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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Lord of the Rings: Return of the King"
(PlayStation 2)

This game is also available on PC, Xbox and GameCube.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: Killer Nightmare

Don't let the precious get to you as this walkthrough will help you, I guarantee it. This walkthrough is written by me, (Killer Nightmare (Ruchir Gupta)). Now let's go kill a few hundred Uruk-Hai, and a few cave trolls.

1. Controls
2. General Battle Tips
3. The Path Of The Wizard
4. Helm's Deep
5. Road To Isengard
6. Minas Tirith - Top of the wall
7. Minas Tirith - Courtyard
8. The Path Of The King
9. The Path of the Dead
10. The King Of the Dead
11. The Southern Gate
12. Pelennor Fields
13. The Black Gate
14. The Path Of The Hobbit
15. Escape from Osgiliath
16. Shelob's Lair
17. Cirith Ungol
18. The Crack Of Doom
19. Unlockable Extras
20. Cheats
21. Credits


X button – Speed Attack – Good for killing weak enemies and being able to recover quickly from a hit.

Triangle button – Fierce attack – Excellent for strong enemies, don’t use when facing weak enemies or many as something may go wrong. Can destroy armour and shields.

O button – Kick – You kick the enemy. Not much use unless using on ladders

Square button – Parry – Useful when fighting a powerful enemy or boss, useful to master for combos.

L1 + X – Ranged Attack – Arrows, magic spells, daggers, axes. Useful for taking out distant enemies. Hold onto X for longer for a more powerful shot.

R2 – Killing Move – Very useful. Kills an enemy instantly when on the ground. Very cool

R1 – Action Button – Use for spears, fire, burning oil etc. Experiment with these as they may help you in the level in different ways.

Right Analogue Stick – The easy way to beating the game. Simply move it around to use a variety of fierce and speed attacks. Useful when surrounded.

R1+R2+L1+L2 – Special move – Creates a magical shield for Gandalf, can be upgraded, increases the time in perfect mode for the trio, and makes the hobbits invisible for a short period of time.


-Stay away from big battles and stay to the edge. Don’t get surrounded or you will lose life.
-Use spears to kill cave trolls instantly, and most other opponents.
-Champions are hard to defeat. Use your fierce attack and parry any of their attacks.
-In order to get better ranking, try and hit the enemy more. Killing people in perfect also gets you more experience point than a fair kill does.

That’s about it really. Just try and find your own fighting style and stick to it if it helps you. Now let’s press on


This is surprisingly played by Gandalf and in my opinion the most fun path out of all of them. It starts with a tutorial level, to Isengard, and then to Gondor, with the Gondor levels seeming to be based on The Helm’s Deep levels of the last game.


This is a simple introductory level to ease you into the game and teaches you the basics such as firing missiles, speed attack, fierce attack etc. Just simply follow the onscreen instructions by bashing a few orcs, climb the wall and fire at the distant enemies, drop to the ground again and fire the 3 missiles to complete the level… and enjoy the nice cut scenes from the 2nd movie. If you find this level hard, then take the game back.


Follow the orcs as they run through the forest taking out any that attack you by using the moves you have learned from the introductory level. Shoot the barrels of explosives to gain more experience points when the orcs are near them using your ranged attacks, but make sure you don’t stand to near them when firing. (Unless you want to risk death). Eventually, by following the path and killing a few enemies, you will reach an area with Ents squishing orcs (very cool!). Here, you and the Ents together have to kill a total of 75 orcs. You now have the choice now of picking off the orcs from the edge of the battle with your ranged attacks, (the slower option), or risk getting hurt by the Ents and go straight into battle in the middle, (the faster option which gets more experience). After enough have been killed, an Ent will smash some rocks that will make a new path. Follow this into the next area. Go through the narrow ravine, killing the orcs that attack, and destroy the cart at the end. Now use Gandalf’s ranged attacks to destroy the towers across the hole on the far side by hitting the explosives next to them. Cross the bridge and kill the 2 orcs there with your fierce attack as they have shields. Head right, down the hill, making sure that you kill all the orcs. Follow the path and you will come across an Ent trying to destroy the dam. What you must do now is protect him from the archers by firing your ranged weapon at them, while killing all orcs that attack you. You must concentrate on the archers or the Ent will die and you will fail the mission. Once he has destroyed the dam, a cutscene plays and you have now completed the level.


On this level, you need to run up and down the length of the wall, kicking over the ladders before too many enemies make it onto the wall itself. This level is much like the Helm’s Deep level in the previous game and you must make sure all the ladders are kicked down as they come up, as if the orc meter fills up (top right hand corner), you will fail. On the top right hand corner, there is a small map of the level. Whenever a red dot appears, run to that area and kick the ladder down. The main strategy here is to ignore the orcs on the wall unless they attack you or are blocking your way to a nearby ladder. In other words, only kill them if they need to be killed. It is mayhem, and it may take many attempts to get it right – but persevere! After a while, siege towers will be deployed. These are shown, by the map, as larger red dots. To get the first, run up the tower to the far left and fire the catapult to bring it down. For the second, run to the far right of the wall and use your own ranged weapons to bring the enemy down. At some point, there'll be a second attack from the left-hand side of the wall, so use the catapult a second time. This time, a Nazgul will attack – if you shoot it, it will smash into the castle wall, if you fail then it won't - it makes little difference. Either way, another siege tower will make it to the right-hand part of the wall. Head over there immediately (if you killed the Nazgul you'll need to drop down via the ropes to get past the damaged section of wall) and destroy it (but you'll need to kill a LOT of enemies first!). That done, follow the other knights as they run down the stairs into the courtyard. (This is to the right of where you begin where 2 or 3 Knights previously blocked the way.)


This level is a toughie with the hardest part being you are on low life and there are many champions and cave trolls etc after you. You must defend the maidens on this level, and your aim is to make sure 200 of them get safely into the building to your left. The main tactic for the first half of the level is to kill the orcs running at you with your fierce attack, orc hewer or any other move you find helpful to kill them off quickly. For the shielded orcs, the only way to go is with fierce attacks as that is the only thing that will break their shields leaving them helpless. Try to use ranged weapons as much as possible on the enemies that are far away and the archers that come from time to time that mount at the far end of the level. This will probably take you to around 100 and around then it gets quite tough. 3 cave trolls appear and to kill them, you have to use the spears unless you want your fair maidens to be squished or you suffering the same fate. When these cave trolls come, champions also appear, (orcs with health meters above their head). You must only use fierce attacks on these guys, as nothing else will penetrate your armour. Make sure no enemies are hanging around by the door butchering the maidens before they can escape to safety! This will repeat itself and you must use Gandalf’s special ability, (R1+R2+L1+L2), when you are on low life. You may also want to try out flame of Udun or similar moves, as these are quite helpful. When the meter reaches about 190, just keep on parrying (square) and eventually 200 maidens will be saved, and the level is completed!


This is the path of the famous trio, Aragorn, Legolas and Gimli, and start with some Path of the dead levels, to the southern, (my favourite level), and eventually to the hardest level, the Black gate. These levels seem to be a bit harder than the others but can be completed quite easily.


This level is not too tough, with the hardest factor being that you can't actually see what is going on a lot of the time! Simply follow the path and eventually you will complete the level. Hack your way through, and at the spiral section, head up to the right to tip a rock off, allowing access to the next area. At the drawbridge, kill the ghosts with ranged weapons. Then lower the bridge and cross. Head past the misty area in the next section, through to a room with collapsed rocks. Weave through quickly, and head through more mist and kill two skeletons. Climb the ladder and hang around near the spawn point, hacking the skeletons that appear. Push over the statue to reach the other side, then run round and open the gate (after killing everyone first). Head through to the next area, and as you cross the bridge, you'll be attacked, so get ready for some ghost kicking time… yes.


This boss is hard, but can be very easy if you learn his routine. To start, he mounts a straightforward attack consisting of three strikes. Block him, and then strike back using the triangle button. He then burrows into the ground and calls forth some spectres; kill these in the usual fashion. He attacks you himself again, and the process repeats, although this time he calls forth enemy archers. He attacks again, and when enough damage is done a spectre leaves his body. He then launches a wind attack, so shelter behind the rock you are placed at to avoid it. After this he attacks again, and you know what to do. He returns to raising skeleton warriors to attack you, so again, wade into battle, but be warned, these are harder than the last ones. This pattern of raising the dead, wind attacks, and the boss having a go at you in between continues. Block his attacks and counter in order to take him down. In the early phases, he only has 3 strikes, but now, when attacking you, he has 5. Remember this and you should have no trouble defeating him. Once he is defeated, run out the mountain by retracing your steps before the whole place collapses on you. You will encounter 3 fights in between this where it is necessary to kill the people in order to get past. Just keep running and eventually you will reach the end of the level.


Start off the level by walking forward towards the gate, which then shows a cutscene of surprise, surprise; a cave troll pretty damn mad and you being ambushed by about 300 orcs. Things look bad. First, sprint to the spear and use it to kill the cave troll. Now you must use the catapults on the left hand side of the level in order to progress, so slash away at the enemies, killing as many as needed in order to get to the catapults. Once the second catapult has been fired, Gimli will shout, “That will do it” and a path has been made in order to get to the top. Now you have three choices. Running straight to the path, firing a catapult to the right to harm the cave troll on the top, or getting more experience by killing everyone at the bottom. You decide. Once you have reached the path, climb up the ladder and 3 orcs will attack you. Dispose of them and run up the stairs. You will now see a cave troll and orcs climbing up ladders. Either kill the cave troll with your arrows by staying on the stairs (this is a glitch in the game where no orcs can reach you from here), or by grabbing a spear from the far end of this platform and throwing it at the troll. Once the cave troll is killed, an oliphaunt arrives. Kill it by parrying all the arrows that are fired by you, and then firing as many arrows as you can at it. Once it is dead, kill all the orcs and use the winch to open the door beneath you. Once opened, a cutscene shows orcs forming a wall in front of the now open door to try and stop you from escaping. Use the boiling pots of oil and keep on dropping it on them until all are dead. Then simply retrace your steps and run out the door, avoiding any confrontations. The level is now complete.


Get slashing and kill the required 60 enemies. Go for those without shields, as they are easier to kill. When the oliphaunt enters the area, run up the slope and fire arrows at it until it loses all its armour, then fire the catapult at it. It should kill it in one shot. Another should attack from the other side, so head across the valley and repeat the process. Once defeated, a Nazgul should then appear attacking Eowyn and the hobbit. You must attack this creature when it appears by rushing to one end of the valley and firing ranged weapons at it, whilst also heading to the other end and attacking the oliphaunts that appear. In order to deduce which side of the valley you must run to, to kill it, you need to be attacking from the side with armour on. This can be deduced from the cutscene that plays when it appears. After each one is dead, go back to the middle and protect Eowyn and the hobbit. Don’t get caught up in long fights otherwise you may fail the mission. To complete the mission, you must kill The Nazgul (or rather the creature it is flying). A cutscene will then play showing Eowyn killing the Witch King and the ghosts killing all the oliphaunts. You have now completed the level.


Aragorn is by far the best player in my eyes to play as in this level. The first bit is a relatively easy fight with a large messenger of Sauron who shows you Frodo’s mithrill vest. To kill this guy, simply parry his attacks, wait for the moment when he is defenceless and unleash your big combo moves to take him out. Repeat, and this guy is down. Gimli then shouts, “That concludes the negotiations,” the gate opens and about a billion orcs come out. Things look real bad. The orcs start attacking and your aim is to make sure that your 3 friends don’t die. (In this case Legolas, Gimli and Gandalf.) Hang around the point at where the orcs enter your area to rack up your experience and get a few excellent kills. From time to time a champion appears and heads straight to one of your friends. You must take him out with fierce attacks. Eventually, the orcs will start attacking from all sides so you must fire arrows from the left or Gimli will die. This is where it gets a bit chaotic. Keep an eye on the life of your friends, and if one’s is low, go next to him, stand there and his health will increase. (Magic!) As long as you do this, nothing will go wrong. Remember to use the fires dotted about to your advantage but stay away or you will die. Once the orcs are vanquished, the Ring Wraiths attack. You have to be very quick here or your friends will die and the game will be over. Start by dropping the fire so they catch on fire, then throw the spears at them and then finish them off with your arrows. They’re relatively easy to beat if you act fast. If you hit a wraith whilst it has a burning spear stuck in its head, it will cause much more damage than usual. Completing this level is a matter of practice and you will complete it quite easily even though it looks utterly hopeless to start off with!


This shows the journey of Frodo and Sam as they make their way to Mount Doom. Sam is the only playable character until you get to The Crack of Doom where Frodo must be chosen. These are relatively easy levels, with some very fun bits, and uses stealth as one way to get past those orcs– a new idea for Hack n Slash eh?


This is a reasonably easy level, and is completed by just following the path that is presented before you. To start off with, follow the path and kill some orcs until a wall is blown apart in front of you. Enter here and climb the “stairs”, or the broken down ceiling. A meter appears showing a Nazgul. If this reaches the top, you fail the mission as Frodo is taken by it. To lower it, get under cover. Just ignore everyone in this area and run until you get to stairs. Shelter there and carry on, killing the orcs. Run across to the other side and climb the ladder. When you reach the top, the Nazgul appears again. Run until you find a ladder, and go down it. Kill all the orcs when you get down here. Run up the stairs to and press R1 to knock down the bell to kill a few orcs and reveal an opening. Go through this and run for the nearest opening, if any orcs give you trouble, kill them with your daggers, but be quick. Go down the ladder (past one floor), and then go down the second one, avoiding the orcs if you can. You will now be in a sewer. Kill all the orcs, follow the path and eventually, you will reach a champion and his friends. Use your fierce attack on him and kill him quick. Take your life, and repeatedly press R1 when next to the winch. The gate will open. Walk through and you have now completed the level.


This is such an annoying level, which is more like a maze than an actual level. All I can really say here for the first bit is kill any spiders you come across by knocking them over and use R2 to finish them. When you reach a place with small fires and spiders, you have reached the right place. Use these fires by pressing R1 to get past the small black spiders. Eventually, you’ll reach a room with loads of orcs in. I advise you to go left and sneak past. You can fight them if you want but only if you’re sure you won’t die. Follow the path and you will reach a place with loads of orcs. Go to the right and kill them by throwing down those rocks with R1. Eventually you’ll come across many tiny spiders. Use the torches the same way here, and use the very last torch to burn the web in order to get through. Kill all spiders that you come across, some may drop life. At the very end of the level, there are 2 paths, one straight paths with 3 or 4 bunches of black spiders and a path to the right. Go to the right using the torches, and use the torch at the top to destroy the web. Now go back down, kill the spiders, get past the black ones and some archers will attack. Parry their fire and throw your daggers at them until they die. Go through the tunnel; kill the spiders to reach a checkpoint and the boss, Shelob.

She is not too tough if you know her routines. Just block her attacks until she backs off and slash away at her with some combos or your fierce attack. Repeat this and she’ll climb up and release her babies at you. Kill them and sometimes they drop some life. Now she jumps down trying to squish you. Avoid her and you have about 3 seconds of free slashing. Use this. After repeating this, she’ll go crazy and start moving fast. She ups her attack now so you must block more than usual. Just keep repeating this method and she will die soon, showing Frodo poisoned, the orcs taking him and Sam getting all brave. You have just completed the hobbits’ toughest level.


Here you must kill 80 orcs, so don’t be afraid to be aggressive. You start off in a chamber. Attract the attention of the orcs with a dagger, and then push down the fire to burn/kill them. Then attack the champion with fierce attacks until he is dead, Lower the bridge and kill all the orcs. Follow the path and kill the orcs and champions that come at you. Eventually you’ll reach a battleground. You must kill everyone you can here. Just keep heading right and continue to kill. Do NOT enter any rooms. Stay outside. When you get to the drawbridge, lower it to kill many orcs. (squish) Go up the bridge and the ladder and kill the 2 orcs. Push down the barrels to kill around 25 orcs in a huge explosion. If you have not managed to kill 80, backtrack and when you have, return. Go up the small bridge where many orcs are fighting and they will retreat. Follow them and get the catapult. Kill the champion and fire it – watch those orcs die. Now you must cross the bridge, BUT DO NOT stop running or you will die as the bridge collapses behind you. Time for a very easy boss fight. A cutscene will show of an orc and an Uruk-hai fighting. The orc wins and now sees you. To kill this guy, throw the spears at him to break his shield, (or fierce attack – spears are easier). Now throw another one to stun him. Then run up to him and keep on using your fierce attack on him until he wakes up. Repeat the process and this guy is toast. A cutscene shows Sam and Frodo being reunited, and the presumably dead Uruk-hai coming back to life and taking the mithrill vest. You have now completed the level.


This is an extremely easy boss fight. The aim is get Gollum to fall into the lava. To do this, avoid his attacks and come back with your own to drive him back. Eventually, he’ll start to lose his balance at the edge of the cliff. Using your fierce attack or ‘O button’, put him down and use R2 to finish matters. But oh-no, he isn’t dead yet. Now you have to avoid the lave and repeat the process around 5 times in order to destroy that nasty little smeagol/Gollum and destroy the preciousssss. You have now completed the main branch of the game. Congrats!


Once completing The Crack Of Doom, you can now use the cheats that are given to you at the very top of the board. You also unlock a few interviews and now the palantir of Saruman. This is hard, and I suggest you use this level to level up your characters. But why aren’t you still 100% complete? You must complete this level; reach level 10 with Gandalf, Sam, and either Aragorn, Gimli or Legolas to unlock the palantir of Sauron. Harder the Saruman’s and you must complete this in order to achieve 100% perfection.


The following codes can only be used after completing Crack of Doom. In order to set one up, press start in game, hold the 4 shoulder buttons, and then type in the code. These cheats are more fun when not playing seriously.

Invincibility Square, Circle, Square, Up

Infinite Missile Weapons Square, Square, Down, Circle

Restore Health Square, Square, Circle, Circle

Perfect Mode Circle, Down, Triangle, X

All Attack Upgrades Up, Down, Triangle, Square

Always Devastating Triangle, Up, Triangle, Down

Target Indicator Down, Circle, Up, Square

These codes can be used anytime, without completing "Crack of Doom" level.

Three Hit Combos:

Aragorn- Square, Down, Circle, Up

Legolas- Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Down

Gandalf- Down, X, Triangle, Down

Four Hit Combos:

Aragorn- Up, Square, Triangle, Down

Legolas- X, Circle, Triangle, Square

Gimli- Triangle, Square, Up, X

Gandalf- Down, Triangle, Up, Circle

Faramir- X, Square, Up, X

Frodo- Down, Square, Down, Circle

Sam- Up, Down, Triangle, Triangle

Merry- Triangle, X, Square, Square

Pippin- X, X, Down, Circle

1,000 Experience Points:

Aragorn- Up, Square, Triangle, X

Legolas- X, Triangle, Up, X

Gimli- Circle, Circle, Triangle, X

Gandalf- Circle, Triangle, Up, Down

Faramir- Square, Triangle, Up, Square

Frodo- Down, Triangle, Up, Down

Sam- Triangle, X, Down, X

Merry- Down, Down, Square, X

Pippin- Triangle, X, Square, X

Level 8 Skills:

Aragorn- Up, Square, Triangle, Up

Legolas- Square, Up, Up, Down

Gimli- X, Circle, Down, Square

Gandalf- Circle, Square, Down, Down

Faramir- Circle, Down, Down, Down

Frodo- Circle, Circle, Down, Down

Sam- Circle, Circle, Triangle

Merry- Down, Triangle, X, Square

Pippin- Square, Up, Up, Circle

Restore Missiles:

Aragorn- Triangle, Square, Square, Triangle

Legolas- Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Down

Gimli- Circle, Circle, Circle, X

Gandalf- Triangle, Down, X, Square

Faramir- Triangle, Up, X, X

Frodo- Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Circle

Sam- X, X, Circle, X

Merry- Square, Circle, Circle, Triangle

Pippin- Up, Circle, Down, Square


This walkthrough was written by me (Killer Nightmare (Ruchir Gupta)). I love this game and love Lord Of The Rings. Thanks to SR for letting me post this walkthrough. These tips helped me and I hope I explained the levels reasonably clearly, as some of them are very hectic at times. Thanks for reading, and this is copyrighted, but you can use it if you contact me at [email protected] before hand. Thanks.

A Killer Nightmare Walkthrough :)

Submitted By: $L!CE
There are three paths through the game and more than one must be completed to unlock the final two missions.
This is a rough guide of how to comlete the first of the three paths, the other paths will be added in another part later on today.

There is no point of me trying to guide you through this mission as it is a basic tuoial and there is NO WAY that you will die.
Completing this unlocks: film concept art, hobbit actors on gaming.

Trot through the early paths, getting used to the con trolls of blocking and countering, try making use of the spells. There will be snipers placed in elevated positions. At any time during the mission if you see anything that looks remotly like a wagon shoot it straight away by holding down L1 and wait till it glows green, because the wagon will explode making your life easier.
The first main challenge is the grove with the Ents, you will have kill about 75 orcs and goblins to protect the tree folk, this isnt as hard as it sounds- the ents will kill more than their fair share. Plus even if you die the checkpoint will bring you right back here. Sprint onto the new path, watching our for quick firing archers, until another explosive wagon marks the beging of a realy dangerous section. Shoot the carts on the other side of the river to topple the watchtowers and kill all the orcs. Beyond the bridge on the left is a spell refuel, and just down the hill to the right is your final task.
You will have to help the ent destroy the watermill there wil be attacks from swarms of enemies but remember that your primary objective is to make sure the ent isnt lit on fire, archers will appear on the ledge beside him and you will have to shoot those with spells when you get the chance. Scatered across the battleground you will find plenty of ammo so don't hold back.
Completing this unlocks: Christopher Lee interview.

This level is very similar to one of the levels in the two towers vidio game, and the goals are near enough the same.
When you see a glowing white circle press R1 to perform a special action.
You will need to patroll the main section of the wall pretty much all the time kicking ladders and killing all the orcs you see.
To repel the attack towers take the stairs on the left of the wall. You'll find a catapult, give the order to open fire it takes two shot to destroy an attack tower, and you will only be able to attack the ones that appear on the left, the ones on the right have to be spell blasted to HELL. Destroying the towers kills dozens of orcs so make destroying them top priority, it is difficult but as there arent any Uruk Hai you should be able to avoid death.
Completing this unlocks: nothing dont be to greedy

A constant stream of shrieking women pour from various directions in the doorway behind you, the mission is over once the 200th passes through, but that isn't easy as naturally there are swams of orcs goblins and assorted scum trying to kill them, DO NOT use the racks of spears or destroy the barrels of health for the time being as you will need all of that for the end of the level. Use whatever upgrades you have purchased to take out groups of enmies if you can, and regularly check the back of the courtyard for archers, who can be easily taken out by spells. Halfway through the batlle the Uruk Hai come to help the orcs and thy all have green energy bars, make sure to block their attacks then soften them up with a couple of fierce attacks. After this i found the orc hewer attack (x x triangle) very effective on the chaps, but the illest news is that the Uruk Hai are not the worst you will encounter.
When the 150th women runs through the door three cave trolls will stamp and barge into the couryard ( oh for the simple days ) now is the time to use those spears as they kill the big fat trolls with one hit, make sure you aim carefully as you dont have that many. More trolls will arrive to replace the ones you have killed, and now it is a point of trying to survive an onslaught for a little while longer, while trying to kill as many as you can. Try using your special attack all four shoulder buttons to kill a few and the when the 200th women has passed through the door PULL BACK and RETREAT to the second floor.
Completing this unlocks: an interview with sir Ian Mckellen.

by mubine din

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