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Retro Game Walkthroughs For

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Fable (Xbox)
Submitted By: Holygamer
------------------------- FABLE WALKTHROUGH -----------------------------
----------------------------- Version 1 ---------------------------------


This game took me approximately 44 hours to complete. Although you can still continue playing after the end credits.

This guide is for all the main quests and some of the side quests that I did. I do a bit of evil and a bit of good. I don’t kill ordinary people or traders.

It is easy to defeat ALL enemies in Fable.

Only break barrels when nobody is looking (when there is no number on the awareness eye).

Don’t play the pub games as they’re not worth the bother.

Don’t Boast as its not worth the risk as you will get less money if you fail the boast.

Don’t buy Trade items + sell them as its more trouble than its worth.

Don’t buy weapons or armour until you get to the arena. Just use armour found during quests + in Demon Doors, etc. Also when you come to a new area, sell any lesser armour, etc not needed any more.

The only time you should buy the armour is in The Arena. This is the only place in the game where you can buy the best armour available (Bright Plate Armour). Also don’t sell the Bandit Outfit or the Will User’s Dark Robes or the Bright Plate Armour as you need it to open the Demon Door in the Bandit Camp.

Wait until your combat multiplier is at least over 2 before collecting Experience Orbs. Then you will get your experience multiplied by your combat multiplier.

To save me repeating the same thing in every new area, whenever you come across water and you see a ripple, fish to get a key, etc.

Try and open any of the Silver Chests that you come across if you have enough Silver Keys. If you don’t have enough keys then open them after the end of the game and after you find all the keys.

Heal People

To heal people just hold L to target them then hold R and use Heal on the person and they will be healed.

Levelling Up
Always level up after you do a Quest by teleporting back to the Guild.

Learn Level 1 of each Spell, Stat, etc then when that done you can THEN concentrate on 1 stat or spell, etc if you want to.

Never pay fines. If you are told to pay a fine then just warp somewhere else and do other things for a couple of minutes. Then try and warp back. When : “Time until crimes are forgotten” disappears you can go back and it will be like the crime never happened.

Only buy houses after you get the Bright Plate Armour in the Arena.

I wouldn't recommend spending a long time in trying to show off your trophy’s as its quite difficult to reach the target + you only get Renown for it. Its more trouble than its worth. The only easy time to show off a trophy is in Knothole Glade. After you get the White Balverine’s Head trophy go to the pub when its dark and show it off.

Visit the following fight clubs in the order listed at midnight to join in. Do all 4 and you will get the Fighter’s Trophy.

If you go to Bowerstone Quay around midnight you can join in on Fight Club for 50 Gold. You will fight 4 guys. Just hold block + you will block a few punches + then punch back. Use Flourish + then knock him out of the ring. Then go back to the centre of the ring + wait until he gets back into the ring + use Flourish again. Just keep repeating this + you won’t get hit. When you win you will get the “Fight Club Level 1 Passed” scroll. You can now enter the next fight club. Here are the locations:

1. Bowerstone Quay
2. Oakvale
3. Twinblade’s Elite Camp
4. Knothole Glade

The only time you really need to mess about giving gifts to people or buy a house is if:
1. You want to open the Demon Door at Grey House to get Ronok the Axe.
2. You want to get the Katana Hiryu sword
3. You want 15,000 Gold.

But you really don’t need to waste time with that as the Cutlass Bluetane sword that you get from the GREATWOOD CAVES DEMON DOOR is enough to complete most of the game(whereupon you will get the best weapon in the game – The Sword of Aeons). However if you want to do all of the above then do the following:

Anytime after doing The Arena go to Bowerstone South and buy the house in the area. Then go back to the start and up the steps to Bowerstone North. Go down and to the right to meet Lady Grey. Now go to the shop in the area to buy a Black Rose and give it to her. Keep talking to her and she’ll tell you to find her necklace.

1. Talk to the man beside the gate going to Bowerstone South
2. Go into the house on the right to talk to the man
3. Talk to the man at the shop
4. Talk to the man upstairs in the house beside Bowerstone Jail
5. Now teleport to Oakvale and into the memorial gardens. There will be 2 men talking on the left. Sneak round the wall behind them (don’t take your thumb off the stick until you hear where the Necklace is).
6. Go to the beach where you met the wife of the pirate. Dig between the two boats on the sand.
7. Go back to Bowerstone North and give Lady Grey the necklace. She tell you to fight Thunder.
8. Go to Bowerstone Jail and continue through Windmill Hill, Giblet Woods then to Headsman’s Hill. Fight him and eventually you will fall off the cliff into a new area. Kill him and go back to Bowerstone North.
9. Marry Lady Grey and you will get 15,000 Gold. Enter the building.
10. You can get the Katana Hiryu Sword from a chest (requires 15 keys).
11. You can now enter the Demon Door at Grey House to get Ronok the Axe.

When in the middle of a quest after getting items, if you do a Hero Save and load the save then you’ll restart the quest but keep the items you got!

Red Meat: +3 Strength. Also replenishes small amount of health.
Fish: +3 Will Experience
Moon Fish: Changes day into night
Carrot: +3 Skill Experience
Crunchy Chick: +5 Evil Points
Tofu: +5 Good Points
Golden Carrot: This changed night into day

To get this excellent bow which you can use for the rest of the entire game you need to do the following:

When you come to a new town, pay the mercenary to follow you then go to the Temple of Skorn in Darkwood. You must go at midnight. Then sacrifice them. Once you have sacrificed about 3 or 4 mercenaries you will get Skorn’s Bow.


Tick off each area when you get the key there and it will be much easier to see where you still need to get the keys. The key locations are not in order.

Upstairs in one of the houses, get it on the balcony

Fish at the ripples

Hack the weeds to get the key.

Fish in the pond to get the key.

Find the statue holding an axe. Dig under the axe to get the key.

When you enter Darkwood at the 1st bridge fish on the right side.

Dig in front of the chest against the wall.

1. Dig in Mary Sutters grave to get a key
2. Get a key in Scoran Daiths Tomb
3. Fish in the middle of the graveyard

Shoot the hole in the rock to get the Key.

Find the key beside the broken bridge.

After marrying Lady Grey get the key from her bed.

Fish near the Demon Door to get the key.

Get the key in the lighthouse

In the southern area dig in the flowers between the houses.
Also fish in the lake, after you kill the White Balverine for the final time.

Fish where you killed the Hobbes (at the end of the dock)

At the red flowers dig in the middle to get the key.

Dig in the middle of the flowers next to the windmill.
At the farm house dig in the middle of the flowers next to it.

Fish beside the Demon Door to get the key.

In the focus chamber dig in the middle of the mushrooms.

On the west side of the area, fish from the bridge.

You will see a statue glowing red. Dig beside it.

Once you have activated the Demon Door in Giblet Woods. Go through it to Headsman Hill and fish in the pond.

Dig in the northern part of this area on the hill (past the underground tunnel)

Greatwood Lake, 5 keys, Elixir Of Life
Cave Larder, 5 keys, Will Masters Elixir
Darkwood Lake, 15 keys, Arkens Crossbow
Grey House, 10 keys, Sharpening Augmentation
Witchwood Stones, 15 keys, Health Augmentation
Headsman Hill, 15 keys, Mana Augmentation
Lady Greys Mansion, 15 keys, Katana Hiryu
Circle Of The Dead (Lychfield Graveyard), 10 keys, Piercing Augmentation
Hook Coast, 15 keys, Murren Great Axe
Heroes Guild, 20 keys, Murren Greathammer

I have not included the demon doors that are a part of the quests where you get no items behind them.

Use the lantern in front of the door. You get the Elixir of Life.

Eat about 20 meat + 20 pies in front of the door then talk to the door.
= Will Masters Elixir.

Accept the challenge and kill the Hobbes. Get Will User’s Dark Outfit.

Go to this area + kill the enemies here then teleport to Barrow Fields + go to Grey House. Cast shield and kill the easy undead. Cast Slow Time then teleport back to Greatwood Cave and kill the hobbes again. When you have a combat multiplier of at least 15, talk to the Demon Door and get the Cutlass Bluetane. This weapon will last you for most of the game.

Eat 15 crunchy chicks in front of the door then talk to the door. You get Wellows War Hammer.

Fire an arrow from Skorn’s Bow at the door. You get an Elixir of Life.

Give it a Red Rose to get the Will User’s Bright Suit.

Put the Bright Plate Armour on.
Then the Dark Will User’s Outfit on.
Then the Thief’s outfit on to get the Dollmasters Mace.


Just go round town and talk to people that are highlighted green.

1. Tell the cheating husbands wife that her husband is having an affair.
2. Agree to watch the barrels. Just stand still until he comes back.
3. Speak to the girl about her bear. Then meet the bullied boy + punch the bully. Then return the bear to the girl.
4. Go see your dad to get Gold.
5. Buy chocolates then give them to your sister.


1. Go to the library + get all the books there on Spells, etc which you will be able to use when you have enough Experience points to buy them.
2. Search the dormitories as well for more books on spells, etc.

QUEST: MELEE COMBAT TEST (Kill the beetles infesting the Guild Woods)
Gold:30 Renown:30

Go to the Guild Woods + equip the stick. Kill the beetles.
After this quest choose No when asked if you wish to leave your childhood behind and begin Apprentice Training.

Run to the 2 guys talking next to the guild hall. They will challenge you to beat the record of 50 seconds to the Demon Door and back. Take the challenge. You should be able to get there and back with a couple of seconds to spare. You’ll get some gold if you beat the record.

Now go to the Guildmaster to continue your training. You will get an Iron Longsword and you will fight Whisper.

After you are summoned to archery go and see the person near the arena and you will fight Whisper again. If you get an A+ you will get an Iron Katana.

Now go the archery range and do the training.
After that do it again and if you get an A+ you will get the Yew Crossbow.

Now go and do the Will Power Training. After that do it again + if you get and A+ you will get a Resurrection Phial and a Will Potion.

The Last Test
Go to the Guild Woods to meet Maze. You can defeat him easily as he won’t fight back.

QUEST: WASP MENACE (End the picnic area infestation)
Gold: 500, Renown: 200, Trophy: Wasp Queen’s Head

Go to the Guildmaster and out the door there to Lookout Point then go to the Picnic Area.
Use Melee attacks on the small wasps.
Use Lightning on the Wasp Queen (use Melee attacks on any summoned wasps)
When you run out of Will Power just fight the Wasp Queen with your sword and use Health + Mana potions if required. Once dead you can get a hairstyle card in one of the tables.

Now go to the Greatwood Entrance and go to Fishers Creek. After slaying the wasps around the Fisherman you’ll get the Fishing Rod.

You can use the fishing rod in (or near) any water you see by pressing Down on the D-pad. If there is a ripple then you will get either a Key or gold, etc. If there isn’t a ripple then you will most likely get a fish! Repeatedly tap A when the fish isn’t tugging on the line and you will eventually get the item (1 minute MAX).

Fish at the 4 ripples in Fisher Creek + you’ll get a Silver Key, 100 Gold, a hairstyle card and the Golden Fish Trophy.

Go back to Lookout Point + you can buy yourself a better title (you really don’t want to go through the game as Arseface as people will call your name out to you ALL the time so get something easy on the ears). Now go to Bowerstone.


1. Speak to Maze outside the Tavern. Then explore the town.
2. Visit the barber to get a new hairstyle chosen from your hairstyle cards.
You can now warp back to the Guild to take your next quest.

QUEST: PROTECT ORCHARD FARM (Held guards defend Farm from Bandits)
Gold: 750, Renown: 4000, Trophy: Whispers Broach

You’ll have 2 guards fighting on your side but just ignore then + kill all the bandits that enter the area. Whisper will then fight you but you’ll win easily.

In this area you can get a “Jet” and if you fish at the ripples in the area you will get a Tattoo Card + an Elixir of Life and a chest containing Treasure Clue 5.

You can now warp back to the Guild to take your next quest. Make sure you learn the Heal Spell.

QUEST: TRADER ESCORT (Escort the traders in Darkwood to Barrow Fields)
Gold: 2000, Renown: 500, Trophy: Trader’s Feather

Go through the Greatwood Lake area again and you will come to a bandit toll. Don’t pay and just kill them all. You will find the Steel Pick Hammer and some minor items.

Now go the Greatwood Caves entrance and fish in the water to get a Moonfish. Now go into the Greatwood Caves entrance and kill the Hobbes. Go into Darkwood to meet the traders.

You must get the traders to Barrow Fields without any of them dying.
Get the to follow you and when you come to the 3rd trader DON’T take him with you as he will probably die before you get to Barrow Fields.
Kill everything in your way and heal the traders when necessary. You will get a “Jet” in a chest.

Use magic to take out the exploding mushroom things and go through to Darkwood Lake. Carry on killing anything in your way. You will find Leather Boots in a chest and then kill the bandits. This is also 250 Gold in another chest.

When you come to the are with the glowing stone on the right, just shoot an arrow through the hole to get a Silver Key. Now carry on to Darkwood Camp.

Darkwood Camp
Get the Resurrection Phial + Steel Axe from the chests + exit the area into the Temple of Skorn. Get the Assassin Shirt from the chest. Exit the area and killing enemies on the way to the Ancient Cullis Gate. There is a Resurrection Phial in the chest beside the bridge.

Carry on through Darkwood Weir and you will come to an Earth Ogre. Kill it any way you wish (remember when you die you will be revived by your Resurrection Phial and can immediately carry on fighting as if nothing happened). Carry on into Barrow Fields and the quest will be over.


You can get a Health Potion if you search the scarecrow and there is a Sapphire in a chest. Now go to Grey House.


You can easily kill the undead in this area. Kill them all and search the house for tattoo cards and a Ruby. Now go into the cellar to get the Master’s Elixir and the piece of paper.

Now go back to Barrow Fields and into Oakvale.


1. After speaking to the girl, go and see Maze then explore the town.
2. Buy a Spade
3. Go and see the pirate on one of the beaches then go to the other beach and dig to the left of the pear (beside it). You’ll get 500 Gold and the pirates treasure. There is also a chest containing Assassin Boots on this beach.
4. Go down the beach and give the pirates treasure to his wife.
5. Go back to the pirate and he’ll tell you to go the memorial gardens. Get a ruby in the cabin beside the pirate and go to the memorial gardens.
6. In the memorial gardens, dig under the axe of the statue to get a Silver Key.
7. Now teleport back to the guild and take the next quest.

QUEST: HOBBE KILLING CONTEST (Clear Orchard Farm of Hobbes)
Gold: 900, Renown: 200, Trophy: Hobbe Tooth

Go to Orchard Farm and the farmer will tell you to kill the Hobbes.
Whisper bets that she can kill more than you but don’t worry as you’ll win easily. After you kill them go onto the next quest.

QUEST: HOBBE CAVE (An old woman in Greatwood says her son is missing)
Gold: 5500, Renown: 400, Trophy: Hobbe Head

Teleport to the Greatwood Cullis Gate and then go to Rose Cottage to meet the old woman. Take the quest and she’ll give you the Hexagon Key.

Go into the Greatwood Caves and free the bandit and agree to share your takings with him. He will then act as a Mercenary for you. Continue into the caves opening all the chests as you go and healing him when his health get low.

When you get to the boy, DON’T REPLACE THE BOY WITH THE BANDIT. Kill the Nymph with Lightning or Melee attacks (kill any summoned monsters with melee attacks).

Kill everything in your way when leaving the cave and heal the boy after every confrontation, just to be safe.

When you get out the cave just kill the bandit to avoid paying him 300 Gold for his work. Now go back to Rose Cottage to return the boy and complete the quest. Now return to the Guild to take the next quest.

QUEST: FIND THE BANDIT SEERESS (Find the Seeress in the Bandit Camp who ============================== might tell you about your sister, Theresa)
Gold: 4500, Renown: 1000, Trophy: Bandit Seal

Go to Oakvale where you met the pirate on the beach and then go to the Clifftop Path.

Kill all the bandits you see then hide behind the rock to the left of the gate. Wait until the next 2 bandits come through the gate and walk past you, then wait for the 3rs slow bandit to join them and then sneak through the gates.

Now just kill all the bandits you see until you get all the parts of the bandit suit then put the suit on. Now go to the next area.

Talk to the bandit by the bar and pay 1000 Gold for the pass. Now go into Twinblade’s Elite Camp.

Search the area for various items. Kill everybody (not the Mercenaries for hire) and get the items they leave behind. You can use the Key you get to unlock the cage containing the women if you want. Now go into the next area.

Twinblade Fight
Stay away from the guys surrounding you and just keep rolling out of the way to avoid Twinblade’s attacks. Don’t use Melee attacks but block until flourish lights up, then use Flourish (unblockable attack). Keep repeating this. In one of his attacks he will jump at you (ROLL OUT OF THE WAY) and his blades will be stuck in the ground. Use the Berserk Spell if you have it and repeatedly attack him from behind. Eventually your sister makes an appearance. Kill Twinblade or let him live then search the area for items.

Now return to the Guild to see Maze and you will get a new quest.

QUEST: FIND THE ARCHAEOLOGIST (Find Witchwood’s missing archaeologist)
Gold: 1200, Renown: 0, Trophies: None

In Witchwood hack through the weeds to get to a chest.
Kill the Rock Troll when you get to it. Carry on and get the potions and book from the body. Carry on to Witchwood Stones and hack the weeds after the Demon Door to get to the chest. There will be another chest in the area containing clothing.

To get through the Demon Door you must spell out its name at the stones then go to the Demon Door. You must spell out “HITS”. Go past the door to find the archaeologist.

If you go past the Temple of Avo and up the hill you will find a sword in the stone. You can only remove the sword if you have mastered Physique, Health, Toughness. You probably won’t have the stats to remove the sword but you can come back here later in the game and remove it when you have the stats. Now teleport back to the guild to take the next quest.

QUEST: WHITE BALVERINE (Defend people of Knothole Glade from it)
Gold: 6200, Renown: 800, Trophy: White Balverine’s Head

Teleport to Witchwood and go back to the Temple of Avo killing everything on your way. Continue through the next areas killing everything and you will arrive at Knothole Glade.

Kill the Balverines attacking the men outside the fence and then you will be let into the town.

After you are told the story about the White Balverine you will get to fight it. Eventually it will run away (you can’t kill it). Carry on to the top of the village and you will fight it again. You will then get the Silver Augmentation. Attach it to your best weapon (that has a free slot).

Return to Witchwood Lake and fight the White Balverine. It will summon more normal Balverines (enflame works well against them) so kill them and continue fighting the White Balverine. Keep repeating until everything is dead and you will get the White Balverine Trophy head. Return to the town to complete the quest.

QUEST: THE ARENA (Get gold and renown participating in rounds of combat ================= at the Arena)
Gold: varies, Renown: 2000, Trophy: Champion’s Seal, King Scorpion Sting

Go to the Arena entrance and you can now get in because you have the pass given to you by the chief of Knothole Glade.

BUY THE BRIGHT PLATE ARMOUR and buy at least 25 Will Potions and 25 Health Potions and you will make this quest far easier.

Fight Start
Keep casting Heal, Shield and the double hit spell at the beginning of each round and the fights will be easier. Then just use Melee attacks (90% of the time) during the rounds. You should still have plenty of Resurrection Phials left as well. Get the items left behind by the slain enemies and the items thrown in by the crowd.

Keep away from the traps in the 4 corners. However you can use these strategically by knocking enemies into them with the Force Push Spell or just by using Melee attacks to push them into the traps.

In the final round you will fight the Archanox Scorpion. Use the same spells as earlier as well as Berserk which will make your attacks even stronger.

After this you will fight Whisper. Kill her and you will get all the money you earned.

After the Arena teleport to Barrow Fields and go the Grey House to talk to your sister. Now teleport back to the Guild to take the next quest.

QUEST: LOST TRADER (Find the traders lost brother + return him to safety)
Gold: 2600, Renown: 150, Trophy Clue #2

Teleport to Oakvale and go the Cliffside Path. Kill the bandits and you will reach the traders brother. Get him to follow you back. Heal him after you kill each bandit on the way back. Now teleport back to the Guild to take the next quest.

QUEST: BREAK THE SIEGE (Break a siege in Knothole Glade)
Gold: 5000, Renown: 450, Trophy: None

Teleport to Knothole Glade and talk to the chief. You don’t need the guards help as there is a very easy way of completing this quest. Just stand at the gate so you can see the bandits outside and fire arrows through the gaps in the fence! There is also a glitch in the game where you can fire through the fence itself!

After this quest go outside the entrance to Knothole Glade and speak to the man who will tell you about the Archery Contest. Instead of entering the contest you can just kill the man to get the Silver Arrow! Now teleport back to the Guild to take the next quest.

QUEST: FIND THE ARCHAEOLOGIST (Rescue the Archaeologist)
Gold: 7000, Renown: 500, Trophy: Minion’s Helmet

Go to Bowerstone North into Bowerstone Jail. Kill everything on the way to Windmill Hill and kill the magic user by the windmill. At the Prison Path you have 4.5 minutes to reach the Archaeologist with the help of the guards which is fairly easy. When he is safe get the Silver Augmentation from the chest.

Go back to Headsman Hill can get the Flame Augmentation from the chest. Now carry on to Lychfield Graveyard.

QUEST: THE GRAVEYARD PATH (Reach the Old Kingdom graveyard)
Gold: 1500, Renown: 200, Trophy: Undead Hand

Note: The undead are VERY EASY to kill.

Go to the Gravekeepers house and get Nostros Helmet. Speak to the Keeper to get access to the Graveyard.

1. Just go to EVERY grave in the area and if you see the Spade on the D-pad then you can dig and get a decent item.

2. Also go in the crypts to get the items there.

3. Opposite Lady Fylorns crypt make sure you fish at the ripple to get Nostros Armour.

4. In the middle of the graveyard dig at the grave with horns on top to get the Nostros Sword.

5. Here are all the items you can get in this area:

1250 Gold
2 Silver Keys
Wings Tattoo
Howl Tattoo
Health Potion

Now that you have all the pieces of Nostros armour, go to Nostros crypt and he will open the Demon Door for you. Go through the Demon Door.

Kill the undead for easy experience and search for a chest containing a Resurrection Phial and another containing a Silver Augmentation. Continue killing until you get to the Circle of The Dead area.

Get the Piercing Augmentation from the chest. Go into the centre of the circle to start another battle. After you kill them go through the unlocked door.

Go through all the paths getting items from the barrels and chests. When you get to the Nymph use Lightning on it while keeping locked on to it the entire time.

When you are in the open area, go up the hill on the left and get the Resurrection Phial from the chest. Now go down the hill to the water and get the Sharpening Augmentation from the chest.

Go back up to the doors and a force field will block you from advancing. Kill the undead + go through the door.

Kill the guards and search the chests for:
Resurrection Phial
Dark Leather Chest
Obsidian Katana

Carry on and you will meet your mum. Free her and go back where you came, killing guards on your way. You will then be jailed by Jack of Blades and lose all your items! You cannot avoid being jailed (I have tried!).

The Escape
You have to win the race in order to allow you to escape from the jail. Hold B to run in the directions the guards point at. You should win easily.

In the Wardens Office, sneak to the board beside him when he has his back to you and read the note. Sneak back to the books + interact with it to get the wardens key.* When you are back in you cell open the door and get the Stick. Release the prisoners. Take them into the yard and get the items from the other cells.

Go the prison barracks to get your stuff back. Make sure you put ALL your clothes back on and equip your best weapon again. Go back to the torture chamber to free your mother and carry on through the passages. When you get to the large pool you’ll fight the Kraken monster.

Arrows are best used to kill this creature. Kill all the tentacles and then the head. ! Now teleport back to the Guild to take the next quest.

* One of the gauges on your screen tells you how much noise you are making. When it reaches maximum you will be sent back to your cell for another year. The other gauges tells you how much time you have to get read the note and get the key from the book. If it too reaches maximum you will be sent back to your cell for another year. This section make take you a few tries to complete. If you don’t want to lose the years of your life then you can reload the Autosave if you fail.

QUEST: GATEWAY TO HOOK COAST (Find the Old Abbey in Hook Coast)
Go to the Ancient Cullis Gate in Darkwood. Keep killing zombies until the Cullis Gate is activated. Now teleport to Hook Coast. Explore the area and you will come to a forcefield. Return to the Guild to see Maze in his tower. After the scene get the book to complete the quest.

QUEST: EXECUTION TREE (Bandits are planning on ambushing the guards ====================== taking a criminal from the Jail outside Bowerstone to the Execution Tree. Kill bandits to stop them freeing the criminal)
Gold: 4500, Renown: 200, Trophy: None

Go to Bowerstone Jail to talk to the guards. Follow them to Headsman Hill killing any bandits you see and make sure the prisoner doesn’t escape. If you see him trying to escape then just talk to him and he will come back with you to the guards.

QUEST: BOUNTY HUNT (Bandits have kidnapped Bowerstone townspeople. Track =================== down the gang and free the hostages)
Gold: 5400, Renown: 400, Trophy: None

Go to the Greatwood Entrance and then to Fishers Creek. Make sure the bandit on the pier doesn’t see you and fire a bow at his head which should kill him. Now just kill the other bandits and talk to the hostage.

Now go to Greatwood Lake and use the same tactics as you did before to kill him and you’ll get another Treasure Clue. Now teleport back to the Guild and buy 10 Health potions and 10 Mana potions. Take the next quest.

QUEST: RETURN TO HOOK COAST (Find the key in Hook Coast)
Gold: 16,000, Renown: 1500, Trophy: Maze’s Clasp

Teleport to Hook Coast and go to the forcefield blocking you from entering. You will now fight Maze.

Use the Double Hit and Shield spells and melee attacks against him. After he takes a bit of damage he will warp to other areas of town and will summon monsters to kill you. Kill each monster with 1 arrow and then continue fighting maze. Eventually he will warp to the lighthouse so go there and break down the door and continue fighting him. After he teleports away, check the chest for the Murren Great Axe. Now find him again and kill him. This boss is actually harder than Jack of Blades at the end of the game!

QUEST: TRY TO STOP JACK OF BLADES (Stop him from activation focus sites)
Gold: 5500, Renown: 1000, Trophy: None

After teleporting to each new area, easily kill the enemies and continue to the next area. Note: You can’t stop him from activation the focus sites.

Gold: 26,000, Renown: 20,000, Trophy: Jack’s Mask

Enter the Chamber of Fate to fight Jack of Blade’s (make sure you get the Oak Longbow from the dead body on the way).

1. Kill the minions

2. You will now fight Jack. Roll out of the way of his projectiles. Then use melee attacks then Flourish attacks. Keep repeating until pillars come out of the ground.

3. Now simply stand underneath Jack and keep casting Enflame until he dies(using Mana + Health potions when needed).

Now kill your sister and you get to continue playing Fable with the most powerful weapon in the game – The Sword of Aeons which can kill most enemies in 1 hit. If you don’t kill your sister then you’ll get nothing!

You have now completed the game. You can carry on playing if you watch ALL the credits (they last 15 minutes).

--------------------------- END OF GUIDE ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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Submitted By: kazooie
Fable Walkthrough.
Version 1

1. Silver key locations
2. Silver key Chest Locations
3. Demon Doors
4. Legal Stuff

Silver Key Locations.

1- Lookout Point
Cut through the bushes in the center of the area near the statue.

2- Bowerstone South
Upstairs in the clothing shop.

3- Fisher Creek
Go behind the building, on the north side of the map, and fish along there its
at one of the ripples.

4- Guild Woods
Fish where the ripple is (where you killed the bandits with the girl).

5- Greatwood Lake
Its at the north end of the map where the bridge is broken, its in plain view.

6- Orchard Farm
Fish off the pier on the east side of the map.

7- Rose Cottage
Theres a circle of red flowers by the old lady's house, dig inside of it.

8- Hobbe Cave
Theres a ring of mushrooms in the focus chamber (where the nymph is in the rescue boy quest) dig in there.

9- Darkwood Lake
Shoot an arrow through the stone with a hole in it, when you go through with the traders on the escort mission they will talk about it when your close.

10- Ancient Cullis Gate
Fish on the west end of map near the bridge.

11- Grey House
Fish near the demon door.

12- Oakvale (cemetary area)
You'll get this when you do the buried treasure quest with the dead pirate, dig near the statue in the cemetary area (not sure if it works if your not in the quest).

13- Twinblade's Camp
South part of camp theres an area with a treasure chest and some barrels and a patch of dirt,dig between the chest and barrels.

14- Witchwood Stones
Fish in the pond next to the demond door.

15- Witchwood Lake
Theres a statue with a red glow from where you first enter (west side) dig near there.

16- Knothole Glade
Theres a ring of plants between some homes in the south part of the area, dig there.

17- Windmill Hill
In the garden by the small farmhouse on the west side of the map, dig in the flower lined mound.

18- Windmill Hill
Its behind the windmill, dig it up in a flower ring.

19- Headsman's Hill
You have to be doing Lady Grey's Marriage quest for this one, when you get knocked down by Thunder theres a place to fish when you first stand up.

20- Bowerstone Manor
You have to have married lady grey for this one, search her bed for it (to get here theres a door behind where she waits for your when your doing her quests).

21- Lychfied Cemetary
In a crypt in the south central part of the map, its with a corpse.

22- Lychfied Cemetary
Buried in a grave right outside of the last one.

23- Lychfield Cemetary
Fish it from the stream west of the grave keepers house, inside the gates

24- Cliffside Path
In the hill at the north end of the map, past the underground tunnel theres a place to dig.

25- Hook Coast
In a cabinet on the ground level of the Lighthouse, you have to either pick the lock or break the door in to get in.

Silver Key Chest Locations

Greatwood Lake- 5 keys
Elixer of Life

Hobbe cave: 2nd door in tunnel- 5 keys
Will Master's Elixer

Darkwood Lake- 15 keys
Arken's Crossbow

Grey House- 10 keys
Sharpening Augmentation

Witchwood Stones: Inside Demon door- 15 keys
Health Augmentation

Headman's Hill: Cave were you fought Thunder- 15 keys
Mana Augmentation

Bowerstone Manor: lady Grey bedroom- 15 keys
Katana Hiryu

Circle of the Dead- 10 keys
Piercing Augmentation

Hook Coast: inside lighthouse top floor- 15 keys

Heroes' Guild- 20 keys
Murren Greathammer

Demon Doors

1.Location: Heroes Guild

How to get inside: The door tells you that your path is too dark and you need to show him the "light". To do this just go into your inventory and show him the lantern and he will let you enter.

Reward: Elixir of Life Potion

2.Location: Greatwood Gorge

How to get inside: You must perform a deed of great evil in front of the door.
In other words, order someone to follow you and then murder them in front of the door. You can also eat 10 crunchy chicks but I find it easier just to kill someone. Also, if your personality is 100% evil the door will let you pass without having to do the evil deed.

Reward: The legendary weapon, Wello's Pickhammer

3.Location: Greatwood Caves

How to get inside: Get a combat multiplier of 14 or higher. A good way to do this is first cast physical shield and then go into the Hobbe Cave. Now you will need to get a multiplier of over 30 because when you leave an area your multiplier is halved. Once you've got it hurry to exit the cave and talk to the door. Now this isn't the only way to do this, so go ahead and find other ways yourself.

Reward: The legendary weapon, Bluetane Cutlass

4.Location: Rosewood Cottage

How to get inside: First go to a shop and buy a gift, doesn't matter what kind.
Next stand next to the door and give the gift to it. The door will be so grateful that it will open for you.

Reward: The full Bright Will Users Suit

5. Location: Darkwood Marsh

How to get inside: Talk to the door and he will tell you that you have to defeat his mercenaries before he will grant you access. Accept the challenge and 4 waves of Hobbes will spawn. Defeat all of the Hobbes and you're in.

Reward: The full Dark Will Users Suit

6.Location: Barrow Fields

How to get inside: The door tells you that you must be fat and obese before you can enter. To do this, just eat plenty of meat and fatty foods or drink plenty of beer. A cheaper way to do this is to buy 60 carrots and eat them. This will give the same effect as beer or fatty foods.

Reward: Will Masters Elixir

7.Location: Grey House

How to get inside: This one is simple. Alls you need to do is be married to Lady Grey and he will grant you access. For information on how to marry Lady Grey scroll to the end of the Demon Doors section.

Reward: The legendary weapon, Ronok The Axe

8.Location: Abandoned Road

How to get inside: Present yourself to the door wearing the full Bright Plate Mail suit, full Dark Will Users suit, and full Bandits suit. To get the Bright Plate Mail, you can either buy the full set at the Arena, or buy the leggings and boots at Knothole Glade and pick up the torso and gloves from wondering traders in Witchwood. To get the Dark Will Users suit follow the Demon Door #5 instructions. The Bandits suit you should already have from opening the chests located on the Abandoned Road.

Reward: The legendary weapon, The Dollmasters Mace

9. Location: Witchwood Stones

How to get inside: Talk to the door and he will tell you that you can not enter unless you know his name. Next go to the stones and hit them to spell out his name in the order H - I - T - S. If you want to have some fun spell out S - H - I..... well you get the picture. When you do that Balvorines will spawn for you to kill.

Reward: This door is part of the "Find the Archaeologist" quest so when you open it he will leave and there will be various items including books, a tattoo, and Chainmail Leggings for you to take.

10.Location: Knothole Glade

How to get inside: The door tells you that you must hit it in the face with a bow, but it has to be a powerful shot. For best results I recommend using an Ebony bow or higher, BUT this can be achieved with any bow in the game. The way you do this is by holding down the fire button to charge your shot up. The longer you hold down the button the more powerful the shot will be.
Note: You may have to hold the fire button down for as much as 5 minutes or more to have made the shot powerful enough.

Reward: Elixir of Life

11. Location: Headmens Hill

How to get inside: If you choose to do the "Marry Lady Grey" quest (which is explained in this guide) you will have to at one point defeat Thunder to prove yourself to Lady Grey. Once you have defeated him talk to the door and it will open up.

Reward: Nothing, it just provides you a way out of the ravine that you fight Thunder in.

12.Location: Lynchfield Graveyard

How to get inside: You must collect Nero's belongings scattered across the graveyard and place them in his tomb. The helmet is located in the Gravekeepers cottage. The armor is located in a crypt near Nero's crypt. The shield is located in the nearby river on a rippling spot. The sword is buried in a grave that has a shining spot on the ground near it.

Reward: This is the entrance to the Prison Path which you will need to use to make it to the prison to save your mother in a quest.

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