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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"WWE Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain"
(PlayStation 2)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for WWE Smackdown: Here Comes The Pain (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: MoJoJoJo
Match hints -

Weapon use -

In season mode, all title matches are no DQ, which means you can use weapons. As soon as the match starts, get outside the ring (square button) and get a steel chair, probably the best weapon, by pressing square while in the middle of the left or right side.

Your opponent will either follow you (so be quick) or wait in the ring. Either way, get close to them, hold left or right (whichever direction you're facing) and repeatedly hit the X button. This will bury the chair into their gut, and you'll be able to hit them again with it before they can get back to normal.

By holding the direction you're facing, you'll back them into one of the corners, meaning they have absolutely no way of escaping, and if you hit X every time, without letting them get back up, you can hit them as many times as you like. Their body will go to yellow, then orange, then finally red, and you will gain as many SmackDown moves as you can have (limit is 5) Once they're all in red, and you have all the SmackDowns, press L1 when it flashes and you'll do your weapon special (Van Daminator/DDT onto the chair, whatever) which will knock them down and bust them open.

Now you can pin them with no trouble whatsoever, and it only takes a minute. Very useful when you're a smaller wrestler taking on the bigger guys, like Brock or Big Show.

If it is a normal match, with disqualification in place, make sure the referee doesn't see you bashing somebody's head in with a sledgehammer. You can knock the ref down easily with a backwards running grapple (run at them and press circle while they have their back to you) You won't be DQd for it. Most moves they will reverse, so the running grapple is the best way. Once they're on the floor, grab a weapon, crack it over your opponent's head like he'd just insulted your mum, then drop it. Remember, if the referee gets up and sees you hitting your opponent, you'll be DQd and lose the match. So be quick. It may be best to get the weapon out before you knock down the ref, then to bring it in the ring when he's on the mat seeing stars so you don't have to waste time getting it.

If your opponent has a weapon (either by getting it themselves or stealing yours) then run away. Don't risk trying to reverse their attack. Just get some distance between the two of you. Weapon shots are extremely damaging in this game, and you could easily lose after just a few hits. So back off, then do a running attack. Most of the time you will knock the weapon out of their heads, if not, back off and try it again. The best way, though, which just about always works is if you run and get behind them (hold a direction and press circle while running) which will cause them to drop the weapon, and put you behind them, allowing you to do a back attack move. Get the weapon back as soon as possible and start using it on them again.

Guillotine -

Run and slide out of the ring (square button while running when near the ropes) then press circle and the direction towards the ring. You can catch your opponent in the guillotine (where they jump up and pull them down onto the ropes) which will make them groggy for a few seconds, making it easier to hit a grapple move or striking attack when you get back in the ring. You can do this as many times as you like and there's no counter for it.

Backstage brawls -

In season mode, you can talk to the other superstars in various backstage areas. Some of these confrontations lead to a fight in that room - a hardcore match. Also, if you are the hardcore champ during season mode, sometimes you will be attacked and challenged for your title before/after events.

The best way to win these battles is to get back to the ring. Most fights start in the car park, so head to the left of the room and press square over the floating blue, er, thing. This will take you to another room, the storeroom with the crates and boiler. Keep going left to get to the arena (I think the bottom right exit takes you to the training room, when you leave the training room it brings you back to the storeroom)

When back in the arena itself, you start on the ramp entrance - run down and grab a chair from under the ring, or the timekeeper's chair on the bottom left, and use the left/right and X chair move to beat your opponent down quickly and easily. The chair is definitely the best weapon, and is not as easy for your opponent to counter (try using the sledge hammer in the car park and you'll see) and the only place I know of with the steel chair is near the ring. So always make your way to the ring if you get into a fight backstage. It's hardcore rules so you can win them anywhere, you don't have to be in the ring when you beat them down and go for the pin.

In season mode, at some point the Coach may ask you if you want a diva as a manager. If you say yes, it starts the diva storyline which usually results (depending on how you play it) with a wrestler challenging your manager to a match at a PPV. First time for me it was Lance Storm, second time it was Shelton Benjamin, so like all storylines, it’s random as to who’s involved.

For this PPV match, your character will be at ringside to help them win. You can run in, but like in a tag match, you can only stay in the ring for a few seconds before it automatically puts you back out, and if the ref catches you, he’ll send you out too. It takes AGES to win the match for your manager by simply running in at every opportunity because you only have time for one, maybe two moves, before you have to leave the ring again. You can do the guillotine move on the opponent, or better yet – the ref. The ref will stagger around for a while, meaning you can run in and beat up the wrestler or stop them beating up your manager for longer because the ref can’t throw you out while he’s groggy.

You’ll want to run in for pin covers. There’s NO way your manager will beat the wrestler by herself. Their stats are too low to do any real damage, so you basically have to win the match one move at a time. If you use a chair or any other weapon, you’ll be disqualified and lose the match.

So the best way to win it is to go in and throw the opponent outside of the ring. Your manager will follow and you can both beat up the wrestler for as long as you want. The ref doesn’t count them out, and won’t come down to stop you. So hit as many moves on them as possible until they’re in the red, then throw them in the ring. Soon enough, your manager will go for a pin and, if the opponent has taken enough of a beating, will get the 1,2,3 and you’ll have won. Simple.

Create A Superstar -

You can create your own wrestlers here, be it legends like Bret Hart, WWE wrestlers not in the game (Jamie Noble et al) wrestlers from other organisations (AJ Styles, Low Ki etc) celebrities (David Beckham or Mr T) or your own twisted characters (like JoJo The Clown and Monkey Nuts)

First, you decide what your guy looks like - tall, short, fat, thin, old, young, bloke or girl. Then, what they wear. When you select an item of clothing or accessory (sunglasses for instance) you can choose whether they only wear it during their entrance, only while wrestling, or at all times. It has "match/ring/both" so pick the one you want for each item as you're selecting them.

For example, you may want your guy to come to the ring fully decked out in leather jacket and pants, but when he's wrestling, to lose them for normal ring attire. If you want to see what your wrestler looks like in the ring or during entrance, press Select and it will toggle from one to the other.

You also have to pick your wrestler's stats. They go up to 10, but starting out you can only go up to about 4 or 5. You earn more stats in season mode, but the higher they get, the more stats you need to upgrade them. For example, you'll need 100 stat points to get a stat from 9.5 up to 10, but only a couple to go from 4.5 to 5.

Stats -

Strength - How much damage your moves do on your opponent. When picking your moves later on, it takes into account how much damage you'll be able to do by the level of strength you have, so a move that looks weak at the start will be extremely powerful by the time you get your strength up to 10.

Submission - Certain submission moves bring up the "escape/submit" box during a match. If your submission skill is, say 5, then you can hold that move for 5 seconds before they escape (unless they tap first). The higher the skill, the more time you can hold them in a submission move, increasing the chances of them tapping. It also helps you to escape submission moves yourself, by making your button mashing more effective when in a move (more on that later) Even if your character has little or no submission moves, you'll need to keep this stat up with the rest of them so you don't tap out easily. By the way, on SmackDown difficulty (the hardest) it’s impossible, absolutely impossible, to get the computer to tap when they’re controlling someone who has a high submission rating, no matter how hard or fast you mash the buttons. And you’ll almost always tap to their moves as well. So avoid submission matches against the likes of Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit if you’re on SmackDown difficulty, as you can only win by using moves that are on auto-tap (the submission moves which don’t bring up the submit/escape box, and cause them to tap automatically if they’re damaged enough)

Endurance - How much damage you can take. A wrestler with low endurance can be pinned with no problem what so ever. A wrestler with a high stat will be much harder to pin, and is more likely to kick out of moves.

Technique - How good you are at reversals/counters. The higher this stat, the higher the chance you have of reversing a striking attack (press L1 as they hit you) or grapple attack (R2 as they grab you) be it as they put you in the grapple, or when they perform the move itself. It also helps with the timing. With a lot stat, you have to pretty much hit the button at the EXACT moment. The higher your stat, the more time you have to hit it. Mashing the buttons (L2 or R2) is the best way to counter a move, and you should concentrate more on reversing grapple moves than strikes since it is the grapple moves that cause the most damage.

Speed - How quick you are at walking, running, and climbing the turnbuckles and cage, as well as how soon you can get up after taking a beating. When on 9.5 upwards, your wrestler will leap to the top rope in a single bound like RVD.

You earn stats in season mode by winning matches (and, occasionally, things you do whilst talking to people backstage) and it's better to upgrade them ALL bit by bit instead of concentrating on putting, say, your strength up. This will leave you lacking in all the other areas. You can get them all to 10 eventually, so be patient.

You also fill out a little biography for your wrestler - heel or face (do the crowd boo or cheer for your steroid aided character?) name, nickname and ring name, as well as what signs your fans hold in the crowd.

Moves -

You can give your wrestler the moves of another character in the game, give them generic moves (moves for big men, moves for high fliers etc) or choose them all from scratch. If you know what sort of character your guy is, you're probably better off giving them moves from a similar wrestler, then tweaking them yourself. Not all moves are unlocked when you start, you need to buy them in season mode, and if you're starting a new character from scratch, your strength stat won't be too high so the moves will appear weak. As I said before, they become more damaging as your strength improves.

Matches -

Here are the most important match types, and the most likely to appear in season mode.

Single match -

The bread and butter of HCTP. It's you against another sweaty bloke. You can win by pin (circle and down when they're on the mat) or submission (some moves will weaken certain body parts, other moves go for the kill, and bring up the Escape/Submit box) Beat on your opponent until they're weak in the knees by using striking attacks and grapple moves. If your character has the Texas cloverleaf, then work on the legs and lower body. Select moves that work on those body parts when picking your moves.

Use a lot of strikes, get them groggy, then hit your grapple moves. Mix in a lot of running attacks and when they're in orange/red on the torso, go for some pins. All your moves put up your SmackDown metre, which in turn gives you SmackDown moves. Most SD moves need your opponent to be in front of you, groggy. You can kick/punch them and they might go groggy, you can do a move then pick them up and they'll be groggy. You can get out the ring and do the guillotine move and they'll go groggy. But the quickest way is to get them in a grapple, press circle to put them in an Irish whip, then press X. You'll spin them around and punch them, making them groggy and in perfect position to hit your SD move (L1)

Tag Match -

Two teams, each team has two men. Two men are in the ring, the other two stand on the apron and wait to be tagged in. You can win by pin or submission, and if you throw your opponent into the turnbuckle near your partner, doing a turnbuckle grapple move will make the two of you double team him and tag you out and your partner in. Press the right analogue stick to call in your partner for a few seconds to help you out. Do this when you're being pinned (they can break it up) or when your opponents make a tag and both of them are in the ring.

While your partner is waiting for the tag, his SD metre will steadily rise, so it's a good idea to make a tag from time to time so you can hit some finishing moves.

If you want to pin your opponent, knock his partner off the apron, then call in your own partner to cover you in case he tries to run in to break up the count.

Hardcore Match -

Same deal as a normal match, except you can score pinfalls and submissions anywhere, in or out of the ring. You can also travel backstage (press square when over one of the blue blocks by doors etc) There's no DQ and you can go anywhere you want. There are always weapons lying around, so make use of them. You can also Irish whip your opponent into things like crates and cars etc to do more damage. You can even drive vehicles like Undertaker's bike and a forklift truck (press square to get in and out, X to go forward, triangle to reverse) When on the bike, press circle to grab your opponent when you're near him, and you can drag them around before pressing circle again to throw them away.

Cage Match -

Two kinds of match - first, you can win only by climbing and escaping the cage before your opponent, second - you can win by escape, or by normal pin or submission.

There are two types of cage matches. One can only be won by escaping the cage.

To escape, beat the holy heck out of your opponent until most of their body parts are in red. This not only keeps them down longer, but when they are in orange/red they will stand idle for a moment after getting up, clutching their injured body parts. This is usually more than enough time to climb up and escape (depending on your speed stat) Finish them off with a SmackDown move or other move that puts them on the mat, then head to the cage and press square and the direction you want to climb (ie. top of the ring would be up and square, bottom would be down, left and right are left and right) Your wrestler will get on the cage, so start tapping up to make them climb. When you get to the top, press down and you've won. Or, you can press X to do a top rope move (but why would you, since you've won the match and there's no point in risking it)

If your opponent is climbing the cage, do a running attack on them/the cage (the side of the cage they're climbing) or if you're close enough, use X to kick/punch that side of the cage to knock them off.

Elimination Chamber match -

A new addition to the SmackDown series. In real life, there have only been two of these matches, the first one just over a year ago. 6 wrestlers are involved, two right from the start - the other four are locked in chambers and one is randomly released every minute until all six men are in the ring (assuming someone hasn't already been eliminated)

You can eliminate someone by pin, and can do so anywhere in the cage, not just in the ring. In season mode, you'll usually be starting the match, so beat on your opponent as much as possible, but use hit and run tactics to avoid taking any damage yourself - you have to see the match through to the end if you want to win it. As soon as the first person is out of their cage, back off and let him take on the other guy. Get out of the ring and hang around the cage, staying as far away as possible, and remember to continually taunt to get your SmackDown metre up.

As more people come in, try and stay out of the fighting unless necessary. Knock an opponent down and run away or Irish whip them away from you. Obviously don't break up any pins, since you want people eliminated. The CPU opponents won't break up your pins either, so feel free to run in and hit your finisher on anyone in red to get the pin. Only when it is down to you and one last opponent should you get involved. They should have taken quite a beating, you should be in decent condition, with at least one SmackDown move ready to use. You can climb the cage by standing next to it and hitting square.

When you've climbed as high as you can, you can move left and right to climb on to one of the chambers where the wrestlers were. From there, you can press square to climb down or press X, X and up or X and down to fly off the rope. Be careful, though, it's easy to miss and you'll practically cripple yourself if you hit nothing but the mat. You can also get to the chambers by climbing the turnbuckle, then pressing up and square again to climb up the rest of the way.

You can Irish whip people into the cage to injure them, as well as the glass walls of the chambers (this is especially damaging)

Hell In A Cell -

The ring has a huge cell around it, which you can throw people into and climb on top of. If you knock somebody through the ropes, you can vault over the top onto them (press the direction of them and X, same way you do any move to the outside) or simply climb down to fight them.

Here, between the ring and the cell, you can do the following moves -

Circle - Roll opponent in to ring
Circle + up - Throw them to the cage.
Circle + down - Slam their head/face into cage.
Circle + left - Rub opponent's face on the cage.
Circle + right - Slams opponent's face against the ring, then their back against cage.

If you are standing near one of the turnbuckles, you will slam their face off it and roll them in to the ring.

To leave the cell, run at the door (triangle) to unlock the door, then again (or square) to leave. You can climb the cell with triangle (run at it) Your opponent will follow you up, or you can throw them up by Irish whipping them (circle) into the cage. To get back down, walk towards the edge of the cage (not too close, or you'll fall off) and press square.

The two middle squares of the cell can be broken. Do moves which land your opponent on them (suplexes, slams etc) and they will dent. After a square has become dented, just one more move will send your opponent through the cell to the ring below (ouch) Be careful, though, if you're standing on that square when you finish the move, you'll fall too.

If your opponent is on the ground and you're on top of the cell, you can dive off with your normal turnbuckle moves (elbow drops, moonsaults etc) Just press X, X and up or X and down. However, it is quite difficult to judge whether or not you will even get near them, and if you miss it is quite damaging to you.

You can knock your opponent off the cell with striking moves (X) or by Irish whipping them (they'll get to the edge and stand idle for a moment trying to keep their balance, so run up and knock them) Avoid running attacks, as if you miss or even if you hit it, you can fly off the cell yourself.

You can pin your opponent anywhere, in the ring, on the outside, even on top of the cell. Just knock them off the cell a couple of times and do your usual moves and you'll win problem.

Last Man Standing -

Similar to the hardcore match, all you have to do is keep your opponent down until the ref counts 10. No pins, no submissions and it's no DQ, so you can do what you want and go anywhere. When they are sprawled out on the floor, the ref will begin to count. Remember, if you do any move on them, even if they stay on the ground the entire time (say you did a standing moonsault on them if you were RVD) this will break up the count. So just beat them down with a chair then stand back and taunt so you have a higher SD metre in case they get back up. The match is very easy to win.

Ladder Match -

Ah, the good old ladder match. No DQ, no count outs. Only way to win is to grab the title belt that is hanging in the middle of the ring.

Very much like the cage match in terms of how you go about winning it. First, you need to beat the heck out of your opponent. Get them in red in as many places as possible, the more damage the better. The more injured they are, the longer it takes for them to get up and when they DO get up, the groggy animation will play. You can use the ladder (pick it up like a normal weapon) to hit them with (X, X and left, X and right or X and up/down for grapple moves - puts them on the ladder, press grapple again to body slam on them it) If you put the ladder in the corner of the ring (place it down like normal, only you stand next to the turnbuckle) you can Irish whip them into it, then perform grapple moves on them (circle and any direction) to do certain moves.

After knocking them down one last time, pick up the ladder (square) and place it in the middle of the ring (square again) If you don't get it right in the middle, walking into it will move it around. Alternatively, you can let the opponent place it, then knock them down, they always get it dead on in the middle. Now, climb the ladder by walking towards it and pressing square. When you get to the top, press circle to jump up and grab it. If the belt is swinging, keep trying until you grab it. If the ladder isn't in the middle, or the belt is swinging back and forth, you can jump for it. Press the direction the belt is in (for example, if the ladder is on the left, press right) and press circle. Your character will dive for the belt. If you miss, well, you land on the mat.

When you get the belt, you will hold on for it for a moment before dropping to the mat with the belt in tow. It’s in this time, when you’re dangling in mid air with the belt, that the beating you lay on your opponent really pays off. If they get up, they can grab your legs and pull you down. Or, if you’re still on the ladder, they can climb up and fight you, or simply push the ladder to the floor with you still on it. Ouch.

If your opponent is going for the belt, there are a number of things you can do. You can walk into the ladder, moving it. You can climb up and fight them with X and circle. Or you can simply stand next to the ladder and press square to push it down, knocking them off. If they have the belt and are dangling from it, you only have a few seconds with which to get underneath them and press a direction and circle to grab onto their legs and pull them down.

Remember, you can use any weapon in a ladder match, so your best bet is to grab the steel chair and use the left/right and X attack to beat them senseless. As I said before, they will rarely, if ever, counter this attack, and you can do it for as long as you want – until they are all in red.

The main ladder match is 1v1 but you can also have tag matches. These are tornado tag rules (all men in the ring at once) and all this means is you have two opponents to worry about. Just beat them both with the chair, then either you or your tag team partner can get the belt.

In any ladder match, you can perform diving attacks off the ladder. Simply climb up with square, then press X and any direction to do your normal turnbuckle attacks. You can set the ladder up anywhere, in or out of the ring, so you can do these attacks anywhere. You can pull out tables and use these in the match, and put people through them by putting them on the table and diving off the ladder.

Table Match -

Made famous by the Dudley Boyz, the table match is pretty straight forward. Put your opponent through a table. There are several ways to do this, and you can use the table itself as a weapon. Just pick it up (square) and you can hit people with it (X) or throw them on (X and up or down) Another way to get someone on a table is to set it up (square whilst holding it) and Irish whip them into it.

When someone is on the table, you can either press a direction and circle to perform a powerbomb or piledriver (do this when you have hit someone with the table to put them on) or climb up on the table yourself (climb it like any other object – do this when you have Irish whipped them on) pick them up and perform a grapple move.

If they have taken enough of a beating, they will go through the table and you will have won. If they are still relatively fresh, though, they will not go through the table, and you will have to continue the beating. It’s no DQ, remember, so just grab a steel chair.

You can also put your opponent through a table by doing a diving attack (moonsault, swanton bomb, elbow drop etc) Simply put them on a table, climb up onto something else (the turnbuckle, a ladder, another table, the ring apron [run at it from outside and press square] anything at all) and press X, X and up or X and down. If they have taken enough of a beating, you will drive them through the table and win.

The last way of putting somebody through a table is to place the table in the turnbuckle in the corner of the ring (stand next to the corner and place it as normal) then Irish whip your opponent into the table. Stand next to them and press any direction and circle to slingshot your opponent into the ladder, breaking it. Again, if they are still relatively fresh, the table will not break, so for all ways of putting them through a table, beat them down with a steel chair first, to make sure they go through.

TLC Match –

A mixture of the table and ladder match, there are two versions. One is ladder match rules. It’s like a normal ladder match, and you have to get the belt to win, only there are also tables and chairs in the ring to use.

The other type is exactly the same except you win by pinfall or submission and not by grabbing the belt.

The match is just like any normal ladder match except the tables and chairs are already out for you. You win by using the same strategies.

Fighting in the crowd -

While not an official feature, it IS possible to fight in the crowd. I've only done this in the Raw arena, but I assume it is possible in any arena with a ramp.

To do it, the characters must have the “dropkick to head” move. Jericho has it, and I think Lance Storm does as well. It’s a ground head grapple move.

In a hardcore match, beat your opponent with a chair, and get them onto the entrance ramp. They must be between the guardrail at the bottom, and the top of the fenced off area. Have them lying so that their head is at a 45 degree-ish angle with the LEFT guardrail.

Do the dropkick to head move. If you've got the right one, one of the following will happen:

- you'll slide through the guardrail
- you just won't do the move and the opponent will sell it anyway (act hurt)
- you won't do the move and the opponent will stand up

If you actually do do the move, then you're too low down.

Once you're in the crowd, you can run through them all, and through the stands. At the bottom, there are a few rows of people without chairs, which is vaguely interesting. Well, not really interesting at all.

I'd assume that it's possible to get a second person through, just by using the same method in a triple threat match.

Getting back is easy - just run through the guardrail anywhere.

Fighting in the crowd - Elimination Chamber

I did this playing as the Rock, but I assume anyone with the missile dropkick can do it.

1) Wait until your opponent climbs the chamber
2) Get on the top rope in the same corner
3) Ensure you're looking at them
4) Missile dropkick

The arena is pretty much the same as the Survivor Series, but with less people in the crowd (only a couple of rows on each side) There's no titantron, either.

The second (and third, and so on) persons are easy to get out of the cage. Just have the person that has already left the cage stand behind a chamber, and missile dropkick them from the top rope. You'll easily go through the cage.

You also don't have to do a missile dropkick; any top rope move where you go in pretty much a straight line forwards will work.

This is much, MUCH easier to pull off than the non-EC method, with 100% success so far.
Submitted By: templet
This walkthrough is to create Jeff Hardy in create mode.

Skin 8, 3
Face 6 Model 13
Figure Shape X:0 Y:17
Head X:-7 Y:40
Eyebrow X:0 Y:4
Eyes X:0 Y:-3, X:-4 Y:7
Nose X:-11 Y:18, X:0 Y:0
Cheek -16
Mouth X: 0 Y:0, X:6
Jaw X:-6 Y:11, X:-6
Eyes 33
Eyebrow 33
Lips Unpainted
Hair 33, Colour X:-78 Y:-23, Shade X:34
Facial Hair 66 Colour X:-94 Y:19, Shade X:0,Transparency X:93
Facial Hair 70 Colour X:-100 Y:-30, Shade X:0, Transparency 4
Facial Hair 60 Colour X:-88 Y:3, Shade X:0, Transparency X:100
Head Paint 71: Leave as Default
Make Up 2 Leave as Default
Shoes 1, 5, 6 Colour X:-100 Y:9, Shade X:0 Lenghth -100
Gloves 6, 1 X:12 Y:0, Shade -100
Wristband (left hand only) 1,1 X:12 Y:-34, Shade X:-63 Transparency X:100, Length -100
Hand Accessories 1 Colour: Black
Pants 5,1,1 Colour X:12 Y:-34, Shade -14
Clothes (long hemline) 17,1,1 X:12 Y:27, Shade -100, Transparency 100
Caps & Hats (entrance figure) 4,6 X:24 Y:-6, Shade -11
Make Up 2
Arm Paint (right arm only) 4 Colour X:100 Y:63, Shade 0, Transparency 100
Arm Paint (right arm only) 3 Colour X:88 Y:72, Shade 3, Transparency 100
Arm Paint (right arm only) 93 Colour X:-100 Y:9, Shade -33, 100
Give him Move Set 18.

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