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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Super Smash Bros Melee"

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Super Smash Bros Melee (Gamecube)
Submitted By: cookie monster
Here i will tell you the easiest strategy to complete every event

1-Trouble king.

Here you will face bowser, however he is not very smart and will
fly if hit very hard, basically just using a few smash moves
should see him off.

2-Lord of the jungle.

Since he is so small it can be hard to hit Dk, so use your down+b
move to knock him into the air and then use an upwards smash to
finish him off.

3-bomb fest

Due to the computers stupidity you dont really need to do much
here, when the items start to appear the computer will usually
commit suicide, so just try to stay nice and high and avoid the

4-Dino wrangling

Since Yoshi is so big any smash move should do fairly good
damage, knock him over the edge and then hit him with a charged
up smash move when he gets back up. Easy.

5-Spare change

This is very easy, basically all you have to do is collect around
200 coins to win the match, use ness's baseball bat to inflict
maximum damage (forward+A). After you hit the captain he will
drop coins, keep repeating till its over.

6-Kirbys on parade

This is easy, Use Dk's ground pound (down+B) to knock them out
almost instantly, repeat till fade.

7-Pokemon battle

You cannot hurt Pikachu with your own attacks here, you must use
the pokeballs to summon the pokemon, only they can inflict
damage, throwing the pokeballs at pikachu doesnt work so dont
bother trying.

8-Hot date on brinstar

Since you both start with heavy damage you should be careful
here, but a few good smash attacks should easily claim you

9-hide n shiek

You have to kill the computer when it is sheik to win this one,
you could use DK again and ground pound, but any character is as
good, i used link.

10-All star match 1

Since you have to abide by a time limit you should go a character
whose moves you are most comfortable with, i used samus, since a
charged up gun attack is particularly effective.

11-King of the mountain

Since you have to only survive until the timer runs out its
better to just run away from the ice climbers, someone fast will
have an advantage, fox and captain falcon are wise choices.

12-Seconds, anyone?

This is easy if you go captain falcon, as soon as the fight
starts use your falcon punch, you should notch up a quick

13-Yoshis egg

This can be a real pain. To win the egg must be whole when the
timer runs out, as such KO'ing people is pointless, as soon as
the match starts grab the egg and keep jumping left and right,
use yoshi mid air kicking move (up/x/y) to gain the extra height,
when the boat starts to fall rember and jump over to the left
hand platforms. Just keep jumping and dodging.

14-Trophy tussle 1

The computer opponents are random here, but powerful characters
such as captain falcon and link with his spinning sword slash are
good at keeping the computer at arms length whilst dealing damage
to close opponents.

15-Girl power

I used samus here and kept hitting the computer with charged up
laser blaster shots. If pokeballs fall be sure to grab them, and
if bombs appear lure the computer to trigger them and you should
have an easy time.

16-Kirbys air raid

Use the warp stars to KO the kirbys, wait until they are nearby
and then jump aboard, remember you have some control over where
the star falls by using the control stick.

17-Bounty hunters

You are in competition with captain falcon to KO bowser here,
this level can be tough, and i completed it when captain falcon
fell off of the stage. But basically stay close to bowser and if
he falls quite far to the side hit him with a laser blaster

18-Links adventure

Here you must fight your shadow, who you may remeber appeared in
Ocarina of time. He is a competent swordsman so be careful, use
of the spinning sword slash is useful here as is the down+A move
when you get knock high into the air. If you start to look worse
for wear, fight in the tunnel section it is hard to be KO'ed
while in there.

19-Peach's peril

This is dead easy, just keep nice and close to bowser and use
your uppercut (up+B) excessively, The whirlwind is very hand here
as well (down+B) as the end hit is quite powerful. Frindly fire
is off here so you cannot hurt peach with your attacks.

20-All star match 2

Use a character you are comfortable with as this is a smash move
marathon, there is no easy fix for this levelyou just have to
keep smashing them as much as possible. Use items to your

21-Ice breaker

You have to KO only the two Nanas to win this, this can be tricky
but since they like to use the double jump they can become quite
easily seperated, i used Samus and kept a charged laser shot when
an opportunity arose.then fire, it should kill in one hit if
close enough to the edge.

22-super mario 128

The cheapest way to win here is to use DK's ground pound, but any
character will deliver an easy win.

23-Slippy's invention

This can be a tough battle due to their invisbilty, getting to
the edge of the stage and using DK's ground pound is a sound

24-The Yoshi herd

The only testing thing here is the time limit, i found captain
falcon the best here, as soon as the level starts kill the yoshi
on the left hand side with a falcon uppercut. Now just wait there
for the yoshis to respawn, you should be able to kill a fair
amount without any trouble.


This is straightforward, abusing bowsers fire move is a good
strategy to push the computer over the edge, and his down+B move
is very powerful when he is this big.

26-Trophy tussle 2

Since the opposition is random there is no strightforward
solution, basically using warp stars and pokeballs as well as
your smash moves is the best tactic you can use.

27-Cold armour

The only difficulty here is keeping up with the movements of the
stage, luckily the computer has the same trouble. Keep hitting
the computer with smash attacks, lure them into the area between
the two white posts and when the stage begins to spin leap out
and into safety, the computer should fall into the lava.

28-Puffballs unite

This stage is hard, unless, you use Dk's ground pound, or
gannondorfs (if you have him) Down+b move, both are good.

29-Triforce gathering

If you complete this stage you get gannondorf as a playable
character. Anyway try to get zelda to distract him and then beat
him up with your A button moves, use your arrows to inflict cheap
hits. If he begins to charge purple energy around his fist run
away, that is instant death. You can also jump on his head from
above and use down +A.

30-All star match 3

You shouldnt have too much trouble until you get to ness, try to
lure him near the edge and smash him off as his recovery moves
are the poorest in the whole game. The ice climbers arent very
challenging, just use the same strategy as for Ness.

31-Mario Bros madness

Ko's dont matter very much here, you are trying to score more
points than the computer, to do this try to inflict a few cheap
hits and then run away, this level can feel a little cramped so
try not to fall off the numerous edges.

32-Target acquired

I didnt find this level very challenging, knock jigglypuff over
to the left hand side and smash off of the edge. If the airwings
fire strys clsoe you can jump in its way to save jigglypuff, but
just try to not hit it upwards.

33-Lethal marathon

This can be a real pain if you dont know how to run properly, as
the race starts quckly tap the controller over to the right hand
side and keep it there, if you are doing it correctly he should
be running real fast, if he is limping along you are doing it
wrong. Before the first cars pass you should get to the platform
after the drop in the road, then the road section after the steep
incline that you must jump onto, then the finish with about 7
secs to spare.

34-Seven years

This is hard, my strategy was to get cheap shots using arrows and
then repeatedly jumping on his head whilst executing down+A. If
you are lucky he may inexplicably jump off of the platform. As a
rule try to stay on the main platform, there is a better chance
of staying alive.

35-Time for a check up

This is tough to do by plain fighting, so what i done was to lure
the computer over the edge by repeatedly falling over and then
recovering at the last second, i managed to kill peach and then
went after mario, who is considerably easier on his own.

36-Space travellers

This is hard. You should be able to kill Samus, kirby and Fox
quickly using Ness's baseball bat (forward+A) however falcon is
just cruel. His falcon punch is deadly, and your recovery move is
non-existent. Use the baseball bat as much as possible, and PK
fire when you have a chance to get a free shot while he is
stunned. you could try his down+A kick repeatedly as well. Falco
is pretty hard as you will be a bit worse for wear when he
arrives, if you can, grab a laser sword to get an advantage and
just try to use the same tactics as before.

37-Legendary pokemon

Use a fast character here as you are trying to summon as many
pokemon as possible before jigglypuff gets a chance. You can try
to beat the wire frame with swordplay but its not worth the
effort as the can take quite a beating.

38-Super mario bros 2

Use the same tactics as the previous mario bros event, jumping
over the side and recovering at the last second is the best way
to even the odds.

39-Jigglypuff live

This is frustrrating, try to use as many items as you can and
when in close proximity use rest (down+B) that should cause some
real damage.

40-All star match 4

This is pretty easy, just lure to the edge and then smash. You
will face mewtwo here, fortunately the computer does not realise
his true potential if you use mewtwo yourself, you should find
his throw particularly effective.

41-En garde

Not as hard as seven years fortunatly. Since marths sword has a
longer reach you should be able to keep hitting link with A
button attacks, when weakened, lure to the side and knock him for

42-Trouble king 2

This can be hard. At the start run as close to squirtles face as
possible, bowser should then come down onto the arm beside you.
At this point use your A button attacks to try and hit him off of
the edge. Now you can try and knock him off of the edge again of
wait for the stage to get so complicated that he dies. The choice
is yours.

43-Birds of prey

A the start of the match go left and fall onto the cars below,
falco will follow you, at this point use Down+B this should send
him flying off the screen, try to do the same with falcon as
well, this could take some time, and you will have to switch
platform frequently to stay alive.

44-Mewtwo strikes

DO NOT kill zelda, you must wait for mewtwo to appear after 15
seconds and then battle him. The way i done it was to use mewtwo
and jump over the side, then using recovery moves and double
jumps get back on, mewtwo just walks off the edge after you. You
could use kirbys down+B move repeatedly to do it the honest

45-Mr game and watch forever

This is easy, simply wait for a few game and watch guys to surron
you and then use your downward smash move, this should kill the
whole group, repeat as needed.

46-Fire emblem pride.

My tactic was to use kirby to suck them in and then jump over the
side, this time you have to use your jumps to recover as you will
lose a life if you are killed.

47-Trophy tussle 3

This can be tricky, firstly keep restarting the match until you
get fairly easy opponents I.E not captain falcon or gannondorf.
Now select gannondorf as your own character and immeadiately get
into the top area between the two spikes, from here use your
down+B and forward+B moves until your opponents are killed, this
will take practice.

48-Pikachu and pichu

This level is hard, you are constantly getting electic shocks or
thundershocks. But my strategy was to use gannondorfs charge up
fist (hold B) and forward+B moves, they are powerful and should
keep the pokemon out of your hair. Alternatively if you grab the
pokemon with DK and then jump off of the edge, you can throw them
away and then recover.

49-All star match deluxe

This took a lot of practice but heres what i done. Just go kirby
and inhale everyone then walk off of the platform, you will die
and your opponent dies, but you wont lose a life. However pichu,
Roy and gannondorf are almost impervious to the move, so what you
have to do is lure them to an edge then jump just to the side and
while falling use the inhale move so you suck them in as you are
falling to your doom. It works every time.

50-Final destination match

Here you must fight 2 hands instead of the usual hand. This is
tough but can be done. Firstly the main thing is practice, you
must be able to recognise what the hands are going to do by
looking at their movements. My character selecetion was link as
he can reach the hands and slash them without having to jump. I
start by taking out the left hand first, it is the most annoying
and has a few nastier attacks. If the hands grab you twirl the
stick and tap a to be released quicker, but beware the left hand
poisons you when it grabs you. Also look out for it falling to
the ground and spasming, it is very damaging. This will take
time. Good luck.

Well i hope this helps your game.

Good luck

Cookie monster

This guide was compiled and written by cookie monster "calum

Submitted By: Unknown

Play as Dr. Mario
Successfully complete classic mode with Mario without losing a
life to unlock Dr. Mario. Alternately, play 100 versus mode
matches. The winner of the 100th match will fight Dr. Mario.
Defeat him and he will become a playable character.

Play as Falco Lombardi
Successfully complete the 100 man melee to unlock Falco Lombardi.
Alternately, play 300 versus mode matches.

Play as Gannondorf
Successfully complete event mode #29 (Triforce Gathering) to
unlock Ganondorf. Alternately, play 600 versus mode matches.

Play as Jigglypuff (Purin)
Successfully complete adventure mode on any difficulty setting to
unlock Jigglypuff (Purin). Alternately, fight 50 multi-player

Play as Luigi
Successfully complete the first stage of adventure mode with a
time of xx:x2:xx. You will have to battle Luigi and defeat him in
under one minute. Finish the remainder of adventure mode. At the
end of adventure mode you will fight Luigi. Defeat Luigi and he
will become a playable character. Alternately, playing 800 versus
mode battles. After you have played 800 battles, the winner of
the battle will be challenged by Luigi. Defeat him and he will
become a playable character. If you lose, Luigi will challenge
the winner of the next versus mode battle.

Play as Mewtwo
Mewtwo will appear at random at the end of a multi-player match
and challenge the winner. He will be unlocked as a selectable
character after he is defeated. Alternately, play 20 hours in
melee vs. mode (combined number of human players times the number
of hours). For example, if you play 1 human player vs. 3 CPU
players, play 20 hours; 2 players vs. 2 CPU players, play 10
hours; 3 players vs. 1 CPU player, 7 hours; 4 player vs., 5
hours. To get Mewtwo easily, go into Custom Rules Melee and
change "Stock" to "3" and "Item Flow" to "None", and "Stock Time
Limit" to "Off". Choose two of your best characters (for fighting
Mewtwo) and go into a match in the Pokemon Stadium level. Place
both fighters on the Pokeball in the middle. Do not pause the
game. Unplug the controllers, and leave the system on overnight
to accumulate game time. Plug in the controllers again, and have
one of the fighters die three times. If enough hours have been
accumulated, Mewtwo will challenge you. Defeat him to unlock him
as a playable character.

Play as Mr. Game & Watch
Successfully complete classic mode with all other 24 characters
or complete target test mode with all other 24 characters to
unlock Mr. Game & Watch. Alternately, play over 1,000 versus mode

Play as Pichu
Accomplish one of the following to unlock Pichu:
Unlock both Luigi and Falco.
Complete event mode #37. After winning, Pichu will become
Complete adventure or classic mode as Mewtwo.
Play 200 matches in versus mode.

Play as Prince Marth
Play with all 14 default characters in classic mode without
continuing to unlock Prince Marth. Alternately, play vs. mode
more than 400 times. Alternately, play versus mode with all of
the default characters. Marth will challenge the last character
you played as (if you won the match). If you lose against him,
then he will reappear to challenge the winner of the next versus
match. Alternately, successfully complete classic mode with Ness
on the very easy difficulty setting without continuing.

Play as Roy
Successfully complete the game with Prince Marth in classic mode
to unlock Roy. Alternately, play over 900 versus mode matches.

Play as Young Link
Successfully complete classic mode ten times with different
characters each time. One time must be with Link. Alternately,
complete adventure mode with Ganondorf. Alternately, play 500
versus mode matches.

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