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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"The Legend of Zelda: Majora's mask"
(Nintendo 64)

This game is also available on GameCube.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for The Legend of Zelda: Majora's mask (Nintendo 64)
Submitted By: Unknown
You can start with trying out how Link moves and swing his sword. You should cut down the bushes on the ground cause you need some money when you starts. After you got the feeling head after Skull Kid. After a minute or two you will fall down on a Deku Flower. Skull Kid will now say that he got rid of Epona and then he transform you into a Deku Scrub before he escapes. One of heís fairies gets left behind and asks you to let her join you. Yeah, why not. Move further and you will come to a room with a waterwheel. Go up the stairs. The Happy mask seller from Hyrule will stop you and say that he can turn you into normal Link if you bring back the mask Skull Kid stole from him. And off you go.

Clock town:

Clock town is the center of the world Termina and are the first place you ever visit.
First of all you have to find the great Fairies cavern. Go around in the town till you come to North Clock Town. When you come there head inside the cave on the hill. The fairies inside tells you that the great fairy will appear if you can find the last Fairy. Go out and then to South Clock Town. You can find a exit in one of the corners here. Go inside and grab the Fairy flying above the water. Go back to the great fairies cave and she will give you a ability that uses magic. You can now spit bubbles with B. Go out and shoot a bubble on the man floating in the air.Talk to him and buy the map he offers you. See the Skull Kid balloon? Shoot it and talk to the boy. He offers you to play a game. Say yes and find the boys thatís hides. Two of them are in North Clock Town, two in East Clock Town and the last one in West clock Town. After you found them they will tell you a password, write it down and head for the place where one of them wonít let you pass. Tell him the password and go on. Follow the way and you should come to a observatory. Look in the telescope and you will see Skull Kid on top of the Clock. You will also see the moon felling a tear. Go out the door and pick up the tear. Now go back to where you started. Go over to the Deku Flower and give the tear to the Deku Scrub. Now, use the Deku Flower and fly up to the entrance to the Clock. Wait until midnight on the third day and go in the door. Shoot bubbles on Skull Kid and he will drop the Ocarina. Pick it up and play Song Of Time. This will restart your adventure so you start on the first day. Go back to the Happy Mask seller and he will teach you Song Of Healing that turns you back to Link again. The Happy Mask Seller gets mad because you didnít have his mask but says that you will get another chance. I recommend trying to play Hide and seek with the boys again to get a Bombers Notebook.This helps you see when you got appointments and what people you helped. Now itís time to go to Southern Swamp

Southern Swamp:

Go out West Gate and head straight. Follow the way and you should find a house p in the air. Climb up and go in and you will see that itís Koume, one of the Twinrovas in Spirit Temple on Ocarina Of Time. Talk to her and go outside. Look around and you can see a entrance. Go in and follow the monkey until you find Kotake. Talk to her and go back to Koume. Talk to her and she will give you a potion. Bring it back to Kotake and give it to her. She will now be healthy and heads for the building at the start of Southern Swamp. Go back to it and talk to her and she will give you a camera and a trip with the boat. When the boat stops, go off it and in the entrance to Deku Palace.

Deku Palace:

Transform into a Deku Scrub and enter the palace. Go to the right and follow the way without being seen. Jump down the hole at the end and the beanseller will give you a bean. Fill your bottle with water and go out off the castle and head for right. Plant the bean and water it. It will grow so you can stand on it. Just jump from flower to flower and you can come to the kingís chamber. Talk to the monkey and show him the ocarina to learn a new song. You will be throwed out of the palace. Go in the entrance to your right. Fly from flower to flower and after some minutes you will come to a rock. The owl from Ocarina Of Time will appear and learn you Song Of Soaring.Follow the way again and you will come to a Owl statue. Slice it with your sword and take the Deku Mask on. Play the Sonota Of Awakening on the platform and the first temple will appear up from the water.

Woodfall Temple:

Fly the Deku flower over to the temple and enter it. Fly from flower to flower and enter the door on the end of the room. Go down the stairs and enter the door on the other side of the water. Enter it and fly to the chest containing a small key. Go out and open the locked door. Push the block so you can go right. Follow the way and push the block back again. Go back and lit your Deku stick. Run back to the block and go to right. Lit the stick standing there and enter the room. Kill the Dragonflies and open the chest to get a compass. Go back out and lit another Deku Stick. Run up the stairs and burn the wall to get trough. Lit all the sticks in this room to get to the next room. You will now come to a room with lot off platforms and Dragonflies. Kill the Dragonflies and fly over to the door. Push the button with Link and enter the room. Kill the Metal Dinalfos to receive the bow. Go out and shoot the eye with an arrow and fly over to the exit. Kill the Gekko inside and grab the Boss key. Go out again and stand on the switch you stood on before. Shoot a arrow past the stick onto the stick on the giant flower. The flower will start to rotate. Jump on it and shoot the stick in the corner with fire on the arrow. The door will open for you. Go left and shoot the crystal with an arrow. Jump over to the low platform and make your way to the next door. The boss door.


Just slice him with your sword or throw a bomb several times on him to defeat him.
You will be given Oath to Order and will be teleported behind the temple. Cut the grass and talk to the Deku princess. Put her in a bottle and go back to the king. Release the Princess here and the monkey will be set free and you can move onÖ

Back to clock town:

Go to West Clock Town and buy a bomb bag. Go to all the mushrooms and go up the way down in the valley. Shoot the core with arrows and enter. Blow up all the snowballs with bombs and enter.

Mountain Village:

You are now in mountain village. Itís two exits from this area, one to Snowhead and one to Goron Village. Take the one to Goron Village. Walk over the bridges and go inside the entrance. Walk until you find the owl. Follow him by jumping on his feathers. Enter the hall and open the chest. You receives the Lens Of Truth. Go back and look in the Lens Of Truth. You will see a Goron ghost floating in the air. Talk to him and follow him. When you reach the tall wall, turn the Eye Of Truth on again and climb the ladders. Go inside the door up there and talk to the Goron. Play the Song Of Healing for him and he will give you the Goron Mask. Go back the statue and push it out. Go to the Goron Village and talk to the baby Goron there. Warp back to Mountain Village and climb up to the Hot Spring Water and put some of it in your bottle. Go back to the room where all the bridges were and destroy the biggest snowball there. Put the Hot Spring Water over the man and talk to him. He will teach you first part of the Goron Lullaby. Run back to the Baby Goron and play it for him. He will teach you the rest and fall asleep. Warp back to Mountain Village and enter Snowhead. Roll over the jumps by holding in A. Play the Goron Lullaby in front of the temple and the Goron who made the storm will fall into the darkÖ
Go over the platform and roll up the platform to your left to enter Snowhead Temple

Snowhead Temple:

Make your way until you come to a room where a wolf appears. Run in the right door and roll over the bridge. Go in the door in front of you and grab the map. Go out again and go in the other door. Go in the open door and grab the Small key. Go out again and shoot an arrow trough the fire on the ice blocking the door. You will find yourself where you started. Open the locked door with the key and enter. Kill the wolf and open the chest to receive the compass. Blow the wall up with a bomb and enter the room. Shoot all the ice taps in the roof and the ice blocks will be destroyed. Jump up and open the chest to get another key. Open the locked door in this room. Goron stomp the first switch. Jump over with normal Link and press the other switch there. Run back and Goron Stomp the switch you hit when you jumped over. Return to Link and press the last switch and run in the door. Roll over the bridge and roll over the snow on your right side. Enter the room and defeat Wizrobe to get the Fire arrow. Go all the way back to the room with the first bridge. Shoot the Freezers with Fire Arrows and grab the key inside the chest. Go to the room with all the door in and shoot the ice with your Fire Arrows. Enter the green door and lit all the sticks with Fire arrows. A door will open. Go in with Goron and stomp the switch. Go to the room where you got the map. Shoot the eye over you with a Fire arrow and go up. Go out the door and enter the locked door in right for you. Kill the Dinofolfos inside this room and go out the door. Drop a bomb down and jump in. Enter the door on the other side and kill the Wizrobe to get the Boss key. Transform into a Deku Scrub and fly over to the Boss door. Kill Goato by rolling on him and you have completed the second temple.

Back to Goron Village:

Find the entrance that was blocked by a ice block before you entered Snowhead temple. Talk to the giant Goron here and he will give you a Powder keg. Take it to the giant boulder blocking the Goron racetrack. Blow it up and you will receive another Powder keg. Bring the Powder Keg to Romaniís ranch and blow up the boulder. If itís not there, play the Song Of Time and buy it again. Now you will have access to the ranch all the days. Talk to the little girl and she will challenge you. Complete her challenge to learn Eponaís song and have Epona back. Jump over the fences that leads to the ocean in Termina field.

Great Bay:

Look out on the ocean and swim out to the birds. Help the Zora there back to the coast. Talk to him and play the Song Of Healing and he will give you the Zoras mask. Go inside the big entrance to your right and swim to Zora hall. Go out to Lulu and slice the statue there. Swim to the right until Tatl will tell you something. Crash into the wall there and go inside the entrance

Gerudo Fortress:

Swim to the other side and put the Goron Mask on. Stomp the button and swim trough the hole. Go trough the maze and go up to next floor. Hit the switch with the boomerang and swim quickly trough the exit. Swim to the ladder and climb up. Hit the switch and run over to the rear. Hit the other switch from here and you will go up. Climb up and hit the switch and then go trough the next door. Climb up the tower without being seen and shoot a arrow on the wasps and the guard will run away. Run out and jump down. Go in the door and open the chest to receive the Hookshot. Shoot the Hookshot on the tree and grab the Zora egg in a empty bottle. Go out and use the Hookshot to come to the next room. Shoot the guard and go inside the door. Get past the guard in this room and fight the next one. When you defeated her you go in the door and put the egg in a bottle. Go out of this area and go straight to the door in front of you. Defeat the guard and grab the third egg. Warp back to great Bay and deliver the eggs to the professor to get your bottles empty. Go back to Gerudo Lagoon and shoot the Hookshot on the window behind the building to get the last egg. Take a picture of a Gerudo guard. Warp back to Great Bay and go to the fishers hut. He will trade heís rare fish for the picture you took of the Gerudo guard. Swim to the rocks in the water and enter. The fish will now lead you to the last eggs. Kill the eels by using your shield on them. Search every cavern to find the last eggs. Swim back to the professor and deliver the last eggs. Take your guitar on and you will learn the ďNew bossa novaĒ. Warp back to Zora hall and play the song in front of the little island where Lulu stands. A giant turtle disguised as the island appears. Shoot the Hookshot on the tree and the turtle will take you to Great Bay temple.

Great Bay temple:

Go trough the door and in the temple. Swim in the water until you see a wheel. Rotate it and go up on land again. Take the right elevator when you come in and jump off it at the end. Jump on the water and go in the door. Swim to the yellow part down in the water. Kill the Deku Babas and go trough the door. Look down in the water and you can see a chest. Open it to receive a Small Key. Return to the control room and swim in the red part. Find the red gear and climb it to find a unlocked door. Open it and go trough the next door. Defeat the boss and open the chest to receive the ice arrows. Go back to the room where you found the compass and shoot ice arrows on the water so you can reach the other entrance. Go inside it and shoot a fire arrow to get the ice to melt. Go inside the door and defeat Gekko to receive the Boss key. Go back to the control room and shoot a ice arrow on the water thatís blocking you. Go inside the door and Hookshot you to the barrel. Shoot ice arrows so you can reach the button. Push it and go back to the control room. Swim trough the red entrance and shoot the octorok with a ice arrow to come up. Push the button and return to the control room. Go to the yellow corridor and shoot ice arrows so you can push the button in this room. Go back to the second room and Hookshot yourself to the roof. You will land on the water sprout. Jump to the button and press it. Jump over to the yellow platforms and press the button here. Go back and enter the green room. Climb the rear and press the button. Swim back to the new corridor and take the elevators to shoot the blades with ice arrows. Jump over the blades and enter the door. Shoot the ice in the roof with Fire arrows to reach the top. Press the button and swim back to the green room. Use the new water sprout to reach Gyorg. Kill him (not easy) by using your boomerangs to get the Gyorg mask. Go to Ikanas graveyard and play the Sonata of awakening in front of the skeleton to fight him. He will try to escape, but just shoot him with arrows and slice him till he give up. He will give you the Captains hat. Talk to the skeletons at the graveyard and jump down the grave. Kill the enemy here and you will learn Song Of Storms. Complete the horse race and head back to the man sitting on the hill. Talk to him with the Garoís mask on and Hookshot you up to the tree. Climb up the mountainside and slash the statue. Go inside the cavern over the house and play the Song Of Storms for the Poe in there. Go out and place a bomb outside the house. When the girl is far away, sneak inside the house and play the Song Of Healing in front of the Gibdo. You will then receive the Gibdoís mask. Go inside the well and bring the Gibdos what they want and grab the Mirror shield at the end. Warp back to Ikana valley and go inside the crack in the castle.

Ikana Ruins:

Go inside the big crack wearing Gibdoís mask and go inside the first door. Hit the switch and run to the next one. Use the Deku launcher and hit the switch with normal Link. Jump down and go inside the door. Fly over to the Platform and see the hidden one with the Lens Of Truth. Jump over to it and enter. Follow the way until you come to a Deku Launcher. Fly over to the switch and press it. Jump down and go back to the ruins. Shoot the other switch and enter the other door. Defeat Floor master with the mirror shield. Light the rock and it will disappear. Defeat Wizrobe and blow the dark circle up with a Powder Keg. Jump down and shoot a fire arrow at the windows. Use the light to defeat the King. You will be teached the Elegy song. Warp back to Ikana and enter the Stone tower

Stone Tower:

Make your way up by playing the Elegy song with different masks on and press the switches. Then, enter Stone Tower Temple

Stone Tower Temple (reality):

Go left and you can see a door. Enter it and play the Elegy song on every switch. When the gate opens- enter it. Put a bomb on the ground where the colours are a little dark. Go down the stairs on your right side and light the block with the Mirror shield. Kill all the statues to receive a Small Key. Go out and open the locked door. Swim as a Zora in the water until the hand grabs you. It will throw you upon the platform and you can open the chest to get another delicious Small Key. Swim past the hand and go inside the next room. Climb up to the platform and open the locked door. Punch all the blocks with Goron Link and kill all the black boes. Light the mirrors to each other and enter the new room. Fly over with Deku Link and enter the door. Kill Ghost of Garo and open the chest to receive the light arrow. Warp back to the entrance and go out of the temple. Warp over to the statue and shoot the switch with the light arrow. The stone tower has now been turned around.

Stone Tower Temple (illusion):

Go trough the door on your right side and shoot a light arrow on the block to make it disappear. Use the Deku launcher to make it to the next area. Go trough the entrance and press the button. Go back and open the chest to receive a Small Key. Fly high up in the air to unlock the door. Shoot the switch on the other side of the room and walk trough the lava with Goron link. Shoot the switch again and go trough the door. Move the block in the next room by shooting the switch several times. Defeat the Wizrobe in the next room and hookshot up to the chest. Fly trough the room and enter the door. Fly trough this room too and enter the door. Defeat Gomez and grab the Boss key. Go back to the last room and fly up to the left. Find the chest and grab the key. Go back and fly to the right entrance. Kill the Eyegole in this room and take the Giant mask. Go trough the door and hookshot up to the chest. Enter the door to fight Twinmold. To defeat them-just take the Giant mask on and slice them with your sword.

Back to Clock Town:

Return to Clock Town at midnight on the last day and go inside the clock. Play the Oath Of Order and the spirits will stop the moon from falling down. Enter the moon to fight the last bossÖ

Inside the Moon:

Talk to the boy wearing the Majoras mask to start the fightÖ

Majoras mask:

Just shoot the mask with arrows and slice him when his down on the first stage to let him transform into a quicker version of itself. Shoot him with arrows and slice him with your sword to defeat this stage. Shoot him with arrows when you have the chance and slice him with your sword to defeat him. And thatís the end of Majoras mask.


Bremen mask:

Go to Laundry pool on the night on the second or third day. Talk to the man and he will give you the mask. You can play a melody that makes some animals follow you with this mask.

Great Fairy mask:

Bring two fairies back to North Clock Town and the great fairy will give you this mask. The fairies in the temples wonít be afraid of you when you wear this mask.

Bunny Hood:

Play the melody Bremen mask has in Chicken poop to get all the chickens to grow. The owner will give you the mask as a thank. Link can run faster when he wears this mask.

Mask of Scent:

The Deku family will give you this mask when you helped the princess home. Link can see a hole in the ground with this mask.

Romaniís mask:

Complete the sub quests to Romani and Creamia to receive this mask. It lets you enter the milk bar in nighttime.

Kameroís mask:

Play the Song Of Healing to the man standing on one of the mushrooms in night. This mask letís you dance in a weird style.

Kafeiís mask:

Talk to the woman in the mayorís office and she will hire you to find her lost son, Kafei. She will give you the mask to do the investigations a little easier.

Captains hat:

Defeat the big skeleton in Ikanaís valley.

Mask Of Truth:

Complete the spider house in Woodfall. Talk to the man outside and he will give you the mask. You can talk to animals wearing this mask.

All night mask:

Buy it from the curiosity shop after you saved the old lady on the first day. You can only buy it on the last day. You canít fall asleep wearing this.

Giant mask:

Defeat the Eyegore in Stone Tower Temple. Can only be used in Twinmoldīs cave.

Stone mask:

Give the soldier in Ikana valley a red potion and he will hand you the Stone mask. Some enemyís canít see you wearing this mask.

Keatonís mask:

See Anjuís and Kafeiís sub quest for have you get it. Hit the bushes that moves with this mask on and a keaton will appear. Answer her questions and she will give you a heart piece.

Don geroís mask:

Bring the food from the Goron shrine to the hungry Goron with the frog mask on. You can talk to the frogs if you wear this mask.

Garoís mask:

Defeat the horse race and you will be given this mask. Letís you enter the canyon area.

Postmanís hat:

Give the letter from kafei to the postman and talk to him after he delivered it. He will give you the mask. You can peek inside the mail boxes with this mask.

Circus leader mask:

Play all the songs for the Zora manager in the milk bar.

Couples mask:

Complete Kafei and Anjuís sub quest to receive this mask.

Gibdoís mask:

Play the song of healing for the Gibdo in the music house. The Gibdoís wonít attack you if you wear this mask.

Fierce diety mask:

Give away all the masks on the moon and talk to the kid with the Majoras mask on him. He will give you it. It makes the last boss a hole easier.

Anju and kafeiís sub quest:

Day one:

15.00:Go to the stock pot inn and talk to Anju wearing Kafeiīs mask. She will meet you later.
24.00:Go to the kitchen and talk to Anju. She will give you the letter from Kafei.
01.00:Put the letter in a mail box.
Day two:
14.00:Go to kafeiīs house in laundry pool and wait for the postman. When Kafei leaves his house-go inside it. Kafei will give you the pendant of memories.
17.00:Deliver the pendant too Anju.
Day tree:
13.00:Go to Kafeiīs house and go inside. The curiosity shop owner is there and gives you the Keaton mask and express mail to mama. You can either deliver this mail to Madame aroma and get a bottle or deliver it to the postman to get the Postmanís hat.
18.30:Go to Sakonís hideout in Ikana valley and wait for Sakon to appear. Complete the sub quest and warp back to Clock Town. Go to Anjuís room and wait for Kafei. They will give you the Couples mask.

Good luck!!!
Submitted By: Wargamer
Walkthroughs for all the Masks.

The Kafei Task (reduced).

First day
1. Get the inn key from Anju in the Stock Pot Inn sometime between 1:45 pm and when the real person comes at about 4:00 pm.

2. Talk to Mrs Dotour and she will give you Kafeiís mask, she is located in East clock town up the stairs in the Mayors Residence.

3. Talk to Anju again with the Kafeiís mask on at 2:15 pm and she will make an appointment with you.

4. Go to the post office after 6 pm and play his game (with the bunny hood on is easier) you will have a few hours so there is no need to hurry to much.

5. Be at Anjuís appointment at 11:30 pm this time is also recorded in your bombers notebook.

Second day
1. Deliver Anjuís letter to a post box.

2. Be at the laundry pool at 3 pm and go in the back door after a boy with a yellow fox-like mask comes out to talk to the postman and when he re-enters, talk to him.

3. Bring the pendant of memories to Anju.

Third day
1. Go to the back door of the curiosity shop in the afternoon but before 6 pm.

2. Youíll get the Keatonís mask when you talk to the guy who owns the curiosity shop, and deliver the letter to the postman.

3. Get to the bottom of Ikana valley before 6 pm and go up the path to your right if you were coming from clock town and go all the way to the end and talk to Kafei behind the rock. Go into Sakons hideout and figure it out on your own.

4. Go back to clock town and talk to the postman outside of the milk bar. He will give you the postman's hat.

5. Be in Anjuís room (the employeeís only door) in the stockpot inn. Kafei will be there.


Great Fairies Mask:
To get the great fairies mask go to the Laundry pool in daytime (or East Clock town at night) and get the fairy. Then go to Great Fairyís Fountain in North Clock town. Go up to the pool and the fairy will appear and join up with the others there to form the Great Fairy, she will then give you the Great Fairies Mask. This mask allows you to see if Fairies are in a room with you and also attracts them to you so that they will come if they can.

Bremen Mask:
To get the Bremen Mask simply go to the Laundry Pool at night as a child and talk to the man sitting on the bench playing an instrument. He will give you the Bremen Mask once you have listened to his story. The Bremen Mask makes you march to a tune.

Bunny Hood:
To get the bunny hood go to Milk road (after completing the Snow Head Temple and getting Powder Kegs) and blow up the boulder. Go through and head along the road. When you reach the end go not to the place that the path goes but go to the other one. Inside there are loads of chicks (not girls). Using the Bremen Mask round them all up (there are 20) and they will all turn into roosters. Talk to the boy under the tree in the centre and he will give you the Bremen Mask for allowing him to see his chicks as roosters. The Bunny Hood makes you run faster

Stone Mask:
To get the stone mask you will need to get a red potion (from West Clock town) then go out of the East gate towards Icana Canyon. Call your Epona and ride her up towards Icana Canyon until you reach the man who guards the way. There is a small circle of rocks (the kinds you can pick up and throw) beneath the ghost who guards the way. Using the lens of truth look at them and you will see an armoured guard (like those at the gates of Clock Town). Talk to him and he will ask if you have anything to heal him with, give him the potion and he will give you the Stone Mask. The stone mask will make you invisible to enemies so you can kill Dodongos much more easily.

Blast Mask:
To get the Blast Mask go to North Clock Town before midnight on the first day and Sacon (a thief) will try to steal a bag from an old lady. Slash him with your sword and he will drop the bag and run away. When he is gone the old lady will talk to you and give you the Blast Mask. The Blast Mask acts like a rechargeable bomb. Use it with the sword button when it is selected. If you use the Bomb Mask with your Shield up then it will not hurt you.

Mask of Truth:
To get the Mask of Truth go to the Swamp and on a little island there is a house the door of which is covered with a web. Shoot an arrow through the torch at the web or light a Deku stick and burn it down (if you draw your sword once youĎve used the Deku stick then it will not get burnt up). When you are in you should find all the golden Skulltullas. Some of them are hidden so you should try pounding pots, rolling into the big tree and putting bottled bugs into soft patches of ground then go and talk to the person the beginning and he will give you the Mask of Truth. The Mask of Truth Allows you to talk to Gossip Stones it also allows you to see what dogs think which can help you win at the races.

Gibdo Mask:
To get the Gibdo Mask go to Icana Canyon and go into the Musical Box. If you havenít yet completed the temple then you should throw a bomb near the door to the house then run around the back. A girl then comes out and she will walk away then when she is far enough away you should run into the house and go down stairs. Once there go up to a cupboard and a weird Gibdo will come out. Play the song of healing to him and he will return to his original form leaving only a mask, which you should pick up. The Gibdo Mask will make Gibdoís dance when they see it this means that they wont attack you.

Captains Hat:
To get the Captains Hat go to Icana Graveyard and go up round the back to where there is a skeleton blocking an archway. Play the sonata of awakening and he will get up and walk away you must follow him and shoot him with arrows to stop him getting to far ahead then you must actually attack him with your sword (fire arrows do this as well). After a few hits he tells you that he surrenders. You will be transported to one edge of the broken archway and from here (after the video finishes) you can Hookshot onto the chest in which is the Captains Hat. The Captains Had allows you to make the guards around the edge of the graves at night open them up (they are round a different grave each night) it also means that they donít attack you on sight.

Romaniís Mask:
To get Romaniís Mask you must save the cows on the first day and travel with Romaniís sister in the cart. You must prevent all the milk churns being broken by the bandits by shooting them when they yell and charge. Upon doing this you will receive Romaniís mask. The Romaniís Mask allows you access to the milk bar (East Clock Town) where you can get special milk called Chateau Romani. This will give you infinite magic until you go back in time however they only have this milk if you save the cows and help the wagon reach its destination.

Circus Leaders Mask:
To get the circus leaders mask you must go into the milk bar on the first or second day and (using each of your masks in turn and yourself) play what the Zora wants you to. The drunken man at the bar will boo you each time until you reach the last one then he will call you over and give you the Circus Leaders Mask. The Circus Leaders Mask Makes the Gorman Brothers (on milk road) look sad.

Garoís Mask:
To get this mask you must beat the Gorman Brothers (on milk road). They will give you it if you can beat them in a horse race. The Garoís Mask allows you to go up to Icana canyon. You talk to the ghost Guard while wearing the mask and he will make a tree come up which you need to Hookshot onto to get up to Icana Canyon and Stone Tower.

All-Night Mask:
The All-Night Mask is the easiest mask to get all you have to do is go to the Curiosity Shop on the night of the final day. When the timer goes on and after Sacon comes, buy the Mask from the shop for 500 rupees (I am not sure of the exact price).

Kamaroís Mask:
Kamaroís Mask can be found when the timer goes off on the last day where the mushroom shaped rocks are just outside the North Gate. Around one of the rocks there is music, jump onto this rock and talk to the person there then play the song of Healing and he will leave you with the Kamaroís Mask. The Kamaroís Mask makes you dance to music. You can use it in front of the Rosa Sisters in West Clock Town and they will give you a heart Piece.

Kafieís Mask:
To get this mask all you have to do is talk with the Mayors Wife in East Clock Town and she will give you the mask so that you can look for her son Kafie. This Mask allows you to get the Keatons Mask in the Anju and Kafie problem.

Giants Mask:
The Giants Mask is locater in the Stone Tower Temple just before the boss (for more details you can see a walkthrough on Majoras Mask). The Mask is given to you just after you kill a blue monster that shoots blue energy at you. The Giants Mask Makes you huge but can only be used when fighting the boss of the Stone Tower temple.

Fierce Deity's Mask:
The Fierce Deityís Mask is located inside the moon. All you have to do is give the kids running around the tree your masks and once you have talked to all of them and found all of them you must talk to the one in the middle (sitting down) and he will play you. You will be given the mask and must fight Majora (it is easy with the mask) and then when you go back on you will find yourself with the fierce Deity's Mask and all your old masks back again.

Mask of Scents:
The Deku butler gives the Mask of Scents to you when you race him (if you win get through) after the Deku Temple. It allows you to see and get some herbs for one on the witches at the Swamp who will then make the Blue Potion.

Don Geroís Mask:
The Don Geroís Mask comes from a Goron at the mountain forge. You must turn on all the lights on the Goron City. This will make the chandelier stat to rotate. All you have to do is Goron roll over the jump and break the pots until you break the one with the Dodongo Cavern rock in it. Then you have to take the rock to a Goron who is stuck on a ledge and throw it up to him. He will eat it and roll down, give you the mask as thanks and roll away. The Don Geroís Mask allows you to talk to Frogs, which can get you a Heart Piece (next).

How to get Couples Mask:
See The Kafie Saga at the top of this page.

Postmans Hat:
See The Kafie Saga at the top of this page.

Keatons Mask:
You receive this mask during the Anju and Kafie problem from the Curiosity shop owner who gives it to you at night on the final Day in the back room of the curiosity shop (located in the Laundry Pool).

If it is Ok by the owners of this site I have no objections to people copying and printing the information on this page as it would probably be easier to understand on a word document (because that is what this page was created on). I wrote this on Microsoft Word with Times New Roman at size 12 and all the mask headings were in bold so there may be some layout faults because this page dosnt seem to have all the same accessorys.

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