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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"The Sims"

This game is also available on PC, PS2 and Xbox.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for The Sims (Gamecube)
Submitted By: Angel2462
This walkthrough contains the easy steps to get pass the first level. Once you are playing 'Get A Life' mode, these are ways to complete the level.

Level 1: Money From Mom.

Your goals are to cook with out starting a fire, fix the TV, get 800 Simoleans from mom, and to get a job. You need to do it fast...or your sim will get comfortable lazing around and won't want to do his/her goals. Make a sim that is nice, active, and neat (use the left over points aswell). Then read a cook book from the shelf and try to get a couple cooking skills. Now try cooking dinner (you should not start a fire!).
Now read a mechanical book from the shelf and also try to get a couple mechanical skills. Now try fixing up the TV (you should hopefully not get electrocuted!). To recieve 800 Simoleans from your mom...simply just sell the bed, or just sell everything in the house, since you are not going to live there when you move out after the level.
Your sim should still be happy enough to get a job (read the newspaper to find one, or on your sim's computer). Who cares what job you get, because you are going to get promoted some time!

You now...should be able to go to the next level! Good luck!
Submitted By: Angel2462
If you want happy,healthy,successful,sim families,then I say that you should try your best to improve your sim's skills and jobs.To get a job,simply just grab a newspaper and choose the one that says get a job.But it all depends if your sim is in the right mood to get a job.Here are the different ways to improve your skills and what you need to work on them.Cooking:Read a cookbook from the bookcase.Mechanical:Read a book on mechanics from the bookcase or work at the workbench.Creative:Paint,play the piano or guitar,or use the carving block.Body:Swim,or work out on a exercise machine.Charisma:Practice your public speaking in a mirror.I hope it all helps.Submitted By:Angel246

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