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Retro Game Walkthroughs For
"Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec"
(PlayStation 2)

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Gran Turismo 3: A-Spec (PlayStation 2)
Submitted By: Unknown
Try to get all of your licences first- i know its hard but you'll need them all. I recommend starting with the cheaper mazda mx5 as it has a better turbo than the more expensive mx5. Next win the sunday cup races and sell the toyota that you win. You should now have enough money to buy a stage 1 turbo and you should change your oil now. Win the 80s car cup and sell the mazda rx7 that you win.

Now do the spider/roadster cup but make sure you dont come up against the mercedes slk on the test track as you will lose. Fit
some super hard tyres to the new mazda mx5 that you won from the spider/roadster cup and enter it into the roadster endurance
race. Dont worry that one mx5 will go flying ahead as you will soon catch him up as he pits every three only need to
pit on lap 20. If you win the f1 car win as many races as possible until you can buy the suzuki escudo pikes peak and you'll easily be able to complete the game.however if you dont win the f1 car sell all of your cars and and buy a nissan skyline gtr vspec 2 new shape. Tune it up as much as possible remembering to fit some super hard tyres. Try to win the super speedway endurance race as many times as it takes to win the f1 car. Then copy the method above as if you had won the f1 car at the roadster endurance race.

The arcade mode: Try and win one of the f1 cars in gran turismo mode and youll be able to win all of the road races. To win all of the rally races use a suzuki escudo pikes peak and youll easily complete the arcade mode. I hope you find this guide useful even if it is a bit sketchy on the details.
Submitted By: PlayWithME
Go to Gran Turismo Mode, then go to Beginner to start off with. Then...
Start off buying a decent car that is fast, using the 18,000cr. I would advise you to get a Chrysler PT Cruiser or Mazda MX 5. Start off with the Driving License tests, you will go with through a series of test that you have to pass completing the test in a certain amount of time. This does take quite a long time so you only need to complete all the tests up to A. Then once you have done that go onto GO RACE, do the first race which is Super Speedway. To get to all this when then yellow highlighted writing comes up scroll down to Gran Turismo mode.
Once you have won all the three races on the first cup try and get gold for all of them and then you will win a Trueno Sprinter. Its your choice what you wont to do with it, sell it, tune it, wash it, do it up with faster stuff cooler turbos and so on.

NOTE: this game definately requires a memory card!

Once you have won the first cup keep on winning until you get lots of money, you can then by a faster car for the next cup, Clubmans Cup.
Once you have won some cups you will start winning some decent cars e.g AUDI's and other fast cars. But when you get to the Lightweight Cup if you get gold for each race you win a Mini Cooper! So if you wont to muck around with a slowish but cool car then the Mini Cooper is definately your thing.

So work your way up the stages step by step. Soon you will have enough money to buy a BMW and MERCEDES-BENZ! Then for some of the other cups towards the end like Gran Turismo Cup you will need to successfully complete the whole driving license test.

To edit your cars or car just simply go to MY HOME and go from there.

There are loads of cars in the CAR DEALER section some good some not so good, you can also win cars that aren't in the CAR DEALER.

If you feel like driving a Mini Cooper or a Dodge Viper then take a visit to the Arcade Mode, in there you can do 2player and you can even load on your car from your garage! If you successfully come first in area A (the first set of races) you will move onto area B and so on. Eventually you will have all tracks and areas.

This game takes a lot of time to complete so you wont complete it in the first week!
Go on give it a go! And I hope this walkthrough has gave you all the information you need to know. If not then come to the forums and go onto FOG Prime topics and look for Knuckles187, for more information.

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