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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"spiderman 2"
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This game is also available on PS1, GBC, Xbox and GameCube.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for spiderman 2 (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: Forest Fan
|Spider-Man 2: The Movie Walkthrough by FOREST FAN|

This walkthrough was written by myself, Forest Fan, scroll down to the bottom at the 'A note from me' section of this walkthrough for more information.

Part One – Information and Features
Part Two – The guide
Part Three – Cheats and Hints
Part Four – A Note From Me

*****PART ONE*****
|Information and Features|

Spider-Man 2 features:

- Control Spider-Man in New York
- Extensive mission database
- All the authentic characters from the comic books
- Playable in a variety of ways
- Beautiful graphics
- Extra options available
- Extra cut out scenes
- Couples the release of the new film
- Great improvement from the previous Spider-Man

To access information concerning Spider-Man in any of the areas in this guide hit CTRL+F to search through this walkthrough.

*****PART TWO*****
|The guide|



"What Might Have Been"

The first stage will just teach you the basics you need for the game and should help you settle down with the controls needed. Nice and simple introduction here. Just sit up and pay attention and you’ll learn fine.



"A Day In The Life"

This shouldn’t pose too many problems for you, so long as you don’t underestimate your rather weaker opponents. Simply defeat the 4 criminals by any means possible. Don’t try anything too fancy when disposing of your opponents either, a few nice and easy constant punches should see you win the bouts. Attempting anything too fancy or ‘flash’ could see you make a mountain out of what is frankly a molehill. When finished – which shouldn’t take up too much time or effort, take your first trip to the store.



“Punctuality Is The Thief of Time”

More crime busting to be done here, namely protecting the woman for the criminals who have her possession. Again the same task is required as in Chapter Three. Keep your cool and make it as easy as possible on yourself when knocking out the criminal gang. The next vital port of call is to look after Mary Jane and guard her from the seemingly endless stream of New York criminals. There should be eight of these dastardly characters lurking about the place. Nothing strenuous here, just knock one out at a time. Your first high speed chase (on foot nonetheless) is to catch up with Black Cat as she attempts to make a getaway. Persistent gaming here with a lot of determination, a good old bit of finger bashing and a dose of luck should see you safely through to Chapter Four.



"All In A Days Work"

First head on top of the bugle building, through the air vent. After talking with Betty change your costume in the bathroom. In your new attire head back out of the building and onto one of the other skyscrapers. After completing your objective of taking photographs, return to the bugle and again swap clothes. At this point you should be about ready to face Rhino the Boss. A good hint at this point is to use the spider sense flashes to disable his attacks and then in time finish him off. Once defeated collect your points and get the upgrade you need. It shouldn’t be too taxing.



"A meeting of the minds"

Another relatively simple mission for Spider-Man. Go to the Octavious Apartment and grab yourself the required hero points. Return to the store and buy what you need. Nice and simple; this should help you later in the game as you build your character up.



"Cat And Mouse"

Plainly follow the yellow marker in the first instance of this mission, before another (this time more difficult) chase. Go back to Mary Jane’s apartment via the white marker. Once again change outfit, before getting your upgrade and routine purchase.



“Pride And Prejudice"

Firstly return back to the bugle, before fighting another boss in the arena. This time Mysterio is your enemy. The fight is similar to a short boxing match, only with three rounds of conflict. To win, just put more thugs in the pit – which is really quite straightforward. When in position jump into the pit and just stay ahead. Now you have to avoid any Mysterio attacks, so just try and weave around him or try a tactic that involves repeatedly changing direction, confusing his moves. This isn’t easy but with the right plan you can overcome this harder mission. Finally defeat him and earn your hero points; the hardest chapter in the game so far complete.



"Sugar and Spice"

After going to the apartment, you will have a timed mission to reach Mary Jane. There’s some more criminal activity to keep you busy too, so shoot the gunman on the building and the others scattered about the place. Chase the lorry containing the escapees, before you shoot the criminals. Quite a few of them are there but you can get her to help you – meaning you should get the job done in doubly quick time. After this all happens, there’s more of the same to keep Spider-Man occupied and it can all get a bit much with the sheer volume of crime busting required. Then it’s just a case of getting the points.



“When Aliens Attack"

Once again go to the Bugle and again change your uniform. You have another timed objective to complete, so quickly follow the marker to your destination. You will need a big jump here so make sure your meter is up to ‘full’. When you reach the balcony, reach the two people hanging either side of you and individually carry them down the floor you came up. You still need to save the three different journalists, so in the same way rescue them before you fight some machines. After being prompted to go to Liberty Island, which requires more trademark Spider-Man swinging. Again you need to scale the building, which can be best achieved when your jump swing is fullest. Destroy the eight orbs from the top of this high summit – the idea is that you are in a good position to do so. Again charge your jump metre and swing forward, so that you jump to the maximum. Now you will get locked into a battle with the orbs, where having your spider reflexes full and punches ready will serve you well. However speed is also important, as is accuracy in doing so. Eventually if you are successful you should continue to Mysterio’s place, where you can enter through the window. The room is fairly strange, but just eliminate the bouncing figure. There are some more of these to defeat, which again you can do in a number of different ways. The next strange room is one full of mirror. Enemies will come at you out of the mirrors, so be ready for any attack. You can of course break the mirrors to unleash the enemies, which can help you in timing your attacks – as it isn’t random. You will know when you have finished as a door will open. Leave through here to move onto chapter ten.


“When Good Men Go Bad”

For another time return to the octavious, using the route set out by the marker and change uniform again. To complete this tough stage, avoid the electric forces coming at you by dodging out the way of the rays. Then, take out the control panels located around the room which requires a large amount of skill. You must avoid running into any shields as they will reduce your health greatly. To avoid getting hit, simply run away from the shield and cross over in different directions. After avoiding the attacks, attempt to destroy all the shields. The attacks will get worse and that means more dodging. Remember; spider reflexes are useful to use throughout and will help you in this task. By the time you are down to your last shield there will be many attacks, so take extra care. Once you have destroyed the last shield, you have finished the hardest part of the mission. After purchasing the upgrade, destroy some more machines – which isn’t too difficult, provided you replenish your health well. After this, there shouldn’t be anything standing in your way to leave the level.



“The Underside Of Crime"

From the off in this stage, you have another boss pick against Doctor Ock. It isn’t easy too, especially as he’s brought his cronies along too. There are a few ways to destroy the Doctor, frantically tapping the square button and straightforwardly assaulting him probably being the most effective method. There are clearly other men on his side and this is the tough bit – when trying to defeat all five at once, but if you try to avoid any attacks and then in your own time strike back; you should be on to a winner. If you can manage to defeat all your enemies in this stage, then you move onto a thirty second timed test of your speed and agility – to reach the top of the bank. Conveniently, Doctor Ock has found himself a chopper and is making an attempt to leave the scene, however using Spider-Man’s swing you should be able to chase the helicopter down. Once over, you need to again swing – this time to go and find Aunt May who can be reached past the train. If you earn your required hero points – you move on to Chapter Twelve.



"Shocking Development"

Having headed back to Spider-Man’s apartment, go to the Osbourne building. You’ll then stage another showdown with Black Cat, where again Spider-Man does the chasing. When Black Cat hides in the rundown building, follow in to kick start another boss fight. Thankfully unlike last time, this boss fight is anything if simple. Importantly – you must keep away from any Black Cat attacks, bt if you do this you should quite easily be able to defeat him by a few taps of the ‘square’ button. If you find targeting Black Cat difficult, you can lock onto the targets similarly to in James Bond. When you have dealt out enough damage, be sure to swing away and allow your opponent to waste his big attack, which will severely damage your health if you are anywhere near him. Continually pummel away at Black Cat and keep resisting his attacks, before you eventually defeat him and his fighters, leaving you only needing a few more points.



"Cleaning The Slate"

Upon arriving in the bugle, you should already have something to do namely by following the blue marker which indicates a route for you to follow. There is yet another boss fight here in chapter thirteen and again it’s against Mysterio – but not as hard as the last fight with him. Stick to using the ‘square’ button and with a few good jabs and other moves you should have defeated in no time. After swiftly returning to the bugle, you will enter another affray with Black Cat. As usual just keep on her trail, but two criminals will distract you and you are left needing to defeat this pair. Once finished with the chase picks up again and culminates in this stage at a rundown factory. There’s another boss fight here – that’s the second within this level, which means you’ll need to work extra hard here. Shocker is the enemy and he comes fully equipped with a shield ready to protect him. What you need to do is attack the shield that he is using; accuracy isn’t too important here just so long as you hit some part of the shield roughly in close proximity to him. It will take several hits to get him to lose his shield, as his shield will replenish itself after brief pauses. When ready press the L1 shoulder button and then try and dodge his big attack like in previous levels. After you do a lot more swinging, you should be able to take the advantage and knock out his shield to ultimately win. All that is left to do is get those hero points and move on to Chapter fourteen.



"Burning Bridges"

Firstly I’ll just remind you that you’ll need 3000 hero points from this level, which in case you didn’t know – is a lot to earn in one stage. Back to the beginning of the level, where you have to go and find Mary Jane – but not before defeating a few criminals along the way. Black Cat once again is up for a chase, but this time you both go head to head in a ‘race’ where you both try and reach the destination first. Once that little episode is over, you have to fight some more machines and people with guns and other weaponry. A good tip is to find a decent spot and then from there launch an attack and not yourself get hurt. Be sure to let cat do a lot of attacking as she can be more accurate. Once done, follow the marker and change uniform. Now all that stands in your way of completing this tough-ish level is you earning those 3000 hero points.



"To Save The City"

You should know the route by now – so as the marker points out, find your own way back to your apartment. After changing uniform, follow the next marker within the comfortable time limit. Now you have another boss fight – Doctor Ock this time who is actually on the train. When you reach Doctor Ock, block his attacks by getting out the way and get ready to hit him when he is not standing on his tentacles – but on his feet. Use the spider reflexes to do the most damage to Doctor Ock, but watch out for his nasty attacks. Be careful he doesn’t work down your health faster than you can his – or worse still bundle you out the train. You’ll have to swing fast here to reach the building and go in through the roof, to set up another boss fight again with Doctor Ock. He is once again protected by his trust shield, but to counter this you will have to rely upon spider reflexes. You’re objective to win this bout with the Doc. is to destroy those panels, but he will be chasing you the whole while being covered by his shield. Not only that, but you will have to block any efforts of his to attack you. Whenever you want to wipe out any panels, use the ‘square’ button to do so and quickly move on to other panels, so Doctor Ock doesn’t get any advantage over you. You will also need to keep charging up your jump metre so that is at full and ready to get those panels in hard to reach areas. Some of the panels do require very large swings and of course the co-operation (or lack thereof) of your nemesis. One of the panels even contains Mary Jane so be sure to free her as quickly as possible. But again, before you move on to the next panel – charge your jump metre. There are some more panels located before, but just as importantly keep an eye on the enemy. The most important thing to do at this stage is to attach Spider-Man to the wall and take out Ock’s shield. All that is required to do now is to beat him up! Easier said than done however... Throughout the game ‘square’ and L2 have remained useful buttons through all attacks and that trend continues. Once you have Ock knocked over; now that he no longer has his shield, you should be able to pummel him on the ground and eventually with a bit of luck defeat him! Success in this means, that you have completed the storyline aspect to the game, though there are a couple more rounds to go through before everything is completed...



“The First Day Of The Rest Of Your Life"

This is a huge target for you to earn here. 50,000 hero points is massive, but it won’t take you all day and with a lot of fancy hero work – you should earn those points surely, but steadily. Be sure to find the easiest way for you to earn points, and stick to it.



“The Second Day Of The Rest Of Your Life"

Once again you’ll be needing another 50,000 hero points – but don’t get demoralized quite yet as success in getting those points and that elusive level 8 swing upgrade, will result in you finishing the last little piece of Spider-Man 2.


*****PART THREE*****
| Cheats and Hints |

-Play As Doctor Ock-
At the cheat menu; enter ‘Jonathan Rules’.

-Play As Stickyrice-
At the cheat menu; enter ‘stickyrice’.

-Unlock Alex Ross White Costume-
Complete the game on the Kid mode to unlock the Alex Ross white costume.

-Skip Training-
At the cheat menu; enter ‘CEREBRA’.

-Complete Story Mode-
At the cheat menu; enter ‘HCRAYERT’.

-Beat Bosses-
When fighting against any of the bosses, press ‘Up’ to slow down everything in the game – all movements and the such, apart from yourself. This gives you more chance to decide which punishment to deal out.

-Beat Enemies-
A good tip to use against tricky enemies is the Web Splash manoeuvre (L2 + Triangle). This will cover them in webbing.

*****PART FOUR*****
| A Note From Me |

This is probably the hardest guide I’ve ever written, but hey it was quite fun all the same. Spider-Man 2 truly is a great game; I hope you enjoy it, find this guide useful and complete the game! Good luck and hope you have all the help you could have here...

My new e-mail address is [email protected], so don’t hesitate to e-mail me if you would like to copy this walkthrough (so long as you credit me) in either part of fully. Please credit my name and e-mail address in doing so and please mail me to tell me if you see someone not crediting me. If you have any problems or questions regarding the game; I would love to hear from you.

Thank you for reading this guide and good luck!

Forest Fan

Copywright Jonathan Weissman (For Special Reserve only)
Submitted By: Quayle
First of all, this is my work. Lets begin, Because the game has not got a set set of levels, instead a series of tasks to do in no particular order, here are those taks and how to do them

The Crowbar

From the start you should drop down to the lowest floor and enter the door. Head right past the boarded up door and into the next door (punch or double jump over enemies as you avoid the bombs that are falling). Get the strength at the top of the building, then exit it and continue right. Fall down the large hole in the ground when you reach it, then grab the crowbar (in the pipe) and other items. Crawl up the wall when done and jump left out of the hole. Head left to the boarded up door, and with your crowbar equipped enter the building. Fall down the hole on your right and get all the webbing, then go back through the door.

Access Card

Head right past the hole and enter the door of the building that has many windows. Climb the wall in the elevator shaft as you avoid the robot, then jump to the floor at the top (use webbing if you have to). Head to the very top and punch the box to get the access card.

Door Key

Exit the building and jump to the top row of windows outside. Web Hobgoblin as he passes by and just hang off him until you're both on the ground. He will jump around and throw bombs at you but just focus on punching him or jump kicking him when you can. Once you beat him you will get a door key.


Head left to the building that you started in, then grab the hearts at the top before you exit the building and continue left. Open the closed door with your door key (equipped), then grab the heart and oilcan inside.

Electric Fence

Return to (fight enemies on the way for hearts if you need them) where you fought Hobgoblin use the oilcan on his craft and fly over the electrified fence.


Head right until you see a hole in the ground, on the way make sure to avoid the hot drops and enemies (duck under their shots). Don't go down the hole yet; instead use your access card to enter the building. Here crosshairs will be following you and when they reach you will get shot at. What you need to do is wait near a terminal (flashing arrow) and when the crosshair is over it run past. The shot should hit the terminal (arrow should stop flashing). Do this for all 4 terminals, and then grab the antidote in the bottom right corner. Make sure to get some hearts or webbing from the top floor if you need either, otherwise save them for later.

Door Combination

Leave the building and enter the hole, then crawl through the pipe on your left and fall. Head right and drop through the floor, then crawl left and fall to the bottom. Crawl up the left wall and grab the extra life then fall back down. Crawl right and don't worry about the lizard crawling back and forth, don't worry about the opening keep crawling right. Once past the second pipe, jump up and crawl up the wall. Jump right and get the strength, then drop back down to the bottom floor.
Jump over the lizard when he crawls right, then quickly head right into the next room. With the antidote equipped fight the lizard and beat him. He really isn't that hard, jump over him when he crawls at you and punch or jump kick him when he stands or jumps. Also if you get him under a low ceiling you can punch him repeatedly to beat him really quickly and easily. Once beaten he should return to human form, then exit the room to get the door combination.

Restore Power

Now exit these sewers through the hole that you came in from, grab a heart or webbing on your way from the gap between the two lowest pipes if you need either. Above ground, head left until you reach the door with the keypad. Enter it with your door combination equipped, and then head carefully right past the drips and robots. When you drop down crawl left for a strength, then grab the webbing if you need it. Crawl right under the step, then carefully swing across the first pit.
Take a break, then carefully swing across the second pit. Head right into the next room and get ready to fight. This guy is actually very easy to beat; his pattern involves him slowly making rocks rise from the bottom then making them all fall. You should crawl up the right wall as the rocks rise then jump kick him before they fall; you will also fall if you're on the wall when the rocks fall. Basically repeat this pattern until he is dead and you shouldn't have any trouble. Exit the room and power will be restored to the amusement park, guess where you're heading next.

Minimum Carnage

Return to the sewers and go to the spot where you got the strength (lower right corner). Climb up and to the right and you should see an opening that leads up off screen. Climb up it to reach the amusement park and notice there is NO boss health bar; this is because Carnage CAN NOT be killed so DON'T TRY! Just avoid him as you head right (you can duck under his shots at a distance) until you see some machinery at eye level. Crawl under it and continue right until you see a large ladder. Jump up the ladder and wait for some rides to go past above you. Vertically web any ride, then jump to the first platform when you reach it and grab the strength. Get back up the ladder and get ready for the heavy stuff.

Make sure you're hanging down as low as possible for the start, then as the downhill part begins go up twice. You will quickly pass by 3 obstacles then go up twice to avoid hitting the platform below. You should fly past the ground without falling and start rising, quickly go down 3 times to pass under the next barrier. Go up twice afterwards to pass under the next 3 close barriers then quickly press down as fast and as much as possible so that you miss the next 2 barriers. Quickly press up many times after the second so you don't hit the little barrier above the hot dogs van and the barrier after it. You will see a skull as you go along and start rising uphill.
Get as low as possible to miss the barrier and platform, then stay that low as you pass 2 close barriers. This next part is tough, you need to swing left as you get close to the next barrier otherwise you'll hit it and fall, then you have to quickly get up to the top so that you don't hit the barriers below. Go down twice from the top for the next 2 barriers then get back to the top. You should see 2 platforms as you slowly rise, so go down to the bottom to miss them. Stay here for the next barrier and platform, then swing once right as the ride is exactly above the next platform. This way you shouldn't hit your head on it, and you should've stopped moving by the time you're clear of it. Stay here as you pass a barrier and platform, then get to the top and wait for the ride to stop. Jump left, then avoid carnage and head left into the next area.

Building Climb

Try to make it to the top of this building with as much health as possible because you will need it for the final battle. There are two types of enemies here, there are those with jetpacks that take a long time to shoot you and are pretty easy to avoid. Then there are enemies in windows that shoot at you, though most of them go away when you get close or punch them.

Get rid of any window enemies, then double jump right from the middle platform and shoot the platform above you. Climb up and double jump up to it, then jump to the next platform above you. The timing on this next shot is tough, but do a double jump and web the platform above you and to your left, then swing and jump up onto it. Web the platform above you and jump onto it, then jump left two platforms and right one. Do a double jump straight up and web the platform above you, then jump up onto it. Jump right to the next platform and finally jump up to the roof.


Now that you are on the roof you will see a blimp. The blimp flies down and drops bombs every so often. What you need to do is a vertical web shot on the spot that's between the dark middle area and the right cylinder and climb into the blimp.

Final Battle

Inside the blimp you'll be fighting Mysterio, the most important thing to remember is not to fall out of the blimp through the hole at the bottom. Otherwise you'll have to get back inside and start the fight over again. The second most important thing to remember is to keep an eye on your spidey-sense. Mysterio has many doubles of himself and they all look like him; you can only do damage by attacking the real Mysterio. You will know when the real Mysterio has appeared because your spidey-sense will activate, now you must quickly attack that Mysterio before he hits you first.
He has an attack that can hit you from anywhere on the screen so you really need to hit him quickly. If you are on the same floor as him just punch him, if you are above it's easy to drop to his level. If Mysterio is above you it's a little tougher, you need to use webbing to swing and jump up to his level. Basically just repeat the basic pattern of waiting for him to appear and hitting him, then eventually he will die and will have completed the game, it really isn't all that long.

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