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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"The Sims"
(PlayStation 2)

This game is also available on PC, Xbox and GameCube.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for The Sims (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: clubonline
The Sims (PS2)
1. PC>PS2 Differences
2. Item List
3. Job List
4. Full Walkthrough of "Get a Life"
I. Money From Mom
II. Reality Bites
III. Party Animals
IV. Hot to Trot
V. Who Loves Ya Baby
VI. The Last Simolean
5. Bonus Tips/Cheats
I. Cheats
II. GameShark Codes
III. Tips on Play The Sims

1. PC>PS2 Differences

When you first pop this game into your PS2 you will automatically notice a few differences, some more noticeable then others. Let's start with the more noticeable ones and end with the less noticeable:

- It's a PS2 controller, big difference there.
- Fully 3D/able to revolve around your Sims much easier
- 'Get a Life' mode, where you take on the life of a Sim, starting as a bum living with your mother.
- Object Limit, you can't completely fill up a lot then start it on fire, you have a limit.
- No second floor, No matter what you do, there is NOT a second floor, not even in the hotel mini-game.
-If you played the game with all the expansion packs, not all the PC items are here, I like to think of this as kind of a "Best of the Sims, and then some".
- 2-player mode. 'nuff said.

2. Item List


Werkbunnst All Purpose Chair

Cost: $80

Helps: Comfort +2, Movable
Posture Plus Office Chair

Cost: $100

Helps: Comfort +3, Movable
Deck Chair By Survivall

Cost: $150

Helps: Comfort +3, Movable
Country Class Armchair

Cost: $250

Helps: Comfort +4, Room +2, NOT Movable
The "Sarrbach" by Werkbunnst

Cost: $500

Helps: Comfort +4, NOT Movable
Empress Dining Room Chair

Cost: $600

Helps: Comfort +6, Movable
"Von Braun" Recliner

Cost: $150

Helps: Comfort +9, Energy +3 Movable

Contempo Loveseat

Cost: $150

Helps: Comfort +3, Energy +4
Contempo Couch

Cost: $180

Helps: Comfort +2, Energy +5
3. Jobs
Waiter/Waitress - Pay 100$ - Hours: 9am-3pm
Extra - Pay 150$ - Hours: 9am-3pm
Bit Player - Pay 200$ - Hours: 9am-3pm
B-Movie Star - Pay 375$ - Hours: 10am-5pm
Supporting Player - Pay 500$ - Hours: 10am-6pm
TV Star - Pay 650$ - Hours: 10am-6pm
Feature Star - Pay 900$ - Hours: 5pm-1am
Broadway Star - Pay 1,100$ - Hours: 10am-5pm
Superstar - Pay 1,400$ - Hours: 10am-3pm

Life of Crime:
Pickpocket - Pay 140$ - Hours: 9am-3pm
Bagman - Pay 200$ - Hours: 11pm-7am
Bookie - Pay 275$ - Hours: 12pm-7pm
Getaway Driver - Pay 425$ - Hours: 5pm-1am
Bank Robber - Pay 530$ - Hours: 3pm-11pm
Cat Burglar - Pay 640$ - Hours: 9pm-3am
Counterfeiter - Pay 760$ - Hours: 9pm-3am
Smuggler - Pay 900$ - Hours: 9am-3pm
Criminal Mastermind - Pay 1,100$ - Hours: 6pm-12am

Recruit - Pay 250$ - Hours: 6am-12pm
Elite Forces - Pay 325$ - Hours: 7am-1pm
Drill Instructor - Pay 400$ - Hours: 8am-2pm
Counter-Intelligence - Pay 500$ - Hours: 9am-3pm
Flight Officer - Pay 550$ - Hours: 9am-3pm
Senior Officer - Pay 580$ - Hours: 9am-3pm
Commander - Pay 600$ - Hours: 9am-3pm
Astronaut - Pay 625$ - Hours: 9am-3pm
General - Pay 650$ - Hours: 9am-3pm

Daredevil - Pay 175$ - Hours: 9am-3pm
Bungee Jump Instructor - Pay 250$ - Hours: 9am-3pm
Whitewater Guide - Pay 325$ - Hours: 9am-3pm
Xtreme Circuit Pro - Pay 400$ - Hours: 9am-3pm
Bush Pilot - Pay 475$ - Hours: 9am-3pm
Mountain Climber - Pay 550$ - Hours: 9am-3pm
Photo-journalist - Pay 650$ - Hours: 9am-3pm
Grand-Prix Driver - Pay 825$ - Hours: 10am-4pm
International Spy - Pay 925$ - Hours: 10am-3am

Subway Musician - Pay 90$ - Hours: 3am-8pm
Piano Tuner - Pay 120$ - Hours: 9am-4pm
Wedding Singer - Pay 190$ - Hours: 9am-3pm
High School Band Teacher - Pay 325$ - Hours: 7am-2pm
Roadie - Pay 400$ - Hours: 11am-8pm
Backup Musician - Pay 550$ - Hours: 12pm-9pm
Studio Musician - Pay 700$ - Hours: 11am-6pm
Rockstar - Pay 1,100$ - Hours: 5pm-2am
Celebrity Activist - Pay 1,400$ - Hours: 10am-3pm

Slacker (my favorite one ^^;):
Golf Caddy - Pay 90$ - Hours: 5am-10am
Convenience Store Clerk - Pay 110$ - Hours: 10pm-3am
Lifeguard - Pay 150$ - Hours: 9am-3pm
Party DJ - Pay 220$ - Hours: 11pm-4am
Projectionist - Pay 280$ - Hours: 6pm-1am
Video Editor - Pay 350$ - Hours: 12pm-6pm
Freelance Photographer - Pay 400$ - Hours: 12pm-5pm
Personal Tour Guide - Pay 450$ - Hours: 2pm-7pm
Permanent Celebrity Party Guest - Pay 600$ - Hours: 10pm-2am

4. Full Walkthrough of "Get a Life" (NOT YET DONE!!)
NOTE: You unlock skins in ?Get a Life? by meeting the appropriate Sim, I will not cover this, as it would take far too long, perhaps later.

I. Money From Mom

Your Goals:

Borrow 800 Simoleans - This can be easily achieved, cheer mom up, and make her happy, ask her right away, and eventually get your money. Also, you can wait around for one of those phone calls that give you money.

Make Dinner without Starting a Fire - This is easy, read the cookbook, until you get your first point, then proceed to cook.

Fix the TV - You can choose whether you want mechanical points for this or not, however I advise AT LEAST one, so read the mechanical book.

Maintain House Value - Mom won't let you move out if her stuff is missing.

Get a Job - Once you've accomplished all the above goals simply read the newspaper, and get a job.

Optional: Pay the Bills: If you take more then 3 days, you may want to consider restarting the game, if you don't you have to pay momma's bills.


Aroma Machine - Cook your first dinner.
Vanity Mirror - Fix your poor momma's TV
Treadmill - NaNa Why don't you get a job?
The Museum (2-player mini-game) - Borrow money from momma.
Beejaphone Electric Guitar - Get through this whole level in 24 hours (sim time) or less.

II. Reality Bites


Clean up the place - Simply clean everything on the ground, you know you've done it when it says ?You?ve successfully cleaned up this place, blah blah. You?ve unlocked the maid!?

Fix the Broken Stuff ? Same as above, except you unlock the repairman.

Upgrade your Abode ? Just increase the house value from 34,561 to 35,711.

Get promoted to Career Level 2 ? Go to work in a good mood, simple as that.

Get promoted to career level 3 ? Go to work in a good mood with all your needed stats increased (Check your Job screen, things in yellow are what you need, also make sure you don?t need friends)

Complete all Goals and move out. ? Umm.. yeah. Dudley/Roxy will come and get you.


Ice Chest ? Get promoted to Career level 2

Teppanyaki Table ? Get promoted to Career Level 3

Bug Zapper: Increase the house value

The Frat House (2-Player game) ? Complete the level

Repairman ? Fix all broken objects

Maid ? Clean-up the house

Coat of Arms ? Get through the house in 4 days or less

III. Party Animals


Throw a raging party ? Before you do this, work on your career. Have at least 2 hot tubs, and order pizza, that way your guests will have the selection of pizza or burgers. A beverage bar will help too, order the pizza, then throw the party, buy the hot tubs, and you should be set to go.

Upgrade your Abode ? This again? You just have to increase your house value to 54,680, this can be easily achieved if you just follow the above instructions.

Get Promoted to Career Level 4 ? You probably want to do this before the raging party, as it could help quite a bit, you can?t move until you do this.

Get Promoted to Career Level 5 ? Go to work in good moods, and upgrade your skills as needed, just don?t throw a party until you?ve done this.

Get a Room-mate from the party ? All other goals MUST be accomplished before you can do this, just work on keeping them comfortable, fed, and let them empty their bladder, get them to 100, and it should be a cinch. Also, don?t ask them late in the night, they?ll have less energy so their decision will likely be ?No?.


Strip Poker Table: Get promoted to Career Level 4

Master Suite Tub: Get promoted to career level 5

Tree Swing: Increase the home value

The Motel (2-player) ? Throw the raging party

The Park ? Greet and feed Bobo the bum.

Head in Curio Jar ? Get through this in eight days or less.

Sent to me by user.
Here's help for the third level (Thanks to Deathsythex for this):
- Buy a mirror and a computer (not the crappy one, the one after that).
- Practice whatever skills you need in order to get a promotion (if you're still a slacker, then it should be charisma, which can be upgraded with the mirror).
- A couple hours before going to work, have your character play on the computer until he's almost completely happy.
- Keep working only on your required skills (and number of friends if you're behind) to get a promotion, and make sure your Sim is happy before going to work.
- Continue doing this until you have both promotions (you have to get to lvl
- Once you've done that, buy a second hot tub and put both of them (you already have one out back) inside your house (this should also finish the "upgrade your adobe" mission).
- Now, call the Pizza Delivery guy, then go to the phone and do the "Throw Party" option.
- Take in the pizza when it gets there and then greet one of the party guests, then go inside and go into one of the hot tubs (so the rest will follow). Also, have Dudley cook burgers if the guests demand more food. Make small talk with one of the guests until you're at 80-90 friendship points, then pop the question. If that doesn't work, just throw a party the next day and pop the question earlier (when the guests aren't so tired).

IV. Hot to Trot


Throw a Raging Party ? Before you do this, work on the Career skills, However using some of the strategies from the previous ?Party Animals? scenario should get you through this, work your roommate to be a good cook, as they can do the cooking and clean up while you attend to your party guests.

Upgrade your Abode ? This again?! Anyways, buying some items should help you, so do that :-D, You must increase your house value to 48,050 simoleans in order to pass.

Get Promoted to Career Level 6 ? If you did what I told you to for the raging party, and you continue to do that until you are ready, then replenish your skills, and throw a party, you should be ready to go.

Get Promoted to Career Level 7 ? Same strategy, only a little harder.

?Score? with a party guest ? I honestly don?t know why so many people have trouble with this, throw a party (or two, or however many you need) and attempt to fall in love with one of your partymates, when you have a relationship that has a heart and is in the 80-100 range, you should be able to score, if not, try another party, they?ll come back in a fresh new mood.


Sonic Shower ? Get promoted to career level 6

Carving Block ? Get promoted to career level 7

Love Bed ? Upgrade your Abode.

Club Abhi and Taylor?s Place (Two-Player) ? Shake your.. ahem.. Throw a raging party.

The Park (Two-Player) ? Bobo also sometimes appears in this level, be watching for him, when you see him, feed him.

Wurl ?N Hurl Jukebox ? Get through the house in eight days or less.

V. Who Loves Ya Baby


Get Married ? This only appears if your husband/wife decides to hate you and move out.

Upgrade your Abode ? In almost every level to date, simply increase your home value from 69,404 to 73,404

Get Promoted to Career Level 8 ? Work up all your skills, then go to work in a good mood, also make sure you have friends, lots, of friends.

Get Promoted to Career Level 9 ? SAME AS ABOVE

Have Two Babies ? Keep kissing your wife, use the love bed, whatever it takes.

Take Care of The Baby ? Feed the baby, avoid playing with it, should be done.

Keep Kids in School ? No military school for your kiddies, or you?ll fail this level.


Sand Box ? Raise your first baby to childhood.

Lawn Sprinkler ? Raise your second baby to childhood.

Maid?s House (Two-Player) ? Get promoted to career level 8.

Two New Swimming Pools ? Get promoted to career level 9

The Park (Two-Player) ? If you haven?t already, greet and feed Bobo the Bum.

Bearskin Rug ? Get through this house in eight days or less.

VI. The Last Simolean

Get Promoted to Career Level 10: Use the same strategies as you did for the other promotions.

Send your Kids to Prep School ? To do this BOTH YOUR KIDS MUST HAVE STRAIGHT As (lowest allowed A-) plus you need $3000 ($1500 per child).

Save $20,000 for an early retirement ? Save your money from your job, should be the easiest goal in the game.

Throw your Last But Greatest Party! ? You need to concentrate more on their moods at the party, as it?s much more crucial if they?re in a good mood or not, as the game will not let you by if your guests all are sleepy, or uncomfortable, hardest, but in the long run funnest party in the game.

Have a baby ? Only appears if you?re child dies or gets sent to Military School.


Monkey Butler ? Oh yes, the one everybody wants! Send your children off to prep school.

The Park (2-player) ? Greet the dang bum!

Rhino Trophy ? Get through the house in eight days or less.

Aftermath - You get a spiffy lil? video, and then you have completed Get a Life mode, and unlocked EVERYTHING!

5. Bonus Tips/Cheats
I. Cheats

Press all 4 shoulder buttons (R1, R2, L1, L2) at the title screen, A cheat menu should appear, enter the following cheats for their corresponding command.

MIDAS - This unlocks all locked objects, skins, and multiplayer games. After putting the code in you must go to 'Get A Life' mode and quit to the main menu when you enter the dream house with Roxy/Randy.

FREEALL - Makes all items cost 0 simoleans WARNING: Can cause some problems with saves, be warned.

PARTY M - Type this in to unlock the Party Motel multiplayer mode.

SIMS - This code unlocks the Play The Sims mode (or sandbox mode), This is especially nice for those who don't have memory cards.

II. Gameshark Codes

The M Code (*Must Be On)
0E3C7DF2 1853E59E

Tons of Money (in Create New Family mode)

Everything is Free
DEA90332 BCA99B84

Menu SFX Off
DEA90336 BCA99B83

Menu SFX On
DEA90336 BCA99B84

Show Debug Info
DEA9033E BCA99B84

Debug Info Off

Items/Skins Unlocked
DEA9033A BCA99B84

Unlock Party Motel
DEA903C6 BCA99B84

Unlock Play The Sims
DEA903C2 BCA99B84

Naked Sims (no censor square)
DE82904E BF899B8B
DE82904A BCA99B83

Comments On

Comments Off

Big Heads
DEA903E2 BCA99B84

Normal Heads
DEA903E2 BCA99B83

Blue Mode On

Blue Mode Off

III. Tips on Play the Sims

Hunger - Even if you can't get a promotion, it's still a good idea to go to work, get your money and upgrade all your items, You definitely want to upgrade your food items. Also increase your cooking skills when possible, so when you are in a horrid mood, you can create an awesome dinner and cheer yourself up. Also, remember, Sim Food lasts 7 hours before the flies come home.

Comfort - Don't buy the Hygeia-O-Matic toilet because it's cheap, but the Flush Force 5 XLT, that way, when you urinate you also get some comfort at the same time.

Hygiene - If your Sim lacks neatness points, then wash his hands after using the toilet, it's the #1 way your Sims lose their hygiene.

Bladder - Let your Sims pee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Room - Have lots of lighting and windows in your house, A lot of times when people go to work it's not daylight yet, so they have to place lights outside so their Sim will not become cranky as he/she goes to work.

Energy - Place coffee makers in strategic locations, and also give your simmies some sleep.
Submitted By: Alborz
0.0 Contents
- 0.0 Contents
- 1.0 Intro
- 1.1 About The Sims
- 1.2 My Review for The Sims
- 1.3 Controls
- 2.0 The Walkthorugh Begins
- 2.1 Dream House
- 2.2 Money From Mum
- 2.3 Reality Bites
- 2.4 Party Animals
- 2.5 Hot to Trot
- 2.6 Who Loves Ya Baby
- 2.7 The Last Simoleon
- 3.0 Tips, Cheats, Hints and Faqs
- 3.1 General Tips
- 3.2 Cheats
- 3.3 Gameshark Codes
- 3.3 Frequently Asked Questions
1.0 Intro
Ok, so don't blame me if something I wrote here is wrong instead just tell me to correct the mistake by email on [email protected] as this is my fist time writing a walkthrough for anything. Thanks and I hope you find this guide helpful.
Alborz Bozorgi

1.1 About The Sims
Game Name : The Sims
Publisher : EA Games
Developer : Maxis
Official Website:
Players : 1 or 2
Consoles: PC CD ROM, PS2, X-Box & Gamecube (This guide is only for PS2).
Memory Space: (Sony PS2 8mb Memory Card needed)
"Get a Life Mode" = 1303k
"Play The Sims Mode" = 1303k
"The Sims Configuration" = 0907k
Controllers: Anolouge ones only,
Vibrational ones compatible.
Rating : 15+ in UK or in America Mature

1.2 My Review for The Sims
Graphics 7/10
Not the best graphics to reach the PS2 but still it gets the job done nice and smooth. But the graphics don't matter what matters is the gameplay.

Gameplay 9/10
In one the short way brilliant, and in the long way everything is perfect except the fact that time keeps running out. I mean who would spend 15 minutes just to get in the house back from work to the bedroom and in the bed. 15 minutes just for sleeping and then it takes 7 hours to get any energy! Other than that everything is perfect because of the little details of it and the way of life.

Sounsystem 6/10
I must say that I haven't got the best stereo system myself but still the sounds are repetitive. First you can't understand them unlike other games. Next the music is irritating. And lastly the kids, they sound as if they are shouting when they are playing.

Lifespan 9/10
You search the levels fully and the items given with every little detail, makes the lifespan so good. Like being able to view paintings or choosing whether to jog, run or walk on the tredmill.

Overall 8/10
Very good and it could keep you in for days. Ok so it can be better but you don't see no better game with the same category out on PS2 yet so don't blame it.

Rent or Buy?
Rent deffinately as it could finish in a few days but still is a good game.

1.3 Controls
Select action = X
Cancel last action = Triangle
Sims center screen = Square
Move Cursor = Left Anolouge Stick
Cancel a selected action = Select
Change controlling Sim = L2(Last Person) R2 (Next Person)
Move camera around = Right Anolouge Stick
Fasten speed of time = R1 (Slowers time if all sims are either at work, asleep or in school).
Freeze Time = L1
Change wall view = 0
Menu = Start
Career Pop up screen = Hold Left
Relationship Pop up screen = Hold Right
Motives Pop up screen = Hold Up
Personality Pop up screen = Hold Down

2.0 The Walkthrough Begins
Here I will give you The step by step guide of Get a Life Mode.

2.1 Dream House
No goals are in this level. All you have to do is quickly get in the Hot Tub with your dream Girlfriend or Boyfirned and you have unlocked Play The Sims Mode aswell as finished that level but not all the levels are that easy.

2.2 Money From Mum

This is your first out of two proper houses that you own so enjoy it while it lasts.

Play The Sims Mode.

1. Borrow $800 from Mum.
This is done by Talking to Mum then complimenting her. Then saying a joke and so on until you are friends then choose borrow money. Then talk then borrow money and keep on doing this until it says you have completed this goal.

2. Fix the Telly.
Just study Mechanical twice from the bookcase then click on the T.V. then choose Repair.

3. Cook food without starting a fire.
Just study cooking until you have one cooking skill point then choose either "Have Dinner" or "Have Lunch" from the efigirator then He or She will cook it.

4. Find a Job.
Just all the tasks above then click on the paper then click on "Look for a Job" then choose a job.

The Museam 2 Player Game,
Chrismaster Vanity Table,
Aromaster Whifferpuff Gold,
Beejaphone Guitar (To unlock finish the level within 24 hours Sim time).

2.3 Reality Bites

1. Clean up The House.
It says it in the name pick up all the rubbish then click on your trash can or trash compactor then select Empty Trash. You should get some sleep after all that cleaning.

2. Fix The Broken Items.
Get the third mechanical point by studying then repair the broken stuff by clicking on them then selecting Repair.

3. Increase the House's Abode.
Easy just replace the T.V. with a Soma Plasma T.V. and replace the Stereo with a Strings Theory Stereo then buy a normal Hot Tub and voila.

4. Get Promoted to level 2.
Just go to work in a good mode.

5. Get promoted to level 3.
Get the points needed which are in yellow on your career screen then go to work in a good mode.

6. Complete all goals so you can move out.
Just complete all the other goals then answer the ringing phone and Dudley or Roxy will come so you can move to their house.

Bug Zapper,
Slurp 'N' Burp Beverage Cooler,
Teppan Yaki Table,
Highbrau Coat Of Arms (To unlock finish the level within 4 sim days).

2.4 Party Animals


1. Upgrade the House's abode.
Buy a Treadmill, A computer and a Hot Tub to put next to the one on the back.

2. Get promoted to level 4.
Get the needed points then go to work in a good mood.

3. Get Promoted to level 5.
Get the friends needed and the points needed shown on the job pop up screen then go to work in a good mode.

4. Throw a raging party.
Click on the phone then choose order pizza then choose Throw Party. Then get Dudley to get the pizza and make people eat then
make Dudley go in the Hot Tubs with the people. You just do what the next task is.

5. While Dudley entertains the hosts you keep talking and contacting with someone you like the look of. When you and that person are friends ask to be their room-mates.

Strip Poker Table,
Master Suit Tub,
Tree Swing,
Party Motel Two Player Game,
The Park Two Player Game (Bobo The Bum comes around every now and then in this level. You can't phone him and he won't go to
parties, but if you see him be friends with him then click on him then select feed).

2.5 Hot to Trot


1. Increase the house's abode.
Just buy a Meet Marco Computer and put on the eating table.

2. Get promoted to level 6.
Just get the friends needed then go to work then get the Skill points needed in yellow on the Jobs pop up screen then go to

3. Get promoted to level 7.
Just get the friends needed and the skill points needed. Tip: Miss one day of work getting friends then go to work for 2 days
then miss one day of work getting skill points then the next day you go to work you get promoted if you go to work in a good

4. Throw a raging party.
Just click on the phone then click on Throw Party then phone the pizza guy then get the person you moved in with to get the pizza then get him to go in the Hot Tub if the house you moved in to has one, if it deosn't then buy one.

5. Try and Score with a Party guest.
While the person you moved in with gets the party going you find someone from the opposite sex then keep talking to them until
you become family friends then get 80 or higher with them on the relationships pop up screen. Then use flirt with them until you fall in love then use Try and Score. Congratulations you can now get married and move into a new house.

Sonic Shower,
Artist Block,
The Vibromatic Heart Bed,
Club Abi Two Player Game,
Taylor's Place Two Player Game,
Top Hat (Thomas Thimblewit comes around every now and then. Make a family friend with him and you unlock this).

2.6 Who Loves Ya Baby

1. Increase the House's Abode.
Everything the houses needs is in the play room just spread them out and buy a sandbox for the kids and put in the garden and two beds for the kids and sometimes a Meet Marco Computer is needed.

2. Get Promoted to level 8.
Use your partner to get some family friends while you get the skill points. Now ain't that a great idea.

3. Get Promoted to level 9.
Just get your wife or husband to get the extra friend while you are at work. Then when you get back go to sleep when you wake up, get the points needed.

4. Have Two kids.
Just go in to the Libidinex Spa System with your parter then kiss her then later a baby will arrive. For the second one just go to the Vibromatic Heart Bed and select Vibrate then make your partner come and select Play soon a baby will arrive.

5. Take Care of the Baby.
Just Feed it then Sing to it when it is crying. This must be done regulary until it grows up into a kid. Do not Play with it. And if it is still awake after that Feeding it and Singing to it Sing again to it.

6. Keep Kids in School.
Just have them study on the bookcase or computer everyday then make sure they go to school on time at 7.00am everyday until you
complete this level.

Happy Thunder Neoscillating Sprinkler,
Domestic Beach Simulator,
Elle Belle pool and the I Claudis Roman Pool,
The Maids House Two Player Game,
Bearskin Rug (This is impossible. Finish the level within sim 8 Days).

2.7 The Last Simoleon


1. Get Promoted to Level 10.
Finially the last promotion has arrived. And so has the last level. Just get your kids to make 2 friends each and your partner with 4 friends that should be enough. If it is not enough then get 1 friend for yourself.

2. Send your Kids to Prep School with Straight A's.
Make your kids study on the Telescope at least once everday and make sure you have $3000 to pay for prep school. Then when they
go to Prep School they should get A- or higher.

3. Save $20,000 for a yaht for an early retirement.
Just go to work until you have the money to pay for the yaht. And if you want make your Wife or Husband go to work aswell.

4. Throw your very last party.
Order pizza and throw a party have a Aromaster Whifferpuffer Gold and put it on the second one then have a table with 4 to 6 chairs and a Hot Tub. Have good music to dance to and a T.V. to watch.

Meet Major Domo (Monkey Butler!)
Rhino Trophy (Finish level within 8 days or less).

3.0 Tips, Cheats, Hints and Faqs

Here I will write stuff that will make your game easier.

3.1 General Tips

- Missing Work -
You can miss one day off work and get away with a warning. But if you miss 2 Days in a week you will get fired. It's ok to get fired in Play The Sims Mode but in Get A Life Mode if you get fired it's Game Over.

- Bug Zapper -
Buy the Bug Zapper and a Confy Chair which you can sleep on and an Aromaster Whifferpuffer Gold. Put the Aroaster Whifferpuffer
Gold next to the comfy chair. When you are low on energy select Touch on the Bug Zapper then select Sit on the comfy chair for
30 minutes Sim time and voila. But the Aromaster Whifferpuffer Gold must be on and on the first setting. This is done by the Bug Zapper zapping energy into you but this takes your comfort down and that's where the comfy chair and the Aromaster Whifferpuffer Gold comes in. They take the comfort back up in 30 minutes Sim time.

- Burglars -
Burglars are rare but still visit houses. And they also steal items. If you put a Burglar alarm in your house next to every door. Then when the burglar comes a police-lady or policeman comes and catches him. Plus you get a reward of usually $1000 and insurance on the stolen items which usually means you earn $1050 for catching a burglar plus all the stolen items back. But you buy the stolen items but after you buy it you have the money. Note: You cannot catch a burglar alone. Also Note: Straight when a burglar comes until he goes you cannot sell or buy anything.

- Fires -
Fires can start in this game too! This is done by either a fire place setting something on fire or someone who has no cooking skills trying to cook. Sims can die by fires items can become ashes too. But if you have a fire alarm next to cooker and next to the fire place right when a fire starts a fire man comes and extingushes it. Note: You cannot extingush a fire alone. Also, Note: When a fire starts you cannot sell or buy anything.

- Dieing -
Sims can die! They can die from the following reasons: Neglect,
Drowning, Getting on fire, Drowing and buiding a small room which they cannot escape from, E.G. Jailing them. A good way to stop this is by going to options and putting free will on. With this they can escape from some situations. From other situations they can die. When a sim dies the Grim Reaper comes around and turns their dead body into a Tombstone which other Sims can Mourn at which is bad for their status. If a Sim does die you can see a ghost in their room of death! This is usually between 11:00pm to 12:00am Sim Time. But you can stop this. If there is another Sim in the house they can click on the Grim Reaper and choose Plea to try and spare the dead Sim's life. Then they will play a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors. If you win the dead Sim will be alive again and a friend to the person that saved him. If you draw the dead Sim will become a Zombie and be a friend with you for saving him. If you lose the body becomes a Tombstone as if you didn't Plea at all. The whole family can only plea at once. E.G. If someone loses you can't get a different house mate to Plea.

- Zombies -
If the Grim Reaper turns your Sim into a Zombie there will be a few canges. 1. They can never die. 2. They are Green. Except for that they are the same old Sim and can still be controlled by you.

- Marriage -
Sims can get married! Simply get them in love and keep on kissing until you see propose on their list of things that you can do to them. Note: You can marry as many times as you like but divorces, but the partner could go away. Also Note: The person must be from a different family and must be invited over by the phone. Also Note: You can only marry in Play The Sims Mode. And please note it costs $1000 to get married.

- Working From Home -
You can get a KraftKing Woodworking Table and ake Gnomes on it and sell them. The more mechanical points you get the more money you get. You can also get a Easel Painting set where you paint paintings and sell them. The more creativity points you have the more money you can sell them for.

- Abducted -
You can get abducted by aliens! Just look out the telescope at night time in Sim time. Usually the times are 11:00pm to 3:00am Sim time. Your Sim will earn lots of Logic points during this time but their stats will change as they don't get sleep, food or get to use the loo. So use at your own risk.

- Babies -
You can have babies in Play The Sims Mode! This is done by two married people getting in the Love Bed and selecting Play. A few hours later in Sim time a baby is there that you can name. They grow into kids in 3 Days Sim time.

2.3 Cheats
Hold R2,L2,R1 & L1 at the main menu to bring up the cheat menu. Then enter the wanted cheats.
Words to enter: Cheat:
FISH EYES Press 0 until you get first
person view while playing Play The Sims Mode.
MIDAS All 2 Player games unlocked.
Just choose Get A Life from the main menu then choose Bonus then
choose which 2 player game you wish to play.
SIMS To unlock Play The Sims
FREEALL All objects free.
PARTY M Party Motl Two Player Game.

3.3 Gameshark Codes
$$ For NEW Family

Everything is Free

Debug Mode

All Items & Skins Unlocked

Unlock Play The Sims Mode

Comments On

Alien Mode

3.4 FAQ

This lady keeps taking my baby away. Listen, when you get a warning saying the social services will come then that means quickly feed your baby, sing to it then if it is still awake sing to it again. Don't let them take your baby away. Be good to it and they won't come everytime the baby cries. When the baby cries feed it then sing to it. That's it. Just do that for 3 days Sim time then He or She will grow into a child.

How do I catch a burglar?
You can't catch a burglar. When it comes you should have a burglar alarm at all doors leading outside. If you don't then phone the police. If you do have a burglar alarm someone should come and catch him.

My Monkey Butler doesn't put out my fires.
It's not meant to it does what a maid does but only $10 more expensive. The only thing it can do is just stand there, wait for the fire to ruin the whole house then sweep the ashes away.

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