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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4"

This game is also available on Xbox, PS2, PS1 and GBC.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 (Gamecube)
Submitted By: AgentFrodo
1)College --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Get a High Score: 40,000 points ***************************************************************************

You have to get 40,000 points in 2 mins

All you have to do is a series of trick to get 40,000 points Not to hard but very easy. If you are new to the game try the Practice mode to build up some skill before hitting this one.

************************************************************************************** Collect the S-K-A-T-E letters ***************************************************************************S - Á is a blue and White building not hard to miss. All you have to do is grind one Of the blue railings and Ollie and grind the ledge the "S" is on.

K- This letter is located on a wire right above the parking garage. To get this letter all you have to do is go by a building that is Made of all yellow steel beams. You will see a red rail that goes Around a curve. Just grind the rail around and up a white and red Piece of wood and Ollie off when you get to the end then grind the Wire to the K.

A- This letter is located by the frat house all you have to do is Jump off the frat house balcony.

T- This letter is located in the air by a building with a vet ramp Under it. There is a blue lunch table by the building all you have to Do is skate up the vert and grab the letter.

E- This letter is located on the other building opposite the where the "T" was located. There is a bluish gray vert just go up it and Spine Transfer on the 2nd floor and go to the right and the "E" is right There.

************************************************************************************** Collect C-O-M-B-O ************************************************************************************** Note: to get this goal you must collect all the letters within one Combo string.

To do this first grind the steel rail and grabbing the "C" and continue Through grinding and getting "O-M-B" then Ollie over the bride and collect The "O" and then land your combo with out falling.

************************************************************************************** Race the Inline Skaters ************************************************************************************** All you have to do is go trough the cones with the flags in them. Not too hard and the red arrow tells you where to go.

************************************************************************************** Nail the tricks they yell out ************************************************************************************** There will be a half pipe and just do the button combinations That appears in the lower right part of the screen.

************************************************************************************** Get Back At the 5 Frat Boys ************************************************************************************** The frat house has a garbage truck in front of it. There are 3 Of the 5 frat boys on the ledge there. They are indicated by a Orange arrow over there heads. Then there are 2 frat boys on the Wall across from the house you can wall ride to hit them or grind The wall there. To grind the wall you must wall ride then jump off And grind.

************************************************************************************** Spine Transfer over the wall ************************************************************************************** Ok when u start the wall is to the left of you. Just go over the Wall doing the spine transfer move (L2) or (R2). Then go back over The wall and do the trick it tells you to while doing a spine. Then do another trick it tells you to again over doing a spine.

************************************************************************************** Warn the Other Skaters ************************************************************************************** Follow the red arrow to all the skaters with a orange arrow over There heads these ones not hard. There are 4 skaters.

************************************************************************************** Skitch the Professor's Car ************************************************************************************** When behind the car push UP. Then balance yourself till you Complete The goal.

************************************************************************************** Grind down Officer Tomís Banners ************************************************************************************** Complete wall ride up the wall then Ollie and grind and knock down the Banners There are 4 on the 1st wall then 3 on the 2nd wall. The 2nd wall Are to The right of the wall you just grinded.

************************************************************************************** Get 75,000 points in 2mins ************************************************************************************** Bust out your best lines or combos including special moves to.

************************************************************************************** Stop all of the pink elephants ************************************************************************************** Including Start by grinding the log, then grind the lower ledge. Do a Spine Transfer over the ramp, then another spine transfer, Then grind the log and jump as you need too. You may have to manual Or revert to still collect when the time is up. This one is hard so Just keep Retrying.

************************************************************************************** Medal the High Combo Competition ************************************************************************************** Just do a combo close to or around 30,000 points for a medal. Doesnít matter if you take 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, to beat it.

************************************************************************************** Nail a 360 varial Mctwist ************************************************************************************** Get special then do the move it shows on the screen on a vert ramp.

************************************************************************************** Clock 5 jocks in one combo ************************************************************************************** There are football players running around there. Just grind and Manual until you hit 5 in a row.

************************************************************************************** Gap between floats 10 times ************************************************************************************** All you have to do is go over the blue float till you hit the Middle float and spine over to the float that looks like a Book. Then spine back and repeat.

************************************************************************************** Combo the benches, stairs, and flag pole ************************************************************************************** Ok you need to get 50,000 points in one combo using the benches Stairs and flag pole ledge. Easy way is to have a special grind. First grind the benches then manual to the stairs then do a the Special grind on the flag pole ledge and keep going around then Jump off when you think you have 50,000. This must all be in oneCombo.

************************************************************************************** Get all master's lip gaps ************************************************************************************** To get the 4 lip gaps you must do a lip trick on the right lip.

Gap 1 - located in front of you at start go up vert and lip the Roof.

Gap 2 - the building with the homecoming 2k2 sign on it lip the Top of the sign.

Gap 3 - the building where you got the "T" in skate one of the Roofing that sticks out.

Gap 4 - if your landing from gap 3 go right and there is an old Looking building with a vert on it and thatís the last gap.

*************************************************************************************** Collect Pro C-O-M-B-O *************************************************************************************** Okay I recommend you have rail balance stat maxed before doing this Or if you got lots of skill try it out. First start out by wall ride Up to the ledge and grind and get the "C" keep grinding till you get To the "O" then jump to the next ledge going right. When on the right Ledge grind and keep going collecting the "M" and "B" letters. Then Grind near the end and jump off and grind the wire that goes by Leading to the "O". This one is kind of hard but takes practice.

*************************************************************************************** Beat Bob's 3 best combos (might be another skaters name not sure) *************************************************************************************** 1st combo - 20,000 2nd combo - 40,000 3rd combo - 60,000

You must score all points in 1 combo

************************************************************************************* Get Sick Score: 250,000 in 2min ************************************************************************************* Same as other score challenges do your stuff to get the score.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (2)San Francisco ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

************************************************************************************ Get a high score: 50,000 points in 2min ************************************************************************************ Same as other score challenges do your stuff to get the score.

************************************************************************************ Collect the S-K-A-T-E letters ************************************************************************************ S - Go straight and hit the vert ramp and landing to the right.

K - On the circle looking stairs south of the "S"

A - The Top of the Slam Bros. Building go up the brown vert and spine Because you have to be up there to get the "T".

T - on a wire. If you spined from the "A" go right and hop from roof To roof and jump on the wire and grind to get the "T".

E - Keep grinding on the wire and jump to the building in front of u And grind the edge to get the "E" if you miss and fall just to the Pier there and jump back on that building and jump to get the "E"

************************************************************************************ Collect the C-O-M-B-O letters ************************************************************************************ Start off by grinding the ledge to your left there and collect the "C" Then keep grinding and jump over the little ledges that stick out and Get the "O" then the "M" till you get to the "B" then jump off and Manual and head left still in the manual and grind the ledge to get the "O".

************************************************************************************ Find the messengerís 5 missing packages ************************************************************************************ First get the package right at the start is right in front of you. Then Continue right to get the rest there not hard to spot.

************************************************************************************ Axle Stall the 3 pier signs ************************************************************************************ Ok do an axle stall on the wooden sign above each vert. the 1st one is Right in front of you and the other two are on the other side of the dock There right by each other.

************************************************************************************ Feed the 4 Angry Sea lions ************************************************************************************ You see the fisher men by the railing. You have to hit there tackle box To make them look away then grind the railing where they just where and Nock down the fish in to the water do it to the 4 fisher men to compete The goal.

************************************************************************************ Manual the Overhead Walkway ************************************************************************************ Just manual at the cones to the next pair of cones.

************************************************************************************ Beat Muska's 3 best combos (might be different skater name) ************************************************************************************ Combo 1 - 4,000 these combos are easy. Combo 2 - 5,000 Combo 3 - 6,000

************************************************************************************ Dark slide the waterside railing ************************************************************************************ Get special then do the move behind the guy getting his picture taken.

************************************************************************************ Medal the competition ************************************************************************************ Get around 75,000 + points per session and you will get a medal.

************************************************************************************ Get Pro score: 100,000 points ************************************************************************************ Do what you got to do to get the points.

************************************************************************************ Save Painter Neal ************************************************************************************ Grind the wire going around the boulder to make the rock hit the shark.

************************************************************************************ Race the bike messenger ************************************************************************************ Skitch on the back of a car and get to the turn around point then do The same to get to the Goal.

************************************************************************************ Race to Get the Camera ************************************************************************************ 1. Go to the warehouse follow the Red arrow on the top of the screen 2. Go to the bench at the bus stop. 3. Go get the film under the stairs 4. Bring back the camera to the guy

************************************************************************************ Manual, gap and Manual the Setup ************************************************************************************ Ok manual the plywood rollercoaster then jump over the gap and manual To the end. Donít jump off at the end manual to the concrete.

************************************************************************************ Nail the tricks they shout out ************************************************************************************ There will be a ledge to the right and just do the button combinations That appears in the lower right part of the screen. You must do the trick Coming on the ledge or off.

************************************************************************************ Get a Sick Score: 300,000 ************************************************************************************ I recommend doing combos with specials revert and manuals.

************************************************************************************ Collect Pro C-O-M-B-O ************************************************************************************ Start out by jumping of the little ramp and grinding to get the "C" Then jump to the right onto the wire then jump again to the right on The next wire collecting the "O". Then jump back to the left wire getting The "M" then jump off the wire manual and go up the vert and get the "B" Then revert to a manual and head Right to the warehouse and get the "O" Which is on a little vert ramp.

************************************************************************************ Manual the Pad in both Directions ************************************************************************************ Manual down the pad then jump off then manual up the vert do a revert And manual back then jump and manual the rest of the way down the pad.

************************************************************************************ Do the spine Transfer-Transfer ************************************************************************************ Go up the vert landing a little to the right and angle yourself toward The left so you get distance once you go off the vert hit a L2 or R2 To land on the other vert.

************************************************************************************ Grind the Blockers off the Ledge ************************************************************************************ Under the ledge with the blockers there is a Red circle on the wall Itís an alarm. Wall ride it to distract the Guard then grind the blockers You might have to hit the alarm again to grind the other side of blockers If youíre fast you can do it in one shot.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (3)Alcatraz ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

************************************************************************************ Get a high score: 55,000 in 2min ************************************************************************************ Do what you got to do to get the points.

************************************************************************************ Collect the C-O-M-B-O letters ************************************************************************************ Start out by grind the ledge that the "C" is on then jump off and Collect the "O" in midair and land and grind on the pipe then jump Off on to the brown little roof grind the side of it when you get the "M" on the roof is the "B" then jump off and go straight and on a vert There is the "O".

************************************************************************************ Collect the S-K-A-T-E letters ************************************************************************************ S - The letter is right in front of you at the start.

k - The letter is on the first switch back just below the ramp from "S".

A - From "K" go down the hill there off the ramp and get the "A".

T - The letter is on the railing by the water.

E - To get this letter you must grind the ledge of where the "T" is And follow it. Then jump on to the gutter of the house to your Right then jump off when the gutter makes a little ramp. Then Snag the "E".

************************************************************************************ Take the Alcatraz Tour ************************************************************************************ To do this one grab onto the cart and he will bring you to the first This to do. Just go up the vert and grind the birds off then grab back On the cart when it says you did it. Then grind the kegs off the ledge. Then grab the cart and it will take you to Ranger Bob and just grind him Off the ledge.

************************************************************************************ Revert madness ************************************************************************************ First do a revert. Then revert to manual. Then lip trick to revert then To manual and thatís complete.

************************************************************************************ Dunk 30 Tourists ************************************************************************************ The tourists are by the ledge you can grind or bump into them so they Go into the water. The tourists respawn so you can go back for more.

************************************************************************************ Distract the Guards ************************************************************************************ Just knock over the garbage cans with the orange arrow over them. Each time you knock over a can it gives you more time.

************************************************************************************ Semi Flip the Bulldozer ************************************************************************************ Get special then do the semi flip move off the bulldozer.

************************************************************************************ Find the Guard's Keys ************************************************************************************ The first key is in front of you and there are (5) on the ledge in front Of you grind the ledge to get those keys. Now on the right side of the Building wall ride up and grind the ledge when youíre done grinding you Should have (11) keys. Now grind the bowl and get the rest of the keys.

************************************************************************************ Medal in the competition ************************************************************************************ Get about 100,000 points in each session to get a medal

************************************************************************************ Get a Pro Score: 100,000 Points in 2min ************************************************************************************ Just do what you got to do to get the points.

************************************************************************************ Pull off Mullenís tech trick (might be another skaterís name) ************************************************************************************ Do the first trick then manual across the ledge then do the other trick Off the ledge and land.

************************************************************************************ Ranger Ron's Skitch launch ************************************************************************************ First go for distance. So grab onto the right side of Ranger Ron's Car then press down before his cart stops. Hit the ramp in front of The bathrooms. Thereís now new ramps a slope on the right and a vert ramp on the left Use right side to launch you up and into the river, There will be floating signs and you need to hit the furthest ones to Complete this. Now for height. Skitch on the left side of his cart, hit The ramp by the bathrooms, then hit the vert pipe on the left instead Of the slope on the right.

************************************************************************************ Escape From Alcatraz ************************************************************************************ Okay this one takes time and practice to memorize where all 33 items are. First start out by grinding down the rope. Then collect the items on The roof. You should have (3) then directly straight of where you came from There is a vert ramp. Go up the ramp to the right and angle yourself so That you hit the 3 items in the air. Now you will land in a empty pool. You should have (6) items now. Grind around the pool collecting the items. You want to go in the direction opposite of the water tower you should have (10) Items. Now get the first item then wall ride the wall to the right and Get the next item then jump off and grab the next by the area the leads down. You should have (13) items now. Go down the Hill and grind the railing then Jump the gap and grind the next railing. You should now have (16) items. Now Follow the items and go over the vert by the big hole in the wall collecting The items and get the one over the pitcher mound. You should now have (21) Now there are 3 big pipes you want to grind the one all the way left. Here Is a tricky part when you collect the item on the pipe you want to jump off When the pipe is going up hill on the bend then land and grind the little Pipes on the hill collecting the item. You should now have (26) items then Grind the rusty looking ramp you should be lined up with it after the little Pipes. Now keep grinding and collecting the items then grind the railing by The water taking you on to the boat. You should have (30) items when your On the boat and the last item is on the top level of the boat. Use the Ramps Or another method to get there making you have all (33) items.

************************************************************************************* Nail the tricks they yell out ************************************************************************************* Simple just do the tricks

************************************************************************************* Bullís eye launch ************************************************************************************* You want to get 50 points each time. This one make take a couple of tries Just jump and aim your self for the yellow circle. There not to say how To do it. Just got to keep getting 50's till you get 400 points.

************************************************************************************* Get a Sick Score 400,000 points in 2min ************************************************************************************* Specials and big scoring combos will do the trick

************************************************************************************* Collect Pro C-O-M-B-O ************************************************************************************* First grind the railing getting the "C" then jump to the left and wall ride And grind the ledge. On the ledge grind and jump off the light and get the "O" in midair and land and grind the roof. Grind the roof and jump over the Little roof that sticks out and grind the other side then jump off getting The "M" and grind the stone wall it lines you up with. Keep grind around Then jump and grind the broken railing around then jump off getting the "B" And grind the Roof going around onto a pipe then jump off on to a wire. Grind the wire and it will lead to the "O".

************************************************************************************* Pose for 6 Pictures ************************************************************************************* First do the trick over the crumbled wall its right in front of you. Then Lip trick the red power railing just go up the first hill and you will See a hill with the words Red ruler on it go up the vert and do the Trick on the railing. Now go right and stright and you will see a big hole By some stairs. Do the trick it says over the hole. Now go to the busted Hole in the wall and do the trick it says over the wall. Now get to the top Of the Building by going in the doors that say up with a green sign. Then do The lip trick it tells you to do on the flag pole. Then on the opposite end of Flagpole there is a ramp with a pipe on it grind it to a wire and do the grind It tells you to on the wire.

************************************************************************************* Manual the Switchbacks ************************************************************************************* The way I did it was manualing without holding the X button down So I can turn with out losing control but takes a lot of balancing

************************************************************************************* Nail the Mega Combos They yell out ************************************************************************************* Do all the moves it tells you in one combo

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ (4)Kona ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

************************************************************************************* Get a high Score: 60,000 in 2min ************************************************************************************* Just bust out some tricks and get that score.

************************************************************************************* Collect the S-K-A-T-E letters ************************************************************************************* S - The letter is down the path not hard to miss.

K - right by the kidney pool

A - Above the hut between the blue and red pools.

T - down by the skate park area in the middle.

E - on the big orange half pipe.

************************************************************************************* Collect the C-O-M-B-O letters ************************************************************************************* First grind to get the "C" then jump off and manual and go to the vert Lining yourself up with the "O" then go up and spine over getting the Letter then revert to manual then grind the rail with the "M" on it Then jump off and manual the next rail then jump on the blue rail getting The "B" and stay on it till it lines you up with the "O" then jump and Grind the red rail and youíre done.

************************************************************************************* Place 3rd of better - Street competition ************************************************************************************* Use the Skate Park to rack up some points o get a medal. Remember to Use combos to rack in big scores.

************************************************************************************* Find the 4 missing rental gear items ************************************************************************************* 1. on a vert ramp down next to the bleachers down by the skate park 2. Behind the Big orange half pipe 3. in a little bowl north of the half pipe. 4. On a blue strip north of the where #3 was.

************************************************************************************* Show off for the locals at the mini spine ************************************************************************************* Just do the tricks they call out while going over the spine.

************************************************************************************* Snake Run Slalom ************************************************************************************* For this one you just ride your skateboard down the path and go through The cones. This can be tricky but keep at it. Learn where the cones are You should be fine.

************************************************************************************* Save the birds on the power lines ************************************************************************************* Okay all you have to do is hold a lip trick where a bird is sitting on The wire. Hold the trick until it says good job! Keep going. There is Bird crap on the pipe where the birds are.

************************************************************************************* Misty flip over the big hut ************************************************************************************* You need most of your stats up high to do this one. Get special then do The trick over the Hut.

************************************************************************************* Impress Ollie and the bums with combos ************************************************************************************* First combo get 10,000 then 11,000 then 12,000.

************************************************************************************* Get a Pro score: 125,000 ************************************************************************************* Do what you got to do to get the score

************************************************************************************* Collect the skate camp wavers ************************************************************************************* The Wavers are not that hard to follow start out by skating and getting The wavers to the salaom run is and follow it down. You should have (6) When u get to the salaom run. Collect the 3 wavers on the salaom run, You have (9) wavers now. Then continue down the sidewalk to skate pa
Submitted By: Tribute
You Praise The Ground That Tony Hawk Walks On. He's Your Master,
Your God And... But Wait? You're Crap At His Games? Hahaha! Lets
All Mock The Prissy Boy!

If You're In That Scenario, I Suggest You Read My Walk through
Of The College Level On Tony Hawks 4 Below. It Could Help You
Get Through It...


High/pro Score - Try To Grind A Lot, Whilst Using Manuals To
Link The Moves Together, Thus Earning You More Points. Also, Try
To Vary Your Moves As Old Moves Get Less Points.

S - Outside School, Easily Accessible When Grinding Rails
K - On The Rails Above Shops - Accessed By Using The Barrier
Thingys Next To It...
A - Near The Frat House And Garbage Truck
T - On A Ramp Near The Big School House
E - On A Balcony Near The Bowl With The Purple 'California
College' Sign In. Get On There By Following The Balcony To A
Rap, Which Allows You To Get On.

Combo - Try To Keep Your Balance As You Grind The Rail And, Once
It Comes To The Gap, Jump And Grind To Get The Final O And
Complete The Challenge.

Race The Skater - Take A Few Goes To Get Used To The Course,
Following The Arrow And Remembering The Places Of The Gates.
Once You Are Confident, Remember Not To Hit Anything And Try And
Be As Fast As Possible And You Shall Win.

Nail The Tricks They Yell Out - This Is A Case Of Having To Keep
On The Half Pipe And Being Accurate. If You Miss A Trick, Don't
Worry. Multiple Requests Usually Come In And You Can Make Up

Get Back At The Frat Boys - See That Ramp In front Of You? Just
To The Right Of That Is A Wall. Wallride (Jump Then Grind) That
And Then Jump And Then Grind Whilst Doing It. This Should Get
Rid Of 2 Of Them. Then Go Back To Your Starting Position And Go
Straight Ahead. You'll See A Balcony. Grind It And You Should
Knock The Other 3 Off.

Spine Transfer The Wall - This Was The First One I Did So It
Should Be Easy - Simply Do What The Photographer Is Asking You
To Do In The Very Generous Time Limit.

Warn The Other Skaters - Just Plan Our Route For A Few Goes And
Everything Should Be Fine. Try To Use As Much Speed As Possible
And Follow The Arrow And You Could Well Do It On Your First Go.

Skitch The Professors Car - Get Behind The Car And Press 'up'.
Then Press Pause And Turn The Sound Off. Start Again And
Concentrate On The Little Balance Bar And Trying To Keep It Bang
On Centre For The 30 Seconds It Asks You To.

Pink Elephants - Follow The Trail Of Pink Elephants That The Bum
Asks You To. Easy One This.

Combo Competition - Try To Use Different Grinds And Manuals To
Link Them All Together - Around Four Tricks Should Do. To Scrape
A Bronze, Two 8,000 Point Rounds Should Be Enough. A Gold Will
Want About 90, 000.

Nail A 360 Varial Mcflip - Use The Half Pipe To Get Your Special
Bar Flashing With High Scoring Points And Press The Buttons It
Tells You To On Screen To Pull The Move Off.

Clock 5 Jocks In 1 Combo - Use The Rails To Grind And Knock The
Jocks Over, And Use Manuals To Link Them All Up Into One
'combo'. Requires A Bit Of Luck And A Lot Of Hard Work.
Rewarding In The End Though.

Do 10 Float Gaps - Possibly The Easiest Goal On The Game - All
You Have To Do Is Move From One 'float' To Another 10 Times And
Its Done - Just Press Forward Whilst Going Up The Ramp And You
Should Be Okay.

You Are A Skater Boy, I Said See You Later Boy...

Tribute (Copyright 2002)

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