanger at the end of the docking port. you go in, fight some really wimpy sith, and use the transport to get into the sith base. this saves a lot of time, as you dont have to solve the puzzles or interrogate the prisoner."

Now you should have the card. Go over to the Sith Embassy, but keep in mind that once you go in, you cannot leave until you've cleared the entire base. A breathing mask is helpful for a short area in the base, so get one before you go in if you want. You can talk to the guard at the desk, if you want, it doesn't matter. When you go in, you'll have no choice but to fight. If you leave now, you'll be accused of breaking the neutrality laws and without evidence, you'll be executed.

Go through the base until you find a large busted droid and check it to retrieve the data the Republic wants. If you keep going to the left side of the base, you should find a corridor filled with red gas. Make sure you're full on health, or a breathing mask SHOULD do the trick. I didn't have one, and took about 70 points of damage as I recall running through. On the other end you can access a computer as well as turn off the gas in the hall for your run back.

Continue on through the base until you get to a set of water doors. The trick to getting through is to filter all the water into the right side, because the final right door is permanently sealed, so you'll have to go out through the left door. Use the switches next to the doors to move the water, and eventually you should end up before the final door on the left side, then use the switch on the side wall to filter the water again. The door should open after that.

SIDE QUEST: Keep exploring until you find a group of Selkath, or the medical room. Either way, you must prove to the Selkath the Sith are evil. Do so by taking a pin from a dying Selkath in the medical room. Talk to the Selkath recruits again and they'll see the truth and leave.

NOTE #2: As a humorous note, try telling people about who you are, they'll all laugh at you.

Continue on and you'll end up fighting 2 droids and a Selkath recruit in one room, then after that in the next room you'll see 2 Selkath recruits and a Dark Sith.

Go on to the room past that and you should find something that looks like a control room. You need to find a datapad in here that tells about the Sith's plan to convert young Selkath. This will be your proof for the court when you leave the base, which you can do now.

Once you leave you'll be taken to court. If you talk to your arbitor, he seems fairly stupid. Choose to represent yourself instead. At the court, tell them you're innocent (yes, you killed people so you are guilty of the crime, but that's irrelevant when you're saving the galaxy. :P). Tell them about how you went to investigate the missing Selkath, and then give them the datapad. They'll let you go after.

Go back to the Republic Embassy and he'll tell you why the Republic is hiring so many mercs. You can go to the Selkath in the mercenary enclave after to complete this quest, as well as the missing Selkath quest. Back to the embassy, go down in the submercible to the lab on the sea floor.

Once you're in the lab, open the first door and you'll see a panicked merc. Talk to him and then press on through the rest of the place (disregard what the guy says about the diving suits, they're harmless). In the room with the diving suit, you'll also find a guy who is hiding in a locker. I had full persuasive skill I believe, and I couldn't get him to come out. So just ignore him.

WARNING: Be absolutely sure you find at least 1 sonic emitter in the lab before going underwater. Without it, you're shark bait. You will find one in the first zone, the same place where your submersible docks, so it's BEFORE you ever need to go out an airlock. I found two down there, and they have infinite charges. Just check all the boxes and bodies, and you should come across at least one. My best guess is to try the equipment room where you get the diving suit or one of the rooms close to it.

Use any of the two airlocks on the bottom left of the map. The one in the far right is locked, but can be used at the very end of the underwater experience. Go down and you'll find a mercenary there, whom you can follow, or you can also explore, but all you'll find are two grenades. At the rate you move, it's a waste of time, so just follow the man.

When you get out to the ocean floor, your mercenary friend will get eaten (should've had an emitter, tsk tsk...). Proceed to the left, and every time a shark gets very close to you, use the sonic emitter (the range is unusually small) for an instant kill and a measly 40 exp.

Eventually you'll find another airlock and a hall with a force field and two other doors as exits. Talk to the two people behind the force field and they'll go crazy and try to kill you by using the room's defenses. Talk to them again immediately and convince them you're not bad, and they'll stop. They'll tell you they're scientists and warn you of the oversized shark outside, then give you two options to stop it.

The first option is to use poison, and this method is the easy way out. It is also COMPLETELY wrong as far as I'm concerned. If you do this, not only will the kelto turn black, but you'll kill the oversized shark, which is a bad no-no for Selkaths. Instead, go to the machine and choose to play around with the fuel pressure.

The machine consists of two tubes, one that holds three units (3) of pressure on the left, while the one on the right holds five (5). You're looking to fill the right tube with only four (4) units of pressure. Here's what you do to fulfill that:

Fill the left tube, transfer them to the right tube, fill the left tube again, transfer to the right again which leaves 1 unit in the left tank, empty the right tube, transfer the 1 unit to the right tube, fill the left tube again, and make one final transfer to the right tube to make 4.

The machine will explode (don't worry about getting killed by it), and the giant shark will not attack you now. Go across the bridge nearby to find the Star Map. Now you can go back afterward and you should notice there are two airlock doors. The left goes back to the scientists you saw before (the woman praises you, while the man scolds you, that's all), but the door on the right leads back to the locked airlock in the main lab, so you can get back to the sub really quickly through that door.

When you get back to the surface, Roland will ask you what happened. Just tell him the truth, he'll seem upset, but that's okay. Once you leave the embassy, you'll be confronted for yet another crime and taken to court.

Tell the truth in court about the machine, and most importantly tell them about how you saved the giant shark. This will give you your innocence. And now you can move on to the Star Forge.

*** [5.09] - Mystery World ***

After crash landing, you'll get off the ship and you'll fight three strange creatures called the Rakata. Once you kill them, you'll be approached by two familiar alien-types that tell you about the strange world you're on. Be warned, there are large and young rancors on this planet, and they can do over 40 damage to you, even with heavy armor. With that and the fact that they always work in pairs, you can die quite easily, so be careful and have whoever's taking hits run back if necessary.

From there, go north to the closest camp, where you'll be approached by a large group of warriors. They recognize you, and take you to see 'The One'. Meeting with him, he'll tell you of the situation and of your previous visit, and ask you to go kill the elders in another camp. Leave the regular Rakata and set out toward the temple.

NOTE: 'The One' tells you you can check with the camp for ship parts, but in reality, you can't. You have to get them later.

At the temple you'll see LOTS of rancors. Also, as you approach the southeast corner of the map, you'll suddenly be surrounded by a large group of Mandalorians (about 8 to 10). They're pretty easy to take down, more or less. This is the only place on the strange world they appear.

Continue on to the elders. On the way you'll see one of those familiar creatures set off mine next to a ship. This ship contains a ship part, but be careful of the mines scattered there. They do about 40 damage each, but there aren't too many there. You can also skip this and wait to find ship parts later without taking this damage.

When you get to the Elder Rakata village, you'll see some pillars with bolts around them. Ignore them, they're not harmful. Talk to elders and they'll tell you they also recognize you, and ask you to prove your motives by freeing some of their captured units from the camp of 'The One'.

SIDE QUEST: Check with one of the named researchers in the camp about their genes before leaving, then head back to the regular Rakatas.

The Rakatas will attack you, as they believe you're a traitor. There's no way around this, so kill them all, both inside and outside of the camp. You'll have to fight and kill 'The One', ignoring what the elder researcher mentioned (there's nothing you can do about this, it will become irrelevant later anyway). Afterward, check all of the cells where the rancors were held. One has a ship part in it, the other has a remaining elder prisoner. He'll go back to the elders, and you will also have to make the run back there one more time.

After talking with the elders, they'll tell you they agree to unseal the temple, but you must go in alone. Agree to this, and when you're ready (though it's not like you have anywhere else to go), go to the temple to meet them.

The elder Rakatas will start chanting, but will be interrupted. Jolee and Juhani will appear and tell you they want to come with you. If you tell the priest they must come in with you, he will allow it. Now you'll enter the temple.

The first door you see when you enter is locked, so ignore it for now. Just go around opening doors, using computers, and killing the Sith and droids you meet. Droid damaging Jedi skills are extremely helpful here. Eventually you'll head downstairs and find a strange puzzle with 10 orange tiles. The important ones are the 9 adjacent ones that make up a square. The extra tile is used to reset the puzzle. A datapad on the same floor mentions walking in a H-pattern, although this didn't work for me. Try starting off with the H, and then fiddle around till you get it.

You'll find a computer in the last room, which also recognizes you. Ask him about the gene history of the elder Rakatas. You can give this to the researcher later. Then ask about the disrupter field, and you'll be granted access to the locked door from the first floor. Then go back up to it and advance to the upper levels of the temple.

Eventually you'll end up on the roof, and you'll also see a familiar face. No matter how you talk, you have to fight. After more talking, the person will flee and take off. There's no way around this. Find the computer to turn off the disrupter field, then you can head to the elder Rakata camp to talk to the researcher for some experience.

After that, head back to the ship, inspect the circular generator thing in the room next to the storage room. The ship parts will repair the ship, and you'll be read to fly to the Star Forge.

*** [5.10] - Star Forge ***

You'll start in the dock area and meet several Jedi. Advance through the doors (it doesn't matter which way you go, they'll end in the same place), and you'll come across droids at the start. When you advance to the next area, it will be Dark Jedis and Sith soldiers, and eventually some turrets as well. If you're using a ranged fighter like Carth, be careful that he doesn't get attacked from behind since enemies start coming out of the woodwork, often with multiple waves of attackers.

At some point you'll come across three Jedi fighting three Sith. The Jedi will fall, after you watch them fight for ten seconds. Then the Sith will be already half dead so it's easy work.

Eventually you'll see a short clip of Malak talking to the familiar face again. When you do, you'll know this is the floor where you'll fight. You'll have to fight the person 3 times alone, the first time to about 50% of health, then 75%, then to nothing.

Afterward you'll continue on alone again (you can't convince the person to come with you, and unless I'm mistaken, you can't bring anyone else with you). You'll see Darth Malak again with two Jedi, which he'll eliminate. Then Malak will send 6 droids after you.

There's only one way I know about when facing the six droids. You have to use the computers besides the generators, which are located against the walls (three per sidewall). There are also boxes with computer spikes next to them, although I needed 7 for each and the boxes only had 2 each. So if you have no skill or not enough parts, I assume you have to keep killing or something, though I don't know how well that works. You can also create an ally droid, which doesn't last very long, for 15 parts. You can disable maybe one or two computers with the help of one droid though. Once you destroy a computer, I believe the corresponding droid will either go dead, and the others will destory it, or you'll have to kill it yourself.

*** [5.11] - Darth Malak ***

NOTE: I made this a separate heading because I'm sure many people have questions about this (and the lack of information available about this battle is why I wrote this FAQ).

Last is the fight with Dark Malak. This fight is a little tricky, because you don't know what's going on until it's too late if you're not using a walkthrough. Once you get his health fairly low, you'll see him run away toward one of the strange tubes with people in them. You may not have even noticed they were there until he does it. Using the Captive Jedi, he can draw 300 health out of each one of them, and there are 8 of them in the room.

Waiting it out is a big no-no if you're low on Treat Injury skill like I was. If you check a tube, you'll get a hint that only a Jedi power can help you use them. Stun and any of the healing or buffing powers do NOT work. I thought I was screwed, but Throw Lightsaber DOES work. I assume that dark Jedi skills also work, though Throw Lightsaber, Stun, and buffs were the only things I had. I don't believe there was an option to throw a grenade, and that's not a Jedi power anyway. As a tip, you should try to buff with stimulants and Jedi powers before you enter the room, speed through the text, and take him down as best as you can before the buffs wear off. Then destroy the Captive Jedis before he can use them to heal. So you'll have him about half dead and taken very little damage with the buffs, then cut him off from healing. Once the tubes are all destroyed, fight Darth Malak to the death.

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