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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Metal Gear Acid"
(Sony PSP)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Metal Gear Acid (Sony PSP)
Submitted By: Raimundo
Walk Though Part 1
I. Game Flow

After the tutorials and the first few missions, you're finally allowed to play the game 100%. Each mission begins at Intermission. Intermission allows you to edit your deck, buy new packs, save and go through options, and finally select a map to play on.

At the beginning of each round, you'll receive two cards from the deck, excluding the first round. In the first round, you begin with a full hand (six cards). There are a variety of cards in the game, including weapons, armor, actions, and movement. Proceed to the DECK CONSTRUCTION part of this section for further information on the deck, and how to create an effective one.

Each mission has a set goal. If the goal or objective makes no mention of killing guards, then a better grade will be awarded when succesfully meeting the specific objective the game brings up (usually reaching some bullseyes at the end of the level). Other issues that determine a grade is times found by the enemy, and the total cost incurred during the match. You are rewarded up to three cards for a good grade (1 for a B, 2 for an A, and 3 for a S).

II. Using Cards

There are three total ways to use a card. Most cards allow only two of these, while some rare ones only allow one way. These options are: 1. Use, 2. Equip, and 3. Move.

Most Use Cards have two options. You can use the card (AN: for example, using the SOCOM card can destroy a camera), or instead use it for movement. If used for movement, the COST used is the card's COST minus one.

Secondly, there are cards that you can equip. Most of these are similar to the Use Cards, where you have the option to equip or move. An example of an Equip card is Body Armor or Front Evade LV.1.

Lastly, there are some cards that only allow Snake to use them. Examples of this are Big Boss or Action +.


The REST meter shows how many turns you have left in the current round. The default and standard amount is 2/2, meaning you have two actions to make before you're forced to END. Once Snake is at 0/2, the command menu automatically pops up. This menu can be brought up earlier simply by pressing X a few times during your turn.

REST lowers COST as well. For example, let's say you've used an Action + to increase total rest to 3. After two turns, you'll be at 1/3 REST. All cards will have a reduction in COST by 2. If you were at 2/3 REST, then all cards' COST reduction would be 1.

IV. Reaction (REA)

Reaction determines whether or not Snake can use defensive cards like Body Armor or the Front Evade cards. These cards in particular have a REA of 50%, meaning, there is a 50% chance that Snakes reacts to the attack from an enemy, and dodges/absorbs/blocks the attack.

There are cards like Liquid Snake or the MP5 that can increase Snake's REA or lower the enemy's REA.

Additionally, all equipped weapons have their own REA. If the reaction occurs, Snake will counter using the weapon free of COST. After the firing, the weapon is destroyed. Also, the soldier countered upon has an opportunity to counter himself.


Every card in the game has a set cost. If you use the card (whether for it's actual use or merely for movement), then the cost will be added to your total cost. This value determines when your next turn comes up.

For example, let's say you use a Grenade (COST:7), and then a SOCOM (COST:5) to blow the grenade up, killing two guards. There are two remaining guards left on the map. One has COST of 3, the other has a COST of 7. Snake has a COST of 12 after his two turns are up. Neither of the three characters can make their next turn, as you need a COST of 0 to do so. However, COST is reduced at the same rate between Snake and the Genome Soldiers, so the first guard will have his turn up next. Then the next, and then finally Snake again.

If you find your COST up high (like you needed to reshuffle your full deck, which has a penalty of 10 COST), there are cards like Meryl Silverburgh or Cost -4 that reduce it.

If there are no enemies around Snake, then COST will automatically drop down to 0, and Snake can take another turn.

VI. Game Column

Every character, whether ally or enemy, has a column representing three things. This information can be seen through the Aerial View Mode, and can provide some more information on what your next move should be.

The first number represents the number of cards the person had in their hand. The second is the amount of COST they have accumulated. The third represents their turn order. If that number is a 6, then it means that with their current COST, 5 other characters will have their turn first.

VII. Equipping

Most equip cards are easy to use. Simply equip the card in one of the two slots (4 slots with Equipment LV.2 and 9 slots with Equipment LV.3) and the card is activated. Examples of this are the boxes, card keys, and uniforms.

The difficult thing that comes with equipping is with weapons. The game does a poor job of explaining what to do, and it doesn't help that the first weapons in the game, the SOCOM and FAMAS, are actually use cards. While the SOCOM becomes worthless early in the game, the FAMAS is still a decent weapon through the half-way point. So the game allows the gamer to reach this far without ever really forcing you to figure out how the hell equip weapons work.

The key thing with equip weapons is to look at the ammo it uses. For example, the USP uses four CAL45 bullets when you shoot with it. Two other cards use the same calibur bullet; the USP (Laser S.) and the S.A.A. Colt.

Let's say you begin a map with two USPs, one USP (Laser S.) and one S.A.A. Colt, and you want to kill the guard right next to you with the USP. First, equip the USP in one of the available equipment slots. Next, you now have to load this USP; as it is right now, there are no bullets in it.

To load the USP, you need a WPN card that uses the same calibur bullet. Going back to your hand, you have three different cards that will load your USP so you can fire. You can use the same USP card, or you can use a different gun that uses the same bullet. Let's say you're going to load your USP with the USP (Laser S.). Usually, there is no rule that this card is better to load then the other card. To load, equip the USP (Laser S.), and move it over your already equipped USP. Instead of saying 'Replace' on the top of the screen, it will say 'Loading.' Press circle, and you will load the gun, and the game will give you the option to fire at the guard.

You could use either of the three cards left in your hand to do so. However, you'd likely want to skip using the Colt, as the gun will only load three bullets, whereas the USP can be loaded with a total of four. If you look at the Colt card, you will see it fires three CAL45 bullets. The amount of bullets a gun fires is the same amount it will load, so if you were to use the Colt to load the USP, you would only fire three bullets. If you need a total of four bullets to kill the guard, equipping the Colt isn't going to work.

I should also note that the number of bullets shot is determined by the ammo card. So while it may seem the USP has a total of four shots, you could technically load it with another card that fires 8 CAL45s. Although there is no such card in this game, other weapons in this game deal with this situation. The Chronicle Pack's R-5 has a total of five shots, but you can equip the M4 to fire a total of eight. So what does this do to your deck? Not a whole lot, but you may consider putting in 2-3 R-5s (the far superior gun) and 1-2 M4s (the better loader) to maximize your damage output as opposed to just putting in 4 R-5s.

Additionally, there are many types of supplement equip cards in the game. Examples of these cards are Sniper Wolf, Aim, and Hold Up. You use these cards similar to how you load the gun. Lets continue to use the USP example, but instead, let's say you just have a USP and Sniper Wolf card in your hand, and the guard is three squares ahead of you looking at you.

In this example, you could just use the USP to fire at the guard, but since he's looking at you, and is so far away, your hit % will be very low. To counter this problem, you can use the Sniper Wolf card to supplement your USP. Before loading it, equip the Sniper Wolf card on your already equipped USP. Now, load it and fire. Sniper Wolf supplements your USP by providing a 100% hit chance, and allows you to kill the guard instead of missing three or four of your bullets.

Most supplement cards only have very specific uses, so make sure you take the time to look at these cards, and see if they're the right cards for your deck.

Part 2

VIII. Deck Construction

With the basics of the game understood, it's now time to look deeper into the deck you'll be using. There are a number of deck styles you can use, and it's really up to you as the player to decide what style you want. Some cards will be found in most people's decks. These include cost reduction cards, high BLK movement cards, and probably some sniper rifles.

There are a lot of cards in this game, and it can be a little confusing in regards to creating a smallish 30 card deck. Some cards are only useful in certain situations, so you can eliminate these from your main deck most of the time. Examples of these cards is the Mine D. card. If you're on a map without mines, there is no reason to have the Mine D. card in your deck.

These deck examples will not be very helpful for those beginning the game. There is an underlying theme in the cards (lots of COST reductions, lots of high BLK movement), so you can base these decks with lesser cards. However, the Sniper Deck isn't going to be a useful build for someone who doesn't have access to the PSG-1 yet.

These decks are in a work in progress, so please send in your input.

Sniper Deck

A lot of people tend to use this type of deck for Teliko, as they give Snake something funner to do. Still, the sniper rifles in this game are devastating, and can really, dare I say, pWn the competition. This deck can also work well in multiplayer, although some minor changes will no doubtedly be made (like tossing the Jonathon Ingrams).

4x PGS-1
4x SVD Dragunov
3x Mosin Nagant
4x Sniper Wolf
4x Johnny Sasaki
4x Running Man
4x Stealth
2x Action + or Action ++
30 Total Cards

CQC Deck

This deck cannot be accomplished until the very end of the game. Once the Power Plant missions are done, the MGS3 pack is available at Intermission.

4x Running Man
2x Ocelet Unit
4x Johnny Sasaki
3x Action +
4x Rush
4x Stealth
4x Cost -12
4x Jonathon Ingram
30 Total Cards

Multiplayer Deck

Remember, only COST -4 cards are available in multiplayer (lame). In my experience, Snipers rule, but I'm curious to hear your builds in e-mails. AFAIK, stealth does not work.

The claymores work nicely, as you can totally lead your opponent into them. Load them up in a corner, then stay back and lure him in, or drop a few in random places in hopes of a lucky strike. It should be enough to get your opponent to start planning his movements by where you might have placed a mine. And if you have them there, than you have the game (Superbrak000).

4x PSG-1
4x SVD Dragunov
4x Sniper Wolf
3x Mosin Nagant
4x Johnny Sasaki
4x Running Man
2x Major Zero
2x Bandana
4x Claymore
31 Total Cards


This walkthrough is designed with stealth in mind. It is difficult to go through levels undetected until you earn the MGS2 pack in the card shop. Until then, my advice is to just shoot first and ask questions later. There, you'll want to buy Stealth cards.

There are two difficulties in the game. Extreme mode is unlocked after defeating the game once. In Extreme mode, guards are more plentiful, have more LIFE, and some have a lot of equipment already on. This guide was not written with Extreme mode in mind.

If you're looking for Extreme mode advice, unfortunately, there is not much to say. Stealth + COST reduction cards rule, along with the Rush + Rush combo. Remember that the LV.1 and LV.2 cards are in your inventory once the game starts.

Stage 00: Tutorial

Move to the Genome Soldier card, and press circle to move. Take Snake to the designated point to your north, and then Roger will ask you to look forward (which is up if you haven't changed the camera yet).

After you do this, we'll run into some more cut-scenes, interwinded with Snake running around.

One back in control of Snake, it's time to tackle the ladder. Roger recommends (AN: demands in reality) to use the Body Armor card to move up to the ladder. I know it's early, but I figure now is a good time to give a little hint with movement cards: Always remember to keep a couple low-cost cards in your deck strictly for movement. Especially at the beginning of the game, when there are few movements cards available to you. The lowest cost for one of these cards is 4. The Body Armor costs you 5, so in reality, the ration or the Front Evade LV.1 would be a better choice. But in this situation, select the Body Armor card, press cicle on move, and then move towards the ladder and look towards it. This gives you the option to move up the ladder.

Once on top, Roger gives you his lecture on equipping cards and items. For now, his lecture is enough for you to take advantage of evade and body armor cards. Once equipped, use the Genome Soldier to walk up to the gate. Then, use the Socom card (AN: despite it being a weapon, you don't actually equip this!) to destroy the lock on the gate.

After the mission is complete, the game will take you to Intermission, which is where you'll spend a significant portion of the game at. Currently, there is nothing to do other

Part 3

Stage 01: Lobito Laboratory - Outside Gate

Press triangle and take a good look at where each guard is. The guard in the southeast corner will not bother you at all, so ignore him unless you want to kill all the guards in the area. The guard at the gate, and the one between the two buildings to the west are your primary targets.

To begin with, move foward and then up the ramp into the first building you run into. You can do this without being detected, as none of the guards actually walk out enough to see you. Grab the MGS1 pack, then exit out and kill the guard in between the two buildings. Ideally, his back should be against you. End your turn early so you aren't initally detected by him.

Now, walk out and flatten yourself on the southern wall of the northern building. End your turn, so you have a full set of turns after you knock. Once you knock, move to the western wall of the building, and end your turn. The Genome Soldier tends to go south, then west to where you knock, so you can imagine your target path. I recommend killing the guard as his back is against you, so that you can enter the northern building for the second MGS1 pack.

Stage 02: Office

If you start with a Genome Soldier card and a SOCOM or FAMAS card, then you can take out the guard down in the hall. If you can't, first go into the office to grab the MGS1 pack. You may have to crawl once inside the office due to the guard's presence, but I did not crawl and was not detected. Exit out the office and and move east then north. Stop right under the camera on the west wall (it won't see you, so don't bother destroying it).

From here, use a SOCOM or FAMAS to destroy the camera ahead of you. This is a long distance, so your hit % may be low. Still, unless you have a chaff grenade, there isn't anything you can do here. If you fail to destroy it on one card, then wait until you have a second.

Continue through the hall, ignoring the door north. Destroy another camera (use triangle to see it's line of vision), and then grab the MGS1 pack. Return back to the door we first ignored, and then dispatch the guard in there (he may be north of the MGS1 pack by the time you're through the office area).

AN: The guard can see south through the boxes when you get the MSG1 pack. Crawl if necessary.

Before you enter the door to exit out of here, continue east to receive another MGS1 pack. When you have it, go back to the northern door to continue with the mission.

Alice interrupts you before you can continue. Follow Alice's suggestion, as the east side simply leads to a dead-end.

The west side consists of two cameras and one guard. You can ignore the northern most camera as the door leading to Gary is right next to the first camera.

Upon entering the room, a Patrol Bot will appear. To my knowledge, the bot always goes south, so whatever you do, don't head south! Instead go north to go around the bot, and enter the door to go deeper into the mission. If you can destroy the bot (through a grenade, then using a SOCOM or FAMAS to blow it up is the best way), it will drop a MGS1 pack.

You're now in the eastern office room. Grab the MSG1 pack (yeah, another one!) and continue north. Take out the guard if you want to. Eventually, the game will cut to a scene with Gary.

Mission Change

With the mission change, we now need to take the eastern path, way back when I told you to ignore this path originally because of Alice. You can actually see the target goal in front of the door as you make your way from where you met Gary. Three guards will be your obstacle to get through the eastern door. A Grenade + SOCUM card combo works well to take out two or three of the soldiers.

Stage 03a: Ruins - Lower

Immediately use the Aerial View feature to get your bearings. Despite the guard's presence to your east (the one that goes back and forth), he won't be able to see you at all.

What we need to worry about is the two guards up the closest stairs. Fortunately, they shouldn't bother you until you make some noise, so proceed down the road towards where the camera is. A small cut-scene will occur.

If you haven't noticed it already, the wall in front of the camera was just built, preventing us access to the residential area. Unfortunately, the game requires us to go right up to the wal to do this, meaning we need to disable the camera. I did not try it personally, but you could load up on chaff grenades for this mission, so that you don't have to spend five rounds waiting for one to pop up. Use it to disable the camera, walk up to the wall, then back off.

The other way to do this is to kill the guards. If you destroy the camera with conventional weapons, at least one of them will hear you. So... take'em out. You should be able to get on top of the stairs without detection, but you'll need to eliminate both on one turn.

Once you reach the wall, another cut-scene will occur. Return back to where you entered the Ruins from.

AN: In Extreme mode, you skip the next two levels as you already have the C4 in your deck.

Part 4

Stage 04a: Minefield - Lower

You have to move westward through the Minefield. If you don't have it in your deck, put in the Mine D. card so you can detect the mines.

There is a mine in the square to the east of the boxes nearby. There is also a second mine two squares to the west of the wooden stairs of the building closest to you. So yeah, equip the Mine D. card as soon as possible so you don't have to figure out where these are based on my descriptions, cuz they suck, k? A third and fourth mine are located in the northwest corner of the map, way outside your path.

With three guards in the area, this map at first seems rather easy. However, it can be difficult to get through unnotice, which increases the amount of guards you need to face greatly.

The MGS1 pack on top of the vehicle in the middle of the area is inaccessible at this point in the game, unless you were lucky enough to grab a climb card from the MGS2 pack. Which is doubtful.

Stage 05: Armory

First floor -----------

There are a total of six armory rooms in this map, but only two of the bottom three are accessible at this point in the game.

Make your way west, slowly killing off guards. I am unaware of strategies that allow you to dodge killing them. Of course, I'm open to your strategies if you were able to do it. This is the first map where the guards will start using equipment. A lot of them have Ceramic Armor, which deflects 80 hit points. Keep this in mind when you're tackling more then just one.

The two rooms accessible (they don't have a colored door) contain just MGS1 packs. Your goal is to use one of the two stairs to reach the second level, where the C4 is located.

Second floor

You have access to the two bottom rooms, plus access to the stairs in the north. These stairs lead you to the three northern armory rooms on the first floor.

If all you want is the C4, then enter the room to the left, grab the C4, then backtrack to the beginning of the map. If you want to get as many packs as possible, then pick up the MGS1 pack on the eastern side of the map. Then, follow the door north to get the Otacon pack, then proceed down the stairs to the first floor again.

While you do this, you'll face with some patrol bots. They're a lot tougher then the guards, so make sure you're capable of killing one in one turn. If they detect you, Snake is in deep shit. The patrol bots have a huge detection range, so beware of that. There are also gun-camera on the floor. Fortunately, they're still relatively easy to kill compard to the patrol bots, so they shouldn't bother you too much. Just use the Aerial View Mode so you don't accidently run in their view.

First floor again
Submitted By: Raimundo
Part 5

AN: You'll have to go back through the second floor to exit the Armory, as we don't have the keycard needed to exit out of this section of the first floor.

The middle room has a MGS2 pack, and the right room has a MGS1 pack. In the right room, there are some detection laser beams in the middle, which require you to crawl under them. Considering this mission is really long, it would definitely be lame to alert the whole base because you ran into the beams.

Return back to the beginning of the map. AN: If you do choose to go through the entire map to get all the packs, you're grade will likely drop due to the very high COST that piles up.

Stage 03a: Ruins - Lower (2)

We're back here again. Remember to have the C4 card in your deck. The game won't even allow you to enter the map without it.

Unlike last time, you only have one guard to deal with on the second level. Eliminate him and the camera, and then continue adding cards to your hand until you have C4. If you are fortunate enough to have some Cyborg Ninja cards in your deck, then you can take out camera and guards as you wait for C4 to show up. Remember that the guard patrolling the southern part of the map can look north through a shattered wall and see you near the new wall.

To prevent the loss of a nice movement card, note that the game will immediately cut to a scene after you move one square ahead of the destroyed wall. So don't go using a Running Man expecting to get across the map.

Once your through the new wall, you'll likely have a guard or two to deal with. Once they're through, go up the nearby stairs and make your way to the MGS1 pack near the entrance to the Office.

Also in front of the newly destructed wall is the Stinger card from MGS2. Then, continue east to the Residential Area. There is another Stinger at the very top of the map, but there's no need to get that at the moment.

Stage 06: Residential Zone

Proceed north and dispatch the guard. Enter the building, and a short cut-scene will occur with Alice. Ignore the first door you reach, and instead enter the room below it. Crawl under the laser barrier, and grab the MGS1 pack. The room at the very bottom also has a MGS1 pack. Unless you have increased your total REST, it's unlikely you'll be able to enter this room without killing the nearby guard.

Exit out the left building to the east. There is a item just north of you, but it's actually a real pain in the ass to get. Continue along the path and enter the middle building. The last door available leads into another room with a MGS1 pack. Exit out of this room, and exit the middle building through the northern door.

From here, move Snake to the west, past the guard, then south into the Nikita Missile card. Now, return to the small bridge you crossed, and go down the ladder into the sewer, heading south. Go up the ladder once you reach the end of the sewer, then east across the bridge. Go into the middle building, and exit to the east (AN: the door to the west is empty). From here, continue to the eastern building. The game will stop a little short of the building with a cut-scene.

Enter the left building, and approach the terminal. After the scene, Snake has access through the building's security. The middle room has a MGS1 pack, and the southern-most door leads you to Flemming.


After the long cut-scene, you now find yourself with a partner Teliko. The goal is to exit to the north, which requires us to pass the LV.1 yellow door. Teliko has the LV.1 Card, which is needed to get past it. AN: Yes, I realize that you actually have to draw the card, which can take awhile. Once you do have the card, have Teliko stand at the door to keep it open, and then have Snake come through.

There are a number of things we need to do here. Three guards run after Snake and Teliko, which should be dispatched relatively easily. Teliko does not have WPN use cards like FAMAS, but rather, equip card weapons. This means you need to equip the weapon, then wait until that same card draws again to use it as ammo.

Part 6

Stage 07: BRC-026 (1)

The first area of BRC-026 is fairly simple. Have Snake and Telika follow the wall west, then north, then east to the door. For the most part, you should easily slip past the guards in the area, as they tend to stand still for way too long. If the guard's view is blocking your path, just wait for him to turn. Go inside the northern door (with Snake), and proceed to the next area.

To quote Snake, "[w]hat a nuisance." One character will have to move to a terminal, while the other goes through the newly unlocked door. And so on. Take Teliko into the western room, eliminate the guard, and then move to the terminal. With Snake, enter through the Security A door, and take out the guard (you may need to wait until you land an Action + card to kill him in one round.

One Snake is at the Security B terminal, move Teliko to the Security B door. At this point, we have a number of options. Going east takes us to a LV.2 door, which we don't have its respectful card key yet. This leaves two rooms and the Security C door.

Have Teliko enter the eastern door. Take out the guard, and use the Security A terminal so that Snake can leave the room he is in. Then, move Teliko to the Security B terminal in the same room so Snake has access in the same area. From here, have either Snake or Teliko enter into the western room (through the door on the east side, next to the Security C door), and access the Security C terminal. There is a guard in here.

Using whoever you left to pass the Security C door, go east to access another Security C terminal so that you can have the partners together at last. The 'Exit' door the very west leads to nothing, despite the fact that it can be opened. The two doors on the north both lead to the same, large room with some stairs. Two guards patrol the area.

To continue to the next area, both Teliko and Snake need to be on one of the bullseyes.

In this final area, have one of the characters use the eastern door to gain access to the Security D terminal. There is a MGS2 pack located in here. Once the D door is open, move the other character to gain access to the Security E terminal. Then, use Snake (I had him go get access to the Security D terminal) to move north. There is another Security D terminal in this room, which allows Teliko to exit out of the room she's in. Then, have Snake open up the F doors using the terminal in the same room he's in.

With the F doors open, use Teliko to take the western F door. Take the first door north, and use the terminal so that Snake can follow. Go through the narrow hallway, then proceed north until you hit another door heading south. There are two MGS2 packs in here. Dispatch of the guard outside, and then move Teliko and Snake onto the bullseyes again.

This mission just keeps going. Fortunately, we're done with the Security doors. Move north through the double doors, into another large hangar-type area. It can be difficult to get past the guards, while going down the stairs. A lot of times, they can be alerted to you. There isn't much you can do about it, other then to make sure you keep a few options for weapons. Keep a FAMAS or two, or some ammo for a USP to make sure you can eliminate any threat before alert mode hits.

Go west once you're down on floor level, and follow the hallway back to where we first were originally. There are two MGS2 packs on each side of this large room, but the ultimate goal is to continue south, through the door, then west at the fork. AN: There is a LV.2 door if you go south at the fork, and I figure this is a short-cut back to the beginning of the level. Ignore the door to the west, and instead, take the door to the south. Have Snake approach the ladder to finish the mission.

Part 8

Stage 07: BRC-026 (2)

Boss Time!

Return back to BRC-026 (nothing on the map select is different). When you enter, Leone will drop uninvited. This begins the game's first boss fight, although the same rules and strategies apply.

Forget about taking Leone head-to-head. To me, it seemed like he was able to evade anything I threw at him, and usually countered with his attack (which takes off about 100 HP!).

Immediately, split up Snake and Teliko. Leone will follow one of them, which leaves the other to get behind him and chip away. This is much harder then it sounds, as Leone has no trouble moving his attention between the two.

Throw grenades and blow them up with your own weapons for some good damage. Additionally, you can use the explosive barrels to take off around 150 HP and put him on fire. Being burned sucks and can take off a significant chunk of HP. When I first fought Leone, I actually managed to kill Leone by a 142 HP damage from him being burned.

With these strategies, you shouldn't have too much trouble with Leone. As you approach the end of the battle, start stocking up on some cards. Even if this means you'll delay victory for a few rounds, you'll be glad to have a hand of cards after the battle, as Snake and Teliko will be forced to flee BRC-026 from about 10 guards.

Escape... again!

After Leone is beaten, you'll be back in the first area with the Security doors and terminals. Fortunately, they're all open for you to pass, but you now have around 10 Genome Soldiers approaching you. In fact, a guard even starts right behind you.

You can try plowing your way through the guards, but if you aren't in good shape after Leone, you may find yourself in trouble. All the guards have Body Armor, so you'll usually need more than a simple FAMAS to take them out. If you're well equipped, you should have no problem making your way to the exit. The exit is that door I originally noted for leading nowhere. It now leads to our goal.

The guards tend to bunch up, so if you can manage any type of explosive attacks will greatly help. If you have a well-equipped deck, you can make a run all the way to the exit on one turn (using high BLK movement cards and COST reduction cards along the way).

Stage 03b: Ruins - Upper

This is the upper section of the Ruins we were here earlier. If you didn't get it earlier, the Stinger (MGS1) on the south end is available again. Outside of the usual Genome Soldiers and Patrol Bots, we now have a new enemy to worry about: the flying bots. With only 60 LIFE, your biggest worry with them is their large view range.

If you choose to use Teliko to go north, note that there are some laser detectors in the square just north of her. You'll have to use a card to move in place so you can crawl under.

I like to follow the northern wall; you don't have to worry about any of the machines, and there are a lot of obstacles to use to hide yourself. You should have a couple of Stealth cards from the MGS2 pack, which helps things greatly.

You need both Teliko and Snake to finish

part 9

Stage 08: Drawbridge

Our objective is to cross the drawbridge to the north. Just north of your current position, there is a MGS2 pack outside the small building. There is nothing in the building, so continue across the drawbridge. While you're moving along, stock up on weapon and defensive cards for some action coming up.

When you reach halfway across, a short cut-scene will occur. With the drawbridge raised, return back to that empty building. As you approach that, the damn thing blows up. Shiat.

After some more dialog, take out the four soldiers. Once they're gone, the mission's objectives change. Move to the bullseyes to the west.

Stage 04b: Minefield - Upper

Remember to add the Mine D. card in your deck, as hitting a mine can really make this level interesting.

A Stealth card can really make this level easy. Truth be told, it's probably the difference between a S grade and a C grade. There are a decent amount of guards patrolling the area, so it's hard to manuever past them without any help.

If you forget about the mine detector, then expect a mine on any type of shortcut past guards. If you see an available path that lets you easily pass a few guard, then it's probably

Part 10

Stage 09: Ebro Tower (1)

Before you head north, go south and grab the MGS1 pack under the gun-camera. If you walk right under it, it should not detect you. This saves you with wasting a WPN card to destroy it.

After the cut-scene, your objective is changed. Now, you need to find a uniform so that the 'clown' soldiers won't shoot you down. As you saw from the scene, red won't shoot red, green won't shoot green, and so on.

Careful with the green guard on top. For the most part, he can't detect you at the lower level, but he can detect if you're on the very northern wall.

Use the southeast door to gain access to a green uniform. The southwest door has the blue and green uniforms. With all three uniforms obtained, return to the entrance of the factory; you need to put the cards in your deck.

Stage 09: Ebro Tower (2)

Ok, back at Ebro Tower. Make sure you have the C4 and uniforms in your deck, or Roger won't allow you to continue on the mission.

From the start, go north through the door, then east into the room with the green uniform. Use the NW corner to hide and wait until you can run past the soldier and use the crawl space to move into the northern room.

Once you do that, go across the room towards where the red guard is (and where some stairs are). This part can get interesting. The green guard up on top can detect you at some squares (although I think you will only get the ? alert, and he'll forget about you. The red guard on the other hand, can be difficult. He's easy to run past if he's on the northern part of his patrol, but he can also be blocking you if he's stuck on the southern part of the patrol. Stealth works wonders here, or you can use Uniform-R.

As you go up the stairs, switch to Uniform-G so the guard can't detect you. Before going down the ladder, go inside the nearby room. Crawl under the sensors, then activate the terminal. Apparently, there is a hidden room, which will require the C4 Alice suggested we bring to open up.

Now, and go down the ladder in the middle of the catwalk. You must kill the guard here, so make sure you have the cards to do so. You might have to wait numerous rounds so you can get a clear shot from behind. He will be equipped with a Front Evade LV.2 After he's dead, continue to the other side, up the ladder, and then use the only available door. To get to the MGS2 pack, you'll have to use a Hang card (Manifest). Also, Solid Snake from MGS2 (Ferguson).

There is a blue guard in this room. Undoubtedly, you have drawn the Uniform-B card, so use it to make your life in here easy. There are some laser sensors here, so crawl under them as you make it to the MGS2 pack in here. Exit out of the door once you've retrieved this, then move to the north wall to trigger some dialog with Roger. Careful with the soldier in this room; if you're crawling through the laser sensors, and he sees you, Snake's cover is blown.

Once your back outside in the main room, walk to the northern wall, and Roger will tell you to put the C4 here. If you have not activated the terminal earlier, this will not come up. Instead, Roger will tell you to back to the terminal. Place the C4 on the ground, then blow it up. Walk through the hole, then finally towards the elevator after another scene.

Stage 09: Ebro Tower (3)

Make sure you have the Mine D. card in your deck!!!!

Out of the elevator, proceed south through the door. This place looks a little intimidating at first, but isn't all too bad once you get things down. Having the Mine D. really helps as well.

To begin with, let me describe what each colored panel does.

Blue - Increases defense
Yellow - Refreshes hand
Red - Increases attack
Green - Increases hit rate

The yellow panel is really the only one you need to worry about. A new hand can be good, or it can be downright nasty. If you have the hand to defeat Clown, double-check that you don't accidently land on a yellow panel!

While you're moving towards Clown, she'll be dropping down more claymores on the map. She likes to trap you in between claymores, so you're forced to get hit by one. Use big-time damage cards like grenades or a Nikita Missile. The Nikita is ideal, because you will set clown on fire, which does ridiculous damage. Just remember once she's burned, not to get close to her!

After you defeat Clown, some more cut-scenes will occur.

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