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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Spiderman 2"

This game is also available on PS1, GBC, Xbox and PS2.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Spiderman 2 (Gamecube)
Submitted By: Imperial Leather
Spider-Man maybe able to do whatever a spider can, but he’d be nothing without you – after all you control him, and at the end of the day it’s your will that drives him forward. From time to time you may get a little bewildered or a tad frustrated at the Web-Slinger – this guide is intended to help you long your way, and give you a detailed chapter guide; as well as a few more helpful tips and tricks. Its also may be worth mentioning that this guide has being written for the Gamecube version – but after comparing; its safe to say that all console versions are the same, so feel free to use with guide no matter what your console. Please read on; and explore what the best movie game this year has to offer.


* Spider Man 2 walkthrough contents *

• A small yet very valuable tip prior to playing
• The 17 Chapter guide with;
• 1. A List of Tasks
• 2. How to complete the Tasks
• 3. Tips in this Chapter
• More Valuable tips, and a Secret Save Cheat
• The End

Please enjoy the guide.
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* A Small yet Very Valuable tip prior to playing *

It’s very important that you have selected normal web-sling mode as apposed to easy mode. Granted, easy mode is very easy – but if you want to succeed in the game you must have normal swing selected. It may seem hard at first, but rest assured you’ll get better at it. Not only will you be able to swing fast, you’ll also be able to pull a large number of stunts, and you will be able to utilize every upgrade. So for an hours work of getting used to normal mode, you’ll have a better and easier time when it comes to swift attacks, and getting to places on time. It’s the only way to fully enjoy Spider-Man 2. With that out of the way, let’s get on with the mail core of the guide.

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* The Chapter Guide *

Here you will find a list of all the Chapters, their main objectives, and their side quests. Not only that, you’ll receive any tips worth mentioning about the current chapter you are reading. Enough spiel, lets get on with the main guide.

>>>> Chapter One : What Might have Being
Tasks Include:

1. Learning the Basics

This is probably the most valuable chapter in the game, so pay attention to what the comical commentator has to say; he will teach you how to run and jump, swing, fight, and just about everything Spider-Man can do. He will leave you to discover some things on your own accord though. It’s a Short chapter, so soon you’ll be swinging you way onto Chapter Two.

>>>>Chapter Two : A Day in the Life.
Tasks Include:

1. Fight a Crime
2. Buy a Swing Upgrade from the Shop.

Don’t worry, your not going to be dumped without signs just yet – the commentator is standing by just incase you step out of line – dive off the building and head for the blue marker. When you arrive you will encounter a Bank robbery, where you’ll beat the living daylight out of criminals. The Commentator will teach you some new moves; including the uppercut. After you’ve completed this Task you’ll be congratulated and then pointed in the direction of the shop. Get there, spend some hero points and Chapter Two is History.

>>>>Chapter Three : Punctuality is the Thief of Time
Tasks Include:

1. Get to Dr. Conners class in time
2. Earn 2000 Hero Points
3. Go to the Pizza Parlor
4. Meet Mary Jane

From this Point on you’ll start to get more and more freedom. But before you are free to do earn Hero points you must get to Dr Conner’s Class Pronto. Swing your way to his class, just like the real thing. What’s down there? This is one of the Many Random Crimes that you will encounter along your way. These crimes will earn you Hero Points – it’s up to you if you want to pursue them – but this one is compulsory, so get down there and do your stuff; accept your compliments and get back on track. After receiving a telling off from Conner – you will be free to go earn hero points – and after that I recommend going to the pizza parlor. At Some point, when you’ve finished collecting your Hero Points you will be urged to meet Mary Jane – this is as simple as the Conner Misson – just follow the marker.

Chapter Tip: The Green Question Marks will give you valuable tips when you activate them – they can teach you anything from new Moves to new locations, I highly recommend you learning from them. Not only that, you’ll get a couple of Hero Points for your trouble too – everyone’s a winner!

>>>>Chapter Four : All in a Days work.
Tasks include:

1. Complete a Daily Bugle Task
2. Fight the First Boss: Rhino
3. Earn 3000 Hero Points
4. Buy a Swing Upgrade from a Shop

After a Slow motion close up of Spiderman go to the roof of the Daily Bugle centre – just follow the marker.. Get changed into peter parker, by pressing the action button, and make your way down into the centre – via the gent’s toilet! After a short FMV you’ll be urged to take pictures of the Empire State Building – go out the way you came, and change into the web slinger.

Now your outside again, swing your way to the target – when you get closer, crawl on the wall – and press action on the target; this will take a picture from your current position; don’t worry – it will automatically take the photo for you. After taking one picture, you’ll have to take several more – each target being higher than the last. Just use the same wall climbing method.

After taking all of the photos get back to the Daily bugle, and go and see the person who gave you the assignment. You will be rewarded, and your first real mission is complete. Go back outside. Suddenly a FMV will be trigged and you’ll be put in front of the first boss; Rhino –

Rhino’s Method: Wait until he runs towards you, and then at the last minute use dodge – when your spider sense flashes. He will miss, leaving Rhino Dizzy for a good 5 seconds. Now, punch and kick the living daylights out of Rhino – I found jump and a kick more effective. After doing this a few times you’ll have defeated Rhino; make most of these easy bosses.

Now all you have to do is earn 3000 hero points, and visit the shop to buy an upgrade.
Hero points are easily earned by helping citizens in distress – try it yourself.

>>>>Chapter Five : A Meeting of Minds.
Tasks Include:

1. Meet Dr. Octavia
2. Earn 2000 Hero Points
3. And buy a Grapple Upgrade from a Shop

If you finished the last chapter in the Shop it’s a good idea to get this Chapters upgrade if you have enough Money. If not, wait until you have completed the Hero Point task – then go back to buy it.

In this chapter simply follow the marker to the Doctors apartment and watch the FMV – after that you’ll be free to earn points. Another Valuable way to earn points is to look for random crimes; these are the purple icons you sometimes come across – swoop down, and save the damsel in distress. After Earning all the Points, and after buying the upgrade your ready for Chapter Six.

Chapter Tip: Have a look in your local spider-man shop – and buy some more upgrades, the ones that the chapter doesn’t tell you to buy. If you have enough money you should be able to buy some interesting things that will defiantly aid you along the way.

>>>>Chapter Six : Cat & Mouse
Tasks include:

1. Earn 2000 Hero Points
2. Find 5 Photo Icons
3. Go to Mary Jane’s apartment
4. Buy another Swing upgrade from the shop.

Chapter Tip: Leaving the Hero Point mission till last is always a good idea – because the other missions sometimes earn you hero points, which in this case count towards the 2000 – so it’s defiantly worth waiting.

Follow the Icon in the distance – when you get in close proximity this icon will turn into 5 camera icons – collect these and you’ve completed this task. Once you’ve collected these Icons, a character Called Black Cat will appear – you must follow her on a wild goose chase. After this you are free.

It probably a good idea to get to Mary Jane’s apartment now, just follow the marker in the usual fashion. When you get there you’ll have less than a minute to get to the cinema, so use your fast web, and get there pronto.

Now all you have to do is earn 2000 points and visit the shop at your leisure. That’s all folks.

>>>>Chapter Seven : Pride and Prejudice
Tasks include:

1. Another Daily Bugle assignment (hard task)
2. Earn 3000 points

First of all you better get to the Daily Bugle, and find out what your task is…

Now you have your task go out of the Bugle and head to the marker. The marker will lead you to a big stadium, with some famous stunt man who wants to ‘test spider man’ !
Your going to have to show him your better than these tests – he thinks you’re a fake. Spider Man doesn’t stand for non of this! The First test he gives you is a rounding up criminal test.

Criminal Test Method Its fairly simple, you must perform a web grapple on of your enemies and then drop them in the pit – the pit that’s lit up green I found the best way was to super-jump from the green pit, and whilst you’re in the air; grapple. By the time you land back in the pit a criminal will be in your grasp – and you’ll score one point. Watch out though, the tester will be rounding up criminals too, and his machine can tackle two at a time, but he’s not as fast as you. Also use the Sprint button.

The next test will test Spider Man’s agility and web crawling techniques.

Agility test Method: The tester has a big laser at the other side of the stadium, if he sees you he shoots. Get shot 3 times and you’ll have to retake the test – so the best method is to stay out of this way. The first course will require a fast sprint towards the first goal. From the on just wall crawl on everything, and stall out of site – its all about the timing.

That’s it for now, you’re a free man. Go and earn some Hero Points, and spend them wisely – roll on Chapter Eight.

>>>>Chapter Eight : Sugar and Spice
Tasks include:

1. Meeting Dr. Octavia
2. Meeting Mary Jane
3. Earning 3000 points
4. And buying another swing upgrade

This chapter is very simple indeed. Follow the marker to meet Dr. Octavia, press action to change clothes and view the FMV – after this you’ll ‘just remember’ that you have to meet Mary Jane – so you’ll have a couple of minutes to get there – easy if your using your Fast swings – (L trigger)

Just when your nearly there, Spider sense starts to tingle – its time for a fight – quickly take out all the bad guys; and get the criminal on the roof – using the web blast. Now get back to your red-headed Mary Jane.

After you’ve seen her, Black Cat appears; she want to help you to fight some bad guys – in a dynamic duo; or a team. You’ll have to follow her for a good 5 minutes until you come to the hideout – fight all the criminals with the help of Black Cat – then view the FMV.

Your free to complete the last two objectives now, pull off some fancy swing stunts for extra hero points – and once you have enough buy a Swing Upgrade – along with some goodies that you fancy!

>>>>Chapter Nine : When Aliens Attack
Tasks Include:

1. Complete the Daily Bugle Task

As usual, go to the Daily Bugle and receive your task; when you come out you’ll have a short amount of time to get to the blue marker which is the Cities Theater. Now there should be a FMV – and a lengthy Boss waits.

1. You are going to have to swoop down onto the balconies in the theater, and save the people crying for help. Just web them with the web button, and this should automatically grapple them. Now swing up until you want on the exit balcony, and then put them down. You will need to repeat this process another 5 times, so that’s 6 people you have to save. 2 on each balcony and 2 on the stage.

2. Now you must take care of those flying enemies that are causing chaos. If you wait long enough the enemies should come to you, when they do just punch them till they explode – there are about 10 of these to slaughter.

3. You’ll now here this Boss talk, he will tell you that you have to save the Statue of Liberty, because that’s his next target! Now you’ll have to follow the target to get there, this is the easy part.

4. The Statue is across water, going out to sea. Look up and see the weird flying discs – you must swing on these. Get a high Jump from the ground and then swing – carefully. It’s best to enable easy swing for this small part, it helps a lot.

5. When you get to the other side – enable normal swing again. Now, there’s some bigger weird flying things surrounding the bottom of the statue – web to these, and you’ll be taken up so a bigger flying thing. See the green orbs on the tentacles? You must swing to each one and then let go of your web and punch – do this eight times.

6. Then, in the middle of this spaceship flying saucer thing the brain will be exposed, but only for a very short period – get to the middle my using large swing arcs, or by crawling along one of the strips, by holding the web button.

7. If the brain closes again repeat steps 5 and 6. If its still open take a couple of hard hits at the brain – its very easy to defeat – 3 hits should do the trick. After a bit of dialogue and a FMV you’ll find that the Statue is back to normal – its not over yet though

8. You must now get to the Boss’s apartment – follow the blue marker, and climb through the window. Once inside follow the 2nd marker to be what looks like a book case. After a FMV you will land at the foot of His Fun House of Doom – proceed with caution.

9. Before you can enter there’s a monster clown to take care of. A couple of flying kicks and this clown is down. Enter the fun house – and take care of the enemies inside – run down the hall and follow the path round. You’ll now be inside the hall of mirrors.

10. When you get close to these mirrors a mini Spiderman will crawl out of them – these are easy to defeat, but they do have some of your moves; such as webs – be swift, be fast and be ready to dodge attacks. Destroy 4 mirrors that are next to each other – one of the mirrors should sport a laser beam brimming from the top – pointing to a disco ball in the middle. Now all you have to do is destroy every 3rd mirror in a clock wise fashion. There’s about 10 mirrors to destroy. Now follow the blue target to leave this place. Thank God – this is the end.

>>>>Chapter Ten : When Good men Go Bad
Tasks Include:

1. Earn 3000 Hero Points
2. Buy an Upgrade (level 5 swing)
3. Remember to Meet Dr. Octavia.
4. Remember to Meet Dr. Conner.

A Nice easy Chapter after the lengthy chapter Nine. Start earning your Hero points by scouting around for random crimes or helping citizens. After you’ve got about 1500 points you’ll “remember” to meet Dr. Octavia. Follow the blue target, press the target with the action button and watch a FMV.

Now you’ll have to Disarm these Red switches – there’s 4 in total around the room. There’s a big dome like field that gets smaller then gets bigger – you’ll have to run when it’s at its smallest – run towards the switch, use an uppercut to destroy it, and repeat 4 times. When your spider sense flashes use the dodge button to dodge a random bolt of thunder – so be careful – it may take you a couple of tries. Watch the FMV.

Now earn more Hero points, and make your way to the Shop to buy a Swing upgrade – forgetful Spidey will remember that he needs to get t Dr Conner’s class – so follow the target in the usual fashion. When you get half way there Chapter Nines Boss (Mysterio) will send his flying monsters to get you – destroy these and carry on. Again, you’ll get distracted and diverted – to the daily bugle – make your way there.

>>>> Chapter Eleven : The Underside of Crime
Tasks Include:

1. Meet Ant May
2. Fight Dr. Octavia
3. Earn 4000 Hero Points!

You should complete the missions in order as listed above. Follow the white marker might to the Bank – press the marker to change your clothes. After a Nail Biting FMV, it will be time to fight Dr Octopus. Don’t worry though; he’s not as hard as Mysterio!

Look around – and find 3 villains with rocket launchers. You must take these out first, or they will cause you trouble later on in the battle. Dr Octopus is generally an easy boss – use dodge when you head flashes to avoid his metal arms, and then a standard web attack. Repeat this a few times and you should finish him no problems. After another FMV, Octopus will leave and you’ll have to take care of another 3 villains with deadly weapons. Now you’ll see another FMV.

Get on the building where the target is pointing – wall climb right to the top – make it snappy though. Use your charged jump on the wall whilst climbing to cover great distances fast. There is a Helicopter at the top of this building that must chase – do your best to keep up with it.

Now there’s another FMV Ant May is on the train tracks, and a train is about to run her over! Swing there pronto and save her! Just follow the Blue target and you’ll be fine.
All you have to do now is to earn the rest of your 4000 hero points and we are onto the next chapter!

>>>>Chapter Twelve : Shocking Developments.
Tasks include:

1. Getting to your apartment
2. Earning 4000 hero points
3. A Black Cat chase
4. A Boss

Follow the target to your apartment, and climb through the window. You will now see a short FMV – follow the next target, and then you’ll view another FMV. Here’s where you have to chase black cat – she is going to lead you to a boss character so get prepared.

This Boss is called the shocker, and can fire out electric shocks from his fists. You must use the dodge button when he fires electric and then hit him a few times as soon as you’ve dodged. Black Cat will help you, so this is one of the easiest battles in the game!

Now all you have to do is earn 4000 hero points to finish this rather short chapter.

>>>>Chapter Thirteen : Cleaning the Slate
Tasks Include:

1. Complete a Daily Bugle Task
2. Earn 4000 Hero Points
3. 2 Bosses!
4. Black Cat

Quite a lengthy chapter, but an eventful one. Get to the Daily Bugle change – and accept your mission – go back outside and follow the blue target – when you nearly there you’ll be interrupted by Mysterio. You will have to fight him – but fear not, he is a poor excuse for a boss – 3 head kicks and he’s down!

Now get back to the Daily Bugle – simply follow the target back. You will see a FMV upon arriving and another when you leave. Again get to the target.

You should now bump into Black cat, so you’ll have to follow her again – she knows where Shocker is hiding. On your way you’ll encounter Shocker and his merry men – just kick punch and scream until they go away. Now resume following her. Eventually you’ll be outside an old rundown factory.

Go inside, and follow the yellow target – right into Shockers domain. Just use the same strategy as you did in the previous chapter – dodge and kick. When you’ve nearly killed him he will enable a shield. Swing onto the platforms above and press one of the switches – this will disable his shield – now attack again. Shocker is history – all you have to do now is collect more points!

>>>>Chapter Fourteen : Burning Bridges
Tasks Include:

1. Meeting Mary Jane
2. Meeting Black Cat and Racing her
3. Earning 3000 points

First of all you’ll have to meet Mary Jane at the pictures – so swing your way there, it’s quite a long journey. When you get there you’ll see some bad guys going after her – don’t stand for this!!! Zoom down and teach these idiots a thing or two about respect for ladies. After the thank you, its time to meet the extremely annoying black cat.

Now you have to get to the target in a building – eventually you’ll meet up with Black Cat. Time for a FMV. She will tell you that something is happening down at a warehouse – but this time your going to race her there. Use fast swings and charged jumps to get there – its quite easy; and you’ll earn 500 points for beating her! Its now time for a big battle with various monsters to fight – its quite hard, so remember to use dodge a lot.

From here you’ll have to follow another 2 or 3 blue targets and watch a lot of FMV’s – so beware! After your viewing pleasure is over earn some points and finish this chapter!

>>>>Chapter Fifteen : To Save the City
Tasks Include:

1. Going to your apartment
2. Fighting Dr. Octopus

See that white target? Well any guesses what you have to do next? Follow it! Get there pronto – from here its all up-hill. There’s al lot of targets to follow before you battle Dr Octopus, 5 in total. Follow all these in order – viewing all the cut scenes on your arrival of each one. The last target will have you standing on a train facing your foe – Dr. Octopus. Run after him and battle him!

Method: All you have to do is dodge his tentacle attacks and then web up is arms with the web button. You could even press the slow motion button to make things easier. All you have to do now is hit him – do this four or five times and Dr. Octopus is no more! Well for five minutes at least. View the FMV.

Follow the blue target and be fast – it took me 3 goes to get there on time! When your there you should see a red light beaming from the roof. Fall through this light. Your in Dr. Octopuses lair.

There are nine switches to disable before you can kill Dr Octopus to be fast and be swift. Use slow motion if it helps and dodge any projectiles in need be. After you’ve destroyed all nine switches your ready to get him! All you have to do now is use the same method as above. Dodge his attacks, web up his arms and beat him up. Once you have defeated him view the FMV and sadly watch the credits. But don’t fear there’s still another 2 chapters!

>>>>Chapter Sixteen : The First Day of the Rest in Your Life
Tasks Include:

1. Earning a whopping 50,000 points!

Well you’re going to be at this for a good couple of days that’s for sure! Buy some new moves if you haven’t already – to make earning points easier. I’ll be here when you get back!

>>>>Chapter Seventeen: The Second Day of the Rest in Your Life
Tasks Include:

1. Spend all your 50,000 points on a measly upgrade!

All you have to do is locate the nearest shop and spend your hard earned points – its worth it though – this swing upgrade will make you go a lot faster. You’ve now completed the game. Its quite sad – but you’ve got all the secrets to uncover now!

- $piderman2 - $piderman2 - $piderman2 - $piderman2 - $piderman2 -

* More Valuable tips, and a Secret Save Cheat*

Well, now you’ve completed the game you’re going to need some tips and a cheat to make the game more replay able. My tip is to look on your map at all the funny coloured buildings. These are normally hide outs or shops. Even so you’ll get a secret token – and the satisfaction of gaining an 0.01% closer to 100%ing the game. You can find tokens on top of sky scrapers and on buoys out at sea. Your just going to have to search for them! Also have a look around and complete all the races that are on offer – scattered around the city. You should also be able to buy a movie view from the shop for 1000 points. Its worth it!

Now this cheat…
Make a new game and type your name in as HCRAYERT – then when you start you’ll have 40% completion and a hell of a lot of hero points – as well as lots of upgrades too. You’ve now got 60% to complete with all the money in the world!

- $piderman2 - $piderman2 - $piderman2 - $piderman2 - $piderman2 -

*The End*

Well, I’ve had fun guiding you through this amazing game – and hopefully you’ve had fun reading it – and of course playing the game! I hope you found this guide easy to understand and easy to use – but most of all I hope you found this game to be of some use. I look forward to writing more guides in the future.

Thanks very much for reading,
Submitted By: Rai
With the release of the Spider-Man 2 movie, Activision and Trearch have done the obvious thing and made a sequel game. Now, movie-tie in games are usually rubbish. Not this one. The hardest part of the game is the various boss battles that you experience from Chapter 4 onwards. Some are easy, and some are extremely hard.

The first boss in the game is Rhino, who, despite his tough-guy looks, isn’t that hard at all. Remember, the bigger they come- the harder they fall! He’ll charge at you, so press X when your head flashes to dodge his attacks and hit him right back! After a few hits he’ll start spinning around. Dodge his arm using your spider sense three times and Rhino will become dizzy. Quickly activate spider reflexes (d-pad up) and attack repeatedly to wear down his health. After a few more sessions of dodging and pummelling, the Rhino will go down easily.

In Chapter 7, you’ll be challenged by Quentin Beck, a special effects artist, to prove that you’re not a big fraud. Now, Spiderman doesn’t want any more bad publicity, so go along to the stadium and accept the challenge. This challenge comes in two parts. The first one involves gathering criminals. There are three pits on the floor, and three waves of criminals. Web one up with Y and use X to pick them up, and then drop them in the pit that is green to get a point. Quentin Beck will be flying around in a jetpack, and the evil git can pick up two prisoners at once, so try to get ahead! If you are winning after three rounds, he’ll bring on the main event. He sits in a huge laser at the end of the room, and you have to crawl across an obstacle course to reach him, pressing switches to progress. If he sees you, he’ll blast you with his harmless laser, but three blasts and you lose! The mazes get harder, so stick to the wall and climb across the moving panels to each switch, press it and wait until you move to the next set. Jump quickly across the last set, as you are in plain view for most of it, and you don’t want to get blasted more than once! Reach the end and Quentin Beck will set his laser to full power, only to have it malfunction! Congratulations, you win!

Thanks to his defeat, Quentin Beck turns to an evil life of crime. How original. So, he sticks a goldfish bowl on his head and gets a cheesy cape, and calls himself Mysterio. You don’t actually fight him personally at this time, but there are people in danger and flying robots to dispose of! The floor of the press conference is on fire, so stay away! There are two reporters hanging on the edge of the balconies, so swing into action (ha ha) and land on the balconies, pick them up using Y and swing back to the entrance balcony. Drop each of the two off in the time limit to save them. Swing over to the right balcony and pick up the other reporter, and take him to the door to save him. Repeat this with the three on the stage until all the reporters are out of there, and you can concentrate on the flying robots. Don’t bother with Mysterio, he’s just a hologram. Move around the room, staying away from the floor, and repeatedly punch any robots you see until they explode. They only take about four to five hits before they go down. When they are all destroyed, Mysterio tells you that he is invading the Statue of Liberty! It’s not really the smartest thing to do, telling your enemy where you are. Head outside and swing over to the water’s edge and you’ll see that the statue of liberty has been taken over! Swing across using the UFOs, but don’t go into the water. This may take a few attempts, but your best bet is to shoot a web at the first one, then at the second one, without jumping. Repeat this, without letting go of the webs, until you reach the statue. Grab the secret token directly in front of you and swing up to the top. There are eight power orbs floating around, so lock onto them and move in for the kill. One punch will destroy each. Once all eight are destroyed IMMEDIATELY head to the top of the statue and punch the brain until it dies, before the orbs regenerate. You’ve saved the statue of liberty!

Well, it’s time to face the big guy himself! Take out his henchmen first, as their grenade launchers get annoying. Once they’re dead, jump near Doc Ock so you have his attention, and press X to dodge his tentacles, Y to hold them down using webbing and then pummel him. A few powerful attacks will finish him. Unfortunatly, he kidnaps Aunt May and flees! Take out the three henchmen that try to stop you and head after him. Climb to the roof of the bank and shoot a web onto his helicopter, or just follow it. When you get to the train tracks, swing ahead of the train and get to Aunt May before it does!

You have Black Cat helping you out in this battle, and she’ll take care of Shocker’s goons, so don’t worry about them. Get closer to Shocker until he is within punching range, then lock onto him with the D-Pad (Down) and use Spider Reflexes (D-Pad Up). Just remember: D-Pad down and up. Use combos and repeated punches to wear down Shocker’s health. However, when the room becomes dark and he starts emitting light, turn off the lock-on and spider reflexes, if it’s still on, and SWING AWAY AS FAST AS YOUR SPIDER POWERS LET YOU!!! He’ll unleash an electric attack which moves outwards and covers a bit of distance, so stay away! Press X to avoid any stray gun-blasts from Shocker’s thugs, and repeat the process of heading in, attacking and retreating until Shocker has had enough.

This is the boss fight everyone has been waiting for. A quick look at the awards shows an award for defeating him, so you can tell it’s going to be a tough fight. What kind of evil twisted battlefield has Quentin Beck lured you to? The speedy mart. You enter just as Mysterio is holding up the clerk. He’ll activate three life bars, and begin taunting you. You start behind a shelf, but you can see Mysterio ahead. This guy forced you to save reporters, destroy robots and do the annoying journey to the statue of liberty, then back to his apartment for clowny fun. All the pain and suffering he has caused you so far, and this is the ultimate showdown with him. Take a moment to get yourself together and prepare to fight. Mysterio will taunt you, while you get closer and close. Okay, okay, I’m kidding slightly here. After about a while, you’ll notice Mysterio isn’t attacking. So, walk coolly up to him. Press B. That’s it. No huge explosions and waves of robots, no annoying UFOs or big brain thing. One hit and he’s down. One punch, one kick, one anything that does damage. So much for the all great and powerful Mysterio!

After the tough ordeal that was Mysterio, you have another boss to fight in this chapter. Shocker activates a shield around him which means that you can’t attack him. Dodge with your spider sense and wait for Black Cat to get over to a terminal. At this point, crawl up the wall and activate the opposite terminal at the same time. This will lower the shield, so drop down and attack Shocker the same way as before. This includes running when the room gets dark and Shocker charges up his attack! Soon, the shield goes up again, so get over to the terminal opposite Cat again! After three times Black Cat will mess up the system so the shield stays down. Now, just go in and finish off Shocker for the last time.

Drop to the train track and run after the train. Use charged jumps with high speed running to reach it, and land on the back. Run up the train, dodging Ock if he attacks with his tentacles. Press X to dodge them then tap Y quickly to stick them down. He goes down surprisingly quickly. He’ll take you to Harry’s house. After a cut-scene, you have a minute to get to the warehouse by the water. Get over there and drop through the hole in the roof. Doc Ock’s been busy! There’s an even bigger reactor this time, and you need to destroy all nine red switches to shut it off for good. You start on a platform in the corner of the room. Hit the switch behind you and long jump to each of the other corners, destroying each of the switches as you go, leaving five left. There are three through doors on a lower level, so head down and run through each one, following the glowing wires for each one. By now you’ll have reliased that Doctor Octopus is also here, but invincible, so stay away form him if possible. The two remaining switches are high up on the wall and one is low down beneath the floor, but don’t go in the water! Once all nine are out of the way, Doctor Octopus will lose his shield. It’s time to roughen him up! Get close and lock onto him, then activate spider reflexes. Press X to duck a tentacle, then Y to stick it to the ground. This wasn’t that important before, but at this late stage of the game, you don’t want to take any chances! Also, stay away from the water or you’ll drown instantly. Web up all four tentacles and use strong attacks on him until his tentacles get free. Repeat the process of dodging and webbing until you finish him off. You’ve completed the story part of the game!

So, where do you go from here? You have Chapter 16 to face, which involves getting 50,000 hero points! Either collect tokens, save people by stopping crimes, deliver pizzas... you’ve got lots to be getting on with! Once this is done you go onto the final chapter, which you have to buy the final swing speed upgrade for the 50,000 points syou just earnt. Once this is done you’re free to do as you wish!


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