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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"The Sims"
(PC Games)

This game is also available on PS2, Xbox and GameCube.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for The Sims (PC Games)
Submitted By: blahpro
This isn't really a walkthrough because a walkthrough for The Sims would be almost imposible. This is more of a large collection of hints that disappear into a puff of logic and becomes a walkthrough. (What the Hell? I don't know what i'm talking about...)

Anyway. When you first start a family, it is a good idea to just have two adults and no children (You can always have or adopt a child later on.) Make one Sim Male, the other Female and make sure their star-signs are the same. This insures that they get on well together.

Now buy the cheapest lot in the neighbourhood and then start building the house. I suggest that, to start with, you only have the following rooms; Main Hall, Bedroom, Bathroom, Kitchen and a Combined Dining Room and Lounge. Make the shell of each room selecting a logical size for each. Use your brain - the kitchen will be smaller than the Lounge! Remember to check your bank balance...

Next decorate the rooms. Use a cheap but stylish wallpaper and do the same with the carpet. Use tiles in the bathrooma and the kitchen, use carpet in the rest of the rooms.

Next up; furnishings. Use the following in each room. Add more if you want later:
Main hall - Telephone, bugular alarm, picture (optional)
Bedroom - Bed, Picture, Wardrobe (optional)
Kitchen - Fridge, cooker, smoke alarm, work surfaces, sink, microwave, food proccessor, bin
Dining Room - Table, chairs
Lounge - sofa, TV, 'fun' stuff

After you get a job and earn some money. Make improvements to your house. This, in turn makes them happy again and they get promoted. Then they earn more money and the cycle goes on. In some jobs you kneed to build up your muscles or charisma etc to be promoted and sometimes the amount of friends you have helps. Always try to make friends with your neighbours. Oh, and never make two Sims of the same sex kiss or hug - it will deacrease their relationship wth each other. Sorry if you are gay and play the Sims - it's the way Sims are...

Always try to make your Sims happy and enjoy playing this classic!

At, there are some good hints for this game. Go there to fing out some more ways to be successful at the game! (I spelled that wrong!)
Submitted By: Unknown
O.k. this is for all of you that don稚 want to cheat so hear we

Creating your Sims

Right we池e going to make 2 Sims, 1 is going to work and the
other is going to stay home to clean and socialise. The worker
Sim needs to have the stat bars: active and outgoing higher than
the others I suggest you put 7 points for outgoing and active and
share out the others equally. The non-worker need the higher
stats to be outgoing neat and playful again do 7 for these then
distribute the rest equally. You can do the appearance and the
rest, as you like.

Building a house

The house we are going to build is not going to be absolutely
huge, and is going to be quite simple but effective, to explain
how to build it I値l have to draw a diagram:

| | Key:
4| Bedroom | 4 e=door
| |-------- === = the
11 | e | tr = trash
----------------e----- Bath |
| | room |4
| e |
6| Kitchen | |
| |--------
| Living |
| Room |


(The numbers down the side of the diagram, mean, for example it
says 6 that actually means 6 panels of wall.)
You see that the bathroom juts out into the bedroom a bit; it
juts out 1 wall panel. Next we値l do the doors to save time. For
the doors you can choose where they go. (The most sensible place
to put it is just in front of the trash can and mail box.


We need to put some flooring and furniture and we値l put the
floor in first, as this is easier. The floor sets I知 going to
suggest the cheapest and would be wise to use these. For the
bathroom and kitchen I would use the floor tile 的l Perini
Italiante For the kitchen I would place it to the left side of
the front door. In the bedroom the floor set to have would be
blue carpet. For the living room the carpet that would be
sensible is peach carpet it is cheap and nice.


For the kitchen quarters apply the wallpaper, 泥eep Jade and for
the Living room bit, do 典uscany Tin. For the bathroom, paste on
Too Turquoise. You don稚 need to do anything for the bedroom
because you don稚 spend much time in there.


For the kitchen you need a great deal of stuff:
鏑lamark refrigerator
泥ialect free standing range stove
擢uzzy logic dishwasher
2 counters (NuMica)
鼎ard table and 4 Werkbunnst chairs

Position these like this:
In the top left corner put the stove then down one put the
refrigerator then down another one put 1 empty counter then down
again put the dishwasher then put another empty counter and then
in the last square (the bottom right corner) put a counter with a
sink in there. Then 2 squares away put the table and position the
chairs like this:

Ch (not to scale)(you don稚 have to
Ch ..... the chairs like that
..... sure the chairs are in
..... Ch corner)

For the living room you need:
1 鼎ontempto couch
1 溺onochrome TV.
1 溺esquite desk/table
1 泥own wit Dat boom box
1 phone (that goes on the wall)
1 security alarm
Here痴 what I did. Have the Television placed by one of the
walls, and have the couch face the Television about 2 squares
away, and put the Bookcase next to the TV by the wall, so that
your Sims can read and sit on the couch. Now on another wall
place the table and place the Radio on it. Place the Phone on
the wall behind the radio, and the Security Alarm anywhere on the

The bathroom needs:
1 塗ygeia-o-matic
1 鄭ndersonville
1 都paceMiser
It isn稚 hard to place these just put them in each corner.

The bedroom needs . . . .

2 鉄partan beds
1 撤inegulcher end table
1 alarm clock

You can decide where to put these, but remember to have 1 free
side for the Sim to get into bed.


This is mainly for the non-worker to follow. When you start out
just plainly talk then as it get a better relationship e.g. 39
start to tell jokes and compliment. As you get to 80 give the Sim
a back rub and hugs and even maybe kissing and if you get the
relationship up to the 100痴 then you might be able to move them
in. You may need to get family friends for the workers Sims's job
or to get a promotion.

Well I hope this has helped you and do well with your family.

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