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Metal Gear Solid Walkthroughs

This game is also available on GBC, PC, PS2.
Submitted By: Poison_Jilted
Metal Gear Solid - Walkthrough

here goes...

(((The Docks)))

Run down the stairs into the water to get a Ration.

The best way to go through here is this way:
Crawl under the pipe, run to the wall and wait until the coast is clear for you to run to the right side of the room. Stand to the right of the big vent and wait for the guard to come stand to the left of it. Crawl under the pipe and run straight up.

Wait on the right side of the Forklift until the elevator comes down and the guard who comes out leaves and the coast is clear. Run into the elevator and it'll automatically go up. If the alarm is on, the elevator will not leave.


Run to the right of the helipad, and wait until the two spotlights are as far away from each other as a possible, then make a run for it. Pick up the Chaff Grenades while you run. Run into the room on the left, and sneak along the top crates then make a run for the Stun Grenades when the camera isn't looking. Sneak back outside then run up the left wall and make sure the guard in the upper left corner is sleeping. If he is, make a run for the truck. While inside pick up the Socom and wait for the right moment to run outside, past the camera and up the stairs to the right. Sneak past the guard up here and crawl into the air vent.

(((Tank Garage)))

Sneak past the camera in the top right corner and then down and into the cargo room. Watch out for the camera and pick up the Thermal Goggles. Run out of the cargo room and follow the bridge. Ignore all closed doors since you do not have a key card yet. Sneak down the stairs at the end of the "bridge" while watching out for the camera. Sneak behind the stairs and pick up the Socom Bullets. Then wait until the coast is clear and run right to the elevator that is a set of double-doors saying "EV." with a yellow button next to it, now go down to B1.

(((House 1 B1 Cells)))

Follow the passageway down and right until you reach a ladder, then climb up it. Explore this vent and look down through all the grates. After the long talk scene with the leader of DARPA, there will be a short shooting sequence. Just shoot everyone you see and pick up the ammo/rations they drop. Use rations if necessary. Now you'll have a Level 1 Key card. You can open all doors that have a 1 on them now. Go back inside the door you just exited and pick up some more ammo inside. Go back to the elevator now and go down to B2.

Remember that you need to have key cards equipped for them to work

(((House 1 - B2 Storage)))

This floor consists of one big room with 2 exits, and 6 smaller rooms. The smaller rooms are the ones I'm talking about.

Go out of the elevator and down to the room in the mid-low part. Watch out for the trap doors, equip your goggles and they will be highlighted. Run out of the room and to the room on the left; there pick up the grenades. Go to the mid-high room and pick up the C4. Now, look at the walls on each side of the elevator. Notice the blue cracked ones? If not just lean up against the walls and shuffle along tapping them until you get to a section of the wall that makes a hollow sound. Place a C4 in front of one of them and blow it up. Get all the bonuses and run down to the lower left corner, here blow up the wall and go in. In this little hallway find the wall you can blow up using the same method as before, and use another explosive. In this next hall blow up the upper wall that you can destroy, use same method as before, the rightmost one is for later.

You will now face Revolver Ocelot.

He will run around the cubic room and fire at you, after he has fired 6 shots he has to reload. Try to get a shot in on him and then advance after him while he's stunned, just keep doing this and watch out for his shots as they bounce of the walls.

After a lengthy talking sequence with Kenneth Baker you will have the Level 2 key card. Go back the way you came and enter the Level 2 room in the big B2 room. Equip the Thermal Goggles and evade the alarm beams and you'll have yourself a new weapon, the Fa-mas gun. Go out and take the elevator back up to the Tank Garage. Level 1.

(((Tank Garage)))

Call Meryl on the radio. Frequency 140.15. She will tell you to wait and she'll open the big door to the right of the elevator. While you wait I suggest you do the stuff below.

Go out of the elevator and through the door on the right, sneak up on the sleeping guard and kill him. Get the suppressor and use it if you have the Socom equipped it will be used automatically. Go out of this room and go up the stairs to the 2nd floor of the Tank Garage. Go through the first door on the 2nd floor. Pick up the Cardboard Box and the Chaff Grenades. Go out of this room and follow the bridge back to the top right room, go inside and pick up the Mine Detector and perhaps the rations. Now you can go downstairs, kill the guards and go through the big door.

When you're through the big door, equip the Thermal Goggles and avoid the alarm beams and go through the door on the other side, welcome to the Tank Yard.

(((Tank Yard)))

Here you will fight a boss, a tank, so I suggest you make sure you're ready before you go ahead. You have to make your way pretty far up; the best way is alongside the left wall. You can just equip your Mine Detector and avoid the mines. Either way you have to go upwards. When you have reached the tank simply run around it throwing grenades up on the tower to take out the gunner. Watch out for the machine gun fire. You will now automatically enter the Nuclear Weapon Storage.

(((House 2 - Nuclear Weapon Storage)))

In this entrance just run down the passage and crawl under the door. Watch out in here because if the alarm is set off the place will be filled with gas and you will die. Stick to the bottom wall and creep into your cardboard box and hide from the patrolling guard. Once he passes you continue to the right and sneak up the stairs. Pick up any bonuses along the way but don't bother with any out of the way bonuses because they can easily get you spotted and killed. Once up the stairs, run to the elevator and take it down to B1.

(((House 2 B1 Ė Office)))

Run to the left and into the bathroom and kill the guy taking a leak. Now run through the lower door and into the office room. Kill the guard and enter any doors you can. Get the Nikita and run out to the elevator, take it down to B2.

(((House 2 B2 Ė Lab)))

Go to the right wall and press against it then go through the door on the bottom wall. When you get through the second door you will enter a gas-filled room with an electrical floor. Fire a nikita missile and guide it to the left and up to the switch box on the wall. Run out and get some air, then run in again and enter the two rooms you can enter on the right wall. Get the Ration and the Gas Mask and run down the passage, here you can both go right and fight a boss or go left and pick up a few bonuses. Even if you go for the bonuses you should go to the right and through the door afterwards. Go through a few doors and see a few pretty busted up bodies and your old friend Ninja slice a few guys up. Follow him through the door then get ready to fight him.

Fighting Ninja isn't too hard. Just watch out for his attack and hit him when you can. Don't use any firearms in the beginning only throw punches. When you beat him up a little he'll start hiding, just equip the Thermal Goggles and keep beating him up. When he starts walking around calmly and throwing punches that HURT, just throw Chaff Grenades to stun him and beat him up. When he is starting to break down and stands in a big blue ball, fire at him with the Fa-mas and he'll soon be out of the way.

After a lengthy talk with Lee 'Otakon' Emmerich, you will have a level 4 key card. Now go back the way you came and go to the elevator. Take it up to B1.

(((House 2 B1)))

Go into the big office and kill the guard patrolling on the right. Then let the guard on the left see you. He will flee and you should follow him. Run up to the last booth in the ladies bathroom and look in it. You will now meet Meryl again and this confirms she was the guard in disguise. You will talk for a while and she will equip you with a level 5 key card and the PAL key. After this it's time to enter the double-doors in the corridor to the left of the elevator and fight Psycho Mantis.

Mantis will control Meryl at first, throw a Stun Grenade and he'll come out and introduce himself to you and the real fight will begin.

NOTE: at the beginning of this fight, and sometimes during it, the screen will go black and display 3 Japanese signs. These say 'Hideo'. Now this is obviously meant to be a joke, since Japanese TVs display similar message if there is something wrong with the video input, it is meant to be like a joke about Mantis being so powerful that he even controls your TV!

Ok, so there is a REALLY easy trick to beating him. As I said earlier, he is so powerful that he controls your TV, right? He can even predict what you're doing, by reading what buttons you press through controller port 1.
So put your controller into port 2 and he will not be able to this. Equip the thermal Goggles and follow him around. Duck under any flying furniture. He will wake Meryl up again later on, just keep stunning her with stun grenades and Mantis will give up trying to control her.

When you beat him, exit through the hidden door behind the top right bookshelf. Opens automatically, don't worry.

(((The Caves)))

Meryl walks off to the right; you should follow the snowy path and crawl under that low bridge. Then run through the caves (keeping to the right) until you reach the point in the lower right corner where you can crawl under and met Meryl again. You can place a bullet in the wolves if they bother you too much. Use the wolf urine trick if you know how. Exit through the door to the north.

(((Sniper's Grounds)))

Sniper Wolf will shoot Meryl. After all the talk and automated sequences, run all the way back to the very first house with the tank Garage. Now go down to B2 and enter the level 5 room (up-left) and get the PSG1, then run all the way back to where Meryl got shot.

While on youíre way either forth or back, you can stop by in the Office room in B1 in the 2nd House, the nuclear weapon storage. Here you can now pick up Cardboard Box B.

Now get ready to start some sniper fighting with Sniper Wolf. She will keep shooting and running around, all you have to do is hit her a few times. There are a number of usable tactics here; all I can say is that it's pretty easy if you concentrate. TIP: watch for her breath steam, it appears before she pops out.

After you beat her, follow the passageway and try to enter the door on the right. You will be captured and get to play the "Torture Scene"

(((Torture Prison)))

During torture, all you have to do is keep-pressing Circle to survive. TIP: if you have an auto fire switch on your controller you can use this to lose no health at all. If you can't hack it you must press select before you die, since there is no Continue option in this part of the game!

NOTE: The torture scene will decide which ending you get, if you endure it or surrender, you will receive different endings. If you endure you get the "good" ending.
Between the torture sequences you will be in a cell, the first time nothing will happen. The next time Otakon will come and give you some Ketchup, a Scarf and the level 6 key card. During the 2nd time the guard will also run to the bathroom that gives you the chance to hide under the bed and get him to open the door. If you don't do this, you can wait 'til the third time in the cell and let Ninja smash the door. Either way, if you survive the torture you will get to escape.

Follow the passageway back into the torture room when you escape, don't forget to grab the big red box, which contains all of your old belongings. Go out through the door and watch out for the cannon above it. Leave using the Elevator. Take it down to B2.

(((House 1 B2)))

Run down and enter the door in the southern wall. In here you should run out through the hole you made in the wall and blow a new hole to the right of it in the next passage. In here you need to watch out for the cannons and enter the two locked doors. One contains a camera and the other contains some grenades.

Now go back up to the 1st floor, the tank garage. And go back all the way to where Meryl got shot and where you fought Sniper Wolf.

Now you can enter the door on the right.

(((Tower 1)))

Run down the corridor and enter the door. This will sound an alarm and basically the only you're supposed to do is grab the Rope and Stun Grenades and run like hell. Run up the stairs as far as they go, killing enemies on the way. Ignore the door you will see halfway, you can't open it yet. Just keep running and shooting and pick up anything you see along the way, but keep running.

Once up, go outside and up the stairs (upper left). After the satellite has been destroyed, equip the rope and walk up to the edge. This will start the Rappelling sequence. Watch out for steam and bullets here. When you've hit the ground the helicopter will stop following you.

Here you can blow the door open, but you shouldn't enter it now. You should equip your PSG1 and take out the guys who're waiting for you on the other side of the bridge you're on. Run up the path when they're gone and enter the door.

(((Tower 2)))

Get the Stinger and the ammo and run out through the lower door. Here, run to the right and follow the stairs down until you reach the broken stairs. Now turn and run back up and go down where you went right earlier. You will meet Otakon and have a little chat with him. Continue running up the stairs; now avoid the cannon towers as much as you can. When you reach the top, get all the missiles and ammo and climb the ladder.

Use the door and go outside. You will now face Liquid Snake in his chopper.

All you have to do is dodge his shots, run as far up as you can when he shoots missiles and fire Stinger shots at him. It's pretty easy; it just takes a little while since he's flying all over the place.

Once you beat him, enter the tower and run all the way down to the elevator and take it down to the 1st floor. On the elevator you will face 4 invisible enemies, just put on your Thermal Goggles and fight them. After you get off the elevator I suggest you run right and pick up the Ration and the PSG1 bullets. Then run right and exit through the door. Run through the corridors, dodging the cannons.

(((Sniper's Grounds 2)))

Run around for a bit, once you get too far you will be shot down. It's time to face Sniper Wolf again. This time it's a lot easier than the first time, so just equip your PSG1 and take her out.

Enter the mid-top building (level 6 door) and run to the top right, then run down the stairs.

Well done, thatís disc 1 complete. Now hurry up and put disc 2 in.

(((Molten Metal Room)))

Take out the first guard with a few Socom shots and pick up any ammo and such. Then run to the right and follow the longer of the two bridges, when you reach the wall press against it and walk up the wall (keep pressing against it!). You need to duck for the metal thing that passes by. Once you've made it across, follow the bridge down the stairs. To the left here there's some ammo and a ration. I suggest you go down the right bridge and enter through the opening in the south wall.

In here you need to watch out for the steam. Run, duck and crawl through. Once outside pick up the body armour and ammo and make your way back. Now enter the big door in the north wall. Opposite of the opening you just came from

(((Elevator Shaft)))

All you need to do in here is run up to the shaft and wait for the elevator to come up. Then you get on it and activate it using the control panel on the right. During this ride you get to kill some guards.

Once the elevator lands, simple run up and to the right and get on the next elevator. You might want to look out for mines on the ground here.
When this elevator lands, run through the doors to the north.

(((Freezer Room)))

Here you fight Vulcan Raven. There's one easy tactic to use here, just one. Get in behind him and fire a stinger missile at him. He's never hit me, so he's pretty darn easy!

Now you find out that the first DARPA leader you met was a fake.

After Raven's done for, exit through the northern door.


Throw a Chaff Grenade and make a run for it, exit through the northern door.

(((Metal Gear Rex)))

Follow the passageway out to the REX; go right and up the ladder. Go left, up and climb the ladder. Climb the next ladder; climb down on the other side. Follow the passage and shoot the guard. Keep following the passage until you find the stairs, go up and watch the sequence. Since Snake dropped the PAL key you're going to have to run back down to the base of the REX room, and run around the water trying to find it. If you pick up an item called 'BOMB' open your inventory and use it the way you use Rations, otherwise you will die. If you can't find it, try to find a swimming rat instead and shoot him to pieces. He will most likely have it! Now, run all the way back up to the control room and go inside. Equip the PAL key and go to the leftmost laptop computer and use the PAL key. After that, check the other computers and find out that you need to change the card itself. For this you have to visit 2 different rooms and change the cards in there.

To make the card blue and usable on the blue laptop: Go to the Freezer Room where you fought Raven and run around a bit 'til it has changed. Now run back to the control room and use it on the Laptop.

To make the card red and usable on the red laptop: Go back to the Molten
Metal Room and equip the PAL key and run around there for a bit until it changes to red. When it has changed you need to go back to the control room and use the key.

This will set off the alarm and you will find out that your 'friend' Master
Miller has been Liquid Snake in disguise all along! Anyways, the alarm will be set off and gas will fill the room you will need to call Otakon at 141.12 and he'll get the door open.

To beat the Rex, all you have to do is throw a Chaff Grenade, and shoot him with the Stinger. You can only lock onto the radar satellite during the first time you meet him. The second time you can only lock onto the booth where Liquid Snake is sitting.

Now you have to fight Liquid Snake in a one-on-one punch up.

(((The Chase)))

This is your escape from the complex. First off you should go back through the door you just came from, to get a ration. Then you should run left. Now follow Meryl's lead and get into the car. First shoot the barrels, and then at the next stop shoot everyone then shoot the barrels. At the last stop you only need to shoot everyone.

Enter Liquid Snake. You just have to keep shooting him and eating up
Rations if you lose HP.

If you survive this I congratulate you on beating one of Konami's finest.


140.48 Deep throat
141.80 Master Miller
140.96 Mei Ling
140.15 Meryl Silverburgh
140.85 Naomi Hunter
141.52 Natasha Romanenko
140.85 Roy Campbell

There is an extra slot in the 'Memory' section in the radio menu, which I haven't filled yet.


Deep Throat:
Just like in the X-Files, Deep Throat is Snake's informant. Deep Throat will contact you when he has something to say. Deep Throat is really Grey Fox (Ninja).

Liquid Snake:
The leader of FOX HOUND, the special force group behind this incident. He looks exactly like Snake, and seems dedicated to getting revenge on Snake.

McDonald Miller:
"A.K.A. Master. Gives tips on survival techniques, nature and animals."
Master is really Liquid Snake in disguise.

Mei Ling:
"A College student who is in charge of communications and processing of graphics. Also in charge of saving data." Call her to save when she has given you some info or said 'Hi', you will get two choices. The top one is 'Save' the other one is 'Donít Save'.

Naomi Hunter:
"A medical staff of FOX HOUND. Gives information on enemies." Was apparently raised by Grey Fox (Ninja) after he killed her parents. I do believe she's a traitor.

Natasha Romanenko:
"A Military analyst. Provides information on weapons and nuclear arms."
She will tell you all about the weapon you have equipped when you call her.

Ninja (Grey Fox):
A cyborg ninja whose identity is unknown is covered with stealth camouflage cuts through steel and even bullets with his sword. He is actually Grey Fox who fought a deadly fight with Snake. After the battle with Snake, the armed forces have kept him as a subject of experiments of exoskeletons and gene therapy technologies that pretty much disable him. Now he lives solely to finish up what he has to with snake. That is the reason why he goes to Alaska. A mysterious stealth cyborg seems like it is infiltrating the same base, but nothing else is known is it friend or foe?" Ninja is actually an old enemy of snakes, they had a fight that got cut off and now Ninja wants to finish it. Someone said that Ninja also took care of Naomi Hunter when she was little, because she thought he was her brother.

Roy Campbell:
"The former commander in chief of FOX HOUND. Provides you with tips." "As an operation commander in chief, he gives advice to snake. The information provides tips such as operation methods and stages"

Solid Snake:
"The main character of this game. Infiltrates enemy's base all alone to accomplish his mission."


Bandana: Gives you infinite ammo when equipped. (Meryl ending)

Body Armour: Go through the steam room in the Molten Metal Room.

C4: Place explosives and blow them up from a distance. Can be found in loads of places.

Cardboard Box A: For hiding, and transportation. Can be found top left room of the Tank Garage in house 1. The level 1 key card is required.

Cardboard Box B: Same as Cardboard Box A. B1 in house 2, the big office room, the top left office

Cardboard Box C: Guess what?? Well done, itís another one. Bottom left room of Snipers Grounds 2

Camera: You can snap shots of people, uses 2 memory card slots for one picture. In a secret room to the right of where you go to meet Revolver Ocelot You'll need a level 4 key card.
Chaff Grenades: Blocks certain electronics and makes them non-functional, mostly cameras. They're everywhere.

Cigarettes: Smoke them where there might be infrared sensors, you'll see. You have them from the beginning. (Snakes lucky charms)

Claymore: Crawl over mines you see with the Thermal G. or Mine Detector.

Diazepam: Calms you down when you're using the PSG1. Can be found in a few different places.

Disc: Given to you by Kenneth Baker

Fa-Mas: Machine gun has lots of room for ammo and fires fast. Level 2 rooms on B2 of House 1. You will need a level 2 key cards.

Gas Mask: Filters the gas, so you lose your breath at half the speed. Third room on the right in the gas filled corridor of B2 in House 2

Grenade: Throw an old-fashioned grenade. They're everywhere.

Ketchup: Lie down and use it in the prison cell, then lie very still! Otakon gives it to you when you're locked in the cell

Mine Detector: Shows mines on your radar. Top right room of the Tank Garage. Go to the upper level of House 1.

Night Vision Goggles: Lets you see clearer when it's dark. On B2 of House 2 (Nuclear Weapon Storage) in the rightmost corridor

Nikita: Rocket launcher with controllable missiles. The big Office room on B2, House 2. Need a level 3 key card

PSG1: Sniper rifle, limited room for ammo. The Level 5 room on B2 in House 1 (need a level 5 key card)

Scarf: Wolves love this smell; obviously Otakon gives it to you when you're in the cell.

Scope: Lets you zoom in on stuff and check it out. You have it from the Beginning.

Socom: Small gun with a laser-pointer and a silencer option. The truck at the Heliport

Stealth Suit: Makes you invisible, like Ninja or Otakon, not from bosses though! A reward for beating the game.

Stinger: Shoots hard-hitting missiles. Bottom floor of Tower 2

Stun Grenades: Stuns certain enemies and gives you an opening to snap their necks. They're everywhere

Thermal Goggles: Lets you see everything you need to see, like items, enemies and mines. Bottom right room (upper level) in Tank Garage,
House 1.


Using the Bandana or Stealth Suit detracts from your final score.
The Stealth Suit makes you completely invisible to normal enemies, but
Wolves and bosses still can still know you're there (wolves smell you and bosses just see you as if you weren't invisible. in places where you MUST fight to survive the guards will see you). (It would be too easy then)

The Body Armour and Gas Mask do not totally eradicate injuries, they only make them milder.

Diazepam wears off pretty fast.

With Cardboard Boxes you can do more than just hide with the boxes, you can also use them for quick transportation between the games three trucks. All you have to do is to climb into a truck, equip the right box and wait a little. Cardboard Box A used in Truck 2 and 3 drives you to the Heliport. Cardboard Box B used in Truck 1 and 3 drives you to House 2. (Nuclear Weapon Storage) Cardboard Box C used in Truck 1 and 2 drives you to Sniper's Grounds 2.

The camera is a neat addition to the game. It doesn't have any use besides taking fun pictures as far as I have seen. You can find the camera in the first house, Bottom floor (B2) through the right wall where you blew your way through the upper wall to fight Revolver Ocelot and free Kenneth Baker. You will need a Level 4 key card to get the camera. The camera will also give "ghost" pictures, like the ones you can see on TV shows like Unsolved Mysteries, with a mysterious "person" suddenly appearing on your photograph when you view it. The "ghosts" are most likely members of the production team or something like that.

Some places where I can find "ghosts": Kenneth Baker when he's all tied up (some guy doing double peace signs) the guy taking a leak (some other guy taking a leak) the twitching dead guy in the corridor (cant tell what this guy is doing)| Second Policenauts poster in Oaktonís office (the mecha one) (a madman!) Mirror in the womanís bathroom (a guy with a cat-head) the pictures on Psycho Mantis' northern wall (another madman)

(((Secret Mysteries)))

There are two endings. One with Meryl and one without, which you get, depend on your actions in the Torture Scene. (Surrender or Endure + Escape)

The two different endings also give you two unique items, Bandana for rescuing Meryl and Stealth Suit for letting her die, I have also heard of people who get great scores and get both in one ending. I personally havenít done this.

Ninja turns RED when you have beaten the game at least twice and gotten both endings. (He looks like spider-man)

Is there a real and direct use for the Night Vision Goggles? I haven't seen any place that actually requires the use of them.

(((The Funny Stuff)))

Hal Emmerich, the gaming otaku, has got Policenauts posters and a play station in his office.
Guards can yawn, rub their necks (as if they have neck ache), sneeze and sleep.

'Deep Throat' is a name from the X-Files and the first ever ď-adultĒ film band in the UK!!!

(((Meryl's Frequency)))

This bugged me for ages, the first time you have to call Meryl you donít get told the number. Instead you get told a clue that goes something like this ďits on the back of the cd caseĒ. I thought it had something to do with the disc you get from Kenneth Baker, or another item you have to find in the game. NO. So where do you get her Frequency number from? It's actually on the back cover of the games cd case itself. Why is this? Did Konami forget to put her Frequency number in the game somewhere? Or is it a copy protection? Strange!

Anyway thatís it!! Hope you found this a useful walkthrough.

I used Jamie Elliots walkthru as a base, its mainly my own work as his was very hard to understand. (some sections were the wrong way round)
Submitted By: Morius
OK, this is an old one, but just in-case, here's my complete
walkthrough for Metal Gear Solid!

After receiving the codec call from campbell, crawl under the
first object then run and flatten yourself against the wall,
watch the gaurd, or your soliton radar until the gaurd goes
away, then run up and toss him over your shoulder by pressing
the squre button. BE CAREFUL!!! keep running when you do this,
or your start to snap his neck, but won't succeed and the gaurds
will be alerted.
run up as far as you can, then turn left, and go up to the
machine you see and hide behind it until the lift comes.
When the lift comes there should be a Genome Soldier in it who
will come out. keep hiding until he walks away, then run into
the elevator.

A short cut-scene will follow explaining the story line, plus a
few codec calls. Then the gameplay will commence. go left up to
the snow and run up to the building avoiding the gaurd and the
survalance camera. run up the stairs but be careful, there is a
gaurd there, avoid him and go up to the second gap between the
walls, there is an air vent, crawl through and follow it round.

You will recive a codec call from Master from one of the
previous metal gear games. Now keep following the vent and you
will see to gurds talking about the DARPA Cheif, and that they
are going to spray the vent that your in for rats. Putting this
another way, get out of there on the double!! Don't worry
though, this has never happened to me or anyone else I know who
has played this game. Keep following the vent and you shoul end
up at a ladder, go past it and collsct the ration. go back and
down the ladder by pressing the circle button.

When you get down, you will recive a codec message from Campbell
again. After the call, go left and get the Chaff grenades. go
past the securitey camera, (If your not sure how to do this, use
your chaff, but you will lose your radar for a while if you do)
then keep going round until you get to another camera, get past
this and go down the stairs, keeping you eye on your radar for

When you get to the bottom, go up and right, you will now be in
front of an elevator, press the button to call for the lift with
your circle button, and keep hid until it comes. The elevator
can take 0-15 seconds to come. go inside the elevator and press
the B1 button. when the elevator gets down, go straight down and
right then up the ladder.

You'll find yourself in another vent, keep going straight up the
left at the very end, and straight up to the last duct, then
press triangle and down on the pad.

You will now see a cut-scene involving the DARPA Cheif.

When you get back to the game, crawl under the bed and get the
ration if you need it. then crawl back out and wait until the
door opens and walk out. There will be a short cu-scene, then
it's to the first bit of action!

Gaurds will run out and start shooting at you and the women. The
women wont shoot the first three gaurds, this is up to you. run
up and collect the SOCOM and equip it, then fire the gun and
kill them. You should also equip your rations, Snake will take
them when his LIFE reaches zero, and will gain more. keep
killing the gaurds as they come, with the help of the women, and
keep collecting the items they drop. At one point the gaurds
will throw grenades in. Run up as far away from them as you can.
Don't worry about the women, she can't die!

When all the gaurds are dead, there will be another cut-scene,
after this run up to the elevator and call for it, run in and go
to B2. There shouldn't be any gaurds here. equip your security
card and check everywhere for C4. use it at the bottom left of
that area where the wall is a differant colour. make sure your
far enough away from the C4 so that it can't hurt you. go in and
look to the right side of the wall, the first diffrant coloured
part of the wall you see is where you should put the next C4, go
in and blow up the next part of the wall (it should be at the
top of your screen, don't let the other one confuse you. now,
equip your SOCOM and rations, and enter the room.

After the cut-scene, keep hiding from Ocolot, and try to shoot
him, avoiding hitting Baker. Take advantige of the re-loading
time of his handgun. Watch out, Ocolot can control the
rhicoshades from the walls so they hit you, as soon as you hear
him firing, run!

After you defeat Ocolot, there will be a long cut-scene, after
this go back the way you came until your radar becomes activated
again. Call 140.15 or 141.15, I can't remember what one it is.

After the codec call, go back to the elevator and go up to the
1st floor. Meyrel will call you and the door will open. go
beside the door, there should be another one there, go through
that and you will see a gaurd and an item. This is the suppresor
for the SOCOM snap the gaurds neck and get it. NOTE: Sometimes
the gaurd will be sleeping, sometimes he will be walking about,
but he will never look behind him. equip your SOCOM, and the
suppreser will be equiped.

Go to the door that Meryel has opened and answer the codec call.
Use your cigs to see the laser beems. MAKE SURE you don't touch
them, if you do, there's no way out, your dead. get to the end
and use your lvl 2 card to open the door.

Go up and you will recive a codec call from "Deepthroat". After
that, crawl up to avoid the mines. Then equip your rations and
if you have them, your grenades.

After the cut-scene, use your chaff to get close to the tank and
collect the grenades down there. throw the grenades at the guy
on the top of the tank, he will die after two shots- one if you
get a direct hit, then another guy will come, do the same for
him, and he will eventually die, and the tank will explode. When
your fighting the tank keep far away from it, but not too far or
it will use it's missiles. If you need more tips during any of
the fights, call Campbell, he will usually have ideas.

After the cut-scene keep running forward and crawl under the
door. You'll get a call from Campbell and Naomi explaining that
you can't use weapons in that area. go left and flatten yourself
against the wall and wait for the gaurd to pass, go as far left
as you can, then down to collect the item, then up the stairs,
watching out for the gaurd at the top. call for the elevator and
go to B1.

When you get to B1, go down and into the room, go to the first
door to the right of your screen using your card, and get the
NIKITA and the missiles, then head back to the elevator avoiding
the gaurd.

Now go to B2 and walk out and then down, you will be in a gas
filled room, and recive another call from "Deepthroat". use the
NIKITA to destroy the electrec thingy (well, I can't remember
all the names!).

head back out and get some air, then go back in and search the
whole place, you should get a FAMAS and goggles (and a few other
stuff). go down and right then through the doors and watch the

You will end up in a room full of dead gaurds, run up and left,
and- after the cut scene- equip your rations and head in the

After this cut scene, you will be fighting the ninja, weapons
are of no use here, use your hands (circle to punch and kick)
Don't worry, the ninja won't use his sword. When he says "hurry
up and catch me!" use your goggles to see where he is hiding.
when he says "Like old times?" Watch out! when you go to punch
him he will disapear and go behind you to punch you!when he
starts to go crazy when all his LIFE is gone, use your SOCOM to
finish him off.

After the long cut scene, exit OTACON's lab and go back to the
lift and up to B1. go into the room at the bottom of the screen,
and there should be a gaurd to the left of your screen. Now,
trust me! Let that gaurd see you! The gaurd will be alerted and
then run away, follow her into the womens bathroom and search
the place.

After the cut scene, go left and up to the commanders room
meryel will act funny, then go into the room in front of you and
the door will close behind you. Position yourself so that Meyrel
is at the door, and Snake is in front of her. there will be a
cut scene and meryel will attempt to shoot you. DON'T USE A
WEAPON, knock her out and there will be an enjoyable cut scene,
especially if your memory card has a saved game of any other
Konami game, and you have an analouge control pad (Heh heh

now you will be fighting Phyco Mantis, pause the game and take
out your controller. Plug it in to controller port 2, an Mantis
will be unable to read your mind! When he uses Stealth, use your
goggles to see him, or go into first person veiw mode (triangle)
and you will see what he sees, therefore, you will know where he
is! Dodge all the items he throws at you and keep shooting him.
he will use Meryl again, so you will have to knock her out
again. then eventually, you will kill Mantis.

During the cut scene, plug your controller back into port 1.

after the cut scene, go north and collect the items at the
bottome of the stairs, then go out the door.

After the next cut scene go north and crawl under the rock, keep
following this around and get out at the other end. Oh, and be
careful, there are wolf-dogs in there! After the smart comment
from Meyrel gothrough the double-doors. There are mines here,
but Meryel will know how to get past them, follow her footsteps
carefully, and you should be alright.

After the cut scene, call OTACON, he will know where you can get
a PSG1, or just go back to the place where you first used the
C4. The PSG1 shoul be in the room that the guard is walking back
and forth in front of. in there, there are lasers, use your
goggles or cigs to see them.get past and collect the PSG1.
Campbell will call you, after that get past the lasers and go
back to where Meryel has been shot. NOTE: In the snowfeild where
you fought Raven's tank, there are LOADS of claymore mines, you
can see them with your goggles.

Now you will be fighting Sniper Wolf. Flatten yourself against
the wall and look to see where Wolf is. When she hides behind
the piller, aim your PSG1 and shoot at her. Remember to equip
your rations.

When you beat her SAVE YOUR GAME, go north, then to the door to
your right.

You wont actually make it to the door, Wolf and two gaurds will
hold you up and take you back to the Tank Hanger. After the cut
scene you will be "Interigated" by Ocolot. what happens here
will detrmen the ending you get, and what special Item you get
at the end. If you resist the torture, you get a good ending and
the bandana, which gives you unlimited ammo when equiped. If you
give up, you will get a bad ending, and OTACON's Stealth. to
resist the torture tap the ircle button as fast as you can. To
give up push the select buttom. Keep hitting circle for a while
after the electricity stops and your life will go uo for a

After the interigation, you will find yourself chucked in a cell
with the dead body of the DARPA Cheif. Just wait for a while and
campbell will call you. Wait again and the gaurd (whose name is
Johnny by the way) will tell you it's torture time again. You
can be tortured once twice or even three times. whene your in
the cell again, after a while, OTACON will come. he will give
you a security card, ration, ketchup, and Sniper Wolf
handkercheif. quickly lie on the ground and select the ketchup
when the menu is open and press Circle. Lie still until Johnny
opens the door. now get up and run out, run just past the
torture machine and Johnny's Diherria will hit! take your items
back and go out of there.

Go back to where Meryel was shot and this time, go in the door.
Equip your rations and FAMAS and proceed. a camera will see you,
shoot the two gaurds that come up and collect the two items
beside you, there should be a rope, and something else. go South
through the door, and up the stairs, keep running up the stairs
to the very top, while shooting the gaurds. NOTE: You can press
square and cross at the same time to shoot while running.

When you get to the top, go up the ladder and out the door,
There will be a cut scene, after this, equip your rope and run
up, you will now need to repel. Campbell will tell you how.

when you get to the bottom, use your PSG1 to take out the three
gaurds ahead. run up and Liquid will chase you in the
helicopter. run into the building and collect the Stinger and
the Stinger Missiles. Now go into the door at the bottom of your

go right then straight downthe stairs (This may take a while),
then you have to go all the way up again, and then there will be
a cut scene.

After the cut scene, equip your rations and make your way up the
stairs. Gun cameras will shoot you, there is no way that I have
found, of stopping this.

When you get to the top, you will fight Liquid's helicopter. Use
the Stinger to shoot him down and hide behind the walls when he
is shooting at you. When he fires missiles at you, flatten
yourself against the big block in the middle of the roof.

When you defeat him, go back down to the elevator, and go in and
press 9.

Now this bit's scary! listen to OTACON's message, then fight the
stealth men. You can see them with your goggles. when you get to
the bottom, collect all the items there and head out the door.

You will now get a Codec call from OTACON and Sniper Wolf. Now
you will fight Wolf for the final time. Wait till she shows
herself from behind the trees and shoot.

After you kill her, there will be a cut scene that will make the
school bully cry like a baby, then head ti the first door to
your left and down the stairs

Please Insert Disc 2.

Head down the stairs and kill the first gaurd you see with your
SOCOM. head left and stay flat against the wall to get to the
other side. Be careful, if you let go of left on the D-Pad or
Analoue, you will fall. When the crane comes your way duck by
pressing cross. keep flat against the wall when you duck, you
cant move like this. When the crane passes, stand up and

When you get to the other side, go down the stairs and through
the door at the top right avoiding the gaurds and head to the
cargo elevator.

Go on the cargo elevator and press it to go down.

After the cut scene, you will be fighting three gaurds, use your
FAMAS to kill them. NOTE: You can also kick them off the
elevator, but this is hard to do. If you are going to do it,
wait till there is only one gaurd left.

When you get to the bottom, there will be another cargo
elevator, go on this avoiiding the camea-gun.

When you finally get to the bottom, go through the giant double
doors an there will be another cut scene.

After this you will be fighting Raven. The best thing to do is
to keep hitting him from the side or behind wim with NIKITA of
Stinger Missiles, then hide.

You will eventually beat him. After you do, you will get a Codec
call from Master. After that, go through the door to the north.
This room will have hundreds of camera guns, but if you keep to
their blind spot, you can avoid them all. go right and down to
collect the items andthen up and left and through the door. Now,
brace yourself.

Walk forward, and you'll see it in all it's pride....METAL

run forward and keep going up all the ladders and collecting all
the items. you will get three codec calls from OTACON. there is
one gaurd just before you get to the stairs. When you get there,
there will be a long cut scene.

After that, Kill the gaurds and head down the ladders and go
down the stairs at the bottom. go into the water and look for
the card.

now one of two things will happen.

1. NO CODEC CALL FROM MASTER- keep looking for the card.

2. CODEC CALL FROM MASTER- a rat has eaten the card, find the
rat with the mine detector and set a trap with claymore mines or

After you get the key, head up the ladder and into the room
where Liqued and Ocolot were talking. Insert the key into the
first aptop avioding the cameras.

After that, you'll need to freeze the key. Head to the place
where you fought Raven, stay there for about a minute and check
to see if that card has turned blue.

When it has, head up to the room and insert it into the middle

Now you need to heat up the key. Head to the place where you
dodged the crane, when you get to the doule doors, go straight
down and stay in the boiler room untill the card changes to

Now hurry to the control room and insert the key in the third

After a codec call from "Master" who will reveal his evil deeds
to you, call OTACON. he will open the door for you so you can
get the hell out of the gas-filled room. When you get out you
should see liquid running away, chase him, and then there will
be a long cut scene, which will reveal alot of things...

Now you will be fighting Metal Gear! Don't panick, just follow
my instructions. Use the Stinger Missiles to aim at the round
plate that looks like a sheils on REX's Left arm. keep running
under Metal gear, looking at your radar to make sure it dosen't
stand on you. If it dose, Rations are of no use, your dead. If
Metal Gear fires the Rail Gun at you, stand still, it will miss.
If it uses the laser, keep running towards it. If it uses the
Missiles, run towards it. NOTE: You can use your chaff, and
Metal Gear won't be able to see you, but it still attacks and
shoots everywhere.

You'll beat REX eventually, and an exiting cut scene will start
which reveals more.

Unfortunatly, REX is still active, just do the same as you did,
but this time, aim for the mouth of Metal Gear.

When you eventually beat REX, a long cut scene will reveal all!

After the cut scene you will have a 2:30 time limit to beat
Liquid with no weapons. Keep puncjing and kicking then run away
when he is flashing in true video game fasion. then attack. When
he is about to run at you, run away. If you fall off REX, press
any button repeatedly to climb back up. When Liquids LIFE
reaches Zero, knock him off Metal Gear, and a cut scene will
begin either the bad or the good ending...

But it's not over yet, follow Meryel/OTACON, collecting and
equiping the ration as you go past. A caera hill see her/him.
run back the way you came and punch and kick the gaurds until
Meryel/OTACON says "Snake, Jump in!"

Shoot the gaurds, and the gas canesters with the machine gun and
youre off! You'll stop at two checkpoints, shoot the gaudrs and
proceed. Now Liquid will come back one last time. Keep firing at
him until you crash, and now you can say:

"I've Completed Metal Gear Solid!"

Walkthrough by Chris Morris

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