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This game is also available on PS2 and Xbox.

Retro Game Walkthroughs for Timesplitters 2 (Gamecube)
Submitted By: cookie monster
This walkthrough is for every level in the arcade league, i have
included a strategy and the criteria required for a gold medal.
I hope this will improve your game.

Amateur League

Beginners series

Adios amigos

This is a relatively straightforward deathmatch, you have a few
weapons that are some use, but I find the plasma rifle to be
superior, if you are confident with the level layout run around
by all means, but it can be beneficial to stick to the courtyard
area and take out any enemies that try to attack.

Gold: 10 kills in 3min


This level is really quite tight, the cramped corridors can make
you easy prey for the zombies so try to stick to rooms with only
one entrance, the toilet area with the urinals is quite good.
Combined with sticking to headshots you should find this a

Gold: 15 kills in 3min 30

Top Shot

Your main priority here is to secure as good a gun as possible
in the early stages, setting people on fire is particularly
effective, as they will run into other people and spread the
fire. Spending most of your time in the aeroplane hanger could
be beneficial as it is quite spacious, and if your long distance
sniping is lousy you should consider using the grenade function
on the AK. The minigun should also help you out, its accuracy is
poor, but when it�s spitting out 50 bullets per second why
should you care?

Gold: 1st place in 3min

Mode Madness

Chastity Chased

This is pretty easy so long as you put the Sci-fi handgun back
into its holster, my technique was to use the plasma rifles
secondary function to stick grenades to her body, this deals out
an instant kill when it explodes. If she escapes your clutches
you should pursue, this is a regeneration match and she will
heal fully given enough time.

Gold: 10 kills in 3mins

Shrinking from the cold

This one is dead easy so long as your accuracy is decent enough
to allow headshots. However since your opponents will begin to
get really quite small you may have a harder time than normal,
so you should think about using grenades liberally, particularly
if you opponents become entangled in a fight between each other.

Gold: 10 kills in 3mins

Scrap metal

This level can be extremely frustrating, your battery power
falls faster than a brick from a seven-story window, but you
must persevere. Your goal is to kill your opponent to gain
sufficient energy to remain alive, the electrotool is quite
useful here, as it incapacitates the robot while you electrocute
it. Also if you respawn indoors try to kill yourself
immediately, you don�t have time to make your way outside and
kill the robot.

Gold: 10 kills in 3min

It�s a Blast

Night Shift

Your best idea here is to get onto the bridge that spans the
middle gap, there is a homing rocket launcher here that can come
in handy, and furthermore it gives you a commanding view of the
middle area, just remember to keep an eye on the radar, and
punish anyone who gets too close.

Gold: 1st and 25 kills

Spoils of war

This one is fairly easy as long as you remember to pick up the
coins left by your victims, fortunately for you the computer
doesn�t hold these coins in such high regard, and will often
forget to pick them up, so grab any that you see.

Gold: 25 points in 4 min 30.0 sec

Demolition Derby

This one is the epitome of fun; I find the normal rocket
launcher more useful here rather than the homing launcher due to
the amount of debris in the area. Keep on your toes and aim for
the feet of your victims (or for the head if you feel
confident), a moving target is always harder to hit.

Gold: 1st and 25 kills

Too hot to handle

Monkey Immolation

The first time you played this you probably thought it was
impossible, relax, so did i. However it can be done, firstly run
into the basement and grab the rocket launcher, now run back to
the courtyard and climb the ladder to the top of the building.
Now if any flaming monkeys come near the ladder blast them with
a rocket, they will respawn somewhere else on the map and buy
you more valuable seconds. The speed pickup beside the fountain
is also worth a mention.

Gold: Survive for 2 mins

Disco Inferno

This one is tricky if you aren�t very familiar with the layout
of the level, so have a good look in multiplayer first (if you
have it), or you will probably end up lost. The best chance to
stay alive is to run outside and go up the metal stairs that are
there, when you reach the top you will see a gap in the floor,
now if you run at full speed you can jump this gap, but anyone
that is infected cannot, so keep jumping from side to side until
the time is up.

Gold: Survive for 2 mins.

Burns department

Due to the claustrophobic nature of the level it is hard to
survive for too long, your only saviour is the fact that you can
run a little faster than before, which is just as well because
you will be making use of those feet. Basically harbour in
unpopulated areas for as long as possible before moving on, the
computer has difficulty in tackling stairs, so keep that in mind
too. If you can find a decent weapon you could try to barricade
yourself into the toilet (with the urinals). Just be patient and

Gold: Survive for 2 mins

Team series A

Club Soda

Since you have backup in this mission it isn�t too difficult,
Braces and Marco are competent fighters, and since their kills
count towards the whole teams you should find this a breeze,
even to get gold.

Station Stand

Contrary to the name of the challenge there won�t be much
standing around here. There are 4 scoring zones in the arena;
you must tag them to make them your teams colour so that the
points they generate are given to your team. There are bonus
points if you have all 4 zones at the same time, so keep
securing and defending your zones. Stay on your toes and you
shall win through.

Gold: 1000 points in 4 mins 30

Men in grey

This is really quite fun, your main objectives are to destroy
the oil drums and the computers in the other teams base. At the
start pick up the rocket launcher under the ramp and proceed
round the corner and out the door, there is an autogun on the
bunker just outside, destroy it with a rocket, just a little
further forward are 2 more, take care of them as well. Now head
past the waterfall, and up the hill, there is an auto gun on a
boulder at the top, take it out.

Now there are about 2-3 more autoguns in the compound, however
they can be avoided, but you may destroy them if you wish, now
destroy ALL of the oil barrels, there are 2 in plain sight, one
up the back near the mountain wall, one in a ruined building,
one up the concrete stair that is just before the computer room
entrance, and the last one is found if you jump from the top of
the building directly behind the previous barrel.

With all of the barrels destroyed make your way into the main
base, destroy all of the computer terminals (screens and all) to
complete the level. Now wasn�t that fun?

Gold: 3min 30 secs.

Honorary league


Cold corpse caper

Ok firstly follow the radar to the blue dot and kill the guy
that is golden coloured, this makes you the gladiator, only
whilst you are the gladiator do your kills count towards your
score. So if you are killed you will have to find and kill the
new gladiator. Grab a decent weapon and head back to the toilets
(with the urinals) and take down anyone that comes through the

Gold: 1st with 15 kills

Killer queen

Same drill as before, kill the gladiator then rack up the kills,
there is some armour across the Rope Bridge, it�s a good idea to
collect it. The jungle natives and the golem can be pretty
tough, especially with a lousy crossbow, so aim high.

Gold: 15 kills in 3 min 0.0 sec

R-109 Beta

Kill the gladiator as before and then head to the T junction
section indoors, there is a homing rocket launcher here, set up
camp and take out any robots that approach, remember the homing
missiles can go round corners so be liberal with your shots, and
you should be untouched for quite a while.

Gold: 40 kills

Elimination series

Baking for the taking

This one is dead is easy as long as you know the trick. Grab a
minigun and then head down the stairs to the basement, the
gingerbread men will fight amongst themselves until the pack
gets thin, and then they will come for you, press the secondary
function button to keep the barrels spinning and spit out
bullets at any intruders. Be aware that there is a respawn point
in the basement, so keep that in mind.

Gold: 1st in 3 min 0.0 sec

Brace yourself

The best idea here is to camp outside, there are 2 spots that
are good, at the dead end at the far right hand side, where you
can shoot them as they jump through the window, and the bit just
before that, which I believe houses the Tommy gun.

Gold: 1st in 1 min 45.0 sec

Starship Whoopers

Another rocket launcher deathmatch, however this time 4 monkeys
will be beamed in at time intervals to help the poorest player.
Put simply the monkeys are lethal, they all have homing
launchers, and you will often see 10 rockets heading for your
face, so when they beam in kill them quickly. Ideally you should
be skilled with the rocket launcher, as shoot to kill shots are
essential to rack up kills quickly. Monkey kills do not add to
your score so do not rely on them.

Gold: 1st and 25 kills

Burns N� Bangs

Chinese Burns

The Calimari are quite speedy and accurate with the rocket
launcher, so be on your guard. Due to the tight nature of the
corridors, setting a Calimari ablaze with the rocket launcher
works quite well, as he will often set his companions on fire as
well. Camping outside can help, as you can dodge the rockets a
little easier, and if you are set on fire run in the pond do
douse the flames.

Gold: 20 kills in 2 min 0.0 sec

Snow Business

Ever seen a snowman on fire? Thought not. Well you will get your
chance here, your team mates will catch fire if you hit them so
watch where you aim, try to catch the snowmen on the side so
they cant get a shot at you, particularly since your character
dies EXTREMELY fast after being set on fire.

Gold: 20 kills in 2 min 30.0 sec

Rocket man

You are woefully outnumbered here so keep your wits about you,
camping in one of the buildings is a good tactic, especially
since the bots will shoot too early and blow themselves away.
Keep firing on the entrance and keep stocked up on ammo.

Gold: 40 kills in 1 min 30.0 sec

Outnumbered but never outpunned

Yet again you will face large numbers of foes, however this time
they are all ducks�. Strangeness aside, this is a tough
challenge, and seems largely down to luck than skill. At the
start you should head for the area under the large staircase and
find the 2x shotgun. This will tip the scales ever so slightly
in your favour. The ducks will destroy you in the open, so make
for the toilets again (yep the one with the urinals) and fire on
any who attempt to enter. Aim for the head.

Gold: 60 kills

Time to split

Head inside the building through the entrance at the farthest
left and up the stairs on the left, here you will find a 2x
machine gun. Stay here and wait for the splitters to enter, then
take the opportunity to blow them away. This one is pretty

Gold: 15 kills in 2 min 30.0 sec

Can�t handle this

Run to the ground floor and head to the area where you would
enter the club if you were in story mode. There is a 2x Tommy
gun spawn here, cap anyone and everyone who enter. The pistol is
a rubbish weapon so do not use it.

Gold: 40 kills in 3 min 0.0 sec

Team Series B

Hack a hacker

You get a few riot officers on your team, so let them get a few
kills, but don�t rely on them. Keep on your toes and stay busy
to get the required kills.

Gold: 20 kills in 1 min 20.0 sec

Rice cracker rush

This one is tough. Only occasionally will your team-mates
attempt to steal the bag, so it�s basically up to you. Instantly
run for the other teams bag, picking up the invisibility and
increased speed power-ups on the way, this should give you a
quick first score. Now just keep picking up armour and repeat.
The gold requirements are tight, so be quick.

Gold: 5 in 4 min 0.0 sec

Superfly lady

This one is really rather fun. Immediately destroy the 2 drone
guns outside your starting position, one on the left, one on the
right. Pick up the AK and grenade the gun right in front of you.
Now run to the far end and grenade the 2 guns at the side of
the door. Go through the door and run to the right hand side of
the drone gun, destroy it from behind and then grenade the gun
on the ground on the far side of the next section. There are 3
guns here, 2 on the ceiling and 1 on the floor next to the
hangar door. Shoot out the far-left one first, as its range is
poorer, and then grenade the one on the ground beside the hanger
door. Now run behind the last gun and shoot it from behind. Go
up the stairs and keep going forward past the gun here, and turn
left, there will be another gun facing you now, ignore it and
run for the switch on the wall and activate it. Now all you have
to do is grenade the fuel barrels that are near the aeroplane

Gold: 2 min 0.0 sec

Elite league

One shot Thrills

Babes in the woods

There are a few strategies here, but if you use them all at the
same time your chances will be mightily improved. Firstly do
whatever is necessary to get the invisibility power-up, it will
make your life SO much easier. Furthermore use the torches on
the walls to set fire to your arrows, if you manage to shoot
someone in a crowd the fire will spread like wildfire, and give
you Mega kills. You can also set a trap by shooting burning
arrows at the plants, anyone who goes near will start to burn.
You should also be moving around all the time, stopping only to
steady your aim while you make a kill.

Gold: 1st and 20 kills

Double Bill

This one is tough. Basically get your hands on a shotgun and the
invisibility power-up and go on a rampage, keep moving
throughout the level to pick up any stray coins that the
computer may have left behind, and try to restrict the time you
are on the catwalks between the 2 sides as it leaves you very

Gold: 20 in 3min 30 secs

Nicky Jinky Bricky

Quickly get to the stairs leading to the basement and head
right, here you will find some bricks, now if you face the
stairs you should be able to lob bricks at any zombies making
their way down before they can even touch you.

Gold: 20 in 2 mins

Duel Meaning

If I�m ugly-You smell

Try to get down to the basement and get the Double Garret
revolvers, now head back up to the courtyard and fight here, you
should be able to outstrafe the computers shots, at which point
you should fire about 4-5 shots at the computer and then resume
strafing, provided you are fast enough you should get gold no

Gold: 1st place with 4 lives

Golem Guru

Immediately head for the rocket launcher, the homing launcher or
the grenade launcher. Or all 3 if you can, you should also try
to nab the armour, it�s between the bricks. Wait here for him to
appear, and then unleash everything you�ve got until he dies,
continue to get the body armour as it appears, it is likely that
the Golem will use the grenade launcher with the second
function, so watch you don�t get set ablaze.

Gold: 1st place with 4 lives

Golden Thighs

The best weapon is the AK-47�s grenade function here and camp in
the corner near the railings, from here you can quite easily
rack up the kills no matter what direction the enemy tries to
attack from.

Gold: 5 kills in 2 mins

Frantic Series

Hangar Hats Off!

Time is really tight here, so keep restarting until you spawn in
the hangar, after which you should make a beeline for the rocket
launchers and the speed boost. Now run around using your radar
to go to where there are most enemies, they are strong, but the
rockets should make light work of them.

Gold: 30 kills in 1 min 30

Can�t Please Everyone

Your primary objective is to try and secure all 4 zones at the
same time, this will give you a mighty points bonus, and is a
real help, if you can find the grenade launcher then you are in
luck, if you exploit the secondary function to set an undead
priest on fire he will hopefully spread this to his team mates.
The bots are programmed to run to the shower room to cool off,
leaving you to claim all of the zones.

Gold: 800 in 3 min

Big Top Blowout

Pick up either a homing or normal rocket launcher (whichever you
are more comfortable with) and just go on a rampage, there�s
body armour throughout the level, so grab some if you see it, it
is helpful against splash damage. Attacking large groups is you
best bet, as the computer often gets preoccupied with itself.

Gold: 1st and 35 kills

Team series c

Bags Of fun
The best approach here is to do continuous relays between their
bag and yours, exit to the left or right of your base and pick
up either the speed boost and armour, or the speed boost and
shrink power-up. Which side you take doesn�t really matter, just
try to secure their bag before they get yours, usually this will
make them abandon your bag, and try to take you out. Repeat as
necessary alternating between the left and right paths.

Gold: 7 bags more

They�re not pets

This is quite easy as long as you stick to the main ring, here
you will find a double machine gun pick up, and also a shrink
power-up. This should make it extremely easy for you to kill any
splitters and the bear, whilst they find it almost impossible to
hit you.

Gold: 1st and 40 kills

Nice Threads

This will seem impossible first, but it is possible to get a
time less than 2 minutes. Firstly the almost useless lasergun is
in its prime here, so grab it, and get the plasma rifle while
your at it, now make your way down the right hand side, and take
out the drone gun here, now run as close to the wall as possible
and enter the fortress with the laserguns 2nd function up. Once
through the corridor with the 2 guns head left and through the
doors, run down the ramps using the lasergun to deflect any
drone guns. You will then be confronted with a drone gun that
fires missles, with any luck it will miss you, so quickly dash
right. Now take your next left, and keep straight on. There is
some body armour here, so grab it. Now there is an area with 2
more rocket drone guns, strafe to the right then left to
minimise damage, now break for the finish, hopefully you will
still have laser gun ammo so block the last gun, and finish. Not
as hard as it seemed huh?

Gold: 5 mins

Sincerest Form Of flattery.

Aztec The Dino Hunter

This one is really fun. Try to keep to busy spots, places like
the area with the invisibility power-up are good, and keep your
shots to one per Dino, if you hit them in the throat or above
they should die instantly, the kills can rack up really quickly,
so just be patient.

Gold: 70 kills

Half Death

Dead easy this, just make sure you don�t blow away your
teammate, he is also Dr Peabody. Get to the hangar that the
plane is in, and grab the 2 rocket launchers, now just blow away
any who oppose you, if you run out of rockets, go for the 2x
Ak47�s and fire grenades like they are going out of fashion.

Gold: 20 kills in 2 mins 30 secs

Dead Fraction

This one is annoying, basically setting people alight is a
winning strategy, as always, this gives you the bonus of easy
kills and a reprieve from the gun shots. Just keep away from the
burning people yourself, persevere and you will pull through.

Gold:20 kills in 3 mins

Well i hope that helps. Good Luck!

This walkthrough is entirely the work of Calum Stevenson "Cookie
Monster" and has been written specifically for
Submitted By: desert eagle
Siberia,Oblask Dam:1990:Hard Mode(it would be best to do normal mode first just so you know where everything is)
You start in a tunnel.Go and pick up the 2 guns in front of you.

Equip the sniper rifle and kill the two guards and the camera.Walk forward and look through the gate.You will see a LT.frost.kill her.pick up the pistol and proceed around the right side of the building.Shoot the dude inside the cabin and the camera around the corner.Shoot the camera.Wait for the capt.snow to walk past.follow him and fist him.

Now go up the stairs and open the dam door.At this point a sniper will appear.carry along the wood and fall through the gap.pick up the timed that sniper.equip the sniper rifle and leg it to the cabin where the private was.aim up and look at the sniper.if you did this right,you can shoot the sniper but he cant shoot him.throw a mine into a open file cabinet to destroy for the comm dish throw one on or by it to destroy it.kill the camera across the dam and activate the lift.carry on up the lift and duck under the steam.proceed slowly and simply pop a mine on the capt.snow.he will either run towards you or run up the stairs and blow up the fuel drums with the camera.carry on and fist the dude there.

now this part is the health loser so pay attention.sniper the first dude and run into the alcove.collect the goodies as well as the soviet s47(AKA ak47)now run and shoot the first guy which will alert the otherswait and shoot when they come.if only one comes shoot a grenade over to alert them.there is a guy in the 2nd alcove so watch out.after this shut off the steam pressure and go to the door,open it and face the wall a grenade and it will blow up the sentrygun.

go down the stairs and shoot some quick because their reaction time and accuracy is bloody the door.(please note:sometimes one of the guys appears downstairs locked in the lift so be careful)there is a sniper on the dam but he cant shoot you yet.wait for him to shoot then polish him with your cool sniper skillz.sniper the guy across the snow and equip your soviet and shoot the woman.after the cameras are gone(use your uplink)enter the room.youshould hear time crystal a grenade under the shelf and take care of the other person.collect the anaconda cart it is on a shelf by a box.although i wouldnt advise it,you can get ammo by activating the go down the stairs and fire a grenade at the fuel drums.then fire another one under the shelves.

go into the little room,open the cabinet and fire a grenade into there.then go around the corner and open the two cabinets and fire a grenade there too.(you can use your pistol to blast melons and glass for your profile statistics)now go down the stairs and reach the should have full health and a sliver of go down the stairs slowly and equip your sniper rifle.sniper the guy which will alert others.sniper/soviet them too.there should be four guns on the floor if not fan soviet the drone guns'square cameras and go through the lift like door open the door and go to door no 1.get the grenades ONLY.DO NOT GET THE ARMOUR.go to door no2 and enter the door.activate the gun and shoot the dude with the t12g open the doors and proceed to get the gun.

now poke your head around the corner,fire a grenade over the lt chill and move forwards.a guy will spawn and get blown up.move forwards and fire a grenade by the splitter x-ray and move forwards the guy behind there that spawn will be blasted to kingdom come.collect the system disk and shoot the zombies. input the system disk shoot the zombie and go down the tunnel collect the time crystal and time mine the container.special forces will come and start shooting mutants and you shoot them and carry on shoot the flaming mutant and wait for the dude to appear shoot him then fire a couple of grenades in the direction the mutants are headed the shoot any dudes and careful the dude with the pistol will decimate you if you hang around.

go up and shoot the guys. now the it and look right and fire a grenade.then move back.wait for anyone to open it.shoot will say that you have not allowed any mutants to go down the dam andshoot any zombies that appear.(please note:as you go up the lift zombies may come and at the top a sniper might shoot you) go up the lift until you get to the this is the part where you are most likely to die.this is what i done.i ran out and fired three grenades into where i was which blew up the guy.then i shot the other guy over the other side.then the gunship came.i used my rockets on it nad shot it with the turret.then i shot the guy and ran and shoot the other guy.while running i shot the gunship.then i manned the other turret and fired my rockets shot a little bit and then shot the two guys.level complete!!!!!!!!!!

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