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Star Wars: Battlefront Walkthroughs

This game is also available on PS2, PC, PS4.
Submitted By: Irregular Sausage

This guide is for Star Wars Battlefront on the Xbox and is focused on the multiplayer side (mainly online side) of the game. It will help you to familiarise yourself with the multiplayer and hopefully improve your knowledge and ability of the game.


The aim of the game in Battlefront is to either capture all the spawn points on the map or to reduce your enemies spawn count to zero. It is always a good idea to play a game with one tactic in mind – this way you have a definite aim and can cause a greater impact on the final outcome.


To capture a spawn point fight your way to a neutral or enemy spawn point and make sure you are on foot (i.e. not in a vehicle). Once you are there a symbol will appear on the right of your screen showing you the status of your capture. If you are capturing an enemies, the symbol will appear red at first but will start to slowly change to white and then eventually to green. If you are capturing a neutral point then the symbol will immediately start off white and then slowly change to green. You have successfully captured a point when the symbol is completely green. If the symbol starts flashing it means that an enemy is trying to stop you take over the point and you must eliminate them first.

This is also represented by the colour of the spawn point itself and on the map. A green point is one owned by your team, a red point is one owned by the opposite team and a white point is a neutral one (it is owned by neither team)

It is always a good idea to get an effective team together before trying to capture points e.g. two soldiers, one sniper, etc. Although one man armies can sometimes be very effective it is always a good idea to have backup not very far behind. Also do not leave a spawn point as soon as you have captured it – defend it for a bit and stop the enemy from pinching it easily.


Not a lot can be said here then follow tactics in other multiplayer shooters. However it is always a good idea to assign yourself to a certain type of enemy – e.g. foot soldier, vehicle, ship, turret, etc. This way you can decide which class to be, or which vehicle to use to inflict maximum damage and hopefully wipe out more of the enemy quicker.

Also by using this tactic the game is kept very fresh. It’s fun to be sniping on your own, then whip out a blaster pistol and join a gang of players and then jump into a ship and fight from the skies. This type of play can also be used to back up people capturing points, effectively mixing both strategies into one.


There are four teams in Battlefront: The Rebel Alliance, The Galactic Empire, The Republic and The CIS. Each are from the Star Wars world and feature somewhere in the current movies, allowing you to recreate famous exhilarating moments.

The teams are also split into two groups – The Rebels and the Empire, and the Republic and the CIS. This simply means the Rebels only fight the Empire, and the Republic only fights the CIS.

Each team has unique units and different tactics.


The Rebels are probably the weakest team in terms of special units – their Wookie Smuggler is powerful but his lack of rapid fire compared to other units make him an easy target. However in tight groups Rebels are superior to the Empire and can rack up kills extremely quickly. Take full advantage of grenades when the enemy use the same tactic against you, because it will easily get rid of a few.

As a bonus the Rebel sniper get two modes of zoom, allowing him to pick off targets from a safe distance away. Use this advantage especially on maps such as Endor – picking off storm troopers before they reach anywhere near your bases can swing the battle to your side.

The vehicles the Rebels get to use though are classics from the films and make playing them thoroughly enjoyable. They are also some of the most powerful so use them a lot especially to destroy large groups of soldiers.

One of the most important and fun levels to play is Hoth. A word of warning though, you will need two human players in one snow speeder to take down AT-ST’s because the AI simply refuses to do their job properly. Also make sure if you are driving that you aren’t in 1st person view because you will not be able to see the enemy AT-ST, meaning you’ll have to judge where to circle from the map.

However this can be made easy by communication and if you are playing online do, and encourage others, to talk. This way you can inform others of enemy positions and tactics allowing you to play the Rebels successfully.


Ah the empire…you hate them for being low life scum but love them for being…well so cool. Battlefront’s empire is also very powerful meaning that if you play them properly, you should win.

One of the best things about the empire is their Dark Trooper. Alongside a rapid, powerful weapon they have an amazing escape plan allowing them to get out of danger quickly. This is their boost jump that allows them to boost into the air for a short amount of time. To activate this press jump and then jump again and then use the control stick to guide them. A good tactic with these units is to gather a few of the same and use them in hit and run strategy – attack an enemy base, boost out of danger, get healed and stocked up on ammo and then repeat. This will make them almost indestructible making them very useful to the Empire.

This hit and run tactic needs to also be applied to the Tie Fighters. These vehicles have weak armour but a strong rapid-fire blaster cannon making them vital units, but easy targets. So to compensate this, use their fast speed to attack, accelerate out of danger and then turn and attack again. This should increase the life of your Tie Fighter and, hopefully, decrease the life of the enemy.

Again one of the fun levels to play as the Empire is Hoth. Your mission in this is to destroy the shield generator or capture all the spawn points or reduce their spawn count to zero. However you are allowed to use AT-ST walkers (!!!) that are powerful machines that can only be destroyed by the Snow Speeders wire. With this in mind always have a mixed team of ground units travelling alongside the AT-ST. If you have some storm troopers, shock troopers and dark troopers nearby you should be able to fend off enemy units and snow speeders, protecting the vital AT-ST.


Not much has been told about this team in the movies. Sure they featured in Episode 2, but they were never given a real character or motive. In battlefront though they are overall a very good side with some very special units.

One of these is the Jet Trooper and what a trooper he is! This brilliant unit is one of the most fun to play as and also one of the most strategically powerful. By pressing jump and jump again you activate his Jet Pack allowing him to hover for quite a long time. This is very useful allowing you to reach usually unreachable places, to escape form danger and also to rain down lasers for the skies causing confusion and, more importantly, damage. The also have a handy Emp cannon which is very good against the CIS because it can take out enemies in one hit. Overall this is THE unit – use it to its full potential.

Unfortunately for the Republic as well they have to battle against the Destroyer Droid – the CIS’s most powerful unit. These pesky units can roll around the map and then assume a firing position and then activate their shields and then destroy tons of units.
To destroy these make sure you take them out as soon as possible. You have a few options. You can either wait for their shield time to run out and then destroy them, fire at them and war their shield out or use an Emp grenade and then destroy them. The latter option is the best because it is the quickest, allowing you to stop them before they can cause major damage. It really is a life or death situation.


From Episode 1 these units focus on fodder more then power. This means that most of their shields are lower, making them weaker. However they do have an amazing unit, maybe even the best in the game, compensating this weakness and giving them the upper hand.

This is the Destroyer Droid. Even from its name it’s scary but once you’ve seen what it does it’s frightening. When you are the unit you can roll quickly to reach you target, assume attacking position, activate shields and then wham – cause laser death. They are effective against all ground units and play important roles in taking over bases. Singly these units are powerful but when use effectively in groups they are simply devastating.

Another great unit in the CIS inventory is the Super Battle Droid. This is just an improvement on the normal battle Droid (i.e. soldier) but has a handy secondary missile that is good for taking out large clumps of the enemy. These can be used with the Destroyer Droid to act as back up and protection, as their wrist blaster is quite powerful.


· Get to neutral bases A.S.A.P and capture them
· Once you have taken over a base don’t leave straight away. Defend for a bit to make sure no one takes it back
· Use effective teams e.g. AT-ST’s and Storm Troopers or Destroyer Droids and Super Battle Droids
· Set out with the idea of capturing bases or destroying the enemy form the start
· Communicate with other players



If you follow all of these tips there is no reason why you shouldn’t be a galactic hero. Just remember to use effective tactics but more importantly have fun! It is a game after all :)

Thanks for reading my walkthrough, I hope you found it useful. This is all my own work and I would like anyone who wants to use it on sites to ask for my permission first. And again, thanks for reading.

Craig Summers

Submitted By: browny
Well here goes. I am going to concentrate on tips, tactics and explanations. First of all I am going to tell you about the different sides. We have the CIS, the galactic empire, the rebels and finally the republic.

The republic-
The republic have to fight the droids making there time extremely hard. If used properly they can be a destructive force and ruin the droids chances of survival. With the republic it is important to use the follow me option to create a group of troops which will, if used correctly, win the game for you. The best trooper is the jet trooper because he has the EMP cannon which are a 1 shot kill on any droid. Although hard to hit once you have the aiming correct then bye bye droid. I think the jet trooper reminds me of Jango fett, the bounty hunter working for darth tyranus.with his jet pack you can act like jango on open levels such as hoth

The CIS-
Some believe the droids outnumber all other opponents and as they fight the republic they certainly do outnumber them. There best unit is the destroyer droid, whose name suggests he is good. They can role round the map find an enemy, whip out there guns and activate the shield .this is a destroyer force. My friend is always these and I can never beat him.

I believe these are the worst team in the game. They only have1 good character and that is the wookie smuggler. Even still his lack of rapid fire is annoying. I don’t really know much else about them because I rarely am them.

Galactic empire-
My favorite team overall. Only because of the vehicles though. If you have ever done a level in the awesome and mighty AT-AT you will know it is the best I always play the hoth level simply for these. There dark troopers are also a bonus, as like the clone jet trooper, he has a jetpack I have never been beaten by the rebels in my entire life. Solution= these are the best!

Well there is my review on the teams and now for a short piece on tactics.

For each team tactics are different so-

C.I.S- there best winning formula is run in shoot and run out and this works extremely well with the roller droids. The super battle droids are also good against soldiers and tanks because of the built in rocket launcher.

Rebels- there best trick is 2 walk round with a fully charged shot on the wookie bow caster. This is the only 1 I know of because I rarely play as rebels.

Empire-with the jet trooper jetpack in to a fight kill as many as possible then as soon as your health is low or everyone is dead jetpack out. Or just get in the AT-AT. Devastating on its own.

Republic-these tactics are similar to the empire, jet pack in then kill as many as possible and last second before you die jet pack out.

thanks for reading i hope it helps.

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