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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"James Bond 007: NightFire"

This game is also available on PS2, PC and GBA.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for James Bond 007: NightFire (Gamecube)
Submitted By: Chad Niga
I. Weapons

Wolfram PP7 - This is the pistol you will start with in moth
missions. It has
very accurate aim but is not two powerful, and is not horribly
fast at

AT-600 Scorpion - This gun is not very accurate, but can be
guided. It fires
fireball type rockets.

AT-420 Sentinel - This is among the best guns in the game. With
guided/unguided option and extremely powerful rockets, this
makes perfect for
one hit K.O. and getting a group of people at the same time.

Storm 32- A very inaccurate gun. If you have a lot of bullets,
this machine gun
can rip up and get the job done. Makes for good intimidation in

SG5 Commando - This gun not only has a second alternate fire and
a partial
sniper, but it is fairly accurate as well. However, it does not
carry that high
of rounds.

Raptor Magnum- This gun is loud and has a poor recovery rate,
but it is a fatal
gun and good for inflicting damage.

Kowloon 40- This gun is very average. It has okay accuracy and
good power.

Phoenix Samurai - This is a laser weapon. It heats quite easy
with good aim,
but very low power.

Frenesi Automatic 12 - This gun has extreme power and a fast
reload rate. It
can rip through people, but at a very far range it is not that

Militek Mark 6 MGL - A grenade launcher that you will use in
Phoenix Fire, it
has very low range and accuracy, but its large explosion is very

Flash Grenade - Virtually useless, this grenade is really only
used to save

Frag Grenade- This has a decent blast but is horribly inaccurate
and can hardly
be thrown ten feet.

Laser Trip Bomb- Similar to a laser trip wire, this will explode
if crossed.
Good for multiplayer battles.

Phoenix Ronin - An automatic machine gun stand, this gun cannot
be moved with
you but has no reloading and fires quite fast. Your body is
helpless, however.

Golden Gun - The classic one hit K.O. gun, this pistol is the
number one choice
for experienced Bond players. However, each round is only one

Gold P2K- This gun is usually one hit knock out, but not as
powerful as the
golden gun but can round seven at a time.

Deutsche M9K - This gun is very weak with a slow reload and
small rounds.
However, three bullets can fire in about a second.

AIMS-20 - This gun has a grenade mode as well as a machine gun.
It is fairly
accurate with good power.

Delta 900X Repeater- This gun is like a golden gun, slow but
deadly, it is an
excellent gun for getting fast kills. However, it is very large
and does not
fire bullets, which can have its dissadvantages.

Smoke Grande- A useful and interesting tool, the smoke grenade
allows you to
but time. In small multiplayer levels with grenade launchers,
you could have a
pretty chaotic game.

Satchel Charge - This is the same as the smoke grenade but
self-detonated at
times and with more precise aim.

Remote Mine - This is very fun to use. Not as cool as golden
eye, but it can
definetely trick people good.

Korsavok K5 - This is commonly called a gadget, but I call a
tranquilizer a
weapon. This is one hit K.O. , but way to slow for battle.

Covert Sniper Rifle - This has an extremely good snipe vision,
and is not
horribly slow at reloading.

Tactical Sniper Rifle - EXTREMELY SLOW yet very deadly when you
snipe. It seems
to hardly hurt when you are not sniping.

Shaver Stun Grenade - In my opinion, useless, just stuns the
guards and
obscures your vision.
II. Gadgets

Q-Decryptor -This gadget can download programs and find codes.
If you hold the
fire button, you can brake codes to open doors.

Q-Laser Watch - This can burn door locks and hinges. It cannot
be uses in
battles however.

Micro Camera - Use this camera to find people in far places and
take pictures,
used most in Chain Reaction.

Stunner - This can be used in place of a tranquilizer. It stuns
the guards, but
can only be used a close up ranges.

Q-Worm - This cannot be used for anything but to hack into
computer mainframe
so Bond can get data easier.

Q-Specs - These can help you see laser trip wires or see in the
dark. They are
very useful, since it is night often, hence the name of the

Q-Grapple - This is similar to the Q-Claw in agent under fire.
It latches on to
things and allows you to move across rooms. You will use it
often, and it can
help you get many Bond Moves.

A. Vehicles
1. V-12 Vanquish- A car and a sub, this car is not the fastest
but very
maneuverable and powerful. It can use Q-Wedge to get through
things, yet its
machine gun is weak.
2. Bond's Chopper- Used in Parris Prelude, this MI6 Chopper is
used by Bond in
the first mission.
3. Armored Snowmobile - A stolen vehicle bond uses to rip
through alpine
escape, it has weak guns and launchers and is not very fast.
4. Island SUV - Used in Island Infiltration, this jeep has low
agility but
extreme speed and power. It has not only guided missiles but a
guided machine
5. Ultralight - This plane, also used in Island Infiltration,
seems to be quite
useful for Alura. It has excellent guns.
6. Mega SAM- This vehicle Bond only uses for a short time. It
has weak grenade
launchers, but powerful ripping machine guns.
Okay, you start out and you see two cars, a red convertible, and
a truck.
Ignore the truck, and DO NOT SHOOT the red car. Shoot the black
cars only, and
for maximum damage snipe in to hit them. If you snipe one, you
should see a
clip of the other running into a truck. You will now rise higher
and the car
will go under a hill. You should see a car, not moving, shooting
at you. IGNORE
IT UNLESS YOU NEED THE POINTS. Only shoot it if it starts to
move. Another car
will take its place and you must shoot that as well. You'll now
fly for a bit,
and you should see a clip. One car is chasing after the agent.
You must shoot
it or you WILL lose the mission. Use your sniper to get it
quickly. James will
now says, "head over those buildings, we'll cut them off. You
are now, after
seeing a clip, facing what looks something like a construction
site. On the
object that looks like a crane, a long wire to be exact, there
will be an
object flashing blue. Shoot that or, yet again, you WILL LOSE
the mission
automatically. You see a clip and will now be in a car. When
the car says
"smokescreen online" immediately use it and you will get a bond
move. Continue
down the long path and turn on your first right. Go up the hill
and you should
hear someone yell something about a truck. Charge past it
RESTRAUNT AREA, AND continue forth. You will break open a gate
and see two
enemy cars. TAKE THEM DOWN. Continue forward and when it says Q
Wedge online,
use it in between the two cars to get through and get a bond
move. Continue and
you will see a roadblock. Take a right. Then take the first left
you sees. You
will see yet another roadblock of debris, so go to the path
right of it, into
what looks like the restraint area. KEEP GOING FORWARD and you
should leap off
an edge, but fall not to far. You should see a bridge. You can
use your Q
Booster to make it, but I never do. Just charge at it and use Q
Booster. If you
don't make it you'll pass anyway. Go on the right path after
knocking down
yellow cones. You should see the truck come into view. After a
moment, the car
will say EMP online, and use it to stop the truck and complete
the mission.

NOTE: THE FIRST THREE BOND MOVES must be done by taking the back
route to the
castle, and the fourth by going out the glass door upstairs.
You will start the mission looking at a ledge and below what
looks like a road.
Jump over the ledge and on to the road, or take the stairs down
to your left if
you don't want to get hurt. Go up the hill a little and you will
see two men.
Shoot them quickly and walk past. Go all the way up the hill to
find a door
guarded by two men. Shoot them and open the door. OBJECTIVE
COMPLETE. You will
start and see two men talking. Shoot them by sneaking up the
stairs. Walk past
them through the passageway and you will see a large statue. A
man is behind it
shoot him. Go forward and take the passage up on the left.
Someone will say to
hit the lights. After shooting the people above, make sure, even
during for
that matter; that you do not let the light see you, or an
annoying alarm will
go off; however it will not make you lose. Walk through the
large underway and
turn right and go down the stairs. Walk forward a little and
turn through the
left passage. Go up the stairs on your right. OBJECTIVE
COMPLETE. You will be
acting as a party guest, so do not take your guns out and do not
punch anyone.
You will see two men with their backs facing you. Walk past them
and turn
right. You will then walk past two more guards. Turn left and go
through the
door. Turn left, then right, and walk through the ball room to
the other end.
Turn left and then a waiter will come through the door. He is
mean, and will be
the one trying to kill you; ah well, you'll see. Go through the
door and turn
left. Go up the stairs. Go through the door on your left. You
will see a clip,
and I believe this is a complete objective. Go back out through
the door and
down the stairs. Go straight through the passage and turn left.
Then make a
right. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE. You will see a clip with Zoe in it.
Now you may use
a gun. Go to the door you came in and go through it. Make a
right, and face the
stairs you have already been up. Turn right, and you will see a
door. Go
through it. Left, then right, and shoot Drake's men. Go to the
far end of the
room and through the door. Go up this new set of stairs, and get
all three men.
Turn right and go through the door. Make an immediate right and
do through a
strangely painted door. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE. This next one is
simple. Press B to
silence your gun and walk over. Watch the clip, and then shoot
all Drake's men
and jump over the ledge and take the door on your left. Turn
left and you
should see two of Drake's men. Take them down. Go forward, turn
right, and go
through the door. Two men will be shooting at you on stairs.
Shoot them and go
down. Stop when you see a door. Open the panel and use your
laser to burn it.
Two men in here and armor. Melt the hinges of the safe with your
laser. You
will get the needed info and a guider rocket launcher. DO NOT
will despritely need it later. Go back out and turn left and go
down, shooting
the men on your way. Go outside through the large double iron
doors. You will
see a door right in front of you. Go in, but be warned that men
will be all
over you apon entrance; SOMETIMES THEY ARE NOT HERE, I HAVE NOT
WHY. Go all the way down the stairs and through the double door
at the bottom.
Go in the ski lift with Zoe and crouch to avoid being hit. You
will then see a
clip with that man I told you about in a chopper shooting at
you. Time for the
rocket. Guide one right into it. This will most likely not
destroy it. Do it
again to complete the mission. You might have to hit the chopper
three times.
Go for the tail of the plane for a quick win.
BOND MOVE #1: Jump onto the truck at the beginning. Ride it the
whole way.
Avoid getting shot at.
BOND MOVE #2: Ride the car al the way into the castle and go
through the
courtyards to the party. Find the control panel in the guard
room and cut the
green wire.
BOND MOVE #3: You will round a corner in which you see three
windows to your
right. Sneak past them to get a Bond Move. This is only if you
take the back
BOND MOVE #4: Jump on to the high wire where the two guards were
standing for a
Bond move. (This is if you take the glass door on the balcony.

-In front of the place where the truck came from
-Storeroom under ski lift
-On top of the broken box
-According to sss839, at the end of the passage where you start,
only I u take
back route
-In the wine cellar
-The fireplace at the party
-The library
The window on the hall where you spy on the meeting

THIS IS THE EASIEST MISSION. Only an ametuer would have trouble.
It is a rail
shooting mission. All you need to do is escape. The garage will
open at start,
and you will get the men to your left, right, and in front, and
the two cars to
move forward. You will then exit. You will go for a bit, then
see two men
firing at you. Shoot them. You will now see a compound. Shoot
all the men if
you can. You will then see a clip of you charging on to another
road. You will
have men in a mobile behind you. Shoot them down. You will see a
truck driving
on a bridge now. Shoot it for a bond move. You will proceed
through the tunnel.
You will now see a clip a snow mobile. Shoot him down before he
can hit you.
You will continue forward. There will now be a mobile on your
left. Shoot it.
Immediately look behind a shoot the mobile trying to sneak up on
you. You will
be moving with a castle wall to your left. People in distance
will be firing at
you. Shoot them down. You will now see a quick clip and will go
towards a
bridge. Shoot the men there. Once you shoot the men, a chopper
will come behind
you. Go through the door and you will now have to evade forces.
You will come
apron a house. You will go through it and you will have the
chopper on you, and
a mobile. Shoot the mobile guy off quickly. Another will come to
your side;
shoot him. You will see a mobile in front of you. Shoot it. You
will go through
a cave and win the mission.

BOND MOVE #1: During the fight at the beginning, hit the
Gondola's top, where
it attaches the cables.
BOND MOVE #2: The guards that come from the tank on your left in
the garage;
shoot the tank then the blue square for a bond move.
BOND MOVE #3: As you come apon the compound, shoot the barrels
at the bottom of
the tower. The tower falls and gives U a Bond Move.
BOND MOVE #4: Shoot out the grate and on the truck above the
bridge before you
go under.
BOND MOVE #5: Use your rocket launcher to shoot the control
panel to stop the
doors from closing. JL-70 Recommended.

007 Tokens:
-Shoot the ammo boxes on your right directly after you get out
of the garage
-Take out one of the snowmobiles before it passes you (one will
-Use an explosive, the 70 gun, to get the guards near the wall
of the castle

I have to say that if you want excitement, this is not the
level. If you want
fun, then this level is your match. You probobly won't need that
much of a
walkthrough, but let's start. Go down the main road. After two
seconds you
should see two cars, one to the left and one to the right. Use
your seeker
missles to get them. SWITCH to your machine gun; missiles are
needed near the
end and you cannot run out. Continue further. DO NOT HARM police
cars. The
second your Q-smoke is activated, use it for a bond move. Shoot
only at
enemies. When you turn after using S-Screen, there will be a
car. Shoot the
back of it until it blows. I must tell you these cars do little
damage, but for
the points do it anyway. Continue down the main path. Eventually
you will come
to a turn in front, up stairs, see two cars firing at you. Shhot
them with
missles if you want; you need not shoot them at all. Turn left
and continue.
You will see two police cars in the road with a space in
between. Q-Wedge will
come online. Use it by heading right towards the open space and
activating it.
Continue down the path. After a while you should see two cars.
Machine gun;
take them down. While shooting at the cars, use Q-Smoke for a
bond move. You
will now go through a tunnel. Get all cars off your back and
front. You will
see a blockcade. Turn right; DO NOT RUN ITNO IT. You can pick up
armor off
road. Speed. You will now see a clip of you jumping over a
bridge. You will go
on a snowy road and leap off; there is a token in the air their.
Continue the
direction you were going. Get out your missles; waste NONE
unless you are being
fired at. As you are shooting the gut in the car in front of you
which you will
see, grab the missles on the floor. Keep going on the icy path.
You should
eventually, after a small jump, see a bridge. Shoot what is on
top and get the
missles on the bottom. Continue, you will go off a small jump.
The next one is
a big one. Launch off and Q will stop you; you now have choppers
to deal with.
Use the missles when they are in aim to get rid of all three.
Body armor and
missles lay around. If you have many, get rid of the cars as
well. Once all the
planes are shot, you win. A 007 token is on the ground here as

FAQ: On my friend game I only had to shoot the choppers, on mine
I have to
shoot them and the mobiles. Is there a glitch?

A: Might be. I have both situations on mine. Shoot everyone to
be safe, but
save your missals for the helicopters.

BOND MOVE #1: Use Q-Smoke as soon as it is online.
BOND MOVE #2: Go up the stairs were the two cars were and speed
forward. You
will launch up a jump and get a Bond move.
BOND MOVE #3: You will eventually see a car waiting for you as
you turn a
corner. Q-Smoke it for a bond move. NOTE: This car is a police
car no Drake's.

Bond Tokens:
-Between in the two tables in the left townhouse
-Coming out of the area after taking the stair shortcut
-Above the hill you leap off of at the end
THE LAST TWO are on the frozen lake.

I have to be honest; this level is boring as hell. But the game
must go on.
Getting to the bunker is the easy part here. You start out with
four men
shooting at you. Shoot them all and go forward. To your left
will be a hall. Go
inside it. Mayhew says he will not go until you check. You will
see a clip; men
are behind the door. Bust in and shoot them. There are six of
them, and they
are fairly good. Continue on. As you come to the end of the
hall, a man will be
there as you turn right. Shoot him quickly. Two men will follow.
You will come
to a large room with people shooting at you. Ignore them and you
should see the
door to the bunker on you left; well, you won't see the door,
but you will see
the structure. The door you must go against the wall and turn
around to see.
Open it to see stairs leading down. Don't go down them yet. Now
shoot everyone
in the room. Go down the stairs. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE. You will
see a ladder in
front of you. Go up it. Turn left. You will be outside. Goggles
are suggested.
Shoot the men out there. Turn left and you will see a small
flight of stairs.
These lead to the ONLY open door. Go inside and you will see a
woman running.
Go forward and to the left. You must shoot all the men in this
room to save the
first hostage. Go back out through were you came in. Turn on the
first right
then the first left. You will be outside. Take the left path
down the hall. Go
across the yard to a buidling. Go on the back side and you
should find staris
leading inside. Turn left IMMEDIATELY to find three men down a
hall. Shoot
them, don't go down the hall yet. Mayhew's computer is in this
room. Find it
and shoot it. OBJECTIVE COMPLETE. Now go down that hall. At the
other end there
will be a door. Go through it with caution. You will come to a
room with a
table in it and the door at the far left. Go through it and
shoot everyone to
save the girl. It will say all hostages released. You will be in
a kitchen.
Head back out of it. Take the path to the very left and go
through the gray
doors. Cut scene, now you are outside. Go up the stairs heading
left in front
of you. You will now take the left path. Go through and turn
right. Shoot all
the guards if they shoot at you. The dragon safe you will find
in thisroom. It
is a dragon. PressA toopen it and get the contents. Once you get
the items
people will start firing at you. Shoot them all from where you
are standing.
Nowturn left into the bedroom. There will be a crooked picture
on the wall.
Press A to open a secret door. Go through it, then through the
other you will
see. You will be in a library with men shooting at you. Shoot
them to save the
hostage. Go up the stairs and shoot the men if you have not
already. You will
see a balcony; go there. Jump down to your shoot the guy to your
left. You will
see stairs with a door and a latern. Go through the door. Men
inside; watch
your back. Go past them and to the door on the far left. Rescue
the girl in
there by shooting down the men. Go through the right passage
way. To the left
is the last hostage. Save her. Head back to the room you got in
but going
through the door with the lantern just a moment ago. Go
backward to the silver
door you came in through, now on the left of the wall. Turn
right and you will
see a door across the room. Go through to find a cut scene- you
will be
fighting a ninja! Get shotgun shots, about 3, 4, or 5; VAOID
SWORD KICKS BUTT. One shot to the hear does it. MISSION
COMPLETE! Mayhew dies,

BOND MOVE #1: You will see water and bridges outside. At one
point you will see
a guard on the bridge. Get under and shoot him from below.
BOND MOVE #2: Climb the later to enter the bath house.
BOND MOVE #3: Save the Geisha girl in the kitchen by shooting
the guy
threatening with a sniper.
BOND MOVE #4: Shoot out the hanging lamps outside to use the
rope to enter the
smaller house. You will be crossing over water.
BOND MOVE #5: Another Bond Move you can earn by using Q-Glasses
inside the
house with the lanterns outside the door. There is a hidden
passage to the
library. It will lead toy to the guards holding the last Geisha
girl hostage.
NOND MOVE #6: Hop along the roof from the balcony and shoot out
the window and
guard below. Hope down to get a Bond Move.

007 Tokens:
-In the yard on the walkway next the large room
-Upstairs of the showroom

Hello, there. I great you here because you probobly came here
first, because
this level is a real NIGHT MARE. It is actually quite short and
easy once you
know what to do. Okay, lets begin. You start with a man in front
of you. Shoot
him. Get out your stunner and go behind the truck to the door
leading to the
back stairs. There will be a man patrolling the stairs. Stun him
and get you
Tranqulizer back out. Go up the stairs and put on your Q-Vision
goggles, the
green ones. Open the door. Two men will be controlling the large
area. Get them
and go across the room and you will find a door on the right
leading to the
lobby. Inside is the PC to activate the elevators. Go back out,
turn left, and
go into the now open elevator you will see. NEW OBJECTIVE. Turn
right, do not
move forward. There is a machine gun here. Run out and you will
see a fold in
the wall, right in front of the copy machine. Go there before
the gun can shoot
at you. Once you here it recract, continue down the hall. There
will be a guy
there, shoot him. Take the first right you see and rin against
the left wall.
You must avoid the laser camera. You will come to a dead end
with a door in
front, to the right, and to the left. Go in the one on the left.
A guard will
either be in here or in the door on the left in this room. Take
care of him. In
this room there is a red computer. Next to it is a box. Install
the Q-Worm
there. Go back out and to the door on the right at the dead end.
It is a
janitor's closet. Go up the vent there via the grapple, through
the system and
drop down. In this room there is two computers. Activate them
COMPLETE. Go to the door in front of you and HOLD the
Q-Decryptor to get it to
open. Go to the doors to the balcony now. Simply walk to the
right past the
cooler, past the camera and to the left. You will now be on the
raining room
after a clip. Walk to the right. CLIP. Continue and turn the
corner to the
right. You will see a moving elevator. Jump on top of it when it
comes down.
When you get up you will see a vent. Open it and go in. You will
drop in a
room. Go to the door on the left and then out. DO NOT GO TO THE
ROOM with the
large meeting table. Once out, you should see a camera in the
distance. Go past
it and turn left. You should see a door. Go through it and you
will see
another. Go through it via the decryptor. This is Mayhew's
office. Install the
Q-Worm and get the Scorpion gun. Go back out and go to the very
left hall and
through he gray doors. Get your blue goggles out to check for
lasers. Go to the
middle and press A. If the guns start going off, run. Go outside
and to the
right and go through the door leading to the roof. Once up, you
need a machine
gun out. Shoot all the guards. You will see a plane taking off.
Shoot it with
the Scorpion if you want a bond move. If you don't, haul to the
chopper on the
ground a grab the chute. Jump off the building. You have beat
the mission.

BOND MOVE #1: Drop down from the vent system to get a bond
BOND MOVE #2: Shoot the helicopter taking off with a Scorpion.

Bond Tokens:
-If you head in front of you at the start, you will see it
behind the wall
-At the lobby Doors
-At the outside bridge, the end of the barrier
-In the office before the camera
-In the board room
-Other side of the top roof

You start out with snipers looking for you. Run to the back of
platform you are
on and burn with your laser the grate. Drop down and hide behind
the boxes
while you shoot the guards. Go one floor down and take a picture
of the jet
pack prototype. Go to the bottom floor and use the passage to
get outside. Turn
right and right again and shoot the guy there. Keep going until
you see the
ladder. Climb up it and go to the rope and climb across. There
is body armor on
this platform. Go find the other rope and climb across. Go in
the TR-2
building. Lots of men here. Once they are shot, use the bent
beam in the middle
of the room. Climb up and drop down to the left. Go through the
door and
outside. There are four snipers in the area. Shoot them and go
to the yellow
crane in the Northeastern corner of this open yard. Climb up the
crane and
crouch. Now cross the cable to get to the other crane. Go in and
controls. Now walk to the doorway that lets you in to TR-3.
Enter the room on
the very left. Use the crane to go to the laser prototype. If
you cannot catch
the crane, jump over and walk there. Take a picture of it. Make
sure you shoot
any attacking guards. You can now use this info to cut down the
guards. Do not
fire to long, it will heat. Use this laser on the C5 door. Go
through the
opening quickly. Go down the hall. MISSION COMPLETE.

BOND MOVE #1: Using the laser at the beginning to jump down.
BOND MOVE #2: Activate the controls and use the grapple to hook
to the ceiling.
Drop onto the crane.

007 Tokens:
-On the forklift
-Inside the building with the machine gun
-Behind power generator in TR-2
-Left High path (someone said they are called catwalks??)
-Where you start to investigate tr-3 with the armor in front of
you, to the top
left in the room with three broken windows
-End "catwalk" in the room with the ceiling crane
-Room on left of laser prototype

Okay you start out on an elevator. There is one man in the area
in front of
you. Shoot him and avoid the civilians. Go back to the ladder
and jump onto the
ledge of the building through the broken glass. Q-Grapple Up and
into the vent.
Drop down in the janitor's closet. Exit and then in the next
room take the room
on the left. Go to the very end of the hall and turn. To your
left you should
see gray doors. Head to them and look right. The stairs down are
here. Go all
the way down the stairs to the glowing gray door. Many men will
be down there
and some will swing from the central wires. Once down, you will
have a new
objective. Two men will be in front of you. Shoot them quickly.
Turn right, but
DO NOT TAKE another right. Around this corner is a machine gun.
Fire a grenade
to get it; you'll need two. Go to the security center where you
unlocked the
security door in night shift. You should see the door easy.
Activate the
computer and then go outside to the main hall were many levels
reside. Two men
will shoot from below. Go across to the other side and back to
the halls, with
room 70E to your right. Head back to where the elevators were;
when you turn
left you will need you grenade launcher to take out the machine
gun in front of
the elevators. Go inside. You are now riding down the elevator.
Shoot the men
as you go down. Twice a time bomb will be through at you; ONLY
ONCE will a
cut-scene be shown, so keep an eye. Use your laser and hit the
numbers until
they begin to scramble. Once you are down, you will shoot a few
men. Go to the
right and into the green shaded room. Activate the computer in
there and go
back out. A few people are there. Shoot them and go for the
lobby. MISSION
COMPLETE. You will now meet Alura, on loan to MI6 from
Australian Intellegence.

BOND MOVE #1: Go out through elevator and grapple up, and when
you drop you get
a BM
BOND MOVE #2: You will see a helicopter outside on the way to
that gray door.
Use the scorpion to take it down.

007 Tokens:
-On the ledge from the elevator
-Boardroom, same as night shift
-On floor at end of corridor (can't guide you there yet,
contributed by quickskater33)
-Office 70A
-Security Control Room
- In front of gold colored shelf in lobby

Head forward and slightly to the right. You should eventually
see a cut scene.
Now go through the hole in the sunken ship in front of you. Head
forward until
you see another cut scene with two submerines. Now take a sharp
right down a
vent like hall. Turn left and you will see three fans. Go
through them and
destroy the communications node at the end. If you want a Bond
Move, fire a
remote torpedo though the fans and get it from there. Now that
you have
destroyed the node, fire a remote torpedo down the left hall.
Turn it left and
you will see a sub with tanks under it. Hit the tanks and go
forward. This will
also get you a Bond Move. To get through this laser gate, fire a
remote torpedo
and follow the flashing lights on the right until the double
flashing lights
which indicate the control box. Now go through the field of
mines, and keep
your distance. Once out, you will find yet another laser gate.
Fire a torpedo
and follow the lights, which now go much further. Once through
you will be in a
large facility. BE AWARE that you must go through one more field
of mines.
Circle the structure and when it says PRESS B to engage
Q-Charge, press B. Once
you have all 6, get out of there. A cutscene shows the wrong
exit, the real one
is at the other side near the top. Destroy the subs guarding it,
and follow the
small sub inside. Eventually you will see a rock dividing the
road for a short
distance. GO LEFT to avoid a rock blockade. Follow the submarine
all the way to
the large stucture. There, in the middle of the stucture, is a
laser gate. Go
fire a torpedo and get through. There is body armor in this
tunnel. Once
through, you are in an even larger structure. Destroy Drakes Sub
from a
distance and then place Q-charge on the three towers. Then go
forward and the
mission will be complete.

BOND MOVE #1: Firing the remote torpedo through the fans to hit
the node.
BOND MOVE #2: Hitting the tanks with a remote control torpedo.
BOND MOVE #3: Shooting the gas barrels before the tunnel with
the armor.

Bond Tokens:
-In sunken ship
-Near communications node
-Below the mine after the 2nd laser door
-In front of the third passage while chasing small sub
-In room above the subs (Info by Tim, not yet confirmed)
-In alcove in last hangar, to the right (Info by Allzall)

On this mission, as mission four, you will want to conserve you
missiles as
much as possible. Head up the dirt path until you see the road
split. Go up the
right hand path for a second or two. You are now at their
compound. Go through
the left passage way, you don't need to worry about the cars. Go
to the launch
pad and the second you are able to download, press B, or
whatever system press
their button, and haul butt back out. When the road split comes,
go right
again. Keep going and stay sharp until you get to the first
gate. Unlock it
with the code and take the first sentinel down, which IS
REQUIRED. You may not
skip it. Go a bit further to the second gate and unlock it. Now
go through the
village and get the second sentinel, keep and eye out for
enemies. Keep on
going, through the narrow passages, until your downloaded code
comes online
again. Use it and the bridge will come forth. Go across it and
through the
tunnel and a cutseen will trigger. Now take the two trucks and
the guns down.
There is armor on that platform, and if you needed some before,
there is armor
on a passage in the tunnel, on the left side. Now you will take
over an plane.
First take out the bridge, there is a truck, aim for that. Keep
going, there
will be a tower, take that out. Shoot everything along your
path, nothing else
to say. When you are in the bay of ships, make sure you get them
all to
advance. There will be a few sentinels, get them as well.
Eventually you will
see a large SAM, as Alura called it. It will take you down and
you will go in
it. There are cars around this area to the left and right.
Planes will come
ahead. Get them for a bond move. Eventually a sub will come.
Pulse cannon it
about three times. MISSION COMPLETE.

BOND MOVE #1: Come to the gate at the compound slowly, as if you
are a member,
and stop to get in. If no one shoots, BOND MOVE.
BOND MOVE #2: There is a secret path. Run into the plant on the
bridge. Go
through it.
BOND MOVE #3: Shoot the truck on the bridge.
BOND MOVE #4: Take out the first car with the SAM's pulse
BOND MOVE #5: Shoot the planes that come from the left, ALL
BOND MOVE #6: There is another set of planes from the right,
BOND MOVE #7: Another set comes from straight above you, shoot

007 Tokens:
-By beach, turn around at start to see token.
-Inside first compound near dish
-After final sentinel, in volcano

Drop from the ventilation system into the room and get the
guard. To the right
of where you dropped is a door. Keep going forward through the
doors with the
biggest numbers you see that lead you forward. There are many
guards. Alura
will tell you Kiko is in A12 or another door. Try and keep
close. Eventually
you will trigger a cutscene in the security center. Now go to
the far corners
of the room and burn the green parts of the power boxes, NOT THE
RED. Now go to
the computer, the red one, at the beginning. Activate it and a
cutscene will
trigger with shaking. Now go out and face the elite guards.
Eventually, as you
wander, you will find Rook, somewhere near A5. Take him down, it
is quite hard.
Make sure to take cover, get off head shots and grenades from
far. Get his
laser when you are through and go to the door to DELTA SECTOR.
Now you are in
delta sector. Now go through each door one by one and keep an
eye out for
guards. There are control boxes for the lasers. After about D8C,
you will find
a large, gray and green door. Go through there. Now you are at
Phoenix Base
from MP. Shoot everyone here and go upstairs to the office
looking control
room. You should find a button. Press it and go back down. Go to
the door at
the other end of where you started, with the picture above it.
Go through that
door and into a new sector. You now must prevent Kiko from
launching into
space. She drops the bridge on you as you walk across. Now go to
the control
room and grab the armor. Kiko sends a few guards and a ninja.
Take them out. Go
back in the room and let the second shuttle launch. Now there
are harder guards
and ninja's. SHOOT THEM ALL and Kiko will go up the elevator.
Bond will follow.
Now press the button after the cutscene to the right of the
COMPLETE. Welcome to space, 007.

BOND MOVE #1: In one of the security rooms, the small ones,
there is a circuit
board. Take out the green part. Take out all in this room and
the other camera
security room.
BOND MOVE #2: Shoot a guard by shooting the barrels, and it
works only once.

007 Icons:
-In vent system via first room
-In the first room full of crate, in crawl space
-Through the 2nd door where you can shoot the boxes off to get
-Under Shuttle
-Under Shuttle
-In last silo on box
-Upstairs, not the office room, the other, longer room

This mission is not that difficult, but the guards are pretty
good and a pest
in my opinion. The starting position, the platform you are on,
has a map screen
in the right side of the screen. When the dots turn green, go to
that missile.
Watch out for guards. The first missile will be the 2nd to the
bottom missile.
To deactivate them, keep an eye out for guards and let them
raise up until a
hatch opens. Shoot it three times. Do this for all of them, the
last will be
three at the same time, act quickly. Now a bunch of guards will
Concentrate on them until a cutscene shows metal crashing into
the station.
(Sometimes for me it seems to just be a flash of blue.) Drake
will now be out
will the astronauts. Use the laser on drake, he as a rocket
launcher. Be sure
to fire on astronauts in spare time. Once you destroy him, GAME:
COMPLETE, GOOD JOB, 007. As you see, this mission was really
short and easy.

NO BOND MOVES. I have found none, and my researchers tell me
that as well, as
well as Internet

007 Tokens:
-In middle of big lens
-Near first missile to activate
-Missile on 2nd to bottom right
-Front of platform on right
-Front of platform on left
-Center of laser beam's path (Info from All543)
-On right or beam's path (CONFIRMED)
IV. Characters

James Bond - If you don't know who Bond is, I would not suggest
playing this
game. Bond is M16's top secret agent and virtually
indestructible. All the hard
missions are given to Bond. He never gives up until the mission
is done. He
chooses his mission over his friends due to his high loyalty. He
also gets all
the ladies due to his boyish charm, as Moneypenny would say.

Moneypenny - Along with M, she helps Bond with all his missions.
According to
Bond she is the best looking in M16, and the person he gets
along with best.

M - The leader of M16, M is hard-headed and bold. She gives bond
all his
missions and has good advice through the mission. She is a bit
elderly, yet
knows agent work well.

Q - The genius Q currently makes all of Bond's inventions,
gadgets, cars, and
other items. Q likes to disguise his items as something else,
like the camera
as a match, a watch as a laser, and a missile as a leg cast.

Zoe Nightshade - Back from the dead, it's Zoe from agent under
fire. One of
Bond's many "fellow female agents", Zoe is very good on the
offense but not two
good on the defense. She is an American CIA agent, so she knows
good camouflage
and can get around people. She will not give away her
information no matter

Dominique Paradis - Dominique is a French Intellegence agent.
She helps Bond
infiltrate Drake's facility by becoming his girlfriend
undercover. She works
well with grenades.

Makiko Hayashi - Kiko is a bodyguard to Mayhew. She is actually
playing Bond
the whole time, and is working for Drake. She is good on the
offense but
horrible on the defense, and takes many precautions so she
cannot get caught.

Alexander Mayhew- With low offense and defense, Mayhew has his
confused and is a traitor. He makes exchanges to Drake and has a
suite building
in Japan. He is also a coward who hides behind Kiko.

Armitage Rook - Excellent in offense compared to most, Rock has
not only that
but the best defense in the game. When you battle him in
Countdown he will take
a while to kill. He has a bad attitude and lets no one stand in
his way.

Raphael Drake- The biggest coward in the game, Drake is also the
main bad guy.
He has many recruits and takes over a Space Weapons Platform. He
plans to take
over the world with his sick plans for a new Earth.

Alura McCall - A top Australian agent, Alura McCall is a master
of many weapons
and has exceptional skills at driving. She is on loan to MI6 to
help Bond with
his case.

Ninja A - Battles in Double Cross and first of two in Countdown,
this ninja
keeps his distance and uses no guns. He is not very fast either.
His sword
packs some punch, but not too much.

Ninja B- A more powerful ninja, the second of two in countdown,
this will get
up close and personal and really carve you up. He has high
endurance and
health, and is very fast.

Guide written and © 2002 by Matthew M. McGowan, a.k.a. "MMM"

VI. Multiplayer
A. Levels and Strategies
1. First, I must say that the Golden Gun, Delta Repeater, and
Sentinel AT-420
are the guns of choice for all levels. Helicopters can be used
well, as tanks
suck. However, leaving your body soul-less is suicidal and
should not be done.

2. SKY RAIL: Very interesting for snipers and rockets. This
level is gigantic,
and even has a moving ski lift. With two main houses and snow
hills, four on
six is a great mode for this level.

3. FORT KNOX: This is a small level, yet very interesting
because of its size.
It has a roof and a central area where most of the action

4. SNOW BLIND: The Exchange in multiplayer, this level has many
paths tgo take
and and inside outside thing going on. It is a good sized level
as well.

5. PHEONIX BASE: Exceptionally small, this makes for great
combat. With a
middle platform and a lava pit, it makes good for free for all
of team arena,
because you will really have to work as a team here.

6. ATLANTIS: Not a very interesting level, Atlantis is like a
big maze so it is
best for Team Arena so you can group and move as a squad.

7. MISSLE SILO: SMALL but TALL, this level is extremely boring.
I would not
recommend playing in this level.

8. SUB PEN: A very good level for Top Agent, you can be inside
or outside. It
is very hard to find people in this level unless you know it

9. RAVINE: No bots available here, this level is on the back of
the Exchange
level. It is the best level for sniping and just going for the

A. Scenarios
1. Arena: A free for all match where it is everyone against
everyone else. You
really have to be good at this game to survive alone.

2. Team Arena: In my opinion, the most fun scenario. You can
team up with your
friends to face up to six bots, or pair up in teams and face

3. Capture the Flag: Yawn. This made is the traditional capture
the flag game
from Goldeneye, no different. You get the other teams flag and
bring it to your

4. Uplink: Also boring, this is like Graffiti in Tony Hawk,
trying to claim the
most satellites for your team. I would say it is more of a test
of speed.

5. Top Agent: A true test of skill. You are given a certain
amount of lives to
make last. Last man standing is the top agent. This also helps
your agent
skills, sneaking around to kill but not be killed.

6. Demolition: MI6 must destroy Phoenix's target object. If they
do not, three
points go instead to Phoenix. Three minute time limit.

7. Protection: Opposite of Demolition. MI6 protects and Phoenix

8. Industrial Espionage: You have to find a disk. When a team
finds it and
brings it back, they get a new weapon for their team.

9. GoldenEye Strike: You must find part of the Golden. Once you
get both
halves, you can unlock good weapons to attack the other team

10. Assasination: One person is the assassin and the rest attack
him. When
killed, that person who made the shot becomes the assassin.

11. King of the Hill: There is a blue power ring. Stand in it as
long as you

12. Team King of the Hill: Teams try and stand in the ring of
power. Combined
times highest wins.
V. Rewards

Paris Prelude: Bronze: Dominique Card
Silver: Jaws in MP
Gold: Racing Missile Upgrade
Platinum: Renard in MP

The Exchange: Bronze: Zoe Card
Silver: Oddjob in MP
Gold: Pistol Upgrade
Platinum: Baron Samedi in MP

Alpine Escape: Bronze: Military Snowmobile
Silver: Assassination Scenario
Gold: Grapple Upgrade
Platinum: Zorin in MP

Enemies Vanquished: Bronze: Vanquish Card
Silver: Scarmonga in MP
Gold: Micro Camera Upgrade
Platinum: May Day in MP

Double Cross: Bronze: Mayhew Servant Girl Card
Silver: Uplink Scenario
Gold: Rifle Upgrade
Platinum: Xenia in MP

Night Shift: Bronze: Kiko Card
Silver: Team King of Hill Scenario
Gold: Pistol Upgrade
Platinum: Christmas Jones in MP

Chain Reaction: Bronze: Rook Card
Silver: Wai Lin in MP
Gold: Dart Gun Upgrade
Platinum: Goldfinger in MP
Phoenix Fire: Bronze: Alura Card
Silver: Demolition Scenario
Gold: Pistol Upgrade
Platinum: Drake Suit in MP

Deep Descent: Bronze: Vanquish Sub Card
Silver: Nik Nak in MP
Gold: Decryptor Upgrade
Platinum: Electra King in MP

Island Infiltration: Bronze: Ultralight Ultimate Laser Card
Silver: Protection Scenario
Gold: Stunner Upgrade
Platinum: Bond Tuxedo in MP

Countdown: Bronze: Drake Card
Silver: Explosive Scenery Mode in MP
Gold: Laser Upgrade
Platinum: Pussy Galore in MP

Equinox: Bronze: Bond Card
Silver: GoldenEye Strike
Gold: Rifle Upgrade
Platinum: Bond Space Suit in MP
Submitted By: BatchGC
I know that you have to be a brain-dead cretin to fail this
mission, but i'm friends with some so i know they exist. Still,
i thought this would be a 'novel' approach (ha! i kill myself!)
to doing a walkthrough. More coming soon on other games!

JamesBond007 Nightfire a novelisation
by BatchGC


Paris. 11:55pm, New Year�s Eve

The streets emanated with the sounds of cheery and drunken
French civilians. All around the streets of France�s most
elegant city, people were rejoicing, drinking and cheering, the
entire crowd relishing the final few minutes of the year. There
was a true feeling of celebrating in the air, cushioning the
fireworks that filled the sky.
Weaving in and out of the colourful explosions was a helicopter.
A British Military helicopter. The pilot and passenger were not
concerned with the festivities, flying past the Eiffel Tower
without even a moment of admiration or good cheer. Instead, they
headed for the river, frantically searching the deserted roads.
As the helicopter moved closer to the road lining the water, a
camouflaged, military swerved into view, followed by a sports
It was a red Cobra, decorated with the typical double white
stripes. The driver was a young French woman who, even from this
distance, was very attractive. Her supermodel physique was
accentuated by her short, blue figure-hugging dress and her
angelic black hair swayed in the wind. Her eyes seemed to be
fixed on the road, as if she was purposefully trying to ignore
the pursuing black car. The car�s windows were tinted so that
the contents were impossible to see and the only person visible
in the car was the driver, who could only be seen as he leant
out of the window, firing a submachine gun at the Cobra. Another
identical black car followed, this one with a man standing up
through the sunroof, also shooting at the Cobra.
�I need to get down there,� the helicopter passenger called into
his microphone, watching the Cobra from the open passenger
compartment, �How much longer, Q?�
�Patience, double-o seven,� was the expected, tinny reply from
the receiver, �Patience.� Q would no doubt be calmly tapping
away at his PC in the comfort of his secure Parisian bunker.
�Get me closer to the road,� 007 called to the pilot.
�Yes, commander,� the pilot acknowledged.
007 reached to the seat next to him and picked up the sniper
rifle that he had brought. He rested it comfortably into his
shoulder and squinted through the scope. He turned so that he
could see the first car, and aimed for the driver. His finger
tensed on the trigger, ready to shoot but the car kept swerving
to and fro, making it harder to hit. A thought struck him. He
aimed a little lower and concentrated on the wheel. Yes, he
could hit it. He pulled the trigger�and mentally cursed as the
car turned out of the way and the bullet embedded itself into
the road surface. He prepared the gun for another shot and
aimed. He pulled the trigger and grinned as the tyre went limp
within a second of the bullet�s impact. He pulled away from the
scope as he watched the first car span out of control, blocking
the road and exploding as the second car collided with it.
He leant out of the aircraft and looked ahead of the speeding
Cobra. The lorry she was chasing turned into the up-ramp and off
the riverside road, though the Cobra continued along this road.
On the down ramp, 007 saw yet another black car. He prepared his
rifle again and aimed for the gunman, standing up through the
sunroof. After careful aiming, he fired, believing himself lucky
as the bullet hit the gunman�s arm (not the head as he had
intended to hit). The advantage was, of course, that the gunman
had now dropped his weapon and the sniper could concentrate on
the next car that had appeared from further back along the road.
He aimed for a while and then fired. This time the bullet
pierced the driver�s chest, as he leant out of the window to
fire upon the Cobra, and the car crashed through the wall and
into the murky river.
007 relaxed slightly as the French woman drove up the next
upramp and onto a wider road, not pursued by anyone for the
moment. This relief was short-lived, he saw, as the helicopter
flew in front of the Cobra, now chased by another gunman.
�Hold your position,� he called to the pilot.
�Yes sir.�
The helicopter hovered over the end of the road and the sniper
aimed for the car behind the approaching Cobra. He fired and
watched as the bonnet crumpled from the impact of the bullet. He
fired once more, this time causing the engine to explode. The
Cobra sped beneath them, only to be joined by yet another pair
of hunters.
�Head over those buildings,� he called, �we�ll cut them off.�
�Very good, sir,� The pilot replied, automatically obeying.
The sniper rested his rifle as he watched the French woman�s
driving. She slid expertly into a construction site, heading up
a ramp and into the building structure itself. The two cars
followed, accidentally colliding, sending the second plummeting
to the ground. The Cobra swerved in and out of iron beams,
exiting the site by leaping from a cement ram suspended in
mid-air by a crane. The sniper frantically prepared his rifle as
the oncoming car approached the ramp, aiming for the crane
cable. When he was sure that he was certain to hit it, he pulled
the trigger. The bullet exploded out of the end of the gun
barrel, cutting through the air and snapping the cable cleanly
in two. As the black car reached the cement platform, it
plummeted, taking the pursuer with it.
The Cobra returned to the riverside, followed closely by the
helicopter. 007 put down his rifle and fed the winch rope into
his harness. He looked in panic as the road ahead of the French
woman was blocked off by more black cars and two more drove up
behind her. The gunman from the first of these fired frantically
at the escaping vehicle, puncturing the tyre on the tenth shot.
007 leapt out of the helicopter and absailed swiftly down to the
�Can I offer you a lift?� he asked the woman.
She reached out for his hand, her eyes wide with fear and
�Just a little closer,� the man grunted, stretching out for
The Cobra crashed into the cars blocking the road, erupting in a
petrol-fuelled explosion, avoided by the two pursuing cars, but
a split second before the man and woman soared past, hanging
from the helicopter rope. The two panicked as the two pursuing
cars swerved around the wreckage and resumed firing upon them.
All of a sudden, there was a roar of a mighty engine and an
Aston Martin Vanquish swerved onto the road. The French woman
frowned, confused. There was no driver.

Deep within his bunker, Q tapped frantically at his laptop. The
display showed the Vanquish�s point of view and he used this to
steer the car into the middle of the road. The two pursuers,
however, blocked the way forward, each one taking up one lane of
the road. He tapped a button and marvelled as the car lurched
onto its two left wheels and darted between the two cars.
�Nothing to it,� he chuckled.
He tapped another button, satisfied with a job well done.

007 watched as the Vanquish drove beneath them, the roof sliding
back. He reached up to the catch a little way up the rope and
pressed the release button. The two of them dropped into the car
and the helicopter soared away.
�The stolen explosive device is still on that truck,� Dominique
Paridian of French Intelligence explained, as the man pressed a
button to close the roof, �By the way, who are you?�
�The name�s Bond,� he said, �James Bond.�
With that, he concentrated on the lorry. It sped away at an
alarming rate, and Bond accelerated in order to follow. A few
bullets hit the back of the Vanquish, reminding him of their
chasers. He flicked a switch by the gear stick and with a
satisfying hiss, the smokescreen exhaust pipes emitted its foggy
contents. They heard a squeal of tyres as the two cars span out
of control and into the wall.
Bond turned his attentions ahead of him. They rounded the corner
and saw the lorry disappear behind another truck. The truck
reversed into the road�s entrance, blocking the route for the
two agents. Unhindered by this setback, James steered towards
the pedestrianised street running parallel with the lorry�s
route. Frenchmen and women dived out of the way, as the Vanquish
tore through the cafés and plants. As they approached the end of
the path, Dominique squealed. Two black cars had blocked the
exit. Bond calmly flicked another switch and the car lurched
onto its two left wheels again. The Vanquish darted between the
two cars and turned left, coming into view of the lorry again.
Bond accelerated again, following the lorry down an alley. The
lorry turned away and Bond turned in the same direction.
Bizarrely, the lorry had disappeared. All that could be seen was
an unfinished bridge over the river. At the flick of a switch,
the Vanquish doubled its speed as the turbo boosters fired out
of the back. Dominique squealed once more as the Aston Martin
leapt through the air, soaring over the river and landing in yet
another pedestrianised area.
Sure enough, the lorry could be seen driving through the area in
front of them. It emerged on an open riverside road, giving Bond
the perfect opportunity to strike. At the press of a button, the
Vanquish�s registration plate lowered, and out of the cannon
behind it fired a blue bolt of electricity, the Q-Branch�s pride
and joy; an Electro Magnetic Pulse. The bolt crashed into the
lorry, disabling any electrical system within the vehicle and
causing it to crash spectacularly into the river. Bond and
Dominique didn�t stop, leaving the culprits to the approaching
The two agents sat in the Aston Martin Vanquish minutes later,
each with a glass of wine, admiring the view of the illuminated
Eiffel Tower, surrounded by fireworks. The two glasses chimed as
they were knocked gently together, and Dominique smiled
�Happy New Year, James,� she said.
�Happy New Year Indeed, Dominique,� Bond replied, leaning in for
a kiss.

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