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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty"
(PlayStation 2)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons Of Liberty (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: tlionhart
Introduction This is my second walkthrough and lots more to come!!! In my
walkthrough I have listed a bit where you can hold guards up and nick their
tags, this is optional you don’t have to do this…but just do it to not be
awkward to me :] We start of with a beautiful opening sequence where the
guys down at Konami show of their impressive work! ...Some man with a black
cape smoking a fag…who could this be!?!

-When you begin the game you will find yourself at the starboard of The
tanker. Now head left while keeping yourself at the edge of the Ship. When
you get to the first set of stairs pick up the BANDAGE Under and keep
continuing to your left and steal the soldier's DOG TAG. Then go past the
next set of stairs, keeping to your left to find a RATION package. Then go
back to the stairs and go up it. Continue on steal the tag from the next
soldier. Go across this alcove and Steal another DOG TAG. Go down the
stairs and look for a box containing PENTAZAMIN near the life boats. Then
go up another set of stairs to Find some CHAFF GRENADES behind a box (Use
the TRIANGLE button to get Over this).Go back to the stairs at the left and
walk in front of the Door. Otacon will then contact telling how to open it.
Press the TRIANGLE button until it opens.

-When inside the tanker follow down the corridor and when you get to Two
sets of doors go inside them. When inside look for a RATION in Locker
nearest to the door in the far-left aisle. Open the one next to It to find
a picture of a woman. Bring out your CAMERA and take a Picture of her (Just
for fun).Go collect the M9 bullets in the next Few lockers. Now get out of
this room and continue along the corridor To get into the Lounge. Go inside
and knock out the guards. Go up the Stairs and into the door on the right.
Now go up the corridor and Knock out the guard. Follow across to the left
until you find a Stairs. Go up it.

-In the next area you will see a surveillance camera. Lean onto the wall
and slowly move across. Once past it continue on past the stairs and look
for a fire extinguisher. Opposite this is a gap in the wall. Climb into
this to get a RATION. Go back to the stairs and go up it. In this room you
are to go through the room to you left to the kitchen. Then get through to
the next area and go up the stairs. After a small cut-scene go outside into
the rain for your first battle.

BOSS 1: OLGA GURLUKOVICH -Straight away when the fight starts go to the far
right of all the Wooden boxes and shoot the light behind Olga (Do it
because it will help you).Avoid Olga's bullets and hide behind the wooden
boxes. Get up from time to time and shoot her when she moves away from her
hiding place. After a while she will rip up part of the green tarpaulin.
When she does this it will become harder to see her, so look for a small
brown strap connecting the tarpaulin to the ground shoot it and continue on
attacking her. If you can't shoot the brown strap use your radar to kill
her. Remember whenever she says "TAKE THIS" watch out as she will throw a
GRENADE at you.

-When she is dead you can take a picture of her "crotch" and shoot her
there just for fun. Then shake a DOG TAG out of her and jump down from the
ledge and head to the opposite side of the ship. Go up the first set of
stairs and up the ladder and collect the THERMAL GOGGLES. Go back down the
ladder and continue on. A soldier will come out and when he does follow him
and steal his DOG TAG. Pick up the WET CARDBOARD BOX. And go back inside
the Navigational Deck E.

-When inside go downstairs. Steal the DOG TAG from the soldier inside The
kitchen now that you have the USP. Go to the Semtex trap and shoot the
small control panel beside the fire extinguisher (It has a green light).Go
into the room past the Semtex trap. This is the Storage room. Pick up the
CARDBOARD BOX. Crawl under the shelves containing melons and flour. When
you do that a guard comes in and falls asleep next to you. Get up and wait
for him to wake up(remember he walks to his right. After stealing his tag
go back into the main room of this deck and go down the stairs. Now go back
into the Lounge and go down the stairs to the left and steal the soldiers
DOG TAG. Go back into the lounge and go down the stairs on the right. Go
through the door to find yourself in the engine Room.

-In here you will find a small statue of Vulcan Raven from MGS1.Jump Onto
the nearby steel box to ammo for your USP. Go into the next room and knock
out all the guards in the next. When you find yourself next to the door at
the end of the room go through the door. When in here a guard will come
inside so kill him. When that’s done jump onto the small ledge with USP
ammo. Then get down and walk towards the door to get a call from Otacon.

-It seems that there is another Semtex trap. Take out your USP and Shoot
the white sack on the ground next to the door in order to see the IR
sensors. There are three control units to destroy so you can Continue on.

01-Get back onto the ledge where the USP ammo was and hold L2+R2 and shoot
the control panel that glows green on a high ledge beside the Sensors
(Remember shooting the Semtex will kill you).

02-Get down and move towards the door without touching the IR Sensors. Then
shoot the next control panels to your right, again beside Some Semtex.

03-When that is done shoot the next panel to the left of the Door. Go
inside the door to continue on.

-When inside you will find yourself in a long corridor. Go forward and And
get the RATION to the left. Continue on and get the USP ammo to the Left
again. Follow the corridor and knock out the three guards. In the Next
corridor a cut-scene will follow showing a few soldiers chasing Snake. Then
you will have to kill about ten of them and remember there Are RATION
packages and some USP ammo. When they are dead Snake will get Into the Hold
No.1, where Colonel Scott Dolph of the Marines Corps is Giving a lecture.

-First go down the set of ladders and head towards the left side of The
room and when you reach the projector crawl past it. Then crawl Your way to
the top of the room maxing sure you don't get caught and Enter the Hold R2.

-In here crawl past the two projectors and then go to the right of the Room
and crawl to the top to get to some boxes. Go around them and enter The
Hold R3.

-In here you have to get some pictures. First take a picture of the Front
of the machine and then take a picture of the front at both Left and right
angles. Finally go to the back of Metal Gear and take A photo of the
Marines Corp logo. Then press the TRIANGLE in front of The small computer
to send your pictures to Otacon.


-First jump into the water and look for the THERMAL GOGGLES. Press CIRCLE
to swim. Get out of the water via the ladder and crawl into a Small gap
near some bugs. Move to the right to get a RATION. Go back The way you came
and up the stairs and open the lockers for another RATION. Open the door
and follow the passage.

-When in the large room look for a computer. This is a node. Press the
Action button next to it and fill in your details. Then when the enemies
Wake up quickly choke them and the wait for the elevator to come Down. When
it does, go up it. When up here on the roof go to the top-left Of this area
and crawl under the crawlspace in the wire mesh. Go inside And down the
stairs. You can see the node but it's Guarded get yourself aligned to the
wall and punch it to distract the Guard. Activate the node to get your
radar working.

-Now go into the door at the top-right and when on the [A-F Bridge] go Down
the first set of stairs and collect the CHAFF GRENADES (unlike The Tanker
chapter you want to conserve these) Continue along on the Bottom floor and
go up the stairs and into [Strut F].Go forward and Collect the RATION
beside a door and go into the room to get the M9.

-Now continue into the room and drop onto the bottom floor. Get to the
Bottom of this room and you'll find yourself at two doors. Go into the One
on the left and activate the node. Then look for an aerie-vent and go Into
it. You then find yourself next a the SOCOM SUPRESSOR in another Room. Pick
it up and go back the way you came.

-Return to [Strut A] and go into the top left door to the (A-B Bridge).Pass
the guards and when inside (Strut B) a cut-scene will Follow.

-When the cut-scene is over activate your radar at the nearby node.
Continue on to the [B-C Bridge] or go back to get DOG TAGS. When on the
Bridge another cut-scene will start.

-Go across the bridge, collecting the CHAFF GRENADES. When inside Strut Go
into the corridor and enter the kitchen. There are a lot of cut-scenes Here
so you'll have to wait.

-Now you have to defuse all the bombs in Shell 1.First activate the Node
and go back to [Strut A].

-When in Strut a goes into the lvl.1 door and go to the small steps Nearest
to the surveillance camera. When across it crawl under the Pipe to your
right, get up and get on the small crate to get the CARDBOARD BOX. Go to
the other set of steps and crawl under the Pipe in front of you and then
the one to your left. When you get to A brown/red pipe, follow down its
path to find the bomb. Get the BANDAGES next to the pipe and go on to
[[Strut B].

-In here look for a fuse box inside the room where you met Pliskin (Also
where the node is).It's the one that's open and is beside The door. Close
it to find the bomb. Move on to [Strut C].

-When you enter here go into the women’s bathroom (The bathroom on The
right).Go up to the mirrors and look at the top of the right One. You can
see the bombs reflection so freeze it. Now onto [Strut D].

-When you enter the room simply go down the stairs and continue on Until
you get to the stairs. Go down them and walk back to where The door is open
the small press on the ground. Look for the node At one of the entrances to
[D-E Bridge].Now onto [Strut D].

-Now inside [Strut E].When inside activate the node in the top- Right
corner collect the CARDBOARD BOX on the way to the stairs on The right. Go
up the stairs and another set of them. When on the Helipad go to the back
of the 2nd harrier and crawl under the wing And freeze the bomb. Go back
into the parcel room and go to the Back. Look for a small crate next top
the conveyor belt and use The BOX 5 and get onto it. It will transport you
to a room with the DIGITAL CAMERA. Get onto the conveyor belt and return to
[Strut E].Then goes to the right side of the room and walk down the stairs
To collect the MINE DETECTOR. Now go to the right of the room and Go up the
stairs. Go up another set of stairs and freeze the bomb Under the Harrier 2
Jet. Now go back downstairs to the Parcel Room And look for a door at the
bottom of the room to get to the [EF Connecting Bridge]

-Now go follow the corridors (forget the stairs).You see that big Square on
the floor? Hang onto the left side and drop onto the Crates on the left
side of the room. Freeze the bomb and presto!! You'll now receive a call
from Stillman.

-Stillman says that he found a large bomb in Shell 2 and that they're Maybe
another one in Shell 1.He now wants you to go to the pantry in [Strut C] to
find SENSOR B for this new type of bomb. Go out to the Pantry in the
kitchen via the conveyer belt in [Strut E] and collect it.

-Now you have about six minutes and forty seconds to find it. Get out Of
here and head straight to [Strut A].Get to the roof and onto the Elevator
(when you walk around the back of it Stillman will contact You).When down
there walk to the dock (where the pool is) and go down the Stairs. Look at
the submarine because that's where the bomb is. Walk to The right of the
ladder and hang off the edge of handle bar and move to The right. Get up
and up the set of stairs next to the diving suits. Walk To near the edge
(but not to the very edge of you'll dive into the Water).From here you can
freeze the bomb.

-Now go back to the room with the node, to find an unwanted visitor Come
down the elevator.

BOSS 2: FORTUNE: -Now here is a different type of boss fight. Instead of
trying to kill her All you have to do is avoid the bullets of her cannon
until Vamp comes Down in the elevator. She will constantly fire at objects
around the room And remember one shot from will kill you (depending on the
difficulty Level you selected).Stay away from the barrels of oil, as they
will Ignite. Watch out also for falling debris from the ceiling. During
your Fight against Fortune, Colonel Campbell will contact you via codec to
Tell you that Fatman has left a huge bomb on top of the Heliport at Strut

-Now get to Strut E straight away. You will have about eight minutes And
twenty seconds to get to the bomb. Go up to the Helipad and defuse The
bomb. Out of the shadows of appears Fatman. It seems strange as he Knew
nothing about the ransom demand.

BOSS 3: FATMAN: -Because Fatman is on rollerblades he is quite fast for his
size. Keep your SENSOR equipped at all times. First he'll start planting
bombs so Quickly freeze them. After a while he'll stop he does get near him
and Use STUN GRENADES to put him on the ground so shoot him in the head as
Much as you can. It's best to move while aiming used on claiming DOG TAGS
As this will automatically lock onto him. Keep shooting his suit to get Him
on the ground. After a while this recess will be over. Now start Freezing
bombs again and if he stops right beside you shoot him in the Head. Repeat
this until he dies.

-Fatman now dies after planting one bigger bomb. Grab him and pull Him away
and freeze the bomb that was underneath him. Now go down the Steps to meet
the Mr.X!

-Go straight to Strut F and then go into the area below with all the
Crates. Go into the lvl.2 door and get the AK. Now Get to the EF Bridge And
use the MINE DETECTOR to get to the small bridge in order to enter The
Shell Core. When inside equip the B.D.U. and AK. Go to the Bottom of the
corridor and go into the nearby door and activate the Node opposite the
lockers. Now get out of here and head towards the Elevator near the top.

-Go to Level B2 and go through either of the doors continue on down The
corridor. At the bottom of the room enter the computer room and Pick up the
DIRECTIONAL MICROPHONE in the top left corner. Go to The right and pick up
the CARDBOARD BOX. Activate the nearby node (as you Will be coming back
here in a while).Now head to the elevator and up to Level B1.

-When you are here go into the room to your right and activate the Node. Go
back outside and wait for a guard to come near the Elevator. Grab him and
pull him towards door down the corridor. Move He to the eye-scan beside the
door and you will enter the room. When Inside you will have to look for
Ames. He is a Caucasian male with a Bald head and brown sideburns. He also
is by himself lying on the side Of a table at the bottom of the room.

-Take out the microphone (It is in your weapon select screen) and aim it At
him and press TRIANLGE (Make sure there isn't any guards Around).Another
clue is you can hear the beeping of his pacemaker.

-When the cut scene is over is over Ocelot will come into the room towards
you. Quickly Equip the AK and another cut-scene will start.

-Now you are at the entrance to the Hostage Room. Head to the elevator And
go to the top floor and exit the building. Now onto Strut F!

-In Strut F go into all the lvl.2 and 3 rooms to get CLAYMORE Mines, C4,
the RGB86 and the PSG-1.the room with the PSG-1 look for the PSG-1T in a
vent. Now go into Strut D and enter the lvl.3 door.

-This is the bridge to Shell 2.Now you must destroy some control units
Again. For the first four uses you’re SOCOM. There are a total of ten; the
bit below is where to find them:

01-Above the door that you came from that goes into Strut D. 02-Glued to
the pump right in front of you. 03-Beside the IR sensors. 04-Again beside
the IR sensors. 05-In the top-left corner of the bridge. 06-To the left of
the door to Strut G. 07-To the the right of the door to Strut G 08-Mounted
on top of Cypher floating in mid-air above Strut G. 09-To the left of the
bridge is a control panel behind some seagulls. 10-The last one is behind
the Sons of Liberty flag to the right of The entrance.

When they are destroyed there is another boss to defeat after a cut- Scene.

BOSS 4: HARRIER 2 JET Go straight to the door of Strut G and hide behind
the railing. Then wait For the Harrier to make a couple of circles around
the struts. Remember The harrier is the red triangle. Now when it
disappears from view and look Towards it and when it speeds towards you
fire two Stinger Missiles. Then When it is above you fire a couple of
rounds with the RGB86 and after a While it will begin to fire missiles
across the bridge from the Side. When it does this go to the stairs and
avoid them. Repeat this until It is crashes into the bridge and falls into
the sea.

-Now that the bridge is in pieces put out the fires beside the stairs Using
the COOLANT SPRAY. Go down the bridge to collect the RATION, but Come back
up quickly. Now see that thick strip which was once the middle Of the
bridge? Run and cartwheel across to the next ledge and pick up the Ammo.
Put out the fire and collect the AK-74 SUPRESSOR.

-Go to the pathway near you and quickly run across as some of the Tiles
will fall down. Then at the end hang off the side and drop Off. Tranquilise
the two guards and then continue on, cart wheeling and Hanging. Then go up
the ladder. Crawl the rest of the way despite the Falling tiles (When you
reach a guard who decides to "relieve" himself Get under his urine and
contact both Camball and Pliskin for fun).Hang Of the edge here again. Then
cartwheel across the broken bridge after Picking up the RATION. Enter the
door to Shell Core 2.

-When inside a cut-scene with Olga will start and another time to use The
microphone. Continue down the corridors, activate the node in the Coffee
room and enter the elevator. Go to level B1 and activate the node.

-Enter the water and take the first right and go up the next Air hole (blue
spot) Continue down the sunken corridor and take the first Left and the
next right. You should find the Nikita missiles opposite the Sea-mine.

-Then go back the way you came and back up the elevator the first Floor.
Pick up all the ammo and when you reach the crates opposite the Air vent
fire a Nikita through it and move it through the ventilation System and hit
the fuse box near the President. First take a left and then a right then
left and finally right. Then go up to the door that was once Blocked by the
electric pathway to meet President Johnstone.

-Now go straight to level B1.Head back into the water and take the First
right and get air at the blue area, (You'll then get a call from Otacon)
and continue down the corridor and take the next left and then Right.
Continue down the corridor, avoiding the mines and catch your Breath.

-Open the door to find the body of Peter Stillman. When inside go to left
to go through the hole in the debris then look a Hole in next wall of
debris and catch your breath. Collect the ammo under The air hole and the
PSG-1 (If you haven’t already).Open the nearby door And catch your breath
again and get out of the water. Enter the door to Meet Vamp.

BOSS 5: VAMP Straight away when the fight starts fire a grenade at him
(with the RGB86) While he's on the water. Then when he jumps on the
surrounding railing Shoot all the lights (Because later on he will use his
shadow fold if you Don’t).Now when he jumps into the water use your M4 and
shoot him while He swims around the place. When he gets out shoot him
straight and avoid Him until he jumps into the water. Shoot him again while
he is swimming And when he gets onto the railing continue shooting him
again. Repeat This until he dies.

-Now go through the other door and get into the water. First go right Twice
and then left to get the BODY ARMOUR. Now when you exit this area Take a
right and then the next left (Catch your breath to survive).Get Out of the
water and enter the room. Activate the node and open the Lockers. One of
them contains Emma. When you regain control contact her Again at 141.52

-Now you will have to hold onto her and swim to the Shell Core 2. Remember
she has a small oxygen and life bar.

-To get to the Filter Room, go right then left three times. When inside
Take the left pathway from your view. Exit the room and make you're your
Way back by going left (and go through the top-left hole in the debris And
catch some air) Go left two more times and take a right. Catch some Air and
go through the submerged corridor.

-Make your way back to dry land and get top the elevator. Emma refuses To
go near it as the ground is covered by bugs. Take out the COOLANT SPRAY and
use it to drive them away. Pull her into the elevator and go to The first

-Leave Emma her and knock out all the guards patrolling this Area. Bring
Emma along and then when you reach the stairs three more Guards come
inside. Tranquilise them and bring Emma out to the KL Bridge.

-Kill the guard and use the COOLANT SPRAY to put out the fires and Bring
Emma into Strut L. When inside here knock out the two guards and Bring Emma
to the door on the other side. Open the door and pull her Towards the

-Pick up the ammo. Then get the right of the strut you're on. Now equip The
THERMAL GOGGLES. Pop a PENTAZAMIN (use these sparingly you should Have at
least five for the next boss) and shoot the claymore mines on the Bridge
that Emma is walking across.

-When you have done that shoot the guards on the strut in front of Her
(Also the Cypher floating around).After a while Snake will contact You
again. He says that if you need help just contact him. Contact him Straight
away and let him does the rest.

BOSS 6: VAMP Instead of fighting you Vamp has decided to keep a knife up to
Emma’s Throat. Now her life is in the balance. Use the PENTAZAMIN and aim
at his Head. Then shoot him in the head several times in the head until
he's Dead.

-When inside go through the door and into the Parcel Room. Kill the Guard
and head out to the E-F Connecting Bridge and into Shell Core 1. Get into
the elevator and down to lvl.B2 a to see another cut-scene.

-When you come to go straight out of the room (Remember your butt naked
Meaning your chances of catching a cold and you will lose more energy From
bullets etc.).Activate the node next to the locker (get the MEDICINE In the
locker) and continue on.

-When you enter the next room, Colonel Campbell will contact you and Will
act really strange (this is because Campbell and Rose are both part Of the
Arsenals artificial intelligence system GW which has been Affected by the
FOXDIE computer virus. Now this is where all those Stealth practice was
meant for.

-Make your way to the top of the room without being noticed and go up The
stairs to the left when you get the MEDICINE.

-Go to the top-right corner here and enter the Arsenal Colon. When Inside
run up and down the room and keep answering the codec calls.

-Then Jack spots Snake who comes with all of his gear. Snakes gives You
back all you stuff and also the HIGH FREQUENCY BLADE. Listen to his
Instruction on how to use it. Practice with it for a while and head Towards
the door at the top.

-When inside you will be spotted by a Cypher and enemies will start
Shooting at you. Use the M4 and AK (hold the L1 button to shoot while
Running).Help Snake as much as you can and don't let him die. Make sure
That you that you have three or four rations when you exit. When you Enter
the next area Otacon will call telling that both the Rosemary and Campbell
that you talk to on the Codec are not real but are in fact part Of the GW
system in Arsenal.

-Go into the next room and prepare for another fight against hoards of
Guards. This time use the HIGH FREQUENCY BLADE. During the fight the GW
System will play with your mind twice by making the "MISSION FAILED"(The
Words "mission failed” will be replaced with "fission mailed") screen
Appear twice. Instead of your dead body scene the will be replaced by the
"Playing screen”. Use the blade to kill as all the guards. After that
Another cut-scene will start.

-Depending on what difficulty level you are doing you have to destroy a
Certain amount of RAY units:

VERY EASY-Three units NORMAL:-Six units HARD-Twelve units

BOSS 7: METAL GEAR RAY UNITS Straight away fire a Stinger Missile at the
leg of the RAY unit in front Of you. Then quickly at the head. Do this to
one of the other units and Then quickly to the middle one. Concentrate on
these two until they are Destroyed (By the way when four blue missiles come
out of the top of a Unit run around to avoid them).When a unit jumps onto
the middle of the Arena shoot its leg then its head.

*after the cut scene, you’ll be chocked* -Keep pressing the TRIANGLE button
until he stops.

BOSS 8:**** Now this is what you have been waiting for. Equip the BODY
ARMOUR and Look for a RATION at one of the corners of the building. Wait
until *** goes into a fighting frenzy with his swords. When ‘it’s’ is
finished You’ll have about two seconds to hit ‘it’ with the blade (Make
sure it's In kill mode).You'll also have a few seconds when ‘it’ tries to
whip you With his tentacles. Keep hitting ‘it’ until he removes his
tentacles. Now ‘It’ll’ do the Fire Triangle where he charges at you. Keep
using the blade to prevent you from being hit. After another frenzy attack.
Repeat this until ‘it’ dies. Thus…sit back and watch THE END!!!!!!! :)

-----LEGAL STUFF-----

This walkthrough is ‘Spoiler free’...well I’ve tried to make it spoiler
free, as best as I can!!!! Special thanks to all the playstation 2
magazines, well I don’t have to congratulate them because like the Final
Fantasy X-Cloister Trials Walkthrough I just used it as a reference and put
things into my own knowledge and gaming experience from ‘METAL GEAR SOLID2:
sons of liberty’ More Walkthroughs still to come. (Just finished this and
I’m now making ‘RESIDANT EVIL: code veronica X’ walkthrough) Any Questions
on this title please E-mail me at: [email protected] And I WILL reply
Submitted By: Killer Nightmare
Chapter 1 - Tanker

Aft Deck

When you start the game, there will be several cinematics, instructions, etc. once you're done with all that, equip your M9, and tread carefully. Whether youwant to kill everyone or not is up to you, but no contact is necessary at this point. On the outside of the Discovery, where you begin, there are three guards. One is to the left, another high above you, and yet another to the right. If you choose to dispatch them, you can remove their bodies at the parts of the railing which flair out. You can find these at the left and right railings of the ship. There are several items as well. Far in front of you, there is a chaff grenade, but you must climb over a crate to get to it. To the
right and at the bottom deck, there is a pentazemin, which is quite useless at the moment. One floor up, there is a bandage in about the same area as the pentazemin. To the left, there is a bandage, near where the guard is patrolling. Forward of that, there is a ration, which you may need if injured. Only two of the doors on the outside work, the one on the first floor to the left, and the one on the second floor to the right. It doesn't make much of a difference, but go ahead and take the one to the right.

Deck-B, crew's quarters
You'll notice that the way up the stairs is blocked, so go to the left. There will be a mini cinematic, showing the shadow of the guard. Dispatch the guard, and go up the staircase to the far left.

Deck-C, crew's quarters
Upon entering, you will see a small cinematic showing the camera. To avoid being seen by it, walk under the camera by walking against the wall. Keep going, until you see a staircase. Open the locker next to it, get the chaff grenade, and go on to the right. Once you reach the room with a dead end, crawl into the vent in the wall forward from you, and get the ration. Return to the staircase to the right of the camera, and climb it.

Deck-D, crew's quarters
Dispatch the guard you see as soon as you climb all the way up the staircase. Hide his body behind the counter, and get the ration there as well. Go to the room to the far right, and get the cardboard box, and ammo if necessary. Return to the mess hall. Crawling up against the wall behind you, sneak past thecamera and dispatch the other guard. Then climb up the stairs. DO NOT, Irepeat, DO NOT attempt to go through the pathway on the right. The C4 will explode if you do not crawl under the lasers, and it is really just anunnecessary risk.

Deck-E, the bridge
As soon as you enter, you will see several cinematics, and talk with Otacon as well. Once you regain control of your character, open the door to the left.

Navigational deck, port wing
After going through the door, you will see a cinematic. Then you will regain control.

Boss - Olga Gurlukovich
She's armed with a USP 9mm, is hard to hit, and will use some unexpected tactics. As soon as you can, shoot the light with your M9, then start trying to hit Olga. You can use the crate for cover by crouching. When she shoots the string on the large sheet, try to hit the remaining two to get rid of it. Be ready to hit her as soon as she pops out of her hiding place. Be warned, though, she will toss grenades after a certain period of time, and they will explode. Defeat her, watch the cinematic, and talk with Otacon.

Navigational deck, wing
If you want, use the square key on Olga to get her dog tags. Then climb up the stairs to the right. Note that the directions in the following three sentences are optional, and will not affect the storyline. Climb all the way up the ladder, get the thermal goggles, and go back down. Go to the right, and get rid of the guard. Get the wet box, and open the door.

Deck-E, the bridge
Get the USP ammo, and head down the stairs.

Deck-D, crew's quarters
As I said before, don't go through the pathway to the right. Of course, some of you might want to give it a try, but hey, you've probably already jumped off the railing and into the ocean a whole bunch of times already. Anyways, use the chaff grenade, get the USP ammo near the camera, and dispatch whatever guards necessary to get down the stairs.

Deck-C, crew's quarters
If necessary, dispatch the guard. Then get back down the stairs.

Deck-B, crew's quarters
Go to the right, neutralize the guard, and go through the second most right door in this area.

Deck-A, crew's lounge
Watch the mini cinematic, and then incapacitate the guard. Don't make too much noise, as there is another guard in the area. Go down the stairs to the right, and go through the door.

Engine Room
Go straight down the hallway, and watch the mini cinematic. Those of you who have played Metal Gear Solid should know Raven. For some reason, Snake says good when you take a picture of the Raven toy and the EyeWire poster (which is on the open locker door). Get rid of the guard outside the doorway, as well as all other guards which get in your way. Get to the top left corner, and enter the room. If you want to neutralize the guard, wait till he finishes talking on the radio, then tranquilize or kill him. In this room, shoot all the control units (things emitting a green light), but DO NOT shoot the C4! Make sure that all the control units are down (either by shooting the sandbag or using the thermal goggles if you have them), then open the door forward from you. Note that you will have to get close to the door to take out the last control unit.

Deck-2, port
Keep going forward until you see a guard. Quickly go into the chamber to the right. Don't try to peek around the wall, you will knock down the pipe and attract his attention. Wait until he passes by, then go forward, getting rid of the guard if you want. Neutralize the guard who seems to be headbanging to his music, and then go right, dispatching the other guard if necessary. Open the watertight door to the right.

Deck-2, starboard
Go to the right, down the hall, and into the room to the left if your USP
doesn't already have all the ammo it can hold. Go back out and ackward, and get ready for a big fight. Watch the cinematic, and execute all the guards Watch another cinematic and talk to Otacon.

Hold No.1
Watch another cinematic and talk to Otacon again. Then go down the ladder Remember that even though you have a time limit, it is more important to be careful and not be detected. After all, you are going past whole platoons of Marines, all armed with M4 carbines. Make sure that you don't get in the way of the projector, as it will reveal your position. Tranquilize, but DO NOT kill any guards necessary. Note that certain floors make more sound than others, and sometimes it is necessary to walk or crawl. Go left once you've gone down the ladder, then go up, and through the doors.

Hold No.2
This time, go to the right and up, using the same tactics as before. Go through the two doors.

Hold No.3
Watch the cinematic, then knock out the guard on the platform to your left. Then take a picture of Metal Gear RAY (the behemoth machine behind the guy talking). If it is an acceptable picture, you should hear a chime noise. Then go inbetween the two platforms, and take a picture. Tranquilize the guy on the platform to the left, and go to the left of the platform. Take another picture. Go forward, tranquilize the Marine ahead, and continue forward. Take a picture of the Marines logo, and make sure it shows up well. Now go back the way you
came from to the way you came in, and press the triangle button on the computer forward and right of you. If any of the pictures are not approved, go back and retake them. Once you're done with that, watch the cinematics. And on to Chapter 2.

|Chapter 2 - Plant|

Strut A Deep Sea Deck
When you end part 1, you will be given the option to save, and then you will see several cinematics. Then you will talk to a person named Colonel. Check out the codec frequency too. Deja vu, anyone? Moving on, you will be quite naked, in the sense of arms, but all you can do for now is be cautious. Go to the right, and go to hanging mode on the railing. Move further right, and climb back up. Get the shaver, and go back to the original area. Climb into the vent and turn right when you can. Then go straight, until you get the ration. Then return to the original position. Go into the water. Dive as deep as you can. In
the southeastern corner of the pool, there are thermal goggles. Now open the watertight door. You will see a small cutscene, then go down the pathway. You will end up in another room. To the left, there is a ration which can be acquired by climbing the crates. Get it, go back down, and drag the guards to a very distant area. Then use the node (the computer). You will see another cutscene. Then you will be asked to input your name, date of birth, blood type, etc. You will also be able to change the game's options. Afterwards, you will be able to use the radar, and the guards will wake up as well. Because you have no weapons, it is advisable to hide, but those of you who are experienced might want to snap some necks. Wait for the elevator to come down, and then go on it. You will see a short cutscene, and then have a Codec chat with the Colonel. Then you will see another cutscene, and then you will go back to the Codec.

Strut A Roof
Once you've gained control, get the bandage on top of the crate. Then go forward and left, and crawl through the hole in the fence (it should be surrounded by birds). Once you crawl through, you will have a forced conversation with Colonel, once you're done, go through the door backwards from you.

Strut A Pump Room
Go down the staircase, watch the cutscenes, and have a talk with Colonel. Either sneak past or take out the guard, and get to the node. In the rightmost locker, there is a ration. Go up the stairs, get the chaff grenade, and descend back down the stairs. Note that all the M9 ammuniton can not be picked up at this point, or the SOCOM ammo in the second most left locker for that matter. Your objective is currently to get to Strut B, but you need some weapons, so use the top-right door.

FA connecting bridge
You'll see a short cutscene, and then Colonel will talk to you. Avoiding the Cypher, cross the bridge and go through the doorway.

Strut F warehouse
When you enter, you will see a short cutscene. Do not dispatch any guards here, as they send regulated transmissions, and more guards will be sent. Only take out the guards if you are seen. Going straight to the right, you will see a door which does not require a key. Go through, get the M9, and the ammo. Then go back the way you came.

FA connecting bridge
Go back to Strut A, avoiding the Cypher.

Strut A Pump Room
Use the door to the left of the one you just came back in from.
AB connecting bridge
Now you will see another cutscene, and then talk to Colonel. Use the M9 to take out a guard, then go across the bridge. Then enter the door.

Strut B Transformer Room
Walk left after entering, and you will see several cutscenes. Then you'll have a talk with Colonel, and see some more cutscenes. You now have the SOCOM (see section IV for details), cigarettes, and have given Pliskin the shaver if you had it. Use the node, then leave the room. Rose will contact you. The lockers in front of you have ammo and rations. Then leave using the door in front of you.

BC connecting bridge
You will see a cutscene, and then you will call Colonel. In the middle of the bridge, there is a chaff grenade on the part which broke off. Continue forward, and go to the next room.

Strut C dining hall
Go to the bathroom to the left, and open the door to the left. Get the ammo, then go to the bathroom to the right. Open the second door, and get the Pentazemin. If you need M9 ammo, open the last door. Go down the hallway, and you will see several cutscenes. Then you will talk with Colonel, and see a demo on how to diffuse C4. Then you will see another cutscene, and then you will see a demo on how to use the sensor. Then you will see some more cinematics. Use
the node in the room to the left, and then go to the women's (right) bathroom. There is a C4 on the ceiling near the sink. Stillman will contact you. Leave.

BC connecting bridge
Cross the bridge, and destroy the Cypher with the SOCOM if necessary. Go through the door.

Strut B Transformer Room
Take out both guards, and go to the green spot. Close the door, and watch the short cutscene. Use the coolant, and exit with the door behind you.

AB connecting bridge
Take out either guard, then go across and get to Strut A.

Strut A Pump Room
There is a guard, and SOCOM ammuntion in the second most left locker. Get it, dispatch the guard if necessary, and go to the room backwards from you. Take out the guard and the camera, then go down the stairs on the bottom left. Crawl under the pipes to your right, climb the platform, get the cardboard box, and go back to the stairs. Go to the stairs on the right. Crawl under all the pipes, get the ration, and return to the red pipes. Crawl under the red pipes (going down and staying under them), and diffuse the C4. Stillman will talk to
you. Now exit to the FA connecting bridge.

FA connecting bridge
Go across the bridge, taking out the Cypher if necessary. Go down the staircase and through the door.

Strut F Warehouse, B1
Being wary of the guard, go to the right and down the pathway. Then get the items in the lockers and the carboard box, then access the node. Go to the vent in the south wall, and crawl through. Get the suppressor and the ammuntion, and go back through the vent. Now go through the door to the right. Get the mine detector, and the M9 ammuniton under the crates. Remember, don't dispatch any if the guards! More will be sent in. Now, cautiously go upstairs. Now you can take out the guards, but after following my next instructions, get the hell out there, quickly! Hang on the left railing (in the middle), and drop down onto the crates surrounding the green light. Use the coolant spray on the C4. Go back up, now drop from the bottom railing, and get the book. Now get out through the top exit. QUICKLY.

EF connecting bridge
You will see a short cutscene. Tranquilize the guard, and cross the bridge. DO
NOT take the pathway to the left, as it will be extremely hard to get back, and there is at the moment no use of going there. You will be contacted. Crawl and pick up the claymores (use the mine detector), and get to the other side.

Strut E Parcel Room, 1F
Take out the guard closest to you, but NOT the other one! He transmits reports regularly. Get the cardboard box and access the node. Then go up the stairs and through the door.

Strut E Heliport
Walk down the pathway. You will see a cinematic, and then Pliskin will talk to you. Take out the guards, get the carboard box, and go to the jet. The is a C4 under the jet. You'll talk to Stillman. Now go back down to the Parcel Room.

Strut E Parcel Room 2F
Go down the stairs, and exit using the top left exit. Be careful of the guard.

DE connecting bridge
Be careful of the guard, cross the bridge, and use the bottom door.

Strut D Sediment Pool
Once here, access the node. Tranquilize whatever guards neccessary, and locatethe bomb with the sensor. Pull up the door and freeze the C4. Stillman will contact you. Use the door above you and to the left.

CD connecting bridge
You'll see a short cutscene. Shoot the camera with the SOCOM, and cross the bridge. Be careful of the guard, you may need to neutralize him.

Strut C Dining Hall
Go to the room where Stillman was, and get Sensor B. You will call Stillman. You now have 400 seconds to the bottom of Strut A. Exit using the south door.

BC connecting bridge
Destroy the Cypher and quickly cross the bridge, then use the door.

Strut B Transformer Room
Take out the guard in the hallway, and go through it, using the door at the end.

AB connecting bridge
Cross the bridge, and get to Strut A.

Strut A Pump Room
Use the staircase, then go through the door.

Strut A Roof
Go onto the elevator, and talk to Stillman and Pliskin.

strut A Pump Facility
Go back to the place where you started this chapter. Go down and around, and diffuse the bomb under the boat. Now go back to the elevator. You will see a cinematic. Then you will fight Fortune.

Boss - Fortune
This is a boss that you cannot beat. Simply hide in a place where there are few oil barrels, and it will eventually end, right after Colonel contacts you. You will see a cinematic.

Strut A Roof
Again you have 400 seconds. Get to Strut E Heliport ASAP. First, go down the stairs, but be warned that there are claymore mines.

Strut A Pump Room
Use the door on the right once you're down the stairs.

FA connecting bridge
Quickly cross the bridge and get to Strut F warehouse.

Strut F warehouse
Once again, don't neutralize the guards. I mean it. Just get to the north door, pronto.

EF connecting bridge
Cross it. QUICKLY.

Strut E Parcel Room 1F
Go upstairs. NOW.

Strut E Heliport
Go up the stairs and defuse the bomb. Then walk forward. Get ready.

Boss - Fatman
Follow him, shoot him in the head a lot, but always diffuse the bombs he sets first. Use the SOCOM to take him down. Note that while he gets up, you can shoot him in the head to give him a lot of damage. Try to aim for his head in first person view, as the rest of his body is armored. Once he's dead, watch the cinematic, drag his body away, and diffuse the big bomb.

Strut E Heliport
You will contact Colonel. Afterwards, you will talk with Pliskin. Go south, and you will see a cinematic. You now have a BDU , Card LV2, and a cell phone. Colonel will then talk to you. Now exit through the door.

Strut E Parcel Room, 2F
Go down the stairs and exit using the southern exit.

EF connecting bridge
Cross the bridge and get to Strut F.

Strut F Warehouse
Be very careful of the guards here. First, go to the door south and to the right. Get the C4 and claymore in the lockers. Next, go to the room farthersouth and to the left. Don't run in like Rambo would, there's laser trip wires and C4. Shoot the control unit with your SOCOM, and get the M4 as well as theammo. Now go down the stairs, and enter either door requiring a LV2 card. Theyboth lead to the same room. Get the M4 ammo, and more importantly, the AKS-74Uin the top right corner. You will need it as part of your disguise. Get therest of the ammunition in the room, and go back to the EF connecting bridge
(the door upstairs and to the north).
EF connecting bridge
This time, go to the pathway to the left, but don't stop running, the floor
will drop after being walked on. Get the AKS-74U ammo, equip your BDU andA KS-74U, and enter the door to the left.

Shell 1 Core, 1F
Tread with EXTREME caution. There are many things here that could reveal yourself, including bumping into other soldiers, falling down, etc. Do not engage in any combat unless necessary or instructed to do so. First, enter the hallway. Then follow the path south and to the left. Go into the room, get the chaff grenade, the M9 ammo in the leftmost locker if you need it. If you need M4 ammo, break the rightmost locker door. Be warned that if it falls on you, you will be revealed to any nearby guards. Use the node in the top right cornere of the room. Now exit to the left, go north, and use the elevator. Go
to B2.

Shell 1 Core, B2 Computer Room
As I said before, BE CAREFUL! First, go through the right. Go south, get the ration if you need it, then go to the southern hallway. There is M9 ammo in the first locker you see. Continue south, and enter the area with many computers. In the northeastern corner, there is a node. Access it. Now get the cardboard box and ammo south of the node, and get the directional microphone to the west,Leave the computer area, go to the hallway to the west, and search the lockers
for ammo. To get the books on top of the shelf, you have to use a
punch-punch-kick combo. If a guard sees you, however, you will be revealed. Now return to the elevator and go to B1.

Shell 1 Core, B1
There will be a short cutscene. Then go to the room at the right. Access the node. If you need a ration, open the locker to the right. Now go outside. If you want, you can search the lockers in the room to the left. There is also ammo for the M4 in the bottom left corner. Now wait behind the crates between the corner and the doorway. The second the guard passes by, unequip your weapon, get him in a chokehold, and make him face the retinal scanner. There will be a short cutscene.

Shell 1 Core, B1 Hall
When you enter, there will be another cutscene. Then Colonel will contact you. Before you look for Ames, you should get the items in the room. In the bottom left corner, there is a bandage. In the middle left, near the flag, there are thermal goggles, which you will need later in the game (if you don't already have it). Ames is the white male tied to a table with some boxes on it (unless you are playing the game from a clear game). He is near the bottom left corner, and is near a metal column. His heartbeat has a chiming electronic sound. Once you call out his name, you will enter several cutscenes, a Codec conversation, and cinematics. After you regain control, you have 10 seconds to equip your AKS-74U. DO NOT move from your position. Then there will be another cinematic, and you will have to escape. Note that you no longer have your Balaclava, and the enemies can now see your face. Get to the elevator, as soon as you can. Go
to level 1.

Shell 1 Core, 1F
There are many guards here, so be extremely careful. Exit to the EF connecting bridge (the door all the way to the right.

EF connecting bridge
Like before, the floor will collapse after being walked on. Head south, to Strut F.

Strut F Warehouse
Now that you have a Card LV3, you can get the rest of the weapons and items. First, get to the door in the top left corner. Get the RGB6, and the ammo. Now go to the most southern hallway, and enter the door to the left. Get the ammo and grenades. Now go north a little and to the right. That room has a PSG-1 and ammo, which you will need for the next part of the game. There is also a vent in that room, crawl into it and get the PSG-1T. Now that you have everything you need, exit back to the EF connecting bridge (the way you came in).

EF connecting bridge
Cross the bridge and get to Strut E.

Strut E Parcel Room, 1F
Go through the door in the top left corner, avoiding and/or neutralizing any guards.

DE connecting bridge
Cross the bridge and get to the top door, but be careful of the guard on the roof.

Strut D Sediment Pool
Tranquilizing whatever guards necessary, get to the northernmost door.

Shell 1-2 connecting bridge
Upon entering, there will be a cutscene, and a Codec conversation. Afterwards, use your SOCOM and PSG-1 to take out the control units. There are several control units. One is above and behind you (from the position you first gain control), another is straight in front of you, two are in front of you and to the left, one far in front and to the right (surrounded by seagulls), another behind the Sons of Liberty Flag, two surrounded by explosive on the other side of the bridge (next to the doorway), one slightly b elow and to the right of the flag, and one on the Cypher. Once you've destroyed all the control units, there
will be a short cutscene. Go to the other side of the bridge. On your way there, Pliskin will contact you. Now you will face the Harrier 2.

Boss - Harrier 2 (Vamp and Solidus Snake)
Pick up the Stinger as soon as you can. Fire at the Harrier as often as you can lock on, and take cover when necessary. Note that the large red spot on the radar is the Harrier, and the smaller is the helicopter with Pliskin and Otacon. You can also use the RGB6 when the Harrier is hovering directly above you. When missiles, bombs, etc. are fired at , you can take cover on the lower level. Keep nailing the Harrier until it goes down.

Shell 1-2 connecting bridge
After watching the cinematic, and talking to Snake (Pliskin will now be
referred to as Snake here on) and Otacon, and then Rose will call you. Jump to the other side of the bridge and get the suppressor for the AKS-74U (thanks to Long "bakjak" for this). Now, go back and move to the right, and go to hanging mode on the railing. Drop on the large pipe, and walk (do not run) across it. At the end, climb onto the platform to the right, and run across the brown floor. At the end, go to hanging mode, and drop onto the platform beneath it. Two guards will then come out. Kill them with your PSG-1. Where there are gaps
walk either against the wall or in hanging mode where appropriate. Then climb the ladder at the end.

Strut L Perimeter
Here, go into crawl mode and crawl across the pathway, until there are no more windows. Stand up, walk against the wall, crouching when there is that thing sticking out of the wall. Then a guard on a higher level will start urinating, so go into hanging mode to get around the urine. At the end of the path, fall onto the platform below. Get the AKS-74U bullets, and get the ration at the end of the pathway. Go back to the stairs, and take out the Cyphers with your PSG-1, or disabling them with chaff. There is some ammunition at the right end
of the bridge. Now use the bridge leading north. To get across the first gap, you must use a flip. The second can be crossed in hanging mode. Once on the other side, go through the door.

Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Purification Room
There will be several cinematics, cutscenes, and Codec conversations here. First, go down the stairs to the left, and collect any ammo you can. Go up the stairs to the left, and go cautiously into the room to the right. Disable the two guns and leave. To the left, there is a grenade near a broken door. Go back out into the hallway, and go into the room on the right near the end of the hallway. Get the M4 ammo, and access the node. Go out into the hallway, and use the elevator. Go to B1

Shell 2 Core, B1 Filtration Chamber No.1
Access the node to the right, and then go into the water. First, swim straight
south, until you get to the end of the hallway. Get the Nikita in the room, and swim up for some air. Go back down, and go to the white (air) spot north of where you are. Now go west, and then turn left again. Get the N.V.G, and go back out. Turn left again, and go to the white spot for a breather. Go back down, swim south, and then turn left. Swim forward, and then turn right. Swim forward, and then turn left. Continue forward, then turn right. Go forward, and up to the white spot. When your oxygen is at full, go back down and open the western door. There will be a cinematic. Go to the closest white spot for some
air, then continue west. At the bottom of the next white spot there will be stinger missiles, and at the top a PSG-1T if you haven't gotten it already. Now, go all the way back to the elevator. First, head east until you enter the room with the corpse. Then turn left and go straight. Turn left again, and then turn right. Turn left at the end of the hallway. Continue forward, then turn right at the end. Go up to the air vent, and then back down when you have enough oxygen. Go right, continue forward, then turn left at the end of the hall. Now go back up to the elevator. Go up to level 1.

Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Purification Room
Go down to the room with the two guns you disabled. Climb the crates, and fire a Nikita missile into the vent. Control the missile into the large power conduits in the room with the president. Now go to the top right corner of this area, and cross the part where the floor was secured with electricity. Go through the door. There will be several cinematics, and Codec conversations. Leave the room. There will be more Codec conversations, and cinematics. Go back to the elevator, and take it to B1.

Shell 2 Core, B1 Filtration Chamber No.1
Go south a little, then turn right, and then go up at the white spot. Go south,
turn left, go forward, and then turn right. Go forward, turn right, continue
forward, and then go up at the air vent. Now go all the way west, and open the
watertight door on the far left. Turn right, and go forward. Walk through the
LV 4 door, and prepare.

Boss - Vamp
Vamp is extremely quick, and hard to hit. Hit him whenever he turns white (when he isn't surrounded by a red light). Make sure you don't fall into the pool in the middle, as it will kill you. I suggest using the M4 Carbine. Continue shooting him, and the knives he throws at you, until he is defeated.
Shell 2 Core, B1 Filtration Chamber No.1
There will be several cinematics, and Codec conversations. Go through the door to the north. Get the ration, and then go into the water. Go forward, turn right, get the AKS-74U bullets, go back out, go into the hallway to the left, go left at the end, and get the body armor. Go back out, go to the room to the right of the one you just went in, and get to the surface. Go through the door, access the node, and go left. Search all the lockers, get the thermal goggles if you haven't already. When you find Emma, you will see several cinematics,
and Codec conversations. Now swim back the way you came, going to white spots when necessary. Now take Emma back to the elevator. On the way, you will see several cinematics and Codec conversations. Use the coolant spray to repel the insects. Then take Emma to level 1.

Shell 2 Core, 1F Air Purification Room
Leave Emma in the elevator for now. Take out all the guards, and then take Emma to the exit. Be warned that many guards will not show up until Raiden takes Emma to the exit.

K-L connecting bridge
Take out the Cyphers, and the guard. Put out the fire on the west bridge with the coolant spray. Then take Emma to the door to the west.

Strut L Sewage Treatment Facility
Dispatch the two guards, then take Emma to the room to the south. There will be several cinematics and Codec conversations.

Strut L Oil Fence
Here you must take out any and all things that try to stop Emma from crossing. First, use some pentazemin,

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