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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Luigi's Mansion"

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Luigi's Mansion (Gamecube)
Submitted By: RM18

Its-a-me…er...Luigi! After being lucky enough to get my hands on an imported Gamecube, and a copy of Luigi’s Mansion, the worlds first hoover ‘em up, I decided to post a walkthrough to help anyone else out there with an imported version.


= = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = = =

After watching the cutscene (and drooling at the graphics, no doubt) complete the little training exercise. Getting used to two analogue sticks is a little tricky at first but it soon becomes second nature. Anyway. After saving (with the ever helpful Toad), head upstairs and go through the creaky door. Blow out the candles on the dresser with your hoover (an immensely enjoyable experience, though watch it doesn’t overheat) and suck up the ghosts as they appear. As the light goes on (which is an indication that all ghosts have been caught) grab the key and move on to the next room.

Get rid of the ghosts in the next room and the room after that. Look out for some that are hiding in the cupboards. When the room lights up use the hoover to grab the key off the top ledge. Go outside, and meet Toad again to save (frequent saving is advisable). After saving go back upstairs to the top floor of the foyer and once there turn and use the new key on the left door. Once in the corridor, walk until you see the first door on the right. Go in it.

Once in there, first get rid off screen clutter by vacuuming up all the flying books. When you see Neville in the rocking chair, turn away and when he starts yawning, swivel round and suck him in. Congratulations, you have caught PORTRAIT GHOST 1. Easy, eh? Collect his key and leave the room, going right to the end of the corridor and through the end door.

For PORTRAIT GHOST 2, suck open the curtains and, when Lydia gasps, hoover her up. Grab the key, leave the room, and go through the door in the South. Once in, use the hoover to create a rocking motion with the rocking (duh!) horse for PORTRAIT GHOST 3. Now hoover up the little ball nearby and chuck it at the baby Chauncy for the first boss.

BOSS – CHAUNCY: This isn’t too difficult; it just eases you in gently. Avoid the toys he throws at you and his bouncing attack by dodging from left to right. Grab one of his balls and chuck it at him to render him temporarily hooverable. You’ve done it, Congratulations!

= = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = = =

Go back to the foyer and with the new key open the vine-covered door in the main foyer. Walk through (geddit?) it, head right, and take a left turn and then left again at the T-junction, which should hopefully lead you to an unlocked door at the end. Once in the bathroom, destroy the two ghosts (shake them off by wiggling the analogue stick if they grab you) and grab the key that appears on the shelf afterwards. Go back outside and go in the right-hand door in the north-south corridor. Still with me? Good.

Once I the next room, suck up the spinning Shy Guys who make a welcome return, then shine the light and suck them again. Look for the dancing couple. Move closer to them and wait for them to finish before hovering them up for PORTRAIT GHOST 4. Grab the key left in the chest and head through the next door. Take out the waiting ghosts and make your way over to the front of the wall opposite the mirror and tap A. To your wondrous amazement you’ll discover it’s a fake wall! Suck the hiding poster up by tapping the button behind.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Now would be a good time to save, as unfortunately a little backtracking is needed. Revisit all the rooms from Part One, using your newly attained scanner to find the Boos and suck ‘em up. Once you have five, you’ll discover that the previously locked door near the Bathroom way has miraculously opened. Chat to Toad and save again, then disgustingly have a look down the toilet and you should be able to discover a key.

Head back out to the bottom corridor and head eastwards. The key you just fished from the lavatory should open the door on the right, and after you go through there should be another door on Luigi’s right. Go through that as well. Once inside you should use the mirror as an advantage to catch the ghosties. Once you do you’ll be rewarded with the Fire Medal, which allows you to hoover up fire and use it as a projectile missile with a simple tap of the L button. Excellent *taps fingers*.

With your new fangled fire abilities light the candles and escape. Move on to the Fortune Teller’s room. Once inside, light the candles hoover the key off the pillar. Exit and go back to the main corridor. See that floating candle? Light it. Once the candle lights up, the Butler will appear. Follow him till he takes a seat, he’s PORTRAIT GHOST 5. When he sits, suck him up. You should get a key. Take the north door and get rid of the ghosts in the laundry room. Open the washing machine and you’ll get a surprise!

The butler’s key opens up a new door in the top corridor. Once inside, activate all the musical instruments by tapping A, and Melody, PORTRAIT GHOST 6, will appear. Answer her questions, and hoover up her music sheets. Whilst making sure you have the R button held down, catch her. This opens a chest with yep; you’ve guessed it, a key, to the door opposite the Dancing couple’s room.
Once in, light the tabletops candles, and you should see PORTRAIT GHOST 7, Mr. Luggs. Vacuum up the food on his plate. Once you’ve vacuumed everything, dodge his fireballs and get him. Head west to the fridge, where you will see an icy ghost. Fire will take care of him. This will eventually lead to you being presented with the Water Medal, which unsurprisingly allows you to hoover up water and spit it out. Easy, no?

For PORTRAIT GHOST 8, run from Spooky the Dog, until a skeleton pops out from under the flowerbed. Get him and a bone will be thrown, allowing you to tame dog, and then suck him up with your hoover. Next, use your Game Boy Horror and point it at the doghouse, then press A to warp to the graveyard. Examine the graves then take out the three skeletons.

BOSS: This isn’t too tricky. Hoover up one of the smallest black ghosts, then aim it at the purple ghosts to make him vulnerable to the hoover. Repeat this process until they have been eliminated.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

The key from the last boss can be used to unlock the door near the bathroom, which leads to a courtyard. Tap at the birdhouse to receive Mario’s Letter, and then travel down the ladder in the well to find…Mario!!! Go back along the well and take out the ghost for another key. Go inside the wooden courtyard hut – you should see Toad. Save and use the newly acquired key to open the nearby door.

Inside prepare for PORTRAIT GHOST 10. Tap A next to one of the punching bags to bash Biff Atlas, position Luigi to repeat the procedure twice, then do the Shake ‘n’ Vac. The reward is coins, but if you run on the treadmill to the left of you, you’ll receive a key that opens up a shortcut. In the corridor outside Biff’s room, turn right and climb the stairs. Use the water function to suck up water from the courtyard fountain and douse the flames.

Once there, take out the ghosts, and use the red and blue ceiling and floor pads to reach the chest. Inside is the Ice Metal, which enables you to suck up ice. Your first port of call after this should be the steaming bucket to suck up ice. Go back outside, and run west to find another bathroom. Once there get ready for PORTRAIT GHOST 11. Suck at the shower curtain and blow ice on Miss Petunia, whose become hooverable. After, you know the drill – collect key from chest, then go downstairs past the music room to unlock the door to the south.

Once through you will be greeted by Mr. Slim Bankshot, PORTRAIT GHOST 12. When he takes his shot, vacuum three balls up and smack him with one of them at a time (use his cue to locate him). After completing the task head eastwards. In the next room activate the projector and use the subsequent shadows to locate the spirits, to be rewarded with Mario’s Glove!

Track back upstairs, and find the right hand door in the north-south corridor. Light the candles inside, then step onto the central floor tile to unleash more ghosts. Take them! Through the east door, then press A next to the telescope to see things go a little weird. Step outside, (this is gonna sound really strange), suck up an asteroid and shoot it at the moon! A new path will appear, with Mario’s Star at the end. Once grabbed, go back outside and run west along the top corridor. Turn north and open the right hand door to Nana’s door.

Once there, nab the balls of wool on Nana’s (PORTRAIT GHOST 13) table, and throw all three at her. Once you have sucked her up and she is tucked away safely in your backpack, a new key appears – take it. Go back up to the main foyer upstairs; take the left door, then the first door to the south. Use your hoover to spin the aeroplanes in the ceiling, and after they make one complete turn the Twins, PORTRAIT GHOST 14, will appear. Leave the room then re-enter. Use the nozzle on the hoover to locate the rattling boxes, as they have the twins in. Suck them up and grab Mario’s Shoe!

Retrace your steps to the Fortune Teller’s room (PORTRAIT GHOST 15), and talk to her six times. After a little chit-chat suck her up. Grab the key, leave the room and go back upstairs. Take the north-south corridor all the way down, the run east and go upstairs. Once on the third floor, take the south door. Point the hoover at the wall mounted deer heads and shoot ice at the ghosts, getting a new key. Make sure you are collecting coins and Boos, mind. After, take the west door and the corridor north to the big balcony. You’ll need 25 Boos though to enter.

BOSS: Creep over the Boos to reveal the Big Boo. To destroy him, suck and drag him over to the pointy statue. Ice will freeze the nearby ghosts, allowing you to hoover them all up. East peasy!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

Bad news, I’m afraid. You’ll need to backtrack again, this time back to the big balcony, where your newly acquired key opens a door to the west. Now the lights go out. Go back to the main foyer upstairs, then go north, north again, and west to PORTRAIT GHOST 17, Uncle Grimmly! To defeat him, turn away and swing around when he raises his arms. Hoover him up then bag his key. Go back downstairs, take the north door and run east to a new door, where you should be greeted by a staircase.
After, take the north door and pull the generator lever, and take the key.

Go back outside and take the opposite door. After taking out the two ghosts waiting in barrels, suck up the mound of dirt blocking you for a new key. Backtrack to the balcony once more, and go through the door you unlocked earlier. Go down the corridor and through the last door on the right. The chests in the telephone room contain skeletons. Take ‘em. Following that head north, for PORTRAIT GHOST 18!

Activate the clockwork soldiers by activating all the clocks in the room, then hoover up their keys to make them vulnerable. The exit is the elevator in the central hut. Go out onto the roof, take out the Shy Guys, and then blast flames at the icy ghosts. The resulting key can be found on the west roof. Go back through the telephone room and take out the first door on the left. Hit every chest and suit of armour to locate the ghosts and take them out, surprisingly (not) leaving you with a key.

Go north to Jarvis, PORTRAIT GHOST 19. If you rattle all the vases he will pop out. When he does shoot him with ice each time he peeks his head out of a vase to make him grabbable. Run all the way back to the cellars, through the dirt room to the corridor, where you should head for the door to the northwest. Use ice to freeze the green goop and turn the valve, revealing a chest behind the waterfall, which contains a key.

This key opens another door in the past hallway, to meet PORTRAIT GHOST 20, Sir Weston. Light up the two woodpiles and then use fire to thaw Sir Weston, but then suck him up, for another key. Go back to the hallway before Big Boo’s balcony, and enter the last room there. Watch out for Vincent Van Gore’s ghosts that he will chuck at you, and then hoover him up, for another key. Go back to the cellar, and enter the final door in the corridor (you’ll need 50 Boos, though). Enter and prepare yourself, physically and mentally, for…

FINAL BOSS – KING BOO/BOWSER: This is undoubtedly the hardest part of the game. Avoid his attacks, and then suck up one of his spiky balls when he rests. Wander precariously to him, and chuck it at him when he dips his head. Critical Hit! Now use your hoover, moving constantly to avoid the icy attacks. Repeat this process until he’s done for. Congratulations – you have completed Luigi’s Mansion!


After the credits sequence the final ranking screen will come up. Its based on the amount of money you collected. You ranking will be as follows: -

RANK A - Collect over 100,000,000G
RANK B – Collect over 70,000,000G
RANK C – Collect over 60,000,000G
RANK D – Collect over 50,000,000G
RANK E – Collect over 40,000,000G
RANK F – Collect over 20,000,000G
RANK G – Collect over 5,000,000G
RANK H – 5,000,000G or under

ACCESS HIDDEN MANSION – Once you have completed it a Hidden Mansion is unlockable, where the ghosts are more plentiful and your hoover becomes more powerful. The two locked doors will need more Boos, though.

That’s it! Thanks for reading…


Submitted By: WelshMiyamoto
Welcome to my Luigi's Mansion Walkthrough.
and here it is:-


to capture a ghost stun him/her with the Flashlight and then
vacuum him/her up while tilting the control stick in the opposite


L Shoot out Air, Fire, Water and Ice
R Sucks in
B Turns Flashlight On/Off
A Activate, Open, Knock
X GB Horror
Y GB Horror
Z GB Horror

Area 1


Talk to Toad to get the lights in the this room to come back on.
then,head upstairs and through the only unlocked door.


In here, you should see severeal paintings, as well as candles
with purple flames. Use the vacuum to blow out the candles, and
the portraits will start talking to you seeming rather annoyed
after you blew out the candles and taunt you about there being
ghosts in the dark, suck the orange ghosts that come after you
and get the key.

Open the door to the room directly above the Parlor, this room
has no puzzle so just suck the ghosts up and grab the key.

Wardrobe Room
Just open the door to the left of the anteroom, check out the
wardrobes release the wardrobes and suck the ghosts inside,
including a rather peculiar green banana eating ghosts that will
leave their peels on the ground. after sucking up the ghosts get
the key and head to the foyer, and to the next room, It also can
be noted that there is a small balcony with a Toad Save point to
the left of the wardrobe room.

E.Gadd will contact you telling you that there are stronger
ghosts ahead.

In here, you will meet neville, your first portrait ghos. He's
somewhat smarter than the other regular ghosts you've met so far.
and doesn't show his heart as easily. What you have to do is get
up against the middle of the wall, and wait with your back to him
when he yawns, his hearyt will appear, allowing you to stun him
and capture him. get the key.

Master Bedroom
In here you will see Lydia, who has nothing better to to than
endlessly brush her hair. Use the vaccuum to open the curtains ,
letting in a draft, her heart will appear; Suck her up and get
the key.


Here is your first boss battle, and a rather easy one at that,
Blow on the rocking horse, and chauncey will come over and
challenge you, suck up the ball and shoot it at him, shrink you,
and send you to a seperate boos arena, chauncey will try to hit
you with rocking horses, and then balls. grab one and then shoot
it at Chauncey to make it's heart appear, allowing you to
capture, do this over and over again until you capture him,
Get the key E.Gadd will take you back to the labb and make you
captured ghosts into portraits

Area 2

Unlock the Big Door in the foyer allowing you to enter the next


In here you will first encounter grabbing ghosts to shake the off
tilt the c- stick, capture them as usual to reveal a key.

Ball room
This room contains mask ghosts, which look like shy guys from
super Mario bros 2. Vaccuum the masks off to stun and capture
them. after capturing them the floating whirlindas will appear.
As they dance around the room their hearts eventually appear;
suck them up, and get the next key

Storage Room

First order of Business in this room is to capture the ghosts.
Then, look in the mirror, you should see a button on the opposite
wall, press it and the wall shoul expand to the leftknocking over
a spade, head over to the newly opened section and you should see
a sign marked danger. suck up the sign to reveal another button;
push it. the thing on the floor opens up, releasing a whole horde
of boos, which scatter after seeing your vacuum. E.Gadd will take
you back to the lab and give his sppech on capturing Boos.

You now need to Catch 5 boos to Unlock the washroom.

Check the Toilet in here to reveal a key to the fortune tellers

Fortune Tellers room

Shine your Flashlight on the crystal ball to reveal Madame
Clairvoya, she wants Items to tell her the future. What a phony.
Head through the door to the Mirror room

Mirror Room
There are several ghosts in here, but they are invisible. to see
them look in the large mirror to see thir reflections. Capturing
should be easy after that. You get a Chest after that with the
fire Elemen; now you can shoot out fire light the candles in the
room to go back into the Fortune Tellers room, and light the
candles in their to release a key. To regain any Element suck a Fire , Ice or Water bubble ghost into the vacuum.

Head back to the Middle of the hallway, and you should see a
shadowy figure holding a candle holder going back and forth, use
the fire to light the candles, to reveal Shivers the butler, he
freaks out and heads to the Butlers room: follow him!

Buitlers room

Shivers will sit down in here and start to jabber some more. At
this point his heart will appear, vacuum him up to reveal a key,
look at the mouse hole with the GB Horror. After Examining you
will be sucked into the hidden room.

Hidden Room

This Appears to be a stockpile of treasure; 2 of the Chests are
full of Treasure. The others contain Ghosts that have to be
killed by the fire Element, After they are taken care of, a chest
will appear with more money.
go back to the butlers room through the mousehole and then onto
the laundry room which you went past to get to the butlers room.

Laundry Room

While headind through here check the washing machine to reveal
mario's hat.


You should see several instruments in here; activate them, and
Melody Pianissama will appear. She then plays one of several
tunes from classic NES and SNES Mario Games, and asks you a
question a question about it answer the question correctly and
she will challenge you to a battle. Suck up her sheets, then her
heart will appear; suck her into your vacuum to get a key.

Dining Room
Enter the Room to see Mr Luggs scarfing food like mad, light the
candles with your fire, to light up Mr Luggs suck some of his
food to make the servants appear (2 of them) stun them and
capture them, suck up all Mr Lugg's food and he will start to
spit fire balls at you. dodge them till he gets tired and reveals
his heart; suck him up, and you'll get some tresure.


First order of business is to use the vacuum to get the fridge
open; If you open it normally it will slam in your face. Out of
the fridge comes a ghost that must be killed with the fire
Element; do so, and a chest will appear with The Water Element.
Use the water to get rid of the fire on the door


Go up to the doghouse, and get Sppoky to come after you Mr Bones
will come up out of the ground after a while, suck him up, a bone
will drop to the ground. Mr Spooky will then start to lick the
bone, stun him and capture him, Examine the doghouse, It will
bring you to the Graveyard

Check the Gravestones in here; a few will give you hearts, and a
one will reveal 3 skeletons. Capture the skeletons, and a weird
light will appear on the ravestone at the end of the cemetary,
this will lead to a scary Fmv sequence with Bogmire
Boss Battle Bogmire is much Harder than the first boss. Several Black Bogmires will appear, as well as the real Bogmre, Suck any Black Bogmire up and shoot it at the purple bogmire. it will be caught in the black circle, allowing you to suck it up, this will take several attempts, so be patient. After beating this you will get a key and complete area 2

Area 3


As you head through here get mario's letter from the birdhouse
and head down the well into the bottom of the well

Bootom of the Well

Head all the way to your right, to a small opening. This will let
you see the secret Altar, In there King Boo has Mrio Trapped
inside a portrait, as youhead back to the Exit aghost will fall
down. Capture him to get a key

Rec Room
In here, You can see Biff Atlas lifting Weights. Go up to him and
punch the punching bag to hit him, move out of the way or It
weill knock you on the Way back. Atlas will get mad, and start to
swing for you. Hit him again with the punching bag to knock him
over, You can now suck him up. giving out a lot of Treasure.
Before leaving the room, run on the Treadmill to get a key to
connect both parts of this floor ( saves a lot of Time)

Head up the stairs to the 2nd floor, and use water to get rid of
the fire on the Tea room door

Tea room

Go in here and capture the ghosts, revealing a treasure chest on
the table, to get to it, go over to the circle by the bookshelf,
which will let you walk on the ceiling. Head over to the spot
above the table and hit the other circle to land on the Chest
open it to get the Ice Element. Now head to the left corner of the floor, where there are three unlocked doors.


When you come into this room, you should see the silhouette of
miss petunia move the blinds, use the ice to reveal her heart,
suck her up. get a key.


Check the toilet in here, and out pops a ghost, you need water to
get this ghost, out pops a bunch of treasure

Nana's room
In here, you'll see Nana knitting on a scarf. go over to the
table and press A on it to knock off the Yarn ball, suck up the
balls and shoot all 3 at nana while she moves around on her
rocker, suck her up and you'll get a key.

Astral Hall
light the candles, step inside the star, capture all the ghosts
and then through to the next room.


Look through the Telescope, and you'll see a moon and star, suck
in a shooting star and shoot it at the moon. a bridge appears,
Cross over it to get Mario star.

Now head down to the Billiards room on the First floor

Billiards room

When Sling Bankshot has a shot the balls go flying suck one in
and shoot it at Sling. to stun him, vacuum him up. You'll then
get a lot of Treasure.

Projection room

activate the Projection, and Ghosts start appearing. other than
when they grab you you cannot see them, use their shadows on the
screen to guide you,once you capture them you can get Mario's

Head back to the only room left in Area 1 uncleared.

Twins room

Use your vacuum to spin around the mobile, they will then
challenge you to a game of hide and seek, say yes and go out of
the room go back in when they tell you to, they are in the boxes
that move when you suck them with your vacuum, they get mad after
you win and circle the room in Either a aeroplane or a car(one
each), suck them off their vehicles then suck them up. you'll get
Marios Shoe.

Head to the Fortune Tellers room

Fortune Tellers room
Show Madame Clairnoya all of marios Items she will explain the story and that bowser is here. she will ask you to return her to her painting, suck her up. you'll get a key.

Make your way to the Safari room on the Third Floor.

Safari Room

Use your Vacuum on the deer heads, and several ghosts will
appear. some must be Killed by water and the others are of the
Banana variety. once you'ved captured them, a key will appear.


Go into the balcony and you shall see 15 boos, a Fmv sequence
Explains how they form.

Boss battle.

Direct the Giant Boolosus onto the Unicorns horn, It will split
into the Fifteen boos, hit Each one with Ice and then capture
them, after, a while It will form the large boo, carry on doing
this until the fifteen are captured. you'll then get an Area key,
and be sent back to the lab.

Area 4

Head towards the door at the left of the Balcony, The lightning
turns the lights out, and ghosts are back into all the rooms
youu've already cleared. You have to turn the power back on. Head
back to the wardrobe room.

Wardrobe room
You'll see Uncle Grimly staring at the mirror, keep you're back
to him and wait till he raises his arms. then stun him and
capture him. You'll now get a key to the Breaker room. head down
to the Basement


pull the switch up to turn the power back on.


Clean up the soil, hit the 2 barrels to release a few ghosts.
Capture them and you will get a key for somewhere on the Third

Telephone Room

Pick up the phone to speak to Toad. Check the chests and capture
the several skeleton ghosts for some treasure. Exit up

Clockwork room

Activate the three clocks in here, and the three clockwork
soldiers will start to work. Suck the Wind up keys in and the
Soldier will be Daised, suck them up, repeat this until you get
all three.
Walk in to the middle house it will take you to the roof.


Suck the mask ghosts masks off and capture all of them, get fire
from the fire to capture the next wave of ghosts. Head up the
left Chimney to get akey and fall down the right Chimney after to
get to the sealed room.

Sealed room

loads of Treasure, all but one chest will be full of Treasure.
One will release some ghosts capture them, then, warp to the
foyer through the mirror with th GB Horror.
Once in the foyer go to the Sitting Room

Sitting Room

Use fire to light the candles in here, and a bunch of Ghosts will
appear use some water to break them then capture them.
head to the next room.

Guest room

This room is upside down. Wake her up with some water, allowing
you to stun her, capture her and you'll get some treasure

Head back to the Third floor now


Check the chests and Armory to release ghosts capture them all
and you'll get another key.

Ceramics Studio.

Check the Pots in here and Jarvis who lives in a pot will po up
and set you a challenge beat the challenge, and capture Jarvis
after. you'll get some more treasure.
Head down to the basement

Pipe Room

First,you'll have to deal with several ghosts in here, Then Ice
the green water and walk over to the pipe, the handle to turn off
the water. grab the key.

Cold Storage

Grab the fire element in here, light the two campfires, Sir
Weston will get angry and Icicles will drop from the ceiling and
the Ice floor will be burrowed through by something, Break the
ice surrounding Sir weston he will he stunned, Capture him. Head
back up to the third floor

Artists Studio

Vincent van gore, responsible for all the regular ghosts in the
mansion. He will then attack you with with several types of
normal ghost in the order: 3 types of regular ghosts, grabbing
ghosts, masked ghosts,banana ghosts, and hanging ghosts. each
type appears with three;try to capture at once, to make it
easier, then capture Van Gore he won't put up much of a fight
capturing him will give you the final key now head to the secret
altar in the basement.

Secret Altar
Enter the room, King boo will talk to you and you will be dragged
into the painting and transported to the roof in a frantic FMV
Boss Battle
You reappear on the Roof and Bowser falls from the sky

If you stand
too close he will blow fire at you, If you are too far from him
he will jump and pound on you. so try and make him throw spiked
bombs at you, suck one in and fire one when his head leans down,
King boo will fly out bring his 500 HP to 0 like all the other
ghosts. watch out for the Ice spiiting Bowser Head dangling from
the sky. repeat this until you capture King Boo. You'll get King
Boo's Crown after Defeating him.

After returning all the Ghosts and Boos to paintings. E.Gadd
Brings back Mario from the painting. You then get a house and
Grade depending on how many
Coins 5,000
notes 20,000
Blue,green,silver,red and Gold Diamonds
you get

I hope You find my Guide Helpful


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