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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Jak II: Renegade"
(PlayStation 2)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Jak II: Renegade (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: Killer Nightmare

There's loads to do in Haven City, but most importantly, you need to complete all 65 missions. As you scroll down, you'll find essentail advice on how to complete EVERY SINGLE ONE in every act. This walkthrough is written by me, (Ruchir Gupta (Killer Nightmare)), and now let us proceed with this walkthrough. :)



Daxter in the fortress.

Go over to the pile of crates by the wall in front of you and use them to get up into the vent. Follow the vent into the room at the end, and then jump up to the platform on the left via the pile of crates. Make your way out the fortress, following Daxter's instructions to get past obstacles and beating up any Krimzon Guards that get in your way.


Kor in the street near the fortress exit.

Fight off all the nearby Krimzon Guards and make sure that they donít harm Kor or the Kid


Torn at the underground HQ.

Fight your way across the islands and platforms, and then up onto the ruins. Keep going until you reach a platform with several Glubs on it. Defeat them then jump up to the next platform. Take care crossing the next bridge as it collapses as will many of the platforms on the way up the ruined tower, so don't stand on any of them for too long. Approach the Baron's Banner when you reach the top.


Torn at the Underground HQ

Make your way towards the valve via the beaches, platforms and pipes. Watch out for the rotating pipes - double-jump if you're on one that's about turn. To avoid the electric barriers on the pipes, double jump as they are coming towards you. Eventually you reach a metal ramp, which leads up to the ledge where the valve is.


Torn at the Underground HQ

As you enter the Fortress, turn left. The Security Tank follows you, so keep running and jumping, avoiding getting in its sights. Double-jumping even when you don't need to makes the tank aim high, so keep doing it throughout this section. Once you're around the corner, thin red laser beams appear - jump over these or you draw fire from the turrets as well as the tank. Jump up to the higher platform then over to the rotating platforms. Break the tubes in the centre of each one, and then go through the opening where the electrical barrier was. Negotiate the moving platforms and defeat the guards then long jump over the spiky floor. Continue through the Fortress and you find a Red Security Pass. Go near the missile warhead at one end of the room so that the Security Tank shoots at the four cooling system units attached to it. Leg it through the exit before the missile blows.


Torn at the Underground HQ

Get on the marked Zoomer and begin making your way towards the Saloon slowly -you don't want to take any damage before you're even attacked. Look out for clusters of red dots on the radar. These are groups of Red Krimzon Guards and Hellcat Cruisers. Stay low to avoid colliding with the Cruisers and speed past. Eventually you cross the Port and reach the Saloon, where Krew gives you the Red Gun.


Krew at the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon

All of the targets you have to destroy are dark blue or orangey brown. The brown ones are the trickiest because they look similar to the civilian targets. Because of the wide effect of the gun, you need to get close to your targets to make sure you don't hit any 'innocent bystanders'. Overall, be patient and proceed gradually.


Krew at the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon

Stay with Sig and follow all of his instructions. You are probably better off using melee attacks to fight off the Glubs and Znorkle Tooths, while saving your gun for the Juice Goons. Whenever Sig stops to charge his Peace Maker, turn the camera so it's pointing to the area of water from which the Znorkle Tooths are coming and try to hit them back into it. At the point when Sig's gun jams, your best bet is to turn into Dark Jack and go berserk near Sig to keep the enemies at bay.


Krew at the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon

At the beginning of this mission you obtain the Yellow Gun. This is very similar to the first gun challenge, but with a different gun. Use the rapid-fire combo you learn before you try the course to destroy targets more quickly.


Torn at the Underground HQ

Turn left as soon as you come out of the warp gate and clamber up the rock wall. From here, follow the walkways across the middle of the level and kill off the enemies at the end. Drop down to the rig ht and go up the moving walkway. Jump to one of the suspended mine carts and ride it to the other side. Jump off, turn right and enter the room next to the warp gate.


Vin at the Power Station

Make your way along the platforms. Deal with the two waves of Ginsu by staying on the higher platforms and using your Red Gun on them. Take the lift up to the Cannon Turret and destroy the eggs and any wasps that attack you. Go down two floors on the lift and then go up the moving walkway and fight your way through the building. Once youíve destroyed the Ginsu, turn left and then jump up the barrels and onto the walkway. Follow the walkways and then hit the red lever. Quickly jump across the platform that rises and kill some more Ginsu. Then do the same again. Cross the bridge and then go up the lift and destroy some more eggs with the Cannon Turret. Go down the 2 floors and then kill the remaining Ginsu and Wasps. Continue through the level to the last Cannon Turret and destroy the final cluster of eggs.


Torn at the Underground HQ

Make your way to the bottom of the metal ramp and use the three piston platforms to get up the cliff where Ashelin is waiting. Help her kill all the Metal heads and she gives you the Yellow Security Pass.


Krew at the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon

Krew gives you the Green Security Pass at the start of this mission so you can access the Stadium section of the city. But if youíve already obtained the Yellow Security Pass from Ashelin, (see above mission), you can take a much quicker route to the Garage.


Mystery Person at the Race Garage

A good way to pick up the points fast is to get into a halfpipe and do tricks using R1 AND L1 together. This combines flips and tricks together, and you should get 1000+ points for each combo.


Daxter in the Fortress

Begin by using the Zoomer outside the saloon, but you should swap vehicles to a Flyer at the first available opportunity to get a better balance of speed and armour. Stay low most of the time to avoid vehicles, only going high when you need to avoid an obstacle on the ground. On completing this mission, Krew gives you a Scatter Gun upgrade.


Onin & Pecker at the Bazaar

Go around the corner and turn right. Shoot at the floating cone, then use it to cross the gap before it flips back over again. Go down the lift, then turn left. When you encounter a Ram Head, double- jump to avoid its charges then, when it rears up, shoot it in the belly with your yellow gun. Once it's beaten, jump on the button to make a platform appear. Make your way through the rest of this part of the level and you find the Lens in a pillar of light.


Onin & Pecker at the Bazaar

Jump onto the floating platform and ride it down to the large hall. Go through the exit on your left and make your way to the rock-fall section. Patience is required here. Wait in safe spots until there is a bit of a lull then make a break for a few more ledges. Continue 'til you find the Gear.


Onin & Pecker at the Bazaar

Ride down to the large hall again. Go through the exit in front of you. Use your Red Gun to fight your way up the hill, then continue until you reach some floating cubes. Punch the first cube so it unfolds into a bridge to the next cube, then do the same with the others to reach the other side. Make your way up to the building with the Shard in it.

Vin at the Power Station

Find a Flyer or Cruiser straight away and make your way to each switch at ground level. Shoot the cannons from inside the vehicle, only getting out to press the switches. This should keep you safe from the Krimzon Guards.


Avoid the red floor on the cable, instead proceeding via the platforms and poles at either side. Use your Yellow Gun to destroy the cannons. Don't try to stand on the cable itself - you slip off. To avoid the rotating cannon at the end of the cable, either use some well-timed jumps and ducks or turn into Dark Jak so that it can't hurt you.


In the first phase, dodge the machine-gun fire, then shoot him with your Yellow Gun while he moves, reloads and recharges. In the next phase, avoid the missiles by keeping clear of the targets that appear on avoid the flame twisters and double-jump to the side to avoid his charge, get in as many shots as you can in between times.


Tom at the Underground HQ

Don't drive too fast Ė you can't afford any casualties, and the time limits aren't that tight. There's a vehicle parked near the second safe house, so get into it and continue to drive carefully.


Tom in the Underground HQ

At the beginning of this mission Torn gives you the Blue Gun. But don't use it to begin with. The first place to use it is against the Rapid Gunners guarding the way into the large ruin. The rest of the level is just a matter of killing everything.



Samos at the Underground HQ

The scouts are marked on the map. Catching them is a matter of giving chase until you catch up. You're a little faster than them, so as long as you're patient and don't crash, you're able to get them


Krew at the Hip Hog Saloon

There are loads of routes by which you can get the cargo units, but whatever route you choose, there are a couple of things worth remembering. The bridges you can't pass under on the Jet
Board can be swum under. It's best to avoid the mines, but if you do hit one, the most important thing is to get away before it blows.


Krew at the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon

At the beginning of this mission, Krew gives you an Ammo Increase upgrade that affects all of your weapons. Get a vehicle and follow the dots on the map to find the Slave Wagons. Shoot one down and stop to let the Lurker onto your vehicle. Take it to Brutter then do the same with the other two.


Krew at the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon

Go along the tunnel on your Jet Board and bear right. Maintain a high speed to stay on the curvy track, then when you come off the end, punch the valve. Go through the newly drained tunnel, dodging the mines and turbines. Eventually you reach the second valve. Hit it, then go back the way you came and go through the newly drained tunnel leading from the central chamber. Jump over, and dodge all the obstacles on the way to the last valve then go back to the central chamber and approach the statue.


Ashelin in the Bazaar

This mission is a simple a**-kicking fest.


Keira at the Race Garage

On top of racing fast and not crashing, there are two things you can do to increase your chances of winning the race. Firstly, only use your turbo just before the ramp and make sure you push the nose
down in order to ensure you make it into the hairpin bend. As the track turns right, keep going straight on and press R1 as you reach the edge of the track.


Samos at the Underground HQ

The trickiest part of this mission is the first bit - escorting the kid to the vehicle. Begin by staying in
front of the kid and using your Yellow Gun to pick off guards from long range, then switch to the Red Gun and stay close to the kid when they start coming from all sides. Drive to the Power station and kill off all the Krimzon Guards around the entrance.


Kor at the Power Station

Kill the two Krimzon Guards in front of you then go straight ahead across the bridge. Bear right and follow the path up along the edge of the chamber. Fight your way onto the platform at the
top of the path then get on your board and grind the curved rail on the right. You can get all but six of the cables by following the curved rails all the way around the chamber. The last six are on
two lower platforms.


Vin at the Power Station

Begin by going straight ahead on your board, through the eco pool and up the support of the mine cart cable. Turn right at the top and either land on a cart or grind the cable. Jump off and head straight for the first tower. Ride away from the tower and turn left. Jump down onto the path at the edge of the quarry and make your way along it, avoiding the various obstacles. Jump on and off the moving platform in the last gap and get to the next tower. Turn left and jump into the lower area. Turn left again and go up the slope to the next tower. Go back down and up the slope opposite. Turn right and cross the bridge to get the next tower. Go back across the bridge then follow the long bridge around to the nexttower. After coming back down jump to the right off the bridge and you should be heading for the final tower.


Kor at the Power Station

There's a little more to this level than full-on blasting. When fighting the Krimzon Guards, target the ones closest to you and make sure you kill them. Finish each one off before you target another, or else you end up surrounded by wounded (but no less dangerous) enemies. When fighting the ships simply target each cannon as it opens fire on you and pick off any flying Krimzon Guards that try to lend their support.


Sig at the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon

Keep moving and jumping all the time and you're unlikely to be shot. As soon as you see enemy shots, turn in the direction they are coming from and open fire with your Yellow or Blue Gun. If you look carefully, you can sometimes make out the eyes of the invisible Metal Heads, but don't
stop to get a better look - it's more important to keep moving.


Samos at the Bazaar

Go straight into the cave and onto the platform then grind down the pipe. Follow the cave and hit the switch at the end of it. Jump onto the wooden platform and make your way to the switch guarded by a Sling blaster. Go to the wooden platform next to the rock pillar and drop down to get the switch underneath it. Climb back up. Defeat the Sling Blaster and two Manic heads, then go up the wooden platforms to the right. Drop onto the cubes and then dive onto the three on the left. Dive once more on the one second from left then drop down to the switch and hit it. Go back up then make your way up onto platforms behind where you fought the Sling Blaster and Manic Heads. Grind the pipe your Jet Board then get off the board and jump down to the area beneath the trapeze. Get the switch in the small room then go back up. This time jump up and grab the trapeze. Jump off when the balloon reaches the other side. Continue into the lava cavern via the now fully raised wooden pillar. Make your way through via the platforms and trapezes in this cavern and get past the obstacles in the next to reach the totem pole and get the Seal Piece.


Torn at the Underground HQ

Get in a Flyer or Cruiser and use your Yellow or Blue gun to blast each Hell Cat Cruiser out of the sky. Keep switching vehicles to avoid being blow up in one. Any time you spend out of vehicle should be spent on your Jet B to make you a more difficult target.


Samos at the Bazaar

As soon as you get the Seal Piece and youíre under attack, and your only choice is to fight your way out. Get your Blue Gun out and start making your way back slowly and systematically. Concentrate on attacking enemies in your way and nudge your way forward as you attack. Don't advance far enough to be in range of the dropship's cannons. Wait for them to fly away before moving on. Keep collecting Blue Ammo whenever you get the opportunity because you're going to use loads of it.


Onin and Pecker at the Bazaar

The only advice to give for this game is you need to avoid panicking. Just concentrate hard and hit the buttons in a steady rhythm, rather than trying whack them all really fast. Get over 400 points and you receive the final Seal Piece


Go straight on into the tomb, then turn left. Make your way around the tomb, then when the pillars rise up, go down the large steps on one side. In the Daxter section, there's little more you can do other than practice 'til you know the course well enough to get through it. Next you've another section of moving bars and blocks to contend with. It's all down to the timing of the jumps.


Now go through the green doors on the right-hand side of the main flooded chamber. When the beetles fall from the ceiling, memorise which have red crosses on their bellies, then punch those three when they turn over. Before entering the room with loads of gravestones in it, turn the in-game music on if it isn't on already. you have to hit gravestones that produce the same melody one after the other, so this is a traditional test of memory.


In the first phase, use your Red gun to destroy the spider bits, then punch the Baronís bombs back at him. In the second phase, do the same, only make sure you hide behind the pillars so the Baron can't shoot you. In the third phase, he blasts part of the platform then launches just two bombs. Kick these back at him when he pops up, but don't be in too much of a rush. Jump the gaps carefully, and make sure you don't fall down any of them.



Torn at the Underground HQ

Go into the corridor behind the computer banks in the lobby. Fight your way along the path then, when you've reached the other end and stopped the flow of enemies, hit the five switches.
Dodge the lasers and jump from turret to turret. Drop into the halfpipe, staying away from the
electricity, then turn right and jump on your board to get out of the halfpipe. Get off the board
and wait for the lasers to cross right in front of you, then jump on and grind the rail. Turn left and run through. Blast the three enemies on the ledge. Get on the ledge then wait for the lasers to point forward then drop down and run across the bridge. Go through the next room to find your friends.


Stick close to Krew's men and kill any Metal Heads you encounter. When you reach the Hoseheads, you might as well just rush them guns blazing. You take one hit, but you're likely to take more then that if you try to be clever. To get the next lot, drop into the small pool on the left and jump up to shoot them. When the Metal Heads start coming down from the ceiling, get your Blue Gun out.
Once you've completed this mission you can collect the Black Gun from the Gun Course.


Keira at the Race Garage

There are two shortcuts on this course, but you can only use one of them per lap. The first cuts out less track but it is much easier to traverse successfully. It involves going straight on and jumping between two black and orange pillars. The other shortcut involves jumping from the point at which you land for the first one, cutting out the tight corner. You can turbo over both shortcuts as well as the straight that heads into the tunnel (keep that nose down) and the straight that goes up and down.


Samos at the Underground HQ

Get in a vehicle and head south to the Industrial Zone. Blast the Blast Bots with long-range weapons. When you hear them start beeping you can stop and move onto the next one. Once you've got the pair in the Industrial Zone, get in a vehicle and quickly get back to the slums to head off the last one.



This much harder than the Stadium races as you're on a more complex course against a more skilful
opponent. Also, there are no shortcuts to success here - just keep practising.


Erol at the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon

Get in the Titan Suit and make your way around the level smashing stuff and dragging blocks. The suit is very slow and incapable of long-range attacks, so you should get out of it to fight many of the Metal Heads otherwise it gets knackered very quickly.


Vin at the Power Station

Get on your board and follow the path that leads up to the right just before the building in front of where you start. This is an obstacle course for your Jet Board, but don't forget that if you're struggling you can get off the board and re-align yourself at any time.


Onin & Pecker in the Bazaar

The Krimzon Guards come up the two wooden ramps, so run back and forth between the tops of the two ramps, wiping out each squad as it advances. Use your Yellow Gun to pick off the flying ones.


This is exactly the same as the previous mission you did for Brutter, except there are more Lurkers to rescue and instead of dropping them off at Brutter's place, you take them to a number of different hatches around the city.


Kor at the Power Station

Get in the Titan Suit and make your way through some doors and past some lasers. Cross the narrow bridge, then park the Titan Suit on the lift in the corner. Get out and go back across the
bridge. Use the collapsing platforms to get onto the high ledge and kill the Metal Heads. Hit the switch then get back in the Titan Suit. Proceed through the next section, then disembark and kill the Metal heads on the other side of the gap. Long- jump across the gap and hit the switch (or
just shoot it), then long-jump to the next tunnel and hit another switch (or just shoot it). Go back and bring the Titan Suit across using the new platforms. Continue through the level 'til you find the
terminals. Defeat the Metal Heads then destroy the terminal. You now have to rush out of the building. Use your Jet board for the straighter sections and don't be afraid to get hurt if it saves you time.


Keira at the Race Garage

The shortcuts on this course are marked on the map and both are worth using. Don't accelerate
immediately at the start and you can go straight into the one on your right. Use a turbo (or maybe even two) on the section that starts with the hole in the track and immediately after the tight
corner before the second shortcut. Win the race and you obtain the Palace Security Pass.


Ashelin in the Palace

After speaking to Ashelin in the throne room, leave via the small tunnel on one side. Swing and jump up to the platform with three Yellow Krimzon Guards on it, then kill them. Go behind the cannon turret and jump up onto a nearby pipe so you can shoot the Krimzon Guards in the distance.
Proceed across the platform then shoot out the window. Grind along the edge where the window was, then jump to the platform at the other end. Carry on through the main lobby, grind some more rails and kill some more Krimzon Guards. Shoot down the large ring then grind it clockwise to get across the gap. Kill some more guards and jump some more gaps and you're out of the Palace.


Ashelin in the Palace

Fight your way into the lab. Dive on the big button to turn the force field off, shoot the big red button to reverse the conveyor belt and shoot the rolling bots to open them up so you can destroy
them. Carry on a little further and you find yourself on a sloped conveyor running uphill. Jump to get near the bottom then shoot the two slabs with red targets on them so that they flip down. Do a long jump from the bottom of the conveyor onto the slabs. For the rest of the level you're up
against variations of what you've already encountered until you reach a lift to the roof.


Krew gives you a Damage Increase Upgrade before you fight him. Begin by eliminating the little green Krews then open fire on Krew himself. Note that every time you damage him you need to wait a little while before you can damage him again so don't waste your ammo blasting him
relentlessly. The best thing to do is run away from him then, as soon as he's fired a volley four shots, double back and take a shot at him. The next two phases of the battle are essentially the same only Krew is faster and more aggressive each time.


Tess at the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon

To beat the game, you have to get to the end making 20 or less mistakes. Hit the yellow and grey heads, but donít hit the red ones. This gameís all about practice; there are no tricks.


Tess in the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon

Get in the Titan Suit then go into the next room and stand in the stream of bubbles. Punch through the gate then make your way through the next room and drop through the hole in the floor. Continue through the level 'til you reach four platforms. Punch the platforms to release them (don't forget to get air) then get on the lift and jump from platform to platform. Continue to the end of the level then get out of the Titan Suit when you're prompted.


Sig in Under Port

Quickly punch the blocks into the holes in the floor. Run and jump from the huge Metal Head 'til it takes a fall, then jump across the gap on the left-hand side of the block and punch it along 'til it's level with the hole. Now quickly jump back across and shoot the block into the hole. In the next
room you have to get the blocks into the holes especially quickly as Sig is under attack. Run from the huge Metal Heads again, jumping the electric barriers and shooting the cone shaped platforms to turn them over.


Sig in Under Port

If you can turn into Dark Jak right now then do, as he's perfect for this mission. However, if you can't, it's still possible to do it by sticking close to Samos and Samos and using your Red Gun to kill the Metal Heads. Your radar comes in handy for spotting which direction the biggest threat is in.


Tess In the Hip Hog Heaven Saloon

Simply make your way to the Construction Site and watch the cut-scene. Very easyÖ



Head left then hit the wheel to make the round platform rise up. Keep going and you soon reach a big gun you can use to blow a hole in the nest.


Fighting your way through this section very hard, but you can make it easier on yourself by adopting a careful, system yet trigger-happy approach. Plus, make sure you break open every crate you see as you're going to need all the ammo a Health Paks you can get.


In the fist phase, run around the outs taking care of the Stingers and eggs. Once you've got all or most of them, at Metal Kor repeatedly. Run to the side to avoid being shot if you see his head
glow, and turn to shoot any Stingers that get too close. In the second phase there are Wasps to contend with, plus Metal Kor fires two shots at once. However, the method is pretty-much
same. In the third phase, keep running from Metal Kor 'til he tries to attack you. As soon as you avoid the attack, turn around and shoot at him repeatedly until he starts moving towards you again. If you get the opportunity to turn into Dark Jak at any point during the battle, do so, as his special attacks do Meta Kor hefty damage.

And there you have it. All 65 missions completed. Now that wasnít so hard, was it? Well actually... But anyway, now that youíve completed the game, go take a well earned rest.

A Killer Nightmare walkthrough :)
Submitted By: Jakxter
***************JAK 2 PRECURSOR ORB LOCATIONS WALKTHROUGH***************

This walkthrough is dedicated to help all of you who are having trouble finding all 286 precursor orbs in the game Jak 2:Renegade.And I know that the orbs are very well hidden and very hard to find, but this walkthough is all the help you'll need to find them!For they can unlock lots of cool cheats for the game which you definitly don't want to miss out on!So get ready for the biggest Easter egg hunt ever!So keep your eyes peeled,'cos you never know where one might be! So Happy Hunting Everyone!

FORTRESS:8 ORBS(Can be obtained in the first mission)

ORB 1:Along the top of the prison cells in the first room.
ORB 2:Turn right when the alarm sounds, it'll be on top of a cupboard.*HINT*Use Double Jump.
ORB 3:On top of a large console beside the second guard.*HINT*Use the High Jump.
ORB 4:At the bottom of the first pit.
ORB 5:Behind a console in the room with the grid floor.
ORB 6:When you've dived down the hatchway, look behind the pillar on the right.
ORB 7:At the back of the last room, jump off the crates and into the recess in the wall.*HINT*Use Double Jump and then spin in the air.
ORB 8:In the water, beneath a giant pipe.


ORBS 1&2:They're beside the large bridge behind the giant water tank which Sig blows up in a mission.One is in water, one is on the shore.
ORB 3:Behind the pipe which Daxter gets stuck in when you've turned the valve.
ORB 4:Go to the right side of the beach, inside a large pipe.
ORB 5:Along the shore of the right side of the beach beside the large cliff.
ORB 6:Climb to the top of the mountainious island closest to the right side of the beach.*HINT*Swim to get there, don't worry about the robot life-guard.
ORB 7:When you get to the valve, jump off to the right and you should fall into some water with a small rock at the surface.The orb will be beside the rock.

STRIP MINE:7 ORBS (Orbs 1&2 can be found in the 'Rescue Vin at Strip' mission.Orb 3 can be found in the 'Blow Up Eco Wells at Strip Mine' mission.All the others can be found in the 'Destroy Eggs in Strip Mine' mission)

ORB 1:Below one of the giant cble supporters.
ORB 2:Beside the second conveyor belt.
ORB 3:Behind the small lab where you first found Vin.
ORB 4:Beside the first large ramp.
ORBS 5&6:Behind the second large ramp which is at the side of a cliff.
ORB 7:When you go down the dark passageway towards the eggs, you'll find it on top of some rocks on the left side.

DRILL PLATFORM:5 ORBS (Can only be obtained in the 'Destroy Eggs at Drill Platform' mission)

ORB 1:At the bottom level of the first elevator.
ORB 2:In a corner behind some boxes after you've got off the first elevator.
ORB 3:In a corner opposite to the one where you found Orb 2 on a platform crowded with spinning metal heads.
ORB 4:Beside the steps just before the second sheiding metal head.
ORB 5:At the bottom level of the third elevator.

MOUNTAIN TEMPLE:17 ORBS (Orbs 14,15,16&17 can only be obtained with the jet-board)

ORB 1:When heading for the Eye of Mar, it will be on the second set of platforms beside the waterfall.
ORB 2:In the water outside the Eye of Mar temple.
ORB 3:When heading for the Golden Gear, it'll be behind the first lot of boxes.
ORBS 4,5&6:When heading for the Power Shard, when you get to the two large diagonal bronze pipes, run up the one on the right, 3 orbs will be there.
ORBS 7,8,9,10&11:Now run up the left bronze pipe,run along the passageway to the end, you'll find 5 orbs on the way.
ORB 12:When heading for the Power Shard, it'll be behind a sheiding metal head.
ORB 13:Behind a tree, when heading for the Power Shard.
ORBS 14,15&16:When heading for the Power Shard, they'll be in a small passageway behind the folding cube.
ORB 17:In the dark eco lake, below the Power Shard temple.

PALACE:4 ORBS (Can only be found in the the 'Ride Elevator up to Palace' mission or after defeating the Metal Head Leader)

ORB 1:When you've gone up the elevator, it'll be behind you.
ORB 2:At the beginning of the platform, in front of the first cannon.
ORB 3:You'll pass it automatically when you move below the cable.
ORB 4:You'll find it automatically after defeating the Baron.


ORB 1:In the first area of the forest under a small waterfall.
ORBS 2,3,4,5,6,7&8:They can all be found scattered around, just below the surface of the large lake.
ORB 9:In a huge, dark corner of a cliff, below the large grinding bridge.

DIG:8 ORBS (Can only be obtained in the 'Get Seal Piece at Dig' mission)

ORB 1:When you first enter the Dig it'll be on the other side of the lava lake on the right.
ORB 2:After the second spiky spinning tube, heading for a switch,it'll be at the end of a small path near the lava.
ORB 3:In a recess just beneath the large, weak, metal, crate-like platforms.
ORB 4:On a rock platform below one of the grind rails.
ORB 5:On the ground below the first balloon with the swinging pole.
ORB 6:After you've activated all the switches and you're on the pillar, jump left and run along the trail to get to a platform with an orb on it.
ORBS 7&8:When you're in the last section of the Dig, the two orbs will be somewhere on the sandy ground opposite each other.


ORB 1:After you've completed the 'Drain Sewers to find Statue' mission and you're heading to the sewer exit.Just after you've found the statue and gone up the stairs, jump into the ditch and it'll be behind you.


ORBS 1&2:You'll find one to the left and one to the right of the entrance to the tomb.
ORBS 3&4:At the other end of thr huge watery hallway behind the pillars.
ORB 5:During the 'Pass the First Test of Manhood' mission, after you've activated the first switch, jump onto the first newly positioned pillar, turn around and it'll be in a hole in the wall above the entrance to the Test area.

DEAD TOWN:8 ORBS(Can only be obtained in the 'Get Life Seed in Dead Town' mission)

ORBS 1,2,3,4,5&6:They can all be found underneath the ruins of Dead Town.*HINT*Use the jet-board to get them.
ORB 7:When you are in the Titan suit one will be on the wall towards the first block.
ORB 8:When using the Titan suit, and you've moved and jumped onto the third block, you'll see it at the end of a little bridge-like platform.


ORB 1:Turn right when you are just about to jump onto the elevator an orb will be there.
ORB 2:Beside some boxes near the third conveyor belt.
ORB 3:On top of the forth conveyor belt.
ORB 4:Underneath the fifth conveyor belt.
ORB 5:Beside the second screw.


ORB 1:When you're in the Titan suit, and you've freed the four platforms, jumped across them and into the hole on the other side.The orb will be behind you.

CONSTRUCTION SITE:2 ORBS(Can only be obtained in the Check Construction Site' mission)

ORB 1:Beneath the wooden access ramp.
ORB 2:On the side closest to the cable drums.

NEST:7 ORBS(Can only be obtained in the last 3 missions)

ORB 1:On top of a wooden pole at the top of the small hill near the shuttle.
ORBS 2,3&4:Behind the huge cannon.
ORB 5:Along the left side of the desert after the cannon.
ORB 6:In some ruins, near where you found Orb 5.
ORB 7:Inside the funnel of the destroyed army tank.

All the other Precursor Orbs have to be earned, by beating records, completing extra tasks and beating high scores:

*36 are awarded in the gun courses.
*9 are awarded in the jet-board mini-game.
*3 are awarded in the Onin mini-game.
*72 are awarded in the bonus missions.
*72 are awarded in the NYFE races.

****************REWARDS FOR PRECURSOR ORBS***************
(You can view these cheats by going to the secrets menu)

5 ORBS-Toggle Jak's Goatee
15 ORBS-Mirror World
30 ORBS-Big Head Mode
45 ORBS-Small Head Mode
55 ORBS-Scrap Book
65 ORBS-Scene Player Act 1(After'Protect Site in Dead Town'mission)
75 ORBS-Vulcan Fury Gun Course(After'Protect Site in Dead Town'mission)
95 ORBS-Scene Player Act 2(After'Defeat Baron in Mar's Tomb'mission)
105 ORBS-Peace Maker Gun Course(After'Escort Men Through Sewers'mission)
125 ORBS-Scene Player Act 3(After'Destroy Metal Head Leader'mission)
135 ORBS-Reverse Races(After'Win Class 1 Race at Stadium'mission)
145 ORBS-Level Select(After'Destroy Metal Head Leader'mission)
155 ORBS-Unlimited Ammo(After'Destoy Metal Head Leader'mission)
165 ORBS-Unlimited Dark Jak(After'Destroy Metal Head Leader'mission)
175 ORBS-Invulnerbility(After'Destroy Metal Head Leader'mission)
200 ORBS-Hero Mode or Mega Scrap Book(Hero Mode) (After'Destroy Metal Head Leader'mission)

In Hero Mode, the cheats are organised differently and the BEST cheats are worth LESS orbs!

Thank you for taking your time to read this walkthrough.I hope that it is helpful to all of you.Thanks again!

By the one and only,


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