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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Medal of Honour: Allied Assault"
(PC Games)

This game is also available on PS2.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Medal of Honour: Allied Assault (PC Games)
Submitted By: MoJoJoJo
Part 2

Mission 4 – Level 1

Follow the road and kill the two guards ahead. Keep going and
take a left to see the crashed plane. Kill the three officers
around the captive pilot. He'll get pick up an MP40 and you can
continue. The pilot can pretty much look after himself, but if he
dies, you fail the mission – so keep an eye on him

Head back to the intersection. There’s a barricade, left of which
is a small path. Go down it and pop any soldiers you see. You’ll
come to a house, go in up the stairs and clear it of anyone
inside. There’s health and ammo inside, go grab them if you need
them. Go to the front porch and kill the guards outside. There’s
a field ahead with a small house. Go behind that house and you’ll
find rifle ammo, a grenade and some health by a crate. Go back to
the first house and look on the back for a stairway leading to
the basement. Kill the soldiers inside and pick up the first aid
kit, canteen, rifle ammo and two grenades. Now go to the road and
follow it north until you reach another barricade.

Go left and follow this road until you reach some fortifications.
Kill all the guards along the rest of the road leading to the
church ahead. There are two heavy machine guns here, so be

Use the machine gun closest to the church to kill the soldiers on
the truck that has come up the road. Head into the church,
killing all the soldiers. Go to the altar at the end, there is a
button on the right side, push it and the altar will slide away.
Climb down the freshly revealed ladder and follow the tunnel to
reach the Marquis hideout and meet with Manon. She'll take your
guns so all you have is a silenced pistol.

Mission 4 – Level 2

When the level starts, you'll see a truck going down the road
besides you. Follow the truck to the checkpoint, but stay on the
right side of the road so the guard doesn't see you. When you get
close, walk (hold shift) into the back of the truck. Stay hidden
in there and the truck will take you right inside.

Get out of the truck and to your left will be a Tiger tank. Shoot
the guards and plant a radio bomb behind the tank. Next to the
tank are two tents, the first one is empty but the second one
contains a first aid kit. Past the second tent is another Tiger
tank, so plant another bomb. Turn around and go past the first
tank and the truck, turn left past the tent and you'll find the
last Tiger tank. Set a charge and get away from them all before
they blow.

Past the last Tiger tank you bombed is a hole in the fence,
protected by sandbags. Get the sniper rifle and ammo there. Then
jump over the sandbags and go down to the railroad track. Turn
right and follow the track, sniping any soldiers.

The switch you need to throw is just ahead of you, but before you
go up, snipe the guards in a bunker ahead (there are two of them)
Now just go forward and use the switch.

Keep going down and follow the left track into the tunnel.
There’s a canteen on a crate there if you need it.

There’s an opening into the right wall. Have a look around and a
soldier will try to ventilate you with a heavy machine gun, do
hide back around. Look again after a while and he should no
longer be there, probably running off to tell someone about you.
If he IS there, just snipe him. Afterwards, go through the door
on the left of the heavy machine gun.. Inside the bunker you'll
find a box of grenades, and also a canteen in the next room. Exit
the bunker back into the tunnel.

On the other side of the tunnel you'll have to snipe a few more
soldiers. Follow the track and go up a path in the right
mountain. You'll reach a compound with a search light, but you
can’t get a clear shot at the guard from where you are, so go
through the opening in the fence, avoiding the light. Once there
position yourself so you have a clear shot at the guard you
couldn’t hit before – take him out.

Go through the double doors and kill the guards inside. In the
radio room on the right is a first aid kit. Turn left and go up
the stairs at the end of the hallway. Go through the door in this
room and you'll be back outside. Run up to the heavy machine gun
behind the search light and use it to mow down the soldiers who
appear. When you're finished, turn around and go through the door
at the end of this small passageway. In the room you'll find
another first aid kit on the shelves. Exit the room through the
other door. You'll have to snipe some soldiers through the window
in the next room. Go in the hallway at the back of the room and
you'll find a lift. Go in and use it.

Exit the life and follow the underground passage. You'll find a
canteen and two grenades in an office. Go up the stairs at the
end of the passage, then up the stairs in the next room. Go
through the doorway, past the exit of the building and you'll see
a first aid kit and two more grenades in the room. There’s also a
dog, so be ready. Go outside through the doorway.

Snipe any soldiers and follow the tracks south. Plant a bomb at
the end of the right track, on the barrier. Cross the tracks and
go up the ramp. Go past the house and onto the bridge above the
tracks that you were just under. Inside the control tower on the
right you'll find the switch you're looking for. Leave the
control tower and go left. Ahead of you is the truck sent to pick
you up. Walk up and get in the back. Shoot any soldiers who come
chasing after you while you’re driving away.

Mission 4 – Level 3

The guards let the truck pass through (not like in the first
mission, eh?) and Henri will park it in front of a barn When he
does, get out and enter the barn through the door on your right..
Go to the other end of the barn and exit through the doorway.
Snipe any guards you can see, and ahead of you, across the road,
are a couple anti aircraft guns. Head for them and turn right. Go
forward and in the tent you'll find another first aid kit. Go
past the tent, and look further down the road from besides the
brick wall.. There are two guards behind a heavy machinegun, one
in a watch tower and one by an alarm. Snipe the guy by the alarm
first, then the others at will.. Search the three tents to find
health and ammo. Now follow the road into the next area and
you'll see a Panzer tank in a hangar. Go behind the hangar to the
fence. Snipe any guards you see from here, then go through the
opening in the fence. On your left is a Tiger tank, head for it.
Go east and behind the mansion. Keep heading east until you can
go no further and turn left. There’s a guard by an alarm so pop
him, and go past the alarm to a back door that heads into the
house. Go down the hallway and take the doorway on the left to
enter a big library. Get the first aid kit on the table if you
need it and head up the stairs. Go around the balcony and through
the red double doors you can see. Go up some more stairs and
you'll find the plans you’re looking for in the top room.

Go back down the stairs and into the library. Now go through the
door on your right. You’re in a small hallway, through the door
at the end is where you can find some explosives. Go back to the
library and then downstairs. Go through the doorway in front of
you and turn left. Head down the hallway to get back outside. Go
forward and turn left after the alarm, go into the house through
the double doors. Just as you go in turn left and go through the
doorway into the room. Go through the door on your right and down
the stairs into the basement. There’s a canteen and some
grenades, and more importantly, the King Tiger field manual on a
table. Take it and head upstairs to get out of the basement and
go back to the first room you entered with the fireplace. Go
through the doorway and up the stairs in the next room to find a
hallway. Ignore the bathroom on your left, but you’ll find a
canteen in the bedroom through the next door. Keep going down the
hallway until you finally go through the door at the end into a
room with a radio. Use it to send the false communiqué for the
sniper rifles.

Exit the house the way you came in. When you’re outside go left
and you'll see the King Tiger tank from before. Plant an
explosive behind it to destroy it. Follow the fence north and
you'll find a second King Tiger, which you must blow up too. Head
east and you'll find another house. Go in through the door on the
right. Follow the hallway and head upstairs, then turn left. Keep
going down the hallway and you’ll enter a dining room. Through
the door at the end is a room with ammo, a canteen and the troop
manifest, pick this up.

Go back to the main hall and exit through the double doors
downstairs. Shoot any guards you encounter outside and head
north. The main gate is now open, so follow the road, shooting
any guards on the way. Just keep running, turn around to shoot
any guard dogs, but leave everyone else. You’ll come to a heavy
machinegun, snipe the gunner quickly and keep going. You’ll come
to the truck, get in. If you blew up the two tanks, you’ll get a

Mission 5 – Level 1

A lot of people seem to hate these levels because they can be
VERY hard, even on easy. Your new worst enemy is the sniper. The
trick to getting through alive is to quick save every time you
get a bit further on in the level. It may be seen as cheating by
some, but it’s the best way to complete the level.

When you start, go forward, following the path. Around the
corner, you'll meet the first sniper. He's in a window on the
second floor of the house at the end of the path. Always try and
snipe the enemy before they see you. Go forward and you'll find
three Allied soldiers, pinned down by sniper fire. They’ll help
you, but they die very easily, so keep an eye on them. They come
in useful, even if you use them as human bait so the enemy sniper
gives his position away when he shoots them. Not very fair I
know, but this is war!

Go to the right side of the street and look ahead, to the left of
the car. Slowly move forward (walk) and you'll see a sniper
hiding behind the archways of the house's first floor. Kill him
and proceed forward always hugging the wall. Stop just where the
wall ends so you can see the rest of the street from here. Look
southwest and you'll see a house with two windows. Pop the two
snipers in the windows then turn right and you'll see some
stairs. Climb up and shoot the sniper on the second floor with
your tommy gun. Shoot the second sniper in the house ahead. Get
the canteen in if you need it and head back down.

Go forward. Around the corner of the wall look to the right. Up
the street you'll see a car by a tree. Just to the right of the
tree on the roof of the house is a sniper. Shoot him before he
can shoot you, then look south across the street where you'll see
a stairway going up between two houses. Cross the street and head
up those stairs. Enter the bedroom through the doorway, but stay
crouched! There is a canteen on the desk with a mirror in the
room, and two windows, to the left and right of it. Approach the
right window so that you're centred behind it and look southwest.
There’s a sniper in a window, so shoot him, then move left
slightly and you'll see another through a wall, on the second
floor of a house right across the street. Any rooms with cabinets
in may have a German sniper hiding in, so if you hear a door
being kicked open, turn around and tommy gun the poor guy who
thinks he’s surprised you.

Leave this room and go back down the stairs to reach the street.
Turn left and head forward, staying on the right side of the
street. You'll soon come to some stairs going down. Follow this
small brick path and ahead you'll see a ruined house. By the
doorway is a first aid kit, pick it up if need be. Left of this
ruined house is a sniper, hiding in a small alley. He may be hard
to see, but when you do, just spray him with your tommy gun.

Continue walking until the small brick path ends. Look southeast
and you can see a tower if you use the scope on your rifle. At
the top of it is a window with a sniper behind it - cap him. Keep
moving southeast and go through the fence. Follow the street
south, staying close to the house on the right. Just around the
corner, look west and you'll see a sniper in a window in the
house up ahead, so pop him. Look southwest and you’ll see a
doorway up some stairs. A soldier will walk through, so shoot

Head west and go through the doorway on your right. Spray the
sniper at the top of the stairs with your tommy gun, then head
upstairs. Go into the room and shoot the sniper there. Exit this
house through the collapsed wall and turn right. Go west down the
street but stick to the left wall. Look to the northwest and
you'll see a sniper on the second floor of a house. Kill him and
keep heading west until you come across some stairs on your left.
Go up and shoot the last sniper in this part of the level. This
is where the bazooka team were… but they’re dead, so just take
their bazooka and rockets.

Go back downstairs, and face west. Go forward through the doorway
and turn left to see a wooden gate. Try to use the gate and you
will be told to find another way through the gate. Well, just use
your bazooka to blow the gates open, and run through to finish
the level.

Mission 5 – Level 2

Now you have to find the tank crew, blow up a Panzer tank, and
steal the King Tiger, all without the tank crew getting killed.

Walk forward and you’ll meet a medic from the tank crew, follow
him into the house. Now, only two of the tank crew can die before
you fail, so keep an eye on them. Especially the medic, who can
heal you AND the rest of the crew. He’s the most useful, as he
can keep the rest alive.

Look through the window, and use your sniper rifle to snipe the
soldiers coming from the street ahead. Soon the Panzer tank will
appear. Use your bazooka and keep shooting it before it gets too
close and blows you all away. After you’ve destroyed it, sit
tight while some enemy planes make a bombing run in the street.
Now would be a good time to pick up the rockets in the room
you’re in. When it’s all clear, exit the house and get onto the
street, hugging the right wall. You'll reach the corner of a
house, to the east there’s a sniper on the rooftop so take him
out before he gets up to anything. Look south around the corner
and there are some soldiers coming out of a house. You know what
to do.

Keep going forward, staying close to the right wall. When you
reach the corner of the house, look to your right and you'll see
a sniper in some ruins ahead. Pop him and look southwest to see a
building named “Hotel”. Look through the wall on the third floor
and shoot the snipers up there. Look south and you'll see a
doorway in the building. Go through it and climb the stairs.
Spray the sniper in the first room on the right, then climb the
next stairs to the third floor. Take out the other sniper in the
room at the top, and get the first aid kit and grenades if you
need them. Go back to the street.

Turn left, go forward then left again. There is a house with a
balcony. Head southwest and just around the corner you'll see a
few soldiers coming out of the left side of the Hotel. Move
forward and look south – you should see a tower in the distance.
Shoot the sniper in the window. Get out your tommy gun and enter
the Hotel through the doorway and take care of the soldiers
inside. Head upstairs and clear the second floor after doing the
first. Stay clear of the small bedroom by the doorway, if you
walk in you'll be sniped. Leave the way you came in.

Face west and go by the Hotel's corner. Look slightly to the
right across the street and you’ll see a small fence between two
houses, behind which is a sniper. Pop him, then cross the street
and look to the northeast. You’ll see a sniper in the attic of
the house opposite you. A sniper on the third floor of the Hotel
is hanging around too. Pop them and go north up the street.

There are some soldiers in the house to the north, move forward,
staying near the left wall until you see a staircase. Head up and
spray everyone you find in the house. Leave and turn to face
west. You'll see a tower with a window. Move around until you can
see the sniper inside and pop him. Follow the street and shoot
the sniper in the window ahead. Head west and around the corner
take care of all the soldiers coming at you. There will also be
some on the bridge. Spray or snipe everyone and then head north
under the bridge.

Look to the north and you’ll see a house. Kill the soldiers that
come out onto the balcony and then look north and you’ll see a
doorway. Go through and up the stairs, shoot the sniper in the
room on the right, then go through the passage on the left. Go to
the end of the room and look east. There are two soldiers on a
balcony for you to take out with your sniper rifle. Stay in this
room and cap all the soldiers who come through the double doors.
Head into the next room.

Exit through the double doors. Cap any soldiers and go
downstairs, turn left, go through the double doors and kill all
the soldiers in this room. Turn left and go through the open
door. Kill anyone guarding the King Tiger and wait for the crew
to arrive. Phew! Finally finished the level!

Mission 5 – Level 3

OK, all you’ve got to do now is escape with the King Tiger tank.
Sounds easy enough, right?

First, take some time to familiarise yourself with the controls.
Since the turret turns by itself, it might take a while to get
used to everything. Use the jump key to get the tank aligned with
the direction you're looking at.

Start by going through the village gates. A solider with a rocket
launcher will shoot at you from the building ahead so blow him
away. It takes a while to reload, so make your shots count. You
will know when your crew has reloaded when you hear a slide (the
used shell coming out) and then a click (shutting the door) after
that you can shoot straight away. Turn north on the road and
another rocket guy will take a shot at you from a house. Wipe him
off the face of the earth and continue to follow the road. Turn
west, stopping behind the telephone posts. There’s an 88mm gun
around the road ahead, so blast it from where you are. Trundle
forward and shoot the halftrack coming towards you from the road.
Keep following the road, and at the next corner there’s a Panzer
tank. If you shoot first, you should be able to blow it up before
they shoot back. Follow the road and you’ll see another 88mm gun
in front of some houses, just blow it away.. Further down the
road there’s a Panzer, then a Tiger tank. Take out the Panzer
first, and then concentrate on the Tiger. Now continue down the
road. You can take a very large pounding on easy, but on medium
you have to be a lot more careful.

You'll regain all your lost health so go along the road and head
southeast. You’ll come across a destroyed bridge, but you need to
shoot down the Panzer tank behind it. Once that's done, go to the
road leading to the bridge and turn to face west. Go forward and
you'll see an 88mm in the distance on the right side of the road.
Blow it up before it sees you, and continue along the road. On
the south road there’s another 88mm gun, so just blow it away
before it can fire.

Continue west along the road and you'll be ambushed by a Tiger
tank on your left. Shoot it three times and continue on the road
till you come across another Tiger - destroy it. Shoot the
barrels around the guard tower too to blow the little nasty with
the heavy machine gun up. Turn left and head south along the
road, and this time you'll be attacked by two Panzers when you
reach the next corner. Wait for the first to show up, shoot it,
and then go backward as you wait to reload. Now concentrate on
the other, and once he’s gone, continue down the road.

You'll reach another part of a small village where if you look to
your right there is another 88mm gun ahead. Take that, and the
rocket soldier hiding behind some sandbags out, and head south
along the road to the end of the level.

Mission 5 – Level 4

Move forward and turn left into the alley between two houses.
Kill the guard and keep going along the path. You'll eventually
reach some stairs leading to a doorway. Enter this house, clear
it of soldiers, and exit through the other side. Keep going
forward and you'll reach the street. Kill any remaining soldiers.
To the southeast is the bridge, enter the house southwest of you,
across the street. It should be pretty obvious which one it is.
You can take a first aid kit on the table if you need it, and go
up the stairs to the second floor. Wait by the window.

You'll see the plunger for explosives right ahead of you, down by
the river road. Snipe all the soldiers that make a mad dash for
the plunger, or they’ll blow up the bridge. Although you can aim
in front of them and snipe them as they run, you have a good
second or so as they kneel down to push the plunger. This is when
I capped them one by one, as they’re completely still. Just don’t
wait too long or they’ll push it and you’ve failed Try to reload
whenever there’s a pause so you don't get caught reloading when
another soldier makes a run. Once the King Tiger reaches the
bridge, it will blow up the 88mm cannon and the plunger, so you
don’t need to worry about that anymore.

Some tanks will come from the street following the river in front
of you, as well as from the street in the far back. Call air
strikes in on all the tanks by using your binoculars. Try and
take out the tanks not being shot at by YOUR tank, as this saves
time. Your tank can destroy a few by itself, but if it’s under a
lot of fire, destroy the tanks shooting at it. Always keep a
watch the stairway leading up to your room you’re in, as soldiers
come up every so often and either spray you with bullets or lob
some grenades in. Just keep swinging around to check every so
often when you have some free time. Once you’ve destroyed enough
enemy tanks, a German controlled King Tiger will arrive to try
and stop yours. Just call a few air strikes on it and you’ve
completed the level.

Mission 6 – Level 1

On this mission you start alone in a dark forest. You'll see two
paths in front of you, so head south. Be careful of a sniper on a
ledge to your left. The enemies are few and far apart, but are
still dangerous, so always keep an eye out for them. Keep going
south, then west when you come upon the wall. Head northwest
until you find the Flak gun, and kill the two soldiers guarding
it and plant a bomb to blow it up. Some more soldiers will run
up, just snipe them too. Now head west through the forest,
following your compass to the next target, making sure to shoot
any guards on your way. Get to the other gun and set a charge on
that too.

Follow your compass again and you'll come to a bunker. Snipe
anyone in it, I think there are three or so guards in it. Head
south along the path.

Keep going south and climb the hill to see a bunker. Go in and
spray everyone, picking up the health and ammo, then climb the
ladder and blow up the Flak gun on the roof with another charge.
Climb down the hill and head east. Once you reach a wall, follow
it north to get around. Soon you'll reach a bunker, so snipe
everyone, then keep going. Now just follow your compass to the

Mission 6 – Level 2

In this mission you have to infiltrate the base, steal some
blueprints and a weapon, blow up some weapons and then escape
again. So, go forward and watch the gate in front of you and
you'll see a guard on patrol. Snipe him and head for the gate.
You'll see a bunker with a heavy machinegun, so snipe the gunner,
then snipe the poor guy in the watch tower. Approach the bunker
from the right and go through the doorway down the stairs.

Turn right in the hallway and kill the officer in the next room
with your silenced pistol. A shot to the head will put him down.
Take the disguise that’s on the table, then follow the hallway
south. Around the corner is a couple of guards, so shoot them
with your silenced pistol. Keep following the hallway and go into
the room at the end. On a table is a first aid kit and some
papers with which to fool the guards. Remember to keep your
weapon holstered from now on.

Leave this room and go through the next doorway on the left. Go
down the long stairway and go through the doorway. Show your
papers to the guard (press 7, or click the mouse) then turn right
and head down the hallway. Go through the door in front of you
and around the crates into the next room. There’s an officer
here, who needs to be eliminated, so cap him with your silenced
pistol. Remember to re-holster your weapon afterwards. Now you
can take the higher level papers on the table.

Exit through the hallway the officer was standing in and follow
it until you reach another checkpoint. Show your papers and go
through the metal door on the left. Go ahead and through the
other metal door in front you’ll go into a large room. There is
an officer on the left side of the room, just avoid him. Go into
the tunnel ahead of you, and follow this down to another large
room. Go through the double doors on your right, kill the
scientist inside with your silenced pistol and take the
blueprints on the table.

Leave and turn right. Follow the tunnel and you'll see a guard
and a scientist kill them both with your silenced pistol and then
climb the stairs left of them and go through the double doors.
Get an StG44 and all the ammo you need in this room from the
crates. Plant a time bomb in the room (where it’s flashing red)
and get out of the room the way you came in within 5 seconds.

Because of your escapades, the base is now on full alert, so you
need to move quickly. Just go back through the base the same way
you got in, taking care of any enemies along the way with the
StG44 you just stole. There are infinite guards so don’t bother
sticking around to try and take on the whole base. When you reach
the short hallway with a metal door at each end, you'll notice a
door in the right wall which was previously locked. It’s now
open, so enter this room and you’ll find a surgeon pack and some

Leave this room, turn right and open the metal door. Just keep
going the way you came in, and use the stairway to get the ground
floor. Head through the bunker and back outside. Turn left and go
through the gate. Snipe the guards in the two watch towers. As
usual, shooting out the light first will make the guard more
visible, so that’s always a good idea. Head west then turn right
when you reach the fence to go around the bunker. Continue and
follow the bunker wall north of you until you reach an opening.
Go through that bunker and in a room you'll find a first aid kit
on a table. Get it and go in the next hallway to surprise two
machine gunners. Exit the bunker the same way you came in. Once
outside, turn left and you'll see the main gate is ajar (slightly
open). Go through it, turn left and follow the path, there are a
lot of soldiers outside so be ready. Use the trees for cover.
Keep going and you’ll reach the mountains and finish the level.

Mission 6 – Level 3

Pop the guard and the officer before he hits the alarm. Head
south on the road and go through the gate to enter the village

There are alarms everywhere, so either run around all gun ho and
hope you survive, or try the stealth approach. If an alarm DOES
go off, track it down (by following the sound) and shut it off
ASAP lest you want every guard in the country to come running
towards you. Walk (hold shift) and use your silenced pistols to
pop each guard one by one – while remaining silent.

Follow the street until you reach another street going left, and
shoot the soldier on the corner, then the officer in the house on
the right before he hits the alarm. Head down the street going
east, and go through the door on the left side with the sign
above it. Go through the other door in front to find yourself in
a hallway. There are grenades in the closet in front of you. Go
down the hallway and enter the first room on the left to find a
canteen. Leave this room and go into the other room in front to
find two more canteens. There’s even a piano you can play by
pressing use.

Go upstairs and turn left to find pistol ammo on a desk. Go back
and through the door in the south wall. You'll be outside on a
balcony. Turn left and follow the balcony to the end. From there
you can snipe some soldiers in the radio command post, including
two in watch towers, some near alarms. Now go back in the house
and leave through the front door to be down on the street. Turn
left and head to the end of the road, in front of the gate. Now
turn around and follow the street and turn left then right when
you come to an intersection to go under the small archway. Follow
this path, head down the stairs and you'll see a bridge above
you. Pop the sniper patrolling up there, then keep going, turn
left at the end and pass under another archway. Pop the sniper to
your left on the balcony. Turn right to head south on the street,
and enter the first door on the left, past the staircase. You'll
be in a storage room where you can find a canteen and lots of
ammo. Exit the house the way you came in, turn left on the street
and go through the door at the end.

Cap the officer inside and take pistol ammo from the desk. Go
through the open door on the left and through the next door to
get outside. Follow the path and go through the first door on
your right. Shoot the officer inside and take the canteen and
ammo in the bedroom. Exit this house through the other door in
the north wall. Turn right and go to the staircase. Pop the
machine gunners with your silenced pistol and you can get the
first aid kit and grenades from behind the sandbags.

Up the stairs, and shoot all the soldiers on the bridge. Turn
left, and follow the street past the bridge to reach the radio
command post. Enter the left building and kill all the guards
inside. Plant two charges where it’s flashing red on the radios
and exit this building and go into the second one. Shoot the
guards then plant the two charges and get out. Go behind those
buildings, and place the remaining bomb on the end of the
building. Now get away before it all blows up.

Now all heck breaks loose, so throw away your stealth plans. Head
south and follow the road you came from, capping the soldiers on
your way. Keep going past the bridge and the staircase you
climbed earlier. If you follow the road you'll eventually reach
some stairs leading up to a house at the end. Climb up and go
through the door to enter the Commandant's house. Kill anyone
inside and jump through the window to finish the level.

Mission 6 – Level 4

Take the 25 health and go down the first path, not the one on the
right. Keep going until you come to a three way intersection, and
take the one of which leads back to the city.

Take the path straight in front of the city entrance. There are
dogs and guards about, so be ready with your SMG or sniper rifle.
Snipe the two guards on the bridge and go past it, going in a
straight line. You’ll come to the entrance of what looks like
another city. Go in and turn the corner, watch out for the dog
though! After a long walk you come to the train station.

Cap everyone up high on the bridge with your sniper rifle, and go
down the left side of the tracks. You'll soon come to a storage
yard with some lookout towers, so get behind the crates which are
facing the gate and try and lob some grenades up into the tower
next to you. Run back to the one behind it and do the same. Now
take out the guard in the last tower with your sniper rifle. Go
around to the second yard, again taking out the watch towers, and
go into the third yard. Go to the house behind the gate and kill
everyone. Put a bullet in the electric box in the room.

Now go back to the first yard, where the door is now unlocked.
Head inside. Take care of all the guards and dogs with your SMG,
and watch out for grenades from above. In the third room in the
hallway is a load of stairs, so run up and kill everyone up
there. Find the radio and use it to finish the level.

Mission 6 – Level 5

OK, this is it, the end of the game. The last level. And boy, is
it hard! Chances are you’ll have to redo it again and again, as
the enemy numbers are overwhelming.

You start in the train with your fellow marines, bound for Fort
Schmerzen. After coming to a stop, you and your men pour out and
get to work. Don’t think you can just hide in the train and let
them do all the killin’ though. You’re the only hope they have,
as they get sniped to heck. You have to make sure that no more
than 9 of your troops get killed. Sound easy? Heck no! There are
5 guard towers all bristling with snipers who are all too happy
to make you have a bad day. The towers are all around you, so
keep spinning around to take care of them. Crouch by the crate
that is near you, this gives you the most cover. Every time you
kill one, take off the scope and scan the other towers for
another sniper. Zoom in, take care of him, and then zoom back out
and check for another. I’ve never spotted a pattern for this bit,
it seems to be random as to where they pop up, so just keep
scanning the different areas where you know they come out from,
and keep shooting. When you think you have enough time, try and
reload, but don’t wait for old Powel to slide in every last
bullet, just shoot as soon as you have one or two, then reload
again while trying to find the next sniper. It only takes 30
seconds or so before you’re all dead, so be quick. After about 15
snipers have died at your hands, you can move on inside. Just
follow your troops.

Not even a seasoned vet like myself (yeah, right) has a lot of
health after that section, so don’t worry, you’ll soon find a
load of health inside. When the warehouse doors open, take out
the guys standing there. From now on it doesn’t matter how many
of your men die, so don’t worry about it. Hide behind a crate and
kill everyone in sight, then turn the wheel to open the door.
Turn the next wheel to get past the barricade and kill the sentry
in the distance. Follow the path, until you see someone going
wild with an MG42. Just snipe him in the head. Hop over the
tables and into the room on your left. Get the ammo and grenades
and use the switch to release the POWs.

You’ll find your men have wired a previously locked door to blow,
so use the plunger, but don’t go in yet. Let your men run in and
take out the machine gunner. Then a group of soldiers run out, so
take care of them with your Stg. Now you can run in, so man the
MG42 and take out all the guards to the right. After you’re done
turning them into Swiss cheese, go left. Before entering the next
room, throw a grenade off the left wall, which will set off a
load of explosive barrels, killing a large group of soldiers for
you. Go into the hall and down the stairs. Bounce another grenade
off the wall that heads right at the intersection you come
across, which should also get rid of some of the soldiers there.
Plant a charge where it’s flashing red, then head down to the end
of the hallway. You'll find a room with a 100 health pack, so
thank the Lord and take it. Head back to where you planted the
charge and take the passage left. Take out the guards and plant
another charge. Now go all the way back to the stairs and go past
them. Kill the two guards in the hall and plant a third charge.
Now go down the left side of the hall, which is crawling with
soldiers. You'll soon find yourself in a room with a sniper on
the walkway at the bottom, so cap him and walk down. Crouch under
the pipe and turn the valve, now absolutely leg it back the way
you came, following your compass, till you come to an elevator
you passed earlier. There are dozens and dozens of soldiers, so
just keep shooting and running, don’t bother stopping to get into
a big fire fight. Use the elevator when you reach it.

Once the elevator reaches it’s destination, find cover as you’ll
soon find yourself being pelted with hot lead. Shoot everyone and
head into the last door on the left and down the ladder. Keep
heading down the halls, clearing each room of soldiers as you go.
You’ll soon come to a long hallway with some crates. A sniper
will pop up, so cap him and then throw a grenade into where he
came out from. Turn right and take out the guard in front of you
and go to the doorway. Go down the hall, killing the guards, and
turn left. Turn left again at the corner and enter the next door.
Go down the path, and at the end of the hallway go into the room
which has 50 health and a handy gas mask for you to steal. A load
of guards appear in an elevator, so cap ‘em all and hop into the
lift yourself.

Just call you Mr Fashion, as you’re now sporting a “groovy” gas
mask. Don’t laugh, it’ll save your life. As you ride down,
crouch, so when the doors open, the guards won’t see you and you
can make some easy kills. Go forward and left, into a hallway,
and into a room full of soldiers. Ignore the passage way to the
right, instead go into the hallway to the left. You'll hear a
scientist shouting at the soldiers to be careful around the gas
tanks, so of course, you want to annoy him and give everyone a
bad day. Put a few holes in the large container containing the
rather nasty mustard gas, and watch your opponents drop dead one
by one, as they weren’t clever enough to wear gas masks. Go to
the valves and use them. Plant the explosives (follow your
compass) Now you have 20 seconds to get back to the lift. With
the gas melting everyone’s lungs, you won’t have much trouble
from the local soldiers, so just follow your compass. Ride the
lift up.

OK, here it is, the final part of the game! You only have to
escape, but that’s easier said than done. The die hard soldiers
want to give you a proper send off – a load of bullets in your
backside. You have to run as fast as you can otherwise you'll be
engulfed in flames, so just keep legging it, blasting the
soldiers with your Stg, but NEVER stop to finish them off or kill
a large group of them, or you’ll become a permanent resident.
Just keep running, following the path and your compass. Just keep
running, even if you’re being shot, as you should have enough
health to withstand a few. Make it outside and run to the train.
As Wookiemonster said, it’s a bit of a poop ending, but hey, it’s
not the ending that counts, it’s how you got there. Anyway,
congratulations, you’ve completed Allied Assault! Now go buy
Front Line and try that, heh.
Submitted By: MoJoJoJo
You start off in the trenches, with Ramsey, your team mate, behind you. Walk forward and you will collect the German bazooka and some rockets. Follow the trench, and kneel down. Use your sniper rifle to pick off the closest German soldier, behind the smoking anti aircraft gun. Run out with the Tommy gun and take out the two remaining soldiers where the road starts, or pick them off with the sniper rifle if you can. Collect any ammo they drop, or health if you’ve been hit, and go down the road. You'll come to an opening, and you'll be ordered to take out the approaching half track with your bazooka. But first switch to the sniper rifle and zoom in down the road. Take out the soldier walking next to the vehicle, then use your bazooka and pound the half track until it blows. Keep hiding behind the burned out tank next to you while you reload it, as the machine gun on the half track packs a punch. On the easier settings there is a health pack next to the burned out tank, take this to refill any health lost after you've blown up the half track. There are a couple of more soldiers who come down the road behind the half track, take care of them and you will meet two American soldiers.

Go down the road, and snipe the German soldier. Chances are he'll shoot you first, but as long as you're not on the hard setting, this won't be a problem. Keep on the sniper rifle and take out the Germans next to the car, and as you get closer you'll see a machine gun in the building opposite you, take out the guy manning it, then switch to your Tommy and turn left. Take out the soldier if your team mates haven't already. Now go back towards where the gun turret was, using your Tommy in quick bursts to take care of any soldiers. Hide in this building and use your sniper scope to see any Germans hanging around in the buildings opposite from you. Go through each building one by one, clearing them out with your Tommy after checking all the windows with your sniper rifle. At the end of the road there is another mounted machinegun, either go around and take it out from the side, or just stand your ground and use the sniper rifle. Turn around and where one of the buildings top half is partially blown away, there’ll be a German sniper, so take him out before he shoots you all in the back.

The road turns right here, and there are plenty more Germans here. Stand where the mounted gun was and use your sniper rifle to take out as many soldiers as possible. Chances are a few will hide in an empty space to the left, so jump in with your Tommy gun and take them out. At the end of the road there is another machinegun at this dead end. Snipe him, and slowly approach the building next to the car. There's a machine gun in here, so hold onto a grenade for a few seconds and then throw it in the open window. Run in with your Tommy and take out any survivors. By now you've probably taken a fair bit of damage, and there are health packs scattered all over the streets you just cleared.

The building directly opposite the one you just threw the grenade into is the next place to go once you have full health. Walk in and get the rockets. Look through the window and a Tiger tank shows up. Shoot it with your bazooka and as many times as possible before it aims it's turret at you. Run back into the main room of the building and let the tank fire 3 shots before running back out to the new hole in the wall and finishing it off. It takes about 5 shots to destroy, and once it's gone, the crew will clamber out. Snipe them, then switch to your Tommy and turn left, running into the building. Get the health on the table. This is where all heck breaks loose. Run straight to the nearest building, which is opposite you. Take care of any soldiers on the way. Run up the stairs, one or two Germans may meet you at the top, so be ready. Chances are your team mates will have taken out the machine gunner in the room you are now in from down below, but if not just shoot him in the back. Now use the OTHER machine gun mounted on the window, and mow down everything in sight. Watch for your own team, they may come in from the left hand side. You will see two doors of two different buildings, and this is where the Germans pour out from. Just keep shooting everything in sight until things have calmed down, then run down and take out the few remaining troops with your Tommy.

Go down the road a little and one of the buildings on this street has access to the church you are headed for in this mission. The building is mostly blown away at the back, and the stairs are visible once you go in, you can’t miss it. Go through, and go down the path, there may be one German who has escaped the previous blood shed, and he'll probably be running away. Pop him in the back and move on. There's some cover when you turn right as soon as you get into the graveyard, I think it's a tent or something. Go to the left of it and you'll see the big church and its windows. Snipe the gunners in the two windows repeatedly (they are replaced several times) and then when you think you have them all, run towards the church, go to the right of it, and if you want you can lob a few grenades into the windows where the gunners were. Go around the back and use your Tommy to take out the remaining soldiers. There will be quite a few but just try and take them out one by one. Get the health from the table next to the machine guns.

Go back out and go down the road which is at the back of the church. You'll hear the sounds of the guns you've been sent to destroy once you get out into the opening. Make an immediate right and run down the little trench. You'll come to two big craters, run into one and duck. Keeping down, use your sniper rifle to take out the gunner in the bunker, then look left and take out the gunners in the two sandbag forts. These gunners will be replaced a few times, so take them out one by one as they come out. You can be fancy and shoot them as they run! Run to the bunker in front of you and there's a German soldier coming up the stairs leading to the trenches. Take him out. Now you can probably stay above the trenches, lobbing grenades in and having the elevation advantage, but I prefer to run through them, taking out the soldiers one by one. Every time you come to some steps leading out of the trench, there will be a German hiding around the corner. Fight your way to the end of the trenches, making sure everyone is dead. At the end go up the stairs. Go to the far right where the end gun out of the three is, and press the Use key to plant the explosives. The fuse is short, so leg it to the next one, then the next. Now jump back into the trench and up the stairs next to the bunker where you first came in. The reason for going back the way you came is that the only other way out is over the mine field, which you could risk, but once you hear the click, you're dead. Go around the mine field, walking to the far end of the field, where there is another bunker and some more soldiers. Take them all out, and this is where the last gun is. Set the charge, take cover and congratulations, you've completed the excellent Medal Of Honour - Allied Assault demo!

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